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jkt abel  11:29:47 GMT - 01/11/2020  
stupid Iran opened mouth too early, they havent learnt the art of negotiation

Minneapolis DRS2  11:04:25 GMT - 01/11/2020  
Up to this point, the "standard response" for Iran would have been to blow something up like a passenger airplane, and then blame the US for "stirring up trouble". It is a model that works quite well when the US president is a Democrat...particularly one like Obama, who had Iran-friendly staff in his cabinet (Valerie Jarrett). The US would take the blame for Iran's actions, offer some kind of payment, and Iran would look like the good guys to the world.

Now that Donald Trump is president, the standard response no longer works. The US under Trump killed Soleimani. Don't go blowing up some other country's people and their stuff, and expect that the blowback will hit the US. Trump ain't Obama, his people aren't a bunch of Valerie Jarretts, and the US ain't responsible for the Ukraine plane. That's on Iran.

haifa ac  10:25:45 GMT - 01/11/2020  
"What if one of those missiles destroyed the Ukrainian plane with 180 aboard. All dead. Iran rushed to declare mechanical failure (it was a 737) before any evidence from the ground. Who knows?!"

So far Ukraine is asking reparations.

The important issue today is the widening perception in the world of the answer to the question:

"How can you tell if an Iranian is lying?"

"He opens his mouth!"

dc CB  16:25:22 GMT - 01/09/2020  

how many Canadians on that flight???
Justin Justin???? anyone home

haifa ac  16:23:56 GMT - 01/09/2020  
It WAS a Missile1

Amichai Stein
‏Verified account @AmichaiStein1

#BREAKING: Ukrainian flight that crashed just outside the Iranian capital of Tehran was struck by an anti-aircraft missile system - 2 Pentagon officials and an Iraqi intelligence official told @Newsweek

Mtl JP  22:47:38 GMT - 01/08/2020  
FBI, Homeland Security warn of Iranian terror and cyber threat in new intelligence bulletin -

dc CB  21:35:40 GMT - 01/08/2020  
algos saw the headlines and sold.

I think there will be more of these 'spooks'
Attacks may not come from the Iranian Military per se. but there are plenty of other groups, many set-up by Sol the Magnificent. He's be working on this since 1998.

Mtl JP  21:11:48 GMT - 01/08/2020  
CB 20:56 ya think that is what spookied the nervous flighty momos ? If so shows how "on the margin" (vulnerable) the market is.

Mtl JP  20:57:35 GMT - 01/08/2020  
now that Gold closed the gap

dc CB  20:56:55 GMT - 01/08/2020  

Mtl JP  20:55:09 GMT - 01/08/2020  
stocks taking a hit into the close
does not look profit-taking inspired to me

Mtl JP  20:44:52 GMT - 01/08/2020  
john 17:02 It all seems almost scripted, a somewhat harsher version of laurel n hardy slapstick style diplomacy

dc CB  18:44:47 GMT - 01/08/2020  
After a poorly accepted 3Y auction to start the new decade's issuance of coupon paper, moments ago the US Treasury sold $24BN in 10Y notes (CUSIP YS3) which was a tailing clunker which priced at a high yield of 1.869%, the highest since July 2019, up from December's 1.842%, and tailing the When Issued 1.853% by 1.6bps

First 10 Year Auction Of The Decade Is A Tailing Clunker

Mtl JP  17:22:35 GMT - 01/08/2020  
CB 17:17 ADP came in 22.5% above estimate
ADP usually (statistically) comes under NFP

haifa ac  17:21:10 GMT - 01/08/2020  
That is pretty good:

John 17:02

" For you granted him authority over all people that he might give eternal life to all those you have given him."

dc CB  17:17:50 GMT - 01/08/2020  
24bln in 10s for sale by the Treas this hour.

1:30 - 2PM Todays 2nd POMO (there was a small one this morning) 7.5Bln is Bills will be bought back by the DESK.
Wonder which of the most recently auctioned issues will be offered for sale by the Primary Dealer.

And yes this is NOT QE -- it's in-your-face Monetization by the FRBNY Operations Desk. IMHO

Also this scheduled series of POMOs ends on Jan 13. The FED's NY Desk will be issuing another schedule soon. I think they'll wait until after the UnEmployment Numbers ... and if true to form, issue the sched around 5PM ET.

