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dc CB  19:11:36 GMT - 12/02/2016  
But but but wait....I thought we had a deal???
Was that a lie?


GVI Trading john bland  18:38:22 GMT - 12/02/2016  
IMF's Lagarde:
-- Stronger USD likely if proposed Trump policies implemented.


GVI Trading john bland  18:10:46 GMT - 12/02/2016  
Saudi Arabia Central Bank reportedly infected with malware from Iran

Source: TTN.Com

GVI Trading john bland  18:04:40 GMT - 12/02/2016  
US Weekly Baker-Hughes Rig Count
U.S. Data Charts

Total (inc gas) U.S.: 597 vs 593 (+4) prev
US (oil): 477 vs. 474 (+3) prev

Canada 200 vs. 174 (+26) prev

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GVI Trading john bland  16:17:59 GMT - 12/02/2016  
NY Fed Nowcast 4Q16 GDP 2.7% vs 2.5% on 11/25


Mtl JP  13:57:44 GMT - 12/02/2016  
no posi-use off Brainard
only Tarullo's yak left right after noon
unlikely to be of much good use

london red  13:53:15 GMT - 12/02/2016  
first test. yen if abv 20 then 115 test today and 2.5 test for the 10. 114 shud sup yen. and then 55hma once 20 broken.

Israel Dil  13:48:04 GMT - 12/02/2016  
as long you are short euro it will not cost you if you are wrong

have a good weekend.... oh ya, don't you see 1.05555 ?

london red  13:46:47 GMT - 12/02/2016  
10y recovered dip in yield. here we go.

Mtl JP  13:44:41 GMT - 12/02/2016  
Brainyard about to yak (at 45)

london red  13:43:35 GMT - 12/02/2016  
yen 11350/11420 euro 10673/10624 breaks shud see follow thru

london red  13:40:30 GMT - 12/02/2016  
hourly close will provide sign if usd rebound holds and continues or not. if weak euro and strong usdjpy hour, usd moves higher initially.

london red  13:37:51 GMT - 12/02/2016  
still feel euro moves lower then up to 107
10604/10 gd sup worth a fade for higher, stops on leveraged funds under 10570/80 under there no coming back and im wrong.

PAR 13:35:58 GMT - 12/02/2016  
Not so brilliant report . One rate hike in dec 2016 and maybe one in dec 2017 . Trump has a lot of work as manufacturing jobs fall again . Labor participation rate down again.

GVI Trading john bland  13:34:11 GMT - 12/02/2016  
Canada EMPLOYMENT November 2016


Jobs: +10.7K vs. -20K exp. vs. +43.9K prev.
Rate: 6.80% vs. 7.00% exp. vs. 7.00% prev.

RELEASE: StatCan Monthy Employment Report

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GVI Trading john bland  13:33:12 GMT - 12/02/2016  
U.S. Employment November 2016


NFP Jobs:
+178K vs. +175K exp. vs. +161K (r +142K) prev.
Rate: 4.60% vs. 4.90% exp. vs. 4.90% prev.

Avg earnings: -0.10% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. +0.40% prev.
BLS: Employment Situation Summary

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GVI Trading john bland  13:30:31 GMT - 12/02/2016  
U.S. --
nfp: +178
ahe: -0.10%
rate: 4.60%

london red  12:46:31 GMT - 12/02/2016  
euro eod straddle 60 pips yen 70. those mark initial range high/low off data. they are not expecting much. may trun out that way but if data good we should get another run at 2.5% on 10year and then it will either pop or fade strongly. inflection point.

Livingston nh  12:18:23 GMT - 12/02/2016  
JP - no clue

Mtl JP  12:04:27 GMT - 12/02/2016  
Livingston nh what does a killer bring to the board of directors of an alleged healthcare company?

Gen. James Mattis Has Ties to Theranos- wsj

GVI Trading john bland  10:30:53 GMT - 12/02/2016  
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london red  10:23:31 GMT - 12/02/2016  
euro sup by hourly kijun and 50% 38 and then 33 an area of congestion. i am loath to ever suggest cutting euro shorts but st may bounce there given changing signals to usd november trend. mkt shud still go into nfp shrt so any bounce they may fade 68/80

GVI Trading john bland  10:13:27 GMT - 12/02/2016  
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GVI Trading john bland  10:04:02 GMT - 12/02/2016  
EZ PPI hotter than expected.

