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Mtl JP  19:12:46 GMT - 02/17/2020  
winners and losers
Line up boyz-n-gulz
On his Instagram page today, the Amazon CEO—not known for his charitable side—said he will commit $10 billion to “fund scientists, activists, NGOs” and other efforts to fight the ravages of climate change and protect the environment.

“Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet,” Bezos said in the post. “I want to work alongside others both to amplify known ways and to explore new ways of fighting the devastating impact of climate change on this planet we all share.” .../..

Mtl JP  18:58:00 GMT - 02/17/2020  
consider yourself lucky you are not obligated to watch justin "admirer of China's 'basic dictatorship" trudeau's $1.5 billion/yr taxpayer subsidised audience-rating-in-the-toilet CBC

Minneapolis DRS2  17:45:12 GMT - 02/17/2020  
Have you ever watched any movies where the protagonist works for some international organization like the UN? You would NEVER see an American or UK protagonist working for the UN in those flicks, but you would definitely see someone from Japan, South Africa, China, etc.

Check out some Jackie Chan or Godzilla movies, and watch closely. You'll see what I mean.

The point is, Tedros is a figurehead of an organization that is largely present for propaganda and appearance. From a public health perspective, Tedros and the WHO is utterly f***ing useless. But for publicity and propaganda, they serve their purpose.

That how it is in

dc CB  17:35:07 GMT - 02/17/2020  
The Industrially Necessary Doctor Tedros

Epsilon Theory - Ben Hunt

Israel  MacroMicro  13:27:23 GMT - 02/17/2020  
wipe crisis

the triads

Mtl JP  10:05:57 GMT - 02/17/2020  
everything coronavirus in china: uP UP
Xi now quranteening / locking down ~700,000,000 peasants
using water trucks to spray dis-infectant om streets
Xi's leadership increasingly questioned

dc CB  23:37:25 GMT - 02/16/2020  
link to the Feb 13 story

London coronavirus patient turned up at hospital in Uber taxi

dc CB  23:34:06 GMT - 02/16/2020  
Recall I posted the Guradian story about the 'infected' woman who took an Uber to the hospital. The "national ?health?" said that the Uber driver wasn't in contact long enough to catch the virus.

Well here's a similar story. So which is it? Super contagious or no-big-deal.???
Because lot's of northern hemisphere people take winter vacations in Hawaii --- it's prime surfing season too.

But the NYT reporter did find a local resident named John Fujiwara who believes the Japanese patient is a friend of his whom he refued to name. The man recently visited Hawaii and met Fujiwara for a coffee before exchanging gifts of chocolates.

Fujiwara said he reached out to a local paper and Hawaiian state health officials with his story. They told him not to panic, and when he offered to self-quarantine, the state said he should go about his day as normal, but report any suspicious symptoms.

Let's back up for a second: We suspect we're not the only ones who were surprised - and not exactly reassured - by the state's response to this man.

True, he could be wrong. But isn't it better to be safe than sorry when a simple one-line email from the state could have put this man in a self-quarantine?

Instead, the man says he plans to go out with his girlfriend as normal because he "has it in writing from the state."

NYT Reports Japanese Man Diagnosed With Virus Visited Resort, Mingled With Hawaiians During Recent Visit

Mtl JP  22:29:37 GMT - 02/16/2020  
new policy
when chinese banks holding trillions of debts to chinese manufacturers start collapsing, we ll know who to thank for their timely new policy
The General Administration of Customs (Minister responsible‎: ‎Ni Yuefeng) released new measures, including speeding up the inspection of imported manufacturing equipment and simplifying the quarantine approval procedures for foreign medical goods, to ensure .. bla bla.

The move is aimed to mitigate the impact ... bla bla bla

Customs authorities will accelerate inspection pace and release machinery and raw materials that are urgently needed for companies to resume the work, under the

new policy

Minneapolis DRS2  22:20:39 GMT - 02/16/2020  
"But Xi's communists seized the shipments and diverted them for use by more important persons."

According to various accounts, it's SOP for mainland China, unfortunately, and it is a major source of frustration for many around the world. All supplies and things like that are immediately grabbed by the CCP and sent to different places either for use by VIPs, or often for resale. Yeah, those medical masks that were sent with the best of humanitarian intentions might very well have been grabbed by some money-grubbing CCP crony to be sold on the open market for whatever they can get.

Mtl JP  21:54:52 GMT - 02/16/2020  
losers and losers
Spoke with an aquaintance doing import buziness of made-in-china crap.

The short story is that IF things go as most ideally planned they wont be getting any crap until at least 4 weeks from now.

For example, she sent medical masks from canada to her chinese suppliers so that they could send workers to start working. But Xi's communists seized the shipments and diverted them for use by more important persons.

