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Mtl JP  17:12:52 GMT - 10/21/2016  
Thinking Vladimir will help em make some bucks

GVI Trading john bland  17:05:22 GMT - 10/21/2016  
U.S. rig count rises again. Canada flat.

GVI Trading john bland  17:04:34 GMT - 10/21/2016  
US Weekly Baker-Hughes Rig Count
U.S. Data Charts

Total (inc gas) U.S.: 553 vs 539 (+14) prev
US (oil): 443 vs. 432 (+11) prev

Canada 165 vs. 165 (0) prev

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Mtl JP  16:30:36 GMT - 10/21/2016  
Usdcad 1.333x
Some of my best trades are ones I do not watch every 5 minutes...

dc CB  13:16:53 GMT - 10/21/2016  
Wikileaks just does not stop. One day after dumping over 3,000 emails in its 13th release, WikiLeaks has just released a new batch of emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.

The latest tranche amounts to 1,577 mails, bringing the total released so far to 25,000, or half of the total amount Wikileaks has vowed to release through the election.


GVI Trading john bland  13:03:38 GMT - 10/21/2016  
Belgian Confidence usually a good German IFO indicator.

GVI Trading 13:01:54 GMT - 10/21/2016  

- Source

HK RF@  12:34:10 GMT - 10/21/2016  

The US and Canadian economies are close linked, any opinions.

GVI Trading john bland  12:31:59 GMT - 10/21/2016  
Canada misses across the board...

GVI Trading john bland  12:31:30 GMT - 10/21/2016  
Canada: CPI (September) Retail Sales (August) 2016
Canada Charts

Bank of Canada Core
yy: +1.80% vs. +1.80% exp. vs. +1.80% prev.
mm: +0.10% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. -0.20% prev.
yy: +1.30% vs. +1.50% exp. vs. +1.10% prev.

Retail Sales
Headline:-0.10% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. -0.10% prev.
X-Autos: 0.00% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. -0.10% prev.

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LONDON SFH  12:29:32 GMT - 10/21/2016  
JP-Kuroda has a great sense of humour....he is still convinced they will spark some inflation in Japan from QE

Mtl JP  12:25:21 GMT - 10/21/2016  
Tenous = genious

Mtl JP  12:23:44 GMT - 10/21/2016  
Numnuts Kuroda for Nobel's "tenuous" of economics prize

And some folks think that Trump is an awkward humour dinner party guest...

GVI Trading john bland  10:53:38 GMT - 10/21/2016  

BOJ's Kuroda:
-- will continue extremely accomodative expansive monetary policy
-- expect monetary base to exceed 100% of economy in coming year

wire service

dc CB  21:35:31 GMT - 10/20/2016  
I am concerned that the appointment for Treasury Secretary offers either a great opportunity or a lost one or in one case would create a future problem.

The latter, obviously, is Larry Summers who is an extra bright version of Donald Rumsfeld, arrogantly unpleasant to his subordinates, dismissive to his equals and pandering to his superiors. I spent some time with Neil Rudenstine on Wednesday, and he would use even stronger terms ......

I think the one person with global credibility is Paul Volcker and credibility is as useful a currency as cash for addressing our problems and perhaps even rarer. He was at my house for election eve and did not object to my forwarding his name, but, properly, will not seek it directly.

The answer to the age issue, putting aside that he is demonstrably very active, would be to appoint Tim Geithner as deputy with the clear understanding, but not commitment, that he would succeed in a year or two. Geithner was at my house for dinner last spring with Paul, Felix, Henry Kissinger and a few others to discuss the situation as it then existed, and I was impressed with him, but he seemed a little young (that may be a reflection on me not him) so a few years of seasoning would not be a bad thing. I have talked to John Whitehead, Felix Rohatyn and Joe Flom about this, and they have authorized me to say that they fully support it.

Bob Pirie, founder of Skadden Arps, November 7, 2008

Podesta Email Reveals Why Larry Summers Did Not Become Obama's Treasury Secretary

dc CB  18:07:43 GMT - 10/20/2016  
Dump Number 13 Podesta Data Dump Wikileaks released yet another 3,000; Total Emails Released Is Now 23,423

PAR 17:02:42 GMT - 10/20/2016  
When will the world bank raise inflation forecasts ?

Mtl JP  16:33:23 GMT - 10/20/2016  
World Bank raises 2017 crude-oil price forecast to $55 a barrel

GVI Trading john bland  15:29:24 GMT - 10/20/2016  
Register for the Amazing Trader


Amazing Trader charts updated on your systems

GVI Trading john bland  14:30:21 GMT - 10/20/2016  
US EIA Weekly Natural Gas Inventories (bcf)
U.S. Data Charts

+77 vs. +70 exp vs. +79 prev.

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GVI Trading john bland  14:01:13 GMT - 10/20/2016  
U.S. Existing Homes Sales (mln) September 2016
U.S. Data Charts

5.470 vs. 5.350 exp. vs 5.330 (r 5.300 ) prev.

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GVI Trading john bland  14:00:26 GMT - 10/20/2016  
U.S. Leading Indicators September 2016
U.S. Data Charts

+0.20% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. -0.40% prev.

