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lkwd jj  18:44:18 GMT - 01/26/2018  
speaking of level B reporting..... this is another one. market has the news for 40 minutes to digest and hasent blinked. i wouldnt take position at this time of day/week based on the raw number. its up $3 bucks on the week, so even if it drops on profitaking , its not signal for direction .

Mtl JP  18:17:50 GMT - 01/26/2018  
rig count uP ... time to short crude with odds of more oil hitting the market or wait some ?

AT Amazing Trader john bland  18:03:33 GMT - 01/26/2018  
Baker Hughes Rig Count

Total: 947 vs. 936 (+11) prev.
Oil: 759 vs. 747 (+12) prev.

Total 338 vs. 325 (+13)

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GVI Trader Jay Meisler  15:19:12 GMT - 01/26/2018  
HK Kevin 14:26 GMT January 26, 2018
Longing EURUSD: Reply
It's JPY cross trade movin gth emarket. Watch EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY

lkwd jj  15:17:49 GMT - 01/26/2018  
pardon my ignorance , whos kevin?

london red  15:15:50 GMT - 01/26/2018  
kuroda comments earlier bout an hour ago. pretty bullish on inflation

GVI Trader Jay Meisler  14:57:07 GMT - 01/26/2018  
Kevin, good alert on the JPY.

lkwd jj  14:45:47 GMT - 01/26/2018  
i think if he'd stop trying to correct what he said, usd would find support. drop the subject and all will be well in usd land....perhaps.

Mtl JP  14:10:26 GMT - 01/26/2018  
Jay Meisler 13:51 - so Jay u gone short eurdlr ?
In a manifestation of believing mnuchin ?
for a 1.2350-ish tp trgt ?

AT Amazing Trader john bland  14:09:15 GMT - 01/26/2018  
Re Mnuchin: his statements today sounded like damage control. He has learned the hard way that the U.S. Treasury Secretary is never permitted to talk down the dollar. I don't think secretly he would be upset if the currency weakens, but he won't say that again.

GVI Trader Jay Meisler  13:51:28 GMT - 01/26/2018  
8:50 (US) Treasury Sec Mnuchin: emphasizes and repeats "I was not trying to talk down the dollar earlier this week - CNBC from Davos

- Source

PAR 13:50:32 GMT - 01/26/2018  
GDP grows 2.6% in fourth quarter, but falls short of Wall Street’s mark

AT Amazing Trader john bland  13:37:02 GMT - 01/26/2018  
Canada: CPI December 2017
Canada Charts


mm: -0.40% vs. +0.30% exp. vs. +0.30% prev.
yy: +1.90% vs. +1.90% exp. vs. +2.10% prev.

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AT Amazing Trader john bland  13:35:15 GMT - 01/26/2018  
Durable Goods Orders December 2017

Headline: +2.60% vs. +0.90% exp. vs. +1.30% prev.
Ex-Trans: +0.60% vs. +0.60% exp. vs. -0.10% prev.

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AT Amazing Trader john bland  13:33:01 GMT - 01/26/2018  
U.S. GDP 4Q17

+2.90% vs. +3.00% exp. vs. +3.20% prev.


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PAR 10:50:44 GMT - 01/26/2018  
Dalio To Mnuchin: Don’t Be Stupid, You Moron

Regarding Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s comments about the administration’s weak dollar policy, I want to make sure that you understand what having currency weakness means—most importantly, it is a hidden tax on people who are holding dollar-denominated assets and a benefit to those who have dollar-denominated liabilities.

AT Amazing Trader john bland  10:41:15 GMT - 01/26/2018  
In fairness to Draghi, I could understand if the comments out of Washington were confusing. At the moment I still don't know what their policy is. Mnuchin was not "misinterpreted", the new forex policy is being "recalibrated" (my word, not theirs).

NY JM  10:16:33 GMT - 01/26/2018  
This is what Draghi should have said yesterday rather than blaming it on Mnuchin's comments.

GVI Trader Jay Meisler  10:09:50 GMT - 01/26/2018  
Modest bounce in the dollar on this:

05:04 (FR) ECB's Coeure (France): FX volatility is not helpful - comments from Davos
- To assess situation if currency levels change some more
- Last thing we need is a currency war

- Source

AT Amazing Trader john bland  09:54:56 GMT - 01/26/2018  
UK GDP beats expectations

AT Amazing Trader john bland  09:51:56 GMT - 01/26/2018  
UK GDP-- 4Q17


QQ +0.50% vs. +0.40% exp. vs. +0.40% prev.
YY +1.50% vs. +1.40% exp. vs. +1.70% prev.