Mtl JP  12:09:41 GMT - 02/16/2020  
lies and the other kind of lies
The government must "increase use of police force and strengthen the visible use of police" during the crisis, Xi said in a February 3 speech published by state media on Saturday.

Financial news outlet Caixin reported on Saturday that officials at the People’s Bank of China’s (PBOC) branch in the southern city ordered that all paper currency from sectors with high exposure to the coronavirus be withdrawn for destruction.

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus: "It impossible to predict which direction this epidemic will take"

China’s Leader, Under Fire, Says He Led Coronavirus Fight Early On - NYT, Amy Qin, Feb. 15, 2020
Xi Jinping was aware of the outbreak nearly two weeks before he first spoke publicly about it. It could draw him directly into questions about whether officials did too little, too late.

As the coronavirus spreads, China is losing its control online

How China’s Incompetence Endangered the World
As the deadly coronavirus began to spread, Beijing wasted the most critical resource to fight it: trust. - LAURIE GARRETT, FEB 15, 2020

The White House doesn’t trust China’s coronavirus numbers — here’s why
CNBC SAT, FEB 15 2020, Berkeley Lovelace Jr., William Feuer

Mtl JP  23:23:09 GMT - 02/15/2020  
more crocodile tears from china's communist trumpet:

Hu Xijin 胡锡进
Ruling elites in Washington have formed a fanatical anti-China axis. They are tearing down international system, casting a shadow over the 21st century. Beijing’s restraint and forbearance is obvious to the world. China is trying hard to avoid escalation of conflicts with the US.
Quote Tweet

The Associated Press
· 9h
U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper portrays China as a growing threat to world order. He used a speech to an international security conference in Germany to criticize the Chinese government.


... trying hard ... says the communist trumpet !

dc CB  22:31:09 GMT - 02/15/2020  
The Portable Bloomberg
The Book of Stuff Mikey Sez

WaPo Democracy Dies in Darkness

Israel  MacroMicro  20:20:54 GMT - 02/15/2020  
CB 17:10

Mikey must be long stox and planning to move 100% into cash few days ahead of the first poll saying he is in the lead.

can't see other agenda than such to making such move. presidency it will not bring. :)

dc CB  18:12:42 GMT - 02/15/2020  
bumper sticker


Minneapolis DRS2  17:55:16 GMT - 02/15/2020  
Bloomberg is playing with (gun)fire if he picks Hilary as his VP. He should know better than to risk suicide like that.

dc CB  17:10:02 GMT - 02/15/2020  

Mike Bloomberg 'wants Hillary Clinton as his running mate'

Israel  MacroMicro  15:55:23 GMT - 02/15/2020  
insane or about winners and losers?


Mtl JP  11:57:46 GMT - 02/15/2020  
Despite the crocodile tears from chinese communists' trumpet,
the communists "China won't free the 'two Michaels' over Canada's coronavirus. Bottom line is that justin "admirer of China's 'basic dictatorship" trudeau shouldn't expect the communists to do him any favours and free the “two Michaels” in return for medical co-operation fighting the new coronavirus. In other words ... justin the chinese communist asslicker is delusional about their principles. Or the chinese are not hurting nuff yet.

jkt abel  11:57:43 GMT - 02/15/2020  
since Hu Xijin sounded desperate, you can tell how much China is hurting at the moment
given the bully nature of Trump, i bet he is gonna take it slow and hurt the chinese even more, more weapon for his trade talk pressure

Mtl JP  11:49:13 GMT - 02/15/2020  
From Chinese communists' trumpet:
Hu Xijin 胡锡进
The Chinese had the most bitter Valentine's Day. Almost everybody stays at home to avoid date with the coronavirus. No rose, no fancy dinner. Damn COVID-19. Get over soon.
Feb 14
Coronavirus has infected 1,716 medical staff in China, and 6 died of it. It is heartbreaking. The epidemic is overwhelming and devastating. Many hospitals lack high-quality medical protective devices.
Hu Xijin 胡锡进
Feb 13
Situation in Hubei is still uncertain. Outside of Hubei, new cases have dropped for 9th consecutive day, indicating outbreak has been largely under control. Hubei and Wuhan have replaced leaders, at least three counties/cities in Hubei moved to ban all residents from going out.
Feb 12
New infection cases outside of Hubei have dropped for 8 consecutive days. In Beijing with more than 21 million population, the daily new case of infection is around 10 recently. It is now time for the US and other countries to actively consider resuming flights to China.

Hu Xijin 胡锡进
Editor-in-chief of Chinese and English editions of the Global Times - 《环球时报》总编辑

dc CB  17:31:16 GMT - 02/13/2020  
It's no longer the message. It's who the messenger is.

