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london red  13:50:31 GMT - 03/01/2018  
my bad thx.

Mtl JP  13:44:51 GMT - 03/01/2018  
GBP 1.3750:
50 day 1.3844
Pivot 1.3811
Bottom Line
- I am biased
- to sell rallies
- keep it real simple

levels: gv chartpoints

Belgrade Knez  13:36:57 GMT - 03/01/2018  
london red

AHE and NFP numbers only next Friday not tomorrow!

Livingston nh  13:09:47 GMT - 03/01/2018  
red - US Employment figs are next Friday

london red  13:04:52 GMT - 03/01/2018  
that 12165 has drawn a lot of attention of late and is a tgt for many, so it may be wise to wait for a bounce. the risk is a collapse to 12092, the prev high. but they may wait to hear powell and of course AHE tomo.

GVI Trader Jay Meisler  12:20:59 GMT - 03/01/2018  
All eyes are on EURUSD 1.2164, including the

Amazing Trader and Stealing Pips

GVI Trader Jay Meisler  12:15:22 GMT - 03/01/2018  
Key Amazing Trader GBPUSD level is 1.3740 on a closing bar (red line) on the 4 hour chart. Current ladder down started at 1.3768 (blue line)

Amazing Trader

hk ooozmeeh  11:48:05 GMT - 03/01/2018  
How GBPUSD pares on last 3 FED Hike....

kl fs  10:03:29 GMT - 03/01/2018  
ok goodie intraday scalp, out of cable short 1.3737

kl fs  09:34:21 GMT - 03/01/2018  
sold cable 1.3759 intraday, looks like 1.377-80 will be good enough to cap, target open

bali sja  09:21:30 GMT - 03/01/2018  
20 days enough to make a difference to the battlefield

hk ooozmeeh  09:14:13 GMT - 03/01/2018  
Usd will further appreciateprior to March 21 expected rate hike, as it always does during the last 3 hikes.
But USD is still in bearish mode, in my chart, imho.
Good trades

bali sja  09:03:21 GMT - 03/01/2018  
it is about time we get reminded of what happened to the pound, history will repeat itself

hk ooozmeeh  09:01:00 GMT - 03/01/2018  
Brexit issues never left the equations since June 23, 2016 brexit referendum...

bali sja  08:58:44 GMT - 03/01/2018  
cable has seen year high IMO, sell on rallies

kl shawn  08:55:39 GMT - 03/01/2018  
not for long, cable will go down due to the political drama, Boris will be the culprit

hk ooozmeeh  08:49:51 GMT - 03/01/2018  
Pounds have had that brexit problems right after June 23 2016 brexit election
Chance of parity then was very high when Fed was expected to hike 3X
Indeed Fed hiked in Dec 2016 plys 2 more in 2017, and everytime fed hiked rates, the USD stumbles...
Despite of brexit issues which is always there,, Pounds manages to move higher than brexit rate..fwiw

kl shawn  07:16:08 GMT - 03/01/2018  
sja, cap is 1.2220 for euro and 1.3780 for cable, they are all bearish

bali sja  07:09:49 GMT - 03/01/2018  
the plan is to sell all euro and cable rallies, usd is forever king!
for today 1.2240 will cap all euro upside and same thing 1.3820-1.3850 will cap all cable rallies, downside is unlimited

USA ZEUS  07:01:07 GMT - 03/01/2018  
Sometimes the obvious is too obvious. Things aren't always as they seem. Expect the unexpected. Use a strategy. Plan your trades. Trade your plans.


jkt abel  06:25:27 GMT - 03/01/2018  
Wtr, you tell me how could usd rally with all deficit problem? same logic!
bottom line is everywhere you see there is a problem if you wanna make it a problem
they all take turns to surface and get attention, meanwhile enjoy!

Perth Wtr  03:33:45 GMT - 03/01/2018  
Dil you tell me how can cable rally with all the political problem with brexit?

Perth Wtr  03:30:45 GMT - 03/01/2018  
Cabellina is a good root you mean?

Israel Dil  03:29:34 GMT - 03/01/2018  

and if not, what you gonna do?!
spank Cabellina while naked?

Perth Wtr  03:28:03 GMT - 03/01/2018  
May doesnt have a plan and the backstabber and big mouth Boris will always be a problem for UK. Cable is in love with gravity IMO

Perth Wtr  03:26:12 GMT - 03/01/2018  
Cable is not gbp with copper.
Cable just wont stay higher that 200 weekly ema at 1.4050
It is time to go down big time

Israel Dil  03:24:25 GMT - 03/01/2018  
you mean GBP in parity with copper?

Perth Wtr  03:21:48 GMT - 03/01/2018  
Agree Nh, cable is going to parity- 1.10 like red said many moons ago. This is the start.

Livingston nh  02:25:53 GMT - 03/01/2018  
Because of the time frame I am not looking to buy Cable anywhere in the 1.30s - it's not a range trade anymore // on the daily the MAs have just started to rollover and on the wkly the MACD has not rolled over (21 ma still rising) - UK would have to show a plan or a drop dead position -- it hasn't and perhaps it can't

EU is pushing and maybe it works but relying on the Irish is probably no better now than 200 yrs ago

Israel Dil  02:03:52 GMT - 03/01/2018  

with all that foxy style comments, you didn't mention actual business/trades. therefore, 13500 region acts surely as accumulation point in your book. you buy GBP on dips and 13500 region is a deep. beside the possible daily noise the coming few days. good trades to you too! :-)))


Livingston nh  23:27:55 GMT - 02/28/2018  
Friday's speech by PM May will determine whether the WEIGHT falls on EU politicians or emboldens the Labour leadership to go for a new election (I know I know but DUMP MAY in her own Party) -- BARNIER et al did this on purpose, cut her no slack == she should burn the house down before they take away her matches

GVI Trader Jay Meisler  15:20:44 GMT - 02/28/2018  
Look at this Amazing Trader EURGBP one hour chart (see my earlier post

Amazing Trader

GVI Trader Jay Meisler  15:11:40 GMT - 02/28/2018  
We will find out after 16:00 GMT (4 PM London fixing) how much of GBP selling is due to month end and how much to other factors, such as Brexit.

AT shows EURGBP res at .8855/63/70

london red  15:09:00 GMT - 02/28/2018  
no hourly close yet below feb 9 low of 12205. if to happen today needs to happen during this fix hour. eurgbp prev high by 8865 may draw in some sellers and "help" euro a bit lower.

Mtl JP  15:01:52 GMT - 02/28/2018  
1.2207 needs to give

Mtl JP  14:34:35 GMT - 02/28/2018  
at 1.2227 euro is still under its Pivot 1.2268
means I am selling pops up

Perth Wtr  14:29:51 GMT - 02/28/2018  
Cable wont see above 1.4050. Agree with nh, time for usd party.

Livingston nh  14:17:40 GMT - 02/28/2018  
Both EUR/USD and Cable have touched and held the rising daily 55 ema // EU and UK are playing hot potato w/ a grenade w/pin pulled

Weakness on chart drags both to the daily 89 ema

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