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GVI Trading Jay Meisler  13:07:17 GMT - 10/20/2016  
Draghi whipsaw - EURUSD falls

08:47 (EU) ECB chief Draghi: ECB will announce what its plans for future months are at its Dec meeting after considering council technical work Q&A

- Held seminar on options regarding tweaks to QE

- an abrupt ending to QE is not a likely outcome, was not discussed

- low rates have worked; negative rates have not harmed monetary policy transmission-

Have not discussed whether interest rates could be cut further

- Much of today's discussion was over any potential asset scarcity if issue became a problem

- no reason to be concerned about bail-in rules, the rules have enough flexibility to deal with different scenarios

- Source

GVI Trading 12:45:40 GMT - 10/20/2016  
EURUSD spikes higher on this

08:43(EU) ECB chief Draghi: Did not discuss QE extension today

- Extraordinary policy measures will not last forever

- Source

GVI Trading john bland  12:35:39 GMT - 10/20/2016  
Standard rhetoric from Draghi so far.

GVI Trading john bland  12:31:07 GMT - 10/20/2016  
U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims

U.S. Data Charts


Initial Claims (000)
260K vs. 250K exp. vs. 240K (r 247K) prev.

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GVI Trading john bland  12:30:57 GMT - 10/20/2016  
U.S. Philly Fed Index October 2016
U.S. Data Charts


+9.7 vs. +5.00 exp. vs. +12.80 prev.

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GVI Trading john bland  12:19:10 GMT - 10/20/2016  
Press conference following the meeting of the Governing Council of the European Central Bank on 20 October 2016 at its premises in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, starting at 14:30 CET:

YouTube live streaming of the press conference

GVI Trading john bland  11:48:12 GMT - 10/20/2016  
ECB keeps policy steady. Main focus remains on December meeting for any policy adjustments.

GVI Trading john bland  11:45:33 GMT - 10/20/2016  
European Central Bank (ECB) October 2016


Refi Rate Steady at 0.00%
Marginal Lending Rate steady at 0.25%
Deposit Rate steady At -0.40%

Asset Purchases (QE) per mo unchanged at 80bn

Press Release: ECB Decision

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GVI Trading john bland  08:33:06 GMT - 10/20/2016  
Mixed Retail Sales after revisions.

GVI Trading john bland  08:30:49 GMT - 10/20/2016  
U.K. Retail Sales September 2016
U.K. Charts


mm: 0.0% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. -0.20% (r 0.0%) prev.
mm: 0.0% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. -0.30% (r -0.10%) prev.

RELEASE: UK Retail Sales

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GVI Trading john bland  07:45:26 GMT - 10/20/2016  
Australia Employment September 2016

Employment: -9.8K vs. +15.0K exp. vs. -3.9K (r -8.6K ) prev.
Rate: 5.605 vs. 5.70% exp. vs. 5.60% prev.

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EARLIER: August Employment data falls. A -50.3K fall in full-time jobs was offset by an increase in part-time work.

Mtl JP  00:28:08 GMT - 10/20/2016  
cretin yak
Dudley "Fed Chair Yellen's comments reflect the consensus of the FOMC"

Mtl JP  23:22:07 GMT - 10/19/2016  
for some good, for others not so good new
but for traders , generally, good news
(volatility and govvy and "expert" meddling = good news)

According to Evans-Pritchard (wonder where is Hils?) :

Fed risks repeating Lehman blunder as US recession storm gathers

Mtl JP  18:48:56 GMT - 10/19/2016  
john how dare you ! contradict the deep state ?

GVI Trading john bland  18:05:27 GMT - 10/19/2016  
I heard yesterday that the number of Americans holding more than one job just reached a near record level. That does not suggest tight labor markets to me...

GVI Trading john bland  18:03:26 GMT - 10/19/2016  
U.S. Fed Beige Book
U.S. Data Charts

Modest to moderate growth. Labor markets tight with modest employment growth. Wage growth steady at modest levels.

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Direct links to primary data sources

GVI Trading john bland  17:53:32 GMT - 10/19/2016  
Fed 's Kaplan
-- expects GDP of 1..75% in 2016
-- will be enough to take slack from workforce


Mtl JP  16:57:39 GMT - 10/19/2016  
Mtl JP 14:26 GMT 10/19/2016 - My Profile
keeping usdcad robot to BoD down to 1.30

oh what a fine trading day it is today
just need one more like it and then another and so on

GVI Trading john bland  14:32:30 GMT - 10/19/2016  
WTI spikes higher on the draw in crude.

GVI Trading john bland  14:31:31 GMT - 10/19/2016  
US EIA Weekly Inventories

U.S. Data Charts

Crude Oil: -5.200 vs. +2.400 exp vs. +4.900 prev.
Distillates: -1.200 vs. -1.250 exp vs. -3.700 prev.
Gasoline: +2.500 vs. -1.300 exp vs. -1.900 prev.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report

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Mtl JP  14:26:01 GMT - 10/19/2016  
keeping usdcad robot to BoD down to 1.30

GVI Trading john bland  14:12:09 GMT - 10/19/2016  
Atlanta Fed 3Q16 GDPNow
est 2.00% vs. 1.90% Oct 14

Source: TTN

GVI Trading john bland  14:08:13 GMT - 10/19/2016  
Release of the Monetary Policy Report - Press conference by Governor Stephen S. Poloz and Senior Deputy Governor Carolyn Wilkins. (11:15 (ET) approx.)

Monetary Policy Report - Press Conference (Webcast) - October 2016

GVI Trading john bland  14:02:11 GMT - 10/19/2016  
Bank of Canada unchanged as expected.

GVI Trading john bland  14:00:21 GMT - 10/19/2016  
October 2016 Bank of Canada Policy Decision

target unchanged at 0.50%

RELEASE: Bank of Canada

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Livingston nh  12:59:51 GMT - 10/19/2016  
Fed's worried about diversity? what's next on the agenda - Global Warming???

