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Livingston nh  19:58:08 GMT - 02/14/2016  
Dil - that's like a border skirmish (NK/SK) - Russia won't do anything until they can swarm whether its naval or air -- the initial move against Turkey CAN'T involve a violation of NATO border

Israel Dil  19:53:41 GMT - 02/14/2016  

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nh 15:19

the Syrian army confirmed they were shelled by Turkey. I think that Russia got the game changer they were waiting for.

Livingston nh  15:19:11 GMT - 02/14/2016  
My opinion Turkey is not going to attack anybody but the Kurds - they dodged a bullet w/ that Russian plane shootdown and they know it // The Russian Navy is perfectly safe from Turkish interference for the same reason

Air to air for the Saudis is too risky so everybody will be shooting DOWN at the Ground Troops

___ What happened to that CEASEFIRE??

Mtl JP  01:55:42 GMT - 02/14/2016  
Breaking: Saudi Arabia moves planes to Turkey, Joint attack on Russian, Syrian and Kurdish forces begins (continually updated)
By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on February 13, 2016
Confirmed: Russian and Syrian jets are on standby to shoot down any Turkish or Saudi plane that crosses into Syria. Turkey is prepared to close the Bosporus and attack Russian ships in the Mediterranean.
Maybe crude and Gold will change in price

london red  18:25:44 GMT - 02/12/2016  
s&p. strong hourly close here takes on on to 1870 and that should be it for the day. current dip should be no lower than 44 or itll lose the lot and more.

GVI john  18:11:22 GMT - 02/12/2016  
Rig Counts continue to decline

GVI john  18:09:16 GMT - 02/12/2016  
US Weekly Baker-Hughes Rig Count
U.S. Data Charts

Total (inc gas) U.S.: 541 vs 571 (-30) prev
US (oil): 439 vs. 467 (-28) prev

Canada 222 vs. 242 (-20) prev

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'GVI 'Jay  15:56:03 GMT - 02/12/2016  
10:50 (US) Fed's Dudley (Voter, Dove): Turmoil in market mostly tied to overseas events and not US economy - Q&A

- if financial conditions tighten, Fed takes that into account
- difficult to tell how much market turmoil recently is based on market fundamentals- still expects to meet inflation target in the longer term but it will be slow going
- seen dollar weaken a bit in recent weeks
- completely agrees wtih Chairwoman Yellen's assessment of policy environment
- won't commit on rate decisions because data could change before March meeting; recent events will factor into March decision
- policy decisions overseas will not have much impact on US economy, negative rates abroad have only small effects on the US economy
- Talk of negative rates for the US is premature, not spending a lot of time thinking about it, there are many other actions the Fed would take before resorting to negative rates
- US banks are in good shape; not concerned about bank stock weakness

- Source

\'GVI \'john  15:51:34 GMT - 02/12/2016  
Fed's Dudley
-- Policy data dependent
-- Significant tightening in U.S. financial conditions
-- Market turmoil tied to overseas events
-- Can't predict what Fed will do in upcoming meetings

london red  15:30:11 GMT - 02/12/2016  
weve got the nice tail on hourly s&p ahead of time, you can see how everyones now waiting to see if it sticks on the close to pile in or if not to run the bitch down.

london red  15:11:38 GMT - 02/12/2016  
hourly close for s&p and euro will tell you all you need to know as to whether up/dwn /1870 tested and 11220 fib retested

'Mtl' 'JP'  15:06:53 GMT - 02/12/2016  
Dudley: Key US sectors in good shape, financial system clearly stronger

GVI john  15:02:31 GMT - 02/12/2016  
U.S. Business Inventories December 2015
U.S. Data Charts

+0.10% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. -0.20% (r -0.10%) prev.

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GVI john  15:01:53 GMT - 02/12/2016  
Preliminary University of Michigan Sentiment Index February 2016
U.S. Data Charts

90.7 vs. 92.5 exp. vs. 92.0 prev

RELEASE: Index of Consumer Sentiment

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'Mtl' 'JP'  13:43:03 GMT - 02/12/2016  
so lower energy costs are like tax kut
people blow the ekstra ash on teddy bears

more more lower oil !

GVI john  13:33:54 GMT - 02/12/2016  
Retail Sales data better across the board.

GVI john  13:32:48 GMT - 02/12/2016  
U.S. Import Prices January 2016
U.S. Data Charts

-1.10% vs. -1.50% exp. vs. -1.20% (r -1.10%) prev.

