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dc CB  19:13:38 GMT - 10/20/2016  
the only other publically traded pure play
SWHC shown a few days ago.

Paris ib  15:34:56 GMT - 10/20/2016  
Let's assume that Hillary Clinton wins. She is the establishment candidate. My main take on a Clinton victory are geopolitical. We have this pivot to Asia under Clinton - so maybe some kind of show down with China - and the likelihood of an escalation in Syria (with some commentators suggesting the risk of WWIII, which actually makes me yawn to be honest). More U.S. engagement in the Middle East and more military spending (which is high already, right?) and maybe some kind of confrontation with Russia in the Ukraine.

Domestically more health care spending to try and fix this Obamacare mess. So bigger deficits, more borrowing. And Obama already blew the budget, only nobody seems to have noticed. What did that guy get the Nobel peace prize for again? Oh yeah, being another establishment candidate. I can't think of any other reason they gave it to him.

Under Clinton: continued emphasis on keeping the USD strong, at least as part of policy, so they can keep the capital inflows coming. They need that foreign money. FED will make noises about hiking but I'm not looking for an active FED in any scenario, Trump or Clinton. Anything else? What changes for the U.S. and the world?

What else do we do? Sit around and wait for a recession to hit? That's what all the talking heads are yapping on about at the moment.

USD stays strongish for the time being. Yields don't rise excessively because everyone is talking recession. But we are all waiting for 'big news'. After last nights really, really dull and dreary debate I have totally lost interest in the U.S. Presidential election. So now looking post election. Maybe we drift into the New Year.

mtl JP  09:19:37 GMT - 10/14/2016  
PAR if u r thusly convinced.... Position for profits

Paris ib  09:12:06 GMT - 10/14/2016  

Dear Hillary...

Paris ib  09:10:21 GMT - 10/14/2016  
Strange lady...

Paris ib  09:08:22 GMT - 10/14/2016  
"This Kafkaesque slouching towards war with Russia is simply never discussed by any pundit or media outlet. It’s like it’s not happening, but of course it is happening, right before our eyes."

The next war: with RUSSIA

LONDON SFH  09:08:01 GMT - 10/14/2016  
She is just warming up on Trump for a proper old ding-dong war

Paris ib  09:04:00 GMT - 10/14/2016  
"Let’s cut to the chase; Hillary Clinton is ready to go to war against Russia in Syria"

From Pepe

dc CB  02:37:25 GMT - 10/14/2016  
interesting what 8 years in the Oval does to a man.
2008 v 2016 pic

from NY Mag Obama

dc CB  01:01:08 GMT - 10/14/2016  
as expected.

apparently she prefers: the phrase "Secretary Clinton objects to Interrogatory" or "Secretary Clinton does not recall."
the entire doc linked in this story

'Does not recall': Clinton dodges email questions in court submission

Livingston nh  00:52:13 GMT - 10/14/2016  
Well, it might not LOOK good but Clinton should have been told that there's a reason GOD invented the 5th Amendment

dc CB  00:21:10 GMT - 10/14/2016  
Lionel rants

The Psychopathic Media's Sexual Infantilism and Trump Rape Fetishes

dc CB  23:48:14 GMT - 10/13/2016  
The judge only ruled that HRC answer the questions ---UNDER OATH - this is the ONLY time she has answered questions about her server under oath. When she was questioned by the FBI on July 2 she was not sworn in.

The question now is how will the MSM and the NYT, WaPo, LA Times - the print press, choose to cover her answers.

Mtl JP  23:41:49 GMT - 10/13/2016  
Is the judge ...

Mtl JP  23:25:57 GMT - 10/13/2016  
Is the threatened or bought ?

dc CB  23:23:56 GMT - 10/13/2016  
dc CB 20:58 GMT October 13
Her responses to the 25 questions posed by Judicial Watch...will be considered sworn testimony by a federal judge

The responses were made and were also give to the press late this afternoon.

Dillon AL  21:30:55 GMT - 10/13/2016  
Hopefully CO votes yes to amendment 69 which is a CO State run healthcare system free for all no excess or deductibles paid for via tax. The current estimate is that 25 bln will be raised through taxation (and the state believes they can run it within this budget) whereas right now CO residents pay 35 billion in premiums to insurance companies.
oh btw as there are very few choices left for consumers as several insurers have withdrawn from the CO marketplace
Affordable care act. my foot ...pull the other one it has bells on it.

dc CB  20:58:53 GMT - 10/13/2016  
Hillary Clinton is set to answer questions about her team's destruction of roughly 30,000 emails when she submits testimony Thursday in a high-profile lawsuit over her State Department records.

