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GVI Forex 11:31:07 GMT - 11/12/2018  
06:28 (UK) Govt spokesperson: Will have a Cabinet when there is something to discuss; Brexit negotiations are ongoing

- Source

Livingston nh  12:25:34 GMT - 11/12/2018  
Brexit is now a game of Chicken w/ both sides staring at the cliff's edge -- based on past performance whatever it takes is likely to see the Irish positions tossed in front of the BUS (patience on both sides grows thin)

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  12:30:41 GMT - 11/12/2018  
nh, it is like trying to fit a square peg in round hole. There is no solution I can see for the Irish border issue unless May caves in or the EU blinks as all the backstop means is kiucking the can down the road.

Livingston nh  12:36:14 GMT - 11/12/2018  
Jay - both sides are reduced to arguing principles w/ only the Irish having an interest in the outcome -- economics/politics usually trumps principles because everything has a PRICE

GVI Forex 13:50:47 GMT - 11/12/2018  
GBPUSD spikes huigher on this

08:48 (UK) Reportedly EU negotiator Barner has said main elements of Brexit treaty text is ready to present to the UK cabinet on Tuesday - press

- Source

london red  13:54:51 GMT - 11/12/2018  
its not what the eu is ready to do but what the uk gov can get thru parliament...

london red  13:58:44 GMT - 11/12/2018  
use any euro rally to 113 to fade with stop over 11360...tomorrow is italy budget crunch time and with italy holding firm, it wont be pretty. big tgt 11186 for many.

GVI Forex 14:35:07 GMT - 11/12/2018  
Brexit headline whipsaw: GBPUSD dips but still above 1.29

09:31 (UK) EU's Barnier reportedly tells EU27 parameters of a Brexit agreement has been clarified; discussion to resume today

** NOTE: Earlier: (UK) EU Brexit Negotiator Barnier: Told EU27 ministers that a Brexit deal has not been reached yet; efforts continue
- Council of Europe Statement - Some key issues remain under discussions , in particular a solution to avoid a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland
- Follow up: EU official: Have yet to set a date for EU Leader Summit; need more clarity from UK before fixing a summit date

- Source

GVI 15:02:36 GMT - 11/12/2018  
Germany Fin Min Scholz: doing everything we can to get Brexit deal; hard Brexit would be worst option for Britain - On Italy, no one is demanding austerity; we just want caution- Hopeful for good solution on Italy budget

- Source

GVI Forex 15:03:13 GMT - 11/12/2018  
09:59 (UK) Germany Fin Min Scholz: doing everything we can to get Brexit deal; hard Brexit would be worst option for Britain

- On Italy, no one is demanding austerity; we just want caution
- Hopeful for good solution on Italy budget

- Source

GVI 16:00:56 GMT - 11/12/2018  
Prime Min May spokesperson: Report earlier in Financial Times on EU's Barnier should be treated with skepticism; negotiations are ongoing

- Source

dc CB  18:08:30 GMT - 11/12/2018  
Stuff other than Brexit ---- trade Da NUZ.

Bloomberg reports, Malaysian Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said the nation is seeking a full refund of all the fees it paid to Goldman Sachs for arranging billions of dollars of deals for troubled state fund 1MDB.

dc CB  20:01:50 GMT - 11/12/2018  
Exclusive photo

doing god's work

GVI Trader john  20:08:41 GMT - 11/12/2018  
DJ -515

GVI 21:05:19 GMT - 11/12/2018  
Prime Min May: both sides are working hard to reach Brexit deal but significant issues remain; talks are now reaching their 'end game' - Govt won't accept a deal at any cost- Negotiators are working extremely hard and through the night- Talks are immensely difficult - Source

dc CB  21:11:08 GMT - 11/12/2018  
as a reminder, in the last CRISIS - and thank you very much Barrack-I'll Make the Bankers Pay!!!! - Obama, Goldman turned itself into a "bank" and started taking on depositors, thus putting Other People in addtion to the usual Other People's Money, AT RISK.

Livingston nh  21:14:14 GMT - 11/12/2018  
Hahha - the negotiators are working hard because they don't have a clue // neither side thinks it has the leverage so they dance around --- " As someday it may happen that a victim must be found, I have a little list" -- ya gotta have a list

dc CB  21:21:32 GMT - 11/12/2018  
Brexit --- the stall will run thru the time it takes to Take Out Trump. anyone paying attention to the sheitshow that is the Election can see that. Once Trump is done...even if it takes 2 more years...Brexit will just die and no one will be around to care.

Dillon AL  22:43:15 GMT - 11/12/2018  
CB your GS chart showed a nice H&S tgt achieved at 225 so clearly 200 is going to be some sort of physcho level

dc CB  23:19:53 GMT - 11/12/2018  
long way to go to take out the Trump rally from Nov 2016

Livingston nh  23:23:32 GMT - 11/12/2018  
Nobody going anywhere w/ this stupid Malaysian scam - GS has more clout than the 3rd world

GVI Forex 23:32:47 GMT - 11/12/2018  
17:58 (UK) DUP's Robinson: it sounds like PM May is in the right place regarding Brexit; the mood is better but there's still work left to do - Ireland press interview

- Source

GVI Forex 23:32:48 GMT - 11/12/2018  
17:58 (UK) DUP's Robinson: it sounds like PM May is in the right place regarding Brexit; the mood is better but there's still work left to do - Ireland press interview

- Source

Livingston nh  23:38:43 GMT - 11/12/2018  
DUP is irrelevant and they know it -- UK will chuck them if needed // simple Game Theory is not available

Livingston nh  23:46:51 GMT - 11/12/2018  
WHY NOT put the border at Waterford? - so simple to solve if you stop using UK border as the issue

Livingston nh  23:51:38 GMT - 11/12/2018  
Understand that NOBODY wants a Deal --- once you KNOW this the currencies in question have to collapse

Dillon AL  00:11:31 GMT - 11/13/2018  
nh I was about to write that The EU Princes and Barnier in particular do not want a deal. The thorny question of a North/South soft/hard border is all about a land grab by Europe. It clearly isn't about a customs union and is maybe the genuine price they want for the divorce ultimately becasue they want to punish the UK
If this was a different era their armies would be massed with the concept of annexing The North.

Ireland that is ahem Northern Ireland part of The UK

Livingston nh  00:21:45 GMT - 11/13/2018  
Al - Europe is notably unsuccessful in military operations against the UK since 1066 AD -- UK has shown a lack of self confidence and perhaps a threat of war would shift the balance

HAhah -- why is neither party willing to threaten WAR??

