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Mtl JP  15:31:56 GMT - 02/12/2018  
Ray Dalio on February 12, 2018:
Where We Are

We know that we are ..
but we don’t know precisely where we are—i.e., we don’t know exactly...
...though it is clear that we are ...
squinting and doing calculations to try to figure that out...
we won’t get it precisely right...
but we hope to get it as by-and-large right as we have in past times...

the calculations we are doing, classically, if the

Mtl JP  09:41:50 GMT - 02/09/2018  
PAR 09:06 - not what I asked ...
but re "loose huge amounts of money"
note: learning a lesson is directly proportional to the degree of pain.
and nothing to do with elevating intellect to genius level

PAR 09:06:34 GMT - 02/09/2018  
Dalio only uses models and lots of inside info from ECB , IMF worldbank .

I read his book Principles and it reminded me of. The art of the deal.

He made tremendous amounts of money and that seems to make him a genius. Before managing money for the IMF and the Worlbank he also managed to loose huge amounts of money .

Mtl JP  08:48:04 GMT - 02/09/2018  
Ray Dalio is famous for a bunch of reasons , not least of which is his concept of radical truth and radical transparency. Now there is talk of folks asking if Bridgewater's "risk-parity" investing tactic (Summit) is to blame for the volatility.

Can someone please provide an update on

JP 16:45 GMT January 23, 2018
markets: Reply
‘If you’re holding cash, you’re going to feel pretty stupid.’
according to Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates founder

Ray Dalio says market surge may be ahead: 'If you're holding cash.

HK RF@  11:28:09 GMT - 01/24/2018  

Women are being used as pawns for the pleasure of men and it must come to an end.

150pounds for such a job? Pfff!!!

Give every lady 2000$ payment and that will include all in the deal.
No lady wants to be a prostitute, but high end prosty? Hmmmm maybe.
And retire in comfort.

Mtl JP  11:06:04 GMT - 01/24/2018  
What if all these "360 wealthy businessmen from the worlds of finance, media, politics and the arts" - "weinsteins" - were to repent by going poof ?

“Women are being used as pawns for the pleasure of men and it must come to an end. Misogyny continues to plague the City and big business.” - Gina Miller

Men Only: Inside the charity fundraiser where hostesses are put on show

Livingston nh  22:20:34 GMT - 01/23/2018  
Catching up here so I'll put a couple of comments together

1. Musk is a showman (better than Bezos who is really good) but like any good showman (Magicians?) he deflects the reality -- when he had trouble here he offered to "save" Australia w/ a GIANT battery // TSLA can't be worth 650 bio because the competitors will grind him down -- maybe he gets bought but there is no new technology in his operation and he hasn't mastered PRODUCTION

2. Re: 2 yr yield - market sees a slower FED - keep in mind the BLITZ of last MARCH -- market sees what it wants and the opportunity is when it is WRONG

3. "an ever declining dollar" - currency is related to inflation not GDP - no CB targets GDP // a strong economy will pull imports which theory says will weaken currency (see gold standard) BUT post Bretton Woods demise it's different

4. Climate Change (aka Global Warming) - winner of the Golden Acorn awarded by the Chicken Little Institute of Dubious Science multiple years -- people that don't understand this silliness voted for "guess WHO?"

Mtl JP  20:58:45 GMT - 01/23/2018  
One of a king ballzy

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tesla today announced a new 10-year CEO performance award for Elon Musk with vesting entirely contingent on achieving market cap and operational milestones that would make Tesla one of the most valuable companies in the world. In order to fully vest, Tesla's market cap would have to grow to $650 billion (an increase of almost $600 billion), and important revenue and profitability goals would also have to be achieved. ../.

Tesla Announces New Long-Term Performance Award for Elon Musk

Mtl JP  20:43:37 GMT - 01/23/2018  
nh ... what the 2yr thinks about the FED ?

"The 2-year note yield TMUBMUSD02Y, -0.80% was down 3.1 basis points to 2.042%, the largest one-day yield decline since Dec. 13. That snapped a 14-day streak of yields gain."

Livingston nh  17:47:18 GMT - 01/23/2018  
jp - RATES RATES RATES -- we'll see in 15 min what the 2yr thinks about the FED

Mtl JP  17:44:59 GMT - 01/23/2018  
Dallio : “You can’t have a significant rise in interest rates without knocking over the whole asset markets,” ... the Fed will need to figure out the optimal level for real interest rates.

His is the allegedly current biggest HFund ya ?

