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GVI Trader john  18:13:23 GMT - 01/18/2019  
Baker Hughes Rig Count

Total: 1050 vs. 1075 (-25) prev.
Oil: 852 vs. 873 (-21) prev.
Canada: 209 vs. 184 (+25) prev.

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GVI Forex 15:21:14 GMT - 01/18/2019  
10:19 (CN) China reportedly offered a 6-year $1T import boost at Jan talks in order to eliminate US trade imbalances; US trade officials said to be skeptical
- US negotiators reportedly want a quicker, two-year reduction in the trade gap

- Source

GVI Trader john  15:03:37 GMT - 01/18/2019  
Preliminary University of Michigan Sentiment Index January, 2018

90.7 vs. 96.8 exp. vs. 98.3 prev

RELEASE: Index of Consumer Sentiment

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GVI Trader john  14:22:24 GMT - 01/18/2019  
U.S. Industrial Production & Capacity Utilization December 2018

Ind Production: +0.30% vs. +0.30% exp. vs. +0.60% (r +0.40%) prev.Capacity Utilization: 78.7% .vs. 78.6% exp. vs. 78.50% (r 78.6%) prev.

RELEASE: Industrial Production & Capacity Utilization

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GVI Trader john  13:41:38 GMT - 01/18/2019  
Canada: CPI December 2018
Canada Charts


mm: -0.10% vs. -0.30% exp. vs. -0.40% prev.
yy: +2.0% vs. +1.70% exp. vs. +1.70% prev.

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GVI Trader john  11:48:57 GMT - 01/18/2019  
U.K. Retail Sales chart
December 2018 U.K. Retail Sales Data weaker m/m vs. Street forecasts.

london red  09:27:02 GMT - 01/18/2019  
eurgbp. fade c. 8835 stop 8875 tgt lvls close to todays low

london red  09:18:18 GMT - 01/18/2019  
cable. 12916-12888 good area to go long if sales disappoint. mkt has not one but both eyes on brexit and they will trip over themselves to buy cable dips into wknd.

GVI 20:03:36 GMT - 01/17/2019  
Treasury Sec Mnuchin: no statement planned on China tariffs - CNBC - Treasury spokesperson: neither Mnuchin or Lighthizer has made any recommendations to anyone with respect to tariffs or other parts of the talks with China - This is an ongoing process that is nowhere near completion

- Source

GVI Trader john  15:31:06 GMT - 01/17/2019  
EIA U.S. Natural Gas
U.S. Data Charts

(BCF) -81 vs: -82 expected

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GVI Trader john  13:35:03 GMT - 01/17/2019  
U.S. Philly Fed Index January 2018


+17.0 vs. +10.0 exp. vs. +9.4 prev.

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US Weekly Jobless Claims


213K vs. 223K exp vs. 216K (r. ) prev.

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Livingston nh  13:05:08 GMT - 01/17/2019  
cb - the model for my gov't comment was the House of Reps (formed many yrs ago) - Congress is still "working" w/i that model // The recent UK Parliament is neck and neck w/ Congress this year (and pulling ahead) -- if "prorogue" (April Fool's Day) is still an available option it would be the Crown on May's tenure

GVI 11:35:09 GMT - 01/17/2019  
Parliament to debate and vote on PM May's plan B on Jan 29th - Source

GVI Trader john  10:02:03 GMT - 01/17/2019  
EZ final December 2018 HICP (CPI) unrevised.

final Eurozone HICP Chart

GVI Trader john  10:00:29 GMT - 01/17/2019  
Eurozone final HICP (CPI)
December 2018

yy: +1.60% vs. +1.60% exp. vs. +1.90% prev.
yy: _1.00% vs. +1.00% exp. vs. +1.00% prev.

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Mtl JP  02:01:50 GMT - 01/17/2019  
additional creation of service jobs = good for GDP #s

Dillon AL  01:53:52 GMT - 01/17/2019  
Wasnt that the purpose of Mueller

dc CB  01:41:22 GMT - 01/17/2019  
People always get the government they deserve
we just had an election, did we not here in USA-land.
well this is what the majority(?) vote for.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is sinking panel resources into a robust investigative staff to revive the probe into President Donald Trump's ties to Russia with roughly seven committee staffers directing their energy full-time.

Schiff and the Democrats have made offers to six new staffers, CBS News reported, including a corruption expert and a former prosecutor. The committee is still looking to hire six more people as Schiff restructures the subcommittee and plans targeted lines of inquiry into the president and his 2016 campaign staff’s connections with Russian officials.

