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Mtl JP  10:32:11 GMT - 02/08/2018  
Like this is going to fly:

Israel diamond exchange to launch cryptocurrency backed by gems - timesofisreal

Ramat Gan center announces 'Carat,' whose value is to be backed by diamonds, and 'Cut,' to be introduced this week

Twenty-five percent of the value of the Carat would be backed by diamonds listed on the exchange in a bid to reassure investors, said Eli Avidar, the exchange’s managing director.

That “should make it attractive in comparison to the 1,400 cryptocurrencies that exist globally,” he said.

Mtl JP  11:57:02 GMT - 02/06/2018  
Notes from an "expert" - who obviously has never missed a meal - and who thinks it his duty to not only educate plebeians but also force certain behaviors:

Lecture by Mr Agustín Carstens, General Manager of the BIS

Money in the digital age: what role for central banks?

Mtl JP  18:14:59 GMT - 02/05/2018  
no BTFDippesters yet

Mtl JP  14:08:02 GMT - 02/05/2018  
BTC new low now sub 7500
but only squashy - not yet a waterfall

Richland QC Mailman  12:52:56 GMT - 02/05/2018  
Bitcoin fall no end in sight what with all the negative news popping out. Who would invest in a currency that is carrying negative stigma re: funds used by criminals?

Mtl JP  11:20:41 GMT - 02/05/2018  
re "continue to fall"

Mtl JP  10:49:25 GMT - 02/05/2018  
“would” is more polite, because it expresses the idea of probability, and of willingness, and of the desire that something be done, whereas “could” is more in the realm of ability (yes I can)

More poof of buying Bitcoin using CCards (only debit card ok now)

Lloyds is concerned it could end up footing the bill for unpaid debts should the price continue to fall. - BBC

london red  12:43:34 GMT - 02/02/2018  
btc enthusiasts can see it how they want, but fact is bubble is burst and its going to deflate entirely. 1000-2000 bucks plausable, certainly 4-5k if they cant hold 8k on the close.

Mtl JP  12:33:16 GMT - 02/02/2018  
IF there ever was any doubt
now the GAP is 100% sure poof

Now I am trying to discern if Bitcoin enthusiasts see this as BTFD

Mtl JP  11:29:28 GMT - 02/02/2018  
Low $8,122.77 according to


Mtl JP  11:25:03 GMT - 02/02/2018  
Mailman ya I concur GAP now poof
as low 8221

Mtl JP  11:15:55 GMT - 02/02/2018  
The help:
How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card or Debit Card Online

Feel the love:

“Recently, the MCC code for digital currency purchases was changed by a number of the major credit card networks. The new code will allow banks and card issuers to charge additional ‘cash advance’ fees. " .../..

Mtl JP  10:53:55 GMT - 02/02/2018  
well ... Bitcoin and other digital currencies have lost only over $100 billion in value since Thursday. This represents only more than 20 percent of the entire crypto market.

sooooo there is still a HUUUGe mountain from which to dig despite

Cryptocurrency tumble erases over $100bn from digital currency market

Richland QC Mailman  10:11:55 GMT - 02/02/2018  
Hi JP, it would seem that BTC has already filled that gap you mentioned yesterday.

I can see some bounce off the lows today. 8200-8300 can be a good buy zone on technical perspective. But with negative news swarming it, BTC isn't appealing to me at this point.

Mtl JP  07:53:10 GMT - 02/02/2018  
There's something happening here What it is ain't exactly clear

Mtl JP  11:04:00 GMT - 02/01/2018  
gap : still there , still teasing

Mtl JP  20:02:38 GMT - 01/31/2018  
oo-l lala--laaahh
folks should be aware - spread the word ?

Chainalysis – Blockchain analysis
Our products are targeted at spotting connections between entities on the Bitcoin blockchain. We help Bitcoin businesses detect fraud and prevent money laundering, we help banks put in place adequate controls to bank Bitcoin businesses.

