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GVI Trading Room john bland  08:00:20 GMT - 09/05/2016  
Final Service PMI July 2016


EZ- Final Service PMI
52.8 vs. 53.1 exp. vs. 53.1 (flash)
52.3 vs. 52.0 exp. vs. 52.0 (flash)
51.7 vs. 53.3 exp. vs. 53.3 (flash)

Markit PMI Press Release

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GVI Trading Room john bland  08:01:32 GMT - 09/05/2016  
EZ Final Service PMIs being revised mostly lower.

GVI Trading Room john bland  08:30:14 GMT - 09/05/2016  
GB Services PMI August 2016
U.K. Charts


52.9 vs. 50.0 exp. vs. 47.4 prev.

Markit PMI Press Release

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GVI Trading Room john bland  08:31:40 GMT - 09/05/2016  
Big beat in UK Service PMI in line with other UK data that corrected after being marked down post-Brexit. Mean reversion?

kl shawn  08:34:30 GMT - 09/05/2016  
john, you suggesting buy big with no hesitation?

kl shawn  08:34:52 GMT - 09/05/2016  
...cable..that is

GVI Trading Room john bland  09:01:57 GMT - 09/05/2016  
Eurozone Retail Sales July 2016

mm: +1.10% vs +0.00% exp. vs. +0.00% (r -0.10%) prev.
yy: +2.90% vs. +1.80% exp. vs. +1.60% (r +1.70% ) prev.

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GVI Trading Room john bland  09:03:20 GMT - 09/05/2016  
EZ Retail Sales beat expectations.

GVI Trading Room john bland  09:40:55 GMT - 09/05/2016  
Saudi Arabia and Russia sign agreement: Await details

Source: TTN

GVI Trading Room john bland  09:43:50 GMT - 09/05/2016  
Reportedly they discussed oil markets and "technology cooperation"...

GVI Trading Room john bland  09:55:13 GMT - 09/05/2016  
Crude announcement appears to be less than hoped for.

GVI Trading Room john bland  10:14:30 GMT - 09/05/2016  
Saudis: no need for production freeze at this time.

kl shawn  10:27:49 GMT - 09/05/2016  
crap, then what was all the buying there for...should get sold off out of this disappointment

Livingston nh  13:38:13 GMT - 09/05/2016  
G-20 effect on anything = 0000 // China continues to overproduce steel and Oil continues to flood the market -- neither of these situations will improve w/o tariffs, globalization and free trade will contract // Merkel's CDU loses out to anti-immigrant party and immigration woes continue to pile up

ECB this week - not much on offer? // Anybody see a BoC move?

Mtl JP  16:49:59 GMT - 09/05/2016  
nh 13:38 - plz tell usdcad that "Oil continues to flood the market" :-)

nw kw  17:22:12 GMT - 09/05/2016  
cad on gdp strength/ china on consumer improvements/ aud on might be rba looking to up for investments /nzd milk run/

Mtl JP  18:53:43 GMT - 09/05/2016  
numbnuts with some good news, takes no credit:

Japan's Abe tells G20 global economy downside risk increasing

Mtl JP  19:02:32 GMT - 09/05/2016  
it is raining numbnuts:

BOJ may deepen negative rates if more easing needed: ex-BOJ Shirai

Livingston nh  20:01:21 GMT - 09/05/2016  
JP - I've sent the memo re:OIL

GVI Trading Room john bland  08:02:07 GMT - 09/06/2016  
Swiss August 2016

mm: -0.10% vs. -0.10% exp. vs. -0.40% prev.
yy: -0.10% vs. -0.10% exp. vs. -0.20% prev.

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EARLIER: Swiss CPI (y/y) Deflation persists

GVI Trading Room john bland  08:12:41 GMT - 09/06/2016  
Retail PMI August 2016


51.0 vs. n/a exp. vs. 48.9

Markit PMI Press Release

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GVI Trading Room john bland  09:01:10 GMT - 09/06/2016  
Eurozone GDP 2Q16
Global-VIew EZ and German Charts

Data News ALERT
qq: +0.30% vs. +0.30% exp. vs. +0.30% (r ) prev.
yy: +1.60% vs. +1.60% exp. vs. +1.60% (r ) prev.

