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Mtl JP  21:13:19 GMT - 12/29/2014  
ebola now in Scotland

Ebola case - 29/12/2014
Scotland Health and Community Care
Confirmed case in Glasgow.

SaaR KaL  14:20:05 GMT - 11/06/2014  
2.0940 2.0507
2.0962 2.0486
2.0984 2.0465
2.1006 2.0443

I do not think you should short Cable now
Need to above 1.5960

SaaR KaL  14:02:04 GMT - 11/06/2014  
146.9014 142.2454
147.1615 141.9939
147.4217 141.7433
147.6818 141.4936

SaaR KaL  13:59:14 GMT - 11/06/2014  
1.4530 1.4154
1.4550 1.4135
1.4570 1.4115
1.4590 1.4096

SaaR KaL  10:25:30 GMT - 11/06/2014  
Da Boogie Man and the devil are coming
"Pay for you not get Killed"
Go ahead

SaaR KaL  10:23:05 GMT - 11/06/2014  
The real Disease is the politicians / Hate Designers

SaaR KaL  10:21:29 GMT - 11/06/2014  
Ebola Existed for 20 years
over the last few months
Been creeping in the FOX News: You think they are up to nothing?

I just can not believe how people can not see the process of Tax Payer Rip off Mechanics

added EURUSD Shorts

SaaR KaL  10:16:16 GMT - 11/06/2014  
Create the enemy and make $$$ from the rescue
What an old trick since the creation of God and Devil..........

Mtl JP  09:43:46 GMT - 11/06/2014  
Obama Seeking $6.2 Billion To Fight Ebola
another one in a string of of "long war"s ?

Mtl JP  21:21:51 GMT - 11/03/2014  
The Associated Press and other press outlets have agreed not to report on suspected cases of Ebola in the United States until a positive viral RNA test is completed - according to David Kroll, PhD writing in FORBES

Livingston nh  17:26:56 GMT - 10/27/2014  
AND if you don't have Ebola but get quarantined is that even a medical issue?? hahah - don't hurt the insurers or the pharma companies

Mtl JP  17:20:57 GMT - 10/27/2014  
If you get Ebola, will you be covered by insurance?
... hospital bill for an Ebola patient will likely run between $18,000 to $24,000 a day ...

Mtl JP  10:55:48 GMT - 10/23/2014  
Some U.S. hospitals weigh withholding care to Ebola patients rtrs

dc CB  23:20:45 GMT - 10/21/2014  
yeh dude, tomorrow's my first day at work. I should dial back a bit. Hey man, thanks for the Job and really really, thanks for giving me time to to chill before the Big Woop.

Feel Safe?

"White House spokesman Eric Schultz confirmed that Klain, who starts work Wednesday, would take home a paycheck, but he said the amount would only be revealed in the annual disclosure of White House staff salaries.

Klain was spotted at the White House over the weekend and has met with chief of staff Denis McDonough and other senior administration officials, Schultz said. But Klain was not part of an all-hands meeting on Saturday night and will not testify at a House Oversight Committee hearing on the Ebola crisis Wednesday.

CZAR: To defend and protect

Mtl JP  20:00:39 GMT - 10/20/2014  

Nigeria declared Ebola-free in 'spectacular success story'; doctors say fluids saved lives

simply amazing (to me at least)
and hopefully an inspiration

dc CB  23:07:18 GMT - 10/19/2014  
Mtl JP 20:30 GMT 10/18/2014 -
Obama says U.S. can prevent Ebola outbreak

President Barack Obama’s new Ebola "czar" Ron Klain has skipped another White House meeting on the Ebola crisis, a readout of who attended a Saturday meeting with Obama shows

Obama Golfs For 4 Hours, 40 Minutes On Saturday, Then Holds Nighttime Ebola Meeting--Which New Ebola Czar Skips!