"Chainalysis – Blockchain analysis

Mtl JP  19:53:12 GMT - 01/31/2018  
Can / will the IRS let this go UNANSWERED ?

"Cryptocurrency traders, relatively new to the “investing” game and coming off a year of incredible gains, are getting a crash course in what traditional stock flippers have known for a long time: Uncle Sam’s prying fingers can seriously ding profits.

So how do they feel about it?

Well, Latex-man, for one, is feeling burned by the discovery of his hefty tax burden. He summed his frustration in Reddit’s burgeoning cryptocurrency group, which counts more than 500,000 members:

“F**k taxes man. This is so f**ked, it’s like I didn’t earn anything.”

Welcome to the real world, Latex-man." ...

Bitcoin trader after a discussion with his accountant: ‘F**k taxes’

Mtl JP  13:57:29 GMT - 01/22/2018  
trade opportunities as defined by channel

Mtl JP  13:43:34 GMT - 01/18/2018  
A follow-up to
"In order to make money from trading you need to have price movement. In order to have price movement you need volatility. Volatility is cyclical." zeus , trading basics - October 5, 2017

Money whore traders' creed: What does not severely injure or kill you dis-appoints me.

How trading bitcoin could actually ruin your mental health

‘This can’t be happening’: Suffering and schadenfreude in crypto community

..."So, what happened to the unflinching bravado that has long been the trademark of the staunchest cryptocurrency supporters?

About $400 billion in losses, that’s what." ...
And some think it is BoD opp

Mtl JP  11:50:50 GMT - 01/18/2018  
A follow-up to
"In order to make money from trading you need to have price movement. In order to have price movement you need volatility. Volatility is cyclical." zeus , trading basics - October 5, 2017

Money whore traders' creed: What does not severely injure or kill you dis-appoints me.

How trading bitcoin could actually ruin your mental health

‘This can’t be happening’: Suffering and schadenfreude in crypto community

..."So, what happened to the unflinching bravado that has long been the trademark of the staunchest cryptocurrency supporters?

About $400 billion in losses, that’s what." ...
And some think it is BoD opp

SaaR KaL  11:18:14 GMT - 01/17/2018  
getting ready for an up trend in a week IMO

will buy next week tgt 18000+ next month

Mtl JP  11:01:59 GMT - 01/17/2018  
last time one Bitcoin was floating around $10,000 was around Nov 29, 2017. It was also around that time and on that multitudes of peddlers were promoting buying bitcoin using credit and debit cards

CNBC saw it as "bubble fears" ---v

'Buy bitcoin with credit card' is on the rise on Google and sparking bubble fears - CNBC

Mtl JP  10:38:44 GMT - 01/17/2018  
slightly sub 10k
bitcoin can be a mover...
leaping in 100's if not 1000 bux steps at a time.

Dont't want to paint d3vil on the wall but brings gap at $8244 closer to potential closure. After that ... open to speculation is my guess

Mtl JP  10:02:39 GMT - 01/16/2018  
c'mon ... stop being jealous
I am still waiting for the gap at approx 8244 to close
never mind the bitcoins bought on credit cards (as long as there is more credit - BoD)

"In order to make money from trading you need to have price movement. In order to have price movement you need volatility. Volatility is cyclical." zeus , trading basics - October 5, 2017

Money whore traders' creed: What does not severely injure or kill you dis-appoints me.

PAR 09:49:07 GMT - 01/16/2018  
Minus 17% . In one day !

HK Q  09:47:41 GMT - 01/16/2018  
South Korea cracks down on Bitcoin or as Trump might say Sh!tcoin

hk ooozmeeh  09:41:31 GMT - 01/16/2018  
BTCUSD plunges to $11700 ,

Mtl JP  20:23:55 GMT - 01/15/2018  
Everyone Is Getting Hilariously Rich and You’re Not - NYT

“My neurons are fried from all the volatility,” Mr. Hummer said. “I don’t even care at this point. I’m numb to it. I’ll lose a million dollars in a day and I’m like, O.K.”