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Israel Dil  22:17:24 GMT - 01/25/2018  
AFP news agency @AFP

#BREAKING Afrin official urges Syria to intervene to stop Turkish planes overhead

- Syria/Russia deploying S400 there and Turkey is into deep never ending nightmare. can't see any positive impact on TRY

Israel Dil  21:45:10 GMT - 01/25/2018  
enough red, next.... keep this kind of conversation to your wife, no other reason for a female to see you as attractive.

london red  21:37:39 GMT - 01/25/2018  
stating a fib after time doesnt confirm anything fwiw. while ur 98% is bs. nobody of any intelligence or basic understanding of the fx market would make such a daft comment. u may admit u made it up but if u cant see how daft it (98% come on) was then there isnt much hope. now u wont be able to see that so there is no point me continuing on with it is there.

Israel Dil  21:27:38 GMT - 01/25/2018  
you funny boy red

when all winning trades doesn't count and you attach yourself to information no one able to confirm or not. I must admit the surprisingly HK @RF got the point better than anyone ;-)))

no bs. Truly nor. .. 13800-14400 cable range for a while :-)))

london red  21:05:39 GMT - 01/25/2018  
now u know thats not the point. is it mr 98%? thats where im calling your bs. of the day.

Israel Dil  20:29:23 GMT - 01/25/2018  
oh ya.. that drop with cable was off 78.6% of the 15015-11945 range... bs too? :-)))


Israel Dil  20:19:13 GMT - 01/25/2018  
grow up red, don't let your mother's and wife's risk tolerance to rule you :-)))

cable trade above 23.6% of 13470-14330 range after briefly printing under. I guess that answers your other BS about losses. .. RED :-)))


london red  20:01:36 GMT - 01/25/2018  
more riddles. im quite happy with my reality not sure why it matters to u. how many figs lost on the way up?
back in the real world. a few fibs 12300/06/11 and prev highs 12297/12324

dc CB  19:56:01 GMT - 01/25/2018  
Soros: I expect a Democratic landslide in 2018

Israel Dil  19:39:23 GMT - 01/25/2018  
red.... relax !

that 14140 scalp was good for 2 figures... so get into non self employed state (your reality) very fast again. we talk dogs later :-))))

london red  19:37:05 GMT - 01/25/2018  
yest john, mnuchin dismissed short term. thats what shocked everyone. cos the us nevers comments aside from strong dollar policy. im not entirely sure mnuchin wanted correcting by trump cos as u say, mnuchin had another go earlier today. if u asked anyone where they were going to take profit on eurusd at the start of year they would tell u 125/125, so folks were a bit nervous here anyway. as i said before plenty of fresh risk in mkt today on breach of 125, these are now live possies from 120/121/122 and need dealing with. easiest to take profit whilst hedging results in same action to mkt.

austin mw  19:36:55 GMT - 01/25/2018  
John - keep in mind that the treasury announces its quarterly refunding schedule next week and will be needing close to a trillion $ and with China & Japan buying fewer, the Fed is no longer hoarding, the last thing Trump and Mnuchin need is a falling USD.

london red  19:32:32 GMT - 01/25/2018  
me bitter? why? just canned nearly half a fig on the downside. i dont like riddles for the sake of it. and besides your 98% is bs. hey every dog has its day, i guess you just got called up. enjoy.

AT Amazing Trader john bland  19:31:06 GMT - 01/25/2018  
Very strange. I listened to everything that Mnuchin said very closely today, at least twice. His comments could not have been clearer. They were not out of context. I also saw the Trump "clarification". He did not correct anything. They must have gotten some strong push back on the weak USD strategy. Not looking good on this one...

Israel Dil  19:25:07 GMT - 01/25/2018  

14140 scalp also imaginary in your real world, ah?


Israel Dil  19:23:22 GMT - 01/25/2018  
red... you sound bitter, take a shot of whiskey with jp :-)))


Israel Dil  19:21:33 GMT - 01/25/2018  
strong dollar and import tariffs on solar panels and washing machines... may means loads of Chinese banging their heads against the wall in place of celebrating their new year :-)))


london red  19:19:57 GMT - 01/25/2018  
yes fake news. 98% of it at least. what has the president got to do with an imaginary 98% short usd position. a bunch of folks got tapped in when the 125 broke so its a good op for them to take profit from the knockins, ask q's later.

PAR 19:14:58 GMT - 01/25/2018  
Fake news everywhere with the Trump creepshow ?

Israel Dil  19:14:24 GMT - 01/25/2018  
market shown 98% the evidence

london red  19:13:05 GMT - 01/25/2018  
that fact he said mnuchin comments taken out of context suggests they didnt want mkt to dwell on first part of mnuchins comment of short term indifference to dollar moves.