GVI Trading john bland  10:00:55 GMT - 12/02/2016  
Eurozone PPI October 2016

mm: +0.80% vs. +0.40% exp. vs. -0.10% (r ) prev.
yy: -0.40% vs. -1.00% exp. vs. -1.50% (r ) prev.

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GVI Trading john bland  09:31:35 GMT - 12/02/2016  
better than expected. Domestic data.

GVI Trading john bland  09:30:40 GMT - 12/02/2016  
Construction PMI November 2016


52.8 vs. 52.2 exp. vs. 52.6 prev.

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dc CB  00:46:18 GMT - 12/02/2016  
large warships, esp aircraft carriers are, with today's missle technology, are monumenatally expensive "old school" sitting ducks.
1- $million weapon sinks 1 - $trillion floating target.

You've seen those pics of the the Russian Carrier that was sent to the Med. The Rooskies put their money into missle technology, not floating jet launch platforms, which are like a square rigged Man of War in an age of deisel powered steel hulled 8" gunned fore/aft/port/starboard...

Livingston nh  00:35:17 GMT - 12/02/2016  
For the last 70 years the idiots have believed in medieval warfare - cost efficiency of nuclear power has been ignored

dc CB  00:27:50 GMT - 12/02/2016  
Livingston nh 23:15 GMT
COST (bang for the buck)

or expensive stuff that dosen't work

The new, high-tech destroyer Zumwalt suffered an engineering casualty Monday

Livingston nh  23:21:10 GMT - 12/01/2016  
As an aside - most of these cabinet picks were never on the RADAR -- some will be gone in a couple of years but at least there is a new crew

Livingston nh  23:15:19 GMT - 12/01/2016  
JP - first of all (and always) he is a Marine -- but he has been a strategic thinker, not just "boots on the ground" guy// we are in the age of robotics (algos to the financial world) and he will likely be more amenable to hi-tech than the BIG iron types because the little things that save military lives are important

COST (bang for the buck) -- e.g., A-10 was to be phased out but was cheaper by far than an F-35 and far more effective for small arms combat

anyway who knows

Mtl JP  23:04:59 GMT - 12/01/2016  
so what does one typically do with / to a mad dog ?

GVI Trading john bland  22:54:21 GMT - 12/01/2016  
I love his nickname. Don't mess with mad dog!

Livingston nh  22:31:04 GMT - 12/01/2016  
First thought is General Mattis is a throwback to the original position (non politically correct) known as Secretary of WAR (KNOX) -- most of the non-military types have been a disaster

GVI Trading john bland  21:29:54 GMT - 12/01/2016  
Trump names General "Mad-Dog" Mattis to be Defense Secretary -- WP


GVI Trading john bland  17:42:11 GMT - 12/01/2016  
If the Atlanta Fed forecast is right, GDP is already at 3.00%.Trump is targeting 4%. He is halfway to is target without doing anything.

GVI Trading john bland  17:34:04 GMT - 12/01/2016  
Atlanta Fed GDPNow 4Q16 2.9% vs. 2.4% Nov 30.


PAR 16:07:47 GMT - 12/01/2016  
Negative rates are becoming surrealistic with Brent at $ 54 . What lies is Draghi going to tell on Thursday .

GVI Trading Jay Meisler  16:04:55 GMT - 12/01/2016  
11:02 (EU) Large majority of ECB members reportedly support extending QE beyond March at meeting next week - press
- mulling sending signal regarding the eventual end of asset buying, but no tapering announcement upcoming- policymakers said to be divided on monthly volume of extended purcahses; several options have been discussed in committees

- Source

london red  15:56:52 GMT - 12/01/2016  
yest there a cboe tnx seller all day frm the kick off. i wonder if we see same again today

GVI Trading john bland  15:30:30 GMT - 12/01/2016  
US EIA Weekly Natural Gas Inventories (bcf)
U.S. Data Charts

-50 vs. -52 exp vs. -2 prev.

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PAR 15:14:05 GMT - 12/01/2016  
The sentiment has completely changed . We are living in a new world for the time being at least . Nothing but good news . Be happy look at the bright side of live and enjoy America 's new dream.

london red  15:11:00 GMT - 12/01/2016  
its fiscal policy expectations that are driving mkt. we are nearly done, maybe another 10% before we need to see some evidence as mkt is prob got dec and 2 for 2017 in the price. still a little bit of upside for usd to come tho b4 it tops out for a pullback.

