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Livingston nh  18:29:28 GMT - 05/17/2019  
SPX on critical 15 min support - needs a rally back to yesterday's high 2890+

GVI Trader john  18:19:32 GMT - 05/17/2019  
DJIA +15
10s 2.394%
2s 2.200%

GVI Trader john  17:06:32 GMT - 05/17/2019  

Baker Hughes Rig Count

Total: 987 vs. 988 (-1) prev.
Oil: 802 vs. 805 (-3) prev.
Canada: 63 vs. 63 (0) prev.

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GVI Trader john  14:34:37 GMT - 05/17/2019  
Preliminary University of Michigan Sentiment Index May, 2019

102.4 vs. 97.5 exp. vs. 97.2 prev

RELEASE: Index of Consumer Sentiment

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U.S. Leading Indicators April 2019
U.S. Data Charts

+0.20% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. +0.40% (r) prev.

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GVI john  13:35:25 GMT - 05/17/2019  
Could be why CAD has been weak today.

GVI john  13:34:18 GMT - 05/17/2019  
OPEC and OPEC+ members reportedly are considering easing oil cuts at upcoming meeting in Jeddah; could also recommend strictly complying to agreed limits - press - OPEC members are said to be satisfied with $70/bbl price - Source

GVI Trader john  12:44:19 GMT - 05/17/2019  
DJ -162

GVI Trader john  12:43:41 GMT - 05/17/2019  
Equities better on as expected tariff announcement below.

GVI john  12:40:14 GMT - 05/17/2019  
Trump Administration releases proclamation on EU, Japan auto tariffs delay for at least 180 days (as expected); orders negotiations - Confirms earlier press speculation - Source

GVI john  12:31:05 GMT - 05/17/2019  
US White House to announce up to six month delay on whether to impose car tariffs on imported cars and parts today (Friday) - press - Source

GVI 09:52:15 GMT - 05/17/2019  
UK Labour Leader Corbyn: Brexit talks with the Government has gone as far as they can; will continue to oppose May's Brexit deal

- Will consider any new proposals from the Government on Brexit

- Source

GVI Trader john  09:29:13 GMT - 05/17/2019  
Im not certain what more indicative votes would do for the government at his juncture.

GVI john  09:27:09 GMT - 05/17/2019  

ITV Political Editor Robert Peston: Leaked document shows UK PM May's Government wants to hold indicative Brexit votes in parliament next week, before the EU elections

- Source

GVI Trader john  09:01:12 GMT - 05/17/2019  

BREAKING NEWS: Eurozone final HICP (CPI)
April 2019

yy: 1.70% vs. +1.70% exp. vs. +1.70% prev.
yy: 1.30% vs. +1.20% exp. vs. +1.20% prev.

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Mtl JP  16:56:56 GMT - 05/16/2019  
dc CB 16:25 - thks 4 that tidbit
but it is not as IF the FED gang collective of PhDs is in charge of either "inflation" nor interest rates -- except in their puffclouds of what they peddle as "guidance" , also known as "growing mushrooms"
(feeding market participants sh!t n keeping 'em in the dark)

dc CB  16:25:58 GMT - 05/16/2019  
‏ @zerohedge
13s13 seconds ago


Dear Americans, your life is too cheap, we need to make it more expensive
- the Fed

GVI john  15:19:26 GMT - 05/16/2019  
Bank of Canada (BOC) Gov Poloz: risk of sharp increase in long-term interest rates driven by higher global risk premia is moderate but increasing -- Source

GVI Trader john  14:30:32 GMT - 05/16/2019  
EIA U.S. Natural Gas
U.S. Data Charts

(BCF) +106 vs: +103 expected

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GVI Forex 13:23:18 GMT - 05/16/2019  
09:17 (UK) Conservative MP confirms that PM May did not set a specific date to step down

- Source

GVI Trader john  12:35:23 GMT - 05/16/2019  
U.S. House Starts & Permits (000) April 2019

Starts: 1.235 vs. 1.205 exp. vs. 1.139 (r 1.168) prev.
Permits: 1.296 vs. 1.290 exp. vs. 1.269 (r 1.288) prev.

New Residential Construction

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GVI Trader john  12:34:35 GMT - 05/16/2019  
Weekly Jobless Claims

+212K vs: 220K expected vs. 228K

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GVI Trader john  12:33:11 GMT - 05/16/2019  
U.S. Philly Fed Index May 2019


+16.6 vs. +10.0 exp. vs. +8.5 prev.