GVI Trading john bland  12:53:09 GMT - 10/19/2016  
SF Fed President Williams:
-- No comments on policy.
-- Fed needs more diversity.

wire report

GVI Trading john bland  12:32:49 GMT - 10/19/2016  
You have to figure that the building Permits data must have been leaked?

GVI Trading john bland  12:31:23 GMT - 10/19/2016  
U.S. House Starts & Permits (000) September 2016

Starts: 1.047 vs. 1.175 exp. vs. 1.142 (r 1.150) prev.
Permits: 1.225 vs. 1.165 exp. vs. 1.139 (r )prev.

New Residential Construction

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GVI Trading john bland  08:33:18 GMT - 10/19/2016  
U.K. Employment August/September 2016


Claimant Count (000): +0.7 vs. +3.3 exp. vs. +2.4 (r +7.1) prev.
ILO Rate:4.90% vs. 4.90% exp. vs. 4.90% prev.
earnings: 2.30% vs. 2.30% exp. vs. 2.30% (r 2.40%) prev.
earnings x-bonus:2.30% vs. 2.10% exp. vs. 2.10% (r. +2.20%) prev.

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GVI Trading john bland  07:46:34 GMT - 10/19/2016  

China GDP 3Q16yy

6.70% vs. +6.70% exp. vs. +6.70% prev.

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EARLIER: 2Q16 China GDP in line with street estimates.

Livingston nh  21:39:00 GMT - 10/18/2016  
JP - FIE on goodness FIE - it's not the earth the meek inherit; its the dirt

Vlad will learn

Mtl JP  21:33:04 GMT - 10/18/2016  
nh u forgot to honor mention Vladimir (TIME mags Peacemaker Man of the Year lol)

Livingston nh  21:03:24 GMT - 10/18/2016  
CRUDE - let's see -- 2 things -- OPEC having a problem ahead of the MEETING can't agree on Production (IRAN IRAQ and VZ) and N. Amer drillers coming back // so wk to wk moves can't change LT SUPPLY ( the PROBLEM)

GVI Trading john bland  20:38:04 GMT - 10/18/2016  
Large draw when a build was expected.

GVI Trading john bland  20:36:01 GMT - 10/18/2016  
US Weekly API Crude

Reportedly -3.800 mn vs. +2.400 mn exp

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GVI Trading john bland  14:46:03 GMT - 10/18/2016  
UK High Court ends Article 50 Hearings. Plans to give ruling ASAP

-- TTN

GVI Trading john bland  14:16:21 GMT - 10/18/2016  
Report shooting incident in Dueren, Germany. No details other than police deployed.


GVI Trading john bland  14:01:05 GMT - 10/18/2016  
NAHB dead on estimates.

GVI Trading john bland  14:00:11 GMT - 10/18/2016  
U.S. NAHB Index October 2016
U.S. Data Charts

63 vs. 63 exp. vs. 65 (r) prev.


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GVI Trading john bland  12:36:08 GMT - 10/18/2016  
S&P higher on the data.

GVI Trading john bland  12:33:14 GMT - 10/18/2016  
CPI narrowly mixed relative to estimates.

GVI Trading john bland  12:31:45 GMT - 10/18/2016  
U.S. CPI September 2016
U.S. Data Charts

m/m: +0.30% vs. +0.20% exp. v 0.30% pre
y/y: +1.50% vs. +1.50% exp. v +1.10% pre
y/y: +2.20% vs. +2.30% exp. v +2.20% pre

RELEASE: Consumer Price Index

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kl shawn  09:12:13 GMT - 10/18/2016  
fs, that could change in a blink of an eye
SFH, mug's game. i like that

LONDON SFH  09:10:20 GMT - 10/18/2016  
fs-yes i think we are close to a temporary bottom...more talk on Brexit could resume selling tho'

Stable for now as this court case rumbles on but as I read on 1 commentary this morning trading Sterling right now is somewhat a "mug's game"

kl fs  09:05:07 GMT - 10/18/2016  
SFH, downside is over for now for cable you reckon? seems stabilising and slight upside bias

LONDON SFH  08:59:23 GMT - 10/18/2016  
bali sja 08:55 GMT 10/18/2016

We are at 2% RPI now.....when the FX devaluation comes in we are looking at inflation headlines of 3-4% or more this time next year. 70% of economist forecasting rate cuts from the BOE.....theyve all lost their textbooks and have become headless chickens....Or just idiots

bali sja  08:55:49 GMT - 10/18/2016  
Carney has clearly said BOE will tolerate some inflation overshoot

GVI Trading john bland  08:33:29 GMT - 10/18/2016  
UK inflation hotter than expected. GBP initially spikes higher.

GVI Trading john bland  08:31:57 GMT - 10/18/2016  
U.K. CPI September 2016
U.K. Charts


CPI m/m: +0.20% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. +0.30% prev.
CPI y/y: +1.00% vs. +0.90% exp. vs. +0.80% prev.

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Kl Fs  22:37:16 GMT - 10/17/2016  
Buy usd sell gold?

Livingston nh  22:34:39 GMT - 10/17/2016  
Fischer made clear, despite all the rhetoric, that the Fed is relying on the mythical unknowable R* and he takes his cue from the markets not data dependent (see Fed Funds at prior times when the "preferred" inflation rate was at these levels and unemployment was at 5%) -- and he, like Yellen, was worried about recession issues

GVI Trading john bland  21:46:58 GMT - 10/17/2016  
New Zealand 3Q16 CPI

-- ALERT --

QQ: +0.20% vs. +0.00% exp. vs. +0.40% prev.
YY: +0.20% vs. +0.10% exp. vs. +0.40% prev.