Mtl JP  09:46:00 GMT - 01/08/2018  
USA ZEUS 11:57 GMT October 5, 2017
Trading Basics - Volatility: Reply

In order to make money from trading you need to have price movement. In order to have price movement you need volatility. Volatility is cyclical. Without it, moving averages, momentum indicators, overbought/oversold indicators, support and resistance lines etc are essentially useless.

Volatility is the fuel that drives the engine!
..."the New York Stock Exchange has asked the SEC to approve five ETFs including 2x leveraged and inverse flavors, linked to Bitcoin futures"...
courtesy zh:

Buckle Up: NYSE Files For Leveraged, Inverse Bitcoin ETFs

dc CB  19:17:34 GMT - 12/31/2017  
(hint) demand in China will go thru the roof.

China Launches New Capital Controls: Puts $15,000 Annual Cap On Overseas ATM Withdrawals

Mtl JP  11:39:10 GMT - 12/31/2017  
LoD $12,635-ish

Last trade price 13,246.62 USD -4.56 %

Mtl JP  01:56:10 GMT - 12/31/2017  
DECEMBER 30 2017 - 2:28PM
Bitcoin tensions rise as investors claim banks freezing their accounts

Bitcoin investors are claiming Australia's banks are freezing their accounts and transfers to cryptocurrency exchanges, with a viral tweet slamming the big four and an exchange platform putting a restriction on Australian deposits.

Mtl JP  14:07:06 GMT - 12/26/2017  
Black economy in Israel accounts for 22 percent of the country’s GDP, according to statistics

> Tel Aviv stock exchange bans bitcoin-related companies
> Bitcoin fraud could be the next big thing for swindlers in Israel

"And given that bitcoin is only the most famous application of blockchain so far, it’s just a matter of time before a niftier, more efficient cryptocurrency replaces it."

"For two years, the Knesset has looked into how to reduce the use of cash, according to TheMarker. Various constituencies in Israel, which are more prone to dealing in the black market, have pressured their politicians to forestall the move." - haha.. swindlers worry ?


dc CB  22:17:11 GMT - 12/23/2017  
If you try to get this on YouTube, you are required to "register" to confirm that you are an ADULT to be able to view Adult Content.
Net NewTrallity!!!! LOL
released in 2012...apt for 2017 ---and coverage of Trump et al
Featuring The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo...the original not the Hollywood remake

play it LOUD

Gloom and Doom

Mtl JP  21:49:09 GMT - 12/23/2017  
In case we ll be needing names (potential cretins)
Race to launch bitcoin futures stirs anger - Financial Times
CME and Cboe listings have raised concerns among regulators and brokers

Pictures: Christopher Giancarlo of the CFTC, Terry Duffy of CME Group, Thomas Peterffy of Interactive Brokers and Chris Concannon of Cboe © FT Montage/Getty/Bloomberg

Gregory Meyer in New York and Philip Stafford in London

DECEMBER 15, 2017
“Get Exposure to Bitcoin Price Moves without Holding Bitcoins,” the website of Cboe Global Markets says about the exchange’s new bitcoin futures, which began trading this week.

Why someone would voluntarily seek out bitcoin’s gyrations might not be obvious. When it suddenly fell 10 per cent on Wednesday morning, investors might have felt safer getting exposure to skydiving.

But in an era defined by the absence of volatility, many trading firms are desperate for something that moves — and whatever its intrinsic value, bitcoin moves. Trading on a futures exchange promises all the excitement within the sturdy walls of a regulated venue. Cboe rival CME Group will make its own bitcoin futures full trading debut on Monday.

The question for traders and regulators is whether the futures listings represent the coming of age of cryptocurrencies, the peak of a silly fad or a danger to critical bulwarks of the financial system. The answer will play out in live trading.

Bitcoin has emerged from its 2008 creation into a medium of payment and, more prominently, the object of a speculative frenzy. Its price has gained 1,600 per cent this year, with double-digit percentage daily swings not uncommon.

