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GVI 12:25:43 GMT - 10/29/2018  

PAR 10:54:53 GMT - 10/29/2018  
Even as Merkel loses she wins and stays in power . Strange country Germany ?

london red  10:30:54 GMT - 10/29/2018  
she is stepping down as chairman but stays on as chancellor so it buys some time for the grand coalition

GVI Forex 10:26:44 GMT - 10/29/2018  
This came out earlier and appears to have been the trigger for the EURUSD rebound

05:03 (DE) German Chancellor Merkel may not run for re-election as the head of the CDU party head but wants to remain as Chancellor - financial press

- Source

HK [email protected]  21:56:40 GMT - 10/27/2018  
Shoot out; Very American(me and my gun, kill all you can).

USA the home to lot of violent, mentally disturbed people.

haifa ac  17:24:55 GMT - 10/27/2018  
Killing Jews has always been a plausible solution to all ailments.

GVI 16:54:10 GMT - 10/27/2018  
Multiple people dead in shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue

PAR 20:46:10 GMT - 10/26/2018  

lkwd jj  19:18:46 GMT - 10/26/2018  
CB one would think in 2018 with all the technology available, that this kind of wool pulling and hood winking would be a thing of the past. thats why i trade technically , cuz the fundamental are both "funny" and "mental".

dc CB  19:17:39 GMT - 10/26/2018  
Mtl JP 15:53 GMT
and people think I'm nuts to say that they will crash the market and 'da NUZ et al will blame Trump.
Recall the Supreme Court "hearings" earlier this month? HS "rapist" up for a lifetime seat on the Court.?

NBC News Sat On Information That Would Have Discredited Kavanaugh Accusers

dc CB  19:03:10 GMT - 10/26/2018  

GVI Trader john  17:08:36 GMT - 10/26/2018  

Baker Hughes Rig Count

Total: 1068 vs. 1067 (+
1) prev.
Oil: 875 vs. 873 (+2) prev.
Canada: 200 vs. 191 (+9) prev.

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london red  16:20:19 GMT - 10/26/2018  

london red  16:16:16 GMT - 10/26/2018  
eurgbp 200dma so drawing interest. at these kinds of pivots youll get either or but not both of euro and cable moving v sharply while the other moves much less.

Mtl JP  16:13:04 GMT - 10/26/2018  
there is little resistance in the way to 1.1432

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  16:02:56 GMT - 10/26/2018  
No Brexit news that I have seen but EURGBP pressing higher, giving EURUSD a push up. EURGBP ,8917 remains the AT target.

All trading levels and patterns shown in reak-time on the Amzing Trader

The Amazing Trader

Mtl JP  15:53:25 GMT - 10/26/2018  
CB 15:31 / right: could... real quality "reporting".
chuck, maddow, blitzer, brzezinski, cooper & company ...

I am not legally qualified to tag someone certified idiot (i.e. eligible for gov't support pension) BUT looking into your country from the outside
the US looks like an asylum in which the doors were left open for the patients to roam around and get a hold of the public address microphone button.

It is variously reported that ~40% of folks get their "news" first from social media. Only then do folks tune in to some Main Stream. The advent of internet and social media has really upset the purview of the MSM as interpreters and peddlers of what "news" they deemed the great unwashed should be fed.

With donkeyholes like chuck (to point to just one) it is no wonder that they are the authors of their own decline and are going stirr-crazier by passing days and weeks in their desperation to get back to regain some credibility and relevance.

dc CB  15:48:34 GMT - 10/26/2018  

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
7m7 minutes ago

I will be speaking at the Young Black Leadership Summit in 15 minutes where I will address the investigation into the bomb packages.

Mtl JP  15:33:50 GMT - 10/26/2018  
Is not euro's smallest coin one cent and in paper bills the 5 bill ?

dc CB  15:31:42 GMT - 10/26/2018  

During a panel last night on MSNBC's "Meet the Press Daily", host Chuck Todd, the cable network's chief political correspondent, told a panel of guests who were debating the motives of the as-yet-unidentified attacker who mailed out more than seven mail bombs to prominent Democrats earlier this week that he has a sneaking suspicion that the bombs could have been a "Russian operation."

