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AT Amazing Trader john bland  18:05:25 GMT - 01/12/2018  
Baker Hughes Rig Count


Total: 938 vs. 924 (+14) prev.
Oil: 752 vs. 742 (+10) prev.

Total 276 vs. 174 (+102)

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AT Amazing Trader john bland  15:00:54 GMT - 01/12/2018  
U.S. Business Inventories November 2017
U.S. Data Charts

+0.40% vs. +0.30% exp. -0.00% prev

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Israel Dil  14:31:29 GMT - 01/12/2018  
Dutch, Spanish and English royal houses have their blood mixed... soft here, probably extreme tough on Catalonia in return.

Israel Dil  14:28:48 GMT - 01/12/2018  
John - Bilderberg royals united... live!

AT Amazing Trader Jay Meisler  13:49:15 GMT - 01/12/2018  
GBPUSD spikes on this

08:46 (UK) Reportedly Spain and Netherlands govts agree to push for a 'soft' Brexit deal - press

- Source

AT Amazing Trader john bland  13:32:50 GMT - 01/12/2018  
U.S. Retail Sales December 2017

Headline: +0.40% vs. +0.40% exp. vs. +0.80% (r+0.90% ) prev.
ex-Auto/gas: +0.40% vs. n/a exp. vs. +0.80% (r +1.20% ) prev.

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U.S. CPI December 2017
U.S. Data Charts

m/m: +0.10% vs. +0.20% exp. v 0.40% pre
y/y: +2.10% vs. +2.10% exp. v +2.20% pre
y/y: +1.80% vs. +1.70% exp. v +1.70% pre

RELEASE: Consumer Price Index

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Amazing Trader (AT)  09:36:01 GMT - 01/12/2018  
OLD NEWS for those who missed it

German coalition negotiations said to have achieved a breakthrough; still working on a final deal - financial press - Said to reach a preliminary deal to negotiate a coalition govt

- Source

dc CB  18:23:56 GMT - 01/11/2018  
You've been Punked - Day Two

today's just concluded sale of $12 billion in 29-year, 10-month paper was an absolute record breaker in terms of foreign demand for the ultra long end.
The Auction stopped at a yield of 2.867%, stopping through the When Issued 2.888% by a whopping 2.1bps, one of the biggest stop throughs on record.

Record-Smashing Demand For 30Y Paper Sends Yields Tumbling

AT Amazing Trader john bland  18:13:41 GMT - 01/11/2018  
30-yr 2.867%
bid-to-cover 2.74 vs. 2.53


Amazing Trader (AT)  16:54:09 GMT - 01/11/2018  
Senate Banking Committee to vote on Fed Chair-designate Powell's nomination on Jan 17th

- Source

Mtl JP  16:00:06 GMT - 01/11/2018  
whatever trade units keeps ticket green
unless one is the netting type trader in which case the sl consideration may be different

lkwd jj  15:55:11 GMT - 01/11/2018  
entry plus 1. 1 what ? cent? this game is for big boys ... 10 cents minimum. its like playing craps with bj half size chips. we dont take that on this table

Mtl JP  15:54:36 GMT - 01/11/2018  
surprise... "hell" would have previously printed as "censored" on gv

lkwd jj  15:51:54 GMT - 01/11/2018  
in a crazy market like that, trailing stops work great as they will keep you in and your not fighting emotionally with issues of when to take a profit. your obviously not looking to position trade it so take what it gives you and get the hell out.

Mtl JP  15:49:49 GMT - 01/11/2018  
I like to keep my sl at entry + 1
I d be a loser at 3.07
but tks for sugg just the same

lkwd jj  15:45:22 GMT - 01/11/2018  
not bad play but keep stop above 3.07. connecting highs downtrend line comes in there. above and it could fly.... with the hot weather, suckers market.

