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Mtl JP  10:12:58 GMT - 10/10/2019  
rockstar of central banking proclaiming that

"UK data fairly volatile at the moment.

Today's data are consistent with a picture of soft underlying growth.

On staying on as BOE governor, carney says no reason why that question will be asked.

BOE is ready for any Brexit contingency.

There is plenty of time for the government to choose a new BOE governor.

The UK currency remains more volatile than usual because of wide range of Brexit outcomes.

In more dramatic potential Brexit outcomes, we will look to do whatever we can to support growth."

doing a "powell" - ie saying nothing

Mtl JP  01:01:58 GMT - 10/10/2019  
“As I speak to you now, we’re not on the point of envisioning and finding a deal,” he told the European Parliament

Mtl JP  01:00:13 GMT - 10/10/2019  
according to Barnier: EU & Britain ‘not on point of Brexit deal’

jkt abel  09:52:10 GMT - 10/08/2019  
extension will send cable fly ?

UK Brexit  09:51:08 GMT - 10/08/2019  
Only if no deal was the only risk. There is still a chance for an extension.

Mtl JP  09:43:00 GMT - 10/08/2019  
IF it were RIP GBP would be down a few hundred
and not only ~50 pips

UK Brexit  09:34:17 GMT - 10/08/2019  
R.I.P. Brexit deal

Brexit: Deal 'essentially impossible' after PM-Merkel call

SA PT  09:30:20 GMT - 10/08/2019  
Is there Brexit news?

Mtl JP  09:16:35 GMT - 10/08/2019  
GBP 1.2241
not liking some political utterances here

Mtl JP  09:05:00 GMT - 10/08/2019  
GBP 1.2260
current d-day: Oct 11th

Mtl JP  00:07:29 GMT - 10/08/2019  
GBP 1.2286
winners and losers
a leading think-tank
The Institute for Fiscal Studies
predicted... essentially lights out :

No-deal Brexit likely to push UK budget deficit to £100 billion: IFS

Mtl JP  11:51:46 GMT - 10/07/2019  
boris does NOT have to order Brexit extension

Mtl JP  11:42:26 GMT - 10/07/2019  
GBP 1.2319
it is 1/4 to noon in London

Mtl JP  10:12:26 GMT - 10/07/2019  
GBP 1.2302
Court ruling on Benn Act by noon London
IF puppy pops = opp to fade

Mtl JP  22:23:34 GMT - 10/06/2019  
Boris Johnson to seek Supreme Court ruling on no-deal Brexit - Telegraph
... ../..

It raises the possibility that Mr Johnson could give evidence in the court case in an attempt to persuade judges in person against forcing him to ask the EU for a Brexit delay.

Mtl JP  22:08:54 GMT - 10/06/2019  
GBP Gap now POOF!
tks Boris

nw kw  21:49:19 GMT - 10/06/2019  
banks are lending in cad. start to support market sell gold week.

Mtl JP  21:21:35 GMT - 10/06/2019  
Boris and Brexit

BORIS JOHNSON Pack Eur bags,

deal or no Brexit deal we are walking out of the European Union in 25 days

Mtl JP  21:07:23 GMT - 10/06/2019  
GBP 1.2305 vs 1.2333 fr close = down GAP

Mtl JP  11:11:30 GMT - 10/06/2019  
Brexit and GBP
in war plans are one thing until they meet the enemy
in this case "nominating" farage does not mean he would get "approved"
Boris Johnson to sabotage EU if forced to delay Brexit
6 OCTOBER 2019 • 6:16AM

Boris Johnson would veto the EU’s seven-year budget and send a Eurosceptic commissioner to Brussels to “disrupt” the bloc’s workings if he were forced into a Brexit delay, under plans being discussed by ministers.

Senior Government figures are considering a series of proposals to “sabotage” the EU’s structures if Brussels refuses to agree a new deal or let Mr Johnson deliver Brexit without one.

Two Cabinet ministers told this newspaper that they were among those backing a more “aggressive” approach towards Brussels.

It is understood that plans under discussion include blocking the EU’s 2021-27 budget, which is due to be agreed early next year,

and nominating a British commissioner who would...

Mtl JP  11:59:38 GMT - 09/30/2019  
Anything to deny peoples' vote ?

RAGING Boris Johnson yesterday denied groping Charlotte Edwardes — telling aides: "This is f***ing untrue."