GVI Trading john bland  15:08:30 GMT - 12/01/2016  
fwiw- Trump does not come in for another 50 days or so. This all belongs to the previous bunch.

london red  15:08:10 GMT - 12/01/2016  
euro. staying under 10599-10604 keeps pressure on dwnside but been formidable buying 10570-80. will be tough to break today. further res 10615

PAR 15:06:38 GMT - 12/01/2016  
Trump . The power of positive thinking .

Draghi. The power of negative thinking and negative rates .

PAR 15:02:24 GMT - 12/01/2016  
US economy is strong and getting stronger . Midas Trump .

GVI Trading john bland  15:02:07 GMT - 12/01/2016  
U.S. Construction Spending October 2016
U.S. Data Charts

+0.5% vs. +0.60% exp. vs. -0.40% (r ) prev.

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london red  15:01:30 GMT - 12/01/2016  
no beat on emp. might stop usd for now but buy dips

GVI Trading john bland  15:00:12 GMT - 12/01/2016  
U.S. ISM Manufacturing PMI November 2016
U.S. Data Charts


53.2 vs. 52.1 exp. vs. 51.9 prev.
RELEASE: ISM Manufacturing PMI

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GVI Trading john bland  14:45:30 GMT - 12/01/2016  
U.S. Markit PMI November 2016

54.1 vs. 53.9 exp. vs. 53.9 prev.

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Markit PMI Press Release

SaaR KaL  14:35:23 GMT - 12/01/2016  
GBPNZD very bullish
T + 7 days PI
1.94696 1.78797
adding at 1.7600 area if seen
Now Long

GBPCHF Very Bullish as well
1.4041 1.2735

113.4969 97.1884

121.3520 106.9834

GVI Trading john bland  14:30:20 GMT - 12/01/2016  
Markit final Mfg PMI November 2016

51.5 vs. n/a exp. vs. 51.1 prev.

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GVI Trading john bland  13:31:57 GMT - 12/01/2016  
U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims

U.S. Data Charts


Initial Claims (000)
268K vs. 252K exp. vs. 251K prev.

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GVI Trading john bland  09:30:31 GMT - 12/01/2016  
Manufacturing PMI November 2016
U.K. Charts


53.4 vs. 54.4 exp. vs. 54.3 (r 54.2) prev.

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GVI Trading john bland  09:01:04 GMT - 12/01/2016  
EZ Final PMIs November 2016

mfg: 53.7 vs. 53.7 exp. vs. 53.7 flash
mfg: 54.3 vs. 54.4 exp. vs. 54.4 flash
mfg 51.7 vs. 51.5 exp. vs. 51.5 flash

Markit PMI Press Release

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GVI Trading john bland  08:50:18 GMT - 12/01/2016  
China, Japan, Switzerland PMIs November 2016

NBS: 51.7 vs. 51.0 exp vs. 51.2 prev.
Caixin: 50.9 vs. 50.8 exp vs. 51.2 prev.
China NBS PMI well above "50" boom or Bust line. Caixin up.

51.3 vs. 51.1 exp. vs. 51.1 prev.
Final July Japan PMI revised up

56.6 vs. n/a vs. 54.7 prev.
Swiss PMI improves to 56.6 from 54.7

GVI Trading john bland  22:30:27 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Australia PMI November 2016

Earlier News ALERT
54.2 vs. n/a exp. vs. 50.9 prev.

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GVI Trading john bland  19:04:27 GMT - 11/30/2016  
not exactly a ringing endorsement, but this is old news.

GVI Trading john bland  19:02:17 GMT - 11/30/2016  
U.S. Fed Beige Book
U.S. Data Charts

7 of 12 districts Economy contiued to expand at modest to moderate growth.

Strong dollar is a headwind

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dc CB  17:30:34 GMT - 11/30/2016  
The latest just released Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit from the New York Fed
Total household debt rose $63 billion in the quarter to $12.35 trillion, driven by a $32 billion increase in auto loans, which also hit a record high of $1.14 trillion. 3.6% of auto loans were 90 or more days delinquent...................................

The data suggest some notable deterioration in the performance of subprime auto loans. This translates into a large number of households, with roughly six million individuals at least ninety days late on their auto loan payments.

london red  17:17:59 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Al, high rates some will be killed others not. as long as the right ones come out on top any scenario is poss. but as i say i dont like debt, dont have dont hold. cash is king.

