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Breaking News
Israel MacroMicro 10:49 GMT 03/28/2020
Fitch has cut UK's debt rating by a notch to AA- amid COVID-19 surge in debt with negative outlook, reports Reuters.

This could Britain's deepest recession and further cuts could follow. "The downgrade reflects a significant weakening of the UK’s public finances caused by the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and a fiscal loosening stance that was instigated before the scale of the crisis became apparent," said Fitch.
"These are the right steps to protect our economy against lasting damage," said a Treasury spokesman in response to the rating cut. "Our public finances are sound after 10 years of bringing debt and borrowing under control. These measures are temporary and will lead to a short-term increase in borrowing," he added.
Fitch expects UK's economy to shrink by 4% in 2020 leading to a 3% bounce in 2021. The public debt as a share of GDP is expected to rise to 94% in 2020 and 98% in 2021 from 84.5% in 2019.
Britain's trading ties with EU also pose downside risk.
Previously: Europe dives 6%; Eyes on ECB's Lagarde (Mar. 12 2020)

96.4% of corona deaths-had previous diseases
haifa ac 10:28 GMT 03/28/2020  - My Profile
diabetes, lung , cancer, immune system, blood pressure, Asthma, kidney, liver and digestive disease.

Blaming their death on the corona maybe a big hoax (Alon Musk thinks so). The virus may be an accelerator but not a main cause!

Glove Warning!
Andorra la Vella 10:15 GMT 03/28/2020
Good advice. Problem is finding gloves! They are like gold now. :(

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 10:11 GMT 03/28/2020
winners and losers
ib - "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." - as suggested by Albert Camus, author of The Pest

Glove Warning!
haifa ac 07:50 GMT 03/28/2020  - My Profile
Gloves can be very dangerous!
1. NEVER touch your face with a glovef
2. NEVER remove a glove by sticking the other glove between it and your skin!
3. DO NOT wear a glove more than a few minutes!
4. Treat the inside of your car as a Sterile surface and the outside as contaminated. DON'T close your car door from the inside while wearing the gloves. DO NOT touch the wheel with your glove. Disinfect the inside of your car where you touched with the glove with alcohol
5. Never remove a glove by inserting the other one between the glove and your skin. here is a good link

Watch Insurance companies
haifa ac 07:41 GMT 03/28/2020  - My Profile

Jkt Abel 17:11 GMT 11/28/2018
Wonderful, we are watching movie titled AC's sore ass. Keep sticking it up dude! LOL

you are first in line.

Watch Insurance companies
jkt abel 06:58 GMT 03/28/2020
haifa ac, just make sure you write my name to inherit your wealth

Watch Insurance companies
haifa ac 05:18 GMT 03/28/2020  - My Profile
March 7 I wrote:
"If, indeed, the corona is killing mostly older people---that might be a secret bonus in disguise for insurance companies.
The premium system is sort of a pyramid scheme. Every generation has to work harder and population has to grow in order to support the elderly population. With medical costs soaring- insurance companies are in danger. Exterminating that part of the population which consumes more and more society resources-may save the insurance industry . Will also save social security and other government loads."

Looked vicious at the time. But here, today a report from Barcellona:
Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau said claimed (Friday) that out of 213 corona fatalities in the city, at least 54 are elderly people in nursing homes.
That is quarter of victims are, indeed old people.
The far fetched guess that this will be one of the major effects of the pandemic--to reduce this population of (unnecessary population which a burden on financial systems, and I am one of them!) --maybe just a grim reality.
Hurray for Darwin's survival of the fittest.

Winners and Losers
haifa ac 04:54 GMT 03/28/2020  - My Profile
No doubt. It's the whick of the week.

Nobody wants the Kool-Aid
Caribbean! Rafe... 23:48 GMT 03/27/2020  - My Profile
Now there is Hantavirus:

Nobody wants the Kool-Aid
Caribbean! Rafe... 23:20 GMT 03/27/2020  - My Profile
Bulbs when consumed increase immunity via inner body heat, and must be consumed in excess.... especially garlic.