AT Amazing Trader john bland  19:10:54 GMT - 01/25/2018  
Hardly different from what Mnuchin said

Amazing Trader (AT)  19:07:51 GMT - 01/25/2018  
Pres Trump: the Dollar will strengthen as the economy does; ultimately I want to see a strong dollar; Mnuchin comments this week were out of context - CNBC interview excerpts

- Source

london red  19:06:01 GMT - 01/25/2018  
mkt moving on trump comments that mnuchin comments taken out of context

Amazing Trader (AT)  18:51:44 GMT - 01/25/2018  
ECB sources: ECB council divided about next move as the rise of the Euro complicates the forecasts - press -

Some want to remove the easing bias in March; others prefer June for next policy adjustment - Others are more hesitant and want to fully reassess at the next meeting

- Source

london red  18:11:15 GMT - 01/25/2018  
some minor sup for usdjpy here by 10850, but now below wkly cloud base. prev low of 10732 in danger as is 38.2% fib (75/126) at 10667.

dc CB  18:08:07 GMT - 01/25/2018  
Auction done:
7Y high yield 2.565%, WI 2.577%

AT Amazing Trader john bland  15:30:35 GMT - 01/25/2018  
EIA U.S. Natural Gas
U.S. Data Charts

(BCF) -288 vs: -270 expected

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Israel Dil  15:30:08 GMT - 01/25/2018  

Entry: Target: 200DMA line area Stop:
1.15-1.25 range it is :-)))

Mtl JP  15:28:18 GMT - 01/25/2018  
Dil no need to feel sorry - other than for yourself maybe
just tell the source
it does not get any simpler: the source

HK [email protected]  15:25:03 GMT - 01/25/2018  
Why 98% hmmm?
Because 98% of forex traders are losing their money against the banks:(

Israel Dil  15:23:21 GMT - 01/25/2018  
oops, sorry jp for touching old man's hesitations; -)))

shot of whiskey and you back to your comfort zone


Mtl JP  15:20:41 GMT - 01/25/2018  
cmon Dil - out with the source
and also exactly how more than "more than 98%"
and don't worry: I won't use it to trade against you.

Israel Dil  15:09:47 GMT - 01/25/2018  
John - weak/weakening US housing market goes hand in hand with stronger USD... historically at least :-)))

AT Amazing Trader john bland  15:05:24 GMT - 01/25/2018  
Big miss in New Homes Sales

Israel Dil  15:04:55 GMT - 01/25/2018  
hey jp - you too old to grow own balls, try sewing :-)))


NY JM  15:04:31 GMT - 01/25/2018  
Red, those #s have been that way through the recent dollar slide so not just today.

AT Amazing Trader john bland  15:04:28 GMT - 01/25/2018  
U.S. New Home Sales December, 2017

625K vs. 675K exp. vs. 733K (r 689K ) prev.

New Residential Sales

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AT Amazing Trader john bland  15:01:54 GMT - 01/25/2018  
U.S. Leading Indicators January 2018
U.S. Data Charts

+0.60% vs. +0.50% exp. vs. +0.40% (r ) prev.

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Mtl JP  15:01:06 GMT - 01/25/2018  
hey Dil... c my 14:32

london red  14:58:55 GMT - 01/25/2018  
have between 60-70% net short euro, again around 2/3 net long. this is a mix of retail clients across a few firms but to be honest they are all v similar ie 2/3 clients net long usd.

Israel Dil  14:57:04 GMT - 01/25/2018  
JM - do you believe in those #'s ?


NY JM  14:52:08 GMT - 01/25/2018  
If you believe these #s

SSI shows 70% short eurusd, 62% short gbpusd, 69% long usdjpy

Israel Dil  14:42:35 GMT - 01/25/2018  
thoughts in their nature appear as wrong from time to time RED :-)))


Israel Dil  14:41:24 GMT - 01/25/2018  

Entry: Target: 1.4140 Stop:
that's the scalp part :-)))


london red  14:39:43 GMT - 01/25/2018  
think its far more than 2% which is why its not been bouncing.

Israel Dil  14:36:33 GMT - 01/25/2018  
that's the 2% red


london red  14:35:33 GMT - 01/25/2018  
long usd that is.

london red  14:35:13 GMT - 01/25/2018  
dont think yen futures traders would agree with you. they have been add long all the way down!

Mtl JP  14:32:28 GMT - 01/25/2018  
source n proof :_

Israel Dil  14:30:36 GMT - 01/25/2018  
more than 98% of traders are USD short now...


Amazing Trader (AT)  14:29:42 GMT - 01/25/2018  
SNB's Jordan: do not believe that we are facing a currency war; have no comment on US Treasury Sec Mnuchin's FX comments - Should not be focused on daily volatility in exchange rates do not look at specific exchange rates when setting policy - Reiterates view that SNB continues to be willing to intervene in FX markets if necessary - Source

AT Amazing Trader john bland  13:31:04 GMT - 01/25/2018  
Retail Sales November 2017
Canada Charts

Retail Sales
+0.20% vs. +0.70% exp. vs. +1.50% prev. (r. +1.60%)
X-Autos:+1.60% vs. +0.80% exp. vs. +0.80% prev.

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AT Amazing Trader john bland  13:30:17 GMT - 01/25/2018  
US Weekly Jobless Claims


233K vs. 235K exp vs. 220K (r.216K ) prev.