MSNBC's Chuck Todd: Bomb Scare Could Have Been A "Russian Operation"

GVI 15:29:07 GMT - 10/26/2018  
Italy Dep PM Salvini: govt will not backtrack even half-a-millimeter on budget plans - No Italian banks will collapse - Source

GVI 15:21:56 GMT - 10/26/2018  
New York Fed Nowcast: Raises Q3 GDP forecast to 2.2% from 2.1% prior; raises Q4 forecast to 2.5% from 2.4% prior
- Today's advance estimate of real GDP growth for 2018:Q3 from the Commerce Department was 3.5%. The latest New York Fed Staff Nowcast for 2018:Q3 was 2.2%.
- The New York Fed Staff Nowcast for 2018:Q4 stands at 2.5%.
- News from this week's data releases increased the nowcast for 2018:Q4 by 0.1 percentage point.
- Positive surprises from manufacturing data accounted for most of the increase.

- Source

Mtl JP  15:20:55 GMT - 10/26/2018  
What r the odds of the alleged bombs are some sort of false flag alt-reality stunt ?

cnn's ratings are in the toilet if I am not mistaken.

GVI 14:57:26 GMT - 10/26/2018  
Authorities reportedly have arrested a man in Florida in connection to the explosive packages case - CNN

- Source

GVI Trader john  14:00:14 GMT - 10/26/2018  
University of Michigan Sentiment Index Final October 2018

98.6 vs. 99.0 exp. vs. 99.0 preliminary

RELEASE: Index of Consumer Sentiment

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GVI Trader john  12:31:43 GMT - 10/26/2018  
U.S. GDP 3Q18

+3.50% vs. +3.40% exp. vs. +4.20% prev.


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lkwd jj  20:22:42 GMT - 10/25/2018  
late sell off in the market. news ? profit taking or that price is good enough for me selling

london red  19:19:08 GMT - 10/25/2018  
half of them are remainers and half brexiteers. a bit like the incompatibility of the good friday agreement and the single market. neither side is able to compromise given whats at stake going forward. for the uk a return to the bloodshed and for the eu, the first step in the dismantling of itself.

GVI 19:05:36 GMT - 10/25/2018  
Brexit talks reportedly are paused due to disagreements within PM May's own cabinet - press **Reminder: earlier today (UK) PM May's Cabinet meeting with ministers said to be called off - press -


GVI Trader john  14:30:57 GMT - 10/25/2018  
EIA U.S. Natural Gas
U.S. Data Charts

(BCF) +58 vs: +50 expected

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GVI Trader john  12:31:45 GMT - 10/25/2018  

US Weekly Jobless Claims


215K vs. 214K exp vs. 210K (r. ) prev.

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Durable Goods Orders September 2018

Headline: +0.80% vs. -1.20% exp. vs. +4.40% (r +4.60%) prev.
Ex-Trans: +0.10% vs. +0.40% exp. vs. 0.00% (+0.30%) prev.

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U.S. (USD bn) Advance Goods Balance August 2018

vs. -75.1 exp. vs. -75.5 prev.
U.S. Balance on Goods and Services

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GVI Trader john  11:45:08 GMT - 10/25/2018  
European Central Bank (ECB) October 25, 2018


Refi Rate Steady at 0.00%
Marginal Lending Rate steady at 0.25%
Deposit Rate steady At -0.40%

Press Release: ECB Decision

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Livingston nh  09:21:34 GMT - 10/25/2018  
DAX has been falling all year despite negative interest rates - Germans might as well keep EUR in a box under the bed// political shifts are a result of the social unrest and decade long financial repression

GVI 09:07:19 GMT - 10/25/2018  
IFO Comments: - Growing uncertainties are taking its toll - Will be difficult to achieve GDP growth forecast of 0.6% for Q4; maintains overall 2018 GDP growth forecast at 1.7%- No sign that the Italian budget row was affecting German business climate - Source

GVI Trader john  08:06:17 GMT - 10/25/2018  
IFO misses

GVI Trader john  08:02:40 GMT - 10/25/2018  
German IFO Survey October 2018


Climate: 102.8 vs. 103.2 exp. vs. 103.7 prev.
Current: 105.9 vs. 106.0 exp. vs. 106.4 (r 106.8) prev.
Expectations: 99.8 vs. 100.4 exp. vs. 101.0 (r 100.0) prev.