The ban was so questionable, it sent shockwaves across the mainstream media, even making it as far as CBS National News, who stated: "The financial website Zero Hedge is now barred from Twitter after publishing an article relaying a conspiracy theory that a Chinese scientist might be to blame for the coronavirus outbreak."

This morning, CNBC's Eunice Yoon did an interview with Joe Kernen on Squawk Box where she offered an update on-the-ground in China. Among the topics discussed with Kernen was the origins of the virus. Yoon admitted in her discussion with Kernen that there was a "theory" going around China that the virus could be man made.

"Maybe This Was Man Made" - CNBC Questions Coronavirus Origins As ZeroHedge Remains Banned On Twitter

Mtl JP  19:05:06 GMT - 02/12/2020  
WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
strikes me as mendacious. probably just me and my suspicious mind
China's new virus cases fall again, deaths now exceed 1,100, borrowed from AP

Mtl JP  18:25:13 GMT - 02/11/2020  
MacroMicro exactly what is the issue they will solve ?

Israel  MacroMicro  17:49:50 GMT - 02/11/2020  
another record

patience and Barnie with Warren solve the issue

Mtl JP  15:55:52 GMT - 02/11/2020  
MacroMicro - if u search the internet for "china kiss through glass door" or some minor variation thereoff u will get showered in glowing chinese communist proganda that is desined to tug on your heart's cockles

Israel  MacroMicro  21:42:55 GMT - 02/10/2020  

so you can ask for the slogan 'here rests the man who knew more' on your gravestone or the vase with ashes.


dc CB  21:36:31 GMT - 02/10/2020  
the prefrontal cortex is a little immature in teenagers as compared to adults; it may not fully develop until your mid-20s [source: Kotulak]

Adult brains are also better wired to notice errors in decision-making. While adults performed tasks that required the quick response of pushing buttons, their brains sent out a signal when a hasty mistake was made. Before 80 milliseconds had passed, adult brains had noticed the blunder, but teenage brains didn't notice any slip-up [source: Monastersky].

So what does it mean to have an undeveloped prefrontal cortex in conjunction with a strong desire for reward?

How stuff

Israel  MacroMicro  19:44:21 GMT - 02/10/2020  
CB 19:36

okay! - you will not get sarcastic reply to your bitter aging process. :)

dc CB  19:36:17 GMT - 02/10/2020  
you can't possibly be any older than 23.

Israel  MacroMicro  19:18:45 GMT - 02/10/2020  

this what I am saying, no matter the name of the system, ALL ordinary citizens lose.

China/Xi is no worse from 99.9% of systems/leaders

dc CB  19:11:29 GMT - 02/10/2020  
Israel MacroMicro 17:18
can't understand your dislike to Chinese communism or communism in general. what difference does it make how you name a system when its core is to rule?
golly, the democrat 'leaders' in Iowa share your attitude.

**Some journalists, including The Appeal's Daniel Nichanian, noted that even after Sunday's update some of the delegate calculations remained incorrect, including one case where a precinct allocated more state delegates than it had to allocate. -The Hill

****AND the Response to that: from the IowaDemocraticParty attorney:
"The incorrect math on the Caucus Math Worksheets must not be changed to ensure the integrity of the process...."

Mtl JP  17:49:21 GMT - 02/10/2020  
MaMi 17:18 ..can't understand..
for bit of light c my 16:40 Feb 7

Minneapolis DRS2  17:43:00 GMT - 02/10/2020  
MacroMicro 17:18 The "core to rule" is a key value to observe when watching leaders and nations. In the United States, for example, "freedom" is a key value.

In Canada (and to be honest, among the Democrat party here in the US), "good government" is a key value. Among those who hold such values dear, the Chinese system of government and its brutal efficiency is often something to admire.

If, on the other hand, you believe that "freedom" and especially "freedom from government" are dear values, then you're probably not going to admire the Chinese system very much.

Israel  MacroMicro  17:18:49 GMT - 02/10/2020  
frankly JP, can't understand your dislike to Chinese communism or communism in general. what difference does it make how you name a system when its core is to rule?

Xi, Trump, Merkel, Putin, MBS, (ali)Bibi or any of politiclowns, does their rule is based on other than collecting taxes?

