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kl shawn  02:13:41 GMT - 10/24/2019  
JP, you need to bring it down and stay below 12890, otherwise flip a coin and we go to 1.3350

Mtl JP  00:36:26 GMT - 10/24/2019  
Kl Shawn - I just posted this elsewhere:
Mtl JP 00:33 GMT 10/24/2019
GBP 1.2907
1.3010 tried a 2nd time but failed miserably
unwind by no-brexit enthusiast highly likely and
test of 1.2835 - should it fail - likely
to open up 1.27 - 1.26 handles

good luck to me (haha - ya I am biased)

Kl Shawn  00:24:15 GMT - 10/24/2019  
Monthly, there is a hook formation, up for cable
Weekly, also stochs are pointing up, far from overbought, up for cable
Short term, could be a quick poke to 1.3350-70 cable before retreating some

Kl Fs  23:23:06 GMT - 10/22/2019  
So everyone is happy with brexit development, cable should climb up with 1.3 handle now, no?

dc CB  18:54:52 GMT - 10/22/2019  
Brexit special... not many left in stock

Pounder traders aide

dc CB  18:53:34 GMT - 10/22/2019  
Brexit special... not many left in stock

Minneapolis DRS2  18:51:44 GMT - 10/22/2019  
What is the point?

london red  18:50:05 GMT - 10/22/2019  
what is now clear is that the uk can leave with the deal that has been passed. tomorrow was to be amendment day, but boris has frozen the process until the eu has its say on the length of extension. of course even if the uk somehow does leave with this deal, we get to do all this again in a years time when the transition period ends for a fta and the uk can fall out of transition into a no deal again!

Livingston nh  18:37:19 GMT - 10/22/2019  
Finally reality sets in -- a never ending story

london red  18:35:30 GMT - 10/22/2019  
*close below unlikely

london red  18:35:07 GMT - 10/22/2019  
program motion lost, now lets see if boris pulls the bill altogether. if so cable drops but close below 200dma but stops below may be tripped

NY JM  17:12:55 GMT - 10/22/2019  
Is the programme vote the key one to watch or ate any amendments just as important?

london red  16:30:25 GMT - 10/22/2019  
heavy leave constituency doesnt mean the MP will act that way. on the contrary, many of those tory MP that slunk off to be libdems or independants are from leave constituencies yet they are doing as they please.

GVI Forex 15:26:51 GMT - 10/22/2019  
A further pop in GBP on another news algo reaction to headline

Johnson ready to accept a 10 day Brexit extension if it is the final extension

GVI Forex 15:17:49 GMT - 10/22/2019  
GBP pop on yet another Brexit headline

Independent Tory MPs are said to back the programme motion.

Livingston nh  13:05:44 GMT - 10/22/2019  
Most offensive in the Parliament are the abstainers // there may be some surprises in the vote because of the marginal votes in Labour who look into the abyss of another extension and cannot risk it in their district -- be done with this

HK [email protected]  12:55:43 GMT - 10/22/2019  
The British will continue to debate until the majority of it's population will become Muslim; Or by migration, and/or by conversion.

By that day the Britain will vote to join the:
...................Great United Muslim Caliphate..............

london red  12:53:14 GMT - 10/22/2019  
they cannot as they need 2/3 of MPs to agree to a GE. its a threat to get the MPs to comply but not a v good one. this is why labour will not call for a confidence vote, because a government loss should lead to a GE, but given the polls, labour cant win, so its a nonstarter too. they call it stalemate.

GVI Forex 12:47:53 GMT - 10/22/2019  
GBP lower

Govt confirms oif it loses the programme vote it will call a general election as soon as the EU approves a Brexit extension.

london red  12:46:41 GMT - 10/22/2019  
JM, first vote on deal then legislative procedure which determines time taken to press through the brexit legislation in order to leave. if this vote fails then the gov if threatening to pull it altogether with. the amendments will be decided after the first vote and voted on tomorrow with the third reading of the deal (and any amendments) on thursday.
so you could get the situation where the deal is passed but if the legislative procedure isn't, boris pulls the whole thing and we go to the extension til jan 31st next year.