THE US is the idiot leader in this

Livingston nh  00:32:46 GMT - 11/13/2018  
Why is WAR off the negotiation? It is a legitimate option based on 5 centurys of politics

Livingston nh  00:51:27 GMT - 11/13/2018  
New low in CABLE

Dillon AL  01:24:19 GMT - 11/13/2018  
nh cos post 1945 we don't do war (ahem!) anymore hence the evolution

What the UK originally wanted but were sold down the river was to remain with the concept of EFTA
What the EU always wanted was a central organization that controlled everything from Military to Bond Issuance and of course Parliament
Too many self served interests of course meant that none of this is possible. Those who say rubbish need only look to the football (soccer) terraces to see that jingoism is alive

re War
One should read some history and these are just a few of events.
Greek civil War
Azerbaijan / Armenia

The list of conflict (so haha re the war to end all wars) is endless if one includes global and or so called war on terror but the countries I have listed I have tried to keep within the so called frontier of Europe..

Livingston nh  05:24:30 GMT - 11/13/2018  
al - Truman fucked up in NK - set the stage for traditional diplomacy in a bi-polar nuclear world

The nuclear or else option is misunderstood -- UK could have used this in Suez or even as late as the Falklands (had it been used in Suez, Falklands would have been avoided by the WORD)

One Black chip (Iran, NK, et al) is an expensive trip to NO where

GVI Trader john  09:34:17 GMT - 11/13/2018  
U.K. Employment Sep/Oct 2018


Claimant Count (000): +20.2 vs. +4.3 exp. v. +18.5K (r 23.3 )prev.
ILO Rate: 4.10% vs. 4.00% exp. vs. 4.00% prev.
earnings: 3.00% vs. 3.00% exp. vs. 2.70% (r 2.80%) prev.
earnings x-bonus: 3.10%vs. 3.10% exp. vs. 3.10% (r) prev.

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GVI Trader john  10:01:10 GMT - 11/13/2018  
German ZEW Survey November 2018


Current Situation: 58.2 vs. 65.0 exp. vs. 70.3 prev.
Expectations: -24.1 vs. -25 exp. vs. -24.7 prev.

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GVI Trader john  10:03:11 GMT - 11/13/2018  
ZEW says data point to a weak economy in current quarter.

Belgrade Knez  10:04:19 GMT - 11/13/2018  
are you sure numbers you posted for German ZEW are correct one, please?

GVI Trader john  10:07:41 GMT - 11/13/2018  
checking other sources..

GVI Trader john  10:13:56 GMT - 11/13/2018  
Situation 58.2 OK
Expectations -24 not -22

Thanks for alerting us.

GVI 15:32:47 GMT - 11/13/2018  
Italy needs more progress in cutting bank non performing loans; planned Italy fiscal stimulus will leave Italy vulnerable and could reduce medium term growth if high sovereign debt yield spreads persist - Italy should broaden tax base by improving compliance and tax wealth through modern property tax on primary residences - Italian labor and product markets should be liberalized; local state owned enterprise should be rationalized to promote faster potential growth

- Source

GVI 15:37:13 GMT - 11/13/2018  
Italy PM Conte: expect to meet today's deadline for replying to EU on budget concerns

- Source

Dubai MA  15:58:46 GMT - 11/13/2018  
Brexit news?????

GVI Forex 16:00:33 GMT - 11/13/2018  
10:59(UK) Irish Broadcaster RTE Tweets: EU & UK negotiators have agreed on a text that deals with the Irish border

The backstop will come in the form of a temporary UK-wide customs arrangement, with specific provisions for Northern Ireland, which go deeper on the issue of customs and alignment on the rules of the single market than for the rest of the UK.
- Source

GVI Forex 16:05:39 GMT - 11/13/2018  
Then this was added

- Not correct to say the negotiations have concluded, only to suggest text has been set to London
- Source

GVI Forex 16:11:36 GMT - 11/13/2018  
Brexit headlines continue (GBP higher)

UK cabinet will meet tomorrow to discuss Brexit.

london red  16:25:06 GMT - 11/13/2018  
be v wary about buying gbp on this - i expect this to be shot down by v factions on the uk side as for many a differing approach to NI vs rest of UK wont wash.

GVI 17:45:58 GMT - 11/13/2018  
Brexiteer MP Rees-Mogg (Conservative Party): PM May's Brexit deal fails to meet promises of conservative manifesto; if leaked deal is accurate, it will be hard to trust PM May - PM May should stick to her promises - Northern Ireland would be under more control from Dublin than Belfast under leaked Brexit agreement - Former Foreign Min Boris Johnson: as reported, this is as bad a deal as it could be- DUP party Dep Leader Dodds: if deal means laws are set in Brussels, that's unacceptable

- Source

london red  18:03:07 GMT - 11/13/2018  
so thats the dup tory euroskeptics and labour already against it.
dead in the water. but. fade the bounce in eurgbp when it comes as mkt always exits and positions for a deal.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  22:34:22 GMT - 11/13/2018  
GBPUSD Jumps on this

17:26 (UK) Five pivotal senior ministers reportedly back UK Prime Min May's draft Brexit proposal - Sun's Newton Dunn
- Raab, Hunt, Javid, Gove and Cox support the plan; Leadsom and Grayling also
- McVey and Mordaunt do not support the plan

- Source

GVI 08:32:18 GMT - 11/14/2018  
Northern Ireland DUP Leader Foster: Will be looking at PM May's text agreement; cannot agree to a deal that leaves Northern Ireland adrift from the rest of the UK - Regulatory alignment would mean divergence from the rest of the UK
- Source

GVI Trader john  09:31:14 GMT - 11/14/2018  
U.K. CPI October 2018
U.K. Charts


CPI m/m: +0.10% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. +0.10% prev.
CPI y/y: +2.40% vs. +2.50% exp. vs. +2.40% prev.

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GVI Trader john  09:31:54 GMT - 11/14/2018  
CPI data a bit softer than expected.

GVI 09:56:03 GMT - 11/14/2018  
ECB's Knot (Netherlands): Reiterates Council view that impact of economic slowdown not enough to change outlook; resilience of region is much higher - CNBC - Not seeing much of contagion from Italy at this time - Pertinent that Italy complies with fiscal rules - Source

GVI Trader john  10:00:38 GMT - 11/14/2018  
EZ 3Q18 GDP 2018


mo/mo 0.20% vs. 0.20% exp. vs. 0.20% prev.
yr/yr 1.70% vs. 1.70% exp. vs. 1.70% prev.