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dc CB  19:14:53 GMT - 10/17/2016  
Dump Number 10

Another 3,183 Podesta Emails In Part 10 Of Data Dump; Total Is Now 15,256

GVI Trading john bland  17:08:54 GMT - 10/17/2016  
Fischer concludes Q&A

Mtl JP  17:06:36 GMT - 10/17/2016  
..."Now, I am sure that the reaction of many of you may be, "Well, if you and your Fed colleagues dislike low interest rates, why not just go ahead and raise them? You are the Federal Reserve, after all." One of my goals today is to convince you that it is not that simple, and that changes in factors over which the Federal Reserve has little influence--such as technological innovation and demographics--are important factors contributing to both short- and long-term interest rates being so low at present.
There are at least three reasons why we should be concerned about such low interest rates. First...

Fischer At The Economic Club Of New York, New York, New York, October 17, 2016, Why Are Interest Rates So Low? Causes And Implications

GVI Trading john bland  16:53:32 GMT - 10/17/2016  
-- not in deep trouble on policy
-- Would not like to raise target level.
-- Should not mess with current framework.
-- Close to inflation target

Source: TTN

GVI Trading john bland  16:23:17 GMT - 10/17/2016  
'Im surprised that Fischer did not say anything. Maybe he has become gun-shy? I don't take this as some sort of signal.

GVI Trading john bland  16:19:07 GMT - 10/17/2016  
-- Low rates make economy more vulnerable to shocks.
-- no comments on future timing of rate increases.

Source: TTN

Mtl JP  15:38:19 GMT - 10/17/2016  
GVI Trading john bland 17:03 GMT October 14, 2016
Rig Counts continue to rise

GVI Trading john bland 17:02 GMT October 14, 2016
US Weekly Baker-Hughes Rig Count
U.S. Data Charts

Total (inc gas) U.S.: 539 vs 524 (+15) prev
US (oil): 432 vs. 428 (+4) prev

and the so what trading opp lesson:
monday crude promptly goes S of $50 by 54 cents, or 1.1%, to $49.81/bbl.

global-view puts out a LOT of data, be it economic or financial.
making use of it and turning it into a trade is a personal responsibility

GVI Trading john bland  13:19:17 GMT - 10/17/2016  
Industrial Production misses modestly.

GVI Trading john bland  13:17:30 GMT - 10/17/2016  
U.S. Industrial Production & Capacity Utilization September 2016
U.S. Data Charts

Ind Production: +0.10% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. -0.40% (r -0.50 ) prev.
Capacity Utilization: 75.4% vs. 75.6 exp. vs. 75.50% (r 75.30%) prev.

RELEASE: Industrial Production & Capacity Utilization

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Haifa ac  12:35:56 GMT - 10/17/2016  
Empire always strikes back.

PAR 12:31:35 GMT - 10/17/2016  
Yellen s idea of running a Red Hot US economy ? LOL

GVI Trading john bland  12:31:00 GMT - 10/17/2016  
Empire PMI much weaker than expected.

GVI Trading john bland  12:30:14 GMT - 10/17/2016  
Empire PMI October 2016
U.S. Data Charts

-6.8 vs. -1.00 vs. -1.99 prev.

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GVI Trading john bland  09:01:00 GMT - 10/17/2016  
Final EZ HICP (CPI) September 2016


yy: +0.40% vs. +0.40% exp. vs. +0.40% prev.

HICP core
yy: +0.80% vs. +0.80% exp. vs. +0.80% prev.

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dc CB  21:24:51 GMT - 10/16/2016  
Hillsborough police are investigating the apparent weekend firebombing of the Orange County Republican headquarters, an incident that one GOP official called an act of “political terrorism.”

Read more here:

Charlotte Observer

dc CB  21:22:16 GMT - 10/16/2016  
and it begins


dc CB  16:41:55 GMT - 10/16/2016  

NINTH Trump accuser comes forward: Clinton donor claims the billionaire kissed her on the mouth in front of her shocked family at Mother's Day lunch at Mar-a-Lago club

Cathy Heller, 63, says Donald Trump forcibly kissed her mouth in 1997
She was at a Mother's Day lunch at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach

Read more:

dc CB  16:33:46 GMT - 10/16/2016  
Dump Number 9

Hillary's "excellent health" medical statement, where once again the media, listed as "AP, Politico, WSJ, WaPo, etc" is exposed as coordinating and colluding with the campaign to send a message that Hillary is in great health.

In the email written in the early hours on Friday, Fallon writes that in the "rollout plan" for that same day, the campaign will "Pitch the first round of stories to the travelling press corps (AP, Politico, WSJ, WaPo, etc) with a 2 pm embargo."

He goes on to say that for these stories "we will provide the full text of HRC’s physician’s letter, summarizing that she is in excellent health and is medically fit to perform the duties of President. We will push that she is the FIRST presidential candidate to release this info."

In further evidence of the prepared media narrative, Fallon points out that "we expect the stories that pop at 2 pm to have headlines such as “CLINTON IN ‘EXCELLENT HEALTH,’ MEDICAL RECORDS SAY” … “CLINTON RELEASES HEALTH REPORT."

Wiki Dump Reveals Heavy Press Collusion Over Hillary's "Excellent Health"

dc CB  19:28:48 GMT - 10/15/2016  
During a campaign rally Saturday in New Hampshire, the GOP presidential nominee compared himself and Clinton to athletes.

"Athletes, they make them take a drug test, right. I think we should take a drug test prior to the debate," Trump said.