Israel MacroMicro  11:38:55 GMT - 10/22/2019  
GBP bearish price action is due to tactless and baseless nonsense shouting.

known facts are that whales exited state of hedge, that no deal brexit is illegal, approval of the deal is nerves stretching game, while the cherry on top of the cream is a clown positioned as PM.

now decide your side of the trade and the range for that side of the trade.

just piece of simplicity within the manipulated complexity

London 11:24:44 GMT - 10/22/2019  
Anthony Constantinou CEO CWM FX says, If you get a temporary “no deal” the GBP would drop. This would be some type of agreement where the UK agrees to pay something to Brussels for a transition period. It could also allow an extension of the 29 March 2019 deadline to allow for further negotiation.

Minneapolis DRS2  10:41:58 GMT - 10/22/2019  
To this outsider in the peanut gallery, it would seem that the amendments and other game play are nothing but tools towards three possible ends:

1. A Brexit in name only
2. Another referendum
3. A never-ending series of extensions

Setting aside the arguments about loyalty, selfishness, getting the EU band back together, etc...what one wonders is WHY? The EU is a mess. Why are they (parliament) so eager to stay?

NY JM  10:18:44 GMT - 10/22/2019  
Red, the voting process is confusing to those outside of the UK.

What happens if the yes/no vote passes?

What does the programme vote mean?

Are amendments voted on afterwards that would water down the agreement. In this case, does the modified agreement then come up for another vote?

OR are amendments voted on before the vote>

Mtl JP  09:56:07 GMT - 10/22/2019  
Brexit shmexit ...

Barnier: EU-UK trade deal could take 3 years

“Three years if we start talking in December. It comes with risks too, because all parliaments have to give approval [to a new deal]."

Livingston nh  14:43:40 GMT - 10/21/2019  
The Mother of Parliaments has become demented and senile

dc CB  14:41:02 GMT - 10/21/2019  


Livingston nh  14:35:42 GMT - 10/21/2019  
The new impediments to Brexit surface now -see if anything changes as Bercow speaks

Livingston nh  14:15:41 GMT - 10/21/2019  
STOX can't handle rising interest rates and USD likely strengthen -- Fed QE at short end may need to help long end as market starts to puke on auctions

dc CB  13:53:41 GMT - 10/21/2019  
Auction this week 113bln
2s, 5s, 7s. 40, 41,32Bln respectively

swiss frank  13:42:11 GMT - 10/21/2019  
Meanwhile yields on US 10's and 30's at 1 month highs and 2's 10's spread out to 20 BPs

swiss frank  13:38:45 GMT - 10/21/2019  
I think so. That said as incredible as this may sound IMM positioning says GBP shorts actually increased last week.....

dc CB  13:35:45 GMT - 10/21/2019  
Hey Brits, wake UP...even Mutter admits it donna' work so good.
So what does that say about the EU?
"This (multicultural) approach has failed, utterly failed," said Merkel during the meeting in Potsdam, south of Berlin.

Merkel faces pressure from within her CDU to take a tougher line on immigrants who don’t show a willingness to adapt to German society and her comments appeared intended to pacify her critics.

She said too little had been required of immigrants in the past and repeated her usual line that they should learn German in order to get by in school and have opportunities on the labor market. -Reuters

German Multiculturalism Has "Utterly Failed"

Livingston nh  13:35:35 GMT - 10/21/2019  
Frank - like intervention once the shorts have been killed unless there is a fundamental change the longs are at risk?

The technicals are stretched, the headlines continue (like tweets on this side) and the fundamentals deteriorate // of course I am biased

swiss frank  13:25:45 GMT - 10/21/2019  
1. False hope
2. Positioning

Livingston nh  13:19:52 GMT - 10/21/2019  
The rally in the Pound has it been based on optimism that the end of this silliness was near? If so, would an EU extension act on the Pound the same way as Last Spring's and the chaos that followed?

