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jkt abel  12:55:35 GMT - 01/05/2015  
zeus, this is the bottom? 1.1777?

USA ZEUS  12:40:54 GMT - 01/05/2015  
Second price target complete for 21+ figures locked in at 1.1888 with SAR for a swing higher.

USA ZEUS  23:14:46 GMT - 01/04/2015  
Second target achieved.
Take gains at your leisure.

Stockholm Max  17:15:21 GMT - 12/31/2014  
Zeus - congrats on an excellent call!

Looking forward to your comments regarding the Yen.


Happy new year to all here!

USA ZEUS  16:52:32 GMT - 12/31/2014  
In review- Trade of the year.
Next year JPY.

USA ZEUS  18:14:17 GMT - 12/29/2014  
USA ZEUS 18:40:50 GMT - 03/13/2014
Will use this post with posted chart as the basis for the remainder of 2014.

USA ZEUS 09:59 GMT March 13, 2014
Possible slight overshoot into a "sweet zone" to add shorts. Otherwise the top has been put in. 15-30 figure slide comes next. Good luck!

Perfect. What a great year. Only chart needed for 2014- updated.

Happy Holidays!!

USA ZEUS  15:59:12 GMT - 12/05/2014  
Chart of the year- updated

USA ZEUS  08:12:13 GMT - 09/25/2014  
EUR/USD Safe to say LOD has been put in. Enjoy the ride.

USA ZEUS  08:06:38 GMT - 09/25/2014  
EUR/USD Doubled up all in long at 1.2701

USA ZEUS  07:18:44 GMT - 09/25/2014  
EUR/USD algos are going nuts after hitting my key levels. ST Downside is capped. Rotation in progress. Cheers!

london red  06:59:25 GMT - 09/25/2014  
fib at 12727 untouched so far. res> trendline at 41, prior low 44, past low 55 trendline 66.

cable prior gap 16277.

USA ZEUS  06:51:48 GMT - 09/25/2014  
Capitulation through the key level. Long at 1.2731

USA ZEUS  06:36:16 GMT - 09/25/2014  
EUR/USD First target, as defined in March, achieved. Look for some rotation around this level.


USA ZEUS  03:45:16 GMT - 09/25/2014  
Can buy EUR/USD for a swing trade at strong support.

Long at 1.2766 and will add through key support level as illustrated on the chart of the year.


USA ZEUS  00:28:00 GMT - 09/25/2014  
Livingston nh 22:58 GMT 09/24/2014

Thanks friend. Always nice when a plan comes together like that- esp one that encompasses the entire trading year.


USA ZEUS  00:26:37 GMT - 09/25/2014  
sd sf 22:26:56 GMT - 09/24/2014

First posted as a daily chart then weekly. Same wave 5 date and level for both. Easier to view as weekly chart...

Livingston nh  22:58:57 GMT - 09/24/2014  
Zeus - nicely done - just saw multiple 1.2777

sd sf  22:26:56 GMT - 09/24/2014  
Zeus that was a really good call in the overall scheme of the market.

but that is not the same chart you first posted - as the market broke the original trend-line you had drawn... so this one is Mark 2.

So if you used a wider s/l then it really was/is the trade of 2014.


USA ZEUS  22:19:03 GMT - 09/24/2014  
A picture worth a thousand words....


USA ZEUS  14:46:50 GMT - 09/24/2014  
EUR/USD 1.2777 trifecta perfecta is a super magnet, super pivot, and super fulcrum.


USA ZEUS  14:41:51 GMT - 09/24/2014  
EUR/USD will show gyrations around the super magnet.

USA ZEUS  14:27:52 GMT - 09/24/2014  
1.2777 Back to the future...

USD ZEUS  13:22:36 GMT - 09/24/2014  
EUR/USD 1.2777 is coming.....

USA ZEUS  06:43:22 GMT - 09/19/2014  
Can't imagine a scenario how Scotland staying in the UK would be EUR/USD positive.

USA ZEUS  19:34:54 GMT - 09/17/2014  
EUR/USD 1.2777 is coming.....

USA ZEUS  19:34:06 GMT - 09/17/2014  
The only chart needed for 2014......woof!

USA ZEUS  13:49:05 GMT - 09/04/2014  
USA ZEUS 13:42 GMT 09/04/2014

*Price is the...

USA ZEUS  13:42:56 GMT - 09/04/2014  
Too much noise- "Maybe this, maybe that"...
How is THAT a strategy?
Where to buy, where to sell. Sounds like fluttering panic.....K.I.S.S. Prince is the ultimate and only indicator you need.

USA ZEUS  13:15:51 GMT - 09/04/2014  
The only chart you need for 2014- updated

USA ZEUS  21:36:15 GMT - 08/29/2014  
The only chart you need for 2014- updated

Mtl JP  15:53:14 GMT - 08/20/2014  
London Chris 14:46 - maybe on a six-month vacation. 2x / yr

London Chris  14:46:17 GMT - 08/20/2014  
Hey how about the magic 1.2777!!!!

Where are the Bali bulls? Are you still accumulating longs?

USA ZEUS  14:27:31 GMT - 08/20/2014  
Nice to see the natural pivot 1.3277 print today. Chart of the year for the call of the year attached and updated. Cheers!