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Livingston nh  13:00:29 GMT - 01/25/2018  
John - agree w/ the fixed currency concept but markets haven't made the distinction yet// Asian stox (esp. HK) took a goodly hit after being strong most of the month

See if we start to see a race to the bottom again -- very little reaction in the Treasury mkt and I still don't know why bunds took such a big hit yesterday

the Riyal might get poked around ahead of Aramco

AT Amazing Trader john bland  12:46:05 GMT - 01/25/2018  
No ECB changes in key rates, as universally expected.

AT Amazing Trader john bland  12:45:22 GMT - 01/25/2018  
European Central Bank (ECB) January 25, 2018


Refi Rate Steady at 0.00%
Marginal Lending Rate steady at 0.25%
Deposit Rate steady At -0.40%

Asset Purchases (QE) per mo unchanged at 30bn

Press Release: ECB Decision

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Mtl JP  11:36:46 GMT - 01/25/2018  
Unlike Trump, Xi Jinping - who had better things to do than go to Davos - is not at the world forum, like Make China great again: Communist Party seeks to seize ‘historic’ moment to reshape world order.

So for the short/term headlines are likely to be monopolized by Trump.

But if earlier snippets by Xinhua are worth anything "leaders in Davos are faced with “two fundamentally different outlooks” regarding the state of the world: One is Trump’s “America First” policy, and the other is “the Xi-style collaborative approach.” One approach would put “a bullet in the head” of globalization, while the other would put a better compass in its hands, argued Xinhua. “The right choice is the latter,” it said.

Cue Epic Chinese War Music

Mtl JP  10:56:40 GMT - 01/25/2018  
so u expect draghi to figure something out in the next 2-1/2 hours...

and some crack in USD confidence -- like the Chinese making some oblique reference about the size of the mountain of munchkin's crap paper they still hold ?

kl fs  10:52:35 GMT - 01/25/2018  
avalanche is just starting, watchout for tsunami in stock markets soon, followed by bond market
cryptos anyone?

PAR 10:49:33 GMT - 01/25/2018  
Since Trump became president the US dollar has dropped 15 % nothing new under the sun . Republican governments mean a weak dollar and big deficits . We have been there in the past .

AT Amazing Trader john bland  10:44:25 GMT - 01/25/2018  
We have to consider now if this USD policy change will change the policy calculus of ECB today, especially if the EURUSD heads for 1.30 or 1.35.

Odds are Draghi will be more cautious today than he would have been several days ago. He will have to figure out a way to deflect this change in U.S. dollar policy.

The U.S. is not going to change from this policy unless U.S. markets start to react. Keep a close eye on stocks and bonds for any signs of a crack in USD confidence.

AT Amazing Trader john bland  10:36:11 GMT - 01/25/2018  
One problem we have is that you cannot trust most of the announcers. They usually are not paid to think. They work from scripts. The guy running this panel knew what he was talking about and quizzed Mnuchin in detail and got him to ADMIT that this marks a change in policy. There is little doubt that a weaker USD is not a concern for the Treasury Secretary, but I reiterate that I believe Mnuchin's comments are being mostly directed at those with fixed exchange rates.

AT Amazing Trader john bland  10:18:00 GMT - 01/25/2018  
Mnuchin in yet another USD comment on a panel LIVE in Davos. We are not concerned about the current value of the USD. U.S. supports freely floating exchange rates...

Every comment by him or his spokespeople in the past two days have been perfectly consistent. As I listened to Mnuchin, I think his comments are being directed at countries such as China, not Europe.

Now that his comments have been completely clarified, the ball is in Draghi's court to deflect.

Mtl JP  09:56:32 GMT - 01/25/2018  
in the interest of not just transparent but complete reporting ---
re discuss trade gap:
“I discussed a possible trip of mine to China later this year to review with them the sanctions as well as various different opportunities over there,” munchkin according to bbrg reporting

"sanctions" --> on NK , a chinese proxy. and US warships parading in Sea of China
"various different opportunities over there" - haha, not chinese hoard of munchkin's crap paper

"If a person is important,people will line up to visit him even if he lives in a remote mountain village..If a person is not important,nobody will visit him even if he lives in the centre of a busy town"..(Chinese proveb)"... - shangahi bc 2006

Amazing Trader (AT)  09:37:47 GMT - 01/25/2018  
Earlier Fresh Mnuchin comments today in Davos

Treasury Sec Mnuchin: Earlier comments on USD was consistent and quite clear; believes in free currencies (markets determine the rates) - comments from Davos - Long-term USD level is determined by economic strength - Do not want to enter trade wars - Has a very good and open dialogue with China; discussed possible trip[ to China later in 2018- Discussed reducing the trade gap with China
- Source

AT Amazing Trader john bland  09:05:44 GMT - 01/25/2018  
Strong IFO data

AT Amazing Trader john bland  09:01:17 GMT - 01/25/2018  
BREAKING NEWS: German IFO Survey January 2018


Climate: 117.6 vs. 117.0 exp. vs. 117.2 prev.
Current: 127.7 vs. 125.3 exp. vs. 125.4 prev.
Expectations: 108.4 vs. 109.2 exp. vs. 109.5 prev.

