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SaaR KaL  10:11:05 GMT - 07/11/2014  
sell eurusd
1.3613 1.3563
for today

SaaR KaL  10:07:16 GMT - 07/11/2014  
closed all long GBPJPY and GBPUSD
will buy later

SaaR KaL  10:03:43 GMT - 07/11/2014  
0.7942 0.7924
tgt 0.7904

SaaR KaL  09:17:01 GMT - 07/11/2014  
accoring to this till July/18/2014
On avg ..eurgbp short
and Long USDJPY
is what should be on menu now

EUR/USD 1.3683 1.3468
XAU/USD 1,353.7191 1,298.1518
GBP/USD 1.7363 1.7078
XAG/USD 21.8628 20.5104
EUR/JPY 140.2673 137.6951
USD/JPY 103.3170 101.4190
GBP/JPY 178.4565 174.1423
USD/CHF 0.9042 0.8862
GBP/CHF 1.5567 1.5265
AUD/USD 0.9512 0.9204
EUR/AUD 1.4741 1.4280
EUR/CAD 1.4635 1.4240
EUR/GBP 0.7954 0.7810
NZD/USD 0.8877 0.8657
USD/CAD 1.0751 1.0517
GBP/AUD 1.8696 1.8116
GBP/CAD 1.8551 1.8078
GBP/NZD 1.9912 1.9374
AUD/NZD 1.0825 1.0516
NAS100 4,046.4905 3,872.0710

SaaR KaL  07:30:29 GMT - 07/11/2014  
Equity Account is doing great
Will run daily and report in below page

My Auto System

SaaR KaL  16:40:40 GMT - 07/10/2014  
No Offence to any;
About the Hamas...and people Vs. People

well... they been fighting since Jesus time + You do not know if it wasn't the Israelis that shot that rocket to stop the peace process...(This often done by politicians)

IMO; 911, Pearl Harbor
The cuban crisis Aircraft Crash
Maybe; Someone does not like peace...wonder what the motivating factor is?
"Follow the Money"

SaaR KaL  16:18:27 GMT - 07/10/2014  
See what I mean?
The Politicians want Secret accounts
No wonder CHF will gain strength
They are taking our money and deposing it Into Swiss account...all Politicians do that

Mean Exp Values

Date Avg
Jul/10/14 0.9047
Jun/07/15 0.8929

Date Avg
Jul/05/14 0.8412
Sep/23/19 0.6391

SaaR KaL  16:02:24 GMT - 07/10/2014  
Thanks...I feel better now... ;)

GVI Forex john   15:58:34 GMT - 07/10/2014  
Kal- I was just pointing out at what I see as potential market influences between now and the Friday close. I am the first to admit that it is looks like a pretty thin list.

SaaR KaL  15:55:06 GMT - 07/10/2014  
That was going on since Jesus time
The world lived it just fine
Why do traders use the Boogie Man Issue?

Mtl JP  15:53:31 GMT - 07/10/2014  
pray tell how u see "Israel and Hamas also as a key potential issue" for a trade idea . tia

SaaR KaL  15:52:31 GMT - 07/10/2014  
You know how i feel about politicians.
I do not think there doings has any effect on the mkt
I think it is the other away around
The MKT has everything to do what they say...After the Market does it.

Try to remmeber this;
above 96 is crash level with me
After it goes to 50 the coming year
They "Politicans" will talk AAPL
If they were so good...why can't say it now?
Another thing
Housing Index...^HGX
From here hits 300 then crashes again
They WOnt tell you that
Sorry John; Politicians are less important to me then Clerk Working for "Smoke on Water" Company in North Korea

GVI Forex john   15:36:35 GMT - 07/10/2014  
Not much of a macro nature is due for the rest of the week. Into the weekend tomorrow, we will be looking at how the Banco Espirito Sancto issue will be resolved and how U.S. equities are reacting to early days of the earning season. Don't forget Israel and Hamas also as a key potential issue.

Canadian Employment data for June are a major release on Friday, but they will tend to be Canada specific.

SaaR KaL  15:09:13 GMT - 07/10/2014  
17,177.1870 16,795.7397

SaaR KaL  14:28:05 GMT - 07/10/2014  
NDX 4000 Next week IMO

SaaR KaL  13:56:10 GMT - 07/10/2014  
Banks are sell ha?
BAC heading to 29 this coming year

SaaR KaL  13:22:43 GMT - 07/10/2014  
Why I Like Equity?
Cause I can do thousands of companies in an hour then select the best.

