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dc CB  22:25:35 GMT - 04/04/2014  
raise Qs about ZH's agenda ?????????

ZH "screamed" about HFTs for Years and was ignored or labeled a Wacko Blog Site...Michael Lewis writes a book and suddenly all of the MSM and all of "Law Enforcement(?)" is ON IT.

give me a break with your "agenda"

Mtl JP  22:04:25 GMT - 04/04/2014  
dc CB / searched the wire .
it is on ZH instead . that pic montage of 0 and Vlad is over the top. raise Qs about ZH's agenda

dc CB  22:03:10 GMT - 04/04/2014  
oh yeh----Da News of Da Week Dat Wuz....(when will Eric "P." Holder set his DogsOJ loose on....Where is Jon Corzine)

New York, April 3, 2014 - James W. Giddens, Trustee for the Securities Investor Protection Act (SIPA) liquidation of MF Global Inc. (MFGI), today announced the final, 100% distribution to fully satisfy all claims of former MFGI public customers. With this distribution, a total of $6.7 billion will have been returned to over 26,000 securities customers and commodities futures customers. Distributions will commence on Friday, April 4, 2014, and will continue for several weeks.

“It gives me great pleasure to say that checks are going in the mail that will make all public customers of MF Global Inc. 100% whole,” Giddens said. “When MF Global failed more than two years ago, few thought a way could be found to make customers whole. This is the result of Herculean efforts by many professionals, including Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP and Deloitte & Touche LLP.”

dc CB  21:46:48 GMT - 04/04/2014  
liked ---- linked

dc CB  21:46:08 GMT - 04/04/2014  

sorry not liked to your thoughts, just my late day ramblings.

re: Janet predick-tion. She is the FED's Mary Barra (see GM). The former male GM CEOs are fatly rewarded and long gone...none of them are being grilled by Committees.

Greenspan is sainted, Ben gets $250K/hour for admitting he was wrong.

Barra get's thrown under the bus...thinking was: how hard can they go on a woman. Yellen....well we'll just have to wait see...but how hard can you go on Granny.

Mtl JP  21:27:24 GMT - 04/04/2014  
dc CB is that in A to my JP 16:12 ... a Waterloo moment for the dollar headline ?
ya don't say ... more sanctions yik yak if defense of the petrodollar as reserve currency and all that means for US hegemony ?
my Qtns are:
- what can Janet do ?
- what would/will Janet do ?
- and what is/will Dempsey doing ?
against isolating from the dollar ?

dc CB  20:59:23 GMT - 04/04/2014  
good call on oil for past Sun...hope you got your 3 bucks.

today's news from the Resource War Front:

This weekend the average "investor" in the US will be having thoughts about getting out, I would think. And now that Da Boys have a "boogie man" to blame - HFT....after all it's in the News so it must be true... and Eric (we can't convict any banker) Holder is on the JOB...could be a good time to pull out the rug.


Cambridge Joe  20:43:08 GMT - 04/04/2014  
I might be making a complete fool of myself here.... but SnP crash and burn commence approx 18 April according to the weekly chart.

Scope out 50%. If it ain't nailed down...... well.... at least make safe!

IMO... of course !

dc CB  20:25:34 GMT - 04/04/2014  
I had thought that the SnP would tag 1900, or at least 1899 this week before it "corrected".
Close but no cigar.

Maybe the HFT shops are really po's that suddenly the SEC, the FBI and the JustUs Department are going after them, and they decided to pull a Paulson ... aka Crash the market.

Eric "Place" Holder gets on it babeeeee.

WSJ Breaking News @WSJbreakingnews
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder confirms Justice Department investigation into high-frequency trading.
9:27 AM - 4 Apr 2014

london red  20:15:31 GMT - 04/04/2014  
what will be will be JP. cant win them all. but have to buy a ticket to win the lotto.

dc CB  19:41:44 GMT - 04/04/2014  
there's a 10Y auction on Wed.
You expected a good aka 0ver 200K 275K that some idiot "predick-ted". Hasn't anyone been paying attention.

london red  19:39:15 GMT - 04/04/2014  
looking simply at quarterly chart. we opened at the high of the last quarter. normally we will trade within part (sometimes all if trend change) of the range of the previous quarter

Mtl JP  19:38:51 GMT - 04/04/2014  
red we r in last half hour of stox trading
watching S&P and usdyen prance like conjoined twins, pip for tick
risk is you ll see sub 103 dlryen on Monday

london red  19:34:45 GMT - 04/04/2014  
thats my second yen on fibo touch. avg 28. stop at 103.04 for the lot. if we go below fib then we're probably going to 102.40/50 but it gives me a slight cushion.

Mtl JP  19:19:57 GMT - 04/04/2014  
that is three too many

GVI Forex john   19:12:42 GMT - 04/04/2014  
only three stocks in the Nasdaq 100 are up.

GVI Forex john   18:56:46 GMT - 04/04/2014  
JM- June Nikkei futures is currently down -240 points (14,835). The cash Nikkei closed -8 1503.77. The question is will the cash market add on to the -240pt loss already built in?

