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nw kw  21:09:28 GMT - 02/14/2018  
was cartoon news, bloom long xauusd,risk 4500. for 5000. in 1.00 move.? such timing??

Dillon AL  19:30:19 GMT - 02/14/2018  
He risks a return of May 1968

Mtl JP  19:27:25 GMT - 02/14/2018  
Historically and typically , when "leader"s anticipate economic things going the way of la toilette

French president Emmanuel Macron to bring back compulsory military service for young people

Mtl JP  18:08:43 GMT - 02/14/2018  
Caveat: I am biased towards the likes of Visa / M-card
(great brand names, high barrier to enter, harsh players)

Here’s the latest country where cash is losing its grip

an October 2017 study from Roubini ThoughtLab, a research firm based in New York, commissioned by the payments company Visa

dc CB  18:31:09 GMT - 01/30/2018  
dc CB 17:56 GMT January 4, 2018
Risk to the Markets.
The relentless attemps toTake out Trump.

Stage 1 --- MUH Russia - failed/failiing.
Stage 2 --- The 25th Amendment --- Trump is Nuts - ongoing.
Stage 3 --- ????? to be unvieled if and when Stage 2 begins to faulter. Potential Stage 3s included Crashing The Market.

Stage X --- if all else fails --- JFK him ----the Final Solution
Stage X is rumored to be found in the Unreleased Text Messages

The SAD SAD State of the Union - Out US Democratic (2 Party) Republic

ToNite On TV -- SOTU address and Rebuttal

Mtl JP  15:56:48 GMT - 01/28/2018  
Finland's election results should start to trickle in around 6pm-GMT (13:00NYT)

Mtl JP  19:32:22 GMT - 01/27/2018  
BREAKING NEWS: Miloš Zeman wins second term as Czech president
-- "a nightmare for the EU over the President's populist policies and threats to hold a referendum on leaving the bloc"

Tomorrow - sunday 28th - Finland votes and it would appear that "Huhtasaari’s - “Finland first!” “Let’s take Finland back!” odds of winning the presidency are a long shot"

According to The Economist

Finland’s down-to-earth president is set to sail to re-election

Mtl JP  20:18:08 GMT - 01/26/2018  
Reading over Theresa's wonderful ideas why "Britain will be one of the best places in the world in which to start and grow a business"

...“We have to do more to help our people in the changing global economy, to rebuild their trust in technology as a driver of progress and ensure no one is left behind as we take the next leap forwards… We have to remember that the risks and challenges we face do not outweigh the opportunities. And in seeking to refresh the rules to meet the challenges of today, we must not miss out on the prize for tomorrow.” ... from

PM's speech at Davos 2018: 25 January

Mtl JP  21:31:47 GMT - 01/18/2018  
Provo John welcome to the land of the allegedly free *v*
nzd having trouble holding .73 here on release of manuf index
but a small reaction move

dc CB  17:33:41 GMT - 01/18/2018  
Time Magazine: Jan 11
The advisory tells Americans “do not travel” to the five Mexican coastal states of Sinaloa, Colima, Michoacán, Guerrero, and Tamaulipas. It also suggests exercising “increased caution” or “reconsider travel” to other parts of the country.
“Violent crime, such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery, is widespread,” the advisory states.
The latest advisory gives the five Mexican states the same warning level as risky travel destinations like Syria, Yemen and Somalia.

This Map Shows Where Americans Are Being Told 'Do Not Travel' in Mexico

Mtl JP  16:58:42 GMT - 01/18/2018  
according to a 5:16 AM - 18 Jan 2018 tweet by trump-et man

...Mexico, now rated the number one most dangerous country in the world. ...

Mtl JP  20:07:06 GMT - 01/15/2018  
Good reading for 2018 and for beyond

Drowning In The Money River

Why the 99% of us are falling farther behind


Winning Against The Big Club

Protect & grow the purchasing power of your wealth

Executive Summary
- Taking Advantage of Subsidies
- The Importance of Adding New Income Streams
- Income-Producing Assets
- Hedges, Cost-Controls & Other Strategies

Courtesy - Insights for Prospering as Our World Changes

Israel Dil  15:44:26 GMT - 01/08/2018  
Iranians say the world's worst drivers are among themselves. seems Iranian sailors go for worst sailors title, they just delivered the worst ecological disaster since decades. fishery related prices to soar in Japan/China/Korea and so on.