"Why don't we do that? We should take a drug test, prior, because I don't know what's going on with her, but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning, and at the end it was like, 'Oh, take me down,' " Trump said, imitating Clinton.

Trump calls for drug test before debate

dc CB  18:19:12 GMT - 10/15/2016  
Dump Number 8
Includes 3 Goldman Sachs Speeches.

click on Attachemnts to get the 3 WordDoc Speeches page.

Hillary Clinton's Three Speeches To Goldman Sachs For Which She Was Paid $675,000

GVI Trading 19:40:43 GMT - 10/14/2016  
15:38 (US) Fed's Dudley (dove, FOMC voter): expects Fed's next rate rise this year; expects rate rise relatively soon
- Fed has not faced urgency to raise rates- a rate rise is not aimed at slowing the economy- there's big uncertainty over outlook limits guidance the Fed can give
- US likely to grow 2-2.5%; inflation to 2% within 2 years

- Source

dc CB  18:54:15 GMT - 10/14/2016  
The press conference started moments ago and here are the highlights: Inappropriate Sexual Conduct With Apprentice Contestant



dc CB  17:38:20 GMT - 10/14/2016  
john bland 17:36 GMT
--high pressure policy may need for full recovery from crisis.

Translation: the FireHose, but we will call it something other than QE this time.

GVI Trading Jay Meisler  17:37:32 GMT - 10/14/2016  

13:30 (US) Fed Chair Yellen: high pressure policy may be needed for full recovery from crisis - comments in Boston

- may want to be extra-accommodative in recoveries
- maintaining accommodation for too long may have costs; costs may include financial instability and inflation
- crisis may have permanently damaged output, forcing policymakers to prepare more aggressive and faster action in future downturn
- more explicit guidance may be needed given that interest rates may stay low for some time and low rates alone may not be adequate to trigger growth in another recession
- policymakers need a better grasp of causes of crises; further studies needed to decide how the labor market conditions influence inflation

- Source

GVI Trading john bland  17:36:03 GMT - 10/14/2016  
--high pressure policy may need for full recovery from crisis


GVI Trading john bland  17:03:03 GMT - 10/14/2016  
Rig Counts continue to rise

GVI Trading john bland  17:02:27 GMT - 10/14/2016  
US Weekly Baker-Hughes Rig Count
U.S. Data Charts

Total (inc gas) U.S.: 539 vs 524 (+15) prev
US (oil): 432 vs. 428 (+4) prev

Canada 165 vs. 165 (0) prev

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Paris ib  16:45:07 GMT - 10/14/2016  
PAR I think of China as this great big take over company, a sort of mega multi national company buying the world. For now. The idea is what? One big world, one big company, one big economy and no choices for the likes of us. Same old, same old.

Paris ib  16:43:43 GMT - 10/14/2016  
nh.... that's the theory isn't it? And yes they can print and say save the Treasury market in theory but if they did that there is no way they can save the USD. So they have to hope that foreign investors DON'T start unloading Treasuries otherwise the USD goes the way of the GBP, with all the consequences... negative and positive.

Mtl JP  16:32:23 GMT - 10/14/2016  
john I argue(d) that one of the biggest scoring Qs in interviewing for FED position is not some wizardry w/math modeling but communication skills , ability to propagandize and to carry lies.

GVI Trading john bland  16:24:57 GMT - 10/14/2016  
JP- you give them to much credit! They would have to know what they were doing to play with us. LOL

Mtl JP  16:17:00 GMT - 10/14/2016  
john they are NOT in lala land.
They ARE toying w/u.

PAR 16:14:55 GMT - 10/14/2016  
Do like France , whenever a French company runs into trouble it is sold to a Chinese (state? ) company .

GVI Trading 16:05:59 GMT - 10/14/2016  
German govt rules out state help for Deutsche Bank.
Officials: state support "inconceivable"

-- wire report

GVI Trading john bland  16:02:22 GMT - 10/14/2016  
I stated earlier that Fed officials such as Rosengren are in La-La-Land.

Fed poised to tighten as the economy slows.

GVI Trading john bland  16:00:50 GMT - 10/14/2016  
Atlanta latest GDPNow forecast 1.90% vs. 2.10% on 10/7

Source: TTN

Livingston nh  15:34:24 GMT - 10/14/2016  
RE: debt - any government that PRINTS its currency can always pay debt -- sovereign debt is just currency with a coiupon

Paris ib  15:27:24 GMT - 10/14/2016  
One thing though, this little achilles heel might just prevent WWIII. So it's not all bad news. :-)

What's at Stake

Paris ib  15:25:40 GMT - 10/14/2016  
"Washington may be forced to renege on its huge debt to Beijing under catastrophic circumstances, says the former head of the Bank of England Mervyn King. He suggests governments could mitigate risk by diversifying their assets.

“Who knows what the future holds, but China and other countries do not want to be in a situation where all their international assets are in effect dependent on the US,” said King, who was the Governor of the Bank of England"....

This was published in RT, so maybe a bit of a political agenda there. But if Lord King said it I guess you have to take notice. Doesn't appear that the Chinese did take notice though. :-)

Mervyn again

Paris ib  15:00:54 GMT - 10/14/2016  
And they brought this guy in special like from Canada. Good move.

A word from Mervyn... nother interesting name

Paris ib  14:57:54 GMT - 10/14/2016  
Not indifferent just powerless but he's gotta say at least he noticed. Yeah too bad about that. Not much I can do. I'll get back to you when I notice the market has settled. Thanks for listening...