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Mtl JP  11:58:52 GMT - 05/16/2019  
haha that "may" thing again
may... may not...

maybe it ll be just a fart
maybe not

GVI john  11:56:12 GMT - 05/16/2019  
US Commerce Sec Ross: President Trump may decide auto tariffs will continue beyond May; U.S., China down to real 'core' of talks - Remain in talks with Mexico and Canada on metal tariffs - President Trump still has many options regarding car tariffs, decision on May 18 - Source

london red  11:25:26 GMT - 05/16/2019  
any new WA bill is going to fail, but gbp also facing hedging sales ahead of MEP elections 23rd May. gbp may bottom around that time as the bad election result will be in the price by then (better to travel than arrive). for now cable could see 127.

GVI 10:52:39 GMT - 05/16/2019  
Commons leader Leadsom: Withdrawal agreement bill will be introduced as soon as possible to give lawmakers time to consider it - Source

GVI 16:25:07 GMT - 05/15/2019  
Atlanta Fed cuts Q2 GDP forecast to 1.1% from 1.6% prior - Source

GVI Trader john  14:42:59 GMT - 05/15/2019  
Reportedly no tariffs are even in place yet. They were only considering them. All he has done is delay a potential decision

Nevertheless, EURUSD is still higher.

GVI Trader john  14:32:54 GMT - 05/15/2019  
EIA data All builds.

GVI Trader john  14:32:14 GMT - 05/15/2019  
US EIA Weekly Inventories

U.S. Data Charts

Crude Oil: +5.400 vs. =2.100 exp vs. -4.000 prev.
Distillates: +0.100 vs. -1.00 exp vs. -0.200 prev.
Gasoline: +0.600 vs. -0.300 exp vs. -0.600 prev.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report

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GVI Trader john  14:29:06 GMT - 05/15/2019  
It appears that this is a negotiation ploy by Trump. He can delay the tariffs by six months according to the statute. That will give him time to see how China pans out first.

GVI Trader john  14:22:13 GMT - 05/15/2019  
wow! that just came out of the blue!

my broker platform froze. Scary when you are in the middle of a trade. Got out somehow unscathed...

GVI john  14:19:10 GMT - 05/15/2019  

- Officials said to have discussed tariffs at Tues meeting

- Source

GVI Trader john  14:02:02 GMT - 05/15/2019  
U.S. NAHB Index May 2019

66.0 vs. 64.0 exp. vs. 63.0 (r) prev.

GVI Trader john  13:23:04 GMT - 05/15/2019  
U.S. data today, except Empire PMI, mostly weaker. Not constructive for equities.

GVI Trader john  13:19:40 GMT - 05/15/2019  
U.S. Industrial Production & Capacity Utilization April 2019

Ind Production: -0.50% vs. +0.00% exp. vs. -0.10% (r +0.20%) prev.
Capacity Utilization: 77.9% vs. 78.8% exp. vs. 78.8% (r 78.6%) prev.

RELEASE: Industrial Production & Capacity Utilization

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GVI Trader john  12:35:10 GMT - 05/15/2019  
U.S. Retail Sales April 2019

Headline: -0.20% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. +1.60% (r +1.70%) prev.
Core (x-a) +0.10% vs. +0.70% exp. vs. +1.20% (r +1.30%)prev.

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Empire PMI May, 2019

17.8 vs. 8.0 exp. vs. 10.1 prev.

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GVI Trader john  12:33:45 GMT - 05/15/2019  
Canada: CPI April 2019
Canada Charts

mm: +0.40% vs. +0.40% exp. vs. +0.70% prev.
yy: +2.00% vs. +2.00% exp. vs. +1.80% prev.

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GVI Trader john  09:01:37 GMT - 05/15/2019  

qq +0.40% vs. +0.40% exp. vs. +0.40% prev.
yy +1.20% vs. +1.20% exp. vs. +1.20% prev.

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GVI john  20:13:02 GMT - 05/14/2019  
Govt confirms it will put Brexit bill to a vote in Parliament the week of June 3rd

- Spokesperson: tonight's round of talks with Labour were constructive and will continue on Wed

- Source

GVI 15:29:24 GMT - 05/14/2019  
Pres Trump: my relationship with China Pres Xi is extraordinary; we're having a little squabble with China - Trade talks with China have not collapsed; we continue to have dialogue going with China - Source

GVI Trading 12:46:41 GMT - 05/14/2019
Trump says if Fed cuts interest rates, US will win trade war: ‘It would be game over, we win!’