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GVI Forex 10:43:39 GMT - 11/14/2018  
Brexit headline roulette continues. GBP falls, only news we have seen is

05:41 (UK) Attorney General said to have raised significant concerns about customs backstop -Telegraf political tweet

- Source

UK JK  11:05:28 GMT - 11/14/2018  
Here is a simple question. Where has the AG been for the past year and a half that he is bringing up the legality of the backstop now? The entire process has been a fiasco or better yet a shite show.

london red  11:27:17 GMT - 11/14/2018  
shud be clear that none of the uk factions can vote for this. the only question is does cabinet have the balls to kick it into touch and not allow it to go to Parliament where it will undoubtedly fail.

GVI Forex 11:28:45 GMT - 11/14/2018  
This is from Bloomberg and highlights the dilemma May faces

Her fundamental problem is the draft deal gives neither side of the Brexit debate exactly what it wants. Brexiteers are angry the agreement looks set to keep the U.K. in the EU’s customs and trade orbit indefinitely, unless a better idea turns up in the next two years. Remainers welcome continued close ties to the bloc but lament the loss of influence on its rules.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  11:51:06 GMT - 11/14/2018  
There seems to be some chatter about DUP support for the plan. Whatever the case or the headline, GBPUSD has just moved higher.

GVI 12:40:43 GMT - 11/14/2018  
Weekly PM question time in House of Commons: expresses confidence in getting a Brexit deal; negotiating a good deal that protects jobs and the integrity of the UK - Need backstop as an insurance policy but must be temporary - want an independent trade policy after Brexit - Cabinet to look at Brexit draft; determine next steps; PM to make statement after Cabinet agreement - Labour party intends to frustrate Brexit - Source

GVI 13:06:20 GMT - 11/14/2018  
Govt spokesperson: Today's Cabinet meeting will last as long as it needs to; do not expect a free vote - To discuss withdrawal agreement and future political declaration- If agreement moves ahead then draft text to be published

- Source

GVI 13:26:45 GMT - 11/14/2018  
Labour Party (opposition) said to likely vote against the Brexit deal - financial press **Reminder: earlier Labour Leader Corbyn stated that the Brexit deal breached the govt own red line

- Source

GVI Trader john  13:35:35 GMT - 11/14/2018  
U.S. CPI October 2018

m/m: +0.30% vs. +0.30% exp. v +0.10% pre
y/y: +2.50% vs. +2.50% exp. v +2.30% pre
y/y: +2.10% vs. +2.20% exp. v +2.20% pre

RELEASE: Consumer Price Index

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Livingston nh  13:48:38 GMT - 11/14/2018  
In desperate search for a CAN - most politicians would prefer to avoid a Decisive Vote unless there is a SAFE majority at home SO a delay of some sort is likely // the variety of players and interests makes this endgame so interesting -- the EU national vs Brussels, the UK party and regional differences

Who said a 'no deal better than a bad deal' ?? Tick tick tick

NY JM  13:52:01 GMT - 11/14/2018  
nh, Cabinet has no choice but to vote on this as May cannot go back to the negotiating table.

Livingston nh  13:58:55 GMT - 11/14/2018  
jm - just a delay, some clarifications, devils and details // you have more faith than I do (Boehner, TARP etc)

Dubai MA  14:14:30 GMT - 11/14/2018  
I don't want to keep asking but relying on news from here.

Any Brexit news out?

london red  14:17:23 GMT - 11/14/2018  
cabinet members mordaunt and mcvey resigning. deal looks dead

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  14:18:37 GMT - 11/14/2018  
We call this stupid trading. GBP may have dropped on this.

09:15 (UK) One govt minister says two ministers, Mordaunt and McVey, will resign the cabinet - UK's Telegraph

** NOTE: 11/13 (UK) Five pivotal senior ministers reportedly back UK Prime Min May's draft Brexit proposal; Raab, Hunt, Javid, Gove and Cox support the plan; Leadsom and Grayling also- McVey and Mordaunt do not support the plan

- Source

UK JY  14:54:46 GMT - 11/14/2018  
Red, dead or alive? At 1.2999 it looks alive.

Boston BR  15:00:48 GMT - 11/14/2018  
wtf day in eurusd.

london red  15:11:14 GMT - 11/14/2018  
Looks like another resignation. Mundell.
Remember its whether this can get through Parliament. all cabinet members control packets of MPs. May can only afford a handful of dropped votes as has a wafer thin majority together with DUP.

GVI Forex 15:13:24 GMT - 11/14/2018  
CAD and MXN slip on this

10:11 (US) House Ways and Means Trade Subcommittee Ranking Member Pascrell (D-NJ): the new USMCA trade deal can't pass as is

- Source

GVI Forex 15:50:00 GMT - 11/14/2018  
GBP spiking higher

May to make an announcement in front of 10 Downing Street in about an hour.

Price action suggests market taking it as a positive sign

GVI Forex 16:43:42 GMT - 11/14/2018  

11:43 (UK) Cabinet meeting reportedly is being extended, could run until 7pm local time (14:00ET) - UK press - Source

Kl Fs  17:00:13 GMT - 11/14/2018  
Meanwhile bitcoin going to zero

GVI Forex 17:27:19 GMT - 11/14/2018  
These headlines mean little until the cabinet meeting ends but GBPUSD has slipped following this latest one

12:23 (UK) As many as 10 ministers entered Brexit cabinet meeting planning to tell May they do not support some parts of deal; said they'd tell her to go back and secure changes - Buzzfeed UK reporter

- Source

London Brexiteer  17:30:40 GMT - 11/14/2018  
That one is an uh-oh headline.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  17:39:22 GMT - 11/14/2018  
GBPUSD smacked on this

12:37 (UK) UK PM May will not deliver ement to media on Wednesday evening - UK police minister

- Source

Also Sky News reportedly indicated there is no unilateral way for the UK to exit the deal (customs union) in the text

GVI 17:48:28 GMT - 11/14/2018  
No 10 has indicated there will be a short statement after cabinet meeting - Sky News

- Source

GVI Forex 17:49:06 GMT - 11/14/2018  
GBPUSD popped up on this. More stupid headline trading.'