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target="_blank">Eurozone GDP Data

Mtl JP  11:50:33 GMT - 09/06/2016  
Livingston nh - prepare for gv calendar's tomorrow event :
A CA BOC Rates 0.50% 0.50%
every economist surveyed expects no change from Poloz and his gang
Odds of:
rate rise: 0.00
staying pat:0.99
rate cut: 0.01
Bottom Line
tiny room for a surprise, usdcad BoD

Livingston nh  11:57:11 GMT - 09/06/2016  
JP - thanx -- seems all the currency devaluates are waiting for the Fed to bail them out

Mtl JP  12:04:41 GMT - 09/06/2016  
Fed gang member Williams yaks today

GVI Trading Room john bland  14:00:34 GMT - 09/06/2016  
U.S. ISM Services PMI August 2016
MORE: U.S. Data Charts

51.4 vs. 55.3 exp. vs. 55.5 prev.
Employment sub-component
50.7 vs. 51.4 prev.


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GVI Trading Room john bland  14:01:32 GMT - 09/06/2016  
Big miss in ISM Service PMI

Mtl JP  14:05:58 GMT - 09/06/2016  
lets see if eurdlr will try something with its range's 1.1250-ish topside
tia for guesses

Mtl JP  14:51:59 GMT - 09/06/2016  
be nice to see some future tense verbs about 1.1253

GVI Trading Room john bland  14:56:39 GMT - 09/06/2016  
10-yr 1.556% -5.2bp vs. 1.609% early.

So what ls the Fed going to do now?

Earlier today (supposedly another Yellen favored index).
(US) Aug Labor Market Conditions Index Change: -0.7 v +1.0 prior - Source

Mtl JP  15:01:31 GMT - 09/06/2016  
So what ls the Fed going to do now?
A: when you cant hit the target adjust the goal post.

Mtl JP  15:27:55 GMT - 09/06/2016  
players are already or will soon start to make odds on
gv calendar's
08/09/16 11:45 A EZ Europe Cntl Bank 0.05% 0.05%

Mtl JP  15:44:46 GMT - 09/06/2016  
numbnuts mario probably contemplating what to say about his QE program. originally was scheduled to die in sept 2016 it appears to have topped a trillion euros in govt paper and recently suffered the embarrassment of folks not wanting to let go of their govvy paper in exchange for his euros.

GVI Trading Room john bland  08:31:58 GMT - 09/07/2016  
UK Industrial/Manufacturing Output July 2016


Ind mm: +0.10% vs. -0.20% exp. vs. +0.10% prev.
Mfg mm: -0.90% vs. -0.30% exp. vs. -0.30% (r -0.20% ) prev.

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GVI Trading Room john bland  08:33:45 GMT - 09/07/2016  
Mixed U.K. data Manufacturing output weak.

kl shawn  08:36:20 GMT - 09/07/2016  
buy usd today for bounce?

GVI Trading Room john bland  13:04:18 GMT - 09/07/2016  
Hearing GS lowering its odds for a September Fed hike to 40% from 55% post-Employment data.

GVI Trading Room john bland  13:25:02 GMT - 09/07/2016  
-- Serene about decisions made before Brexit
-- August stimulus package timely and coherent

Source: TTN

GVI Trading Room john bland  13:25:58 GMT - 09/07/2016  
Carney testimony on Bloomberg TV in U.S.

Mtl JP  13:26:09 GMT - 09/07/2016  
serene: calm, peaceful, and untroubled; tranquil

GVI Trading Room john bland  13:37:16 GMT - 09/07/2016  
-- Sometimes useful to let FX market know there is a two-way risk to avoid "piling on".

GVI Trading Room john bland  13:47:33 GMT - 09/07/2016  
Carney: GDP data suggest economy is a bit stronger than BOE forecast and BOE forecasts higher than private sector forecast.

GVI Trading Room john bland  14:00:03 GMT - 09/07/2016  
September 2016 Bank of Canada Policy Decision

target unchanged at 0.50%

RELEASE: Bank of Canada

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GVI Trading Room john bland  14:00:37 GMT - 09/07/2016  
U.S. BLS JOLTS Survey July 2016
U.S. Data Charts

mln: 5.870 vs. 5.580 exp. vs. 5.624 prev (r 5.640) rev.

BLS: Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary

GVI Trading Room john bland  14:00:59 GMT - 09/07/2016  
Canada Ivey PMI (sa) August 2016

52.3 vs. 55.5 exp. vs. 57.1 prev.