Democrats on the committee will more than double their staff, from 11 to 24 people. About seven will work on the resuscitated Russia probe full-time, while others will help out on a “surge” basis, according to CBS, citing a senior committee official.

“There’s a lot of work yet to be done on Russia,” the official said. “What we’re doing is we are creating a purpose-built team that will take the point on that.”

Roll Call

dc CB  01:15:07 GMT - 01/17/2019  
Livingston nh 19:32
People always get the government they deserve
Scarey as that is. How bad could it get.
Chasing Unicorns.
The Brits have their Unicorn, by the way.
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that, if the 2020 presidential race was between Trump and Ocasio-Cortez, 43% of Likely U.S. Voters would vote for Trump, while 40% would vote for Ocasio-Cortez.

Ocasio-Cortez vs. Trump, and the Winner Is…Rasmussen Poll

Dillon AL  00:41:27 GMT - 01/17/2019  
Phil Hammond another Remainer who does not get it. he has spent his time undermining the Brexit process.
The 17+ mio with more than a 2+mio majority do not wish to remain part of Europe. They don't care whether there is a deal or not and they certainly don't need this patronising git to make pompous statements that mainly doom and gloom
The sooner that Rees-Mogg assumes the mantle of Conservative Party Leader the sooner that The European Princes will understand what it means to be British rather than some convoluted form of European
Cable has support at 1.27 --IF this goes you had better follow it down--
I remain with a GTC order to sell Cable at 1.2994 looking for a false dawn to be followed by the hang-over

Livingston nh  23:30:25 GMT - 01/16/2019  
After two years there is NOW an opportunity -- MAY insisted the Plan that got dusted yesterday was THE ONLY PLAN -- ah, but now comes the cunning plan B?

GVI 22:05:14 GMT - 01/16/2019  
PM May: there's now an opportunity to find a way forward on Brexit; the last 24 hours have been unsettling for the country - Intends to deliver Brexit, believes it is my duty to do so- We must work wot set out what lawmakers do want - Source

GVI 21:54:23 GMT - 01/16/2019  
In leaked recording, Chancellor of the Exchequer Hammond said yesterday to business leaders the threat of no-deal Brexit could be taken off table within days and Article 50 could be rescinded - UK's Telegraph - Source

Livingston nh  19:32:19 GMT - 01/16/2019  
People always get the government they deserve

GVI 19:18:59 GMT - 01/16/2019  
PM MAY SURVIVES 'NO-CONFIDENCE' VOTE IN PARLIAMENT; VOTE 325 for May and 306 against PM May- We will work to deliver Brexit promises - Source

GVI 19:03:59 GMT - 01/16/2019  

- Source

Mtl JP  17:55:50 GMT - 01/16/2019  
dc CB 16:39 / that continues the `wrong hands`meme:
cost of education (min million dollar dean salaries and 100K+ professorial salaries etc etc) pre-emptying folks from loading up on generational mortgage albatross (bankers loss?) and subsequently house builders and furnishers... duh duh ... squeeze the deans and professors, the at the front of line of economic chain blood suckers ?

GVI 17:38:36 GMT - 01/16/2019  
) Reportedly EU ready to make further concessions on the backstop to the UK but initiative needs to come from Ireland - German press - Source

dc CB  17:04:32 GMT - 01/16/2019  
Update: Speaking with NBC News, House Majority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer said that President Trump has been "disinvited" from making the state of the union address.

A formal invitation is traditionally made by the Speaker of the House to the President several weeks before each State of the Union Address.

dc CB  16:39:57 GMT - 01/16/2019  
U.S. NAHB Index January2018

The Homer Simpson D'OH Award goes to:
Student Debt Is a Driver of Low Millennial Homeownership Rates: BBG

GVI Trader john  15:32:40 GMT - 01/16/2019  
US EIA Weekly Inventories

U.S. Data Charts

Crude Oil: -2.700 vs. -1.500 exp vs. 10.610 prev.
Distillates:+3.000 vs. +1.500 exp vs. +3.170 prev.
Gasoline: +7.500 vs. +3.200 exp vs. +8.010 prev.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report

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GVI Trader john  15:00:58 GMT - 01/16/2019  
U.S. NAHB Index January2018

58.0 vs. 57.0 exp. vs. 56.0 (r) prev.


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GVI Trader john  13:31:36 GMT - 01/16/2019  
U.S. Import Prices December 2018

-1.0% vs. -1.30% exp. vs -1.60% (r. -1.90%)

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Mtl JP  12:49:41 GMT - 01/16/2019  
so german thinks that
"you (UK) will be assimilated; resistance is futile"

lets see ...