Mtl JP  11:53:56 GMT - 01/08/2018  
friends and foes potential trade opportunity to make/lose
prepare to place your bets on/against the dlr

Sunday report by Politico:

White House preparing for trade crackdown

dc CB  23:57:34 GMT - 01/04/2018  
Today's Special: Duck Breast Crusted with Honeyed Nuts Coffee Infusion and Brandied Cherries

Pot Stocks Tumble After Jeff Sessions Rescinds Policies Allowing States To Legalize Pot

Mtl JP  23:33:40 GMT - 01/04/2018  
dc CB 17:56 - is that your original outline / script?
In any case I am betting on the cretins to provide me with some snack and beer money: buying commods and Gold.

dc CB  23:22:01 GMT - 01/04/2018  
The Rabbit that never get's shot.

A view from Austrailia...

Sunday with Charles - Special International Thursday Morning Edition - Crock O' Dung Downunder

dc CB  22:56:10 GMT - 01/04/2018  
Mr. Recusal, Jeff Session's Office at the DOJ.
AnyDay of the week that isn't a Fed HollyDay.

first 40 secs to the point "That's All Folks"

dc CB  21:44:05 GMT - 01/04/2018  
dc CB 17:56 GMT
Risk to the Markets.
The relentless attemps toTake out Trump.
.................... Potential Stage 3s include Crashing The Market.

Jeremy Grantham: "a near-term meltup would obviously help the current administration at mid-term, just as the subsequent and highly probable melt-down would seriously hurt it."

dc CB  17:57:31 GMT - 01/04/2018  
Is Something Neurologically Wrong With Donald Trump?

The Atlantic Jan 3

dc CB  17:56:01 GMT - 01/04/2018  
Risk to the Markets.
The relentless attemps toTake out Trump.

Stage 1 --- MUH Russia - failed/failiing.
Stage 2 --- The 25th Amendment --- Trump is Nuts - ongoing.
Stage 3 --- ????? to be unvieled if and when Stage 2 begins to faulter. Potential Stage 3s included Crashing The Market.

Stage X --- if all else fails --- JFK him ----the Final Solution

Mtl JP  17:20:59 GMT - 01/04/2018  
not to worry Dil
visual acuity does go down with age
it is normal

Israel Dil  17:15:57 GMT - 01/04/2018  
jp - at the point, I can't see eur/usd going more than 2% sub 200dma line.

Mtl JP  17:13:36 GMT - 01/04/2018  
2018 Euro/Dollar
This I predict: the puppy will see 1.10 before it sees 1.31

Livingston nh  15:15:35 GMT - 01/02/2018  
US Congress kicked the fiscal can into January so there are some issues -- the 10 yr Treasury pops above the 2.60 bogey and the 2yr moves above 2.10 ahead of the Fed changeover

Mtl JP  14:05:34 GMT - 01/02/2018  

Lets see if the massive gap remains neglected for long:
Germany 2 Year Government Bond: -0.0623%
U.S. 2 Year Treasury Note: 1.911%

Mtl JP  13:54:51 GMT - 01/02/2018  
Dillon AL 02:17... courtesy ZeroHedge:

CNN Closes Out 2017 Smoking Weed on Live TV

Mtl JP  11:25:48 GMT - 01/02/2018  
usdyen 112.10-ish
gv chartpoint:
100dma at 112.03 (support)
coinciding with support numbers on the hourly 112.05 / 112.00
well defined and low risk cost
caveat: highly visible parameters to everyone

Mtl JP  11:20:37 GMT - 01/02/2018  
HL Q 10:11 u could be trying a long usdyen against the round number +/- few pips. U r likely to find out pretty soon if it is a good or bad bet at low cost risk

HL Q  10:11:12 GMT - 01/02/2018  
Any buy usdjpy or sell eurusd levels?