Nobody wants the Kool-Aid
Caribbean! Rafe... 23:12 GMT 03/27/2020  - My Profile
I hope FED goes easy on the American Economy, we the world are depending on them too, and all know the market panics FED sniffling causes.

With this trend though they don't stand a chance unless of course they join it too... Corona has that kind of effect unfortunately.

Nobody wants the Kool-Aid
Paris ib 21:17 GMT 03/27/2020  - My Profile
Think Gorbachev..... think Trump. Too little, too late. They tried, no-one is buying the narrative. Follow the money.

Sell the buck.

Winners and Losers
Caribbean! Rafe... 21:13 GMT 03/27/2020  - My Profile
Have a good weekend. all the best

Winners and Losers
Caribbean! Rafe... 21:09 GMT 03/27/2020  - My Profile
JP// Yeah, I figured it out already. They don't stand a chance.

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 21:05 GMT 03/27/2020
jerome tries to rule from Eccles Building

Winners and Losers
Caribbean! Rafe... 20:58 GMT 03/27/2020  - My Profile
JP// Ahh ha! right, I got it. sharp shooters don't stand a chance... 1:41-1:43

Winners and Losers
Caribbean! Rafe... 20:54 GMT 03/27/2020  - My Profile
JP// curious to know who is jerome.

Winners and Losers
Caribbean! Rafe... 20:54 GMT 03/27/2020  - My Profile
JP// okay, get in with a small one, barreled stops.

london red 20:49 GMT 03/27/2020
no wick on daily either so can easily move higher monday. u want a wick on the daily or if not a lower low. we had similar pattern 4/5 march and then a drop friday. so maybe a lower low monday can kick things off. but dangerous chasing lows. prefer to sell highs if at all - real dangerous game betting against rigged game. assuming mkt is moving higher until hammered lower.

Winners and Losers
Caribbean! Rafe... 20:44 GMT 03/27/2020  - My Profile
JP//the second to last candle watch that one.

Winners and Losers
Caribbean! Rafe... 20:42 GMT 03/27/2020  - My Profile
who is jerome

Mtl JP 20:42 GMT 03/27/2020

the whick bothers me

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 20:39 GMT 03/27/2020
rafe u think jerome's sharpshooters r gone 4 the week-end ?

Winners and Losers
Caribbean! Rafe... 20:39 GMT 03/27/2020  - My Profile
JP// Tarkov... 2:38 - 2:40

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 20:38 GMT 03/27/2020
tictoc toc toc 2515
gunslingers time

Winners and Losers
Caribbean! Rafe... 20:37 GMT 03/27/2020  - My Profile
JP// Go Short, barreling stops along the way.

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 20:32 GMT 03/27/2020
2515ish supp line on 5min bar

Winners and Losers
london red 20:29 GMT 03/27/2020
big balls to try to outstare s&p. news will go from $hit to worse but hey mkt added 5% plus when 3m job losses announced. if this was anything else u expect a gap down on monday of maybe 1-5-2% but for me and my limited powers just a flick of a coin here.

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 20:26 GMT 03/27/2020
so here I sit with an itch:
should I load an over-the-week-end snp ticket
2nd itch: which direction
tia 4 suggestions

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 20:18 GMT 03/27/2020
Montreal mayoress just declared special sanitary measures under some act
mainly aimed at bagging street rubbies and rubettes

and reserves the right to expand crowd control measures

Caribbean! Rafe... 20:14 GMT 03/27/2020  - My Profile
lol... coat tails. Good one!

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 20:10 GMT 03/27/2020
fat lady not sung yet ?

China Closed All Its Movie Theaters Again
- msm

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 20:06 GMT 03/27/2020

pic of a hoof kick

like a real one

Mtl JP 20:01 GMT 03/27/2020
Rafe I m not looking for some symbol

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 19:57 GMT 03/27/2020
winners and losers
more crap in the pipeline
(do not look in the keyhole)
jerome and his PhD'd crew to the rescue:
Federal Reserve Considering Additional Support for State, Local Government Finance - wsj

Central bank hires former Treasury official to assist with potential municipal-lending program

london red 19:56 GMT 03/27/2020
Rafe, 2646 is 38.2% retracement the minimum for a corrective bounce. also 2640 the 200wk ma. i would allow for 2850 at which point even rigged game may feel exhaustion (in terms of p/e would be essentially at 3394 record levels). fwiw i rarely short and then only smalls, prefer to pick up pieces and run up the coat tails of the elite.