IFO Climate Survey

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GVI Trader john  08:00:21 GMT - 10/25/2018  
IFO "Lower"

lkwd jj  20:06:28 GMT - 10/24/2018  
can you better describe what you mean by "channel" or link a chart , please ?

london red  20:01:10 GMT - 10/24/2018  
2630 and 2616 cash are the two channels to watch. folks in there are going to have stops under 2575 for those. below 2575 is going to be a fast mkt absolute carnage but, i dont expect a wkly close under 2575 in fact it would surprising to get a wkly close under the 2616/30 channels. if u do get it, it opens up a few hundred pt downside on s&p, a double top.

london red  19:57:34 GMT - 10/24/2018  
a red candle with a close at the low points to a lower low the next day... if done early, they can reverse up. but if they bounce first, then they will go lower into the close again.

lkwd jj  19:52:05 GMT - 10/24/2018  
below that now .. i guess we need to see close below there to validate. unless one is a computer , why would be the rationale to be buying stox/futures now ? when we get closes at or very near the bottom of the day , the next day has a rough start to it...

london red  19:50:41 GMT - 10/24/2018  
2630 can happen even tonite now that fib bust

london red  19:34:14 GMT - 10/24/2018  
2674 cash key lvl for snp. leaks to 2630 channel quite quickly if bust. channel line shud see a futures led bounce tom morn if seen. all cash levels by the way.

GVI 18:04:30 GMT - 10/24/2018  
FEDERAL RESERVE BEIGE BOOK: WAGE GROWTH MOSTLY CHARACTERIZED AS MODEST OR MODERATE - Economy expanded at modest to moderate pace through mid-Oct - Many firms reported high turnover rates, difficulty retaining workers - Several districts reported manufacturers faced rising materials, shipping costs - Prices continued to rise, growing at a modest to moderate pace in all Districts

- Source

GVI 17:57:46 GMT - 10/24/2018  
Conservative MP: in meeting with backbench Tories, PM May gave several examples of what concessions EU had made to Britain - Former Interior Min Rudd: May spoke 'quote emotionally' in meeting about why she was doing this for the country; people spoke freely to her about concerns but wanted to make sure she knows she has their support

- Source

lkwd jj  14:48:42 GMT - 10/24/2018  
looking for retest of 68 before it slides to 60

GVI Trader john  14:36:32 GMT - 10/24/2018  
Crude about flat after mixed inventory data.

GVI Trader john  14:35:02 GMT - 10/24/2018  
US EIA Weekly Inventories

U.S. Data Charts

Crude Oil: +6.300 vs. +2.600 exp vs. +5.900 prev.
Distillates: -2.300 vs. -2.000 exp vs. +0.030 prev.
Gasoline: -4.800 vs. -1.100 exp vs. -2.700 prev.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report

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GVI Trader john  14:11:13 GMT - 10/24/2018  
U.S. New Home Sales September, 2018

553vs. 625K exp. vs. 629K (r 585K) prev.

New Residential Sales

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GVI Trader john  14:07:41 GMT - 10/24/2018  
BOC statement seen as hawkish

GVI Forex 14:07:28 GMT - 10/24/2018  
BoC more hawkish by removing word "gradual" from path of future rate hikes (USDCAD lower)

GVI Trader john  14:06:32 GMT - 10/24/2018  
October 24, 2018 Bank of Canada Policy Decision

Target Rate upp +25bps to 1.75%.

RELEASE: Bank of Canada

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GVI Trader john  13:45:48 GMT - 10/24/2018  
U.S. flash Markit Mfg & SVC PMI October 2018

mfg: 55.9 vs. 55.4 exp. vs. 55.6 prev.
svc: 54.7 vs. 54.0 exp. vs. 53.5 prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Markit PMI Press Release

GVI Trader john  09:30:45 GMT - 10/24/2018  
Unusually strong reaction to weaker than expected EZ flash PMIs for October earlier. See data below. France Service PMI was the only outlier (stronger).

GVI Trader john  08:02:35 GMT - 10/24/2018  
EZ Flash PMIs October 2018

mfg: 52.1 vs. 53.0 exp. vs. 53.2 prev.
svc: 53.3 vs. 54.7 exp. vs. 54.8 prev.

mfg: 52.3 vs. 53.5 exp. vs. 53.7 prev.
svc: 53.6 vs. 55.5 exp. vs. 55.9 prev.

mfg: 51.2 vs. 52.4 exp. vs. 52.5 prev.
svc: 55.6 vs. 54.7 exp. vs. 54.8 prev.