12:47 (UK) No 10 has indicated there will be a short statement after cabinet meeting - Sky News

- Source

GVI Forex 18:11:58 GMT - 11/14/2018  
GBP down on this

13:10 (UK) BBC's Kuenssberg: "Senior Tory tells me Brexiteer anger so high that seems likely there will be a call for no confidence vote tomorrow"

- Source

NY JM  18:14:01 GMT - 11/14/2018  
I would not be surprised if the BOE was in behind the scenes given a disorderly market.

GVI Trader john  18:23:38 GMT - 11/14/2018  
We gather the Cabinet meeting continues...

GVI 18:47:32 GMT - 11/14/2018  
Cabinet meeting reportedly finishing up - press

- Source

GVI Trader john  19:01:25 GMT - 11/14/2018  
Reportedly Brexiteers close to the 48 MP letters needed to vote for a change in Tory leadership.

- wire service

london red  19:03:21 GMT - 11/14/2018  
ERG headed by Rees-Mogg totals 60 MPs fwiw. May set to make a short statement then address Parliament tomorrow - its possible she could fall on her sword.

GVI Trader john  19:05:22 GMT - 11/14/2018  
Red Thanks!

GVI Trader john  19:06:39 GMT - 11/14/2018  
DJ -343 unrelated...

GVI 19:18:11 GMT - 11/14/2018  
PM May reportedly has secured Cabinet support for Brexit deal, at least for now - UK's Telegraph - Source

GVI Forex 19:23:05 GMT - 11/14/2018  
14:22 (UK) PM May: collective decision of the cabinet is to support the Brexit deal - There are difficult days ahead and this deal will come under intense scrutiny, as it should- Confirms she will make a statement to Parliament tomorrow - Source

- Source

GVI 19:49:30 GMT - 11/14/2018  
EU commission releases draft Brexit withdrawal agreement - Source

GVI 22:21:26 GMT - 11/14/2018  
Brexiteers say there will be enough letters by 'lunch tomorrow' to force confidence vote against PM May - ITV's Peston - ITV's Peston tweets: "Tory Brexiters become angrier and angrier as they wade through 585 pages of the Withdrawal Agreement.

“This is a worse capitulation than we feared” said one. They tell me there will be enough letters in with Brady of ‘22 C’ttee by lunch tomorrow to force vote of confidence!"

- Source

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  23:05:58 GMT - 11/14/2018  
We hope you have been tuning in to our breaking news on Brexit and other key events. We appreciate feedback whenever possible.

GVI 08:59:11 GMT - 11/15/2018  
BREXIT MIN RAAB RESIGNS; cannot support indefinite backstop arrangement

- Cannot reconcile terms of proposed deal with promises made in out manifesto letter

- Source

NYC Chris  09:29:16 GMT - 11/15/2018  
Is May effectively out?

If Brexit deal is dead, any guesses on where GBPUSD bottoms?

GVI Trader john  09:32:08 GMT - 11/15/2018  
U.K. Retail Sales October 2018


x-fuel & autos
mm: -0.40% v +0.20% exp. vs. -0.80% (r -0.30% ) prev.
mm: -0.50% v +0.10% exp. vs. -0.80% (r -0.4%) prev.

RELEASE: UK Retail Sales

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GVI Trader john  09:33:50 GMT - 11/15/2018  
U.K. Retail Sales miss but previous data revised up.

GVI Trader john  09:47:59 GMT - 11/15/2018  
10-y Gilt 1.395%
flight to safety

FTSE trades inversely with the GBP.

GVI Trader john  09:51:31 GMT - 11/15/2018  
U.S. 10-yr 3.092%
DJ -15

U.S. watching the political turmoil in GB

Also Powell last night was starting to express some concerns about the slowing global economy and its impact on the U.S.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  10:33:30 GMT - 11/15/2018  
GBPUSD 1.2767

Amazing Trader shows next target at 1,2660 as long as GBPUSD trades below 1.2826 (although 1.28 will be pivotal in setting its tone).

EURGBP .8841

Amazing Trader shows next target at .8850 as long as it stays above ,.8800 with several layers of resistance from .8932-.8994 beyond High so far ,8844

All displayed in real-time on the

The Amazing Trader

GVI 10:42:47 GMT - 11/15/2018  
PM May: Will bring Brexit deal to Parliament; vote against will bring us back to square one

- Source

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  10:54:14 GMT - 11/15/2018  
This was posted yesterday and I would not be surprised if the BOE is in trying to prevent a free fall.

NY JM 18:14 GMT November 14, 2018
Breaking News: Reply

I would not be surprised if the BOE was in behind the scenes given a disorderly market.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  12:13:27 GMT - 11/15/2018  
Note, EURGBP high was ,8851 (last .8812), held and retreated. See below for why we call it the Amazing Trader
Breaking News
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 10:33 GMT 11/15/2018 - My Profile

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  12:14:20 GMT - 11/15/2018  
Note, EURGBP high was ,8851 (last .8812), held and retreated. See below for why we call it the Amazing Trader
Breaking News
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 10:33 GMT 11/15/2018 - My Profile

EURGBP .8841

Amazing Trader shows next target at .8850 as long as it stays above ,.8800 with several layers of resistance from .8932-.8994 beyond High so far ,8844

haifa ac  12:51:15 GMT - 11/15/2018  
"Is May effectively out?"
look at your calendar, it is November.

UK JY  13:19:02 GMT - 11/15/2018  
One way or another she is gone.

Market is repricing GBP risk from a hard Brexit.

UK JY  13:22:24 GMT - 11/15/2018  
May should step down now or drag it out to the parliament vote, which does not look good.

Livingston nh  13:27:08 GMT - 11/15/2018  
JY - Does PM MAY need to call a vote on this draft? She didn't have a vote in Cabinet yesterday - delay gives the unholy alliance in the City time to weigh in again - will the EU fudge a bit further?

GVI Trader john  13:33:48 GMT - 11/15/2018  
U.S. Retail Sales October 2018

Headline: +0.80% vs. +0.60% exp. vs. +0.10% (r -0.10% ) prev.
Core (x-a): +0.70^ vs. +0.50% exp. vs. -0.10% (r ) prev.

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GVI Trader john  13:36:15 GMT - 11/15/2018  
US Weekly Jobless Claims


216K vs. 214K exp vs. 214K (r. ) prev.

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U.S. Philly Fed Index November 2018


+12.9 vs. +20.00 exp. vs. +22.2 prev.

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Empire PMI October, 2018

23.3 vs. 19.0 exp. vs. 21.1 prev.

