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adding here
Jkt Abel 15:47 GMT 07/07/2022
Everyday new lows for euro too. Usd is just on steroid. Dont fight the train.

adding here
Jkt Abel 15:45 GMT 07/07/2022
Keep those gold shorts. Gold just cannot bounce. Flat day after sharp drop means tomorrow we will have the usual NFPmassacre. Trend has been set, just follow it big time! Add all gold short.

Hk Ab 14:55 GMT 07/07/2022
Going up for stops now

pump n dump
Tallinn viies 14:35 GMT 07/07/2022
plan to close half nasdaq100 long at 12 200 this week. if not traded, will wait higher levels next week.

Tallinn viies 14:30 GMT 07/07/2022
next crude buy planed near 200 day sma around 96sh

happy chasing!

pump and dump
Tallinn viies 14:23 GMT 07/07/2022
close brent crude at 105.
that was quick.

short gold against jpy
tokyo boj 14:05 GMT 07/07/2022  - My Profile
Sell S&P
Entry: 3888 Target: open Stop: 4000

today adding short spx nikkei oli silver platinum euro chf gpb aud usd and dow
lets see

short gold against jpy
tokyo boj 13:50 GMT 07/07/2022  - My Profile
Sell Gold
Entry: vs jpy 8050 Target: 4000 Stop: 7800now

also short gold against jpy

adding here
tokyo boj 13:49 GMT 07/07/2022  - My Profile
Sell Gold
Entry: 1745 Target: 980 Stop: 1777

short more gold

BUY EUR/USD on dips
Belgrade Knez 13:43 GMT 07/07/2022
Bangkok KC 13:34 GMT 07/07/2022
Knez// Don't worry. Just a small one. I am ready to buy more on dips to 1.0075. Overall stop just 125 pips for 325 pips gain. Good R/R. My leverage is 1:5 It's not a problem at all.
I don't worry .... it's your money, but wonder why would someone sit on such a big stop when you can make money that direction ..... unless you hedge so trade both direction same time

SELL USD/JPY on rally
Bangkok KC 13:40 GMT 07/07/2022
Take profit target for usd/jpy could be 132, 127 and 122 in less than 3 months.

It's a gift for seller if we see a spike rally to 138JPY.
USD/JPY collapse is inevitable within 3 months time frame.

BUY EUR/USD on dips
Bangkok KC 13:34 GMT 07/07/2022
Knez// Don't worry. Just a small one. I am ready to buy more on dips to 1.0075. Overall stop just 125 pips for 325 pips gain. Good R/R. My leverage is 1:5 It's not a problem at all.

BUY EUR/USD on dips
Belgrade Knez 13:27 GMT 07/07/2022
Bangkok KC 13:19 GMT July 7, 2022
Try long eur/[email protected], add more if see 1.0075, Stop below parity.

A correction back to 1.05xx is possible.
~200 pips stop!!!! ..... why would you sit in such a big stop?

BUY EUR/USD on dips
Bangkok KC 13:19 GMT 07/07/2022
Try long eur/[email protected], add more if see 1.0075, Stop below parity.

A correction back to 1.05xx is possible.

BUY AUD/USD on dips
Bangkok KC 13:05 GMT 07/07/2022
Just closed all AUD [email protected]

Hk Ab 13:01 GMT 07/07/2022
Just can wait to see the collapse…..upside one lol

BUY AUD/USD on dips
Bangkok KC 12:33 GMT 07/07/2022
Move Stop to B/E.

BUY AUD/USD on dips
Bangkok KC 11:18 GMT 07/07/2022
1st Target [email protected]

Bangkok KC 12:59:11 GMT - 07/06/2022
Hold [email protected], 1st take [email protected], 2nd take [email protected]

Bangkok KC 14:39:20 GMT - 07/05/2022
1st [email protected]

SELL USD/JPY on rally
tokyo boj 10:48 GMT 07/07/2022  - My Profile
Entry: 163.3 Target: open Stop: 163.65

today sold this pair

SELL USD/JPY on rally
tokyo boj 10:47 GMT 07/07/2022  - My Profile
Entry: Target: Stop:

now just keep 136.15 shorts poitiaion

GBPUSD 12100
Amman wfakhoury 10:41 GMT 07/07/2022
Now 12000
12100 confirmed and will be reached unless it breaks and closed below 11970 and keeps below it.
Any decline below 11970 will return to it.