Mtl JP  17:09:34 GMT - 02/10/2020  
Morneau is justin "admirer of China's 'basic dictatorship" trudeau's canadian finance minister:

Coronavirus will ‘undoubtedly’ hit Canadian and global economies, says Morneau - Global News·53 mins ago

Mtl JP  16:59:45 GMT - 02/10/2020  
chinese communists and truth
Beijing and Shanghai impose new controls on residents as China battles to contain coronavirus

Shi Jiangtao in Hong Kong/Beijing
Published: 11:34pm, 10 Feb, 2020

Mtl JP  00:25:36 GMT - 02/10/2020  
chinese communist ambassador to USA
dismisses ‘absolutely crazy’ bioweapon rumors

February 9, 2020, 12:00 PM
Transcript: Ambassador Cui Tiankai on "Face the Nation"

MARGARET BRENNAN: Where did the virus come from?
AMBASSADOR CUI: We still don't know yet. It's probably according to some initial outcome of the research, probably coming from some animals. But we have to- to discover more about it.

dc CB  00:09:58 GMT - 02/10/2020  
Mysterious Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus
China continues to refuse to release animal sampling testing data

Epoch Times

Mtl JP  18:07:24 GMT - 02/09/2020  
In the funny lane:
chinese communists and fun with truth
Hu Xijin 胡锡进
Editor-in-chief of Chinese and English editions of the Global Times - 《环球时报》总编辑
7 m
So you still insist cursing GT and all CPC members to be infected by the new virus, right? Americans who know about China, how do you think of this investor’s curse on the Communist Party of China?

😷Kyle Bass😷
· 1 h
answer to @HuXijin_GT
I will not. You arrested, censured, and ‘punished’ (only God knows what you did to him and the other 7 doctors) the heroes of Wuhan. You are a disgrace to humanity. I HAVE AN IDEA 💡 , let’s have the GT do a special on . #CrimesAgainstHumanity
Hu Xijin 胡锡进
1 h
As an investor with 129K twitter followers, you uttered such a malicious curse. You bring shame to investors community and social media users.CPC members are ordinary citizens, fathers, husbands, wives, daughters… Dr. Li Wenliang is one of them. You should apologize.
Hu Xijin 胡锡进
8 h
China has 90 million CPC members, with their family members, there are at least 200m people in total. Just because I complained over belated US aid&US politicians saying more than doing, you cursed them. You have an evil anti-humanity tendency. Americans should be ashamed of you.

Hu Xijin 胡锡进 @HuXijin_GT Editor-in-chief of Chinese and English editions of the Global Times

Mtl JP  17:05:39 GMT - 02/08/2020  
winners and losers
NYT's Chris Buckley and Steven Lee Myers
Feb. 8, 2020, 11:08 a.m. ET ask

Where’s Xi? China’s Leader Commands Coronavirus Fight From Safe Heights

Xi Jinping has backed out of the spotlight as the country faces its worst crisis in years, reflecting the political risks he faces if efforts to contain the virus fail.

Mtl JP  09:31:39 GMT - 02/08/2020  
winners and losers
for who does the coronaV bell toll
China coronavirus death toll: 719 with 34,000+ confirmed cases worldwide
7 Feb, 2020 22:27 / Updated 10 hours ago

Coronavirus: what Xi fears most is people turning on the party
South China Morning Post - 7 hours ago

From Washington to Wuhan, All Eyes Are on Xi
Wall Street Journal - 9 hours ago

China's Leader Wages a War on Two Fronts—Viral and Political
Wall Street Journal - 9 hours ago

Is Trump Helping China in a Coronavirus Cover Up? 15 hours ago

Trump Praises Xi for Handling of Coronavirus Outbreak as Death Toll Passes 600
National Review 18 hours ago

Trump predicts Xi ‘will be successful’ at stopping coronavirus outbreak
Politico - 19 hours ago

Coronavirus Could Derail Xi Jinping's Dreams for China
Time - 1 day ago

For some comic relief chinese communist version:
Hu Xijin 胡锡进
Editor-in-chief of Chinese and English editions of the Global Times - 《环球时报》总编辑

dc CB  01:48:24 GMT - 02/08/2020  
another cruise ship. this time...."bound for New Jersey carrying passengers who will be tested for coronavirus"

Robert Isaacson, 42, whose 75-year-old mother is on the Bayonne-bound ship, told The Post he is worried for her because of a cruise ship in Hong Kong that’s been quarantined after crew members complained of having coronavirus symptoms.

“I sent her an email about that during her cruise so we were aware of the situation but we figured that is Asia, odds of that happening here are much much smaller,” Isaacson, who lives in Jersey City, said in a text message.

He added crew members on his mother’s ship have not alerted passengers of the sick people on board.

(fwiw: a question--- what is the average age of people on these cruises.)

NY Post---

dc CB  01:30:11 GMT - 02/08/2020  
Friday's Episode of The Apprentice: The White House, Season 4.

*Heads roll. Things did not go well in the Boardroom for Team Peach. Three players were shown the door.

dc CB  01:24:18 GMT - 02/08/2020  
Posted by Zero(banned for ever on Twitter)Hedge.

Of course, when Zero Hedge suggested the same thing, highlighting key personnel in the Wuhan lab that were publicly acknowledged as responsible for that research, we were immediately banned by Twitter. We look forward to reading Buzzfeed's article decrying The White House for daring to ask questions about the origin of this deadly pandemic.