Bali Sja  14:56:09 GMT - 10/14/2016  
He is using reverse psychology. He is happy with gbp falling for he does not need to do everything w.r.t brexit. Market takes care of itself for him to sit comfortably

GVI Trading john bland  14:53:50 GMT - 10/14/2016  
ib- agree. No idea what he meant on GBP, but I passed along the comment anyway. I figured he must have been expressing some discontent with the falling exchange rate, but I wasn't positive?

Paris ib  14:50:27 GMT - 10/14/2016  
Does Carney think these types of nonsense comments earn his wages?

GVI Trading john bland  14:49:23 GMT - 10/14/2016  
BOE Carney
-- Not indifferent on GBP, but no magic number on exchange rate.
-- Uncertainty having macroeconomic impact.

Source: TTN

Paris ib  14:47:21 GMT - 10/14/2016  
"China's holdings of U.S. Treasuries fell in July to their lowest since early 2013 as official ownership of U.S. government debt declined for a fourth straight month, data from the U.S. Treasury Department showed on Friday.

China, which remained the bigger U.S. creditor, owned $1.219 trillion of U.S. government debt in July. This was the lowest level since $1.214 trillion in January 2013."

Rote learning will only get you so far. You'd think they'd have learned that rote learning doesn't really work in the real world. Makes obedient citizens but that's about all. That's what tripped the Mandarins up way back when.... Confucian poetry has limited applications.

Some selling

Paris ib  14:43:26 GMT - 10/14/2016  
I do wonder about the Chinese educations system sometimes. Do they even know about Montessori?

China sells some stuff

Paris ib  14:40:07 GMT - 10/14/2016  
They haven't been buying any for AGES. No official signs of them unloading their stash though.

LONDON SFH  14:38:42 GMT - 10/14/2016  
Coming back to USTs though I do have to wonder why the Chinese are so intent on destroying the value of their FX reserves by putting so much of it in $USTs...

Paris ib  14:36:00 GMT - 10/14/2016  
Well let's just say I personally don't find that name inspiring.

LONDON SFH  14:34:54 GMT - 10/14/2016  
Gonna lose their shirt and everything else.. Chuck...dumbass name eh?

Paris ib  14:30:27 GMT - 10/14/2016  
SFH.... lol
You heard the story about the guy from Citibank who said you gotta keep dancing as long as the music plays? Chuck Prince. What a name. Anyhow these guys are still dancing....

PAR 14:15:02 GMT - 10/14/2016  
Another reason for Yellen not to hike rates .

LONDON SFH  14:09:12 GMT - 10/14/2016  
Why are these idiots buying 10y USTs yielding 1.76%

PAR 14:03:40 GMT - 10/14/2016  
Fed , low interest rates, rising oil prices and high healthcare costs are undermining consumer sentiment .

Hilary and Trump not really boosting sentiment .

GVI Trading john bland  14:02:28 GMT - 10/14/2016  
U.S. Business Inventories August 2016
U.S. Data Charts

+0.20% vs. +0.10% exp. vs. 0.00% (r ) prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trading john bland  14:00:15 GMT - 10/14/2016  
Preliminary University of Michigan Sentiment Index October 2016
U.S. Data Charts

87.9 vs. 92.0 exp. vs. 91.2 prev

RELEASE: Index of Consumer Sentiment

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trading john bland  12:34:16 GMT - 10/14/2016  
data mostly USD contructive

GVI Trading john bland  12:30:57 GMT - 10/14/2016  
U.S. PPI September 2016
U.S. Data Charts

Headline: +0.30% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. -0.30% (r. -0.20%) prev.
Core: +0.50% vs. +0.10% exp. vs. -0.10% (r. -0.20%) prev.

RELEASE: Producer Price Index

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trading john bland  12:30:19 GMT - 10/14/2016  
U.S. Advance Retail Sales September 2016
U.S. Data Charts

+0.60% vs. +0.60% exp. vs. -0.30% (r -0.20% )

x-autos & gas: vs. +0.30% exp. vs. -0.10%

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trading john bland  11:44:22 GMT - 10/14/2016  
Rosengren says Fed Funds Futures ~70% odds on a December rate hike are "about right".

GVI Trading john bland  11:37:28 GMT - 10/14/2016  
Rosengren has been drinking the Kool-Aide.

GVI Trading john bland  11:36:29 GMT - 10/14/2016  
Boston Fed President Rosengren:
-- Close to full employment
-- inflation close to target


GVI Trading john bland  10:59:37 GMT - 10/14/2016  
GS Analyst:
-- forecast for BOE rate cut moved from November to February
-- Maintains expectation of additional asset purchases of £50B in 2017
-- Believes BOE follows weaker data rather than act pre-emptively


GVI Trading john bland  07:53:12 GMT - 10/14/2016  
China CPI Septmber 2016

Earlier News Alert
CPI yy: +1.90% vs. +1.60% exp. vs. +1.30% prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

EARLIER China CPI. Inflation at +1.90% yy above expectations.

GVI Trading john bland  17:59:08 GMT - 10/13/2016  
-- sees one hike in 2016 and two in 2017.
-- neutral funds rate around 3.00% -- wants rate hike sooner rather than later

GVI Trading john bland  17:57:30 GMT - 10/13/2016  
Hawker is a non-voter, but will be one next year. Clearly he is a hawk.