Mtl JP  11:40:54 GMT - 10/19/2014  
Stephen Harper warns Canadians about spread of Ebola

Mtl JP  20:30:55 GMT - 10/18/2014  
Obama says U.S. can prevent Ebola outbreak

...“We know how to fight this disease,” Obama said in his weekly address. “We know the protocols. And we know that when they’re followed, they work.” .../..
That should mean something else other than ebola will do in the US economy / stock market.

dc CB  20:45:57 GMT - 10/17/2014  

Don't expect a replay of last week


dc CB  20:22:56 GMT - 10/17/2014  
PAR 16:37 GMT
What about playing golf ?

there was a question about that


dc CB  17:36:02 GMT - 10/17/2014  
The situation started at around 9:10 a.m. when the woman started vomiting in the Pentagon Parking Lot around lanes 17-19, officials said.

Arlington County Fire Department transported the woman to the Virginia Hospital Center, but she did not exit the ambulance there. She was then taken to Fairfax Inova Hospital, officials said.

Possible Ebola 'situation' near Pentagon; South Parking Lanes Closed

Mtl JP  17:09:00 GMT - 10/17/2014  
PAR 16:37 as a leader concerned with legacy, golf is just a smokescreen while he is in a secret workshop building an ark

PAR 16:37:47 GMT - 10/17/2014  
What about playing golf ?

dc CB  16:34:23 GMT - 10/17/2014  
this will also allow Obama to get back to his real job, flying around the country on the in AirForce One and appearing at Democratic fundraisers...he's missed many this week. $10,000 a-plate without the draw of the O...not likely. Oh what a loss for the party.

Mtl JP  16:28:32 GMT - 10/17/2014  
Klain "will report directly to the president's Homeland Security Adviser Lisa Monaco and ... National Security Adviser Susan Rice as he ensures that efforts to protect the American people by detecting, isolating and treating Ebola patients in this country are properly integrated but don't distract from the aggressive commitment to stopping Ebola at the source in West Africa." - according to some WH official

Mtl JP  16:21:45 GMT - 10/17/2014  
and thus Obama shoves aside Dr. Nicole Lurie, who has served as assistant secretary for preparedness and response (ASPR) at the Department of Health and Human Services since July 2009 and slaps Frieden and his $6.6 billion / yr CDC - "the global leader in protecting Americans and
people around the world from infectious diseases."
- in the face.

dc CB  15:03:48 GMT - 10/17/2014  
Lawyer/Political Operative put "in charge" of Amurika's response to ebola.

Mr. Klain is known for his ability to handle high-stakes and fast-moving political crises.

Ron Klain, Chief of Staff to 2 Vice Presidents, Is Named Ebola ‘Czar’

Mtl JP  14:37:23 GMT - 10/17/2014  
Ebola unlikely to hurt economy, Goldman Sachs says

dc CB  00:19:23 GMT - 10/17/2014  
it's gonna be 72deg in DC tom...I want to hit the links...this Ebola stuff is a real pain.

dc CB  00:17:21 GMT - 10/17/2014  
In Oval w/ Adviser Lisa Monaco (left) and @SecBurwell (center), Pres Obama recommends everyone get flu shots.

Pres Obama says the risks of catching Ebola "remain low for ordinary folks."

If experts recommend travel ban or other steps, "we'll do it," says Pres Obama.

Pres Obama says it may be appropriate to appoint a person to oversee Ebola response. Will let us know if he does.

Mark Knoller Verified Twitter acnt CBS News White House Correspondent

Mtl JP  22:38:02 GMT - 10/16/2014  

The highly respected Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) at the University of Minnesota just advised the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) that “there is scientific and epidemiologic evidence that Ebola virus has the potential to be transmitted via infectious aerosol particles,” including exhaled breath.
This has potential to present New Profit Opportunity(ies)

dc CB  22:02:34 GMT - 10/15/2014  
remain calm and continue shopping, watch Neflix to relax.

dc CB  21:59:58 GMT - 10/15/2014  

Mtl JP  21:56:53 GMT - 10/15/2014  
after Obama convened a high-level meeting about the Ebola outbreak on Wednesday White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the government is showing "the kind of tenacious, adaptive response that's required," and that Americans should continue having confidence in the Obama administration.
that makes the assumption that Americans have confidence in the Obama administration

dc CB  18:02:49 GMT - 10/15/2014  

gonna be a reallllllly realllllly great Holiday Season in DA USA. No matter How Cheap gas-at-da-pump gets.

