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GVI Trading john bland  22:40:26 GMT - 11/11/2016  
nh- probably so. I think longer term it depends on crude price.

Livingston nh  21:27:49 GMT - 11/11/2016  
John - I think the rig count may start to rise more quickly (maybe an oil import tariff) -- and some pipelines being built

london red  19:26:58 GMT - 11/11/2016  
10yr futs drifting lower all afta almost at lows again. last chance for yen to hv a crack at 107. channel line now about 80/81. if beaten shud c road to test barrier.

GVI Trading john bland  18:05:23 GMT - 11/11/2016  
US Weekly Baker-Hughes Rig Count
U.S. Data Charts

Total (inc gas) U.S.: 568 vs 569 (-1) prev
US (oil): 453 vs. 450 (+9) prev

Canada 176 vs. 154 (+22) prev

TTN: Live News Special Offer

london red  17:30:17 GMT - 11/11/2016  
yen. 200dma and hourly channel (currently 82) is the tight range. picking up dips has been the way to trade this one NY session. downside stops already done lower down so maybe not much followthru if beaten. topside still there but lrg money sitting on 107 and half a dozen ahead.

PAR 17:17:46 GMT - 11/11/2016  
This stock market rally will be on Obama s track record . Yes we can .

london red  17:06:08 GMT - 11/11/2016  
euro. barriers at 10825 and 108 so likely to be slow going

PAR 17:05:56 GMT - 11/11/2016  
When will Yellen and Lagarde declare their love for Trump ?

PAR 17:03:35 GMT - 11/11/2016  
Boris Johnson suddenly becomes a great fan and admirer of Trump .

Bali Sja  17:03:33 GMT - 11/11/2016  
We will definitely close below 1.09 for euro. Heck, even below 1.0850. Bye euro

PAR 16:53:20 GMT - 11/11/2016  
Buffett says Trump will be great for the stockmarket .

Yes we can .

Trumps win gets him a lot of friends . If you win ,you have friends , nothing else than very good friends .

GVI Trading john bland  16:47:57 GMT - 11/11/2016  
Trump Transition team reportedly doesn't consider full repeal of Dodd-Frank a main focus - press

- Source

london red  15:18:10 GMT - 11/11/2016  
option expiry freed the yen. needs to break 88 then 107 barrier under threat again. soft hourly close with a wick puts a close abv the 200dma under risk.

Paris ib  15:12:57 GMT - 11/11/2016  
First thing: the carry trades get killed. Forced mass exit.

th wh  15:09:24 GMT - 11/11/2016  
Exactly ib right on

Paris ib  15:09:15 GMT - 11/11/2016  
Whoa.... thinking caps on. We are now entering a new era. Rising rates will make a big difference everywhere.

Paris ib  15:08:05 GMT - 11/11/2016  
JP Junker doesn't surprise me. Look at how the French ambassador to the United States reacted to the election. The French bureaucracy is like the Chinese Mandarin class during the Qing dynasty: living in a cosy bubble, inadequately trained, rigid in their thinking, arrogant and totally unable to deal with real change. It did not end well for them.

Gerard Araud will not lose his post.

In 2004 Alain Juppé was tried for the felony of abuse of public funds. He was convicted. Now he is running for President of France and no-one in France finds that odd.

Gerard Araud

GVI Trading john bland  15:01:02 GMT - 11/11/2016  
big beat

GVI Trading john bland  15:00:21 GMT - 11/11/2016  
Preliminary University of Michigan Sentiment Index November 2016
U.S. Data Charts

91.6 vs. 87.5 exp. vs. 87.2 prev

RELEASE: Index of Consumer Sentiment

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GVI Trading john bland  14:59:59 GMT - 11/11/2016  

Paris ib  14:59:05 GMT - 11/11/2016  
Is this a brave new world John? Have things shifted enough already? If so, this could radically alter investment decisions going forward.

