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GVI Forex john   18:15:27 GMT - 03/18/2014  
Late in European trade, fixed income markets remain mixed ahead of the Fed decision on Wednesday. Generally no rate changes are expected.

Look at all the green in the right side of the table below. Equities are up across the board. This suggests a "risk-on" posture. The peripheral European bond prices are higher. The U.S. 10-yr was last at 2.66%, unchanged.

nw kw  18:17:36 GMT - 03/18/2014  
xagjpy dropped biggest so I don't no if jpy can go up????

nw kw  18:25:03 GMT - 03/18/2014  
Look at all the green in the right side of the table below// but usd/hkd testing big tops so poss bid aud nzd, gold support, china is new Mr. QE$$$$$$$$$$$$$

nw kw  18:36:41 GMT - 03/18/2014  
Forex john YOU MIGHT HAFTO TERN OFF YOUR NFT. to give us small traders a few pips

dc CB  21:45:56 GMT - 03/18/2014  
And somehow the Treasury expects us to believe that tiny Belgium - the center of the doomed Eurozone which is all too busy running debt ponzi scheme of its own - bought in two months nearly as much US Treasurys as its entire GDP?

Apparently yes.

Meet The Brand New, And Shocking, Third Largest Foreign Holder Of US Treasurys

Mtl JP  22:21:21 GMT - 03/18/2014  
dc CB ... for someone to sell 100billion of treasuries, someone(s) had to be on the other side buying it - sometimes it is Yellen, sometimes not

PAR 07:33:33 GMT - 03/19/2014  
If Belgium indeed bought $ 100 billion of treasuries they should show up somewhere or they can not just disappear like an airplane .

Belgium is famous for theyre black economy , maybe they bought the treasuries with black money .

The biggest white wash in the worlds history.

Paris ib  08:22:00 GMT - 03/19/2014  
Who's scared of the TIC data?

So far we have either had:

- Media silence on the TIC data.
- The circa 3 billion outflow seen in January misreported as an inflow of nearly 100 billion (on this forum).
- Explanations of why the TIC can't be trusted because the United States really has morphed into the ex Soviet Union and the data is just invented on the fly (well that's certainly a comforting thought - yes I'd push that line if I wanted to bolster confidence in the USD and the current U.S. administration).

All this while the U.S. goes blundering around the world with a foreign policy from hell (or Monty Python or the Addam's Family - take your pick). Suddenly the idea of having your money frozen by the Yanks on the flimsiest of pretexts must seem very real to the Chinese who hold over 1 trillion in U.S. Treasuries. (And you ask yourself why the Chinese abstained from the recent vote on Crimea. Well not really.) Should the fear of having funds frozen in the U.S. for decades (see Iran) gain currency the implications for the USD would be very dire indeed. Surely the Yanks understand this? No, perhaps not.

And still no coherent reporting on why the U.S. is unable to return Germany's gold..... it's not a good look.

Where is Germany's Gold ?

Cambridge Joe  08:56:50 GMT - 03/19/2014  
PAR 07:33 GMT 03/19/2014
....'they can not just disappear like an airplane .'

LOL ! :-)

GVI Forex john   09:14:08 GMT - 03/19/2014  
Early in European trading hours, prices in prime fixed income markets are mostly steady heading into the Fed decision today. Odds are policy will be held unchanged. At this hour, markets seem neither to be in a "risk-on" or "risk-off" posture at the moment.

The peripheral European bond prices are mostly up. European equities are slightly weaker. Far East markets closed mixed. U.S. equity futures are steady at this hour.

GVI Forex john   11:08:41 GMT - 03/19/2014  
TIC Flows

I've never paid much attention to the TIC data because what happened a couple of months ago impacted the markets long ago...

Furthermore I have no idea HOW they even track the flows. I suppose I never really have trusted the data. Recall they are subject to massive revisions month to month, so you never could trust the data anyway.

They ought to just drop the series because it is, and has been, garbage anyway.

Mtl JP  11:49:54 GMT - 03/19/2014  
until, one day, there is a run on the dollar

Paris ib  11:52:56 GMT - 03/19/2014  
John you could say that about U.S. GDP (hugely and comically revised), Non-Farm Payrolls.... it's starting to be a bit of an all round joke. But I disagree with you about the TIC data.... I consider it fundamental, if flawed information.


HK [email protected]  12:08:25 GMT - 03/19/2014  

Paris IB. Nice article worth reading. Thanks

Paris ib  14:14:02 GMT - 03/19/2014  
HK [email protected] 12:08 GMT Glad you liked it. ;-)

GVI Forex john   17:46:17 GMT - 03/19/2014  
Late in European trade, fixed income markets remain mostly weaker ahead of the Fed decision. No rate changes are expected.

Equities are mixed to higher. The peripheral European bond prices are mixed to higher. The U.S. 10-yr was last at 2.71%, +3bp.

Livingston nh  19:24:30 GMT - 03/19/2014  
See this week if Treasury 10 yr yields can move above 2.80 and hold - EM should get pounded between TAPER and higher rates // Yellen was trying to describe an ad hoc (seat of the pants) rate regime

Mtl JP  19:42:11 GMT - 03/19/2014  
nh - "was trying" ... trying ? you make it sound as if her level is still at a youtful level when it is still ok to have sex with all the wrong (the ones mother warned about) people. Isn't "excellent communications skills" at the TOP of hiring criteria trumping all other when selecting a CBanker ?
Expect her backstops make their imminent reparatory gumflapping appearances ?

Livingston nh  19:50:32 GMT - 03/19/2014  
jp - definitely would have been clearer if she answered the question "We're making this up as we go along" - that would have been much clearer // I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about the 6.6% unemployment rate and 2% inflation in the beginning of 1994 -- the 30 yr was about 6.5% and fed funds at 3.5% -- Ben had an excuse (Depression Obsession) but Yellen's only excuse is Yale

Mtl JP  20:05:01 GMT - 03/19/2014  
well to be practical about it all the FED has to do to correct Yellen's faux pas - slip - is to orchestrate publication of some economic conditions taking a severe turn for the worse (smoke signals)
trade-wise gbpusd closing under the 50dma would be an initial longer-term sell signal

dc CB  20:09:13 GMT - 03/19/2014  
TPTB are still in control. as witnessed by the Usual Smack Down of Gold during an FMOC meeting week.

over $60 losses for those who "bought" the WWIII with Putin scam.

ba baa baaaa ba ...move along sheep

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