Amazon, Domino's Pizza, Grocery Chains that have Web based Home Delivery. Makers of Garden Sprayers and most of all Clorox.

First indication will be 10-31. The cancellation of Halloween Trick or Treat

dc CB  17:17:01 GMT - 10/15/2014  
Via Bloomberg,
Second health-care worker with Ebola traveled on Frontier flight 1143 from Cleveland to Dallas on Oct. 13, CDC says in e-mailed statement.
CDC asking 132 passengers on flight to call 1-800-CDC-INFO, plan to begin interviewing passengers about flight, monitoring those who need it
Health-care worker exhibited no signs, symptoms of illness while on flight, according to crew

Frontier Airlines Statement

“At approximately 1:00 a.m. MT on October 15, Frontier was notified by the CDC that a customer traveling on Frontier Airlines flight 1143 Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth on Oct. 13 has since tested positive for the Ebola virus. The flight landed in Dallas/Fort Worth at 8:16 p.m. local and remained overnight at the airport having completed its flying for the day at which point the aircraft received a thorough cleaning per our normal procedures which is consistent with CDC guidelines prior to returning to service the next day. It was also cleaned again in Cleveland last night. Previously the customer had traveled from Dallas Fort Worth to Cleveland on Frontier flight 1142 on October 10.

Mtl JP  17:04:24 GMT - 10/15/2014  
according to NYpost CDC searching for 132 passengers who took flight with Ebola nurse

​”Individuals who are determined to be at any risk will be actively monitored,” the CDC said. ... Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital only has three isolation rooms equipped to properly quarantine and treat people carrying the deadly virus. ... /..

Mtl JP  16:37:37 GMT - 10/15/2014  
Ebola patient was on flight night before fever appeared
Obama to hold Cabinet meeting on Ebola Wednesday
srce: MarketWatch
Maybe there is too much "free speech" on the internet (i.e. not reflecting kindly on the overlords / potential seed for panic)

Mtl JP  04:17:42 GMT - 10/15/2014  
By Thin Margin, Many Think US Is Prepared for Ebola Virus
Wall Street Journal - ‎4 minutes ago‎
Only slightly more than half of Americans think the U.S. is prepared to handle an Ebola outbreak despite efforts by federal health officials to reassure the public the country can contain the virus, a new survey shows.
Raises the Q which is greater prob:
ebola or potential panic about it

Mtl JP  10:26:09 GMT - 10/11/2014  
Ebola: Over 1300 Nigerian soldiers on peacekeeping in Liberia quarantined

dc CB  21:35:16 GMT - 10/10/2014  
DALLAS — Medical records unveiled Friday of the Liberian man who died of the Ebola virus have raised new questions about the treatment he received when he first came to at a Dallas emergency room.

The patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, had a high fever — his temperature was 103 degrees — during his initial visit to the emergency room of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on Sept. 25, according to 1,400 pages of medical records that Mr. Duncan’s family provided to The Associated Press.

Despite the fever, the hospital sent Mr. Duncan home, even after learning that he had recently arrived from West Africa.

Dallas Ebola Patient Was Initially Sent Home Despite High Fever, Records Show

dc CB  21:06:59 GMT - 10/10/2014  
stuff like this -- several times a day, coming to a News Feed Algos

Delta Flight 495 from JFK Airport in New York landed at McCarran International at 10:55 a.m. today, and at least one passenger who had recently traveled to Africa became ill and vomited on the aircraft.