GVI 12:47:05 GMT - 01/16/2019  
Reportedly EU ready to make further concessions on the backstop to the UK but initiative needs to come from Ireland - German press - Source

GVI Trader john  12:14:35 GMT - 01/16/2019  
EARLIER U.K. CPI December 2018
U.K. Charts


CPI m/m: vs. 0.20% exp. vs. 0.20% prev.
CPI y/y: vs. +2.10% exp. vs. +2.30% prev.

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U.K. CPI and RPIX chart

U.K. Headline December 2018 y/y CPI softer +2.30% rise. RPIX +2.7% y/y, lower.

GVI Forex 19:40:38 GMT - 01/15/2019  

- Source

GVI 17:51:21 GMT - 01/15/2019  
Senior EU official: if PM May's Brexit deal is rejected today by parliament, EU will quickly make clear it will not change its position; ball is exclusively in UK's court - Buzzfeed - Source

GVI Forex 16:03:59 GMT - 01/15/2019  
EURUSD dips on dovish Draghi

11:01 (EU) ECB's Draghi: recent economic developments have been weaker than expected; uncertainties, notably global-related, remain prominent - comments in EU Parliament

- No room for complacency, significant stimulus needed
- Our forward rate guidance and QE assets provide necessary support to sustain convergence to our inflation target
- Main driver of economic recovery has been the domestic EU economy
- Source

GVI Trader john  13:32:00 GMT - 01/15/2019  
U.S. PPI December 2018

Final Demand: -0.20% vs. -0.10% exp. vs. +0.10% (r. ) prev.
Core: -0.10% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. +0.30% (r. ) prev.

RELEASE: Producer Price Index

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GVI Trader john  13:30:17 GMT - 01/15/2019  
Empire PMI January, 2019

3.9 vs. 10.0 exp. vs. 10.9 prev.

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GVI Trader john  13:26:34 GMT - 01/15/2019  
PPI from Washington could be delayed slightly today due to weather.

GVI 13:06:08 GMT - 01/15/2019  
UK Parliament meaningful vote seen around 15:00 ET/20:00 GMT after 4 amendments - press - Source

GVI 12:27:27 GMT - 01/15/2019  
Government spokesperson Slack: PM May determined to deliver the will of the people and take Britain out of the EU - PM holding talks with Tory MPs ahead of the meaningful vote- Cabinet held no substantive discussions of amendments; did not discuss extension of Article 50 - Source

GVI 18:22:27 GMT - 01/14/2019  
Labour Party source: confirms party won't support Murrison amendment, likely guarantees amendment will not pass - Guardian

- Source

GVI Forex 16:17:20 GMT - 01/14/2019  
Brexit whipsaw (GBP lower)

11:08 In separate report, comments pro-Brexit Conservative lawmaker Baker: Pro-Brexit ERG group will vote AGAINST PM May's deal on Tuesday - press

- Source

GVI Jay  16:00:06 GMT - 01/14/2019  
GBP apparently spiked higher on this

10:54 (UK) Brexiteer ERG group reportedly to vote for PM May's Brexit plan on Tuesday - press

- ITV's Peston: "Influential Tory Brexiter MP tells me he and his ERG Brexiter colleagues "will be voting with Theresa May and the government all day tomorrow" unless @hilarybennmp withdraws his amendment that would rule out a no-deal Brexit"

- Source

EU PT  15:57:52 GMT - 01/14/2019  
Brexit news out?

GVI 14:50:40 GMT - 01/14/2019  
Prime Min May reportedly considering backing amendment for an 2021 end date plan for backstop in order to win the Brexit vote - press

- Source

GVI 12:30:35 GMT - 01/14/2019  
Denmark PM Rasmussen: Has seen no positive Brexit developments since UK Parliament postponed vote - Source

GVI Trader john  22:41:17 GMT - 01/13/2019  
Talk about lowering expectations. Losing by fewer than 100 votes is a win?

dc CB  22:22:07 GMT - 01/13/2019  
When May "fails" and get much will she get paid as a "CONsultant" and member of the Board of the PR firm that Informs Governments in the EuroZone how to trick "soverign" populations out of their foolishness.
May Be we Will. May Be we Won't - How to Kill Populism (behind their backs) -- XClusive Limited - $100K Euros per person per session. Booking now -- coming summer in Bern 2019.