NY JM  18:52:22 GMT - 04/04/2014  
Getting to be an ugly in equities. Assume Nikkei will follow?

Mtl JP  18:33:56 GMT - 04/04/2014  
right and exactly the point of my post , which is why I made it

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  18:31:09 GMT - 04/04/2014  
JP Japan data for April onwards is most important as it will indicate the impact of the consumption rate hike and influence expectations of fresh BoJ ease.

Mtl JP  17:09:43 GMT - 04/04/2014  
GV Econ Calendar:
08/04/14 4:30 JP Bank of Japan 0.10% 0.10%
08/04/14 23:30 JP Trade JPYb n/a -2.345

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  17:04:56 GMT - 04/04/2014  
103.75 was the breakout level but not able to close the week above it. Much will depend on whether the Nikkei follows weaker US equities.

Livingston nh  16:54:51 GMT - 04/04/2014  
Longer term pressures ?- wkly charts - rising 21 MA have been supportive for many months - but EUR/USD (1.3682), EUR/JPY (140.60) and USD/JPY (102.75 -altho this one has been more active over/under 21ma) are sitting on or near a wkly break below - GBP/USD wkly 21 has cushion to 1.6474 but 89 daily ema is now up to 1.6471 // if you look at these use an MACD indicator as well

london red  16:31:55 GMT - 04/04/2014  
thks JP. we are well off weeks high so sunday/monday can kick up straight up as no need to retrace. its a possibility. can still go a bit lower but not much more i think. another buy 20/23 if seen stop under 10. ideally want below 102.93 but too much in one go for me.

Mtl JP  16:27:36 GMT - 04/04/2014  
red 15:51 long usdyen on BoJ and trade numbers fundamentals may be the ticket next week

Mtl JP  16:12:20 GMT - 04/04/2014  
what is missing now is some crazy geo / political headline

london red  16:05:07 GMT - 04/04/2014  
s&p. 1875/6 created a lot of problems below, so may support from topside. if below likely a deeper sell off

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  15:57:31 GMT - 04/04/2014  
Cluster of daily USDJPY mvas are not until 102.34-85 so not running into key levels although probably needs told 103.00-20 to keep away from them. Correlations driving the JPY to state the obvious.

london red  15:51:12 GMT - 04/04/2014  
yen long 33. second at 20/23 if seen. stop under 10 for lot.
euro stopped again. will resell move above 13707 in 10-12 area stop over 21.

london red  14:45:21 GMT - 04/04/2014  
euro stopped out

london red  14:37:52 GMT - 04/04/2014  
eurgbp 8250 fib

london red  14:34:44 GMT - 04/04/2014  
short euro 81 stop 93.

londonerd 14:30:58 GMT - 04/04/2014  
thanks JM, aussie approaching 9310 biggie

NY JM  14:25:02 GMT - 04/04/2014  
Red, that is the scenario for the month, until market focuses shifts to EZ inflation.

london red  14:23:26 GMT - 04/04/2014  
100 day pierced but not held below. will buy 13665/70 if seen stop under 40.
fwiw april inflation rebound almost a given m/m due to seasonals so any risk will be an upside surprise. a way off yet though

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  14:23:21 GMT - 04/04/2014  
4/4/2014 10:16:06 AM
(EU) ECB has reportedly modeled for up to €1T worth of bond purchases in the circumstance of QE with mixed results - Germany press
- Models indicate the bond purchases could raise inflation by anywhere between 0.2-0.8%
- Officials at the ECB are more inclined to move towards credit easing policies

- Source

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  14:20:12 GMT - 04/04/2014  
From GVIForex

Friday's Trading Outlook
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 14:18 GMT 04/04/2014 - My Profile
EURUSD just got hit on a German press report that ECB modeled up to EUR1 trillion in bond purchases.

The model is supposed to have shown varied QE results.

Report said ECB is leaning more towards credit easing policies.

Algos probably picked up on the headline rather than details but shows the vulnerable side.


Mtl JP  14:01:54 GMT - 04/04/2014  
now the geniuses at Ontario NDP want ban on sales of Russian vodka ...

I smell a biz opp

Mtl JP  13:45:49 GMT - 03/25/2014  
Plosser corrects rate forecast in call to CNBC
says he sees 4% rates end-2016, not 3%
says he sees 3% rates at end-2015

Mtl JP  11:37:01 GMT - 03/25/2014  
Plosser - via Marketwatch
- Risk of stock volatility as Fed exits
- Rate forecast is not aggressive
- sees short-term rates 3% at end of 2016
- sees first rate hike in 2015
- QE on track to end in October or November
no word on when FED will make a 180° turn in its "taper"

Mtl JP  10:52:17 GMT - 03/25/2014  
Saskatchewan gov't genius decides not to take off Russian Standard vodka off gov't monopoly liquor store shelves

GVI Forex Blog  10:46:19 GMT - 03/25/2014  
The euro has consolidated Monday's sharp gain attributed to short-covering after Chinese President Xi Jinping told US President Barack Obama that a political resolution to the crisis in Ukraine would serve the interests of all sides. EU Market Update: German IFO Survey comes in mixed; UK CPI remains below the BOE target

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