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25/09/20 19:30 B US COT Report con: n/a pre: n/a

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Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 25 September 2020
GVI Forex Blog 19:04 GMT 09/25/2020

forex rate database image

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for more than a dozen currency pairs for over seventeen years of data in an Excel spreadsheet format.

Global-View Daily Trading Chart Points

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 25 September 2020

Civil War?!
Mtl JP 18:59 GMT 09/25/2020
so far that does not appear to be a political issue
as currently players appear to try to price covit and odds of financial "support"

Civil War?!
haifa ac 18:05 GMT 09/25/2020  - My Profile
Democratic lawyers are preparing to challenge any effort by President Trump to swap electors chosen by voters with electors selected by Republican-controlled legislatures. One state of particular concern: Pennsylvania, where the GOP controls the state house.

Why it matters: Trump's refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, together with a widely circulated article in The Atlantic about how bad the worst-case scenarios could get, is drawing new attention to the brutal fights that could jeopardize a final outcome.

Civil War?!
haifa ac 17:53 GMT 09/25/2020  - My Profile
At Pentagon, fears grow that Trump will pull military into election unrest
The chance for this is close to zero. BUT!
If this happens and we get to civil war in the USA--this will be a cataclysmic event.
39 days to elections
Remember "The 39 Steps"??? a 1935 British thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Friday Amazing Trader 25 September 2020
Mtl JP 17:18 GMT 09/25/2020

EURO 1.1620
1.19 ... 1.18 ... 1.17 .. 1.1650 ... 1.16 ...
looking like hungry cobra, ready to pounce on the euro puppy

this is good one...
Mtl JP 17:03 GMT 09/25/2020
this is good one...
reminder: "debt endures" - Carney Sep. 30 2010
how are "G-20 larger group of the world’s wealthiest nations" wealthy ?
The world’s poorest countries may get another freeze on their debt payments. What they really need is debt forgiveness


Alert: Will Month-End Rebalancing Flows Boost the Dollar?
Israel MacroMicro 16:30 GMT 09/25/2020
it is very clear until now, and especially now that the wider range is 1.15-1.25 for now. something very dramatic must happen the rest of this month to change that to 1.1-1.2

I still go with 1.15-1.25

Alert: Will Month-End Rebalancing Flows Boost the Dollar?
Israel MacroMicro 16:27 GMT 09/25/2020
Amos ya habibi, I pay great living to Muslims, Christians and Jews in Israel. it is also a fact that majority of Jews in Haifa living on a land that used to be owned by Arabs until 1948.

so let's stay with facts. keep your own movies about how Muslims are for yourself.

Alert: Will Month-End Rebalancing Flows Boost the Dollar?
GVI Forex 14:47 GMT 09/25/2020  - My Profile
Amos, stay safe

HK Kevin 14:44 GMT 09/25/2020
Hk Ab 14:12 GMT, take a good rest to revitalise yourselves. Sometimes, no trade is a good trade.

Alert: Will Month-End Rebalancing Flows Boost the Dollar?
haifa ac 14:35 GMT 09/25/2020  - My Profile
Yup. And Gmar Hatima Tova. We just started full curfew in Israel for 2 weeks. This Corona is vicious. Reminds me some traders here.

Alert: Will Month-End Rebalancing Flows Boost the Dollar?
GVI Forex 14:20 GMT 09/25/2020  - My Profile
Haifa Good Yuntif

Hk Ab 14:12 GMT 09/25/2020
Too tired, have a nice weekend

Alert: Will Month-End Rebalancing Flows Boost the Dollar?
haifa ac 14:07 GMT 09/25/2020  - My Profile
"you know what we say about the Jewish people of Haifa, right?"

No. Why don't you tell us something antisemitic. After all these are the "terrible" days.

Alert: Will Month-End Rebalancing Flows Boost the Dollar?
Israel MacroMicro 14:03 GMT 09/25/2020
you know what we say about the Jewish people of Haifa, right?

Alert: Will Month-End Rebalancing Flows Boost the Dollar?
haifa ac 13:55 GMT 09/25/2020  - My Profile
Dollar should move up for at least 7 weeks.
As I said in haifa ac 09:01 GMT September 21, 2020

Alert: Will Month-End Rebalancing Flows Boost the Dollar?
GVI Forex 13:47 GMT 09/25/2020  - My Profile

For the forex trader, the focus is on whether forex hedges need to be reduced or increased at month-end. Given the extent of US stock market declines this month, the question is whether rebalancing flows will boost the dollar. It is all explained in my latest article, both why and what to expect. See below:

Alert: Will Month-End Rebalancing Flows Boost the Dollar? 