Belgrade Knez  12:45:20 GMT - 05/14/2019  
London Trader 12:43 GMT 05/14/2019
How about dumb money getting blown out of positions.

Some certainly do ..... lucky I am not the one!

London Trader  12:43:22 GMT - 05/14/2019  
How about dumb money getting blown out of positions.

Belgrade Knez  12:39:28 GMT - 05/14/2019  
Singapore SC 12:19 GMT 05/14/2019
Is there news out?????

SM were tired of not making money so they stepped in!

London Trader  12:35:39 GMT - 05/14/2019  
No news I have seen but firmer jpy and weaker pairs elsewhere suggests risk off.

GVI Trader john  12:31:55 GMT - 05/14/2019  
BREAKING NEWS: Import Prices April, 2019

+0.20% vs. +0.80% exp. vs. +0.40% prev.

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Singapore SC  12:19:26 GMT - 05/14/2019  
Is there news out?????

GVI Trader john  12:18:31 GMT - 05/14/2019  
RF- I agree. Neither the U.S. nor Iran want to get into a war with one another.

HK [email protected]  11:28:55 GMT - 05/14/2019  
The suspects #1 are the Saudis themselves.
Not looking the Iranians are that idiots to bring on themselves war with the US.
But it is much of Saudi interests to increase US presence in the gulf.

GVI Trading 11:15:55 GMT - 05/14/2019 -- Oil prices jump as Saudi energy minister reports drone ‘terrorism’ against pipeline infrastructure

GVI Trader john  09:03:17 GMT - 05/14/2019  
Mixed data for the volatile ZEW Survey

GVI Trader john  09:02:39 GMT - 05/14/2019  
BREAKING NEWS: German ZEW Survey May 2019


Current Situation: +8.2 vs. +6.0 exp. vs. 5.5 prev.
Expectations: -2.1 vs. +5.0 exp. vs. 3.1 prev.

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GVI Trader john  08:35:23 GMT - 05/14/2019  
U.K. Employment Mar/Apr 2019


Claimant Count (000): +24.7 vs. +24.3K exp. vs +28.3 (r +22.6K) prev.
ILO Rate: 3.80% vs. 3.90% exp. 3.90% prev.
earnings: 3.20% vs. 3.40% exp. vs. 3.50% (r) prev.
earnings x-bonus: 3.30% vs. 3.30% exp. vs. 3.40% (r) prev.

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GVI Trader john  18:36:14 GMT - 05/13/2019  
CNBC reporting Trumps said he has not decided to go ahead with tariffs on $325 bln in gods yet...

Mtl JP  12:28:35 GMT - 05/13/2019  
clever ..... by a half ...
yeah ? who exactly are the scholars -- names ?

GVI Forex 12:25:36 GMT - 05/13/2019  
08:08 (CN) China to raise tariffs on $60B of US goods from June 1st to 25% - press
- To raise tariffs on approx 2,500 US items to 25% from 5% - Products on the waiver list will be exempted from additional tariffs for one year

- Source

GVI Trader john  12:25:07 GMT - 05/13/2019  
Clever play by China. They threaten Trump via a bunch of "scholars".That way China have deniabiity.

GVI john  12:15:44 GMT - 05/13/2019  
Global Times Editor-in-chief Hu Xijin: More China may stop purchasing US agricultural products and energy, reduce Boeing orders and restrict US service trade with China. Many Chinese scholars are discussing the possibility of dumping US Treasuries and how to do it specifically.

- Source

Mtl JP  15:40:42 GMT - 05/11/2019  
Donald J. Trump
Verified account
2h2 hours ago
Such an easy way to avoid Tariffs? Make or produce your goods and products in the good old USA. It’s very simple!

Livingston nh  22:03:18 GMT - 05/10/2019  
Al - toothless as long as you choose to be so -- the whole TORY idea has been played --- Trump did this to Republicans -- the only thing that saves either is their adversaries

Dillon AL  21:53:15 GMT - 05/10/2019  
May appearing b4 the powerful 1922 back bench committee but the reality is they are toothless because
She is immune from a leadership contest until December
so the reality is she will deliver by hook or crook some Brexit deal by the October deadline and she will gracefully retire by the end of the year.
Trying to force her now is stupid. Trying to force some sort of timetable is pointless. The timetable already exists

Livingston nh  20:58:29 GMT - 05/10/2019  

Livingston nh  20:56:23 GMT - 05/10/2019  
haahaa - Hope springs eternal -- these morons think MAY cares what they think -- she's played them for 3 years so what's changed? they got smarter?