IFO Climate Survey

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Mtl JP  22:05:04 GMT - 01/24/2018  
oooph took 15 minutes for nzd to puke 100 pips ///
nzd economists not very professional BUT..... useful

Mtl JP  21:54:08 GMT - 01/24/2018  
and the So What of the miss is : _____ c chart

but... notably I saw price move fraction of second ahead of the data
meaning that robot did not get optimal fill
just taking note

AT Amazing Trader john bland  21:49:19 GMT - 01/24/2018  
CPI Misses

AT Amazing Trader john bland  21:48:26 GMT - 01/24/2018  
New Zealand 4Q17 CPI
QQ: +0.10% vs. +0.40% exp. vs. +0.50% prev.
YY: +1.60% vs. +1.90% exp. vs. +1.90% prev.

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Israel Dil  20:19:33 GMT - 01/24/2018  
John - next time I will try to clearer that I am cynical :-)))


AT Amazing Trader john bland  20:16:08 GMT - 01/24/2018  
Dil if you had been trading fx a couple of decades ago you would have learned that "small details" were everything. One single misspoken word could generate absolute market chaos.

Israel Dil  20:13:26 GMT - 01/24/2018  
free floating, free falling, who cares about the small details when the statements are huge, the true spirit of the Trump Era in the white house....

Amazing Trader (AT) Jay Meisler  19:48:55 GMT - 01/24/2018  
It doesn't say much for the Treasury Secretary when the Press Secretary has to clarify his dollar remarks. He said what he meant imho

14:43 (US) White House spokesperson Sanders: White House to release immigration framework on Monday - press

- The Dollar is very stable; the White House believes in a free-floating currency

- Source

dc CB  15:42:49 GMT - 01/24/2018  
Crude: -1.07MM, exp. -1.6MM
Gasoline +3.1MM, exp. +2.2MM
Distillate: +639K, exp. -1.1MM
Cushing -3.15MM
Oil Production: +128kb/d to 9.878MM
Imports: +91kb/d

Crashing USD cancels any effect from rept

AT Amazing Trader john bland  15:30:52 GMT - 01/24/2018  
US EIA Weekly Inventories

U.S. Data Charts

Crude Oil: -1.100 vs. -1.300 exp vs. -6.900 prev.
Distillates:+0.600 vs. -1.600 exp vs. -3.900 prev.
Gasoline: +3.100 vs. +2.400 exp vs. +3.600 prev.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report

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AT Amazing Trader john bland  15:16:14 GMT - 01/24/2018  
Trump plan not in effect until January. December was last chance to be grandfathered in to old taxes. I suspect it might have been the severely cold weather in half of the country in December.

PAR 15:08:31 GMT - 01/24/2018  
Trump tax plan starts to hit the housing market in high tax states ?

AT Amazing Trader john bland  15:05:51 GMT - 01/24/2018  
Existing Homes Sales Miss. Previous data revised weaker.

AT Amazing Trader john bland  15:04:51 GMT - 01/24/2018  
U.S. Existing Homes Sales (mln) December 2017


p.a. s.a.: 5.57 vs. 5.700 exp. vs 5.810 (5.78) prev.

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AT Amazing Trader john bland  14:46:08 GMT - 01/24/2018  
Mixed data second tier report.

AT Amazing Trader john bland  14:45:28 GMT - 01/24/2018  
U.S. flash Markit Mfg & SVC PMI January 2018

mfg: 55.5 vs. 55.1 exp. vs. 55.1 prev.
svc: 53.5 vs. 54.4 exp. vs. 53.7 prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Markit PMI Press Release

london red  13:28:27 GMT - 01/24/2018  
small barrier for cable at 142 defending the fib below. euro plenty of 124/125 options mixed with barriers lrg by 125

london red  13:03:22 GMT - 01/24/2018  
sorry those last two shud be 11826-17190 and 11496-17190

Israel Dil  12:56:57 GMT - 01/24/2018  
london red 12:45 GMT

too obvious, therefore :-))


london red  12:45:36 GMT - 01/24/2018  
JP, infl in the UK is running around 3%, wage infl 2.5%. first cable res by 14189 76.4 of 11496-15015, then 14268 76.4 of adjusted low 11826-15016. then 14342 which is 50% of 11496-15016. then 50% of 11826-15015 at 14506. last summer cable ran 9 figs before deep correction so we are looking at around 143 if repeats. think the 14342 happens early next month and we pull back from that.

Mtl JP  12:21:18 GMT - 01/24/2018  
red 09:55 - what is the currently bandied about "inflation rate" in UK ?