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U.S. Import Prices September 2018

+0.50% vs. n/a exp. vs +0.50% prev.

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london red  14:19:33 GMT - 11/15/2018  
nh the cabinet doesn't vote, its against its rule, it forms an opionion based on dialogue. as for the draft, it must pass through Parliament as thats also the law that was passed earlier - to give Parliament a meaningful vote.

GVI Trader john  15:30:16 GMT - 11/15/2018  
EIA U.S. Natural Gas
U.S. Data Charts

(BCF) +39 vs: +33 expected

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GVI Forex 15:37:14 GMT - 11/15/2018  

PM May to hold a press conference at 17:00 GMT

GVI Forex 15:56:55 GMT - 11/15/2018  
10:55 (UK) Reportedly some UK MPs expect a 'no confidence' vote on PM May on Monday - press

- Source

GVI Trader john  16:01:20 GMT - 11/15/2018  
US EIA Weekly Inventories

U.S. Data Charts

Crude Oil: 10.300 vs. 3.000 exp vs. +5.800 prev.
Distillates: -3.600 vs. -1.600 exp vs. -3.500 prev.
Gasoline: -1.400 vs. -1.400 exp vs. +1.900 prev.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  16:33:10 GMT - 11/15/2018  

CNBC saying PM May will be making an announcement at 17:00 GMT.. TTN reported earlier that it would be a press conference.

GVI 17:05:42 GMT - 11/15/2018  
No-confidence vote on PM May has not reached 48-vote threshold; leadership vote has reportedly not been triggered ahead of PM May's press conference - press

** NOTE: (UK) Reportedly some UK MPs expect a 'no confidence' vote on PM May on Monday - press - Source

GVI 17:39:34 GMT - 11/15/2018  
UK PM May: Approach is to put national interest first; Does not judge harshly on colleagues who reach a different conclusion - If we not move forward with draft Brexit agreement, cannot know what will follow - Will put forward deal to the EU then bring back for vote in the House of Commons - Lawmakers will need to look at the deal, will be held to account by their constituents - Intends to see this through (implies she would fight a leadership challenge, would not step aside) - Nobody has produced any alternative proposal for Brexit - Does share some concerns about the Ireland backstop; realistically there's no deal that can be agreed with the EU that doesn't involve a backstop - Source

Livingston nh  17:48:01 GMT - 11/15/2018  
There's nothing new here - PM dodged the Gove question - she is standing by the Aggregate Deal (the Whole) and her opposition is standing by their individual interests (the Parts) // So is the Whole greater than the Sum of its Parts ??

Nobody wants a Deal

GVI Forex 17:58:13 GMT - 11/15/2018  
GBPUSD down on thsi

12:56 (UK) Environment Min Gove reportedly expected to tender resignation tonight - UK's Times

- Source

london red  18:02:44 GMT - 11/15/2018  
second time hes played the power game and once again he's lost. gove wanted a norway type deal and hoped to take raabs place and renegotiate deal. may has folded on that and he is now likely to go.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  18:04:20 GMT - 11/15/2018  
red, sounds like the nail in May's political coffin.

london red  18:05:41 GMT - 11/15/2018  
apparently not enough letters to call a vote of no confidence

GVI Trader john  18:17:48 GMT - 11/15/2018  
I'm trying to figure out the end game of the PM. She is clearly trying to hang onto the job, but how does she "win"?

GVI 18:31:48 GMT - 11/15/2018  
Equity markets rally following FT publishing article summarizing renewed efforts by US and China to engage in trade talks ahead of the G20 meeting at month's end

- Source

london red  18:32:53 GMT - 11/15/2018  
on the plus side for her nobody really can come in and push any other line of policy since they are so fragmented. unless you were to go for no deal hard brexit, which they are afraid to do, I cant see the EU moving an inch, since they have no reason to do so with no deal off the table.

Kl Fs  19:50:42 GMT - 11/15/2018  
Euro and cable bottomed short term?

GVI 22:11:44 GMT - 11/15/2018  
Conservative Party power sharing alliance with DUP is reportedly over unless PM May is replaced - UK's Telegraph

- Source

GVI 09:47:18 GMT - 11/16/2018  
Reportedly Michael Gove to remain Environment Minister in PM May's Government - press - Source

GVI Trader john  09:59:42 GMT - 11/16/2018  
Correction HICP seen at 2.20% vs 2.20%

GVI Trader john  10:00:58 GMT - 11/16/2018  
Eurozone final HICP (CPI) October 2018

yy: +2.20% vs. +2.20% exp. vs. +2.20% prev.
yy: +1.10% vs. +1.10% exp. vs. +1.10% prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trader john  10:01:17 GMT - 11/16/2018  
No changes

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  10:26:31 GMT - 11/16/2018  
There is still not confirmation but there is speculation that the 48 votes for a leadership vote have been received. There is talk that a no confidence party vote on May could come on Tuesday.

If true, today is all about headlines and weekend risk should keep the market thin and jumpy.

london red  10:28:47 GMT - 11/16/2018  
its just about official now, vote likely to take place tuesday

GVI Trader john  10:31:49 GMT - 11/16/2018  
Red Why would they hold a vote if they are not certain to win (148 votes lined up)?

london red  10:35:59 GMT - 11/16/2018  
if not now then when. they have to strike while there is momentum. also the vote on the deal is set to take place in december, which would then be too late to do the vote of confidence given a leadership race would take a few weeks taking us very close to the march 29th exit day.

london red  10:42:39 GMT - 11/16/2018  
gove fox and leadsom are said to be staying.

GVI Trader john  10:43:22 GMT - 11/16/2018  
Red- thanks for your ongoing help on this. All rather arcane for me!

london red  10:48:00 GMT - 11/16/2018  
these are moderate to harder brexiteers that are staying so it does send a signal that any vote on may is unlikely to reach the 160 required. it does look like this is going to be over before it began but the same cant be said for the vote on the deal. its hard to say where they go from here as the eu is playing hard ball and saying no negotiation to terms. if we get closer to the vote and there still has been no movement towards getting it passed, will the eu change its stance with the threat of no deal? i think they see that MP's are more afraid of no deal than they are, so probably no.

Mtl JP  11:23:05 GMT - 11/16/2018  
In her open radio call-in with citizenry I thought I had heard Theresa say that she does not bet on things political.

Wanna be betting on the GBP ?
It is said that high potential rewards come with high risk.