GVI john  20:24:12 GMT - 05/10/2019  
Daily Telegraph: PM May has been asked to attend 1922's executive meeting next Thurs; Tory MPs are expecting May to set out a 'clear roadmap' for standing down as party leader - "Theresa May has been asked to attend a meeting of the 1922's 18-strong executive next Thursday morning, The @Telegraph can disclose. The Conservative MPs are expecting Mrs May to set out a 'clear roadmap' for standing down as party leader."- "By then Conservative MPs will know if Mrs May has delivered on her private agre

- Source

GVI Trader john  17:11:21 GMT - 05/10/2019  
Baker Hughes Rig Count

Total: 988 vs. 990 (-2) prev.
Oil: 805 vs. 807 (-2 ) prev.
Canada: 63 vs. 63 (-2) prev.

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Mtl JP  15:04:07 GMT - 05/10/2019  
market participants appear confused
about tariff application on chinese crap arriving at US port of entry as of one minute past midnight OR chinese sh!t having left chinese port as of one minute past midnight and only arriving at US port in 2-3-4 weeks

Mtl JP  14:34:53 GMT - 05/10/2019  
USDYEN 109.59
multi testing 109.60 S on the 1hr

chirp chirp chirp

Mtl JP  14:14:56 GMT - 05/10/2019  
(NYFed allways a voter) Fed's Williams: Core inflation 'a touch too low,' but so far looks like normal volatility - MarketWatch

normal volatility in the statistics

Livingston nh  13:37:36 GMT - 05/10/2019  
jp Gasoline increased by 5.7% in april - but that doesn't count - "The indexes for shelter, medical care, education,
and new vehicles all rose in April." hmm, discretionary or are we price takers?

Mtl JP  13:29:50 GMT - 05/10/2019  
john 12:53 does the release confirm or not FED's assessment of low inflation as transitory as jerome claims?

Mtl JP  13:29:39 GMT - 05/10/2019  
john 12:53 does the release confirm or not FED's assessment of low inflation as transitory as jerome claims?

GVI Trader john  12:53:23 GMT - 05/10/2019  
U.S. CPI April 2019

m/m: +0.30% vs. +0.40% exp. v +0.40% pre
y/y: +2.00% vs. +2.10% exp. v +1.90% pre
y/y:+2.10% vs. +2.10% exp. v +2.00% pre

RELEASE: Consumer Price Index

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GVI Trader john  12:42:28 GMT - 05/10/2019  
Canada EMPLOYMENT April 2019


Jobs: +106.5 vs. +11.6K exp. vs. -7.2 prev.
Full-Time +73.0 vs. n/a exp. vs. -6.4 exp
Rate: 5.70% vs. 5.80% exp. vs. 5.80% prev.

RELEASE: StatCan Monthly Employment Report

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GVI Trader john  08:35:52 GMT - 05/10/2019  
UK Output/trade April 2019


Industrial: +0.70% vs. 0.10% exp. vs. +0.60% (r) prev.
Manufacturing: +0.90% vs. +0.00% exp. vs. +0.90% prev (r )
Visible Trade
Total: -13.78 vs. -13.75 exp. vs. -14.1 (r ) prev

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GVI Trader john  08:32:51 GMT - 05/10/2019  
UK GDP-- 1Q19


Q/Q: 0.50% vs. 0.50% vs. +0.20% prev.
Y/Y: +1.80% vs. +1.80% vs. +1.40% Prev.


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Livingston nh  16:39:24 GMT - 05/09/2019  
Never DULL -- like giving a Drum Set to your neighbor's 10 yr old

GVI john  16:33:47 GMT - 05/09/2019  
Pres Trump: Have just received a letter from China Pres Xi; plans to speak with Pres Xi by phone as trade talks continue -

US can't have China trying to renegotiate trade deal; we'll see if there will be a China trade deal-

I have an excellent alternative to the China deal

- Source

GVI Trader john  14:33:27 GMT - 05/09/2019  
U.S. Data Charts

(BCF) +85 vs: +85 expected

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GVI Trader john  12:36:05 GMT - 05/09/2019  
U.S. (USD bn) & Canada (CAD bn) Trade March 2019

50.00 vs. 51.4 exp. vs. -49.4b (r -49.3) prev.
Canada Trade C$ bln
-3.28 vs.-2.40 exp. vs. -2.90. (r )prev.

