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tokyo ginko  01:06:30 GMT - 11/19/2014  

busy = been busy

tokyo ginko  00:57:45 GMT - 11/19/2014  
sorry Paris ib, busy with some real estate deals in Japan.

Yes, falling prices in terms of other currencies , definitely...let me know if u are in town, will bring u to some hidden gem sushi places..

yes added more yen above 117..good call abel..

Paris ib  17:10:55 GMT - 11/14/2014  
Here is the article. So maybe Japan is the only place in the world with real live falling costs????? Who knows? Ginko u there?

Eat Cheap in Tokyo

Paris ib  17:05:50 GMT - 11/14/2014  
No traditional Japanese meals. There was an article in the New York Times the other day, but I can't find it. People I know already told me this.

Check out the Euro !!! And Gold. Meanwhile the prices of U.S. Government bonds look painted on. Wonder why?

Cheap Eats in Japan

PAR  17:01:35 GMT - 11/14/2014  
McDonalds ?

Paris ib  16:56:08 GMT - 11/14/2014  
Yeah but you can eat out in Tokyo for less than 5 euros.

PAR 16:53:08 GMT - 11/14/2014  
Room in Sheraton Tokyo. 782 for one night . Thats expensive

Paris ib  16:50:36 GMT - 11/14/2014  
Just checked Norway's corporate tax rate is 27% so that was a bit of bulls.hit information. Its private sector debt is up there with the best of them though. The Scandinavian private sector is labouring under a huge debt burden. Government debt in Norway is essentially zero, thanks to a well placed Iraqi emigre' - and they don't have the Euro or the EU - but I can't see myself moving to Norway ;-).

Artificially low interest rates have created a world awash in debt - just EVERYWHERE - so even a small shift higher in rateswill not be well received. Prepare for the fall out.

Paris ib  16:47:55 GMT - 11/14/2014  
PAR - I'm not sure that is true. I know people who go there often. Costs are not high. Homelessness has risen. Wages have taken a beating. What I would like to know is: is deflation really still happening or are costs going up like everywhere else?

PAR 16:43:59 GMT - 11/14/2014  
After 25 years of deflation Tokyo is still one of the most expensive cities in the world .

Paris ib  16:38:30 GMT - 11/14/2014  
Yeah and once the market manipulation of the bond market fails - as it will - and rates rise, how does that leave you? High government debt countries will resort to open confiscation I suppose - tax of some kind - high private debt countries will see an implosion in private sector demand. Is there any country out there without a mountain of debt of some kind? Anyone know of any? Norway maybe? I hear they have corporate tax rate in the 70s in Norway. I have done no verification on that whatsoever. ;-)

David Stockman

Mtl JP  16:32:45 GMT - 11/14/2014  
the "something bigger" is debt on banks and finoutfits books
bad debt that is.
simmering, growing, enduring...

Paris ib  16:32:00 GMT - 11/14/2014  
I'd be interested to hear from Ginko if prices in Japan are actually falling or not. Japan was the deflationary poster child. Do they at least have low inflation over there?

Paris ib  16:29:47 GMT - 11/14/2014  
Bond yields in the 2-5 year area in the States have moved steadily higher over the last 14 months or so but there has been no real panic. We all know the manipulators are at work, the question is when / if they lose control of the market, what happens then? And I believe that at some point they WILL lose control of the bond market. Which would be real ugly.

Government Borrowing

Paris ib  16:23:40 GMT - 11/14/2014  
CS - I don't think the Euro is the whole story, it's just part of something bigger. Personally I am watching bond yields more closely than the Euro.

FW CS  16:22:34 GMT - 11/14/2014  
such a place does not exist least none of the g20 countries. I agee with you -but anothet possibility is that big asian buy order could have been a big short covering profit taking. Euro still in recent range.

Paris ib  16:16:51 GMT - 11/14/2014  
And I would really like to know from the forum is ANYONE living in a low inflation / falling price environment out there?


Paris ib  16:06:35 GMT - 11/14/2014  
The Russians are moving away from holding currency reserves, as are the Chinese.... obviously the confidence in global paper money is not high.

Russia buys Gold

Paris ib  10:30:50 GMT - 11/14/2014  
PAR - this whole thing is so ex Soviet Union style denial of reality that it's scary.

We got these Central Bankers no longer content with setting overnight rates, attempting to manipulate the bond market... and all the mainstream media PUNDITS calling for more from the 'authorities'. The idea that the 'authorities' do MORE scares the bejesus out of me.

PAR 10:26:09 GMT - 11/14/2014  
Every person has his own personal inflation profile depending on his lifestyle .

The official figures ( hedonic adjustments) are just made up for policy purposes ( to keep rates on government debt down- financial repression) and no longer reflect reality .

Paris ib  09:19:10 GMT - 11/14/2014  
'there is inflation everywhere right now'...

ZeroHedge needs to learn how to spell steak.

Fertitta again

Paris ib  09:13:08 GMT - 11/14/2014  
Fertitta on inflation... 'every single cost is up'.

Tilman Fertitta on Inflation

Paris ib  08:58:18 GMT - 11/14/2014  
"Well go buy something, whether at the grocery store, the drug store, the broom and mop store, and there is inflation everywhere. I have so many types of businesses so I buy everything from labor, to mops, to food, to shrimp, to stake and everything is more expensive. We are raising prices: that's why right now you pay more for an airline ticket, you pay more for a hotel room, you pay more for a pot of coffee. There is huge inflation going on right now." Tilman Fertitta

I think we all know this is true. It's true in Europe. It's true in Australia. I don't live in Japan or Asia so I couldn't tell you. I'd be interested to see if anyone out there has experienced the non-existant 'deflation' the Central Bankers and the MEDIA seem to be sooooo concerned about. From where I stand deflation is simply A LIE.

So what does this mean? It means the monetary policy is entirely divorced from inflation and probably from employment or even the real economy. Which brings back the idea that monetary policy is solely aimed at keeping the cost of rolling over existing government debt down (ie. manipulating bond yields) and possibly influencing the exchange rate (Japan take a bow). Central bank set rates are likely to remain lower than they ordinarily would but the power of the Central Banks to set rates is eroding. At some point we could see a disaster on government bond markets. And currency markets won't be far behind. The attempt to fool around with the price of real assets (Gold for example) is unlikely to dampen demand for the real thing regardless of where the price is (who believes prices any more anyhow?).

This attempt at manipulating financial market prices will only increase volatility and market instability in the long run.

Inflation? What inflation?

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