GVI 13:07:08 GMT - 11/16/2018  
Tory chief whip Julian Smith said to have cancelled briefing with lawmakers on the Brexit deal today (Friday) - financial press - Source

GVI 13:11:51 GMT - 11/16/2018  
Brexiteers ministers said to aim to change wording of backstop exit mechanism to stop it binding UK in customs union indefinitely - financial press

- Source

london red  13:18:40 GMT - 11/16/2018  
expect the eu to fire back quickly and, i suspect, will rebuff any changes.

london red  14:01:03 GMT - 11/16/2018  
euro. res by 11430 if clarida comments run a few more stops over 114

GVI Trader john  14:38:09 GMT - 11/16/2018  
U.S. Industrial Production & Capacity Utilization October 2018

Ind Production: +0.10% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. +0.30% (r +0.20%) prev.
Capacity Utilization: 78.4% vs. 78.3% exp. vs. 78.10% (r78.5%) prev.

RELEASE: Industrial Production & Capacity Utilization

TTN: Live News Special Offer

london red  14:47:06 GMT - 11/16/2018  
uk banking starting to pick up and reflect less likely of may falling and a possible change in deal terms (until eu shots it down)

london red  15:04:39 GMT - 11/16/2018  
irish pm: not much room to renegotiate, could unravel whole thing

GVI 16:30:35 GMT - 11/16/2018  
UK PM May Polictal spokesman: PM wil lspeak about her Brexit daeal with grassroots Conservative Party organisers in Conf call later on Friday - Source

GVI 16:42:43 GMT - 11/16/2018  
New York Fed Nowcast: cuts Q4 forecast to 2.6% from 2.7% prior - News from this week's data releases decreased the nowcast for 2018:Q4 by 0.1 percentage point.- Negative surprises from industrial production and capacity utilization data were only partially offset by a positive surprise from retail sales data. - Source

GVI Forex  17:39:04 GMT - 11/16/2018  
Stocks pop on this

Trump says China wants to make a deal on trade, but it is not acceptable yet

GVI Forex  17:46:52 GMT - 11/16/2018  
Trump says china’s list of trade proposals is pretty complete

GVI Trader john  18:04:46 GMT - 11/16/2018  
Baker Hughes Rig Count

Total: 1082 vs. 1081 (+1) prev.
Oil: 888 vs. 886 (+2) prev.
Canada: 197 vs. 196 (+1) prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trader john  18:06:03 GMT - 11/16/2018  
Baker Hughes Rig Count

Total: 1082 vs. 1081 (+1) prev.
Oil: 888 vs. 886 (+2) prev.
Canada: 197 vs. 196 (+1) prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

SG PT  09:16:24 GMT - 11/18/2018  

Buy usdx
Entry: Target: Stop:
US$ is the casino chip that the world currently used to play, gamble and trade. It's the only currency that the world trust and issuance is big enough for the world to play.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  11:55:25 GMT - 11/19/2018  
Before someone comes on and asks if there is any news behind the GBP dip just now the answer is none we have seen but price action says otherwise. .

There is apparently EURGBP buying going on and price action shows you how the bids (in the case) back off when algos sense an order going through.

Amman wfakhoury  12:05:46 GMT - 11/19/2018  
just follow my previous signal
12785 will be returned as price did not closed above 12880.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  12:06:51 GMT - 11/19/2018  
Amman, close above what time frame bar?

Amman wfakhoury  12:10:39 GMT - 11/19/2018  
one hour bar

HK [email protected]  12:11:39 GMT - 11/19/2018  
Too much a spirit of bearish USD on the on the net probably contributed at least to non-bullish USD today. May even cause stronger USD.

GVI Trader john  15:02:09 GMT - 11/19/2018  
U.S. NAHB Index Oct 2018

60.0 vs. 67.0 exp. vs. 68.0 (r) prev.


TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trader john  15:02:43 GMT - 11/19/2018  
More weak news from the housing sector.

London GP  16:06:08 GMT - 11/19/2018  
Wfak, let us know if your call changes.

GVI 16:19:04 GMT - 11/19/2018  
Fed's Williams (moderate, voter): US economy is doing very well; unemployment is low - comments in NYC - Source

GVI 16:55:42 GMT - 11/19/2018  
Northern Ireland DUP Leader Foster: a really bad Brexit withdrawal deal would lock us into the EU with no way out; there's time to work for a better agreement - Source

GVI 17:06:40 GMT - 11/19/2018  
Ireland PM Varadkar: UK should not be bullied into a second Brexit referendum - Source

dc CB  00:56:07 GMT - 11/20/2018  
GVI Trader john 15:02 GMT
More weak news from the housing sector.
Not exactly a foward looking group.

Whot about all those who lost their homes in the past 6 months due to Natural Disasters ----North/South Carolina, Virginia, Florida, and currently Super Hi End houses burning in California.
And Yes my dears, many, many of those people have a lot of money plus Insurance.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  10:37:32 GMT - 11/20/2018  
I just got an email asking if there is any news in the EURUSD and why it fell off a cliff. No news I have seen but it appears EUR cross selling has been a factor (note EURGBP is at its day low) in a market thinning out for the extended US break.

I had to look at an Amazing Trader one minute chart for a signal as other time frames were straight lines down. On the downside, it should be limited as long as it stays above 1.1420.

Check your AT charts for key levels.

The Amazing Trader

london red  10:47:59 GMT - 11/20/2018  
italy germany spread has increased as well as eu decision on italy budget tomorrow. seems a few folks viewed little bounce of late as over and faded morning rally. large expiries at 115 today may also be making their presence felt.

Sydney ACC  10:55:04 GMT - 11/20/2018  
Aussie and Kiwi incurred similar falls.

Aussie dropped from 0,7297 to 0.7251

Kiwi drop was less severe nevertheless it declined from 0.6864 to 0.6847

I don't think think the volatility can be isolated just to EUR/GBP cross trading.

There were significant falls in most equity indices at the same time.

Simple explanation might just be panic selling.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  11:02:42 GMT - 11/20/2018  
red, clearly a eurgbp flow. I heard 2nd hand that Carney said something about intervening in GBP weakness if Brexit deal fell through or something like that.

Offsets from EURGBP are weighing on EURUSD but still above 1.1420..