Livingston nh  17:37:08 GMT - 01/23/2018  
par - this what dalio was saying 2 weeks ago

"The problem is that with interest rates and risk premia near all-time lows and debt and asset values near all-time highs, there's little fuel to repeat the process. Just as the Fed can't cut rates much, it can't raise them much either, or debt servicing would swamp cash flow and asset prices would sink. Thus Mr. Dalio sees years of low interest rates, and while he thinks stocks are fairly valued, returns to a typical stock-bond portfolio over the next decade will be around zero after inflation and taxes. Whatever you need to retire, save it now: Don't count on portfolio returns."

AND now we are in a sweet spot? watch what they do and not what they say

PAR 17:05:59 GMT - 01/23/2018  
Dalio. Thats the man who manages money fr the IMF , the World. Bank and advises Draghi . He has plenty of inside

Mtl JP  16:45:38 GMT - 01/23/2018  
‘If you’re holding cash, you’re going to feel pretty stupid.’
according to Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates founder

AT Amazing Trader john bland  11:53:00 GMT - 01/23/2018  
This is what happens when an industry becomes an oligopoly. Just about every industry is controlled now by 3-4 firms.

Mtl JP  11:46:20 GMT - 01/23/2018  
is a BoA a buy ?

American banks continue to phase out free checking accounts

Bad news for low-income consumers: There’s now one fewer place where you can store your cash for free.

Mtl JP  03:15:56 GMT - 01/23/2018  
BoJ no change

Israel Dil  01:23:13 GMT - 01/23/2018  
come on, Trump is a genius or ultra lucky, maybe both. the job losses due from Amazon GO launch may find a new job thanks to that "free" trade protectionism policies.

why not look on both sides with awareness, the way workers treated in the Chinese factories making solar cells and washing machines are also not truly a practice of free trade.

dc CB  23:20:14 GMT - 01/22/2018  
Stock market ends at record LOL

Trump beat the Democrats with a silly stick and Won. LOL

Is there any doubt that the Democratic Party will be blamed for the government shutdown brought on by the DACA showdown? They insisted on a DACA deal that would have enabled everybody-and-his-uncle in a DACA person’s family to migrate to this country, a formula known as chain migration. Did they really believe that would go over? Or is it just more identity politics posturing?

I’m not the first observer to point out that it looks like the Democratic Party puts the interests of non-citizens above everybody else in the country. That’s what will be remembered about this gambit at the polls in November. It also looks like an engineered misdirection away from the more ominous fast-developing story about political corruption at the highest level of the Justice Department and its subsidiary, the FBI.

Blow Back - Jum Kunstler

Mtl JP  22:48:55 GMT - 01/22/2018  
oh what surprise
probably pickled carney tink (who yaks in davos on friday)

Brexit: UK has already 'agreed in principle' with EU to Norway-style transition

Livingston nh  22:30:23 GMT - 01/22/2018  
Hmm, at least tariffs aren't inflationary, right? Taxes don't count, right?

The Fed likes to rely on DATA not anecdotes for its inflation expectations BUT inflation expectations are driven by anecdotes -- so Mr. Bonds, do ya feel lucky?

Mtl JP  21:53:40 GMT - 01/22/2018  
Trump orders tariffs on imported solar cells, washing machines
Trump tariffs on washing machines are a maximum of 50%
Stock market ends at record

Livingston nh  21:15:57 GMT - 01/22/2018  
jp - the required reserves and the balance is roughly 50/50 (~2.45 trio each) so yeah 2 trio is "real" -- Ben screwed w/ the duration of the holdings and the MBS (1.77) is all over 10 yrs

The treasurys' share is 2.45 w/ 1.5 trio due over 5 yrs (this is the hoarded fund) - track this figure

Mtl JP  20:55:17 GMT - 01/22/2018  
nh think the "$2 trillion" is fake news or just a typo or justified by the "well over" disclaimer ?

Recent balance sheet trends

Livingston nh  20:23:13 GMT - 01/22/2018  
I guess it's working so well OPEC can keep it going -- ARAMCO better get off to a good start

Mtl JP  20:18:28 GMT - 01/22/2018  
anyone here on FF want to try to collude ?
I did not think so

Saudi minister urges OPEC, oil allies to extend production limits into 2019

Mtl JP  19:59:06 GMT - 01/22/2018  
jj - tks for headsup.

robot is not dependent on the release itself, just its time spot on the calendar of events. Its (y/n)trading is dependent on price-action as it does not parse the released data itself.

lkwd jj  19:48:39 GMT - 01/22/2018  
JP you might have to adjust your robot if govt stays closed, as the reports will all be on hold

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