RELEASE: Ivey Purchasing Managers Report

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GVI Trading Room john bland  14:02:48 GMT - 09/07/2016  
BOC GDP held back by wildfires.

GVI Trading Room john bland  14:04:40 GMT - 09/07/2016  
JOLTS data stronger than expected.

GVI Trading Room john bland  14:21:21 GMT - 09/07/2016  
Canadian PMIs (Ivey and RBC-Markit). Ivey PMI weaker. It is hard to trust the Ivey PMI.

GVI Trading Room john bland  14:38:23 GMT - 09/07/2016  
-- inflation risks have receded thanks to BOE actions.

Kl Fs  14:40:49 GMT - 09/07/2016  
I am confused. So sell cable ?

Mtl JP  14:45:40 GMT - 09/07/2016  
when confused = do not trade
wait for fog to clear

Mtl JP  14:57:07 GMT - 09/07/2016  
according to carney: "There's less risk of recession now compared with before Brexit referendum"

LONDON SFH  14:59:39 GMT - 09/07/2016  
HE is a genius.... So why is he in favour of more easing?

LONDON SFH  15:03:17 GMT - 09/07/2016  
You could also ask why he eased so quickly also

Mtl JP  15:11:43 GMT - 09/07/2016  
because on Aug. 4th (rate cut and quantitative easing announcement), the rockstar of central banking believed his own b/s that he needed to meddle because the Brexit vote had caused the pound to dive and that the “outlook for growth in the short to medium term has weakened markedly."

nevermind that a weaker pound is a good thing on one hand.... lol
this fiat-promoting cretin is as entertaining as any that is trapped in his own cesspool of bull$h!t

LONDON SFH  15:15:10 GMT - 09/07/2016  
haha....very true....he isn't out of b/s ammo tho!


That sounds like an intelligent man

Mtl JP  15:16:58 GMT - 09/07/2016  
what is pathetic - if not ridiculous - about "August stimulus package timely and coherent" - john bland 13:25, is the apparent claim that carney's monetary policy boosted past economic numbers

LONDON SFH  15:30:00 GMT - 09/07/2016  
....told you he was clever

Mtl JP  15:33:34 GMT - 09/07/2016  
is that what gbpusd bounced up on from 1.3335 ?

HK [email protected]  15:34:53 GMT - 09/07/2016  


So what he wants to say? Pound is a very good currency? Buy now!

LONDON SFH  15:36:10 GMT - 09/07/2016  

He said a lot of b/s... Coudl have been any of it

LONDON SFH  15:37:37 GMT - 09/07/2016  

What he means is: I am a great guy, a proper wizard....I have steered the economy through the brexit and you should buy gbp now cos I am a God and you will do as I say

Mtl JP  15:39:25 GMT - 09/07/2016  
did he address the issue of dire Brexit vote predictions of financial trading outfits leaving London yet ?

LONDON SFH  15:43:23 GMT - 09/07/2016  
Mtl JP 15:39 GMT 09/07/2016

Yeah he said London is a shitthole and everyone will leave....course he didnt...

Mtl JP  15:59:20 GMT - 09/07/2016  
SFH 15:37 and 15:43 as "a great guy, a proper wizard.... a God" he deserves a raise and a move to appropriately reflective of stature digs !

never mind that his (and ever fiat-peddling monetary policymaker) should have their next meal (and pension) depend on performance

GVI Trading Room john bland  18:07:08 GMT - 09/07/2016  
U.S. Fed Beige Book
U.S. Data Charts

Economy contiued to expand at modest pace. Modest upward pressure on wages.

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dc CB  18:12:32 GMT - 09/07/2016  
we haven't seen the 2:15 running for quite some time.

GVI Trading Room john bland  20:41:52 GMT - 09/07/2016  
US Weekly API Crude

Reportedly -12.100 mn vs. -0.100 mn exp

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GVI Trading Room john bland  20:42:23 GMT - 09/07/2016  
CO higher.

dc CB  20:43:29 GMT - 09/07/2016  

Crude -12.08mm (exp +905k)
Cushing -0.7mm (exp -900k)
Gasoline -2.388mm (exp -750k)
Distillates +944k

sent from my other Blackberry

dc CB  20:48:30 GMT - 09/07/2016  
17 years? since a similar drawdown has been seen

sent from another Blackberry


GVI Trading Room john bland  11:45:17 GMT - 09/08/2016  
European Central Bank (ECB) July 2016


Refi Rate Steady at 0.05%
Marginal Lending Rate steady at 0.30%
Deposit Rate steady At -0.40%

Asset Purchases (QE) per mo unchanged at 60bn

Press Release: ECB Decision

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LONDON SFH  11:46:33 GMT - 09/08/2016  

thats the only news

GVI Trading Room john bland  11:49:46 GMT - 09/08/2016  
ECB policy changes announced. Wait now for press conference for details.

