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Fukuoka joyya  01:23:18 GMT - 08/13/2018  
relation will get better bcoz both need each other do worry....
trump just putting presure but usa can not leave turkey that geopolitical fact....

Livingston nh  01:16:33 GMT - 08/13/2018  
jp - market seems getting impatient -- Erdogan sleeping in? // contagion maybe in Brazil(BRL) thru Spain// HUF or PLN if the hostages are released into the wild

Turkey has about $70 bio in reserves to play with and little likelihood of increasing -- we shall see if the market buys the PLAN

Fukuoka joyya  01:12:03 GMT - 08/13/2018  
sold now 6.92 bcoz turkey have more cards trump risking too much....

Mtl JP  01:02:47 GMT - 08/13/2018  
nh 20:53- so the bigger play and bet is IF the turk can tilt the 2nd (and 3rd and so on) CONTAGION dominos

google leads to some funny some less so explenations

Mtl JP  00:36:43 GMT - 08/13/2018  
forgot Xi

Mtl JP  23:56:53 GMT - 08/12/2018  
ps // I have no other use beyond trying making pips off erdogan or trump or rockstar or jerome or mario etc etc

Mtl JP  23:52:01 GMT - 08/12/2018  
Sja - as per my 21:03
GAP s are one of my favorite plays
with proper focus and risk management
one could play for reasonable living
just one day / week

Bali Sja  23:41:34 GMT - 08/12/2018  
Jp, so erdogan managed to calm try and actually got some prisoners below 114 euro :)))))

Mtl JP  23:16:04 GMT - 08/12/2018  
re will eur gap lower
Opening GAP now

GVI TRADER Jay Meisler  23:11:48 GMT - 08/12/2018  
Joyva, your political posts are better suited for the political forum.

Fukuoka joyya  23:03:40 GMT - 08/12/2018  
sanctions countries violating human rights law inocent peoples suffering
no medicines....poor nations of africa paying trillion usd$ to america we shud help these poor peoples rather than taking money....

Fukuoka joyya  22:50:32 GMT - 08/12/2018  
if pastor legal arrested then turkey have all right according to law but sanctions illegal and esp on nato ally....but problem will be slve....

Mtl JP  22:42:30 GMT - 08/12/2018  
But is not President Trump tariffiating Erdogan over some pastor?
Is Erdogan NOT listening (cognitive issue) or does he have some other medical condition ?

Or maybe the the problem resides w/President Trump not communicating clearly so as to be effectively understood:
first Xi seems to be not understanding what is wanted of him
now Erdogan appears to off on some tangent as well

two points ... and one has a trendline

Fukuoka joyya  22:34:51 GMT - 08/12/2018  
i think usa will do some thing bcoz turkey major player in region and its more in usa intrest airbse etc and oil trillion usd$ intrest than europe soon problem will be solve....happy trade,

Livingston nh  21:59:33 GMT - 08/12/2018  
I keep checking in on the Fed website -- unlikely to be extending help to Turkey but ECB, SNB or BoE would indicate a bit of a problem (One never knows, does One?)

Mtl JP  21:41:04 GMT - 08/12/2018  
that would be USDCNY ?

GVI Trader john  21:25:46 GMT - 08/12/2018  

all over the place

GVI Trader john  21:05:40 GMT - 08/12/2018  
USDTRY 7.1184-7.1266

Mtl JP  21:03:13 GMT - 08/12/2018  
nh for a long while the murrikan has been and is massing on russian border. The turk, properly guided and incentivised is a great new asset now that syria has been won.
Good gap down on eurdlr: 1.1372

Livingston nh  20:53:46 GMT - 08/12/2018  
jp - players are EU, US, Turkey, Russia et al, not simple traders -- private pain in EU banking sector becomes public pain - what is the end game, player motivations

Is President Trump sending a message to EU about ignoring Iran sanctions?
Erdogan playing to his domestic audience? EU/ECB whistling past the graveyard about banks' financial condition?

Mtl JP  20:46:02 GMT - 08/12/2018  
EUR/USD Close on Friday: 1.1403
srce: GVI Forex Database: Free Forex Historical Data
early quotes: 1.1410

Mtl JP  20:40:46 GMT - 08/12/2018  
nh -
1) private debt = private pain
2) can evolve faster than players can adjust = long live HFTraders
2a) can evolve faster than players can adjust = not if you are the zeus kind: USA ZEUS 11:57 GMT October 5, 2017
Trading Basics - Volatility: Reply
In order to make money from trading you need to have price movement. In order to have price movement you need volatility. ... Volatility is the fuel that drives the engine!

forewarned = forearmed.
Lets get rich !

Livingston nh  20:29:26 GMT - 08/12/2018  
"SOMEBODY" started to support TRY on Friday ~6.80 but that somebody may not be seen again until higher // Altho some folks have suggested the Turkey crisis is unlikely to spread because the market has been adjusting over the past year and that capital controls are unlikely because the foreign inflows would cease -- I think both of the above are wrong because this is more than a simple financial crisis

Capital controls will put over $200 billion of private debt in default if ERDOGAN bans transactions w/ foreign banks, some already in distress - Turkey's energy imports are critical, EU is vulnerable to a release of refugees or payment of a new higher ransom, and Erdogan is unlikely to call on international agencies that are unlikely to respond quickly in any event

This is a geopolitical event, an economic war that can evolve faster than players can adjust

Bali Sja  16:21:36 GMT - 08/12/2018  
You buy what joyya?

Fukuoka joyya  12:40:16 GMT - 08/12/2018  
try just down bcoz political reasons negotiations next week will be ok
incirlik air base.....i will buy next week no crisis ....

GVI TRADER Jay Meisler  11:31:21 GMT - 08/12/2018  
Erdogan yet to react to the growing crisis.

Turkey's crisis could widen, and its options are running out

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