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PAR 07:13 GMT 05/25/2022
Stay short for parity. European problems only getting bigger.

Central bankers and politicians are painting a rosy picture of the situation.

PAR 06:53 GMT 05/25/2022

Holger Zschaepitz

#ECB balance Sheet has hit fresh ATH. Also fits well with the inflation topic being discussed here in Davos at #wef22.

PAR 06:51 GMT 05/25/2022
US PPT and share buybacks turned the tide. This will be a great weak for US stocks.

PAR 06:29 GMT 05/25/2022
By being negligent about accelerating inflation trends, Lagarde herself is planting the seeds for the next European recession and social unrest.

Raising interest rates is not so complicated if you are an economist.

Davos---Pain, suffering, WAR.
dc CB 23:33 GMT 05/24/2022
Accidents will happen, we only hit and run
He used to be your victim, now you're not the only one
Accidents will happen, we only hit and run
I don't wanna hear it 'cause I know what I've done

Track 1 on
Armed Forces
Elvis Costello --- 1979

Authorities in Alberta Canada are at the scene and currently underway cleaning up after a massive train derailment with 43 CP Rail train cars carrying potash detailed no injuries were reported

Potash train wreck --- Aberta CA

Mtl JP 23:27 GMT 05/24/2022  - My Profile
according to henry "killer" kissinger's tea leves:

"We are faced with the reality that modern technologies are putting countries in situations that they've never been in before," said Kissinger. Nuclear powers and new military technologies, without established criteria for limitations, could spell catastrophe for humankind."

so why worry and agonize about some slow n painful heating up of the planet by 30 years when "with technologies where the rapidity of exchange, the subtlety of the inventions, can produce levels of catastrophe that were not even imaginable" ??

Davos---Pain, suffering, WAR.
dc CB 23:20 GMT 05/24/2022
WmBanzai7 nails it

they are telling us what they are doing

Davos---Pain, suffering, WAR.
Mtl JP 23:08 GMT 05/24/2022  - My Profile
CB 20:20 with those kind of words of rhetoric about putin I am impressed that vlad is showing bridled restraint and does not send half or full dozen of those hypersonic puppies at the gathered collection of luminaries

Mtl JP 22:47 GMT 05/24/2022  - My Profile
for the record and reference from the horse's mouth
"not in panic mode"
Lagarde Says ECB Won’t Be Rushed as Officials Act to Curb Prices
No need to panic with inflation ‘fueled by the supply side’
ECB president speaks in Bloomberg TV interview from Davos

“I don’t think that we’re in a situation of surging demand at the moment,” she told Francine Lacqua on Bloomberg Television from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Tuesday. “It’s definitely an inflation that is fueled by the supply side of the economy. In that situation, we have to move in the right direction, obviously, but we don’t have to rush and we don’t have to panic.”

WATCH: Lagarde discusses the likely end of negative interest rates. Source: Bloomberg By Alexander Weber and Francine Lacqua May 24, 2022

Pum n pump
Tallinn viies 20:52 GMT 05/24/2022
Lock downs and war - what a cockteil for China

China activity collapsed in April due to lockdowns:
-Industrial production fell below pre-pandemic trend, down 11% from February peak
-Retail sales plunged to 22% below pre-pandemic trend, down 17% from January peak and largely driven by collapsing car sales down 51.5% from peak
-China's supply and demand for residential spaces fell more than 35% from February levels

Davos---Pain, suffering, WAR.
dc CB 20:22 GMT 05/24/2022
They are telling us what they are going to do to US.
They are gleefully shoving it in our face.

better pay attention. sadly most won't.

Davos---Pain, suffering, WAR.
dc CB 20:20 GMT 05/24/2022
“That’s why I say our civilization may not survive.”
The best and perhaps only way to preserve our civilization is to defeat Putin as soon as possible. That’s the bottom line"

Klaus Schwab proclaimed that “the future is built by us” at the opening of the annual Davos gathering, two other European elites declared that the global energy crisis is a “transition” that will be “painful” for most, but should not be resisted by nations tempted to preserve their own sovereignty over the “global agenda.”

Norwegian finance CEO Kjerstin Braathen says energy transition will create energy shortages and inflationary pressures, but this "pain" is "worth it

Interesting that this Davos elitist used the exact same phrasing as Joe Biden on the same day:

Joe Biden: "When it comes to the gas prices, we're going through an INCREDIBLE transition"

Davos Elites Warn "Painful Global Transition" Should Not Be Resisted By Nation-States

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 20:16 GMT 05/24/2022
Belgrade Knez 11:03 GMT - I do not agree with you.

China trying to get rich by selling stuff to rich countries. they are working as a factory for the world.
getting cheap input from undeveloped world/middle east family dictators is only one part of the formula.
the other part is the market where you are selling your stuff - the western world.
If Russian fascists ruin the demand in the world markets with too high energy/food/metals then China will come and say to Russia - hey boy stop now or else...
this is the last thing Russians want to see - china turns against them.
if a recession hits the world. China will be one of the biggest losers because its economy is already in the worst situation for the last 20-25 years.

dc CB 20:09 GMT 05/24/2022
PAR noted earlier.