Livingston nh  11:53:20 GMT - 09/08/2016  
Action and reaction -- nothing new here so a reaction before DRAGHI speaks

Livingston nh  12:15:19 GMT - 09/08/2016  
So far Tues ISM fig had a bigger effect on EUR

Mtl JP  12:27:23 GMT - 09/08/2016  
nh odds r euro is a sell on pops against 1.1320-ish
does not appear to be very good time to try to get filthy rich off the cretins

LONDON SFH  12:30:48 GMT - 09/08/2016  
Mtl JP 12:27 GMT 09/08/2016

It seems like a popular trade-personally I got long-just below current levels and would t/p at 11350 -go short slightly higher if seen...

london red  12:31:05 GMT - 09/08/2016  
euro. channel res at 11317 and 47. daily straddle about 60 pips so initial sup/res either side. draghi will try to talk dwn but if nothing more, shorts will get squeezed. thru 11350/60 plenty of stops.

GVI Trading Room john bland  12:32:13 GMT - 09/08/2016  
U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims

U.S. Data Charts


Initial Claims (000)
259K vs. 265K exp. vs. 263K (r n/a ) prev.

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Mtl JP  12:38:48 GMT - 09/08/2016  


LONDON SFH  12:42:19 GMT - 09/08/2016  
Spanish 10y bond yields hit an all-time low ahead of the ECB decisions and they are struggling to form a Government with new elections looming. Risk-reward totally on its head....Draghi doing absolutely nothing could cause the EUR to weaken this time given how he seems to be able to make it only stronger when he actually does something.

Mtl JP  12:48:10 GMT - 09/08/2016  
SFH 12:30 nice
I am loading a short 1.1320, tight sl

LONDON SFH  12:49:59 GMT - 09/08/2016  
Good luck with it JP-certainly a lot of jobbing opportunties,,,

GVI Trading Room john bland  12:52:42 GMT - 09/08/2016  
-- expect rates to stay at present or lower levels for extended period
-- baseline scenario subject to downside risks

GVI Trading Room john bland  12:53:53 GMT - 09/08/2016  
Draghi sounding gloomy.

dc CB  12:55:39 GMT - 09/08/2016  


dc CB  12:59:35 GMT - 09/08/2016  
hey PM May: trigger Art 50...get out while the gettin's good.

Mtl JP  13:52:59 GMT - 09/08/2016  
SFH what is your instinct about 1.13 atm ?
I am gunning south

LONDON SFH  13:54:31 GMT - 09/08/2016  
Yeah I agree JP-south but not too far maybe 11280 ish...

Mtl JP  13:59:38 GMT - 09/08/2016  
now that mario is taking his post-conf destressing leak...
if 1.1286 breaks 1.1274 comes on radar

Mtl JP  14:09:45 GMT - 09/08/2016  
how about that : 1.1274 comes on radar
pips in bag

Mtl JP  14:23:32 GMT - 09/08/2016  
gv chartpoint euro Pivot 1.1248

GVI Trading Room john bland  14:33:03 GMT - 09/08/2016  
US EIA Weekly Natural Gas Inventories (bcf)
U.S. Data Charts

+36 vs. +44 exp vs. +51 prev.

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GVI Trading Room john bland  15:08:19 GMT - 09/08/2016  
US EIA Weekly Inventories

U.S. Data Charts

Crude Oil:-14.5 vs. -0.080 exp vs. +2.280 prev.
Gasoline: -4.2 vs. -0.500 exp vs. -0.700 prev.
Distillates: +3.4 vs. +1.000 exp vs. +1.500 prev.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report

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GVI Trading Room john bland  15:09:18 GMT - 09/08/2016  
Crude up on big draws in Crude and Gasoline.

PAR 15:12:35 GMT - 09/08/2016  
This will boost US equities to new record highs . PBR above $ 10,00 .

Mtl JP  15:23:39 GMT - 09/08/2016  
poorly executed communication ?