White House Asks Scientists To Investigate Whether 2019-nCoV Was Bio-Engineered

Minneapolis DRS2  00:39:11 GMT - 02/08/2020  
After viewing lots of blogs (both professional and amateur), various websites and the like, the consensus view (if there is one to be had) seems to be that China is doing what they can, but it is too little and too late to adequately address the present situation from a real public health perspective. As has always been the case, the central government is doing things first for appearance, and second for suppression.

According to various websites, the pictures of hospitals being built are generic stock photos taken from Chinese construction companies. Genuine hospitals have very complex infrastructure (plumbing, ventilation, etc.) and take lots of time to build and staff. What the pictures show are holes being dug and lots of construction modules being put together. Nobody to date has vouched for their authenticity, and even if they were authentic they do not make a hospital.

What IS apparently being done is the lockup of residents. Cities and neighborhoods under armed guard, doors being blocked with bricks and metal bars, heavy quarantine...things like that. This is being done to prevent the spread of the disease as well as to prevent social disorder.

If you believe the Epoch Times (it's close to Falun Gong), they say in this attached article that 11 cities are on the CCP priority list for survival. That means that they will be protected at all costs, even if other cities have to be sacrificed: Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Shenyang, Harbin, Urumqi. For those who are familiar with China's city classification system, this includes some of Tier 1, a couple of Tier 2, and none of Tier 3.

11 cities to be saved

Mtl JP  23:58:21 GMT - 02/07/2020  
winner and wanna-be winner
Donald J. Trump
12 h
Just had a long and very good conversation by phone with President Xi of China. He is strong, sharp and powerfully focused on leading the counterattack on the Coronavirus. He feels they are doing very well, even building hospitals in a matter of only days. Nothing is easy, but...

Donald J. Trump
....he will be successful, especially as the weather starts to warm & the virus hopefully becomes weaker, and then gone. Great discipline is taking place in China, as President Xi strongly leads what will be a very successful operation. We are working closely with China to help!

example of communist bureaucratic efficiency:
for the grandiously peddled "hospitals" being built at record speed in wuhan (six days) the communists ordered 400 high efficiency (down to nano-scale) air purifiers from a quebec company. Those purifiers are still sitting here. Reason: no transportation arragements made possible, so puppies r sitting and waiting for some communist apparatchik to wake up and issue appropriate orders.

Mtl JP  13:02:53 GMT - 02/02/2020  
Now that my admiring of china's basic dictatorship "leader" justin trudeau made some threatening proclamations and after I called my local pharmacy about anti-viral masks: "all backordered, none in stock", found some appropriate masks at my local auto-parts supply store: in quatity and at regular price. Includind with visor.

To boost one's own anti-virus defenses it is probably a good partial idea to:
- reduce if not stop coffee consumption
- bring about dietary changes towards immunity-boosting foods
- hydrate - ie drink a LOT of H2O and eat hydrating foods (celery, cucs, etc)

Mtl JP  09:10:37 GMT - 02/02/2020  
At least 304 people in China were confirmed dead in the 24 hours to the end of February 1, according to the National Health Commission. Thousands more were confirmed infected, bringing that total to 14,380 people.


With employers world-over ordering workers to stay at home after China trips ...
"There is no place in our country for discrimination driven by fear or misinformation," Trudeau admirer of China's 'basic dictatorship' said at a Lunar New Year celebration

dc CB  03:25:15 GMT - 02/02/2020  
Arrg try the link again.

(Bloomberg) -- The libertarian financial website Zero Hedge was permanently suspended from Twitter on Friday after it published an article questioning the involvement of a Chinese scientist in the outbreak of the deadly novel coronavirus

On its website, Zero Hedge’s pseudonymous author “Tyler Durden” said he received a notification from Twitter that he had violated “our rules against abuse and harassment.

Since being founded in the depths of the financial crisis, Zero Hedge has built a dedicated following by serving up a mix of hardcore financial analysis and populist political commentary.

In 2016, Bloomberg revealed the identities of Zero Hedge’s three main writers. They were Colin Lokey, who quit the blog, Tim Backshall, a credit derivatives strategist, and Daniel Ivandjiiski, a Bulgarian-born former analyst long-rumored to be behind the site.

--With assistance from Peter Vercoe.

To contact the reporter on this story: Siraj Datoo in Singapore at [email protected]

Zero Hedge Permanently Suspended From Twitter for ‘Harassment’

Minneapolis DRS2  03:20:33 GMT - 02/02/2020  
Talk on other websites says Hilary is looking to become Bloomberg's VP...

dc CB  03:17:37 GMT - 02/02/2020  
dc CB 04:25 GMT 02/01/2020
So... will it come to that?
Zerohedge Suspended On Twitter .

wait isn't he running for President?