GVI Trading john bland  14:56:15 GMT - 11/11/2016  
Clear Message from Fed Vice-Chair Fischer--
Trump election has changed the outlook for Fed policy. Also he confirmed what I have been saying, namely that a stronger fiscal stimulus is welcomed by the central bank.

GVI Trading john bland  14:46:47 GMT - 11/11/2016  
-- we are essentially at full employment
-- problem with growth is productivity
-- very unenthusiastic about negative interest rates
-- "natural interest rate" down considerably
-- fiscal policies could help stimulate growth
-- too early to say how recent rises in interest rates will impact policy
-- when we raise rates nobody can say they were surprised

wire services

Mtl JP  14:15:24 GMT - 11/11/2016  
nh should be worthy of an Oscar for comedy should ever these two cretins meet and one try to teach the other

Livingston nh  14:10:14 GMT - 11/11/2016  
JP - Juncker is playing a weak hand - confrontation is not a good idea at this stage // Apple case may be indicative of future policy

Mtl JP  14:00:21 GMT - 11/11/2016  
cretin junker: "we need to teach Trump what Europe is"

GVI Trading john bland  13:34:56 GMT - 11/11/2016  
-- Case quite strong for raising rates gradually
-- Close to achieving inflation/employment mandates

-- wire service

dc CB  18:07:34 GMT - 11/10/2016  
30Y 2.902%, WI 2.889%

Mtl JP  17:35:27 GMT - 11/10/2016  
according to trumpet

Fed’s Bullard: December a `Reasonable Time` to Raise Rates

GVI Trading john bland  17:20:59 GMT - 11/10/2016  
Fed Chair Yellen to testify before a Joint panel on November 17. This is a regularly scheduled appearance on the Economic Outlook...

GVI Trading john bland  15:30:42 GMT - 11/10/2016  
US EIA Weekly Natural Gas Inventories (bcf)
U.S. Data Charts

+54 vs. +53 exp vs. +54 prev.

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Mtl JP  14:37:40 GMT - 11/10/2016  
Bullard is just one of janet's kabuki theater cast members
janet and Co just having fun toying w/u

GVI Trading john bland  14:32:31 GMT - 11/10/2016  
Bullard like the proverbial weather forecaster who never looks out his window.

GVI Trading john bland  14:31:18 GMT - 11/10/2016  
-- expects "low" interest rates over next 2-3 years
-- inflation essentially where Fed wants it
-- low L-T rates why Fed policy tp stay low

-- wire service

GVI Trading john bland  13:30:50 GMT - 11/10/2016  
in line

GVI Trading john bland  13:30:32 GMT - 11/10/2016  
U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims

U.S. Data Charts


Initial Claims (000)
254K vs. 260K exp. vs. 265K (r K) prev.

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Mtl JP  22:40:55 GMT - 11/09/2016  
Hillary has just been consigned to the garbage heap of history
no upside spending time / disk space on her anymore - poof

GVI Trading john bland  22:23:31 GMT - 11/09/2016  
As I understand the law, you cannot be pardoned for a crime for which you have not been convicted. Hillary has not been convicted of any crime yet. To the best of my knowledge She has not even been indicted for anything. I looked it up. The basic problem is that the President cannot give a blanket pardon.

dc CB  22:11:01 GMT - 11/09/2016  
The White House isn’t ruling out the possibility of Hillary Clinton receiving a last-minute pardon from President Obama — even though she hasn’t been charged with a crime.

Asked at Wednesday’s press briefing whether Obama had considered utilizing his unique executive power, press secretary Josh Earnest was cryptic.

“The president has offered clemency to a substantial number of Americans who were previously serving time in federal prisons,” Earnest said.

“And we didn’t talk in advance about the president’s plans to offer clemency to any of those individuals and that’s because we don’t talk about the president’s thinking, particularly with respect to any specific cases that may apply to pardons or commutations,” he added.


Charles Ortel

"Folks" BarackObama CANNOT pardon state or foreign crimes and will not pardon ALL co-conspirators just FYI

White House open to a Clinton pardon

Israel  Dil  21:44:45 GMT - 11/09/2016  
John, it takes lots of character/personality to let your grandchildren be part of other religion peacefully and still keep healthy relationship with your children. on that point Trump is very promising even if the first look shows savvy male. the US president have practicing Jewish grandchildren from two of his kids.