GVI Trading john bland  17:55:47 GMT - 10/13/2016  
Philly Fed's Harker
-- Supported September Fed Hike
-- All meetings live
-- Must not get behind the curve
-- May be prudent to hold off in November
-- Election creates uncertainty for Fed

GVI Trading john bland  17:07:55 GMT - 10/13/2016  
30-yr 2.470%
bid-to-cover 2.44 vs 2.13

OK auction

GVI Trading john bland  15:01:55 GMT - 10/13/2016  
Crude lower on data. Markets looking at Distillates and Gasoline in conjunction with crude

GVI Trading john bland  15:00:38 GMT - 10/13/2016  
US EIA Weekly Inventories

U.S. Data Charts

Crude Oil: +4.900 vs. +0.290 exp vs. -3.000 prev.
Gasoline: -1.900 vs. -1.500 exp vs. -2.359 prev.
Distillates:-3.700 vs. -1.500 exp vs. -0.222 prev.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Paris ib  14:30:42 GMT - 10/13/2016  
Don't worry John they'll hide the recession headlines behind some interesting 'war' headlines. No-one will notice.

GVI Trading john bland  14:30:28 GMT - 10/13/2016  
US EIA Weekly Natural Gas Inventories (bcf)
U.S. Data Charts

+79 vs. +85 exp vs. +80 prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trading john bland  14:16:00 GMT - 10/13/2016  
WSJ Survey:
-- 74% of economists see Fed hike in December
-- 20% odds of a recession im 2017
-- 59% odds of recession in next four years

Haifa ac  13:51:47 GMT - 10/13/2016  
Podesta is a small potatoe
the list so far is very dmaging--but will all be swept under the rag by a totally supportive media

Hacked WikiLeaks emails show concerns about Clinton candidacy, email server
By Abby Phillip and John Wagner October 12 at 11:38 PM
WikiLeaks released yet another batch of hacked emails from inside Hillary Clinton’s campaign Wednesday, and with them came another round of embarrassing headlines and new glimpses of internal anxiety over the candidate’s weaknesses

dc CB  13:45:12 GMT - 10/13/2016  
2000 more Podesta Emails just released.

Also earlier

GVI Trading john bland  12:45:17 GMT - 10/13/2016  
I see no impact from Matthew on data. Claims were dead flat (after revisions from a week earlier. We should see a jump in next week's data. Weekly jobless claims have not been telling us much for several years now. It may be a product of the persistently flat economy.

Miami JN  12:34:33 GMT - 10/13/2016  
Jobless claims affected by the hurricane?

GVI Trading john bland  12:32:16 GMT - 10/13/2016  
U.S. Import Prices September 2016
U.S. Data Charts

+0.10% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. -0.20% prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trading john bland  12:30:40 GMT - 10/13/2016  

U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims

U.S. Data Charts


Initial Claims (000)
246K vs. 254K exp. vs. 249K (r 246K ) prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trading john bland  07:55:32 GMT - 10/13/2016  
September 2016 China Trade USDb

- Earlier NEWS --

41.99 vs. 53.0 exp. vs. +52.1b prev.
Exports (y/y): -10.0% vs. -3.0% exp. vs. -2.80% prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

EARLIER China Trade surplus Misses. y/y exports fall by -10.0% y/y.

dc CB  21:21:37 GMT - 10/12/2016  
Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC) announced today that Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John Stumpf has informed the Company’s Board of Directors that he is retiring from the Company and the Board, effective immediately

GVI Trading john bland  20:35:31 GMT - 10/12/2016  
US Weekly API Crude

Reportedly +2.700 mn vs. +0.290 mn exp

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Livingston nh  18:27:48 GMT - 10/12/2016  
ON a light day 3yr auction went off OK and then 10 yr (reopen 2mos in a row) - last Nov to early Jan rates were higher b4 the hike and fell after

PAR 18:27:05 GMT - 10/12/2016  
Yom Kippur. No volume in the markets.

Livingston nh  18:24:30 GMT - 10/12/2016  
Close Call? - Fed uses this more than the old Perils of Pauline or Dudley Do-Right

Cold Feet? -- picture penguins wandering across the icy wasteland following the leader (who is lost)

The Fed is NOT data dependent - there was NOTHING to stop a hike - no international, no market, no data -- you can wait forever for PERFECT

GVI Trading john bland  18:16:03 GMT - 10/12/2016  
PAR- I agree 100%. I was expecting a more hawkish bias. Are they getting cold feet again?

PAR 18:15:01 GMT - 10/12/2016  
US data not really helping rate hike case ,

PAR 18:12:57 GMT - 10/12/2016  
Fed remains data dependent.

PAR 18:10:05 GMT - 10/12/2016  
Nothing new . December will also be a close call.

GVI Trading john bland  18:01:31 GMT - 10/12/2016  
BREAKING NEWS: U.S. July Fed Policy Minutes
U.S. Data Charts

U.S. Fed Policy Minutes
Close call in September

Mixed comments on inflation.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trading john bland  16:32:11 GMT - 10/12/2016  
ECB- could consider temporary deviation from capital key and buying some bonds yielding less than the deposit rate.

--- Wire report

GVI Trading john bland  14:14:36 GMT - 10/12/2016  
-- ready to join oil production freeze if OPEC reaches accord.

GVI Trading john bland  14:02:02 GMT - 10/12/2016  
JOLTS data misses.

GVI Trading john bland  14:01:05 GMT - 10/12/2016  
U.S. BLS JOLTS Survey August 2016
U.S. Data Charts

mln: 5.440 vs. 5.790 exp. vs. 5.870 prev (r 5.830) rev.

BLS: Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trading john bland  13:39:58 GMT - 10/12/2016  
Fed's George no comments on economy.

Livingston nh  13:17:26 GMT - 10/12/2016  
Dudley and the Shell Game -- labor slack at 5%? he should see continued claims every Thursday // inflation (core PCE) at 1.7%? see a 20 yr chart and look for 2% // there are no peas in this game

GVI Trading john bland  13:04:53 GMT - 10/12/2016  
Dudley sounding cautiously dovish.