GVI 11:07:29 GMT - 11/20/2018  
PM May to head to Brussels to meet EU's Juncker for Brexit talks on Wed, Nov 21st - financial press

- Source

Mtl JP  11:34:35 GMT - 11/20/2018  
theresa trying to go over barnier's head

GVI Jay  11:44:34 GMT - 11/20/2018  
This may have been a factor in GBP (but again failed above 1.2880)

From earlier

Sterling gains as BOE's Carney backs PM May's Brexit deal

Mtl JP  11:54:41 GMT - 11/20/2018  
of course he does, carney is a globalist
UK's national interest is, to him, secondary

london red  12:12:34 GMT - 11/20/2018  
what the eu fears most is a no deal. it will be less painful than in the case of the uk, but the uk will have an easier time coming out of it given the floating currency. but i digress. the issue is no deal has always been off the table, hence the eu's heavy no compromise appraoch when negotiating. the nearer we get to march 2019, the more chance that this approach gets reversed and the eu becomes more willing. that might not be compromising on its 4 pillars but certainly a proper kicking of the can, on terms the uk can accept.

GVI Trader john  13:31:45 GMT - 11/20/2018  
U.S. House Starts & Permits (000) October 2018

Starts: 1.228 vs. 1.230 exp. vs. 1.200 (r 1.210) prev.
Permits: 1.263 vs. 1.260 exp. vs. 1.270 (r )prev.

New Residential Construction

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trader john  13:32:31 GMT - 11/20/2018  
Data dead on forecasts.

GVI 14:19:22 GMT - 11/20/2018  
White House Econ Adviser Kudlow: Pres Trump's pro-growth policies will not be overturned by the new Congress - Fox Business interview - The US economy is roaring - Stock market corrections come and go - Reiterates Pres Trump believes China wants a trade deal and Trump is optimistic about trade talks- Very detailed talks are going on with China at all levels

- Source

GVI 15:02:47 GMT - 11/20/2018  
Atlanta Fed cuts Q4 GDP forecast to 2.5% from 2.8% prior

- Source

GVI Forex 15:16:20 GMT - 11/20/2018  
GBPUSD took a hit on this

10:15 (UK) Northern Ireland DUP Dep Leader Dodds: 'stubborn determination' by PM May to offer binary choice of this deal or no deal is not in the UK's interests; it's time to work for a better deal - Brexit deal will not pass in parliament - DUP will continue to use our influence for the good of everyone in the UK; govt will require our support to pass domestic agenda

- Source

GVI 15:41:36 GMT - 11/20/2018  
Reportedly German concerned that UK may try to reopen Brexit deal negotiations - press

- Source

GVI Forex 16:33:14 GMT - 11/20/2018  
GBPUSD just took a hiot on this

11:28 (UK) Ireland Foreign Min Coveney: Brexit text will not be reopened; withdrawal agreement is not a draft text, it is 'the text'

- Source

london red  18:19:59 GMT - 11/20/2018  
wti. we did a lrg inverse shs on the break of 51/52 bucks. the neckline from this is currently around 47 bucks. if 51/52 doesnt halt slide we could see 47 before a bounce.

Bali Sja  18:34:09 GMT - 11/20/2018  
Usd is still king, interest rates rule! Yield yield yield

GVI 11:21:53 GMT - 11/21/2018  
EU Commission opinion on 2019 draft budget plans; confirms Italy not compliant with debt reduction commitment; excessive deficit procedure warranted - Belgium, France and Spain also risk breaching budget rules - Source

GVI 11:33:06 GMT - 11/21/2018  
Reports circulating that FED could pause in the current tightening cycle as early as spring - financial press

- Source

Livingston nh  12:06:39 GMT - 11/21/2018  
It appears that interest rate GROUPTHINK is spreading quickly in the OW&B eco-system // a lot of folks pitched their tents in the Money Swamp and named the settlement, New Normal -- haahhaa, maybe it is different this time

GVI Trader john  13:34:22 GMT - 11/21/2018  
Durable Goods Orders October 2018

Headline: -4.40% vs. -2.10% exp. vs. +0.70%(r -0.1%)prev.
Ex-Trans:-0.10% vs. +0.40% exp. vs. 0.00% (r -0.60%) prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trader john  13:41:08 GMT - 11/21/2018  
US Weekly Jobless Claims


224K vs. 215K exp vs. 216K (r. 221K ) prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI 13:56:49 GMT - 11/21/2018  
Ireland PM Varadkar: Thinks if there was a no-deal scenario, EU would be called upon to agree adeal of sorts in the weeks that follow - In the event of a 'no deal' Brexit we would have to quickly find a deal on customs and regulation with the UK anyway- Expect EU leaders will endorse the Brexit agreement on the table at the summit this Sunday (11/25)

- Source

GVI Trader john  15:02:17 GMT - 11/21/2018  
U.S. Existing Homes Sales (mln) October 2018


p.a. s.a.:5.220 vs. 5.200 exp. vs 5.150 (r. ) prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer


University of Michigan Sentiment Index Final November 2018

97.5 vs. 98.3 exp. vs. 98.3 preliminary

RELEASE: Index of Consumer Sentiment

TTN: Live News Special Offer


U.S. Leading Indicators October 2018
U.S. Data Charts

+0.10% vs. +0.10% exp. vs. +0.50% (r) prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trader john  15:30:57 GMT - 11/21/2018  
US EIA Weekly Inventories

U.S. Data Charts

Crude Oil: +4.900 vs. 2.500 exp vs. +10.300 prev.
Distillates: -0.100 vs. -2.600 exp vs. -3.600 prev.
Gasoline: -1.300 vs. 0.100 exp vs. -1.400 prev.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trader john  18:07:28 GMT - 11/21/2018  
Baker Hughes Rig Count

Total: 1079 vs. 1082 (-3) prev.
Oil: 885 vs. 888 (-3) prev.
Canada: 204 vs. 197 (-7) prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI 18:49:16 GMT - 11/21/2018  
EU Commission spokesperson: work is continuing in Brexit talks; very good progress is being made but no finalized deal yet **NOTE: an earlier report said officials say Merkel will not travel to Brussels on Sunday (11/25) unless there is an agreement ready to sign - Source

GVI 19:52:03 GMT - 11/21/2018  
PM May: have made progress in talks with Juncker and given direction to Brexit negotiators who can now resolve the remaining Brexit issues - PM May will return to Brussels on Saturday (ahead of Sun summit)

- Source

GVI 20:23:15 GMT - 11/21/2018  
Fin Min Hammond: If lawmakers reject the Brexit deal, could end up with no Brexit - TV interview - Brexit backstop is not a good arrangement- A smooth Brexit will add tens of billions of pounds to the UK economy - Source

GVI 22:11:25 GMT - 11/21/2018  
Foreign Min Hunt reportedly warned PM May of possibility that Brexit deal may be voted down in parliament - UK's Telegraph - Source

london red  10:18:53 GMT - 11/22/2018  
draft text for future deal in place but nothing new on backstop. still cable up towards key 12875/80 abv which are big stops

jkt abel  10:29:26 GMT - 11/22/2018  
brexit deal will give us 1.40

jkt abel  10:35:20 GMT - 11/22/2018  
cable has to stay above 12880 now

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  10:45:31 GMT - 11/22/2018  
05:39(UK) PM May to make statement on Brexit at 09:30 ET (14:30 GMT)

- Source

kl fs  10:58:52 GMT - 11/22/2018  
will fade cable's strength as long as below 1.3030 this week
PM May to reverse cable's pop?