Mtl JP  15:34:33 GMT - 01/11/2018  
probably decent RR to sell the natgas reaction-pop

AT Amazing Trader john bland  15:33:06 GMT - 01/11/2018  
EIA U.S. Natural Gas
U.S. Data Charts

(BCF) -359 vs: -320 expected

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AT Amazing Trader john bland  13:31:37 GMT - 01/11/2018  
U.S. PPI November 2017

Final Demand: -0.10% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. +0.40% (r. ) prev.
Core: -0.10% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. +0.30% (r. ) prev.

RELEASE: Producer Price Index

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AT Amazing Trader john bland  13:30:34 GMT - 01/11/2018  
US Weekly Jobless Claims


261K vs. 245K exp vs. 250K (r. ) prev.

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AT Amazing Trader john bland  12:39:34 GMT - 01/11/2018  
You have to suspect that the abrupt EURGBP spike a half an hour ago came out of an ECB leak? Trade was in EURGBP rather than EURUSD to cover their tracks??


AT Amazing Trader john bland  12:35:33 GMT - 01/11/2018  
Usually ECB Minutes are a yawner, but not this time. Sounds like they are signalling an earlier than expected move away from QE...

Amazing Trader (AT)  12:33:13 GMT - 01/11/2018  
ECB ACCOUNT OF THE MONETARY POLICY MEETING (DEC MINUTES): Could consider shift in guidance from early 2018 - Some comfort in wage dynamics but inflation is a concern

- Source

dc CB  00:51:59 GMT - 01/11/2018  
dc CB 19:23 GMT January 10, 2018
it's just an ALGO Trigger NUZ story.

Amazing Trader (AT)  21:15:29 GMT - 01/10/2018  
CNBC's Tausche: Canadian official CNBC spoke to says they have no new information that US is planning imminent withdrawal from NAFTA - White House official: There has been no change in Pres Trump's position on NAFTA

-- Source

Dillon AL  20:01:33 GMT - 01/10/2018  
Seems like they have been looking over the pond at what May proposed. A minister of NO just in case they have to pull out.
Once again it seems that negotiations is not about negotiations at all but a game of call my bluff

dc CB  19:38:51 GMT - 01/10/2018  

"Canada has begun preparing contingency plans for how to proceed if Trump gives a withdrawal notice, which is not binding and wouldn’t necessarily kill Nafta" - RTRS

dc CB  19:25:55 GMT - 01/10/2018  
we've come so far. Once Upon A Time --- yud have to call up "blue horseshoe" and wait for the "story" to appear in the Heard on the Street column. BigTimeTraders had spies working in the typesetting room :))))

dc CB  19:23:12 GMT - 01/10/2018  
it's just an ALGO Trigger NUZ story.

AT Amazing Trader john bland  19:21:37 GMT - 01/10/2018  
This is probably all bluster from Trump. He will not permanently pull out of NAFTA.

AT Amazing Trader john bland  19:20:11 GMT - 01/10/2018  
USDCAD spikes higher.

Amazing Trader (AT)  19:18:02 GMT - 01/10/2018  
Canada officials reportedly increasingly convinced Pres Trump will soon announce a pull out of NAFTA - press - Canada plans to remain in talks even if US announces pullout as some negotiations could continue- Canadian officials say notice of withdrawal from Trump admin would be significant, but US-Canada trade would continue

- Source

AT Amazing Trader john bland  15:32:58 GMT - 01/10/2018  
US EIA Weekly Inventories

U.S. Data Charts

Crude Oil: -4.900 vs. -4.100 exp vs. -7.400 prev.
Distillates: +4.100 vs. +0.900 exp vs. +8.900 prev.
Gasoline: +4.200 vs. +2.700 exp vs. +4.810 prev.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report

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AT Amazing Trader john bland  15:00:23 GMT - 01/10/2018  
U.S. Wholesale Inventories November 2017

+0.80% vs. +0.40% exp. +0.70% prev

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AT Amazing Trader john bland  13:45:26 GMT - 01/10/2018  
A poster on GVI said a little while ago that the Chinese bond comment was likely in reaction to Trump threats on trade sanctions.