GVI 22:09:35 GMT - 01/13/2019  
UK govt comments on Brexit vote (Tuesday): any defeat by fewer than 100 votes would be counted as a good result - UK press - Currently vote is expected to be defeated by anywhere from 100-200 votes- Labour leader Corbyn confirmed he will call a vote of no confidence in the government if the deal fails

- Source

GVI Trader john  18:16:32 GMT - 01/11/2019  
Baker Hughes Rig Count

Total: 1075 vs. 1075 (0) prev.
Oil: 873 vs. 877(-4) prev.
Canada: 184 vs. 70 (+114) prev.

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HK [email protected]  18:06:39 GMT - 01/11/2019  
Indeed if this is the only solution, it is useless to delay.

Any effect on the USD/other currencies.
Will not be surprised if the emergency situation will be declared before markets will open on Monday.
I suspect USDX may rise first to close the gap at around 96.

GVI 17:27:21 GMT - 01/11/2019  
Fox's Gasparino: White House sources say Pres Trump likely to end impasse with a government emergency declaration as soon as next week - White House sources say internal data shows impact of shutdown will hit economy shortly as officials grow increasingly worried abt economic impact of impasse - Source

GVI Trader john  13:41:34 GMT - 01/11/2019  
CPI in line. Should have no impact on Fed policy.

GVI Trader john  13:37:22 GMT - 01/11/2019  
U.S. CPI December 2018

m/m: -0.10% vs. -0.10% exp. v +0.00% pre
y/y: +1.90% vs. +1.90% exp. v +2.20% pre
y/y: +2.20% vs. +2.20% exp. v +2.20% pre

RELEASE: Consumer Price Index

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GVI 13:00:36 GMT - 01/11/2019  
China PBoC said to be wary of any sharp CNY currency(Yuan) appreciation - press - Source

GVI Trader john  09:34:22 GMT - 01/11/2019  
UK Output/trade November 2018


Industrial: -0.40% vs. +0.30% exp. vs. -0.60% (r -0.50%) prev.
Manufacturing: -0.30% vs. +0.40% exp. vs. -0.90% prev (r -0.60%)
Visible Trade
Total: --12.08 vs. -11.4 exp. vs. -11.9 (r -12.0) prev

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GVI 18:15:53 GMT - 01/10/2019  
Fed Chair Powell: We have ability to be patient, flexible, and watch patiently at this time; outlook is strong right now but we have ability to see how economy develops - comments in Washington

- Source

GVI Forex 14:51:48 GMT - 01/10/2019  
09:37 (US) President Trump: we are having tremendous success with China on trade; not prepared to declare national emergency on Border yet
- Will probably declare emergency if shutdown continues

- Source

GVI 14:10:06 GMT - 01/10/2019  
Former UK defense and intelligence officials warn Brexit "will threaten the national security of the country in fundamental ways" - Sky News Sky News has obtained a letter from the former Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service Sir Richard Dearlove and the former Chief of Defence Staff Lord Guthrie warning that the withdrawal agreement "will threaten the national security of the country in fundamental ways" - Source

GVI Trader john  13:30:30 GMT - 01/10/2019  
kUS Weekly Jobless Claims


216 vs. 220K exp vs. 231K (r. 233K) prev.

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GVI 12:34:17 GMT - 01/10/2019  
ECB ACCOUNT OF DEC GOVERNING COUNCIL MEETING (DEC MINUTES): Fundamental factors underpinning growth remain in place - Cut in Staff forecasts for growth justified for describing risks as balance - Case was made for accessing risks to economic activity as tilted to the down side; risk situation was fragile and fluid - Analyzing TLTRO impact on policy was suggested

- Source

PAR 19:45:57 GMT - 01/09/2019  
Looks like Trump is the only US central banker left who is still optimistic about the US economy .

China US talks end with hope and tweets but nothing concrete.

Mtl JP  19:23:37 GMT - 01/09/2019  
how cute the MSM version
02:14 Fed minutes show dissention over December interest-rate hike
02:10 Dollar extends losses as Fed minutes hint at dovish sentiment
02:08 Gold settles higher, then continues to climb after FOMC minutes
- MarketWatch

GVI Trader john  19:12:28 GMT - 01/09/2019  
Not surprisingly, "AA", market reaction was volatile.

GVI Trader john  19:09:26 GMT - 01/09/2019  
FOMC minutes mixed, but dovish. Sentiment about future policy should not have changed much.