PAR 17:11:08 GMT - 11/30/2016  
How is that new Zimbabwean currency doing ?

Dillon AL  17:10:24 GMT - 11/30/2016  
maybe bargains but consider this if people cannot service debt...... do I really need to go on. in reality I am on record that headline rates for the US are not going back above 3% in our lifetime. Extrapolate a curve and voila. This is the new normal. Until we have some form of wholesale forgiveness/repudiation/mass default of debt then my scenario holds water and yours does not. Just saying

london red  17:07:13 GMT - 11/30/2016  
re debt those that dont have nor hold any, can profit at 0-10% its all good, well not for those on either side.

Mtl JP  17:03:39 GMT - 11/30/2016  
ok Al, so this is going academic:
how would a killed global economy look like ?
all I see is would-be bargains

PAR 17:02:43 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Imho it benefited nobody . It was just an economist's wet dream and politicians did nothing to stop the madness . Politicians are now facing the anger of the people over the Financial Repression from the last 3 years .

Dillon AL  17:00:01 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Actually 6%+ would kill the global economy. You only have to work the math on the amount of outstanding debt

Mtl JP  16:56:19 GMT - 11/30/2016  
GVI Trading john bland 14:07 Dream on. 10% would kill the global economy.
Beyond an opinion , you do not know that.
What we both do know is that near/sub/zero rate has NOT benefited me.

Mtl JP  16:17:02 GMT - 11/30/2016  
ahh.. ehhh.. ahhh

opec live

Livingston nh  16:12:53 GMT - 11/30/2016  
The OPEC parties must be desperate to just announce a "deal", any deal -- long negotiations make BAD deals because they tend to have a short shelf life

PAR 16:09:32 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Looks like ECB buying Italian bonds and selling German bunds to get Renzi to the YES vote . It may work .

Mtl JP  16:04:23 GMT - 11/30/2016  
red ... I need to clone your "nose"

london red  16:03:58 GMT - 11/30/2016  
usd demand shud come back on now.

Mtl JP  16:03:40 GMT - 11/30/2016  
tks red !
loading some gbp short 1.2505 and 10

london red  16:00:24 GMT - 11/30/2016  
fix done sterling demand shud ebb

Mtl JP  15:59:17 GMT - 11/30/2016  
btw... next week could be good opportunity to trade on useful cretin at BoC:
07/12/16 15:00 A CA BOC Rates 0.50% 0.50%

Mtl JP  15:57:14 GMT - 11/30/2016  
and maybe usdcad goes to 1.37/1.40

SaaR KaL  15:54:31 GMT - 11/30/2016  
My Dec TGT is 41 for Oil

dc CB  15:44:00 GMT - 11/30/2016  
OPEC - that agreement will mean something has negated a normal reaction to the glut. Market trading on HOPE


Crude -717k (+577k exp)
Cushing +2.3mm (+26k exp) - biggest since Mar 2015
Gasoline +3.36mm (+1.19mm exp) - biggest since Jan 2016
Distillates +2.24mm (+1.45mm exp) - biggest since Sept 2016


Crude -884k (+577k exp)
Cushing +2.419mm (+26k exp) - biggest since Mar 2015
Gasoline +2.097mm (+1.19mm exp)
Distillates +4.957mm (+1.45mm exp) - biggest since Jan 2016

dc CB  15:37:49 GMT - 11/30/2016  

london red  15:37:46 GMT - 11/30/2016  
10y may have unfinished biz (gap) at 235.

GVI Trading john bland  15:32:39 GMT - 11/30/2016  
US EIA Weekly Inventories

U.S. Data Charts

Crude Oil: -0.900 vs. +0.900 exp vs. -1.300 prev.
Distillates: +5.000 vs. +1.100 exp vs. -0.300 prev.
Gasoline: +2.100 vs. +1.300 exp vs. +0.300 prev.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report

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GVI Trading john bland  15:13:39 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Atlanta Fed GDPNow 4Q16 2.40% vs. 3.60% on Nov 23


GVI Trading john bland  15:00:47 GMT - 11/30/2016  
U.S. Pending Homes Sales October 2016
U.S. Data Charts


+0.10% vs. +0.40% exp. vs. +1.50% (r +1.40%) prev.
RELEASE: Pending Home Sales

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GVI Trading john bland  14:50:43 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Top Trump economic Advisors:
-- threat of tariffs will be last resort.