London Chris  14:25:22 GMT - 08/05/2014  
Trend is your friend...................... 1.33 is in the headlights

London Chris  12:33:39 GMT - 08/05/2014  
Zeus, many of these forecasts have been scaled back as they have been calling for a weaker eurusd since the start of 2013. By the way terrific call.

By the way where are the usd accumulation bears from Indonesia?

USA ZEUS  12:26:46 GMT - 08/05/2014  
PAR- Wonder why they didn't see that 9 sticks higher and 5 months earlier when everyone was screaming for 1.42.... ;-))


PAR 12:14:47 GMT - 08/05/2014  
FXStreet (Łódź) - The eFXnews team note that Morgan Stanley sees EUR/USD standing at 1.31 at the end of 2014 and the downward move continuing in 2015 towards 1.24.

Key quotes

"'Indeed, we believe relationships established over the past two years between the EUR and financial markets have already started to break down, leaving the EUR exposed to the underlying bearish fundamentals,' MS argues."

"'Private investor flows into peripheral bonds, equity markets, and central bank diversification will be declining sources of support for the EUR in our view. The increased potential for currency hedging of European assets in an environment of rising volatility is another EUR negative,' MS adds."

"In line with this view, MS maintains a short EUR/USD position in its medium-term portfolio from 1.3620, with a revised profit-stop at 1.35, and a target at 1.31."

USA ZEUS  11:54:19 GMT - 08/05/2014  
Update- As posted in March right when wave 5 printed, this is the ONLY EUR/USD chart needed to guide the way for 2014. It's that simple...

USA ZEUS  14:16:01 GMT - 07/18/2014  
USA ZEUS 18:40:50 GMT - 03/13/2014
USA ZEUS 09:59 GMT March 13, 2014
Will use this post with posted chart as the basis for the remainder of 2014.

Same chart, same reference points, same targets, same trendlines, same guidance, updated prices....prescient simple elegance.


Brock Thor  01:08:42 GMT - 06/10/2014  

Entry: Target: Stop:
Order placed will long at 169.93 if it gets there.
Tp 179.90.

Price to test 50 mva let's see.

180 may be seen in weeks to come.

Brock Thor  00:08:40 GMT - 06/10/2014  
World famous 1.2777 coming Nice.

- Heavy Eur selling against EM Europeon ccys...
- EurUsd support at 1.3570 with stops eyed below.
- Break below 1.3570 targets post ECB low at 1.3503

CB you go that Zeus print handy?

USA ZEUS  17:26:49 GMT - 06/09/2014  

USA ZEUS 18:40 GMT March 13, 2014
EUR/USD This is the top: Reply
Will use this post with posted chart as the basis for the remainder of 2014.

USA ZEUS 09:59 GMT March 13, 2014
1.2777 is on the horizon.

USA ZEUS  07:11:26 GMT - 05/14/2014  
Take gains at your leisure.

USA ZEUS  01:42:14 GMT - 05/14/2014  
USA ZEUS 16:34 GMT March 19, 2014

There is no question that chart posted in this thread would be and IS the guide going forward.

In the meanwhile, an easy counter-trend swing scalp north can be taken in EUR/USD @ 1.3704


USA ZEUS  17:09:15 GMT - 03/19/2014  
Cambridge Joe 16:55 GMT 03/19/2014

Thanks Joe. Will use this thread as the classic core position trade setup of 2014. Best to you!

Cambridge Joe  16:55:16 GMT - 03/19/2014  
Hi Zeus ! Good luck and good trades !

Anyone long e/$ might like to secure gains at or around 20:00 GMT..... just to be sure !


USA ZEUS  16:37:14 GMT - 03/19/2014  
Never mess with a marine sniper and his Barrett 82A1 .416

USA ZEUS  16:34:29 GMT - 03/19/2014  
This chart will be the top formation guidebook 100% for sure!

USA ZEUS  16:33:31 GMT - 03/19/2014  
prague mark 14:04 GMT March 14, 2014

Yes! Do your OWN research.


USA ZEUS  16:33:13 GMT - 03/19/2014  
prague mark 14:04 GMT March 14, 2014

Yes! Do yuor OWN research.


prague mark  14:04:09 GMT - 03/14/2014  
EUR/USD This is the top
prague mark 11:45 GMT 03/13/2014
USA ZEUS 09:59 GMT 03/13/2014

dont forget to note for other traders that your SL is 2500 pips


folks do your own research

Kaunas DP  08:36:52 GMT - 03/14/2014  
eur/usd 1.3760 confirmed... today close or Sunday/Monday after gap down

USA ZEUS  20:45:00 GMT - 03/13/2014  

USA ZEUS  20:43:38 GMT - 03/13/2014  
I posted this chart earlier today when price was at the top-

USA ZEUS  18:47:06 GMT - 03/13/2014  
Never mess with a marine sniper and his rifle
Lapua 338
Barrett 416
BMG 50

Semper Fi!

USA ZEUS  18:40:50 GMT - 03/13/2014  
Will use this post with posted chart as the basis for the remainder of 2014.

USA ZEUS 09:59 GMT March 13, 2014


prague mark  11:45:46 GMT - 03/13/2014  
USA ZEUS 09:59 GMT 03/13/2014

dont forget to note for other traders that your SL is 2500 pips

USA ZEUS  09:59:44 GMT - 03/13/2014  
Possible slight overshoot into a "sweet zone" to add shorts. Otherwise the top has been put in. 15-30 figure slide comes next. Good luck!

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