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nw kw  21:21:43 GMT - 01/07/2016  
that GDP has eur benefiting most so me no short eur no more

nw kw  20:26:31 GMT - 01/07/2016  
I did hear jpy looking for tax cuts, bet it's this years theme for all of us, cad oil is getting hand outs to.

Paris ib  20:23:08 GMT - 01/07/2016  
"The US Is Now Involved In 134 Wars
Or none, depending on your definition of 'war'."

And the U.S. military is hoping that offshore finance just keeps getting rolled over. Which is interesting when China and potentially Japan are facing significant domestic financing crises of their own.

War everywhere

nw kw  20:22:41 GMT - 01/07/2016  
mxn -- eur --cad -- on the move, It can be god for oil to I picked oils soft side but still learning how this works on good day.

Paris ib  20:09:55 GMT - 01/07/2016  
USD/JPY is heading lower in my opinion. And that is becoming obvious to everyone except Kyle Bass.

One trick pony

nw kw  20:09:26 GMT - 01/07/2016  
how do you price WTI now it changed with mxn and cad prdution/ and usd has internal oil now so wti can be cheap and not hert usa.

Paris ib  20:07:13 GMT - 01/07/2016  
Of course the Chinese trade surplus used to be recycled into the U.S. bond market - providing cheap finance for the mad expansion in U.S. government expenditure (and all those lovely wars). That's over. So on a hopeful note, perhaps the U.S. won't be able to afford to 'liberate' (read bomb) any other nations.

nw kw  20:05:47 GMT - 01/07/2016  
ib- so jpy isnot going to crash.
mxn---eur on move look for oil droping, gl

Paris ib  20:01:15 GMT - 01/07/2016  
China is a net exporter. That means Chinese GDP growth SUBTRACTS GDP growth in its trading partners (at least those trading partners that run a trade deficit with China). So while a slowing China may be bad news for those countries which run a trade surplus with China (Australia and other commodity exporters) for other countries the Chinese economic slow down has NO NEGATIVE consequences and could well be a positive. How the 'pundits' keep missing this vital point is beyond me. But they do. The slow down in the Chinese export-orientated economy (based according to some on slave labour - or close to - in some cases) is a net positive for most of the rest of the world. And hopefully for Chinese workers as the Chinese move towards boosting domestic consumption (and that that means higher wages). The rat bags who keep going on about the Chinese economic slow down should SHUT UP and go back to Economics 101. Less cheap, slave produced crap from China means better economic conditions for almost everyone and lower commodity prices to boot.

nw kw  19:57:04 GMT - 01/07/2016  
that graph looks long gbp.

nw kw  19:51:29 GMT - 01/07/2016  
GDP in globe shifting from china's now on its own im loking for how benefits, you see it in this link, follow the new trend.

Livingston nh  18:24:47 GMT - 01/07/2016  
SPX 1950 gap is filled - now watch oil to see if we bounce

Livingston nh  17:57:25 GMT - 01/07/2016  
Zeus - thanx, I'll take a look

By virtue of Circuit breakers China YTD (4days) loss is only 12% -- Germany's DAX is down 7.1% YTD, the most in Europe except for Norway (w/ its oil problem it's down 7.5%)

USA ZEUS  17:46:17 GMT - 01/07/2016  
See head and shoulder, W, Butterfly for TY notes.
All the best!

USA ZEUS  17:42:27 GMT - 01/07/2016  
nh- I think its a serious blip.


Livingston nh  17:40:16 GMT - 01/07/2016  
Nothing REALLY bad happens until the BOND lady sings -- STOX go up STOX go down -- FX is a relative GAME w/ multi-layered benefits -- Commodities are simple supply and demand markets // ahh, but FI, when these folks whinge, whine or wobble the CBs pay attention

Today's reversal in bonds in Europe and US might be a blip OR maybe something serious

GVI Forex john bland  17:32:57 GMT - 01/07/2016  
wti $33.47 -0.50 LOD $32.10

dc CB  15:31:21 GMT - 01/07/2016  
SToX..10:30 Rally Express
Da Boys are firing all cylinders to force a short covering Jam....VIX, VXX, USD/JPY, Bonds/Notes.

Livingston nh  14:28:34 GMT - 01/07/2016  
SPX 1950 is the big open gap from October - fill it today and we might see a bounce -- so far stox are not as bad as the Aug drop (compounded by expectation of a Sept Fed hike) // oil is the catalyst for today

Singapore SC  14:22:15 GMT - 01/07/2016  
Is anyone trading this choppy market?

eur$ short as long as below 1.0870 but keep stop close

can't touch $jpy

oil is crazy but at high of day and helping stocks but don't trust the rally

dc CB  14:21:37 GMT - 01/07/2016  
Gold/Silver are rubbing it in the face of the CBs Powerlessness..

dc CB  14:12:54 GMT - 01/07/2016  
having retraced 62% of the Dudley DoRight rally from the Aug 24 "Chinese" Massacre, one wud expect some Connected FED Mouth to make nice nice. However those days are prob over as the FED's CRED is gone.

1800ish wud still only take it back to the 123% Extension of the Great Recession bottom of 666. So all the 0% Money Rally has much to give back.

Emini Cont Monthly

Livingston nh  13:47:35 GMT - 01/07/2016  
Yields in US and Europe are coming off the panic lows and starting to rise w/o much improvement in equities -- that's a combo we haven't seen recently

GVI Forex john bland  12:39:34 GMT - 01/07/2016  
DAX -341

DJ -360
SP -43

GVI Forex john bland  11:44:37 GMT - 01/07/2016  
DAX -356

DJ -364
SP -40

GVI Forex john bland  11:42:02 GMT - 01/07/2016  
Pretty clear that JPY demand has been coming from an unwinding of carry trade funding of equity positions. Same is true of EUR.

Meltdown in China thanks to a circuit breaker system that does not work.

I can recall trading between the Bank and Chicago forex futures. Our greatest fear always was getting stuck in Chicago by price limits while the bank market was still open.

Price limits on the Shanghai (7% in one day) sees investors racing for the door as the markets open in fear of getting locked in. Fear of illiquidity is a very strong emotion, Believe me!

GVI Forex john bland  09:53:30 GMT - 01/07/2016  
DAX -373

DJ -422
SP -49

US 2.135% -3.9
DE 0.489% -3.1
UH 1.732% -4.3

EUR Crosses mostly higher. Steady vs. JPY

Wide equity sell off sees carry trade demand for JPY and EUR
wti $32.85 -1.14 LOD $32.10

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