GVI Trading john bland  14:45:47 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Chicago PMI November 2016
U.S. Data Charts

57.6 vs. 52.0 exp. vs. 50.6 prev.

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GVI Trading Jay Meisler  14:43:01 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Chatter that Chi PMI is well above the consensus forecast

Mtl JP  14:15:35 GMT - 11/30/2016  
higher yields are primarily supportive of bank stocks
naturally folks financing some "better economic data" get paid first

GVI Trading john bland  14:12:28 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Better economic data are supportive of equities. You know that!

SaaR KaL  14:11:23 GMT - 11/30/2016  
USDCAD easy tgt 1.3770

Mtl JP  14:10:52 GMT - 11/30/2016  
how are rising yields supportive of equities ?

GVI Trading john bland  14:07:58 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Dream on. 10% would kill the global economy.

Mtl JP  14:06:53 GMT - 11/30/2016  
I dream of 10% interest
I have some catching up .... for the last 8+ yrs lol

GVI Trading john bland  14:02:19 GMT - 11/30/2016  
10.-yr 2.377% +7.3bp yields rising after U.S. data today. Supportive of USD and equities.

Mtl JP  14:02:00 GMT - 11/30/2016  
usdcad "knows"
1.3350 - me thinks - is a gift
x fingers

Livingston nh  13:58:58 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Watch the price of oil before any official or no-official news --
somebody always knows

Mtl JP  13:56:08 GMT - 11/30/2016  
the opec cartel is alleged to have a press conf at 15gmt
as per my earlier refernce post:

GVI Trading john bland  13:45:01 GMT - 11/30/2016  
REMINDER: OPEC headline from earlier was not official. Still waiting for additional confirmation.

london red  13:39:16 GMT - 11/30/2016  
watch 10y hourly close poss double wick/tail dep on tick or yield

GVI Trading john bland  13:35:24 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Canada: GDP September 2016

m/m +0.30% vs. +0.10% exp. vs. +0.20% prev.

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london red  13:32:55 GMT - 11/30/2016  
some softness in data euro reacting to it. feels like sup into fix

GVI Trading john bland  13:31:47 GMT - 11/30/2016  
U.S. Personal Income/PCE Deflator October 2016
U.S. Data Charts

Personal Income +0.60% vs. +0.40% exp v +0.30% prev.
PCE Defl +1.70% vs. +1.70% exp. vs. +1.70% prev.

RELEASE: Personal Income

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GVI Trading john bland  13:21:12 GMT - 11/30/2016  
OPEC deal would be in line with expectations. WTI about flat on the report

GVI Trading john bland  13:19:25 GMT - 11/30/2016  
OPEC cut -1.2mn to 32.5mn bbd
-- unnamed OPEC source

GVI Trading john bland  13:15:40 GMT - 11/30/2016  
U.S. ADP Private Employment November 2016
U.S. Data Charts

+216K vs. +160K exp. vs. +147K (r +119K) prev.

RELEASE: ADP National Employment ReportŪ

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GVI Trading john bland  12:49:49 GMT - 11/30/2016  
nh- good point. I agree 100%. At some point they will figure out its different this time.

Livingston nh  12:36:18 GMT - 11/30/2016  
re: mortgage market - folks have been conditioned to expect a blip in rates to fade and lower rates to resume, so THEY wait for a better deal -- IF it becomes apparent that lower rates will not be on offer again (i.e., the cycle has turned) there will be a scramble to lock in and/or close before rates jump // nobody ever asked to lock in a rate when they thought the trend was lower -- maybe it's different this time

LONDON SFH  12:34:14 GMT - 11/30/2016  
US bonds outperforming when the US is not in doesn't seem signifciant to me...esp when it is such a small move. So much has been made of the supposed index move from stocks into bonds for month end that it seems everyone just got caught long again

PAR 12:31:33 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Looks like Bloomberg and Reuters are censoring bad news .

Not a word about US twin deficits , not a word about mortgage figures.

Today Cheer leading the OPEC deal while yesterday stating a deal was unlikely .

Mama mia . Who to trust .

london red  12:29:17 GMT - 11/30/2016  
10y spreads hv moved in favour of usd over last few hours. 10y tapping 2.35 again.
as yest will need to see if usd can hold onto data gains. yest was unable to after initial spike.

