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london red  16:27:50 GMT - 02/08/2016  
dollar weakness will be something they will privately but not officially admit to enjoying. while stocks not in freefall yellen might not do dollar too many favours.

'Mtl' 'JP'  16:25:02 GMT - 02/08/2016  
john 16:03 is it not good time for a FED trumpet(s) to come out and bloviate about FED expectations about the appropriateness of 3 more hikes - something about not being concerned with day-to-day market moves ?

london red  16:23:49 GMT - 02/08/2016  
11585 last yrs low and 11630 are the two they need to beat on upside. if mkt fades those pressure will be back on.

Paris ib  16:22:21 GMT - 02/08/2016  
Looks to me like we are getting a bit of profit taking here. Not knife through butter or anything like that... quite nice trading actually.

london red  16:20:17 GMT - 02/08/2016  
a big initial rejection of 112, remember we traded sideways here held by a big 112 expiry. hourly close 11168 or less negates st upside. makes 112 even bigger pivot now. if yen goes they will do the triple fibs of 35/46 and 52 but mkt may not close abv 11270 unless yen stays near lows (if 115 beaten).

london red  16:17:01 GMT - 02/08/2016  
if 115 breaks and while below tgt may be 114. if flash crash then 113.30 then 110.34. last 2 are fibs. likely to close at c. 113 if flash crash.

'Mtl' 'JP'  16:14:50 GMT - 02/08/2016  
re dlryen S3 (3SD) 114.61 = lowest number on gv charpoint matrix
just a curiosity rather than any implied trade meaning

Israel Dil  16:11:41 GMT - 02/08/2016  
gold/oil traded 1:40 ratio today...

Israel Dil  16:06:09 GMT - 02/08/2016  

Entry: NOW Target: sub 1.5 Stop: 1.5655
3-2-1 >>> here Purk enters EUR/CAD shorts... good luck king Purk ;-)

the trade parameters are short term, this week it may move fast lower from here

PAR 16:05:11 GMT - 02/08/2016  
Margin Calls - Margin Calls and Saudi selling ,selling ,selling .

'Hillegom' 'Purk'  16:04:46 GMT - 02/08/2016  

'GVI 'john  16:03:14 GMT - 02/08/2016  
Equity indices remain under pressure
DJ -320
SP -41
NAS -110

10-yr 1.746% -9.7bp

'Mtl' 'JP'  16:02:50 GMT - 02/08/2016  
usdyen S3 (3SD) 114.61 off the 20day

london red  15:30:07 GMT - 02/08/2016  
some stops not as lrg as i thought below 85. maybe larger below 115.45/50. barrier likely at 115. moving abv 116.30 puts off further st declines.

Israel Dil  15:29:54 GMT - 02/08/2016  

Buy Crude
Entry: $29.75 Target: $38/$40.50/$66.66 Stop: $29.25
GO !!!

'Mtl' 'JP'  15:03:41 GMT - 02/08/2016  
ugly... why ugly - why not "in a beautiful run" ?
never consider stox in some judgmental beauty contest

london red  15:01:13 GMT - 02/08/2016  
yen broken 2016 low on this latest dip but last years at 11585 avoided for now. some big stops below there.

london red  14:59:23 GMT - 02/08/2016  
they are having a go at the 44. double tap on 5 min candles. shs within shs. 2wk reg s&p showing neck c. 1870. makes tgt around this years low 1812. or they fill gap to 1870. thats about 30 pts either side. straddle for day about 17 pts.

GVI john  14:57:35 GMT - 02/08/2016  
Turning ugly in U.S. equities
DJ -266
SP -32
NAS -86

10-yr 1.777% -6.7

Most worrisome to me is falling 10-yr yields. Suggests investor worry bout economy? Maybe I am reading this wrong?

'Mtl' 'JP'  14:38:52 GMT - 02/08/2016  
usdyen off the 20dma
S2 (2SD) 115.83
S3 (3SD) 114.61

'Hillegom' 'Purk'  14:32:04 GMT - 02/08/2016  
116,11 in as well. Same goes bla bla....

GVI Jay  14:27:16 GMT - 02/08/2016  

Jan 20, 2016 low = 115.98

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'Livingston' 'nh'  14:26:45 GMT - 02/08/2016  
From BBrg--

“My customers are buying U.S. Treasuries and bunds because JGB yields are very, very low,” said Hideaki Kuriki, a bond investor in Tokyo at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Asset Management, which oversees $56.9 billion. They’re hedging 70 percent to 100 percent of the currency risk, he said.