GVI Trading john bland  21:36:38 GMT - 11/09/2016  
i believe the Fed Chair term ends one year into each four year term of the President. So Yellen comes up in February 2018. odds are Trump will wait for Yellen's term to run out. i think only one Fed Chair has ever been asked to step down. This is very rare.

Israel  Dil  21:30:56 GMT - 11/09/2016  
it was the major of today's meetings here, the Trump- FED relationship. it seems that the FED will get the fair chance to tell their side of the story and president Trump will take his decision. from that point, it's about being w/Trump or go away. president Trump will provide the freedom to express freedom the way he sees freedom. don't forget, it's a 70 y/o alpha male with strong narcissistic signals (Trump is not sick!), don't expect that he will get sudden awareness suddenly, but you can count 100% that he will bulldozer further every policy that he will decide to take. personally, I believe that US foreign policy will bring US debt seriously down. also, he is going to serve 8 years as president. stocks will trade sub 15k during 2017.

Mtl JP  21:29:09 GMT - 11/09/2016  
Section 10. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

..."each member shall hold office for a term of fourteen years from the expiration of the term of his predecessor, unless sooner removed for cause by the President."...

all Donald would have to do is find "cause" if he really wants to send janet packing.

I do not think to know janet well enuff to judge if she would leave voluntarily / for personal reasons.

Federal Reserve Act

GVI 21:07:54 GMT - 11/09/2016  
From RBNZ policy statement after rate cut...

...Monetary policy will continue to be accommodative. Our current projections and assumptions indicate that policy settings, including today’s easing, will see growth strong enough to have inflation settle near the middle of the target range. Numerous uncertainties remain, particularly in respect of the international outlook, and policy may need to adjust accordingly.

Mtl JP  21:04:30 GMT - 11/09/2016  
as billionaire and Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson said: "He (Trump)'s a very vindictive, rather dangerous, rather sad man"

Trump's record is:
to have demolished 16 challengers for the nomination
to have made a fool of both left n right establishments
to have bested an 84% odds of winning opponent

Maybe Trump can / deserves to relish to watch janet squirm till early 2018? Lets see if janet's patriotic sense of duty towards her banking brethren trumps working under Trump.

GVI Trading john bland  20:53:58 GMT - 11/09/2016  
Trump advisor says Mr. Trump will not ask for Fed Chair Yellen to resign - press

**NOTE: Yellen's current term end in early 2018

- Source

GVI Trading john bland  20:02:38 GMT - 11/09/2016  
Reserve Bank of New Zealand November 2016


RELEASE: Reserve Bank of New Zealand

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GVI Trading john bland  16:26:03 GMT - 11/09/2016  
Atlanta Fed GDPNow 4Q16 forecast 3.10%, unchanged from Nov 4.

Source: TTN

GVI Trading john bland  15:36:20 GMT - 11/09/2016  
US EIA Weekly Inventories

U.S. Data Charts

Crude Oil: +2.400 vs. +1.100 exp vs. +14.400 prev.
Distillates: -1.500 vs. -2.100 exp vs. -1.800 prev.
Gasoline: -2.800 vs. -1.500 exp vs. -2.200 prev.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report

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GVI Trading john bland  15:01:39 GMT - 11/09/2016  
U.S. Wholesale Inventories September 2016
U.S. Data Charts

+0.10% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. +0.20% prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trading john bland  09:32:04 GMT - 11/09/2016  
UK Trade October 2016


Total: -12.7 vs. -11.4 exp. vs. -12.1 (r -11.1 ) prev.
Non-EU: -4.0 vs. -3.4 exp. vs. -3.8 prev (r -3.3)

TTN: Live News Special Offer

london red  08:20:25 GMT - 11/09/2016  
euro. bounced off hourly cloud top 11085. plenty of folk short and likely will pull trigger on an hourly tail. caveat here is stocks not waiting for us open and rallying ahead of time. btfd rules.

bali sja  08:15:26 GMT - 11/09/2016  
nh and SFH, what can we expect from a b*tch, told ya guys from the start she is not a person you want to be your president!