Officials: Delta passenger does not meet Ebola criteria

dc CB  18:22:51 GMT - 10/10/2014  
another ghoul trade

Mtl JP  18:19:37 GMT - 10/10/2014  
another for-ever war:

The world's response to the Ebola crisis needs to be 20 times greater than it was at the beginning of the month, the UN's special envoy for the disease says

Without mobilization on a massive scale, "it will be impossible to get this disease quickly under control, and the world will have to live with the Ebola virus forever," David Nabarro warned the UN General Assembly on Friday

Mtl JP  16:32:31 GMT - 10/10/2014  
according to ABC
Ebola Screening Measures Rest on Federal Law

according to Russ Britt at MarketWatch
Many flights from Ebola-hit countries bypass special screening

Mtl JP  15:32:14 GMT - 10/08/2014  
hosp reports Ebola patient in Texas has died

Mtl JP  11:16:49 GMT - 10/08/2014  
Guidance for Safe Handling of Human Remains of Ebola Patients in U. S. Hospitals and Mortuaries - CDC

basically CDC says Do Not Touch
In the meantime ...
Ebola outbreak: Third Spanish health worker put in hospital

Mtl JP  11:00:43 GMT - 10/08/2014  
Pentagon: US troops to have contact with Ebola virus - thehill

Several dozen U.S. troops could come into contact with Ebola while testing for the deadly disease in Liberia, the Pentagon said Tuesday. .../..

SaaR KaL  20:03:00 GMT - 10/06/2014  
Play drums at night around a fire ...and Maybe..Just maybe meet Dexter and spouse...(Must Boil before Inviting them in)

SaaR KaL  19:59:18 GMT - 10/06/2014  
Maybe moving to Amazon would be a great idea
Get married a woman ridding a zebra, Hunt, Fish (If any left), Have kids and a family..No phones, no Bankers, SOme tax here and there (Other tribes / Animals messing with you...etc)...very natural way

SaaR KaL  19:54:29 GMT - 10/06/2014  
Must Boil People before talking to them

Mtl JP  19:34:48 GMT - 10/06/2014  
also s/america
reminds me of LTCM which was run (ultimately into the ground) on some formula developed by two Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences "winners"
I am starting to think a relatively safe place from ebola on this planet might be on a sailboat, nuclear sub sitting 13 miles deep in some crevice or in a drum full of bleach

SaaR KaL  19:24:49 GMT - 10/06/2014  
Maybe Air Strikes for west Africa will be in Fox soon...cause Hamana Gugu is being a terrorist of some sort

SaaR KaL  19:20:08 GMT - 10/06/2014  
Interesting World map
that virus wont reach IRAQ, Libya...Many 3rd world or War Zone Countries...
Aussie is not there...Now I Know why AUDUSD is a Major Buy

Mtl JP  19:10:12 GMT - 10/06/2014  
High risk Ebola could reach France and UK by end-October, scientists calculate

Reuters oct 5th 2014 / Scientists have used Ebola disease spread patterns and airline traffic data to predict a 75 percent chance the virus could be imported to France by October 24, and a 50 percent chance it could hit Britain by that date. .../..

risk graph at

nw kw  00:03:11 GMT - 10/06/2014  
West Africa trade cut off can keep some pressers in world trade ,how trades with them

Livingston nh  23:38:06 GMT - 10/05/2014  
Soldiers are required to go - the other idiots that volunteer should be banned from returning to US for a month -- West Africa should be quarantined // you keep going in Harm's Way and Harm will find you

dc CB  20:30:17 GMT - 10/05/2014  
The president’s agenda next week includes seven fundraisers, leaving him only two days to hold two meetings with top policy deputies on the Ebola crisis and the advancing jihadi army in Iraq.

However, the fund-raising drive will aid his top domestic priority — keeping a Democratic majority in the Senate after the November election.

Obama Kicks Midterm Campaign Into High Gear During Ebola Scare

Mtl JP  16:03:47 GMT - 10/05/2014  
Military brass promise troops will be protected from Ebola - thehill

Military leaders vowed that U.S. troops being sent to Liberia to help fight the Ebola outbreak would be protected.