Israel MacroMicro 10:28 GMT 07/07/2022
EUR/GBP long @ 0.8495 offers the best R/R if you prefer to trade GBP from the short side today / imo

Israel MacroMicro 10:26 GMT 07/07/2022
1st tier trap?

Israel MacroMicro 10:25 GMT 07/07/2022
IF gets to 164 today, pity to close any portion before 164.70 this week.

163.75 maybe too tough for today if BOJO going home to trigger opposite price action than current. which is actually very opposite to the sentiment of 98% of retail traders.

overwhelming majority is biased for stronger GBP with the coming BOJO resignation presser.

so :)

Mtl JP 10:20 GMT 07/07/2022  - My Profile
Jay are you suggesting a coz-n-effect thing

or just juxtapositional coincidence

hk ab 10:13 GMT 07/07/2022
limit exit 164 for 25%.

GVI Forex 10:10 GMT 07/07/2022  - My Profile
GBP up on

Reports: U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson agrees to resign

Mtl JP 10:04 GMT 07/07/2022  - My Profile

GBP 1.19/1.1875 as Support
some BoC clowns' wednesday utterings about "making life more affordable again"
chief economist Huw Pill
- "much remains to be resolved before we vote on our August policy decision. How I vote on that occasion will be determined by the data that we see and my interpretation of it,"

Sir Jon Cunliffe BoE deputy governor :
- "would act "forcefully" to make sure higher inflation does not become "the new normal".

May inflation: 9.1%; in june BoE warned peasants that inflation could see 11%

below 1.19 -->> 1.1415-ish

hk ab 10:02 GMT 07/07/2022
They will make it 0.98, then returns.

hk ab 10:02 GMT 07/07/2022
They will make it 0.98, then returns.

Belgrade Knez 09:50 GMT 07/07/2022
Deutsche Bank suggested that the euro could fall into the $0.95-0.97 range if “Europe and the U.S. find themselves slip-sliding in to a (deeper) recession in Q3 while the Fed is still hiking rates.”

when banks are predicting parity or lower, time to think the opposite way?!?!

USDJPY this hour
Amman wfakhoury 09:40 GMT 07/07/2022
Now 136.04
136.12 the consolidation level.
Scalp buy and sell at 136.12

Mtl JP 09:39 GMT 07/07/2022  - My Profile
GBP 10995
R 1.1990/00, 1.2035/50

Mtl JP 09:37 GMT 07/07/2022  - My Profile
GBP 1.0990 = 2x top
and currently s/term Res

manila tom 09:28 GMT 07/07/2022
no, the CBs are addicted now to rising rates so as to lower stocks and let the member of the privilege club buy stocks at bargain, so they will sound ultra hawkish now, let the inflation drum keeps pounding

Mtl JP 09:25 GMT 07/07/2022  - My Profile
Wheat 833-ish
back to pre-invasion price level
should see
- end of "famine" screams
- lowering of "inflation"

SELL USD/JPY on rally
Bangkok KC 09:11 GMT 07/07/2022
Yep, add more short usd/jpy position now or never...

hk ab 08:58 GMT 07/07/2022
Does anyone see BOJO down positive for GBP?

GBPUSD This hour
Amman wfakhoury 08:31 GMT 07/07/2022
We missed the rise of 60 Pips

Belgrade Knez 08:24 GMT 07/07/2022
Boris Johnson plans to resign! Speech expected soon.

hk ab 08:03 GMT 07/07/2022
I am interested in the short, but at 138 and up.

SELL USD/JPY on rally
tokyo bojす 07:51 GMT 07/07/2022  - My Profile
Entry: 136.150 Target: 124.5 Stop: 137.50

short more usdjpy

GVI Forex 07:27 GMT 07/07/2022  - My Profile
A look at the day ahead in markets from Dhara Ranasinghe.

Whoever coined the phrase "king dollar" certainly had good reason for doing so and currency trading this week only confirms that the epithet holds true