A Wall Street Journal survey of economists in recent days found that just 13.1% of them expected the Fed to raise rates at its Sept. 20-21 meeting, while 73.8% said policy makers will hold off until their December gathering.

The results suggest Fed officials haven’t swayed many observers’ perception about their next move, despite a steady drumbeat in recent weeks of officials declaring themselves ready to consider an increase in borrowing costs.

GVI Trading Room john bland  08:31:34 GMT - 09/09/2016  
BREAKING NEWS: UK Trade August 2016
U.K. Charts


Total: -11.8 vs. -11.8 exp. vs. -12.4 (r -12.9) prev.

Non-EU: -4.2 vs. -3.6 exp. vs. -4.2 (r -4.7) prev

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GVI Trading Room john bland  08:34:42 GMT - 09/09/2016  
Uk trade performance (after revisions) weaker. Might reflect an increase in demand.

LONDON SFH  08:38:50 GMT - 09/09/2016  

LONDON SFH  08:47:41 GMT - 09/09/2016  
J curve effect on the trade balance....doesnt signal any increase in demand at all

GVI Trading Room john bland  08:58:08 GMT - 09/09/2016  
SFH- good point. For those who don't know what the "j-curve" is, it relates to the initial impact in the terms of trade on an exchange rate move before competitive effects kick in (6 mos or so).

london red  11:13:19 GMT - 09/09/2016  
euro. plenty of lrg expiries today between 112-113 so mkt oscilating within a tight range with a downside slant. mkt shud make its way towards 11194-11235 band and test sup there before a rebound.

Mtl JP  11:15:22 GMT - 09/09/2016  
red tks !
I am also somewhat guided by:
eurdlr Pivot 1.1272
20day 1.1235
50 day 1.1142
200 day 1.1136

london red  11:26:25 GMT - 09/09/2016  
mkt waiting for brainard on monday, the last pre fed. thinking is if normally dovish brainard turns turns more hawkish, rates could go up. but if dovish then any dollar move shud unwind. so dont think we break any big ranges but dollar shud be supported until brainard.

GVI Trading Room john bland  12:21:33 GMT - 09/09/2016  
Rosengren (former dove now moderate)
-- Gradual rate increase appropriate
-- economy resilient despite oversea drag
-- 80-100K jobs increase sufficient keeps unemployment rate steady
-- waiting too long to hike could lead to more pronounced slowdown later

GVI Trading Room john bland  12:22:33 GMT - 09/09/2016  
Market reacting to Rosengren. EURUSD lower.

Mtl JP  12:23:22 GMT - 09/09/2016  
not nuff to bust the 20ma

london red  12:24:35 GMT - 09/09/2016  
2 yards at 11250 likely to limit downside til cut

GVI Trading Room john bland  12:24:49 GMT - 09/09/2016  
Fed leaning against the wind? You never know when these jokers are sending a signal.

Mtl JP  12:25:22 GMT - 09/09/2016  
FED gang member Kaplan - he does not vote - will yak in an hour

Livingston nh  12:25:22 GMT - 09/09/2016  
Interesting that Rosengren has little to say about inflation "too low"

london red  12:26:51 GMT - 09/09/2016  
they need to raise so they can cut. i and many said this years ago. almost always any fed hike has been 100% priced in a wk before meet. we aren't there yet. penny may drop monday. or not.
loonie straddle less than a fig. initial sup/res.

london red  12:28:52 GMT - 09/09/2016  
* 1/2 a fig

GVI Trading Room john bland  12:30:41 GMT - 09/09/2016  
Canada EMPLOYMENT August 2016


Jobs: +26.2 vs. +15.0K exp. vs. -31.2K prev.
Rate: 7.00% vs. 6.90% exp. vs. 6.90% prev.

RELEASE: StatCan Monthy Employment Report

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GVI Trading Room john bland  12:30:41 GMT - 09/09/2016  
Canada EMPLOYMENT August 2016


Jobs: +26.2 vs. +15.0K exp. vs. -31.2K prev.
Rate: 7.00% vs. 6.90% exp. vs. 6.90% prev.