“I hope the Ukrainians will match the heroism they have shown with wisdom,” Kissinger warned an audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, adding with his famous sense of realpolitik that the proper role for the country is to be a neutral buffer state rather than the frontier of Europe.

As The Telegraph's Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reports, Kissinger's comments came amid growing signs that the Western coalition against Vladimir Putin is fraying badly as the food and energy crisis deepens, and that sanctions may have reached their limits.

The former US secretary of state and architect of the Cold War rapprochement between the US and China told the gathering of elites that it would be fatal for the West to get swept up in the mood of the moment and forget the proper place of Russia in the European balance of power.

“Negotiations need to begin in the next two months before it creates upheavals and tensions that will not be easily overcome.

Ideally, the dividing line should be a return to the status quo ante.

Pursuing the war beyond that point would not be about the freedom of Ukraine, but a new war against Russia itself,” he said.

Blue-Checks' Furious After Henry Kissinger Says Ukraine Should Cede Territory For Peace With Russia

Mtl JP 17:08 GMT 05/24/2022  - My Profile
Guterres to Seton Hall graduates
my generation, and your parents generation have fallen short ... failed

"Don’t work for climate wreckers" (starts around the 19th minute)

who are the "wreckers" according to guterres ?
multinational companies and big financial institutions, biggest names in finance, hedge funds and private equity

guterres receives honorary degree speech

jkt abel 16:12 GMT 05/24/2022
just press the censored buy button, all data can be bad, all hikes can be done and all diseases can appear, all just provide nice dips to be bought too....ask Buffett about it

PAR 15:50 GMT 05/24/2022
PPT and share buyback by AAPL & Co will lead to a strong close.

WallStreet is doing well. Volatility is fuelling bank profits like never seen before.

jkt abel 15:41 GMT 05/24/2022
yeah buy every dips, stocks will go up
PPT is there to do its job

Israel MacroMicro 15:15 GMT 05/24/2022
first target: today's opening gap

place your bets: when this GAP to close?

Israel MacroMicro 15:13 GMT 05/24/2022
Dennis Gartman is much too old to see the whole right... :)

long 11590 big huge time ... NQ NQ NQ

Bangkok KC 15:13 GMT 05/24/2022
USD/JPY could drop below 125 this week. And 122 next week is possible.

Bangkok KC 19:00:19 GMT - 05/20/2022
HOLD [email protected], Target 122

USD/JPY collapse is inevitable!

Bangkok KC 15:33:53 GMT - 05/18/2022
USD/JPY sold off nicely, on the way to 122-123JPY.

Bangkok KC 08:08:32 GMT - 05/17/2022
Hold [email protected], Target 123
Sell more on rally to 130(if see)

Mtl JP 15:09 GMT 05/24/2022  - My Profile
short while ago lagarde said "we are not in panic mode"

PAR 14:55 GMT 05/24/2022

What a cacophony at the ECB. It is becoming a Commedia Dell Arte.

(Bloomberg) -- The European Central Bank should consider raising interest rates by half a percentage point if justified by the inflation outlook, Governing Council member Martins Kazaks said.

Mtl JP 14:35 GMT 05/24/2022  - My Profile
overpaid and with too much time on their hands
or laying out new profit opps to exploit:
The Bank of England (Bank) has today published the results of the Climate Biennial Exploratory Scenario to explore the financial risks posed by climate change for the largest UK banks and insurers (participants).

Results of the 2021 Climate Biennial Exploratory Scenario (CBES)

PAR 14:27 GMT 05/24/2022
Why is Christine Lagarde so slow to act. Is she too old for the job?
Is she as a lawyer always looking for more proof to convince a jury?

A central banker should preview and act before things get out of control.

Mtl JP 14:07 GMT 05/24/2022  - My Profile
so suddenly, after friday crap-out and bit of a feeble pop yesty "risk" is pulling in its horns and tail now, "earnings" prospects putting fear of gawd into pricing

SnP testing 3900 level again as I type

PAR 14:01 GMT 05/24/2022
(Bloomberg) -- The European Central Bank should consider kicking off its interest-rate hiking cycle with a half-point increase to convince people that it’s serious about fighting inflation, according to Governing Council member Robert Holzmann.

A step of 50 basis points would be “appropriate” in July, the Austrian governor said in an interview in Vienna on Tuesday, contrasting with ECB President Christine Lagarde’s more cautious approach in a blog post the previous day suggesting a quarter-point move.

“A bigger step at the start of our rate-hike cycle would make sense,” said Holzmann, one of the most hawkish members of the Governing Council. “It would keep people on their toes and signal to markets that we’ve understood the need to act. Everything else risks being seen as soft.”