PAR 11:16:23 GMT - 01/24/2018  
In Zurich of all places . The center of Swiss banking and trading . One of the most expensive and most beautiful places of the world .

Mtl JP  11:13:30 GMT - 01/24/2018  
only some 2,000 anti-capitalists protesting in Zurich arrival of trump-et man as protests in Davos are ... not allowed

Mtl JP  10:52:03 GMT - 01/24/2018  
not concerned about the currency’s recent decline - Mnuchin in Davos

Mtl JP  10:45:52 GMT - 01/24/2018  
A weaker dollar is good for the US, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says -

Mnuchin Says Weaker Dollar Is Good for U.S. Due to Trade - Bloomberg

Mtl JP  10:44:21 GMT - 01/24/2018  
Mnuchin says weaker dollar 'good' for US trade, opportunities - Financial Times

kl shawn  10:29:46 GMT - 01/24/2018  
red, if he is happy with pound at 1.41, then he must be happy also with pound at 1.50-1.51 pre brexit fall, one way street?

london red  09:55:47 GMT - 01/24/2018  
shawn a rising sterling helps knock down inflation so carney will welcome it. anyway its a usd move in large so not much he can do esp after mnuchin comments on usd. it does increase risk that draghi will talk down euro tomo. but there will be plenty looking to buy dips 121-122 if seen. a test of 12092/121 if successfully defended shud provide legs for move to 125/126.

kl shawn  09:37:02 GMT - 01/24/2018  
what's our rockstar Carney gonna do now with pound well above 1.40

AT Amazing Trader john bland  09:32:27 GMT - 01/24/2018  
Data steady to weaker

AT Amazing Trader john bland  09:31:53 GMT - 01/24/2018  
BREAKING NEWS: U.K. Employment November/December 2017


Claimant Count (000): 8.6 vs. -5.0K exp. v. +5.9K (r +12.2)prev.
ILO Rate: 4.30% vs. 4.30% exp. vs. 4.30% prev.
earnings: 2.50% vs. 2.50% exp. vs. 2.50% (r ) prev.
earnings x-bonus: 2.40% vs. 2.30% exp. vs. 2.30% (r) prev.

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AT Amazing Trader john bland  09:01:10 GMT - 01/24/2018  
EZ Flash PMIs January 2018

mfg: 59.6 vs. 60.3 exp. vs. 60.6 prev.
svc: 57.6 vs. 56.4 exp. vs. 56.6 prev.

mfg: 61.2 vs. 63.0 exp. vs. 63.3 prev.
svc: 57.0 vs. 55.5 exp. vs. 55.8 prev.

mfg: 58.1 vs. 58.6 exp. vs. 58.8 prev.
svc: 59.0 vs. 58.9 exp. vs. 59.1 prev.

Markit PMI Press Release

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kl shawn  02:46:35 GMT - 01/24/2018  
Trump is doing great job, no one wants to hold usd anymore

kl shawn  02:36:45 GMT - 01/24/2018  
Tesla Tesla Tesla
OPEC must hate Elon Musk so much

Dillon AL  00:46:38 GMT - 01/24/2018  
A pic of traffic near me taken Jan 10 and this is a regular sight especially on a weekend. Traffic up 80 miles west of Denver and even in Denver does not get slowed by weather unless its an avalanche

Israel Dil  00:42:16 GMT - 01/24/2018  
Livingston nh 22:49 GMT

less cars were driven due to the weather?

therefore less gasoline used. can't it be so simple?


Livingston nh  22:49:10 GMT - 01/23/2018  
Gasoline continues to build - OPEC can screw w/ supply but can't affect demand

Mtl JP  22:37:24 GMT - 01/23/2018  
Jerome Powell confirmed as next chairman of the Fed

AT Amazing Trader john bland  22:29:38 GMT - 01/23/2018  
API (mln)
CO -5.11
Gasoline +1.80
Distillates +0.60

Israel Dil  19:29:02 GMT - 01/23/2018  
No chemistry there and oil trades $80 while gold passes $1.43k soon

BREAKING: Trump to call Turkey's Erdogan amid concern over Syria offensive, US official says

AT Amazing Trader john bland  19:00:13 GMT - 01/23/2018  
Par good observation

PAR 18:51:42 GMT - 01/23/2018  
US stocks rise as US dollar keeps dropping.