Mtl JP  09:50:19 GMT - 01/02/2018  
For the longest time the odds in the two-party political system in which two roosters go at each other in a mortal fight were pretty low.

Tyler's treatise on ZH (see link) points to an "interesting" (chinese pithy curse) year in which the fighting looks set to intensify.

Unusually for a betting game of impeachment vs shackles there is still time to place bets while the fight is already under way.

New Trump Executive Order Targets Clinton-Linked Individuals, Lobbyists And Perhaps Uranium One - via ZH

London FXT  08:34:00 GMT - 01/02/2018  
Is anyone trading yet? 2018 is starting where 2017 left off with a weaker usd

dc CB  02:33:12 GMT - 01/02/2018  
surrender your firearms. forget hunting as an excuse, better get good with bow. lol.

It's worse than that. You know the idea that you get something on someone, like a sexual peccadillo or some untoward financial illegality and then You Own Them. Add to that POT SMOKER.
Voluntarily putting yourself and your property in legal jeopardy.

Gearing up to make Profit from this (just posted on ZH)

++++a former medium-security prison comes up for sale on Craigslist. The facility is located in Brush, Colorado with an asking price of $1,200,000 or 88 bitcoins @ 13,650.23.+++

Buy A Private Prison On Craigslist For Only 88 Bitcoin

Dillon AL  02:17:39 GMT - 01/02/2018  
PS add in many companies/corps who pee test for substance abuse and you lose you job as well. So it may be state wide legal but in reality you still are at risk. Now I am not aware of any prosecutions over the last couple of years but that does not mean that there is widespread my post below shows there isn't

Dillon AL  02:15:04 GMT - 01/02/2018  
Whilst pot smoking and eating is legal in CO it is still a Federal Offense to partake in the outdoors. IE behind closed curtains in your own home is fine. Have it in your car in Summit and Eagle counties and you WILL get a DUI period. Vail for example has a total zero tolerance. (Our Billionaires do not want it around here!). Smoke it on the ski slopes and you potentially risk not just the FEDS coming after you but the Forestry Commission and also The Bureau of Land Management both of whom have confirmed that it is banned on those properties.

dc CB  02:09:20 GMT - 01/02/2018  
CNN, failing with the Bash-Trump Bid-ness model, courts a "new audience" looks to 2018 to take viewer-share from YouTube. (looking for Dumb, Dumber, and Stoned - they'll believe anything we tell them. HappyNewYear ...The Management)

LOL Happy 1st Day on your road to your first $billion. (as a $Million just don't cut it anymore)


dc CB  01:18:23 GMT - 01/02/2018  
From the winner of a Nobel Prize in economics and resident economist at The New York Times

Little Paulie ---- but he still keeps getting paid the bucks and still gets the Grey Lady's platform to spout another "Proven later to be oh so WRONG!!!!"

As linked at ZH---early on: the $100Bln Man and Washington Post Owner

Mtl JP  21:17:21 GMT - 01/01/2018  
Greetings one and all !
May your best trade of 2017 be your worst in 2018.
For reference some 2017 closing numbers:
AUD/USD 0.78088
USD/JPY 112.676
EUR/USD 1.19995
GBP/USD 1.35167
USD/CHF 0.97723
USD/CAD 1.25528
EUR/JPY 135.206

dc CB  19:16:13 GMT - 12/30/2017  


Hillegom Purk  19:16:01 GMT - 12/30/2017  
Year 2018: unmask of those who know everything upfront... interesting...

Have fun ya all. Trade your own system, do not listen to anyone, best i can do, so do not listen...

Mtl JP  16:34:06 GMT - 12/30/2017  
From the winner of a Nobel Prize in economics and resident economist at The New York Times an attempt at politics:

America Is Not Yet Lost
Paul Krugman DEC. 25, 2017


Even at best, in other words, it’s going to take a long struggle to turn ourselves back into the nation we were supposed to be. Yet I am, as I said, far more hopeful than I was a year ago. America is not yet lost.

Livingston nh  22:10:45 GMT - 12/29/2017  
A safe and prosperous New Year to all!!

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