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GVI john  13:32:12 GMT - 02/12/2016  
U.S. Advance Retail Sales January 2015
U.S. Data Charts

+0.20% vs. +0.10% exp. vs. -0.10% (r +0.20%)

x-autos & gas +0.40% vs. +0.50% exp. vs. -0.30% (r.+0.10%)

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'GVI 'john  10:03:32 GMT - 02/12/2016  
EZ GDP in line, Big miss in industrial production.

GVI john  10:02:46 GMT - 02/12/2016  
Eurozone Industrial Output December 2015
EZ and German Charts

mm: -1.00% vs. +0.30% exp. vs. -0.70% (r -0.5%)prev.
yy: -1.30% vs. +0.70% exp. vs. +1.10% (r +1.40%)) prev.

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GVI john  10:00:44 GMT - 02/12/2016  
Eurozone GDP 4Q15
Global-VIew EZ and German Charts

Data News ALERT
qq: +0.30% vs +0.30% exp. vs. +0.30% (r ) prev.
yy:+1.50% vs. +1.50% exp. vs. +1.60% (r ) prev.

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'GVI 'john  09:23:39 GMT - 02/12/2016  
German GDP 4Q15

Earlier NEWS Release

yy: +1.30% vs. +1.40% exp vs. +1.70% prev.

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'GVI 'john  15:50:05 GMT - 02/11/2016  
That was the "planted" question I mentioned earlier. Yellen has just sent the dovish signal she did not send yesterday.

EURUSD rallied only slightly on her statement.

GVI john  15:46:29 GMT - 02/11/2016  
Yellen looking at developments in overseas markets and evaluating their likely impact on the balance of risks to the economy. Its premature to come to a decision today, but they are a consideration.

'GVI 'john  15:30:25 GMT - 02/11/2016  
US EIA Weekly Natural Gas Inventories (bcf)
U.S. Data Charts

-73 vs. -82 exp vs. -152 prev.

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'GVI 'john  15:12:28 GMT - 02/11/2016  
WSJ Survey of economists
-- 3% next Fed move will be a cut
-- 9% see March hike
-- 13% see April hike
-- 60% see June hike

GVI john  13:30:34 GMT - 02/11/2016  
U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims
U.S. Data Charts


Initial Claims (000)
269K vs. 281K exp. vs. 285K prev.

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'GVI 'john  13:27:59 GMT - 02/11/2016  
Report Japan refuses to comment on any forex intervention.

-- TTN

GVI john  09:35:35 GMT - 02/11/2016  
Swiss CPI January 2016

mm: -0.40% vs. -0.40% exp. vs. -0.40% prev.
yy: -1.40% vs. -1.30% exp. vs. -1.30% prev.

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GVI john  18:15:54 GMT - 02/10/2016  
Yellen finished. She testifies again Thursday and will re-release the same prepared text. She will have an opportunity to correct anything said today they feel needs fixing, but nothing stands out to me.

'Livingston' 'nh'  18:06:57 GMT - 02/10/2016  
The Great Philosopher was right

'GVI 'john  18:04:35 GMT - 02/10/2016  
10yr auction yield 1.730%
bid-to-cover 2.56 vs 2.58
Strong Auction

'dc' 'CB'  17:32:00 GMT - 02/10/2016  
funny they way she keeps refering to the Finacial Crises...almost like it was last week, or last year at the most... it was 8 years ago you cow, and U and the Fed........

'Mtl' 'JP'  17:28:05 GMT - 02/10/2016  
Yellen - financial conditions “have become less supportive to growth.”
to growth of what ?

'Livingston' 'nh'  17:25:47 GMT - 02/10/2016  
John - yellen v. Volcker(or Martin if you go that far back, hhahah?) -- market v. fed?

GVI john  16:49:25 GMT - 02/10/2016  
I think the take away from Yellen today is that she has presented the case for delaying the March rate hike, but is sticking to their intention to raise rates whenever they can justify such a policy move. I know that sounds like double talk, but clearly she does not want to be painted into a corner.

I think she is saying no rate hike in March, and the FOMC will decide later about June depending on future data. I guess this is supportive of stox.

Paris ib  16:34:50 GMT - 02/10/2016  
And the implications are USD bearish. The question is: how much is in the market already? Are we set up for a big dummy spit here?

GVI john  16:33:19 GMT - 02/10/2016  
I am not a big follower of Hilsenrath. I don't think he has the lines into that others do, but I think these observations are probably on the mark.

GVI john  16:31:02 GMT - 02/10/2016  

WSJ's Hilsenrath
-- Fed sees risks to economy rising
-- Testimony underscores belief Fed will not hike in March
-- Note Yellen spoke at length on global developments

'Livingston' 'nh'  15:37:21 GMT - 02/10/2016  
Refineries pushing products into storage again

GVI john  15:35:12 GMT - 02/10/2016  
Crude Supplies fall when a build was expected.