LONDON SFH  13:04:33 GMT - 10/12/2016  
On the day the Courts hear the case that it is against the law to trigger Article 50 without a Parliamentary vote, the Government feels it is necessary to comment on their view....their timing and record since coming into power has been impecably poor
Cable down to the lows again on Davis's comments...good job...Give the guy a raise

GVI Trading john bland  13:04:16 GMT - 10/12/2016  
NY Fed Dudley
-- inflation a little below our target
-- would like to see rates rise as economy strengthens
-- One reason to be cautious on rate hikes is uncertainty about labor slack.

Source: TTN

LONDON SFH  13:03:42 GMT - 10/12/2016  

*DAVIS SAYS U.K. IS GOING FOR A `BRITISH OPTION' ON stupid are the guys PM May has in charge of the exit strategy!?

GVI Trading john bland  13:00:13 GMT - 10/12/2016  
GBP lower on Brexit headline

GVI Trading john bland  12:59:35 GMT - 10/12/2016  
Brexit Minister Davis:
-- No one will be able to veto referendum result
-- government will decide when to trigger Article 50

Source TTN

PAR 09:24:19 GMT - 10/12/2016  
Markets went from Hard Brexit to Soft Brexit .

May is getting scared by falling pound and huge deficits .

LONDON SFH  09:18:11 GMT - 10/12/2016  
Well it isn't up to him is it....court case starts today on that issue so best he waits until then before opening his mouth and potentially embarrassing himself...

GVI Trading john bland  09:13:23 GMT - 10/12/2016  
UK PM spokesman:
-- there will NOT be a vote on triggering Article 50. Earlier PM May offered Parliament a vote on her Brexit plan.

Source: TTN

Bali Sja  16:58:29 GMT - 10/11/2016  
As i saidbefore those going short usd was completely frog-boiled as in the case of cable

GVI Trading john bland  15:55:11 GMT - 10/11/2016  
Kashkari has political ambitions.

GVI Trading john bland  15:54:18 GMT - 10/11/2016  
Fed's Kashkari
- U.S. should act soon to end too big to fail banks
-- No urgency on rates with inflation undershooting

GVI Trading john bland  15:41:35 GMT - 10/11/2016  
Special OPEC Meeting set for Oct 28-29 in Vienna to set framework for implementing output cut.

GVI Trading john bland  10:11:35 GMT - 10/11/2016  
Earlier ZEW survey beats

GVI Trading john bland  10:10:59 GMT - 10/11/2016  
German ZEW Survey October 2016


Current Situation: vs. +55.4 exp. vs. +55.1 prev.

Economic Expectations: vs. +3.50 exp. vs. +0.50 prev.

RELEASE: German ZEW Survey

TTN: Live News Special Offer

dc CB  20:34:59 GMT - 10/10/2016  
GVI Trading john bland 14:18 GMT
Wikileaks reportedly releases 2K emails related to Hillary campaign. -- press report

Democrats expected the FBI investigation into Clinton's email server to be a major problem—which Donald Trump solved

It was in the best interest of Clinton, and therefore the Democratic Party, that Trump was the Republican presidential nominee. Polls indicated Sen. Rubio, Gov. Kasich, or almost any other establishment Republican would likely beat Clinton in a general election. Even Cruz, who is reviled by most Republicans, would still maintain the ability to rally the Republican Party—especially its wealthy donors—around his candidacy.

All the Clinton campaign had to do was push the mainstream media in the general direction of covering and attacking Trump as though he was the star of the Republican presidential primaries. As the presumed Democratic nominee, whomever she decided to dignify by responding to—whether the comments were directed at her or not—would be presumed to be the spokesperson, or nominee, of the Republican Party.

“Clinton, Trump trade insults as rhetoric heats up between front-runners,” read the headline from a CNN article in September 2015. “Hillary Clinton Seizes On Donald Trump’s Remarks to Galvanize Women,” read a New York Times headline from December. Several media outlets criticized the mainstream media obsession with Trump, but despite a few concerns that the media was propping up his legitimacy as a candidate with their constant news coverage, it continued unabatedly.

WikiLeaks Reveals DNC Elevated Trump to Help Clinton

GVI Trading john bland  18:15:09 GMT - 10/10/2016  
also NBC tends to be heavily biased pro-Hillary. That makes their polls useless.

Mtl JP  16:55:57 GMT - 10/10/2016  
Thnx. That is a historical one then

GVI Trading john bland  16:38:04 GMT - 10/10/2016  
After Trump tape

Mtl JP  16:37:05 GMT - 10/10/2016  
Poll before or after debate ?

GVI Trading john bland  16:36:01 GMT - 10/10/2016  
After "Trump tape" NBC/WSJ Poll
Clinton ahead of Trump
52-38% in two-way ballot
46-35% in 4-way ballot


GVI Trading john bland  14:18:07 GMT - 10/10/2016  
Wikileaks reportedly releases 2K emails related to Hillary campaign. -- press report

Mtl JP  13:43:21 GMT - 10/10/2016  
Just yak... Just yak for now
Vlad is having fun

GVI Trading john bland  13:21:20 GMT - 10/10/2016  
Saudi Oil Min:
-- oil supply talks moving in right direction
-- will reach consensus , but noe announcement due soon

Source: TTN

GVI Trading john bland  13:19:45 GMT - 10/10/2016  
-- Ready to in joint efforts to curb oil production
-- Russia supports efforts to freeze and even reduce global output

Source: wire report

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