US futures exchanges date to the 19th century. After decades of experience and occasional scandal, the industry has developed time-worn rules to protect customers from violent price moves and broker defaults.

But in the view of some, bitcoin is uncharted territory. The manner in which the US regulator, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, greenlighted the new contracts has led to concerns about potential perils ahead.

Among those worried is Thomas Peterffy, chairman of Interactive Brokers. “I started in the futures industry in 1968. I’ve seen many futures brokers go bankrupt and customers losing all their money. So I know how this works,” he says.

As a futures broker, Interactive executes deals for customers and collects margin money to ensure they make good on losing bets. As a member of exchange clearing houses, it is also on the hook if another broker defaults.

When he learnt that the exchanges were pushing ahead with bitcoin futures, Mr Peterffy spoke to Terry Duffy, chief executive of CME, and Christopher Giancarlo, CFTC chairman. Mr Duffy told him “there’s nothing you can do about it”, while Mr Giancarlo said, “Look, my hands are tied”, recalls Mr Peterffy.

CFTC representatives did not respond to requests for confirmation; the CME refused to comment.

Mr Peterffy then wrote a letter to Mr Giancarlo, which he also published in the Wall Street Journal. In it he urged the regulator to require a separate clearing house for bitcoin futures so customer losses do not infect brokers who do not want to be involved.

He was unpersuasive. “I think that people believe that more and more people will be believers in bitcoin. It’s only a matter of belief; it’s practically a religion,” he says.

While Mr Peterffy was pleading, the CFTC was in the middle of back and forth talks with the exchanges over the shape of their proposed futures, people involved in the discussions say. Agency staff first engaged with Cboe in late July and CME in mid-October, Amir Zaidi, director of the division of market oversight, said in a podcast on the CFTC website.

Getting approval for new contracts is usually a routine matter. Not for bitcoin. Regulators spent more time scrutinising the issue. CME initially sought margin collateral of 27 per cent of the value of the contract, according to Brian Bussey, director of the CFTC division of clearing and risk, speaking on the podcast, but “based on discussions with us, they moved it to 35 per cent”.

This week, CME further increased the margin requirement to 43 per cent.

“You can rest assured the CFTC was assertive,” says Chris Concannon, president of Cboe.

The discussions were private. On December 1 the CFTC announced that both Cboe and CME, as well as Cantor Exchange, which is listing bitcoin binary options, had “self-certified” their new derivatives products, meaning they were free to list them within one business day.

That did not sit well with the Futures Industry Association, whose 64 members — including Interactive — are most of the brokers needed to backstop the new contracts. The process did “not align with the potential risks that underlie their trading and should be reviewed”, Walt Lukken, chief executive of FIA, wrote to Mr Giancarlo.

Prompted by their complaints, the CFTC’s Market Risk Advisory Committee plans to meet and discuss bitcoin, novel products and their risks, and the self-certification process, according to CFTC officials. “There have been a lot of questions about the process and transparency,” says one official.

CME and Cboe both had reason to be first to market. Listing futures tends to be a winner-takes-all business because the contracts cannot be transferred between exchanges. Once volumes build up at one exchange, traders have little reason to go elsewhere. After CME announced it would list its bitcoin futures this Sunday night, Cboe stole a march and announced a December 10 launch date.

The first week at Cboe featured volumes of several thousand contracts, tiny compared with the most popular futures but higher than forecast by some.

Exchange executives say they developed the contracts in response to demand. CME, in its regulatory filing to the commission, claimed that bitcoin had “increasingly garnered public acceptance as a store of value”.

Since disclosing its plans to list futures it has “fielded hundreds of calls and emails” from traders including asset managers, trading firms and companies that create exchange traded funds, which could make bitcoin available to investors on stock exchanges.

“We’ve been at this a little over a year,” says Tim McCourt, who manages CME’s bitcoin product. “It’s just that in the last several months there’s been an upwelling of interest and demand from customers. They wanted a futures product on bitcoin on a regulated exchange. We finally reached that point of critical mass.”