Speaking alongside senior Obama Administrations at a White House press conference Friday, U.S. Africa Command chief and Army Gen. David Rodriguez said troops would be monitored on the ground and screened before returning home. .... ... “Our equipment, training, procedures, and most of all the discipline of our leaders and our force, will help us to ensure that our team accomplishes its mission without posing a risk to our nation and our fellow citizens,"

Mtl JP  20:16:38 GMT - 10/03/2014  
Ebola: How it spreads - according to washingtonpost

it is not this it is not that... one could almost think it is as safe as city tap water ... if not for the 160,000 hazmat suits, goggles , rubberboots and gloves

dc CB  16:13:06 GMT - 10/02/2014  
the Dallas Ebola IPO is a Big Winner

from 1 to 100 in two days

Up to 100 at Risk of Ebola Exposure in Texas

dc CB  15:17:35 GMT - 10/02/2014  
there's very little threat of Ebola on Canadian soil.

from my recollection, Toronto airport is quite the international hub

Mtl JP  15:06:39 GMT - 10/02/2014  
from the I am from the Govt and I am here to Save You file:

Canada prepping for potential Ebola cases but still sees risk as low: Ambrose, te federal health minister and chief public health officer say there's very little threat of Ebola on Canadian soil. Dr. Gregory Taylor outlines precautions to take when travelling to a region where an Ebola outbreak is occurring.
In the meantime, somewhere, someone(s) is probably placing massive Concertina wire and Napalm orders

Mtl JP  14:55:21 GMT - 10/02/2014  
may the nurse is geographically challenged ,
ebola .. angola .. mybola, yourbola, parabowla...

dc CB  14:48:10 GMT - 10/02/2014  
Mtl JP 08:34 GMT

The Dallas patient had initially sought treatment at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital late last Thursday and was sent home with antibiotics rather than being observed further, even though he told a nurse he had recently returned from West Africa. By Sunday, he needed an ambulance to return to the same hospital, where he was admitted.

A nurse asked about the travel as part of a triage checklist and was told about it. “Regretfully, that information was not fully communicated throughout the full teams. As a result, the full import of that information wasn’t factored into the full decision making,” Texas hospital official Mark Lester said.

NBC News has confirmed with the Dallas county health and human services that 80 people came into contact with the Dallas Ebola patient or his family (including 12-18 direct).

Haifa ac  11:44:52 GMT - 10/02/2014  
FARRAKHAN: Whites Created Ebola to Kill Blacks...

.....CIA operatives working to kill off the Indigenous population so that nobody can threaten their takeover of oil.

Another method is disease infection through bio-weapons such as Ebola and AIDS, which are race targeting weapons. There is a weapon that can be put in a room where there are Black and White people, and it will kill only the Black and spare the White, because it is a genotype weapon that is designed for your genes, for your race, for your kind.
....... publish/Minister_Louis_Farrakhan_9/ article_101804.shtml
finally the truth.

Mtl JP  08:34:58 GMT - 10/02/2014  
dc CB 00:03 - but.... Health officials stressed that they are confident they can control this situation and keep the virus from spreading in the U.S - washingtonpost
u ok w/that ?

dc CB  00:03:15 GMT - 10/02/2014  
Latest "news": after looking a flight records, it seems that Ebola Man "may have" flown thru Washington DC, Dulles airport, on the way to Dallas.

dc CB  19:24:33 GMT - 10/01/2014  
don't dismiss the effect on a "comsumption" based economy. vis-a-vis STOX. "it's contain(ed)(able)".
(the Secret Service can't stop someone from entering the WH---follow the logic) Big OOOPS our bad to bad for you.

DALLAS — Health officials in Dallas are monitoring at least five schoolchildren in North Texas who came into contact with a man found to have Ebola virus, after he became sick and infectious.

The authorities also said that an early opportunity to put the patient in isolation, limiting the risk of contagion, may have been missed because of a failure to pass along critical information about his travel history.

After Ebola Case in Dallas, Health Officials Seek Those Who Had Contact With Patient

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