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GVI Trading Room john  16:17:24 GMT - 06/07/2016  
German 10-yr at a record low 0.50% -3.5bp.

PAR 16:09:55 GMT - 06/07/2016  
What about European sovereign and corporate bonds . The insiders already know which bonds Capo di Capi Don Mario has selected to buy .

Cape May jb  16:05:03 GMT - 06/07/2016  
PAR in which instruments do they front run the ECB? tia

PAR 15:44:36 GMT - 06/07/2016  
European banks and hedgies frontrunning the ECB .

Classical case of Mario sponsored insider trading . Central planning corrupts the market and makes the ECB apparatschiks very rich .

Free market economics is dead .

tokyo joyya  15:14:50 GMT - 06/07/2016  
closed nice 40/50pips....long from 1.4365 and 153 still keep till 23june..

tokyo joyya  14:56:13 GMT - 06/07/2016  

Entry: Target: Stop:
buy more 1.453 and 155.8 gbp...

Livingston nh  14:34:14 GMT - 06/07/2016  
EUR/CHF may be a good indicator for Brexit fear effect in the EU

Livingston nh  14:25:18 GMT - 06/07/2016  
EU peripheral 10 yrs are being bought - German 5 yrs negative yield // US looks to be pushing the Fed into Sept

nw kw  13:39:14 GMT - 06/07/2016  
gbpaud started big fight so awaiting out casted or aud funding gbp.

Livingston nh  20:48:35 GMT - 06/06/2016  
JP - indeed, this is the best of all possible worlds // the nice Fed lady took out reference to "coming months" that she had scared folks w/ just a few days ago - stox fell sharply on Friday's open but then realized the "bad" employment figures meant that the nice Fed lady would maintain the needed dosage of SOMA

Peachy, indeed

Mtl JP  20:30:21 GMT - 06/06/2016  
U.S. 2 Year Treasury 0.7953 %
Germany 2 Year Bond -0.544 %

Mtl JP  20:24:03 GMT - 06/06/2016  
nh S&P 500 at highest close ytd says things are peachy

Mtl JP  20:12:41 GMT - 06/06/2016  
she believes !!!! rofl

ok, is yellen really economically stupid,
is she a political hack peddling 0bama's fiction of a "recovery"
does she think players will continue to swallow her conditional provisos bullsh!t ?

Lets see some bets on her raising rates. During her mandate.
Bets on her credibility with players.

..."I continue to believe that it will be appropriate to gradually reduce the degree of monetary policy accommodation, provided that labor market conditions strengthen further and inflation continues to make progress toward our 2 percent objective"... - janet

Livingston nh  19:37:50 GMT - 06/06/2016  
This morning's gap opening SPX is tomorrow's target (~2098 is the first level to take a look around)

AUD w/ a dovish RBA comment to counter Yellen could take away much of the bounce

Mtl JP  19:30:19 GMT - 06/06/2016  
while yellen ooohh, ahhhh , ehhhemed inspirational rationalizationing burblings, long stocks and Gold players are riding on her back.
To the bank.

GVI Trading Room john  19:06:25 GMT - 06/06/2016  
Fed single Rate Hike Odds
June 15 4%
July 27 24%
December 91%

dc CB  17:25:19 GMT - 06/06/2016  
SPY ETF hits new high --- Yellen never one to stand in the way of a good rally.....

london red  17:14:42 GMT - 06/06/2016  
11356/8 daily close abv or below will dictate near term trend. bull trap if not secured today and 11305/11280 dip poss in that case before buyers return. close abv 11356/8 points to 11419/32/49 before nxt retracement. s/t hour close if at or below 11358 means top side done s/t. below 11370 an earlier clue.

tokyo joyya  17:01:48 GMT - 06/06/2016  
looks to me eurusd today close around 1.145 bcoz boys and girls still selling....

GVI Trading Room john  16:57:38 GMT - 06/06/2016  
Equities not liking the prospect of a hawkish Fed, but I don't believe in deed they will be hawkish. They will talk tough and do nothing.

austin mw  16:56:12 GMT - 06/06/2016  
email sent Jay

Livingston nh  16:52:37 GMT - 06/06/2016  
Stox a bit fearful of getting future "fix" (chart went neg just b4 Yellen) -- Treasurys hardly moving (curve a bit flatter)

Coy is only cute a couple of times then it gets old fast

GVI Trading Room Jay Meisler  16:50:53 GMT - 06/06/2016  
Austin mw, can you email me [email protected]

prague viktor  16:49:57 GMT - 06/06/2016  
Red do u see the Brexit as a real threat to the UK economy? and in case that happen where do u see the level to buy the GBP/USD and GBP/EUR TIA.

austin mw  16:49:37 GMT - 06/06/2016  
Far more hawkish given nfp on friday. Basically circle July meeting

london red  16:47:12 GMT - 06/06/2016  
top stops not done yet, abv friday high gets them. fade the 80 if seen stop a dozen or so shud do it. if doesnt work going north of 114 but see no catalyst for that today.