MORNING BID-King dollar, you reign supreme

sell gold, buy usd
manila tom 06:19 GMT 07/07/2022
retails' client sentiment is soooo massively short usd, keep buying usd whatever dips you may find

sell gold, buy usd
manila tom 05:56 GMT 07/07/2022
let's go, it is running out of gas now, stay with the down trend

sell gold, buy usd
manila tom 05:52 GMT 07/07/2022
sell gold too 1746.77, add 2 more if pops up but still below 1760, target 1700

sell gold, buy usd
perth wtr 05:10 GMT 07/07/2022
big players will try to confuse little fish, but still tomorrow NFP and we stick with weekly direction which is down for gold

sell gold, buy usd
perth wtr 04:25 GMT 07/07/2022
sell 1746, limit sell 1751,1757 and 1763, stop all 1777, target 1720 and 1680

sell euro, buy usd
jkt abel 03:59 GMT 07/07/2022
euro just trying hard to grasp 1.02, will lose the grip badly and fall down to the abyss of parity and below

jkt abel 03:54 GMT 07/07/2022
keep selling gold on this dead cat bounce, will be kept under 1750-60 for a trip to 1680 by end of week

Mtl JP 03:42 GMT 07/07/2022  - My Profile
Gold 1746
"The idea of punishing a country that has one of the largestnuclear potentials is absurd. And potentially poses a threat tothe existence of humanity," Medvedev, now deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, said on Telegram on Wednesday

(Reuters) Russia warns humanity at risk if West seeks to punish it over Ukraine

dc CB 23:15 GMT 07/06/2022
Mtl JP 23:30 GMT 07/05/2022 - My Profile
CB 18:23 - note card to tell ME:
YES it is OK to sacrifice your time for people (like ME) who would do the same for YOU

sorry buddy, but I'm not here to hold your hand...nor am I here to 'sell any signal system'. Keep getting your market insights from the FinPress Rupert Murdock owned.

After all you don't read Zero you can't comment or appreciate the 'time' I spend leading all the horses on this site to water.

The Market Ear.

See TME's daily newsletter

The commodity collapse - only seen this 3 times in 90 years

BCOM is "well" below the 200 day moving average and RSI is at levels not seen in "forever". Most people have been bullish this entire space, and have not had the time to keep up with the stop losses. If a bounce is due we leave to you to decide, but as DB notes; rolling 20 day change in BCOM is pointing for the "3rd largest fall in 90 years". The hard lesson of "managing" big draw downs is being learnt by a lot of people at the moment (chart 3).

Hk Ab 23:09 GMT 07/06/2022
138 in cards, no matter you like it or not

dc CB 20:36 GMT 07/06/2022
Crude 3.825MM
Gasoline -1.814MM
Distillate -0.635MM
Cushing 0.459MM

dc CB 19:10 GMT 07/06/2022

5Y futures today Open CASH to the close of the Cash Mkt

GBPUSD Trade in 1 min
Amman wfakhoury 18:32 GMT 07/06/2022

more trade

GBPUSD this hour
dc CB 18:22 GMT 07/06/2022
Matt Dathan

Priti Patel has sided with the group of Cabinet ministers calling for PM to go

The home secretary - one of Johnson's most loyal supporters - believes there's no way he can continue to govern without the support of his party

She's joined Shapps and Gove NOT Dorries
2:18 PM · Jul 6, 2022·TweetDeck

GBPUSD Trade in 1 min
Amman wfakhoury 18:20 GMT 07/06/2022

Can you trade and make a profit in 1 is:

Mtl JP 18:10 GMT 07/06/2022  - My Profile
should be seeing some mushroom farmers soon
adjusting the feed mixture

Mtl JP 18:05 GMT 07/06/2022  - My Profile



dc CB 18:00 GMT 07/06/2022

1 month range --- 5y Futures
wacky---trading like a Robinhood-redit stoc.

GBPUSD this hour
Mtl JP 17:50 GMT 07/06/2022  - My Profile
bbc reporting that boris says he is having 'terrific' week

GBPUSD this hour
dc CB 17:37 GMT 07/06/2022
Boris Johnson Refuses To Step Down Amid Ministerial Exodus, Soaring Odds Of Early Exit
"I am not going to step down and the last thing this country needs, frankly, is an election,"

As Bloomberg reports, the prime minister has now lost more than 25 people from his government.

Gary Sambrook, a Tory MP on the executive of the 1922 Committee - which organizes confidence votes in the party leader - told Johnson in the House of Commons on Wednesday that he must “take responsibility and resign.”

Hk Ab 17:23 GMT 07/06/2022
Moment of truth

SELL USD/JPY on rally
tokyo boj 16:39 GMT 07/06/2022  - My Profile
Sell Gold
Entry: 1795 Target: 980 Stop: 1775now

980 coming soon?
and silver 8.8?

GBPUSD this hour
dc CB 16:38 GMT 07/06/2022

Plan B

dc CB 16:35 GMT 07/06/2022

springtime in chermany

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