Clinton will be forced to describe the creation and operation of the server system that was kept in the basement of her Chappaqua, N.Y. home during her time as secretary of state, as well as the steps her staff took to separate work-related emails from private ones in 2014.

Her responses to the 25 questions posed by Judicial Watch, the conservative-leaning group that brought the suit, will be considered sworn testimony by a federal judge

The responses she submits to Judicial Watch will compel her to answer for inconsistencies in her past statements, such as the claim that she used a personal email address for "convenience" and her erroneous statement before the House Select Committee on Benghazi that the State Department was already in possession of the vast majority of her emails when she turned over 30,000 of them to the agency in 2014.

Other Stuff not being covered===did this happen today????

dc CB  20:53:21 GMT - 10/13/2016  
The Obama administration is starting a data-driven marketing push for Obamacare enrollment, hoping to boost signups for 2017 even as the healthcare law runs up against some significant obstacles.

Officials acknowledged the premium hikes and reduced competition on a call Thursday with reporters, but reiterated their chief response to the problems — that the majority of enrollees are eligible for tax subsidies to buy their plans.

"The most important thing I can convey today is the headline rates don't accurately reflect what consumers actually pay," Peck said.

Selling it Hard

dc CB  20:45:49 GMT - 10/13/2016  
As seen on Twitter


LONDON SFH  08:57:49 GMT - 10/13/2016  
Fully agree...Boris is just a deluded fool believing in Father Christmas still

Paris ib  08:52:23 GMT - 10/13/2016  
Oh dear. Unfortunately for the U.K. the EU is essentially a fascist organisation and they have ZERO interest in allowing any country to walk away without significant negative consequences. Otherwise the congo list of countries queuing up to leave would never end. Potential candidate countries: Italy, France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Denmark..... they want there to be a price to pay for walking away and there will be a price.

LONDON SFH  08:48:55 GMT - 10/13/2016  
They can't learn any lessons in the US to stop that process now. Whichever shocking candidate wins in November will hardly help the $. Talking of idiots in power....Boris is still believing the EU will bend over and let the UK have a good deal *JOHNSON: EU HAS `HUGE INTEREST' IN AGREEING TO BEST DEAL

Paris ib  08:48:28 GMT - 10/13/2016  
Christopher Hitchens on Hillary Clinton


haifa ac  08:45:39 GMT - 10/13/2016  
Here is Peter Hitchens:

narrow defeat for Trump will poison the republic. Millions of his supporters will immediately claim fraud at the polls, and nothing will convince them otherwise. The bitterness of the Florida ‘hanging chad’ episode of 2000 will seem like brotherly love compared with that fury.

Read more:

PAR 08:45:31 GMT - 10/13/2016  
Trump campaign is looking for men inappropriately touched by Hilary ? LOL

Paris ib  08:41:07 GMT - 10/13/2016  
SFH morning. Far out.... what a disgraceful election. And what a way to run a campaign... gross all round. The NYT has finally stopped coming and I am grateful. It made Soviet Union era Pravda look balanced. I'm just glad the U.S. is not my country and I don't have to vote and I can even ignore most of it. I can't see how the U.S. can gain the higher ground after all that has been done since the election of George W. Bush.

Financial market implications are more interesting. The vulnerable spot is foreign funding of the U.S. Government. So the Bond market needs to be watched carefully. IMVHO the only way is down (yields up) bonds get trashed over time. Who would finance this unless they are being coerced?

Christopher Hitchens on the Clinton Foundation

LONDON SFH  08:34:36 GMT - 10/13/2016  
Good morning ib

The US have surpassed themselves this time in picking 2 outstandingly poor candidates for President. Hilary does scare me more as I would have some faith in the US Govt machine to protect us from the worst of Trump. Hilary is so devious she would find ways around it to put her plans into action

Paris ib  08:31:16 GMT - 10/13/2016  
"clear victory for Hillary Clinton would create even greater problems... her militant interventionist foreign policies are terrifying..... But I genuinely tremble at the thought of Mrs Clinton in the White House."

Looking Forward

Paris ib  13:43:22 GMT - 05/04/2016  
Well personally I would be happy to see Trump win but it ain't gonna happen. It's a dog and pony show. Get ready for Hillary.