The euro extended gains versus the dollar and short-end German bonds pared their advance after the publication of Holzmann’s comments. Traders held rate-hike bets steady, wagering on about 34 basis points of ECB tightening by July.

A half-point hike would echo the US Federal Reserve’s more aggressive approach adopted earlier this month, when it accelerated its tightening with a move of that size. More than 40 global counterparts have also used increases of at least that increment so far this year.

PAR 12:43 GMT 05/24/2022
PPT will deliver a positive week for US stock markets.

PAR 12:28 GMT 05/24/2022
“A 50 basis-point hike is not part of the consensus at this point, I am clear,” the governor said. “It will be a normalization of our monetary policy, it’s not a tightening” and “interest rate hikes will be gradual,” he said.

Holzmann subsequently spoke out in an interview on Tuesday in favor of starting out with a half-point move, saying that “everything else risks being seen as soft.” Klaas Knot of the Netherlands is the only other official so far to publicly air that possibility.

Under Lagarde’s calendar, the ECB will end bond purchases in June, and hike once in July and once in September, bringing its deposit rate from -0.5% up to zero. That timetable riled colleagues who want to keep open the option of acting faster, according to people familiar with the matter.

“When you’re out of negative, you can be at zero, you can be slightly above zero,” she said, refusing to be drawn on whether the central bank might consider a 50 basis-point move. “This is something we will determine on the basis of our projections, on the basis of our forward guidance.”

Belgrade Knez 11:03 GMT 05/24/2022
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday that Moscow would consider proposals to restore relations with the West and consider whether such a thing was needed, but would focus on developing ties with China.

“If (the West) wants to offer something in terms of restoring our relationship, then we will seriously consider whether we need it or not.”Lavrov said in a speech, according to a transcript posted on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s website.
Once Europe realize that all those sanctions against Russia are not hurting Russia at all but Europe only, it would be too late

Mtl JP 10:56 GMT 05/24/2022  - My Profile
the FED gang vs the Market
Capitulation isn’t coming in the form of price, it’s going to have to come from the Fed

says Joe Terranova

PAR 10:44 GMT 05/24/2022
I tell my grandchildren to buy stocks but they want only to buy Crypto currencies.

PAR 10:43 GMT 05/24/2022
Short EURUSD @ 1.0715. Stop 1.0810. Target PARITY.

Mtl JP 10:41 GMT 05/24/2022  - My Profile
trading strategies and trading tactics
(they are not the same thing)
How low can stocks go? This question has made investors nervous, as they fear one bottom after another.

The answer: Pick a number. Some analysts say brace for further drops, others expect a bounce.

‘The dip is your friend’: Why some advisers are telling young investors to buy stocks, despite stagflation fears roiling markets - May 20, 2022

PAR 10:38 GMT 05/24/2022
Lagarde's bold predictions.


Even Madame Soleil has a better track record than Madame Lagarde.

Mtl JP 09:38 GMT 05/24/2022  - My Profile
too much demand too little supply ?
ultimately prices sufficiently high are self-correcting

in the meantime ... it is an opportunity for gov't to offer price-inflationary compensation payment to peasants. win / win

Belgrade Knez 09:35 GMT 05/24/2022
"Cryptocurrency Has No Value, ECB President Christine Lagarde Says"

"In my incredibly humble view, cryptocurrencies are worthless... It is based on nothing, and there are no underlying assets to serve as a safety anchor," she said.

PAR 09:23 GMT 05/24/2022
The price of French fries is expected to rise by more than 25% in the next couple of weeks.

GBP news!
HK Kevin 09:11 GMT 05/24/2022
UK Preliminary Services PMI plunges to 51.8 in May vs. 57.3 expected

GBP news!
NY 08:57 GMT 05/24/2022  - My Profile

PAR 08:49 GMT 05/24/2022
European rates will stay negative for the foreseeable future even if European inflation should continue to rise.

It has been decided by "The Queen of Frankfurt".

Mtl JP 08:25 GMT 05/24/2022  - My Profile
more new profit opps on horizon
feel the earth .. move .. under your feet:
Russia should not be in any way “dependent on the supply of anything from the West to ensure the development of critical industries for the security, economy and social sphere of our motherland,” ... “Now that the West is in a dictatorial position, our economic ties with China will grow even faster,” Lavrov said
- srce: cnbc

Moscow appears ready to sever ties with the West as China pivot continues

PAR 08:19 GMT 05/24/2022
Lagarde is not data-dependent.

A 0.50% rate hike is out of the question.

Lagarde made up her mind. Hike 0.25 in July, go on holiday and come back in September.

Mtl JP 07:54 GMT 05/24/2022  - My Profile
... Irks Some at ECB ... - rofl
it is not like the ECB is some sort of democratic institution
it may or not vote on major policy issues and nevermind that each member (19 of them) has one vote.

the "irked" ones
can avail themselves of "an on-site Medical Centre provides a full range of occupational health services, including vaccinations."

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