U.S. Balance on Goods and Services

Canadian Trade Balance

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GVI Trader john  12:33:56 GMT - 05/09/2019  
Weekly Jobless Claims

228K vs: 215K expected vs. 230K

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GVI Trader john  12:33:26 GMT - 05/09/2019  
U.S. PPI March 2019

Final Demand: +0.20% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. +0.60% (r. ) prev.
Core: +0.10% vs. +0.20% exp. vs. +0.30% (r. ) prev.

RELEASE: Producer Price Index

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GVI Trader 10:10:00 GMT - 05/09/2019  
Parliament schedule for week of May 13th said not to include any Brexit vote - financial press - Source

Mtl JP  18:06:39 GMT - 05/08/2019  
judging from the 10-yr holding above 2.4% Trump's trade spat w/china is not sufficiently serious

GVI Trader john  17:10:45 GMT - 05/08/2019  
Very weak 10-yr auction 2.484%. Yield quite a bit hthan earlier today (2.428%).

GVI Forex 16:26:36 GMT - 05/08/2019  
GBP gets a modest lift on

12:21 (UK) 1922 Committee of Conservative MPs (back benchers) reportedly do not make change in party leadership rules - Some members had sought rules change to oust Prime Min May

- Source

GVI Trader john  15:54:48 GMT - 05/08/2019  
US EIA Weekly Inventories

U.S. Data Charts

Crude Oil: -4.000 vs. +0.700 exp vs. +9.200 prev.
Distillates: -0.200 vs. -1.100 exp vs. 1.300 prev.
Gasoline: -0.600 vs. -0.900 exp vs. -2.100 prev.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report

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UK JY  15:49:15 GMT - 05/08/2019  
Two way risk but bet is for tariffs being avoided. We wills ee. Have a good day.

Mtl JP  15:49:06 GMT - 05/08/2019  
obviously China - whoever specifically (name) that is - still does not get it: like a rebellious 3-yr old wanting to test President Trump's authority or - worse - manipulate him.

Boston BRF  15:38:44 GMT - 05/08/2019  
I spoke too soon.....

GVI Forex 15:36:13 GMT - 05/08/2019  
Stocks dip on this (headline roulette)

11:34 (CN) China indicates it may take countermeasures against new US tariffs - press

- Escalating trade frictions not in the interest of people of China and the world; China is “deeply regretful”
- Source

Boston BRF  15:31:13 GMT - 05/08/2019  
but without another headline it should put a floor under stocks for today.

haifa ac  15:30:51 GMT - 05/08/2019  
"Does anyone else believe in the tooth fairy?"

My dentist.

Boston BRF  15:24:42 GMT - 05/08/2019  
Does anyone else believe in the tooth fairy?

GVI Forex 15:03:49 GMT - 05/08/2019  
Stocks pop on this

11:00 (CN) White House Press Sec Sanders: US has received indication that China wants to make trade deal

- Source

GVI Trader john  12:15:54 GMT - 05/08/2019  
Canada April Housing Starts beat 235.5K vs. 195.0K expected.

GVI john  11:56:30 GMT - 05/08/2019  
ECB's Draghi: will not accept defeat regarding or change inflation target - Changing target would damage creditbility- Pressure on nominal wages is increasing - Source

GVI Trader john  10:29:25 GMT - 05/08/2019  
GBPUSD weaker...EURGBP higher...

GVI john  10:27:50 GMT - 05/08/2019  
Reportedly Labour Brexit talks with government 'near collapse'

- Source

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Global-View also offers a full fx trading chart gallery that includes fx pairs, such as the EURUSD, commodities, stocks and bonds. In a fx trading world where markets are integrated, the chart gallery is a valuable trading tool. Look for updates on the Forex Forum when the chart gallery is updated.

Forex Blog also offers a forex blog, where articles of interest for currency trading are posted throughout the day. The forex blog articles come from outside sources, including forex brokers research as well as from the professionals at This forex blog includes the Daily Forex View, Market Chatter and technical forex blog updates. In additional to its real time forex forum, there are also Member Forums available for more in depth forex trading discussions.



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