Posted on (Forwarded by) MSN Money

Zdc CB 04:25 GMT 02/01/2020 I'm choking...paleeze stop me from laughing.. I DON'T READ ZEROHEDGE. coff cough coffeee COVEFRE +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ "Hello zerohedge, Your account, zerohedge has been suspended for violating the Twitter Rules." +++++++++++++++++++++ be very afraid VERY Afraid...such stuff IS NOT, and I reiterate, NOT acceptable. TRADING POSTS ONLY (with entry, target, and stops) will, going forward. ANY OTHER 'types' will be censored. So... will it come to that? Zerohedge Suspended On Twitter

dc CB  02:52:56 GMT - 02/02/2020  
dc CB 00:37 GMT 02/02/2020
Social Media Networks Vow To Censor "Misinformation" About Coronavirus

Dear Senator,
About this tweet.............

Senator Tom Cotton

Minneapolis DRS2  01:39:46 GMT - 02/02/2020  
What the f*** happened, Malena? How did your kid Greta end up so p***ed off at the world? Were you and the hubby working too many hours or something? The mind boggles.

The pics I see of her sister Beata seem all right to me...Beata looks like a happy, well-adjusted kid. She's big on climate stuff too, just like her sister. But every pic I've ever seen of Greta shows not only an unhappy kid, but a kid with unjustifiable hostility. Her sis doesn't look that what happened?

dc CB  01:11:09 GMT - 02/02/2020  
The 17-year-old Swede took to Instagram to explain - in great detail - why she has applied to trademark her name and her movement 'Fridays for Future' to prevent them from being misused for commercial reasons.

Impostors, trademarks, commercial interests, royalties and foundation...

First: Unfortunately there are still people who are trying to impersonate me or falsely claim that they "represent" me in order to communicate with high profile people, politicians, media, artists etc. Please be aware that this is happening and be extremely suspicious if you are contacted by ”me” or someone saying they ”represent” me.

I apologize to anyone who has been contacted - and even misled - by this kind of behavior.

Second: My name and the #FridaysForFuture movement are constantly being used for commercial purposes without any consent whatsoever. It happens for instance in marketing, selling of products and people collecting money in my and the movement’s name.

That is why I’ve applied to register my name, Fridays For Future, Skolstrejk för klimatet etc as trademarks. This action is to protect the movement and its activities. It is also needed to enable my pro bono legal help to take necessary action against people or corporations etc who are trying to use me and the movement in purposes not in line with what the movement stands for. I assure you, I and the other school strikers have absolutely no interests in trademarks. But unfortunately it needs to be done.

Fridays For Future is a global movement founded by me. It belongs to anyone taking part in it, above all the young people. It can - and must - not be used for individual or commercial purposes.

And third: together with my family I’m setting up a foundation. It’s already registered and existing, but it not is not yet up and running. This is strictly nonprofit of course and there are no interests in philanthropy. It is just something that is needed for handling money (book royalties, donations, prize money etc) in a completely transparent way. For instance, taxes have to be paid before we can give them away to specified purposes and charities. This takes a lot of time and work, and when the foundation is fully up and running I will tell you more.

The foundation’s aim will be to promote ecological, climatic and social sustainability as well as mental health.

Love/ Greta

dc CB  01:00:24 GMT - 02/02/2020  
Battle of the Billionaires - Cage Match.
(not what you might expect --- they do eat their own)

"Facebook helped Trump to get elected and I am afraid that it will do the same in 2020," Soros writes in a Friday New York Times Op-Ed, recounting a private conversation he says he had last week at Davos in which he argued "here is a longstanding law — Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act — that protects social media platforms from legal liability for defamation and similar claims. Facebook can post deliberately misleading or false statements by candidates for public office and others, and take no responsibility for them."

Soros then claims that there appears to be "an informal mutual assistance operation or agreement developing between Trump and Facebook" in which "Facebook will help President Trump to get re-elected and Mr. Trump will, in turn, defend Facebook against attacks from regulators and the media."

Soros Goes All In Against Mark Zuckerberg With Trump-Facebook Conspiracy Theory

dc CB  00:51:31 GMT - 02/02/2020  
The epicenter of the outbreak is Wuhan, one of China’s largest manufacturing centers. Foxconn and Pegatron have operations there, as do memory manufacturers such as XMC (nor flash) and Yangtze Memory Technologies Co. (non-volatile memory).

Auto producers, such as General Motors, Honda, Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler also populate the region.

The electronics industry is poised for a cascading disruption that could change industry growth forecasts for the year. Bill McLean, president of semiconductor research firm IC Insights, said the virus has exacerbated the economic unease that has stalled semiconductor capital investment.