Hk Ab 13:30 GMT 09/25/2020
Move limit down to 51

Hk Ab 12:45 GMT 09/25/2020
Today steal chicken trade limit long 1856. 100 lots

Friday Amazing Trader 25 September 2020
Mtl JP 12:42 GMT 09/25/2020
DLRx - uP. for various reasons, be they political or corona related

EURO - down.

GBP - 1.28 caps

USDCAD - baised uP; a hundred pips +

AT Trader john 12:36 GMT 09/25/2020
weaker than forecast.

AT Trader john 12:36 GMT 09/25/2020
U.S. Durable Goods Orders August 2020

Headline: +0.40% vs. +1.40% exp. vs. +11.40% prev.
Ex-Trans: +0.40% vs. +1.00% exp. vs.+2.60% prev.

HK Kevin 11:46 GMT 09/25/2020
HK ab, only trade the opening 30-min and pre-closing 15-min of HK stock for some fast profit today.

Friday Amazing Trader 25 September 2020
Israel MacroMicro 11:43 GMT 09/25/2020
John, ZIRP policy in Europe ends next year. just for the fact that +98% screaming it is not possible.

Friday Amazing Trader 25 September 2020
Israel MacroMicro 11:34 GMT 09/25/2020
I think the USD strength is very temporary and back to TREND may happen within three-five sessions from now, meaning daily close above 1.19

Hk Ab 11:10 GMT 09/25/2020
Kevin, any good one today? I may take a break, this week is good enough

Friday Amazing Trader 25 September 2020
AT Trader john 11:06 GMT 09/25/2020
depending on stocks, it looks like this is developing into a "risk-off" morning as equities weaken.

European banks
Israel MacroMicro 11:03 GMT 09/25/2020
media so negative, must be a BUY during next week and even an option for the long play even today.

imo / good luck!

DAX on precipice
Israel MacroMicro 10:39 GMT 09/25/2020
it is also 200 DMA region

DAX on precipice
Johannesburg HvW 10:29 GMT 09/25/2020  - My Profile
Spot on regarding the DAX SUPP.
Shabbat Shalom.

DAX on precipice
haifa ac 09:57 GMT 09/25/2020  - My Profile
12371 is an important support on the weekly chart. Should provide a bounce, but if we close around here and next week we break that level--just watch out!

Friday Amazing Trader 25 September 2020
AT Trader john 09:06 GMT 09/25/2020
DJ: 26,731 +45
SP: 3,231 +1
NQ: 10,885 +3

2-yr 0.135% 0.0 bp
Spread 10s-2s +53.1 bps (+53.4)

US: 0.666% +0.2
UK: 0.208% -1.3
DE: -0.515% -0.7

Spots (Pivot Point prev day)
EURUSD 1.1655 (1.1663)
GBPUSD 1.2761 (1.2743)
EURGBP 0.9131 (0.9148)
USDJPY 105.43 (105.38)

This Week 1.1873-1.1626 (247 pips)
fri: 1.1685-1.1651 (34)
thu: 1.1688-1.1626 (62)
wed: 1.1720-1.1652 (68)
tue: 1.1774-1.1693 (81)
mon: 1.1873-1.1732 (141)

20-d avg: 1.1823
50-day avg: 1.1780
100-day avg: 1.1488
200-day avg: 1.1236

Global-View Daily Trading Chart Points

Friday Amazing Trader 25 September 2020
AT Trader john 08:50 GMT 09/25/2020

GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
AA: Major, A: High, B: Medium

Fri 25 Sep 2020
A 12:30 US- Durable Goods

HK Kevin 07:42 GMT 09/25/2020
Covered at 1.6482. Prefer not to opening new positions on Fri.
HK Kevin 14:51 GMT 09/24/2020
Enter short again at 1.6573 earlier.

Friday Amazing Trader 25 September 2020
Mtl JP 23:42 GMT 09/24/2020

here is a pic of YTD price action and curent sentiment
and draw your own conclusion and trade accordingly.
big boys / gals do do not speculate: they express and bet on their vision of the future

Mtl JP 23:21 GMT 09/24/2020

Gold 1860
price sitting close to or on Bull or Bear line

How to Trade a Political Forex Market
Mtl JP 22:45 GMT 09/24/2020
CB 21:20 whatever happened to biden so as not choose best possible brain ability for the best interest of the country regardless of gender or race ?