GVI 19:04:46 GMT - 01/09/2019  
19:00 *(US) FOMC MINUTES FROM DEC 19TH MEETING: OFFICIALS EXPRESSED LESS CERTAINTY ABOUT 'TIMING AND SIZE' OF FUTURE RATE INCREASES - Some said Fed should assess impact of risks that have become more pronounced in recent months - Changes in statement language were meant to convey it judged a relatively limited amount of additional tightening would likely be appropriate - Fed could afford to be patient about further tightening given muted inflation pressures- It's possible to slow pace of decline in reserves in approaching the long-run level of reserves - Recent developments, including market volatility and concerns about global growth, made the appropriate extent and timing of future policy firming less clear than earlier - Officials debated benefits of Treasury portfolio weighted toward shorter maturities

- Source

GVI 15:48:23 GMT - 01/09/2019  
Russia Central Bank cut its US dollar share in its reserves to 22%, raises Euro share to 32% and raises Yuan share to 15% on June 30th - Source

GVI Trader john  15:30:55 GMT - 01/09/2019  
US EIA Weekly Inventories

U.S. Data Charts

Crude Oil: -1.700 vs. -3.300 exp vs. 0.000 prev.
Distillates: +10.6 vs. +2.700 exp vs. 00 prev.
Gasoline: +8.1 vs. +2.300 exp vs. +3.000 prev.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report

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GVI 15:26:54 GMT - 01/09/2019  
USTR issues formal statement on US-China trade talks: discussed fairness and reciprocity - On Jan 7-9, an official delegation from the US led by Dep USTR Gerrish held meetings in Beijing with Chinese officials to discuss ways to achieve fairness, reciprocity and balance in trade relations between our two countries - Source

GVI Trader john  15:00:42 GMT - 01/09/2019  
January 9, 2018 Bank of Canada Policy Decision


Target Rate unchanged at 1.75%.
RELEASE: Bank of Canada

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GVI 19:09:52 GMT - 01/08/2019  
Parliament votes 303-296 for amendment that will restrict tax powers in a 'no deal' Brexit - Opponents of a 'no deal' Brexit defeat the May govt in the vote on the amendment which creates an additional barrier to a 'no deal' Brexit

- Source

GVI Trader john  15:02:28 GMT - 01/08/2019  
November 2018 JOLTS Survey


6.888 mn vs. 7.170mn exp vs. 7.080 mn (r 7.131 )prev.

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GVI Forex 14:53:09 GMT - 01/08/2019  
09:40 (US) China/US trade talks have reportedly narrowed differences on trade, made progress on issues including purchasing more US trade goods - press
- Progress has been made but not yet prepared to finalize a trade deal
- Talks to continue later this month at the Cabinet/Ministerial level

- Source

GVI Trader john  13:30:21 GMT - 01/08/2019  
Canada (CAD bn) Trade November 2018

Canada Trade C$ bln
-2.18 vs. -1.95 exp. vs. -1.17 (r )prev.

U.S. Balance on Goods and Services

Canadian Trade Balance

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Mtl JP  11:12:22 GMT - 01/08/2019  
French princes planning to introduce harsh new laws designed to guell unauthorized protests

Mtl JP  22:40:07 GMT - 01/07/2019  
May is a disappointment atm letting the eu princes lead her like one would a cow by a nose ring.

She really needs to uP her game. Seriously.

GVI 21:58:35 GMT - 01/07/2019  
UK and European leaders said to be in talks over possibly extending Article 50 Brexit process - UK's Telegraph - Source

GVI Forex 16:07:49 GMT - 01/07/2019  
US government shutdown means SOME U.S. data is not going to be released until the shutdown is resolved, leaving the market without one of its news catalysts for trading.

GVI Trader john  15:15:54 GMT - 01/07/2019  
Canada Ivey PMI (sa) December 2018

59.7 vs. n/a exp. vs. 57.2 prev.

RELEASE: Ivey Purchasing Managers Report

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GVI Trader john  15:14:27 GMT - 01/07/2019  
U.S. ISM Services PMI December 2018
MORE: U.S. Data Charts

57.3 vs. 59.5 exp. vs. 60.7 prev.
Employment sub-component
56.3 vs. 57.4 prev.


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Global-View also offers a full fx trading chart gallery that includes fx pairs, such as the EURUSD, commodities, stocks and bonds. In a fx trading world where markets are integrated, the chart gallery is a valuable trading tool. Look for updates on the Forex Forum when the chart gallery is updated.

Forex Blog also offers a forex blog, where articles of interest for currency trading are posted throughout the day. The forex blog articles come from outside sources, including forex brokers research as well as from the professionals at This forex blog includes the Daily Forex View, Market Chatter and technical forex blog updates. In additional to its real time forex forum, there are also Member Forums available for more in depth forex trading discussions.



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