\'GVI \'john  15:33:09 GMT - 02/10/2016  
US EIA Weekly Inventories

U.S. Data Charts

Crude Oil: -0.750 vs. +3.900 exp vs. +7.790 prev.
Gasoline: +1.250 vs. +0.400 exp vs. +5.90 prev.
Distillates: +1.280 vs. -1.400 exp vs. -0.780 prev.
Cap/Util: 86.1% vs. 85.6% prev.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report

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'dc' 'CB'  14:46:29 GMT - 02/10/2016  
On Wednesday, BP CEO Robert Dudley - who earlier this month reported the worst annual loss in company history - is out warning that storage tanks will be completely full by the end of H1. "We are very bearish for the first half of the year," Dudley said at the IP Week conference in London Wednesday. "In the second half, every tank and swimming pool in the world is going to fill and fundamentals are going to kick in," ZH

'Livingston' 'nh'  14:38:08 GMT - 02/10/2016  
WTI making new lows may be more influential than yellen

'Livingston' 'nh'  14:17:57 GMT - 02/10/2016  
John - Yellen represents the CASE for Truman's one handed economists // leaders with some starch and a plan are usually more successful than 'wait and see' types

GVI john  13:56:38 GMT - 02/10/2016  
Yellen plays both sides of the street. She gives a rationale for further rate hikes, but gives the FOMC an excuse for possible delays.

Markets never seem to grasp that the Fed Chair cannot front-run the FOMC. She cannot make policy on her own.

london red  13:48:25 GMT - 02/10/2016  
euro. 11340 11302 (stops abv) 11280 11252/46/35 119/11190 11180/67 and yest low 11162 stops likely below here, then 11120/09.

london red  13:44:58 GMT - 02/10/2016  
yen. 11629/33 11580/85 11547/52 115 11420 114/11393.

GVI Forex 13:42:22 GMT - 02/10/2016  
Prepared text

Chair Janet L. Yellen Semiannual Monetary Policy Report to the Congress Before the Committee on Financial Services, U.S. House of Representatives

GVI john  13:37:00 GMT - 02/10/2016  
Yellen comments acknowledge current economic risks, but keeps options open.

GVI john  13:34:59 GMT - 02/10/2016  
U.S. Prepared Text of Fed Chair Congressional Testimony

-- Foreign Economic Developments Pose Risks
-- Expects gradual Rate rises. Not on a pre-set course
-- Policy remains accomodative
-- Gains in employment and wages should support consumer spending

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'Belgrade' 'TD'  09:48:21 GMT - 02/10/2016  
"less worse than expecting" - well-known phrase, just few years ago ...

nw kw  09:47:40 GMT - 02/10/2016  
eur/gbp looks to have orders bit large.

jkt abel  09:44:44 GMT - 02/10/2016  
interesting, with weaker data, cable is up!

GVI john  09:35:10 GMT - 02/10/2016  
UK output data weaker than expected.

GVI john  09:33:22 GMT - 02/10/2016  
UK Industrial/Manufacturing Output December 2016
U.K. Charts


Ind mm: -1.10% vs. -0.10% exp. vs. -0.70% (r -0.80%)prev.
Mfg mm: -0.20% vs. +0.10% exp. vs. -0.40% (r -0.30%) prev.

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'dc' 'CB'  21:43:41 GMT - 02/09/2016  
Cushing +715K
Gasoline Inventories +3.1MM

GVI Forex john  21:38:07 GMT - 02/09/2016  

Weekly API Crude

Crude Oil: +2.357 vs. +3.900 exp

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GVI john  20:52:10 GMT - 02/09/2016  

Fed tells banks to "model" negative interest rates.
-- "purely hypothetical" and not a forecast.

'GVI 'john  15:02:11 GMT - 02/09/2016  
U.S. BLS JOLTS Survey December 2015
U.S. Data Charts

mln: 5.600 vs. 5.400 exp. vs. 5.430 prev (r 5.340) rev.

BLS: Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary

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\\\'GVI \\\'john  15:00:28 GMT - 02/09/2016  
U.S. Wholesale Inventories December 2015
U.S. Data Charts

-0.10% vs. -0.20% exp. vs. -0.30% (r -0.40% ) prev.

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Direct links to primary data sources

GVI ohn  09:32:55 GMT - 02/09/2016  
UK Trade December 2016


Total: -9.90 vs. -10.40 exp. vs. -10.46 (r -11.5) prev.

Non-EU: -2.48 vs. -2.60 exp. vs. -2.45 (r -2.40)prev.

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AA 14:00 US- Final Univ of Michigan

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