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USA ZEUS  16:05:30 GMT - 11/07/2013  
In a race to the bottom, USD will outperform like a duck commander.

USA ZEUS  15:05:15 GMT - 11/07/2013  

PAR 14:29:24 GMT - 11/07/2013  
1.2777 what a beautiful number.

USA ZEUS  14:26:59 GMT - 11/07/2013  
Half way to initial target.
EUR/USD will continue to crater.
Sub 1.30//1.27777 on the horizon.

ottawa ottawa  16:41:47 GMT - 11/01/2013  
would you consider around 1.3387, or going all the way to 1.32..?? thank you

USA ZEUS  16:07:25 GMT - 11/01/2013  

USA ZEUS  16:30:24 GMT - 10/31/2013  
It's all in the charts- not someone's disdain for the buck or dogmatic musings @ politics or economic data.

Three cheers!

GVI Forex john   18:58:38 GMT - 10/30/2013  
No apologies necessary. We all approach this from different angles.

jkt-aye 18:56:42 GMT - 10/30/2013  
Zeus...thx for the inspired call. always nice to trade while sleeping. cheers

USA ZEUS  18:49:51 GMT - 10/30/2013  
My apologies, John. I am not here much so didn't realize your efforts to inform folks about the correlations and risk-on/off etc. Excellent and valuable work. Members should be most grateful for this guidance.
Best to you!

GVI Forex john   18:45:26 GMT - 10/30/2013  
Yes I have been watching and touting those correlations (both ways) here. I'm a big believer in inter-market relationships.

Thanks for your thoughts!

USA ZEUS  18:40:11 GMT - 10/30/2013  
GVI Forex john 18:33 GMT 10/30/2013 - My Profile
Zeus- any parameters to your excellent call? or is it mostly directional??

Hi John,
Purely technical based from the chart posted on this thread yesterday. While there is no guarantee, It's a very ominous signal. 1.31 then sub 1.30 (1.2777) are strong targets.
From an intermarket perspective, long dated treasuries, SP 500 and EUR/USD are acting with extreme correlation and all are confirming.


Paris ib  18:38:00 GMT - 10/30/2013  
Savings are likely to stay at home during such a high risk time. The U.S. relies on other people's savings. Not a great place to be right now. But feel free to buy bucket loads. There is loads on offer and even more being printed every month.

USA ZEUS  18:34:23 GMT - 10/30/2013  
Send it to the EZ where they have a new policy of meeting obligations via depositor confiscation. That's change you can believe in.

GVI Forex john   18:33:09 GMT - 10/30/2013  
Zeus- any parameters to your excellent call? or is it mostly directional??

Paris ib  18:31:19 GMT - 10/30/2013  
Good grief now we are talking emotions? Jealously? Hatred? This is asset allocation my dear. No-one is going to increase asset allocation to the U.S. with this kind of leadership in place and given the level of exposure that some countries already carry. Just not going to happen.

GVI Forex john   18:30:33 GMT - 10/30/2013  
EURUSD "cratering" hard to figure out any logic to this trade. I continue to BELIEVE its the "invisible hand" of EZ central banks hitting the markets when they are the most vulnerable.

Paris ib  18:29:26 GMT - 10/30/2013  
If I had the exposure to Treasuries that the Chinese and Japanese have I wouldn't be hanging around. I would take the failure to taper as a god send and I would sell to the FED.

USA ZEUS  18:28:20 GMT - 10/30/2013  
USD is the largest most transparent market on the planet. Say, think, feel what you want but the facts remain- it's still the overwhelming primary reserve currency of choice. Market doesn't care how jealous or much you hate it! It is what it is.


Mtl JP  18:26:57 GMT - 10/30/2013  
unless Janet comes out soon with some propaganda piece countering her uber-dove printer brand image to taper market perception of growing its $600-700 billion +, something the chinese could use to exit a lot of treasury positions... uh uh ..
same for the europeans... maybe tha'ts why dollar has looked so weak technically: too many folks cashing out while the FED keeps promising to lap them up

Paris ib  18:20:09 GMT - 10/30/2013  
Yeah really I can just see all that overseas capital rushing into a doomed market. What a great long term investment.

USA ZEUS  18:18:12 GMT - 10/30/2013  
Paris IB- Fast! Correlations are tight with long dated treasuries. When they sell-off will see a landslide of USD demand!

Paris ib  18:14:51 GMT - 10/30/2013  
Not so fast. The FED looks lost, you might like the look, longer term capital won't.

USA ZEUS  18:12:26 GMT - 10/30/2013  

GVI Forex john   09:50:32 GMT - 10/30/2013  
RF- I don't think there is much chance of very bad news from the U.S. unless the Obamacare roll-out unexpectedly collapses. I think the more likely scenario for the U.S. is more sluggish growth for the foreseeable future.

HK [email protected]  09:36:46 GMT - 10/30/2013  

Euro at 1.41; Not too far from fantasy at the moment.
One needs extremely bad US news on top of passing tremendous resistances upward.
Currently the way of least resistance is downward.

jkt-aye 09:05:32 GMT - 10/30/2013  
what data ? what strong ?

prague mark  08:29:31 GMT - 10/30/2013  
leaked info: EU data will be strong, so eur/usd long...
FED... market exp negative outlook for taper... meet exp... eur/usd even more long... target >1.4

Toba Tek Singh Toba Tek Singh  06:18:49 GMT - 10/30/2013  
Possible Sell Entry could be as;
EURUSD= between 1.37185 - 1.37553


Brock Thor  00:33:36 GMT - 10/30/2013  

Entry: Target: Stop:
Just closed two trades. DXY up some...nice.
Was short Eur/Usd .
Took it cause I can't watch developments tomorrow.
Plus had/made big on the 80 .....///..lots $ on the line.
Got deer to shoot and World Series to watch tomorrow...busy day...ha.ha.

After retrace will jump back in to short with the Zeus 1.300.

USA ZEUS  00:26:28 GMT - 10/30/2013  
Doesn't get any more ominous than this for EUR/USD!
Sub 1.30 targeted.

USA ZEUS  15:59:25 GMT - 10/29/2013  
GVI Forex john 15:54 GMT 10/29/2013
Zeus- Nice call!

Thanks John. I see it south longer term as well. Sub 1.30.
Let's see...
Best to you, sir!

GVI Forex john   15:54:46 GMT - 10/29/2013  
Zeus- Nice call!

GVI Forex john   15:54:08 GMT - 10/29/2013  
There goes the EURUSD headed south. Nowotny comments wearing off and no buying support below?

USA ZEUS  14:54:41 GMT - 10/29/2013  
This is a great opportunity to liquidate any long trades and go short for a big swing/trend south.


USA ZEUS  14:43:01 GMT - 10/29/2013  
prague mark 20:04 GMT October 24, 2013
EUR/USD to crater:
USA ZEUS 19:41 GMT 10/24/2013

//// what is your current position leverage if any, sir? TIA

Hi Mark. I prefer single digit gearing at the max. Hope that helps.


hk ab  22:42:01 GMT - 10/24/2013  
Zeus, I second your positions, but my guts is limited. after 1.3760, next extry 1.3850.

prague mark  20:04:16 GMT - 10/24/2013  
USA ZEUS 19:41 GMT 10/24/2013

//// what is your current position leverage if any, sir? TIA

USA ZEUS  19:41:01 GMT - 10/24/2013  
Perfect. Doubled position short at 1.38. Sub 1.30 still targeted. Could move there swiftly.


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