Israel Dil  18:43:42 GMT - 01/23/2018  
Trump teach them how to use Twitter :-)))


Thank you @BillRMcDermott, we welcome SAP's significant investment in France to accelerate our digital ecosystem and spur economic growth. #ChooseFrance

Israel Dil  18:37:01 GMT - 01/23/2018  
nh - with or without voting rights? :-)))

Livingston nh  18:34:32 GMT - 01/23/2018  
dil - the easiest solution is for Congress to annex both countries - we probably should have done this years ago but they are both troublesome folks// no Nafta, no border wall, multi-lingual minority problem -- maybe we sell Quebec to Macron (a reverse Louisiana Purchase)

Israel Dil  18:23:30 GMT - 01/23/2018  
hahaha - is it a stupid president or stupid voters trusting wall to solve problems. then also a wall between Canada and USA needed. :-)))

"Mexicans will soon be able to travel to Canada without a visa. And they might actually want to, as newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes strides to improve strained relations between the two countries. ... Trudeau, however, has brought a breath of fresh air to the stale relations.Nov 19, 2015

Mtl JP  18:16:54 GMT - 01/23/2018  
nh 17:54 there have to be a few Maschinengewehr 34 available at reasonable cost but practicality and cost effectiveness is antithesis to anything government

Provo John  18:04:58 GMT - 01/23/2018  
Or sell ladders.

Livingston nh  17:54:58 GMT - 01/23/2018  
This Border WALL Funding is a joke played by both sides - The Executive wants to build A WALL for Security purposes so build the WALL - Homeland Security budget, Pentagon, State Department // the money is there and Congress can't stop him without the Supreme Court

It's a @#**ing game - unless you trade barbed wire futures it's irrelevant

Amazing Trader (AT)  17:54:14 GMT - 01/23/2018  
It is starting to look like February 8 could be another problem date.

Amazing Trader (AT)  17:54:14 GMT - 01/23/2018  
It is starting to look like February 8 could be another problem date.

Amazing Trader (AT)  17:48:19 GMT - 01/23/2018  
Reportedly Democratic Leader Schumer has withdrawn offer for border wall funding in immigration reform negotiations - press

-- Source

AT Amazing Trader john bland  15:33:26 GMT - 01/23/2018  
time frame on flat to weaker trend for U.S. data 3-4 months. As for levels look at any USD chart in that period.

Israel Dil  15:26:25 GMT - 01/23/2018  
john bland 15:03 GMT

haha, that's the most foggy form of statement one can bring out in daytrading/scalping forum. I assume you kissed with Paris ib and got infected by her virus. can't you add time frame and price levels to support your view? :-)))


gc dd  15:26:10 GMT - 01/23/2018  
it more seems that someone knows that there is something coming out soon and they aren't waiting any longer to sell USD .. more sanctions / more indictments who knows.

ECB seems last hope for USD beyond that.

also you go into Asia at USD lows they are likely to push it 100-150 points in a thin market before it bounces back at all.

Mtl JP  15:22:53 GMT - 01/23/2018  
Jay Meisler 13:17 is that movie showing the AT running on MT4 on a mobile device - iPhone/ Android phone ?

AT Amazing Trader john bland  15:03:58 GMT - 01/23/2018  
General bias for U.S. data very recently has been trending broadly weaker. Not many beats vs. expectations or previous data. Does not bode well for USD or stocks if this continues.

Agree or Disagree??

AT Amazing Trader john bland  15:00:30 GMT - 01/23/2018  
weak Richmond Fed.

AT Amazing Trader john bland  14:59:59 GMT - 01/23/2018  
U.S. Richmond Fed Index January 2018

+14 vs. +18 exp. vs. +20 prev.

TTN: Live News

Mtl JP  11:19:37 GMT - 01/23/2018  
feel the earth ... move... under my feet

Magnitude 7.9 earthquake hits Gulf of Alaska, triggering tsunami watches

Mtl JP  10:17:27 GMT - 01/23/2018  
john bland 10:10 tky so what does not go up...
maybe target 1.22-ish.
maybe some option plays there

AT Amazing Trader john bland  10:10:05 GMT - 01/23/2018  
Many don't trust ZEW data. Its a survey of Fund managers who blow with the wind. IFO data on Thursday are the most trusted. Personally, I think the IFO has an upward bias.

Mtl JP  10:03:24 GMT - 01/23/2018  
big beats
not so big pricereaction
wonder wazzadamadda

AT Amazing Trader john bland  10:01:27 GMT - 01/23/2018  
big beats for German ZEW Survey

AT Amazing Trader john bland  10:00:52 GMT - 01/23/2018  
German ZEW Survey January 2018


Current Situation: 95.2 vs. 89.5 exp. vs. 89.2 prev.
Expectations: 20.4 vs. 17.9 exp. vs. 17.4 prev.

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PAR 18:47:00 GMT - 01/22/2018  
Does this mean that in 3 weeks we go thru the same comedia de ll arte ?

AT Amazing Trader john bland  17:57:15 GMT - 01/22/2018  
vote 81 to 18 to reopen on a procedural vote.

AT Amazing Trader john bland  17:53:31 GMT - 01/22/2018  
Vote to reopen government has enough votes to pass. Still voting...

PAR 17:34:02 GMT - 01/22/2018  
Democrats got nothing , nada . So why this circus?

PAR 17:27:27 GMT - 01/22/2018  
Trump can bribe or bully everybody .