RELEASE: StatCan Monthy Employment Report

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GVI Trading Room john bland  12:31:50 GMT - 09/09/2016  
full time jobs +52.2K
part time -26.0

Strong report

Mtl JP  12:35:24 GMT - 09/09/2016  
strong report ... weaker cad
1.2995 kitching and trail

GVI Trading Room john bland  13:10:47 GMT - 09/09/2016  
-- Odds of a recession "quite low"
-- yield curve no longer as reliable an indicator as it once was

GVI Trading Room john bland  13:13:28 GMT - 09/09/2016  
Keep in mind one role of the Fed is to boost confidence up. Just saying you have to distinguish between cheerleading and forecasts.

GVI Trading Room john bland  13:18:38 GMT - 09/09/2016  
The yield curve is no longer market driven. Its all about central banks loading up on government paper.

swiss frank  13:22:09 GMT - 09/09/2016  
Or unloading....

Mtl JP  13:30:45 GMT - 09/09/2016  
good post, reminder there are two sides to the market even if Cbankers would like to think differently

Mtl JP  13:36:49 GMT - 09/09/2016  
raining parade of FED gang members:
after Kaplan -> dove Tarullo goes live on CNBC at top of the hour

Mtl JP  13:38:19 GMT - 09/09/2016  
what is interesting today is that both stokx and eurdlr are down

GVI Trading Room john bland  13:39:14 GMT - 09/09/2016  
10-yr 1.6610 +6.9 bp

Worry about the Fed driving yields higher. and stocks down. Its all about Fedspeak ahead of Sept 21 meeting. Recall they all have to shut up by next Tuesday (Sept 13).

Higher yields a weight on EURUSD.

dc CB  13:42:45 GMT - 09/09/2016  
Another thought on this. Gold and Silver were off to the races.

Mtl JP  13:47:09 GMT - 09/09/2016  
CB 13:42 buy Gold with euros
or yens

Mtl JP  13:51:31 GMT - 09/09/2016  
what is really beautiful in the sordid world of money whores is the "relative" notion: for one thing to go uP (or DOwn) it has to do so against something else on a relative basis.

This means there is always an opportunity for a trade - a beautiful thing.
Just do not be "patriotic" about some one particular asset.

GVI Trading Room john bland  14:06:47 GMT - 09/09/2016  
U.S. Wholesale Inventories August 2016
U.S. Data Charts

+0.0% vs. +0.10% exp. vs. 0.00% prev.

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GVI Trading Room john bland  14:12:51 GMT - 09/09/2016  
Tarullo (dove)
-- Policy decisions need to be forward looking
-- economic improvements appear to be flattening out

GVI Trading Room john bland  14:12:52 GMT - 09/09/2016  
Tarullo (dove)
-- Policy decisions need to be forward looking
-- economic improvements appear to be flattening out

GVI Trading Room john bland  14:14:49 GMT - 09/09/2016  
Tarullo sounding dovish EURUSD improving asa result. Worried that momentum is slowing.

GVI Trading Room john bland  14:20:05 GMT - 09/09/2016  
These jokers are NOT sending signals to the market. They are just expressing personal opinions. Fed has a ridiculous communications policy. It has to be changed to a consistent message.

Mtl JP  14:27:41 GMT - 09/09/2016  
john r u expecting a silver platter delivery ? surprised u r not calling for abolishing the FED lol

if not happy , ignore and switch to ... say gv chartpoints - a wonderful matrix of better consistency of trade-able numbers.

GVI Trading Room john bland  16:25:05 GMT - 09/09/2016  
Atlanta Fed 3Q16 GDP forecast 3.30% vs 3.50% on September 2
-- TTN

GVI Trading Room john bland  17:04:09 GMT - 09/09/2016  
US Weekly Baker-Hughes Rig Count
U.S. Data Charts

Total (inc gas) U.S.: 508 vs 497 (+11) prev
US (oil):414 vs. 407 (+7) prev

Canada 134 vs. 137 (-3) prev

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Are you looking for your first broker or do you need of a new one? There are more critical things to consider than you might have thought.

We were trading long before there were online brokers. Global-View has been directly involved with the industry since its infancy. We've seen everything and are up-to-data with recent regulatory changes.

Our Best Brokers listing section includes:Forex Broker Reviews, Forex Broker Directory, Forex Broker Comparisons and advice on How to Choose a Forex Broker

If would like guidance, advice, or have any concerns at all ASK US. We are here to help you.

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Currency Trading Tools

  • Live rates, currency news, fx charts. 

  • Research reports and currency forecasts.

  • Foreign Exchange database and history.

  • Weekly economic calendar.

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