“Brexit, trade issues and now the coronavirus are causing global uncertainty,” he said at a Boston-based forum. “Uncertainty causes [businesses and consumers] to freeze.” Worldwide, semiconductor capital spending is forecast to decrease by roughly 6 percent this year, from $103.5 billion in 2019 to roughly $97.6 billion.

Zhang Ming, an economist at government-backed think-tank the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, warned that the virus could push China’s economic growth below 5 per cent a year in the first quarter, reported the Financial Times. Economic consensus currently puts China’s GDP growth at 5.7 percent. That average has steadily declined since 2018, according to McLean. — EE Times

More than 300 of the Global Top 500 companies have a presence in Wuhan, including Microsoft and Siemens. Wuhan is located in the Hubei Province.
Most factories lose about two weeks of production in total during the Lunar Holiday but more production will be lost as the holiday has been extended.

Here is a look at the main manufacturing regions in China.

Global Supply & Demand Shock Of The Coronavirus

dc CB  00:37:59 GMT - 02/02/2020  
meet the new 'thot pole-eese'

wait wait, you can't 'meet' them.

Social Media Networks Vow To Censor "Misinformation" About Coronavirus

Mtl JP  21:45:18 GMT - 02/01/2020  
Xi orders military to contribute to winning battle against epidemic
Source: Xinhua- 2020-01-29 22:35:17
BEIJING, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) -- President Xi Jinping has ordered Chinese military to keep its mission firmly in mind and shoulder responsibility to make contributions to winning the battle against the novel coronavirus epidemic.

To meet the expectations and fulfill the task, the military must strengthen leadership, enhance coordination with local authorities, adhere to scientific treatment, and pay attention to their own protection,

Xi added.

Mtl JP  19:25:06 GMT - 02/01/2020  
Chinese prosecutors urged to toughen crackdown on epidemic-related crimes
Source: Xinhua- 2020-02-01
BEIJING, Feb. 1 (Xinhua) -- ... .. Procuratorates across the country are required to severely punish those found guilty of dereliction of duty, including withholding information, in strict accordance with the law on the prevention and control of infectious diseases and the criminal law, according to a circular issued by the SPP.

The crackdown on criminal activities

including pushing up prices, profiteering and severely disturbing market order during the period of outbreak control should be intensified, the circular said, adding that the production and sale of fake and shoddy protective equipment and medicines should be harshly punished.

Mtl JP  18:47:41 GMT - 02/01/2020  
what the chinese communists want folks to know:

"BEIJING, Feb. 1 (Xinhua) -- Chinese health authorities announced Saturday that 11,791 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus had been reported in 31 provincial-level regions and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps by the end of Friday. A total of 259 people have died of the disease."

Israel  MacroMicro  18:15:23 GMT - 02/01/2020  
JP 11:39

expect the unexpected moment nears?

Mtl JP  11:39:02 GMT - 02/01/2020  
U.S. 10 Year Treasury Note
Last Updated: Jan 31, 2020 4:59 p.m. EST
1.509% (-0.08)

U.S. CPI December 2019
y/y: +2.30% vs. +2.40% exp. v +2.10%
ref AT Trader 13:34 Jan 14, 2020

dc CB  04:25:50 GMT - 02/01/2020  
I'm choking...paleeze stop me from laughing..

I DON'T READ ZEROHEDGE. coff cough coffeee COVEFRE

"Hello zerohedge, Your account, zerohedge has been suspended for violating the Twitter Rules."


be very afraid VERY Afraid...such stuff IS NOT, and I reiterate, NOT acceptable.

TRADING POSTS ONLY (with entry, target, and stops) will, going forward. ANY OTHER 'types' will be censored.

So... will it come to that?

Zerohedge Suspended On Twitter

Minneapolis DRS2  01:10:25 GMT - 02/01/2020  
From a trading perspective, the best information will come from "open" places with a mixture of official plus independent sources. The independent sources can be "proper" journalists, but in the modern era they could also be people who have blogs and YouTube channels. The independent sources will help to keep the official sources honest. It is up to the trader, of course, as to which sources they deem credible, be they official or independent.

The "closed" places will offer some information, but to steal JP's language the words will more often be a bunch of BS that is meant to be mushroom fodder more than anything enlightening. Also, be very wary of quotes from "outside" sources like that guy Tedros Adhanom from the WHO (dc CB 20:20 Jan 30). He may be the WHO top dog, but China is a WHO member and China butters his bread. (Tedros is from the Ethiopian government, and Ethiopia is heavily indebted to China.) He is not going to say anything that offends his paymasters.

Mtl JP  00:27:57 GMT - 02/01/2020  
example of chinese communist party's mouthpiece spew:

"Hu Xijin 胡锡进
As a Chinese, I feel regret but I also understand this decision of WHO. China is taking actions, adopting measures stricter than those for SARS. I believe there's high probability that things will get better before long."