All Buys US Equity

SaaR KaL  13:10:42 GMT - 07/10/2014  
139.7848 137.3868

could even go to 136.7873
will buy when seen

SaaR KaL  13:08:20 GMT - 07/10/2014  
2 pairs that will rally north well IMO

SaaR KaL  12:59:53 GMT - 07/10/2014  
Cable tgt 1.735 area

SaaR KaL  12:59:02 GMT - 07/10/2014  
The puts will the active thing
96.7961 89.8166

aapl is finshed

Mtl JP  12:46:50 GMT - 07/10/2014  
red 11:05 u one lucky dawg !
time to long some gbpusd -> 1.7125/50 trgt ?

Mtl JP  12:41:39 GMT - 07/10/2014  
what.. player worry ?

Mtl JP  12:31:52 GMT - 07/10/2014  
unemployment claims print 304K
market zzzs

Mtl JP  12:04:39 GMT - 07/10/2014  
red 11:05 101.50 probably reasonable partial tp if when seen

Mtl JP  11:36:12 GMT - 07/10/2014  
on yak deck:
July 10 Speech--Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer
Financial Sector Reform
At the Martin Feldstein Lecture, hosted by the National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge, Massachusetts
4:30 p.m. EDT

Mtl JP  11:25:44 GMT - 07/10/2014  
looks like US stocks should open sharply down
-- US weekly jobless claims 8:30 a.m. ET exp.: 320K vs 315K prev

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  11:20:03 GMT - 07/10/2014  
101.21 is key support (recent low) - it is also important for if it holds, then other currencies would have to bear the brunt of JOIY crosses if current risk off mood intensifies.

london red  11:05:51 GMT - 07/10/2014  
Usdjpy long tail on hourly candle. Possible double bottom if can get back above 40/50. Long 27 stop under 20

Mtl JP  11:03:14 GMT - 07/10/2014  
BoE keeping everything pat...
gbpusd still above 1.71
short some US 10-yr note (or long some usdyen)
w/usual caveat

GVI Forex john   10:59:54 GMT - 07/10/2014  
JP- USDX is useless. Its just the EURUSD.

Mtl JP  10:53:11 GMT - 07/10/2014  
can not be everything. the usd must be UP agaisnt something seeing as the USDX broke back UP over the 80 line

GVI Forex john   10:47:29 GMT - 07/10/2014  
JP- everything is perfectly correlated today Bonds to S&P perfect. Same for USDJPY to S&P. All tick for tick.

Mtl JP  10:42:23 GMT - 07/10/2014  
near perfect inverse pip-for-pip dance between usdyen and US 10-yr note

SaaR KaL  10:26:02 GMT - 07/10/2014  
GBPJPY 176.5 Is next

SaaR KaL  10:16:26 GMT - 07/10/2014  
Cable wants 1.7340 in a week or 2

SaaR KaL  10:01:04 GMT - 07/10/2014  
gold and silver should start selling

SaaR KaL  09:11:36 GMT - 07/10/2014  
roughly for a week
Pair High Low
EUR/USD 1.3683 1.3468
XAU/USD 1,353.7191 1,298.1518
GBP/USD 1.7363 1.7078
XAG/USD 21.8628 20.5104
EUR/JPY 140.2673 137.6951
USD/JPY 103.3170 101.4190
GBP/JPY 178.4565 174.1423
USD/CHF 0.9042 0.8862
GBP/CHF 1.5567 1.5265
AUD/USD 0.9512 0.9204
EUR/AUD 1.4741 1.4280
EUR/CAD 1.4635 1.4240
EUR/GBP 0.7954 0.7810
NZD/USD 0.8877 0.8657
USD/CAD 1.0751 1.0517
GBP/AUD 1.8696 1.8116
GBP/CAD 1.8551 1.8078
GBP/NZD 1.9912 1.9374
AUD/NZD 1.0825 1.0516
NAS100 4,046.4905 3,872.0710

SaaR KaL  08:37:49 GMT - 07/10/2014  
Time to short
tgt .7800

SaaR KaL  07:54:08 GMT - 07/10/2014  
EURAUD Seems Like a good short here

SaaR KaL  05:28:05 GMT - 07/10/2014  
US Indicies Buys

Stock Last Short Term High Short Term Low
^FVX 1.67 1.86 1.61
^GSPC 1,972.83 2,006.19 1,958.67
^HGX 204.28 212.03 203.41
^HSI 23,176.07 24,263.79 22,993.76
^IXIC 4,419.03 4,568.27 4,404.08
^MID 1,422.96 1,467.29 1,421.63
^n225 15,302.65 16,026.44 15,172.54
^NBI 2,681.32 2,835.97 2,673.51
^NWX 332.53 346.89 327.45
^NYA 11,005.50 11,194.54 10,949.31
^PSE 1,868.17 1,919.55 1,856.59
^RUA 1,177.13 1,202.51 1,171.13
^RUI 1,099.22 1,119.66 1,092.40
^RUT 1,173.81 1,244.79 1,178.62
^SML 676.23 709.71 676.74
^TNX 2.55 2.72 2.51
^TYX 3.36 3.52 3.33

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