The journalist claimed the PM grabbed her inner thigh at a private lunch 20 years ago.

Boris Johnson is accusing of squeezing a young journalists knee while editor at the Spectator 4 Boris Johnson is accusing of squeezing a young journalists knee while editor at the SpectatorCredit: Getty Images - Getty Charlotte Edwardes, left, made the claims in The Sunday Times 4 Charlotte Edwardes, left, made the claims in The Sunday TimesCredit

Livingston nh  12:33:09 GMT - 09/26/2019  
Cable broke thru 21 dma down to 1.23 but the bounce has taken it back above (ya snooze ya lose) - a close above the 55 ema would be unhelpful

GVI Forex 10:57:07 GMT - 09/26/2019  
GBP got a lift after Johnson said he is convinced Brexit will take place on Oct 31 and there is a good chance of getting a deal done despite the Benn act.

Offsets out of a dip in EURGBP sent EURUSD briefly through 1.0926

Mtl JP  07:36:12 GMT - 09/26/2019  
GBP 1.2350 - boris the gift
keeps on giving

Mtl JP  00:54:06 GMT - 09/26/2019  
so to answer your qtn :
carney and his gang will intervene when gbp low enuff
will support GB brexit and threaten carney's globalist agenda

Mtl JP  00:43:45 GMT - 09/26/2019  
nh 20:20 ---- IF ... If ... if ... BoC under Carney is PRO-Britain...
ALL the tumble it can muster ... coz as our esteeed gatekeeper with a "degree in economics and an MBA in finance" prognosticated "it does not take a brain surgeon to identify a remedy for the economy"

Livingston nh  20:20:28 GMT - 09/25/2019  
In the current environment in UK how much of a tumble in Pound would it take to trigger BoE intervention?

Livingston nh  17:49:52 GMT - 09/25/2019  
UK PM has just offered the POISON Chalice (No Confidence vote) to Corbyn -- why should Johnson resign and make it easy for the opposition? // see if there any takers -- after 3 years everybody still wants a deal - ah but only THEIR deal

Livingston nh  11:39:27 GMT - 09/25/2019  
Mildly rising 55 ema is the next target for Cable - there was a shelf of support here before Cable launched to 1.25 // the battle is joined this afternoon in parliament - Court went out of its way in each appearance to insist that the Prorogation cases were NOT about Brexit -- But, of course they were

Can Boris rope-a-dope the system for five more weeks?

TICK TICK (but we've been here before)

Mtl JP  10:18:13 GMT - 09/25/2019  
GBP 1.2431
100 day now at 1.2455

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  12:33:48 GMT - 09/24/2019  
GBPUSD bounced off the AT line at 1,2490 (see chart). This is no coincidence as its lines are Amazing and the patterns it forms even better (called the u=turn off the liow earlier).

See the form in the right sidebar if you are looking for a way to STEAL PIPS from the market =>>>

Richland Mailman  12:20:22 GMT - 09/24/2019  
Fearless forecast - 1.2500 within reach. But due to the Head and Shoulders formation, price may stall, down again to 1.2460/70 then resume uptrend.

Mtl JP  11:18:57 GMT - 09/24/2019  
boris to yak soon

Richland Mailman  11:15:20 GMT - 09/24/2019  
Our honest view on the beast, unless there's a major backbreaking news to the contrary, a double bottom in place and with 1.2430 acting as support, we have shifted our bias now to BUY.

Mtl JP  11:00:57 GMT - 09/24/2019  
sofar 1.2460 is relevant
if only for scalping

Livingston nh  10:56:26 GMT - 09/24/2019  
Summing up

"The palace is unsurprisingly being very tight lipped on this. When the ruling came down from the Scottish Court of Session, the only word from a palace source was, “the Queen acts, and has acted, on the advice of her prime minister”....
But talk of embarrassment, having an Order in Council, an act by the Sovereign, declared unlawful by the court, null and void and having no effect – I’ve been looking through the precedents and I can’t find a precedent." J. Dymond royal correspondent BBC

Livingston nh  10:34:46 GMT - 09/24/2019  
it's not British politics - the Court bases it decision on a slender reed and The majority of Parliament applauds Democracy (a non legal concept) - so the COURT has taken a power of review where it never went before - it doesn't seem like much of a change to the HAPPY Parliament BUT there is now a precedent -- Judges love PRECEDENT and it leads to expansion

Mtl JP  10:24:55 GMT - 09/24/2019  
only that the pre-ruling longs hae bagged their gains
and are a bit richer

Boris said he is not resigning so maybe he ll drop some new tactic to neuter parliament

Minneapolis DRS2  10:23:37 GMT - 09/24/2019  
nh...the camel's nose? Please explain (for those of us who don't know British politics).