LONDON SFH  12:27:24 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Huge amt of talk about big shift of funds from stocks into bonds to be think everyone was long bonds into it... Now getting hit

GVI Trading john bland  12:26:24 GMT - 11/30/2016  
"Trump Effect" (via higher interest rates)

GVI Trading john bland  12:25:05 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Weekly Mortgages (-9.4% vs +5.5%)

Refi's -16.2% vs. -3.1%
Purchases -0.20% vs. +15.2%

GVI Trading john bland  10:00:42 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Eurozone flash HICP (CPI) November 2016

yy: +0.60% vs. +0.60% exp. vs. +0.50% prev.
yy: +0.80% vs. +0.80% exp. vs. +0.80% prev.

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Mtl JP  09:34:44 GMT - 11/30/2016  
usdcad BoD 1.3400 - 1.3350
and mind your risk

london red  09:32:22 GMT - 11/30/2016  
yes time to buy was yesterday. u buy when its dwn heavily, tp when up strongly. whatever the news or expectations.

PAR 09:31:35 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Reuters - fake news about ECB

Bloomberg - fake news about OPEC

Who to trust ?

PAR 09:26:47 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Taking profit Brent 50.10, crude 47.70.

See my mail yesterday on Bloomberg fake news .

GVI Trading john bland  09:19:22 GMT - 11/30/2016  
WTI up sharply...

GVI Trading john bland  09:18:54 GMT - 11/30/2016  
OPEC Ministers in closed-door meeting
-- Iraq Minister says there is an agreement

>> wire services

GVI Trading john bland  08:59:12 GMT - 11/30/2016  
German Unemployment November 2016

Rate: 6.00% vs. 6.00% exp. vs. 6.00% prev.
Change: -5K vs. -5K exp. vs. -13K (r) prev.

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GVI Trading john bland  08:57:36 GMT - 11/30/2016  
Saudi Oil Minister:
-- There will be a deal today

>> wire service

GVI Trading john bland  08:53:55 GMT - 11/30/2016  
German Real Retail Sales October 2016

Earlier NEWS Release
mm: +2.4% vs. +1.00% exp. vs. -1.50%% (r -1.5) prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

EARLIER: German Retail Sales beat.

GVI Trading john bland  21:33:02 GMT - 11/29/2016  
US Weekly API Crude

Reportedly -0.700 mn vs. +0.900 mn exp (EIA)

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Mtl JP  19:58:50 GMT - 11/29/2016  
CB 18:36 suggest do not bother unless u r In The Circle
remember: it is called a cartel for a reason

PAR 18:45:28 GMT - 11/29/2016  
Guess a deal is close . Opec wants higher prices and more $$$$ ..

dc CB  18:36:09 GMT - 11/29/2016  

NYMEX Pit (the home of Bang the Close) closes in 55mins

Red or Black, Red or Black palce your bets Ladies and Germs

GVI Trading john bland  17:50:16 GMT - 11/29/2016  
Fed's Powell
-- Case for Fed Hike stronger since November meeting.


london red  16:33:56 GMT - 11/29/2016  
i would fade any euro strength tom as on thursday nearly 4 yards of 1.06 going off. 107 is a fib

GVI Trading john bland  16:16:47 GMT - 11/29/2016  
Oil has fallen into a narrow range as many players have apparently decided that they are tired of being played by non-news.

GVI Trading Jay Meisler  16:14:30 GMT - 11/29/2016  
Register for the Amazing Trader


Red, great call on the resistance. We show 1.0612 as the Amazing Trader initial target, tested and holding so far.

london red  15:53:08 GMT - 11/29/2016  
euro. tenkan here by 10632. if abv may run to 50/60 but shud stop there, otherwise may tap 107. mkt skitish as expecting usd sales tom. may or may not happen but today they fear this.

GVI Trading john bland  15:32:39 GMT - 11/29/2016  
OPEC negotiations continue on the newswires. No doubt they are trading on the releases.

GVI Trading john bland  15:31:02 GMT - 11/29/2016  
Iraq agrees to freeze. Not cut at 4.55 mnbbd
Iran considers freeze once it reaches 3.97mn bbd


PAR 15:05:59 GMT - 11/29/2016  
Higher interest rates are boosting US consumer confidence while Europe has been in a spiral of negative rates for almost two years with nothing but negative results.