This made a lot of sense to me. If true, that means that today's bond turmoil could blow over fairly quickly. No doubt the risk of a nasty bond sell-off remains ever-present...

AT Amazing Trader john bland  13:30:21 GMT - 01/10/2018  
U.S. Import Prices December 2017

+0.10% vs. +0.40% exp. vs +0.70% prev.

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Paris ib  11:44:09 GMT - 01/10/2018  
"The book was originally scheduled to go on sale on January 9, 2018, but the publisher, Henry Holt and Company, moved up the release date to January 5 due to "unprecedented demand".

The people to thank

Paris ib  11:39:18 GMT - 01/10/2018  
I think Jay that you have to keep an eye on the circus regarding the Trump Presidency. If anything tripped the wire, that did. How these morons in the Press and in the publishing industry can do this and NOT expect a huge ripple effect when the U.S. is so reliant on foreign funding... well, it's beyond me. Obviously they are NOT aware of the facts of the situation. By the time they find out it may be too late.

Houson... we have a problem.

We have a problem

Amazing Trader Jay Meisler  11:33:13 GMT - 01/10/2018  
Whatever the case, the news caught the market wrong footed and now we watch 1.20 to set the tone and the high at 1.2011.

Currently, AT is trying to form a down ladder that would need a break of 1.1987 and then 1.1983 to confirm a high is in. Ladder risk two-way if 1.1987 can hold. Move above 1.2003 would negate the down ladder attempt and put the HOD at risk.

See it run live - The Amazing Trader

AT Amazing Trader john bland  10:52:38 GMT - 01/10/2018  
Keep an eye on equities. I have been worried about a "black swan"with market euphoria built mainly on momentum.

london red  10:51:01 GMT - 01/10/2018  
usdjpy moving on treasury liquidations. thats the flash move. relatives aside, yields on usd are rising so watch for close below/abv 200dma on yen. a move back abv intraday suggests a return to hod for this pair but for now fallout from chinese is playing out. sup 11080-111

AT Amazing Trader john bland  10:48:11 GMT - 01/10/2018  
DAX -123
DJ -131
SP -12

london red  10:47:24 GMT - 01/10/2018  
fading ahead of 120 stop over 12060 should work. tgt below 119

AT Amazing Trader john bland  10:46:08 GMT - 01/10/2018  
10-yr 2.584% +4.6bps

Amazing Trader Jay Meisler  10:43:18 GMT - 01/10/2018  
5:26 (CN) China Officials: Said to view treasuries as less attractive; Recommends slowing or halting Treasury buying

**Reminder: On Jun 6th reports circulated that China was ready to acquire more US treasuries as CNY currency (Yuan) stabilized

- Source

Amazing Trader Jay Meisler  10:41:14 GMT - 01/10/2018  
From the GVI Forex Forum:

Wednesday Trading Checklist
Genoa nic 10:38 GMT 01/10/2018
Chinese officials said trasuries are less attractive ten minutes ago

AT Amazing Trader john bland  09:31:55 GMT - 01/10/2018  
BREAKING NEWS: UK Output November 2017


Industrial: +0.40% vs. +0.40% exp. vs. +0.00% (r +0.20%) prev.
Manufacturing: +0.40% vs. +0.30% exp. vs. +0.10% prev (r +0.30%)

BREAKING NEWS: UK Trade November 2017


Total: -12.2 vs. -11.1 exp. vs. -10.8 (r -11.7) prev

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AT Amazing Trader john bland  15:01:04 GMT - 01/09/2018  
U.S. BLS JOLTS Survey November 2017
U.S. Data Charts

mln: 5.879 vs. 6.030 exp. vs. 6.000 prev (r 5.925) rev.

BLS: Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary

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