Livingston nh  08:01:34 GMT - 11/09/2016  
And now for something completely different --
The Republicans control Both houses of Congress and the Executive Branch -- no divided government, no policy paralysis (really?)

Haha - be careful what you wish for

LONDON SFH  07:56:11 GMT - 11/09/2016  
Can't agree with you more....terrible behaviour

dc CB  07:52:38 GMT - 11/09/2016  
Lives to fight another day

Debbie Wasserman Schultz wins reelection to congressional district
Miami Herald‎ - 5 hours ago
Debbie Wasserman Schultz easily won re-election in South Florida's 23rd congressional ...

Bernie SEZ

Livingston nh  07:49:44 GMT - 11/09/2016  
Lacked the decency and good grace to thank her supporters -- Podesta tells them a story while she phones Trump

dc CB  07:43:18 GMT - 11/09/2016  

I Used to Love Her

GVI Trading john bland  07:41:58 GMT - 11/09/2016  
Wire services now declaring Trump the winner

Clinton reportedly has conceded defeat by phone

london red  07:40:26 GMT - 11/09/2016  
euro. sup frm 200dma at 11182 then fib at 11145. they shud buy this buy then see how far can go up, if make a higher high or not.

GVI Trading john bland  07:32:45 GMT - 11/09/2016  
Other major services have not jumped on...

GVI Trading john bland  07:31:45 GMT - 11/09/2016  
AP- Trump Projected Winner

GVI Trading john bland  07:06:25 GMT - 11/09/2016  
Clinton will not speak tonight. Podesta tells Hillary supporters to go home.

GVI Trading john bland  05:48:42 GMT - 11/09/2016  
China CPI October 2016

Earlier News Alert
CPI yy: +2.10% vs. +2.10% exp. vs. +1.90% prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

EARLIER China CPI. Inflation at +2.10% yy as expected.

GVI Trading john bland  21:35:10 GMT - 11/08/2016  
US Weekly API Crude

Reportedly +4.400 mn vs. +1.000 mn exp (EIA)

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Paris ib  19:09:31 GMT - 11/08/2016  
John I think it implies that Clinton has a fight on her hands. We will see.

Livingston nh  19:02:09 GMT - 11/08/2016  
john - turnout is first a function of weather - after that it gets murky // The precincts that have unusual spikes need to be judged by political tendency and prior turnout -- so we have two issues today // first, folks VOTE AGAINST and second, folks vote if they think their vote matters (e.g. polls say MY candidate has a big lead so I can go to K Mart cuz my vote doesn't matter or in NJ et al w/ a predelcition towards a PARTY my vote will not matter to the Electoral College outcome)

This one is TRICKY because the VOTE AGAINST is more dominant on both sides

Fat Lady in the wings

GVI Trading john bland  18:13:16 GMT - 11/08/2016  
Im not sure what this implies, but many sources around the country are saying that the voter turnout today has been very large.

Livingston nh  17:46:32 GMT - 11/08/2016  
Yellen needs an excuse to NOT hike - the fact that she lets these yakkers reinforce a HIKE mentality brings us back to June September over the past two years

TALK is cheap -- she just needs an excuse for Dec. to get rid of the dissenters -- PROF ROSANNADANNA "it's always somethin'!! "

Mtl JP  17:46:12 GMT - 11/08/2016  
john bland 17:34 r u letting yourself still be seduced by their kabuki swan songs ? IF u believe (in) them (unless u r In The Circle of course) manifest faith by buying the usd on relative CB policy prospects (and sell such puppies as Gold, crude, cad etc)

GVI Trading john bland  17:34:47 GMT - 11/08/2016  
Finally they are all reading from the same script.