Israel  MacroMicro  17:07:10 GMT - 01/08/2020  
john 17:02

sums up

AT Trader john  17:02:30 GMT - 01/08/2020  
In essence, by intentionally missing U.S. personnel in Iraq, Iran has blinked. Now Trump has allowed this episode to go. Unless Iran acts against the U.S. again, imho this entire episode is over.

Note the 10yr note is now 1.860% +3.5bp. this is close to neutrality. The S&P 500 is back in record high territory.

Mtl JP  14:41:40 GMT - 01/08/2020  
President Trump to yak at 11a.m.
- msm

AT Trader 14:20:15 GMT - 01/08/2020  
DJ: -34
SP: -3.7

2-yr 1.538% -0.1 bp
Spread 10s-2s +28.3 (+27.9 bp)
US: 1.821% -0.5
UK: 0.796% +0.2
DE: -0.272% +0.1

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EURUSD 1.1120 (1.1158)
GBPUSD 1.3125 (1.3142)
EURGBP 0.8472 (0.8498)
USDJPY 108.70 (108.47)

This Week 1.1111-1.1206 (95) pips

wed: 1.1111-1.1168 (57)
tue: 1.1141-1.1198 (57)
mon: 1.1156-1.1206 (50)
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thu: 1.1164-1.1225 (44)

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Israel  MacroMicro  13:03:26 GMT - 01/08/2020  
unbelievable, the world is waiting for a tweet to know what the US will do next. Trump turned his personal tweeter account into channel of announcements about official US policies and strategies.

AT Trader john  12:46:06 GMT - 01/08/2020  

GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
AA: Major, A: High, B: Medium

Wed 8 Jan 2019
A 13:15 US- ADP Payrolls
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Thu 9 Jan 2019
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haifa ac  08:48:42 GMT - 01/08/2020  

Amichai Stein
‏Verified account @AmichaiStein1
14m14 minutes ago

Amichai Stein Retweeted Amichai Stein

#BREAKING: Ukraine president says instructed prosecutor general to open criminal proceedings over iran air crash

haifa ac  07:19:48 GMT - 01/08/2020  
" So far, so good!"
What if one of those missiles destroyed the Ukrainian plane with 180 aboard. All dead. Iran rushed to declare mechanical failure (it was a 737) before any evidence from the ground. Who knows?!

Mtl JP  05:32:02 GMT - 01/08/2020  
Donald J. Trump
All is well! Missiles launched from Iran at two military bases located in Iraq. Assessment of casualties & damages taking place now. So far, so good! We have the most powerful and well equipped military anywhere in the world, by far! I will be making a statement tomorrow morning.

Mtl JP  02:12:56 GMT - 01/08/2020  
stocks uP from their earlier bottom
usdjpy back N of 108

looks like iran got its retaliation jollies, trump likely to let it pass (afterall he is a genius - even if only self-proclaimed)
everybody can claim their own sort of victory

too bad for those triggered sls

Mtl JP  00:41:54 GMT - 01/08/2020  
just slow moves
dlryen now sub 108 at 107.68

Mtl JP  00:39:19 GMT - 01/08/2020  
not so tame reaction afterall

US stocks: -375 -1.31%
GOLD uP ~2.5% N of 1600

Minneapolis DRS2  23:55:34 GMT - 01/07/2020  
Heh...follow your own advice!

"alternately ignore what u do not like"

Mtl JP  23:53:22 GMT - 01/07/2020  
DRS2 23:46 feel free to start a thread with your own BS
c if it gets traction

Mtl JP  23:50:52 GMT - 01/07/2020  
from the one Trump friendly - if there is one - trumpet :

..."The source told Fox News' Jennifer Griffin: "Under missile attack from Iran. These are either cruise missiles or short-range ballistic missiles. All over the country." The missiles struck near Al Assad Air Base in Anbar, among other locations. There was no immediate word on injuries or damage.

Meantime, Iran state TV claimed Tehran launched "tens" of surface-to-surface missiles at Iraq's Ain Assad air base housing U.S. troops"...