GVI Jay  11:00:33 GMT - 11/22/2018  
Red good call on the stops.

Devil will be in the details and whether the UK can unilaterally withdraw from a transition period. It still has to pass in Parliament.

kl shawn  11:00:40 GMT - 11/22/2018  
yes, looks struggling above 1.29 for now

london red  11:02:49 GMT - 11/22/2018  
backstop issue no clearer and since possibly not viable in terms of a solution, they are trying to over compenstae on other details eg future ties. reaction of DUP partners and euroskeptic tories later will be key.

GVI Jay  11:22:27 GMT - 11/22/2018  
John and I have been talking about the backstop for months and cannot see how it can satisfy all parties involved. If it was easy it would have been resolved a long time ago.

london red  11:22:35 GMT - 11/22/2018  
May will not do anything but pump these headlines as its her deal. potential banana skins can be placed by DUP and Tory euroskeptics. Sturgeon has already commented negatively.

GVI 12:31:50 GMT - 11/22/2018  
ECB ACCOUNT OF POLICY MEETING (OCT MINUTES): See possible downward revision to short-term economic outlook - Source

Livingston nh  14:20:22 GMT - 11/22/2018  
The Irish situation is simple BUT both sides need to give up on "principles" -- Turn the whole Island into Free Trade ZONE for GOODS and Services -- disputes arising in NI are subject to UK Courts, ECJ handles Ireland only // once the FTZ is accepted, bells and whistles can be added as you go along -- appropriate notice period if EITHER side wishes to withdraw

Trans-shipment business Boom on the island
Like Border towns in texas

GVI 19:10:19 GMT - 11/22/2018  
PM May political spokesperson: PM will be seeking to persuade members of her party and the Dup on merits of the Brexit deal; believe she can win the vote in parliament on Brexit; Impossible to determine at the moment the cost of any extension to Brexit transition period - Cabinet gave strong support for Brexit political declaration on future framework- No further demands in Brexit negotiations ahead of Sunday EU summit

- Source

GVI Trader john  09:02:59 GMT - 11/23/2018  
BREAKING NEWS: EZ Flash PMIs November 2018

mfg: 51.5 vs. 52.0 exp. vs. 52.0 prev.
svc: 53.1 vs. 53.7 exp. vs. 53.7 prev.

mfg: 51.6 vs. 52.2 exp. vs. 52.2 prev.
svc: 53.3 vs. 54.5 exp. vs. 54.5 prev.

mfg: 50.7 vs. 51.2 exp. vs. 51.2 prev.
svc: 55.0 vs. 54.5 exp. vs. 54.7 prev.

Markit PMI Press Release

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trader john  09:03:38 GMT - 11/23/2018  
Generally weaker flash PMIs

GVI 11:27:56 GMT - 11/23/2018  
UK PM Spokesperson: Not Government strategy for a two step Brexit vote in parliament

- Not planning to repoen the withdrawal agreement

- Will work with the Spanish Government on Brexit; Has negotiated openly and constructively with EU on Gibraltar, PM is making sure of a good deal for whole UK Family

- Setting out why this is a good deal for the UK and is confident lawmakers will support it Related ()

- Source

GVI Jay  11:37:08 GMT - 11/23/2018  
Weak PMI data is said to be behind the weaker EUR but one look at EURGBP (lower) suggests there is selling in this cross ahead of Sunday's EU leaders vote on the Brexit draft.

GVI Trader john  11:48:03 GMT - 11/23/2018  
Jay I agree 100% even though the EURUSD MOVED on the PMIs. EUR weakness pretty clearly is coming out of EURGBP.

GVI Jay  11:55:15 GMT - 11/23/2018  
Red if you are around, what are the odds May csn push this through Parliament?

Seems to me the EU will have little incentive or no rush to negotiate a good trade deal with the UK stuck in the customs union with no power to exit on own.

london red  11:57:55 GMT - 11/23/2018  
odds are close to zero. the deal suits none of the factions. the idea is that MP's vote it down and then send May off to Brussels for further concessions. Then a second vote takes place, which can be backed. Well, thats the bedtime story anyway. However, just on the wires and behind cable drop is note the government isnt planning this as a two stage vote, putting pressure on those wanting to vote it down.

GVI Jay  12:44:08 GMT - 11/23/2018  
So eurgbp firms a touch and gives eurusd a little lift as gbpusd barely moves. Algebra 101.

GVI Trader john  13:38:06 GMT - 11/23/2018  
BREAKING NEWS: Canada: CPI (October) Retail Sales (September) 2018

Headline CPI
mm: +0.30% vs. +0.10% exp. vs. -0.40% prev.
yy: +2.40% vs. +2.20% exp. vs. +2.20% prev.

Retail Sales
Headline: +0.2% vs. +0.10% exp. vs. -0.10% prev.
X-Autos: +0.10% vs. +0.30% exp. vs. -0.40% prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trader john  14:02:18 GMT - 11/23/2018  
CO $50.99 weight on CAD. Data should have helped.

GVI 14:04:24 GMT - 11/23/2018  

GVI Trader john  14:05:38 GMT - 11/23/2018  
Belgium Survey suggests better IFO on Monday.

GVI Trader john  14:48:44 GMT - 11/23/2018  
U.S. flash Markit Mfg & SVC PMI November 2018

mfg: 55.4 vs. 55.9 exp. vs. 55.7 prev.
svc: 54.4 vs. 55.0 exp. vs. 54.8 prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Trader john  14:49:16 GMT - 11/23/2018  
flash PMIs mixed.

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