GVI Trading john bland  15:04:34 GMT - 11/29/2016  
Much stronger than expected. Might indeed be a "Trump reaction".

PAR 15:02:19 GMT - 11/29/2016  
The Trump effect .

GVI Trading john bland  15:01:12 GMT - 11/29/2016  
U.S. Conference Board Survey November 2016
U.S. Data Charts

107.1 vs. 101.0 exp. vs. 98.6 (r 100.8) prev.

RELEASE: Consumer Confidence Data

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Kl Shawn  14:15:12 GMT - 11/29/2016  
Euro looks heavy now. Sold 1.0583 stop 1.0645 tp 1.05 and 1.0475

PAR 14:06:24 GMT - 11/29/2016  
I guess Saudi Arabia must be running a huge trading desk . They probably are using the $ 17 billion they borrowed to do massive insider trading on crude . Well done .

ECB is doing the same in the Italian bond market to manipulate the results of the Italian referendum and to make befriended hedge funds rich .


Livingston nh  14:04:25 GMT - 11/29/2016  
Iran wanted 3.97, Sau 3.7 offer - need in between

dc CB  14:00:48 GMT - 11/29/2016  
talk about "fake news"
All this to drive the Roller Coaster Algo Headline feast.

That's what I meant earlier when I posted that it was time for a Headline.

GVI Trading john bland  14:00:36 GMT - 11/29/2016  
U.S. Case Shiller-20 September 2016
U.S. Data Charts

+5.08% vs. +5.20% exp. vs. +5.10% prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Direct links to primary data sources

GVI Trading john bland  13:57:33 GMT - 11/29/2016  
Negotiating in the press?

GVI Trading john bland  13:56:14 GMT - 11/29/2016  
Report Saudi's offer Iran freeze at 3.7mbbd


PAR 13:54:55 GMT - 11/29/2016  
Long Crude at 45.25. Everybody is lying .

GVI Trading john bland  13:54:13 GMT - 11/29/2016  
WTI falls...

GVI Trading john bland  13:53:18 GMT - 11/29/2016  
Report: Iran will NOT cut production


GVI Trading 13:53:12 GMT - 11/29/2016  
08:51 (IR) Iran Oil Min Zanganeh: Iran will NOT cut production

- Source

PAR 13:33:36 GMT - 11/29/2016  
US economy is great and will get even greater . Thank you Trump .

GVI Trading john bland  13:30:18 GMT - 11/29/2016  
U.S. GDP 3Q16

+3.20% vs. +3.00% exp. vs. +2.90% prev.


TTN: Live News Special Offer

london red  13:20:24 GMT - 11/29/2016  
us gdp up soon f/c 3/3.1 lets see what appetite there is for usd to hold onto any gains.

PAR 12:38:23 GMT - 11/29/2016  
LONDON . ECB first tells hedge funds and then the newswires . Easy money and Draghi has a nice job when he leaves .

LONDON SFH  12:24:42 GMT - 11/29/2016  
I wonder if the regulators would look into how the BTP contract rallied from the open by over 2 big figs before that story hit the wires...Market Abuse Directive...

GVI Trading john bland  12:19:59 GMT - 11/29/2016  
Report ECB ready to step up temporarily its purchases of Italian gov't bonds if referendum drives up borrowing costs.


GVI Trading john bland  09:12:41 GMT - 11/29/2016  
The major problem that OPEC faces is that they are no longer the only game in town.

GVI Trading john bland  09:10:51 GMT - 11/29/2016  
OPEC technical talks have not reached a oil production agreement. An accord could still be reached by the Ministers when they meet tomorrow in Vienna. WTI falls on the news.

PAR 16:42:51 GMT - 11/28/2016  
Don ' t worry , be happy . The only way is up. USA and their Saudi friends want higher oil prices .

Trump changed his mind once more and USA will continue to buy Saudi oil , if Saudi continue to buy US weapons .

LONDON SFH  16:01:45 GMT - 11/28/2016  
no...another 2 middle Eastern countries can't agree....stop the press

GVI Trading john bland  16:01:28 GMT - 11/28/2016  
WTI lower.

GVI Trading john bland  16:00:36 GMT - 11/28/2016  
OPEC delegates continue to negotiate. No resolution yet to Iraq-Iran differences on output.


LONDON SFH  15:52:48 GMT - 11/28/2016  

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