How to Trade a Political Forex Market
dc CB 21:20 GMT 09/24/2020
Bloomberg reports that Joe Biden is focusing on Fed governor Lael Brainard as his Treasury Secretary pick "a choice that would keep both Wall Street and progressives in line." Lael's political bias first emerged in early 2016 when it was revealed that she had donated repeatedly to the Hillary Clinton campaign, rather odd for an "apolitical" Fed governor but sufficient to telegraph her ideological affiliation to the Biden campaign.

Biden's focus on Brainard is further prompted by his desire to signal his sexual equality virtue: as Bloomberg notes, "the former vice president wants to make a historic choice for the job that has always been held by a White man, some of the people said."

How to Trade a Political Forex Market
dc CB 21:15 GMT 09/24/2020
Trump anncs his nominee for the SCOTUS ---This Saturday.

How to Trade a Political Forex Market
dc CB 21:11 GMT 09/24/2020
IMHO - the first big Test will come after Trump anncs his nominee for the SCOTUS ---
The worst case for the Markets?

If ANY nomination is successfully blocked and the Court goes into the contested election with 8 justices rather than the full 9 on the bench when the contested election goes to the Supreme Court .....

So Risk is on for Friday and Monday --- the NUZ will be screaming high-pitched all weekend...esp the Sunday Show 'expert' hystericals.

How to Trade a Political Forex Market
dc CB 20:57 GMT 09/24/2020
Mtl JP 18:08 GMT
Jay... are we in a Political Market yet ?
Why stock-market investors are starting to freak out about the 2020 election
Early mail-in voting 'sheitstorm' preview....yes, it's still only September.
Police in the swing-state of Wisconsin are investigating how three trays of mail which included absentee ballots ended up in a ditch, after the mail was found at 8 a.m. Tuesday morning near a highway before it was immediately turned over to the US Postal Service, according to Fox 11.

"The United States Postal Inspection Service immediately began investigating and we reserve further comment on this matter until that is complete," said USPS spokesman Bob Sheehan in a statement.

The incident comes a mere five weeks before the presidential election, which has been steeped in partisan bickering over the system of mail-in and absentee ballots and wavering trust in the alternate system.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, which marked a grim milestone this week of over 200,000 deaths in the U.S., voters are expected to cast ballots by mail in record numbers.

“We expect more than 3 million Wisconsin residents to vote in the November election, which means even more first-time absentee by mail voters,” Meagan Wolfe, the elections commission’s administrator, said in a statement earlier this month.

Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, the FBI and the office of the United States Attorney found nine discarded mail-in ballots from members of the military, all cast for President Trump.

According to the DOJ:

Since Monday, FBI personnel working together with the Pennsylvania State Police have conducted numerous interviews and recovered and reviewed certain physical evidence. Election officials in Luzerne County have been cooperative. At this point we can confirm that a small number of military ballots were discarded. Investigators have recovered nine ballots at this time. Some of those ballots can be attributed to specific voters and some cannot. All nine ballots were cast for presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Friday Amazing Trader 25 September 2020
AT Trader john 19:35 GMT 09/24/2020
Thursday RISK: MIXED
DJ: 26,815 +52
SP: 3,247 +10
NQ: 10,672 +39

2-yr 0.137% -0.2 bp
Spread 10s-2s +53.4 bps (+53.4)

US: 0.671% -0.5
UK: 0.210% -0.1
DE: -0.517% -0.7

Spots (Pivot Point prev day)
EURUSD 1.1676 (1.1663)
GBPUSD 1.2755 (1.2743)
EURGBP 0.9150 (0.9148)
USDJPY 105.39 (105.38)

This Week 1.1873-1.1626 (247 pips)
thu: 1.1688-1.1626 (62)
wed: 1.1720-1.1652 (68)
tue: 1.1774-1.1693 (81)
mon: 1.1873-1.1732 (141)
fri: 1.1871-1.1827 (44)

20-d avg: 1.1823
50-day avg: 1.1780
100-day avg: 1.1488
200-day avg: 1.1236

Global-View Daily Trading Chart Points

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 24 September 2020
GVI Forex Blog 18:50 GMT 09/24/2020

forex rate database image

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for more than a dozen currency pairs for over seventeen years of data in an Excel spreadsheet format.