Sceptical as he is, even Mr Peterffy’s brokerage is clearing bitcoin futures for about 200 accounts. “We have no good reason to say, ‘No you can’t,’” he says. “They could say, ‘I will find another broker who will do this for me.’ We don’t want to lose these clients.”

By Gregory Meyer in New York and Philip Stafford in London
DECEMBER 15, 2017

Mtl JP  19:40:51 GMT - 12/23/2017  
"If the price drops by 70% now, it only will be touching its 200-day moving average, which is near $4,473."

"Only when a trader is trading an instrument on leverage is he or she more concerned about such an eye-opening selloff, because then they are forced to close their position."

Mtl JP  17:20:17 GMT - 12/22/2017  
What, do you think, is blockchain technology ?

prague mark  16:14:43 GMT - 12/22/2017  
USA ZEUS 15:41 GMT 12/22/2017


whats your next buy level? 8k or below? TIA

USA ZEUS  15:41:26 GMT - 12/22/2017  
......Mostly go...

Israel Dil  15:19:36 GMT - 12/22/2017  
Ripple as Amazon's in-house crypto currency?

if true, that's 2000% rise by January 15th



dc CB  15:07:56 GMT - 12/22/2017  
that's a ZeroHedge Tweet

Mtl JP  15:04:31 GMT - 12/22/2017  
CB 15:00 the "BTW" is your own assertion or u aping ZH's ?

Personally I doubt Soldmanygafs likes inventory of anything other than what posi-accumulates in their bank account.

dc CB  15:00:57 GMT - 12/22/2017  
dc CB 01:48 GMT December 22, 2017
Goldman Is Preparing To Launch A Cryptocurrency Trading Desk
‏ @zerohedge
17m17 minutes ago
BTW, this shake out is a classic example of how Goldman prop loads up on inventory.

Mtl JP  14:38:43 GMT - 12/22/2017  
The Gap about which I ve been harping about for some time now sits at 8243.95 on my dealer's chart.

Sofar the LoD is 10655. At this level even a small flash-crash would make the Gap POOF. Not un-imaginable nor unrealistic possibility parameter.

If anyone is into bio-mimicry modeling it is easy to think of the time bees take to build their hive. And time it takes a bear to lick n n smash it to destruction in the fall when he finds it.

Mtl JP  14:25:50 GMT - 12/22/2017  
looks like it may make Gap a beautiful thing

I have a feeling a lot of folks have that "I wish I ... " feeling.

Just remember: "what does not hurt, maim or kill you, dis-appoints me"

dc CB  14:20:16 GMT - 12/22/2017  
$5000- $6000: 8 days
$6000- $7000: 13 days
$7000- $8000: 14 days
$8000- $9000: 9 days
$9000-$10000: 2 days
$10000-$11000: 1 day
$11000-$12000: 6 days
$12000-$13000: 17 hours
$13000-$14000: 4 hours
$14000-$15000: 10 hours
$15000-$16000: 5 hours
$16000-$17000: 2 hours
$17000-$18000: 10 minutes
$18000-$19000: 3 minutes
$19666-$14000: 4 day
$14000-$11000 X minutes

Mtl JP  13:17:04 GMT - 12/22/2017  

is this a threat or promise

HK RF@  11:52:15 GMT - 12/22/2017  
It's normal.

Just a healthy correction.

USA ZEUS  11:24:29 GMT - 12/22/2017  
E-Z come E-Z go....


Mtl JP  10:52:31 GMT - 12/22/2017  
Ladies n Gents, friends and foes your grinch writing;

chart shows massive overnite price dump.

There is NO WAY that it is without negative consequences.

Words are circulating to the effect that some brokers have been or are losing millions.

I suggest to ask your retail broker IF THEY INTERNALIZE cryptocurrency trades OR if they have a liquidity channel to prime brokerage.
Not a price feed.
An actual liquidity channel where trades can be cleared at prime of prime level.

GO! Your return of your money may depend on it.

haifa ac  07:23:14 GMT - 12/22/2017  
"LOW 15080"

how about low 12561?