Japanese yields are tumbling again in 2016 after the central bank in January adopted a negative-interest-rate strategy as part of its battle to spur inflation. Investors seeking higher yields outside the nation can earn 1.86 percent from 10-year Treasuries and 0.3 percent on same-maturity German bunds."

london red  14:17:26 GMT - 02/08/2016  
august low broken but 2015 low is 115.86 which will shelter stops. 116.29/32 is 38.2 of 102/125 and weekly close below is bearish for 50% of that move at 113.30. interim sup if 115.85 taken 105/125 50% at 115.45/52. if to be a stop run thats where they might bring it back up from.

'Hillegom' 'Purk'  14:17:13 GMT - 02/08/2016  
LONG USD/JPY 116,25., PROFIT, 116,99 adding, scaling, taking on the way home...

'Mtl' 'JP'  14:12:40 GMT - 02/08/2016  
at least not yet

'Mtl' 'JP'  14:11:32 GMT - 02/08/2016  
am thinking of 117.50-ish
I m not a macro fund

'Hillegom' 'Purk'  14:11:04 GMT - 02/08/2016  
Yes, but different s/l.

'Livingston' 'nh'  14:10:14 GMT - 02/08/2016  
jp - if yen 120 is the comfort level seems a YES

'Mtl' 'JP'  14:06:05 GMT - 02/08/2016  

Entry: 116.3-ish Target: up Stop: 116.20/00
tia !

'Livingston' 'nh'  14:03:29 GMT - 02/08/2016  
fs - well, if the "strong" USD was the cause of all this turmoil than the decline in the dollar should save everybody's bad decisions

'Mtl' 'JP'  14:02:45 GMT - 02/08/2016  
and when fear run turns pandemonium:
stox AND bonds sell off at same time
(because they have to)

kl fs  13:57:59 GMT - 02/08/2016  
nh, fear trade means collapse of stocks and run into treasury? i dont think so, collapse of stocks now means collapse of treasuries also and collapse of usd in general, not a good sign

london red  13:57:50 GMT - 02/08/2016  
already a quick half fig off lows, leaving a nice tail on hourly candle. 14452/71/14512 res and last high just under 14550 should keep stops safe.

'Mtl' 'JP'  13:48:57 GMT - 02/08/2016  
on pops towards +/- 1.45

'Livingston' 'nh'  13:43:47 GMT - 02/08/2016  
The Fear Trade is alive and well as money pours into Treasurys -- a turn here will be first sign of reversal // A strong USD is the cause of all misery? let's see folks will buy more oil (supply reduction) if the dollar weakens and crude price rises -- that's a novel idea // or maybe it's the Fed "tightening"? so if Yellen says clearly "no more rate hikes" everything will get peachy - none of this was caused by Fed staying "too loose too long" -- Ben was the only one who thought exiting the Money Swamp was going to be EASY but (like G'span b4 him) he left Dodge so Yellen finally realized something was amiss

One last note about Friday employment -- ISM non-manuf tipped "labor in short supply" and last year gdp was weaker than Q4/Q1 than this year so there is no "weakness" in employment and costs are rising

NOTHING has changed and Yellen should emphasize THAT -- markets always want a pony for Christmas instead of just being happy there is no coal in the stocking -- time is the only hangover cure

LOOK for the turn

'Mtl' 'JP'  13:23:09 GMT - 02/08/2016  
euro 200 day 1.1046
current support

london red  13:16:02 GMT - 02/08/2016  
with that 11109 broken, it should act as a cap on hourly closing basis and nxt sup is 200dma and fib at 61/40 repectively. if theres good demnad mkt can bounce there and start another leg higher. if not then must retrace to top of previous range 10950/80 before higher.

GVI john  11:42:31 GMT - 02/08/2016  
Its looking like the S&P might be bottoming. The U.S. often does not like to jump onto an overseas trend in equities. A higher EURUSD is dependent on weak stox today.

london red  10:02:58 GMT - 02/08/2016  
euro. is bid but for now not behaving like it wants to move up on stock weakness. may change if 112 taken out for quick move to 11236/46/52 but if current hour candle shows weakness and closes weak then euro might fall back a bit to test sup no matter what stocks do.

london red  09:59:50 GMT - 02/08/2016  
s&p. has taken out lows from 2 & 4 wks ago now not far from channel at 1844. this channel is neck of big shs (head at 213x highs) so id guess since its gone a far bit dwn quickly and ran 2 lvls of stop, it should provide a bounce intraday at least. if not it could be dwn to recent lows 1811 today.

'dc' 'CB'  02:37:06 GMT - 02/08/2016  
as for this week...China is the European and and US MarkITs have No One to blame if the sell off continues. Wot O Wot AND Where will CNBC talking heads and guest shills point their fingers as they offer their studied ANALysis and recomnd StoX to BUY BUY BUY.

China china china china...Ah hey Dude China's closed all week.......OH..................China china chinachinachinachina

'Mtl' 'JP'  04:10:00 GMT - 02/07/2016
also due: FX reserves amount on the 8th

GVI john  19:20:38 GMT - 02/06/2016  


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