Global-View Daily Trading Chart Points

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 24 September 2020

How to Trade a Political Forex Market
Mtl JP 18:08 GMT 09/24/2020
Jay... are we in a Political Market yet ?
- goldman "explains" stocks are heaving because of lack of clarity about "support"
- jerome claims approximtely the same thing
- and various FED lower mandarins claiming conflicting "visions" about policy/economy
‘Vote him out!’ President Trump booed during visit to RBG’s casket
- MarketWatch

Why stock-market investors are starting to freak out about the 2020 election

Thursday Amazing Trader 24 September 2020
dc CB 17:46 GMT 09/24/2020
Israel MacroMicro 16:55

Today was one of those iconic days that defines the new centrally-planned paranormal, where as a result of such monetary abortions as negative rates, the ECB pays European banks to give them money. We are talking of course about TLTRO day, when the ECB lends to banks at rates as low as -1% to try to encourage them to lend to households which are about to be locked down again.

today Euro-zone banks took up just €174.5 billion, or $203 billion, in the latest TLTRO even as the ECB gave banks every possible incentive to keep lending to the pandemic-stricken economy, including rates as low as -1%. In other words, the ECB is paying banks to take cash which they should then lend out, at least in theory. According to Bloomberg, this suggests that "most lenders now consider themselves well-financed."

The latest facility brings the total TLTRO amount outstanding to €1.75 trillion..

Thursday Amazing Trader 24 September 2020
dc CB 17:16 GMT 09/24/2020
7Y - $50bln ---0.462%. Done
capping off the week $155Bln sold in 2s,5s,7s.
None paid even 0.50%

dc CB 17:08 GMT 09/24/2020
Having 'nailed it' on the post-Quad-Witch tumble in stocks, noting that dealer delta and gamma positions suggested a lack of support after expiration...

"if selling persists and the $270 "trigger" in QQQs is taken out, that's when "things could get sloppy to the downside into next week"
It is worth listening to Nomura's Cross-Asset Strategy MD Charlie McElligott when he warns that he is seeing large market players de-risking while retail continues to desperately play their leveraged BTFD game.

Bag-holders beware...

As McElligott notes, the legacy impact of:

1) the Nasdaq / Mega-Cap Tech dynamics from August (mind you, some of those large flows were Sep all the way out through Feb), and

2) evidence of more Robinhood retail YOLO’ing even just last week chasing short-dated and highly-convex upside on the bounce...

...has continued to perpetuate the dealer “short gamma” dynamics in QQQ options..

ps: last fri--QuadWithc day...'winner winner chicken dinner' --- QQQ 270 Puts --- traded Wed a 0.45cents, rocketed Fri morning to $7.00.

Thursday Amazing Trader 24 September 2020
dc CB 17:02 GMT 09/24/2020
Covid Chronicles

ramping up.

Update (1215ET): With the UK government ramping up testing in keeping with BoJo's promise to take more steps to combat a turnaround in infection rates, the UK has just reported its largest-ever daily tally.

6,634 new cases were reported, the most in a single day since the pandemic began. 40 new deaths were also reported.
Despite this new peak, epidemiologists told Sky News that realistically, these numbers are nowhere near 'the peak' reached in the spring, when as many as 100k people may have been infected per day.

Since the end of August, however, daily new cases have climbed 180%.

Elsewhere, COVID-19-linked hospitalizations in New York state have broken above 500, the highest tally since Aug. 19.

Thursday Amazing Trader 24 September 2020
Israel MacroMicro 16:55 GMT 09/24/2020
the media is full with articles and analysis about negative interest rates being a currency war. I wonder if central bankers to end standing a trial in war crimes tribunal?

Thursday Amazing Trader 24 September 2020
Mtl JP 16:46 GMT 09/24/2020
Fed's Bullard says U.S. economy within reach of a sort of full recovery this year - MarketWatch

whatever that means

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Taal volcano could spew ash, lava for weeks
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Global-View also offers a full fx trading chart gallery that includes fx pairs, such as the EURUSD, commodities, stocks and bonds. In a fx trading world where markets are integrated, the chart gallery is a valuable trading tool. Look for updates on the Forex Forum when the chart gallery is updated.

Forex Blog also offers a forex blog, where articles of interest for currency trading are posted throughout the day. The forex blog articles come from outside sources, including forex brokers research as well as from the professionals at This forex blog includes the Daily Forex View, Market Chatter and technical forex blog updates. In additional to its real time forex forum, there are also Member Forums available for more in depth forex trading discussions.



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