Dillon AL  02:47:28 GMT - 12/22/2017  
From GVI archive
Dillon AL 16:22 GMT November 29, 2017
Bitcoin: Reply
When one thinks about Bitcoin and how the crash can and will occur then I suppose the top probably coincides with the CME launch of its futures contract or at least within 48 hours of launch

dc CB  02:33:46 GMT - 12/22/2017  
Da Boys- CME Futures: The week so far, from the much ballyhood launch. OPEN and the HIGH of the week 20650 - LOW 15080. Volume so far 728.

Ya "Dis one will fly". It'll just take time to catch on. Terry(I gave Jon Corzine a Pass) Duffy. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CME Group

dc CB  02:10:25 GMT - 12/22/2017  
PS: if you happen to run a Money Losinig Listed in any Exchange in the world Company. Create a Press Release that your Company is going Forward: (somehow) a BLOCKCHAIN ---whatever.

Sell your holding on the outrageous POP as the ALGO see the word "Blockchain" and buy buy buy.

This has happened in the past few days. Today: search: Long Island Tea Company.

dc CB  01:48:34 GMT - 12/22/2017  
Knife thru the heart of another peer to peer idea.
Or rather tongue down the throat ...
Lamprey on the temple...
Ticks on the crotch...
Deadly amoeba she picked up during a trip to a North Carolina water park(Bitcoin trading site).

Peasants, if you were fast and early U made out and Joined Us. But for the rest of you late comers, slugs with no idea: TOOO Bad the BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN.

Goldman Is Preparing To Launch A Cryptocurrency Trading Desk

hk ooozmeeh  17:53:05 GMT - 12/21/2017  
BTCUSD @ $15,000

vs $19,890 Dec 17 high

Mtl JP  16:51:05 GMT - 12/21/2017  
A Million-Dollar Bet That Bitcoin Will Hit $50,000
Trader or traders used bitcoin call options expiring next December to make the bullish bets
By Alexander Osipovich and Gunjan Banerji
Dec. 20, 2017 5:39 p.m. ET
Someone out there just made a bet that bitcoin will surge above $50,000 next year, trading data show—about triple its current price.

Daily trading records released Wednesday by LedgerX, a startup electronic market for bitcoin derivatives, show that an unidentified trader or traders entered the bullish bets using bitcoin call options that expire next December. The trade wagering on a move to $50,000 was the first of its kind on LedgerX.


Mtl JP  08:46:47 GMT - 12/13/2017  
capital gains & virtuality

​South Korea to tax Bitcoin profits, ban foreigners from trading

Mtl JP  11:55:23 GMT - 12/11/2017  
Dil 23:53 in hind-sight: nzdusd the better popper
players appear to like the new governor

Israel Dil  23:55:25 GMT - 12/10/2017  
07475-07525 to be exact :-)))

Israel Dil  23:53:58 GMT - 12/10/2017  
watch AUD/USD closely as its hovering around very important levels. that's the compass for now.

Mtl JP  23:48:00 GMT - 12/10/2017  
u r right: I do not
but watch it for possible effect on Gold trade

Israel Dil  23:41:16 GMT - 12/10/2017  
come on jp, you don't trade bitcoin :-)))

Mtl JP  23:04:53 GMT - 12/10/2017  
BTC gap now poof

Mtl JP  22:03:51 GMT - 12/10/2017  
BTC open

Mtl JP  21:34:22 GMT - 12/10/2017  
5PM CST = +1 EST (NYT) or 6pm in NY
Introducing the First U.S. Bitcoin Futures

Cboe Futures Exchange, LLC (CFE) plans to launch trading in Cboe bitcoin futures at 5:00 p.m. Central Time on December 10 under the ticker symbol "XBT"

dc CB  18:44:50 GMT - 12/10/2017  
vely interesting take on Bitcoin.
Catherine Austin Fits
starts at 27min and change into the interview.
An argument as to why it will go much higher. Not what you'd think.

USA Watchdog

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