GVI Trading Room john  16:47:06 GMT - 06/06/2016  
I think she sees her role as a cheerleader for the economy. Her job is to promote growth not undermine it.

tokyo joyya  16:45:47 GMT - 06/06/2016  
dc CB 16:43 GMT 06/06/2016

do not take her seriours she is seems just a big joke....hahaha

GVI Trading Room john  16:45:13 GMT - 06/06/2016  
Yellen not saying much. Clinging to her rate hike scenario. Dismisses making policy based on a single data point. Lots of "on one hand and then on the other".

dc CB  16:43:11 GMT - 06/06/2016  
Yellen=an excuse to run stops, top and bottom.

london red  16:35:17 GMT - 06/06/2016  
less dovish then expected. but says may jobs a concern, so make june jobs key. brexit may take on greater imp by then however. but if no brexit, july jobs binary.

GVI Trading Room john  16:29:53 GMT - 06/06/2016  
10-yr 1.734%

GVI Trading Room john  15:59:05 GMT - 06/06/2016  
Yellen in 30 mins.

dc CB  14:59:15 GMT - 06/06/2016  
By the Script trading today in SToX.
The Invisible Hand ramped exactly on the european open 3:00AM EDT...for 50 Dow pts in 1hr.

The Hand returned at the US Open for another 50 in 30mins.

The Hand is now working on a 200Pt +++ day

GVI Trading Room john  11:34:40 GMT - 06/06/2016  
DAX +8
DJ +32
SP +3

US 1.723 +2.0
DE 0.077% +0.6
JP -11.6% -1.7

EUR crosses mixed
WTI $49.15 +0.53

GVI Trading Room john  10:36:35 GMT - 06/06/2016  
Fed Funds Odds for ONE hike by:
June 15 6%
July 27 34%
Dec 15 93%

GVI Trading Room john  10:27:40 GMT - 06/06/2016  
Sentiment//Bias Indicators
EURUSD 1.1344
20-day avg 1.1231
Pivot Point 1.1281

Fed Funds Indicator suggests EURUSD currently has more upside potential. Pivot point flips to above 20-day avg. Spot EURUSD above 20-day. I would not thought that possible before Friday jobs data. By the pure data bias for EURUSD is now to the upside.

Mtl JP  10:20:54 GMT - 06/06/2016  
forecasters shmucasters
more importantly players are p!ss!ng on prospects of chicken Janet continuing cheap and accessible fiat. Players suddenly suddenly realizing that the economy is in the toilet and that more cheap money is not doing what is alleged it would be doing (support the econmy bullsh!t)

Yellen will be needing to convince players that the FED and her gang's smoke signals are credible and relevant.

yellen has credibility issue on hands

GVI Trading Room john  09:21:55 GMT - 06/06/2016  

08:10 EZ- Retail PMI
16:30 US- Yellen Speech
04:30 AU- RBA Decision
09:00 EZ- GDP
23:50 JP- GDP
06:15 CH- CPI
14:30 US- Crude
21:00 NZ- RBNZ Decision
00:00 CN- Holiday
01:30 CN- CPI
08:30 GB- Trade
12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
00:00 CN- Holiday
12:30 CA- Employment
12:30 US- Productivity
14:00 US- University of Michigan

Trading Themes --
  • The weak May U.S. jobs data released on Friday were completely missed by high-profile forecasters, who had become too narrowly focused on how many rate hikes the Fed would announce before the end of the year. Whether or not the report is a game-changer will depend on the course of future data. The EURUSD traded up sharply Friday and USDJPY fell.

  • Fed Chair Yellen was already slated to speak on the economy today from Philadelphia well before the May Jobs report. Undoubtely she will say in one way or another that the Fed does not set policy based on a single data point. I expect her to be cautious today ahead of the FOMC in just over one week's time. There is no doubt that the report must be a source of worry at the central bank.

  • The GBP is under new pressure Monday following a couple of key polls that showing "Leave" voters moving ahead of "Stay" in results released over the weekend. Immigration is becoming a lead issue. The Brexit vote is now just over two weeks away (June 23).

John M. Bland, MBA

Sydney ACC  00:32:45 GMT - 06/06/2016  
The Telegraph is probably the most Conservative British newspaper.
Of the 19,000 subscribers polled its likely 18,999 would want Margaret Thatcher canonised.

dc CB  23:18:17 GMT - 06/05/2016  
this, for one

A survey of nearly 19,000 subscribers found that 69 per cent are intending to back a Brexit at the June 23 referendum.

Those surveyed also overwhelmingly back Boris Johnson to become the next leader of the Conservative Party, with 42 per cent saying they would “prefer” him to succeed David Cameron.

EU referendum: Telegraph subscribers say they back a Brexit

NY JM  23:13:11 GMT - 06/05/2016  
Sterling getting hit. Is there a new Brexit poll out?

dc CB  22:45:41 GMT - 06/05/2016  
there are 3 US auctions this week. 3, 10, and 30

You thing Janet is gonna F*^k with that Yield "gift" that dropped from the heavens on Friday by saying something untoward?

GVI Trading Room john  20:54:37 GMT - 06/05/2016  
The major event of the week likely be this Monday afternoon in the States...

June 6 Speech - Chair Janet L. Yellen
Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy
To the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa.
12:30 p.m. ET

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Mon 27 May 2019
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A 14:00 US- Consumer Confidence
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Wed 29 May 2019
A 08:55 DE- Employment
AA 18:00 US- BOC Decision
A 18:30 US- EIA Crude
Thu 30 Mar 2019
AAEZ/CH- Holiday
A 12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
Fri 31 Mar 2019
AA 10:00 EZ- Flash HICP
A 12:30 US- Personal Income, Spending, Deflator
AA 14:00 US- Final Univ of Michigan

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