GVI Trading john bland  17:34:06 GMT - 11/08/2016  
Fed's Evans (dove):
-- December looking reasonable for rate hike

>>> TTN

Mtl JP  16:11:31 GMT - 11/08/2016  
“Judgment will be reserved at the conclusion of that hearing and follow at a later date, probably in the New Year,” the court said in a statement.

UK Supreme Court to hear British govt Brexit appeal Dec 5-8

GVI Trading john bland  15:01:04 GMT - 11/08/2016  
U.S. BLS JOLTS Survey September 2016
U.S. Data Charts

mln: 5.490 vs. 5.469 exp. vs. 5.443 prev (r 5.453) rev.

BLS: Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trading john bland  09:32:37 GMT - 11/08/2016  
Mixed U.K. data. GBP dips modestly.

GVI Trading john bland  09:30:49 GMT - 11/08/2016  
UK Industrial/Manufacturing Output September 2016


Ind mm: -0.40% vs. 0.00% exp. vs. -0.40% (r ) prev.
Mfg mm: +0.60% vs. +0.40% exp. vs. +0.20% (r ) prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trading john bland  09:19:35 GMT - 11/08/2016  
October 2016 China Trade USDb

- Earlier NEWS --

49.06 vs. +51.90 exp. vs. +41.99b prev.
Exports (y/y): -7.3% vs. -6.0% exp. vs. -5.0% prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

EARLIER China Trade surplus in line. y/y exports fall by -7.3% y/y.

GVI Trading john bland  10:01:29 GMT - 11/07/2016  
Eurozone Retail Sales September 2016

mm: -0.20% vs -0.30% exp. vs. -0.10% (r -0.20%) prev.
yy: +1.10% vs. +1.20 exp. vs. +0.80% (r +1.20%) prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trading john bland  09:24:53 GMT - 11/07/2016  

BREAKING NEWS: Swiss CPI October 2016

mm: +0.10% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. +0.10% prev.
yy: -0.20% vs. -0.20% exp. vs. -0.20% prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

EARLIER: Swiss CPI (y/y) Deflation persists

GVI Trading john bland  09:17:54 GMT - 11/07/2016  
EZ Retail PMI. Softer...

GVI Trading john bland  09:13:57 GMT - 11/07/2016  
Retail PMI October 2016


48.6 vs. n/a exp. vs. 49.6

Markit PMI Press Release

TTN: Live News Special Offer

dc CB  22:42:28 GMT - 11/06/2016  
" He should have threaten to resign and then follow thru is she still refused."

He should have threated to resig, and then followed thru if she still refused.

He would have been an American Hero

dc CB  22:39:57 GMT - 11/06/2016  
Comey destroyed his career when he caved to Loretta Lynch's refusal to empanel a grand jury back in July. He should have threaten to resign and then follow thru is she still refused.
Now he'll be used as a punching bag by the democrats to keep attention away from the fact that Obama's Justice Dept - headed by Lynch, who was a Bill Clinton appointee to the Eastern District of NY, never intended to purse Hillary Clinton.

If HRC, et al, and this includes the State Dept, hadn't been so LAME in the way they set up her Pvt server, it would never have been hacked and they would have gotten away with the entire scam. If Only...encryption, secure servers, firewalls...apparently that was beyond them.

GVI Trading john bland  21:59:40 GMT - 11/06/2016  
Comey committed career suicide a week ago. He just wanted to make sure it was dead...

GVI Trading john bland  21:57:53 GMT - 11/06/2016  
-- S&P to cut Australia AAA credit rating as soon as December

Source: TTN

Brisbane Flip  21:39:01 GMT - 11/06/2016  
Some thing tells me Comey has committed career suicide.
Neither Clinton nor Trump could support him now.

GVI Trading john bland  21:19:46 GMT - 11/06/2016  
FBI Director Comey: Review of Hillary Clinton's email has NOT changed the conclusion that Clinton should not face criminal charges - press - Comey says the FBI has gone through the emails found on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, Clinton aide Abedin's husband.

- Source

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