Johnson lacks the political courage to stand by his words - Parliament is still full of pouty children - the Tories have pitched the smallest segment of the pesky Irish under the bus with long term consequences - there is still at least a year of negotiation w/ the EU on matters that should have been resolved over the last 3 years

If there is an upside to this that might continue to support GBP I would like to hear those thots

Mtl JP  10:08:25 GMT - 10/21/2019  
Brexit shmexit

THE bet ... is whether Brexit is going to happen.
NOT if with or without some deal.

THE BET is on:
"We are the EU princes. Existence, as you know it, is over. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile."

Feel free to take it to your GBP fx broker.

GVI Forex 09:23:40 GMT - 10/20/2019  
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's parliament voted to withhold its approval of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit deal on Saturday, triggering another law that requires him to request a delay to the country's departure from the European Union.

Explainer: What happens next after UK PM Johnson loses Brexit vote?

GVI Forex 08:59:52 GMT - 10/20/2019  
Parliament voted for Boris Johnson to request a further delay to Brexit. The prime minister will introduce the legislation needed next week for the U.K. to leave the EU on Oct. 31.

Johnson to Push Ahead With Brexit Legislation: Brexit Update

Minneapolis DRS2  04:22:55 GMT - 10/20/2019  
It is very easy to cast criticism in the light of modern societal thinking. The UK, EU and even the US may deserve all the criticism they are currently receiving, but it is good to remember that all the institutions we now hate (well, many of us anyway) started in a different environment with different intentions.

After WW2, the overriding goal was unification and "rule of law". Do not underestimate the desire of TPTB and quite frankly, the citizenry for one world government. The average citizen just wants to "belong to a larger society" and "be taken care of", and TPTB wants to be their parents. This was definitely the case decades ago, and is still the case today.

Independence? Self-reliance? Not being bothered by nutty bureaucrats and crazy rules and regulations? Most people don't want it...not in the US, not in the UK, not anywhere. They may say they want it, but they don't. Not really.

Men are still getting married, even though all their lives they have seen their fathers, brothers and friends go through the living hell called a divorce. Figure that one out.

HK [email protected]  03:54:23 GMT - 10/20/2019  
When you see what happens with this Brexit, it may remind you about a divorce process among couples.

So, it is wise by the first place, not to get married at the present times.

You may lose your money, physical and mental health and the harmony in solitude you may enjoy(if things go wrong).

So by the first place people have to ask themselves for what do they things at all(not just because everyone does it).

So Britain began to realize they are losing their National identity the peace and order or as the Chinese put it: "The harmony of society".

After WW2, the British were happy to get rid of the American serviceman who also spread their imported culture(Disturbance of British harmony).
So after they left, British patriots advice the youth to stop with those American songs and the jittery dances(it didn't help).

But they didn't learn the lesson and went into the EU to import themselves more troubles.

GVI Forex 01:36:06 GMT - 10/20/2019  
London (CNN) — UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been forced to ask the European Union for an extension to the Brexit process, an outcome he once notoriously described as worse than being "dead in a ditch."

Johnson asked EU leaders for a Brexit delay. He also told them not to grant it

PAR 18:39:55 GMT - 10/19/2019  
Macrons " A delay is in nobody's interest" is diplomatic language for:

I changed my mind and will give the UK another delay.

PAR 18:25:20 GMT - 10/19/2019  
Europe has become the Piñata of the UK.

UK keeps hitting at and lying to Europe to get always more and more favors.

To get to a solution a NO DEAL BREXIT is the only solutions. European leaders are too weak and too corrupt to come to that conclusion.

Brexit was solved on April 29 of this year but Merkel, Macron & Co prefer Halloween perpetuum discussions.

European citizens deserve better!

Pasig evan  15:03:54 GMT - 10/19/2019  

Entry: Target: Stop:

Pasig evan  15:02:49 GMT - 10/19/2019  

Entry: Target: Stop:

PAR 14:56:13 GMT - 10/19/2019  
Looks like Macron has changed ideas once more and will approve again another Brexit extension, and again another Brexit extension, and again....

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