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tokyo ginko  01:08:56 GMT - 03/09/2015  
gold close out @ 1167

will reload short again..above 1220

GT all!

dc CB  16:45:30 GMT - 11/07/2014  
no. there's Treas to sell next week.
What happened when Happy Day's Are Here Again, in Stocks.
Treas Yields went up.

Suckering in More Shorts....NFP week is for the 10 and the 30 Year.

Stocks may need to sucker in more shorts. Fear Time?? sell somemore protection??? OPEX Nov 21. Then Turkey Day Rally?

TBond futures...knife to the shorts

Paris ib  16:31:42 GMT - 11/07/2014  
CB - you think we charge up to 2050 now?

Paris ib  16:28:35 GMT - 11/07/2014  
Right I missed that.
You were being a bit cryptic for me.
But you were the exception.

dc CB  16:26:05 GMT - 11/07/2014  
On the 16th of October no-one was looking for a bounce for the stock market.
dc CB 19:45 GMT October 13, 2014
Layup: Reply
next target
3 Day of POMO coming, and OPEX...
as I post this it's down to 1873

dc CB 19:51 GMT October 13, 2014
Layup: Reply
just saying that A Ton of "protection" has and is being sold at a very rich premium and with the added juice of $bill for a couple of days, the sellers of that protection will be trying to make it worthless.

dc CB 23:24 GMT October 14, 2014
Saving the Stock Market: Reply
imho, today STOX were Kilt(sic) by the oil market. I'm still looking for a Kill the Shorts rally this week fueled by OPEX and POMO.
The Emini defended yesterday's low by 4 ticks.

dc CB 17:26 GMT October 15, 2014
Saving the Stock Market: Reply
1776...that a good # for the turn :)

Paris ib  16:04:33 GMT - 11/07/2014  
On the 16th of October no-one was looking for a bounce for the stock market. Now we have across the board belief that stocks can only keep moving higher. Think about that.

manila tom  10:28:14 GMT - 10/31/2014  
where is Soros now? reversing his negative view on stocks?

manila tom  10:25:34 GMT - 10/31/2014  

Entry: Target: Stop:
so usdjpy heading to 120 with 110 being support?

Paris ib  06:52:15 GMT - 10/31/2014  
tokyo ginko 17:32 GMT October 30, 2014
Where's Ginko?: Reply
Thanks ib.

Wouldnt stay short going into boj's statement ..which could send flying to 113.00/20.

GT all.

Meanwhile we had the guys over at ZeroHedge (and others) suggesting the BoJ statement was no big deal. :-)

Paris ib  18:57:31 GMT - 10/30/2014  
S and P going for the head and shoulders.....

Paris ib  17:48:01 GMT - 10/30/2014  
Ginko it looks like you are on target for 2000 on the S n P as well. So that's two bulls eyes.

It will be interesting to see if the S and P is just drawing the other shoulder in a head and shoulder formation or if we are going to crack new highs.....

The recent rally was built on the sharp fall in bond yields in the States which we saw during the 'correction'. How well the market can perform with higher bond yields remains to be seen. As an aside I looked up another of Soros's big positions: the JPY short. He made more than a billion on that reportedly. So it will be interesting to see how is S and P put performs. :-)

tokyo ginko  17:32:03 GMT - 10/30/2014  
Thanks ib.

Wouldnt stay short going into boj's statement ..which could send flying to 113.00/20.

GT all.

Paris ib  13:53:52 GMT - 10/30/2014  
Good for you Ginko. Well done !!

tokyo ginko  08:07:51 GMT - 10/30/2014  
USDJPY out 109.25

will look to reload again...

GT all

tokyo ginko  21:01:04 GMT - 10/23/2014  
I am long equity index..(asia/japan/USA) so it will be nice if hit 2000..on and off..I may buy/sell to lower my cost..but

first eyeing 109.30 levels..


Paris ib  15:26:21 GMT - 10/23/2014  
Ginko you still gunning for 2000 ?

Paris ib  15:36:10 GMT - 10/21/2014  
Mind you I guess he's tempted to fund yet another colour revolution somewhere sensitive to try to tip things over..... the forces of darkness never give up. :-)

Paris ib  15:34:01 GMT - 10/21/2014  
IMVHO the Ginko stock market rally doesn't end until Soros is forced to close his position. FWIW.

Paris ib  12:45:34 GMT - 10/21/2014  
The Ginko rally is alive and well. Certain elements are still waiting for (and actively working for?) the end of the world (Mr. Soros take a bow). But the odds don't add up. A rally into FOMC and then post FOMC into the November 4 U.S. elections would leave us pretty close to year end and the potential for a 'Christmas Rally'. While people over at ZeroHedge (anonymous and potentially on the Soros payroll?) relentlessly push the stock market bear case it looks like odds on we could get a rally which would leave some people flat footed.

The Big Put

tokyo ginko  14:57:37 GMT - 10/17/2014  
sorry been busy for a while, trading the nk..(buying 14500/600s, selling above 14700 the last few session)

close out my
yen/sgd , USD/sgd , nzd/sgd, GBP/USD, aud/USD, nzd/USD positions

oil close a little early at 94..short above 100s level

gold still holding shorts

long equities future portfolio took a slight hit so have to hang in there a while

usd jpy still long at 107..targetting 109.30

GT all..

Paris ib  14:46:58 GMT - 10/17/2014  
There u are! :-)

tokyo ginko  14:38:13 GMT - 10/17/2014  
good evening all, ginko here

Paris ib  14:29:58 GMT - 10/17/2014  
Ginko was early but had a point.

Paris ib  15:32:12 GMT - 10/16/2014  
CB I would like to think that the psychopaths in charge (everywhere by the way) are losing control of 'the narrative' and the street. People are so fed up with these clowns. And with the internet we have such a hugely different access to information. I mean even just Amazon provides you with this vast library which wasn't even thinkable once upon a time.

So it's a shambles in the back rooms and the news rooms and all the usual hang outs of the psychopaths. No-one believes anything and no-one TRUSTS these people. The default position is that everything you hear from official channels is either a lie or a half truth. Makes it hard for the deviants.

dc CB  15:28:33 GMT - 10/16/2014  

with the News Cycle attention span of less than 30 mins, that will have to wait until the last possible moment....Currently working on $2.50 gas-at-da-pump.

Things that have been forgotten(just a few): Ukraine, Syrian, Iran, Gaza, ISIS, ISIS Terrorists coming to Da Homeland, Fergusson, Snowden. Seems like just yesterday.

Right now forfront in Da Minds: EBOLA. (Why did the CDC tell Nurse #2 that it was OK to get on a plane and then publically blamed her for getting on the plane)

Paris ib  15:21:50 GMT - 10/16/2014  
I would have thought we would have got a raging bull comment by now. Quite a lot to look forward to. The next FOMC and the November 4 elections. Stocks have been trashed and if 'they' really want to fool around now would be the time to get a stock market rally going.

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