Paris ib  13:20:55 GMT - 05/04/2016  
JP I don't. The next war will be fought on financial markets. The Yanks would love a military conflict - they are armed to the teeth - but I don't think that is going to happen.

What it does mean is that the standing of the U.S. and the USD in the world will fall even further. Any attempt to jimmy up more military battlegrounds will only accelerate that process IMVHO.

Paris ib  13:18:50 GMT - 05/04/2016  
"The way the political process works is that they give us two of their choices so that we have the illusion that we’re participating in who our leaders are."....

Ted Cruz... and the Ukraine and Monsanto and GMOs

Mtl JP  13:16:39 GMT - 05/04/2016  
ib 13:14 IF you think it means more war get some bullet and bomb making stocks

Paris ib  13:14:29 GMT - 05/04/2016  
So Hillary Clinton is basically a shoe-in for the Presidency. What does that mean? Almost certainly more war. She was front and centre on the attack on Libya. Syria must be in her cross hairs. Russia? China?

Her economic policies are what? She was pro this TTIP thing which, I think, just died.

Bit surprised that the press in Europe only just noticed where that was going. Bet the Chinese didn't.

The TTIP that died

dc CB  02:41:52 GMT - 04/01/2016  
Hillary On Area 51 Secrets: 'I Think We Ought To Share It With The Public'

"Hillary Clinton says barring any national security risk, she would like to open up the government files on Area 51 to the public if she is elected president. "I would like us to go into those files and hopefully make as much of that public as possible," she told Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night on his late night ABC talk show. "If there's nothing there, let's tell people there's nothing there." When Kimmel followed up by asking what she would do if she discovered there was actually something alarming in the files, Clinton replied: "Well, if there is something there, unless it's a threat to national security, I think we ought to share it with the public.

dc CB  19:54:29 GMT - 03/31/2016  
Bill got one of these on Air Force One .... seems to run in the family

Hillary Clinton’s $600 haircut ties up traffic

Paris ib  16:06:33 GMT - 03/31/2016  
This guy seems to have a bead on the situation.

Dinesh D'Souza looks back at "2016: Obama's America" to see what predicitions have come true.

Paris ib  15:40:57 GMT - 03/31/2016  
“We should never confuse who we want to win, with who is going to win,” he added. “You asked who is going to be. I think Hillary is going to be, because their game is really good. They fight like it matters to them.”
Dinesh D’Souza

Does no-one here think that Hillary is a shoe-in? Really?

The Big Criminals are at Large

Paris ib  09:21:13 GMT - 03/31/2016  
How does the Clinton Presidency impact the USD.

FWIW I think you guys are being punked. Distracted by the Trump Hoo Haa. He will self destruct on command. Just look at his latest abortion comment. And more to come. I don't believe the guy even wants the Presidency but he seems to be part of the game plan. While everyone focuses on Trump Clinton gets the nomination and at that point the Presidency is in the bag.

What's it mean for the USD? Any clues?

John Pilger on the Election

dc CB  17:16:45 GMT - 03/03/2016  
Gary Gensler is her Campaign CFO, and no doubt would be named as her choice for Treas Secy.

Funny how he's never brought up when her "opponents" question here Wall Street connections and the speaking fees.

Paris ib  17:10:22 GMT - 03/03/2016  
"Looking ahead to the November 2016 US presidential election, I see clear signs that Google is backing Hillary Clinton. In April 2015, Clinton hired Stephanie Hannon away from Google to be her chief technology officer and, a few months ago, Eric Schmidt, chairman of the holding company that controls Google, set up a semi-secret company – The Groundwork – for the specific purpose of putting Clinton in office. The formation of The Groundwork prompted Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, to dub Google Clinton’s ‘secret weapon’ in her quest for the US presidency."

Seriously what are the financial market implications of a Clinton Presidency?

The Google Election

Mtl JP  16:23:53 GMT - 03/03/2016  
ib see Jay Meisler 16:01 ?

Paris ib  16:21:32 GMT - 03/03/2016  


dc CB  15:05:57 GMT - 03/03/2016  
Arrest & prosecute Bill Clinton for Violation of Mass. Election Laws. Petitioning Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey

Paris ib  14:56:50 GMT - 03/03/2016  
FWIW I believe Clinton will be the next President. Does it matter though?

To me this whole process looks a bit set up. All Trump has to do is run his mouth off a bit more - and he will - and middle class America will abandon him. So the voters will be left with one choice: Hillary. This is just another pre-planned election IMVHO. Trump is a temporary distraction. What happens when Hillary wins?

Should we care?

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