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:56 GMT 03/27/2020  - My Profile
JP// Thanks a lot.

Tell me the symbol you want to have checked.

Mtl JP 19:50 GMT 03/27/2020
rafe also click the Major market indexes »
for more choices

rafe 4 u , easy

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:47 GMT 03/27/2020  - My Profile
Trend change. Stocks should soon dip and washout weak longs, if not so already.

I am depending on what I saw yesterday, because I don't have chart access right now.

Can anyone please confirm.


Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 19:46 GMT 03/27/2020
what is the 200wk ma # tia

Winners and Losers
london red 19:44 GMT 03/27/2020
looks like some cold feet ahead of a v long wknd. set to close below 200wk ma for another wk.

Winners and Losers
Israel MacroMicro 19:36 GMT 03/27/2020


Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 19:32 GMT 03/27/2020
almost like laurel n hardy
clowns cuoma and trump duking it out
over ventilators

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 27 March 2020
GVI Forex Blog 19:19 GMT 03/27/2020

forex rate database image

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for more than a dozen currency pairs for over seventeen years of data in an Excel spreadsheet format.

Global-View Daily Trading Chart Points

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 27 March 2020

Friday Amazing Trader 27 Mar 2020
london red 19:19 GMT 03/27/2020
the price! and watch treasuries. for now prob solved but going forward there will be massive supply from Fed to cover dow money plus u will have others selling to raise funds.
knocking on 2597 again. another trip to 2640 awaits.

Friday Amazing Trader 27 Mar 2020
Mtl JP 19:13 GMT 03/27/2020
what keyhole do I need to see the size of the "usd shortage" or
its dynamics as may fluctuate and come into focus

Friday Amazing Trader 27 Mar 2020
london red 19:09 GMT 03/27/2020
12516 a retracement, then 12667 if beaten followed by former shs neck at 12717. pair likely to top out between there and 132. usd shortage has run its course so pair is unwinding to as was. once unwound, realities will take over again.

Breaking News
Mtl JP 19:08 GMT 03/27/2020
DLRCAD LoD 1.3920
about 50% to go to close the gap on the daily

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Taal volcano could spew ash, lava for weeks
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Taal volcano could spew ash, lava for weeks
HK [email protected] 23:07 GMT 01/14/2020

Renato Solidum, head of the Philippines' seismological agency, said Taal's previous eruptions have lasted as long as months so it was impossible to predict an end to the current activity.

However, he said the alert warning of a potentially catastrophic "explosive eruption" may remain in place for weeks, depending on developments.
Expect the unexpectable.

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GOLD: An example of an ignorant trader disregarding Seasonality and Technicalities.
HK J.CHAN 17:38 GMT 12/26/2019
Hk Ab 13:45 GMT 12/26/2019
Some one mentiioned short gold at 1503 and stop at 1507. Maybe it’s the bangsters to clear all watched position on GvI....
AB: Bangsters do not watch GVI; But Stupid trades/traders are cropping daily to their advantage, as you can see in the trade below.

An Example:Trading out of ignorance

Tuesday Amazing Trader 24 Dec 2019
Israel MacroMicro 15:54 GMT 12/24/2019
Sell Gold
Entry: 1503.50 Target: FRIDAY Stop: 1508.50

let's see

Arrogance and calling other traders by names got you!!!
And here comes the friend of "PAPI" who can't bear PAPI's failure being mentioned in public:

Mtl JP 14:08 GMT 12/26/2019
HK ab 02:21 all u have to remember - the one singularly simplest thing - is that both losses or gains are 100% yours and that you are on your own....blah blah blah.......

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HK [email protected] 14:34 GMT 11/21/2019
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RF - no no -- I wasn't suggesting to use another forum -- I put a long post there and suggested you see it

China calls for popular a counter revolution in HK.
Livingston nh 17:42 GMT 11/13/2019
RF - no no -- I wasn't suggesting to use another forum -- I put a long post there and suggested you see it

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