Livingston nh  10:22:30 GMT - 09/24/2019  
Jp - I think the odds of a crash out have improved -

Mtl JP  10:19:54 GMT - 09/24/2019  
GBP bias-wise: what has changed
- anything ?

Livingston nh  10:18:57 GMT - 09/24/2019  
Parliament will rue this day - the camel's nose is in the tent

jkt abel  10:12:51 GMT - 09/24/2019  
now the queen is dragged into this, will Buckingham make a statement?

Minneapolis DRS2  10:09:27 GMT - 09/24/2019  
I'm no expert on British politics, but it would seem to me that it is bad form to make a ruling that goes against the it would diminish the authority of government somehow.

London Trader  10:08:52 GMT - 09/24/2019  
Still stuck 1.24-1.25 but Boris takes a beating.

Livingston nh  10:07:41 GMT - 09/24/2019  
Now do the "winners" have the nerve to call No Confidence vote?

Livingston nh  10:05:27 GMT - 09/24/2019  
The BIG loser in this is the Monarch - w/o a by your leave the Court has neutralized the Power of Prorogation

Mtl JP  09:56:22 GMT - 09/24/2019  
Telegraph : "Johnson says he will not resign over Supreme Court decision and tells critics 'donnez-moi un break'

Mtl JP  09:53:26 GMT - 09/24/2019  
also "void and of no effect" ...

Livingston nh  09:53:12 GMT - 09/24/2019  
Start building a short -- chaos as Bercow has his day

Mtl JP  09:50:24 GMT - 09/24/2019  
ps / GBP 100 day at 1.2460
what more do u need

Livingston nh  09:46:42 GMT - 09/24/2019  
The problem is to FIX it -- sht hits the fan then

Mtl JP  09:45:03 GMT - 09/24/2019  
prorogation unlawful

jkt abel  09:43:06 GMT - 09/24/2019  
so, 1.26 next?

Mtl JP  09:42:52 GMT - 09/24/2019  


Livingston nh  09:42:20 GMT - 09/24/2019  
cable rising on hope as court reads

Livingston nh  09:27:47 GMT - 09/24/2019  
Supreme Court should toss this like the Lower Court but Scotland decision was a problem -- politics destroys a Court's credibility // no winners here

Livingston nh  09:06:46 GMT - 09/24/2019  
Cable 1.26 or 1.23? See if Supreme Court can stitch together A FUDGE -- Hard Cases make BAD law

GBP/USD just below 89 ema // EUR/GBP 8838 may see reaction above 89 or below 88

Livingston nh  12:51:32 GMT - 09/23/2019  
I still think the EU will throw the Irish under the bus if the UK offers any reasonable solution -- the Backstop is a foolish reason to blow up a deal (ah, but our principles)

Mtl JP  12:42:59 GMT - 09/23/2019  
barnier = gift that keeps on giving

GVI Forex 12:31:04 GMT - 09/23/2019  
EURGBP higher (EURUSD uo, GBPUSD down)

Barnier says UK proposals on the border are unacceptable.

Mtl JP  12:16:31 GMT - 09/23/2019  
89 EMA ... 100 day ... d3vil's choice and equally good
most important is trading discipline

GVI Forex 12:15:45 GMT - 09/23/2019  
UK court ruling will be reported tomorrow at 10:30 BST

Livingston nh  12:11:34 GMT - 09/23/2019  
JP - if Cable stays under the 89 EMA I'll nibble today BUT if the Court decides against the Government there may be a pop higher on Brexit cheer (a chance to sell higher) - of course I may miss a wipeout down move

Mtl JP  12:01:20 GMT - 09/23/2019  
nh 10:49 100 day at 1.2466
what more do u need

Singapore SC  11:20:48 GMT - 09/23/2019  
Brexit news???

Livingston nh  10:49:52 GMT - 09/23/2019  
Cable is waiting on the Supreme Court -- most be an interesting debate // no winner on this one

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