Mtl JP  17:23:36 GMT - 01/22/2018  
NY 17:18 - can u offer similar assessment about me ?

PAR 17:23:26 GMT - 01/22/2018  
Big lack of negotiating skills in the Democratic camp.
No match for a guy like Trump.

USA NY  17:18:47 GMT - 01/22/2018  
PAR if you were in the US you would be part of the 35% who support him. The shutdown will end in spite of Trump, not because of him.

PAR 17:16:03 GMT - 01/22/2018  
US markets hitting new record Trump solves government shutdown so that he can go to Davos.

london red  17:10:34 GMT - 01/22/2018  
do you mean do i think it will hold? think it can hold into jobs/wages on wed as i suspect a small shakeout in euro longs pre ecb which will put pressure on cable too. but until usd mounts a recovery mkt is going to keep buying euros and pounds. in march we have eu summit which may cause sime selling while todays news of 5-star not including euro referendum in manifesto means itslian elections will be a non event so buy dips of fadespread widening pre event.

Amazing Trader (AT) 17:06:12 GMT - 01/22/2018  
Market reacting even though no big surprise to an event (shutdown) that was seen not having a lasting impact.

dc CB  17:01:32 GMT - 01/22/2018  
shut down 2018

Ben Garrison

Amazing Trader (AT) 16:42:56 GMT - 01/22/2018  
11:38 (US) Senate Democrats reportedly ready to make deal on govt funding in exchange for DACA vote promise

- Talking Points Memo - 'Senate Democrats are on the brink of accepting a deal to end the government shutdown in exchange for the promise of a vote on the DREAM Act in the coming weeks, three sources tell TPM.

- Source

SA GP  15:51:28 GMT - 01/22/2018  
red how hard do you think 1.40 barrier will be defended?

london red  15:35:16 GMT - 01/22/2018  
large 1.40 cable barrier in play (channel line by 13961 this week), while tomorrow see 10985 yen exp of size. euro not much going on clustered by ecb meet.

Amazing Trader (AT)  15:32:46 GMT - 01/22/2018  
Senate Maj Leader McConnell: Senate vote on stopgap still expected around noon

- Source

Mtl JP  15:31:07 GMT - 01/22/2018  
social isolation, loneliness, likelihood of premature death, heavy users of social media had higher levels of perceived social isolation ...can lead to ... increase stress levels, driving up blood pressure and inflammation that could lead to heart disease.

Poof !! problem solved as

5 days ago - UK Prime Minister Theresa May has appointed a minister for loneliness

Livingston nh  15:14:35 GMT - 01/22/2018  
jp - the unwinding of the flattener trade, the eventual settlement of the shutdown (more spending) and inflation expectation shift higher should give you some hope // BIG thing is Fed's glacial dishoarding of balance sheet

NY JM  15:10:04 GMT - 01/22/2018  
Hi Red. Have you heard any chatter about any orders in GBP, which is in demand, especially EURGBP (weaker)

Mtl JP  15:08:23 GMT - 01/22/2018  
nh the only problem I see that the 10-yr is still too low and more importantly too slow in its yield rise to 2.66%. In other words: maybe promising but too tame in its action.

Puppy needs to rise higher and quicker to cause a bit of volatility in order to yield some seriously profitable trading opportunities.

IF is the single issue of govt debt, I say keep the govt shut as long as possible - its debt and debt refinance needs will - hopefully - grow and again hopefully that will raise int rate.

What other hope do I have ? - tia

london red  15:04:59 GMT - 01/22/2018  
eurchf will go back to the 1.20 level they were defending except this time around the SNB is much richer...given its actions it will of course be a natural eurusd seller in order to balance its assets, but likely at higher levels than present.

Livingston nh  14:51:35 GMT - 01/22/2018  
The problem as always is the small group of Republicans who make the 'debt' the single issue bogeyman

AT Amazing Trader john bland  14:41:55 GMT - 01/22/2018  
Individual Senators reporting progress in bipartisan shutdown talks...


AT Amazing Trader john bland  14:37:32 GMT - 01/22/2018  
His comments were behind the April 2015 meltdown in EURCHF and destroyed a number of retail firms and a lot of individual accounts. I hope he learned his lesson, but I would not bet on it.

lkwd jj  14:33:16 GMT - 01/22/2018  
one would assume hes a market mover....imho

Mtl JP  14:30:25 GMT - 01/22/2018  
re "very dangerous"
can u elaborate plz

AT Amazing Trader john bland  14:02:04 GMT - 01/22/2018  
Be careful with this Joker Jordan. He is very dangerous.

Chicago AGA  13:56:13 GMT - 01/22/2018  
Have you ever seen those dols where you pull a chord and the doll spews out the same words each time. Jordan talks like one of those dolls.

Amazing Trader (AT)  13:41:42 GMT - 01/22/2018  
SNB's Jordan: Reiterates view that CHF currency (Franc) remains highly valued

- Source

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