Markit PMI Press Release

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GVI 21:34:37 GMT - 10/23/2018  
Cabinet reportedly warned that Brexit transition to last for years; could have long-running multi-year transition; Northern Ireland to be in separate VAT area - UK press -


PAR 18:27:35 GMT - 10/23/2018  
PPT in full swing .Markets must close higher.or Trump will.get.very very.
angry .

GVI 18:03:55 GMT - 10/23/2018  
Fed's Bostic (dove, voter): unless data surprises to the downside, Fed should maintain gradual rate increases at least a few more times; Fed still a few rate hikes away from neutral - Source

GVI 15:06:42 GMT - 10/23/2018  
UK PM May: Reiterates any circumstance in which Northern Ireland could be in a separate customs treaty from the UK is unnacceptable - Source

GVI Trader john  14:01:03 GMT - 10/23/2018  
Richmond fed misses.

GVI Trader john  14:00:09 GMT - 10/23/2018  
U.S. Richmond Fed Index October 2018

+15 vs. +24 exp. vs. +28 prev.

TTN: Live News

GVI 12:58:59 GMT - 10/23/2018  
EU Commission gives its formal response to Italy's 2019 fiscal plan: Country needs to resubmit its budget - Source

GVI 12:29:09 GMT - 10/23/2018  
Italy PM Conte: Have ruled out a plan "B" on the 2019 budget - financial press - Source

Livingston nh  12:04:27 GMT - 10/23/2018  
UK Brexit wants to cut deals w/ te rest of the world and not be bound to EU -- EU "principles" require court and immigration/movement in order to benefit from the customs union trade

Once referred to as "cherry picking"

GVI Trader john  11:56:17 GMT - 10/23/2018  
I doubt the UK would want a customs union with the EU, but it would all depend on the terms...

GVI 11:51:38 GMT - 10/23/2018  
EU may offer PM May a UK-wide Customs Union but would require a separate treaty - Irish Press - Source

GVI 11:37:22 GMT - 10/23/2018  
PM May spokesperson: PM believes that can reach a Brexit agreement that all of parliament could support - Source

Mtl JP  19:02:27 GMT - 10/22/2018  
when dealing with eu-phile barnier somebody needs to remind teresa that a 25 cent o-ring can bring down a billion dollar shuttle or that a bacteria can kill an elephant.. nuff of the 95% done deal

this woman is on track to humiliate UK unless she surprises me

GVI 15:50:14 GMT - 10/22/2018  
I haven't committed to extending transition period; any transition extension would be undesirable- Extending the transition may be preferable to a backstop; there are some circumstances where extension of implementation period may be desirable

- Source

GVI 15:47:00 GMT - 10/22/2018  
(UK) Prime Min May: the broad shape of a Brexit deal is now clear - Source

GVI Forex 15:44:10 GMT - 10/22/2018  
May speaking now...

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  15:41:42 GMT - 10/22/2018  
Reaction more in EURGBP than in GBPUSD. For GBPUSD to get bid it would need to clear 1.2992 and 1.2998, then 1.3002.

Still waiting for May to speak in parliament.

For those who looked at the insider information video and as those on AT saw, sellers came in above EURGBP .8850. AT support is at .8826

The Amazing Trader

GVI Forex 15:24:58 GMT - 10/22/2018  
11:23 (UK) GBP strengthening on reports that conservative MP Baker will withdraw amendments that could have torpedoed Brexit talks

- UK's Times editor: "Looks like Steve Baker is going to call off the troops on the NI votes. Could only win by getting Labour to vote against programme motion. He judges that not worth the candle. Some respite for May"

- Source

GVI Trader john  12:33:10 GMT - 10/22/2018  
Reading that PM May statement will be at 14:30 GMT. or 10:30 EDT (U.S.). Can anyone confirm?

GVI Trader john  12:11:45 GMT - 10/22/2018  
Has DUP trumped May statement? GBPUSD sub-1.3000.

GVI 11:57:44 GMT - 10/22/2018  
DUP said to back Tory Euroskeptic amendment that will effectively make the EUs Northern Ireland backstop illegal - Telegraph - Source

Belgrade Knez  11:15:49 GMT - 10/22/2018  
Govt spokesperson Slack: PM May to make statement to parliament at 10:30 ET (03:30 GMT)

- Source

10:30 NY time IS NOT 3:30pm GMT , hence what time PM May statement is scheduled please?

GVI 10:30:43 GMT - 10/22/2018  
Govt spokesperson Slack: PM May to make statement to parliament at 10:30 ET (03:30 GMT

- Source

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