Minneapolis DRS2  23:46:43 GMT - 01/07/2020  
Instead of all this political talk about flags and stuff, why not focus on trading-related stuff? Like, for instance, the viability of GM on the world market.

Clearly, Iran believes in GM products. (See second picture.)

"Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet!" Heh.

soleimani funeral procession

Mtl JP  23:42:07 GMT - 01/07/2020  
maybe the US orchestrated the alleged attack
looking for false flag

dc CB  23:35:10 GMT - 01/07/2020  

"unbelieveable...but True"
now bankrupt Supermarket Tabloid

Trade this before the AI(Algos) take you out and reverse in a NANO ..."Unencumbered by the thought process" (Click and Clack Boston NPR)

Why Is Iran Flying A Blood Red Flag Over A Famous Mosque That Is Directly Associated With The Mahdi?

AT Trader john  23:33:39 GMT - 01/07/2020  
EURUSD back lower again. Market does not know how to react. Waiting to assess the severity of the attack. Question now becomes how does the U.S. respond?

dc CB  23:28:35 GMT - 01/07/2020  
The US Congress and Press spent 3 years on
Trump is Putin's Beatch...

So why is this beyond Belief.

2020 Good Grief

Mtl JP  23:26:59 GMT - 01/07/2020  
Muted or not , it is a good dry run to test n see where n how players might run

too bad for those who might have got their sls taken in this round

AT Trader john  23:26:53 GMT - 01/07/2020  
Markets turning into buyers of EURUSD?

AT Trader john  23:13:24 GMT - 01/07/2020  
Muted market reaction...

AT Trader john  23:11:10 GMT - 01/07/2020  
details of the attack SLOWLY starting to appear.

Mtl JP  23:10:07 GMT - 01/07/2020  
...have hit... = either good shooting or bad defense system

hear the roar of the 6 b-52s yet?

AT Trader john  23:01:53 GMT - 01/07/2020  
Report about 30 rounds have hit the base. Current local time in Baghdad 1:55AM This is from a wire report. Can anyone definitively refute or confirm? I'm checking the cable channels...

Mtl JP  23:00:21 GMT - 01/07/2020  
CB 22:10 my robot saw, sent alert but did not jump on
things did not meet/exceed her parameters
did you (not) get jibbed ?

some cantankerous mofo trying n testing player reaction
trying to steal pips

AT Trader john  22:55:15 GMT - 01/07/2020  
Report Al Asad airbase in Iraq hit by six rockets. Awaiting details and confirmation.

dc CB  22:10:35 GMT - 01/07/2020  
you did not see the spikes?

It begins --- Headline trigger wars using AI(Algo Intelligence)
Same ole same ole story played agin and agin..

Date on that Zevon song....1982

Mtl JP  21:50:20 GMT - 01/07/2020  
CB ... where d u get that from ?
sounds like someone fed u rumor
to snooker u

gold flat, usdyen flat, oil flat

Mtl JP  21:39:35 GMT - 01/07/2020  
dlryen only ~10 pips down at 108.37

dc CB  21:31:55 GMT - 01/07/2020  
It may have begun

Mtl JP  21:27:49 GMT - 01/07/2020  
stox players simply show - by selling into the close - that they prefer to err on the side of prudence and caution and prefer to bag profits from earlier enthusiasts

Mtl JP  21:21:49 GMT - 01/07/2020  
04:01NYT (ie session close) Dow finished down 119.7 points or 0.42%

AT Trader 20:31:32 GMT - 01/07/2020  
LATE Tuesday
DJ: -70
SP: -3.7

2-yr 1.546% -0.1 bp
Spread 10s-2s +27.9 (+26.1 bp)
US: 1.825% +1.4
UK: 0.796% +0.3
DE: -0.276% +0.6

Spot Rate (Pivot Point)
EURUSD 1.1141 (1.1158)
GBPUSD 1.3119 (1.3142)
EURGBP 0.8483 (0.8498)
USDJPY 108.52 (108.47)

This Week 1.1141-1.1206 (65) pips

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mon: 1.1156-1.1206 (50)
fri: 1.1125-1.1181 (56)
thu: 1.1164-1.1225 (44)

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AT Trader john  17:54:02 GMT - 01/07/2020  

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