Hu Xijin 胡锡进
Editor-in-chief of Chinese and English editions of the Global Times

Minneapolis DRS2  22:25:15 GMT - 01/31/2020  
The China media represents the view of the CCP. They are an official view, but they are a mouthpiece for the party.

HK [email protected]  22:16:40 GMT - 01/31/2020  
I suggest to follow closely the China media. the most effective way to know what really happens with the virus.

You can't trust a source from a country where there are 10000 citizens
screwing horses, which may be a source of deadly virus.

News coming out of China are based on real confirmed laboratory reports, News about the virus out of China are based on statistical models rumors and racist attitude.

Israel  MacroMicro  21:50:19 GMT - 01/31/2020  
I suggest to follow closely the Swiss media. the most effective way to know what really happens with the virus.

dc CB  21:09:57 GMT - 01/31/2020  
Next Week.
China comes back after NY Sunday nite(Super Bowl Sunday in the US). ?

The Peach Farce to continue thru to Wednesday - is the word.

Tues Eve Feb 4 - the final State of the Union address of Trumps four year term.

dc CB  21:03:54 GMT - 01/31/2020  
(from ZH)

At 3:30pm on Friday, so strategically 30 minutes before the market close, Donald Trump's coronavirus task force held a public briefing on the latest pandemic developments.

If anyone expected the task force to give the all clear to BTFD, will be disappointed because moments ago Trump's coronavirus tzar, Azar said the US is declaring a public health emergency.

This is a serious health situation in China, but I want to emphasize that the risk to the American public currently is low

Mtl JP  18:37:08 GMT - 01/31/2020  
At 28,298.59 and -560.85 pts, DJIA is now in the RED ytd

29,373.62 - 25% = ___
29,373.62 - 33% = ___
29,373.62 - 50% = ___
etc ...

Minneapolis DRS2  18:14:04 GMT - 01/31/2020  
It is reasonable to expect that the countries that practice modern medical and sanitation practices will do all right with respect to the outbreak. This is most places around the world. There will be variants due to extreme poverty, overpopulation or climate, but even the countries that have those problems will do the best they can using modern practices.

Where the virus will thrive is in places that practice quackery. There are still some places in the world where old wives tales and superstition are predominant. Those are the places to worry about.

Israel  MacroMicro  17:50:30 GMT - 01/31/2020  

but there are also good news, the.virus not to spread into Africa as the dishwasher said that Chinese females cannot stand the African size.

Mtl JP  17:38:48 GMT - 01/31/2020  
... "enjoy yakkers" ... at your own risk
(called my local pharmacy about anti-viral masks: "all backordered, none in stock")
Canada’s chief public health officer says it will likely take at least a year before a vaccine is developed to protect people against the new coronavirus that is spreading around the globe.

In the meantime, Dr. Theresa Tam says government and public health authorities should plan on having to manage the outbreak for some time to come. ... .. ... For now, the only treatment available for those who catch the virus is

“supportive care,” Tam said

Israel  MacroMicro  17:20:16 GMT - 01/31/2020  
JP - your enjoy virus yakkers, take some more:

Mtl JP  17:04:46 GMT - 01/31/2020  
Coronavirus live updates: Scientists estimate more than 75,000 people could be infected in Wuhan - National Post

This photo taken on Jan. 30, 2020 shows officials in protective suits checking on an elderly man wearing a face mask who collapsed and died on a street near a hospital in Wuhan.

hk win10  17:02:03 GMT - 01/31/2020  
Bond markets already very overbought. Correction in stock markets may help to park money.

Israel  MacroMicro  16:16:04 GMT - 01/31/2020  
you are completely right red, use it to make more money.
myself doing the same, using my understanding to make some money.

london red  16:00:05 GMT - 01/31/2020  
someone asked about euro. rs by 11090/95 stops abv. mkt

Mtl JP  15:58:46 GMT - 01/31/2020  
DLR sentiment update

london red  15:55:13 GMT - 01/31/2020  
i and am sure many others would like to see a 5% plus correction. if they can make a poor session stick into the close today, then we may get a chance to buy a dip not seen since dec 2018. presently we are at last months high so still a bit of work to do to make that tail on the monthly candle look promising. fwiw the channel from 2010 to 2017 on monthly s&p was hit and marginally breached this month. but as i say i wouldnt short it. rather wait to pick up pieces, if there turn out to be any, as dips are few and far between.

Israel  MacroMicro  15:38:26 GMT - 01/31/2020  
you have a point red
I have 110 NQ points in my pocket

we both were right, as you are hopefully older than you are more right :)

london red  15:26:58 GMT - 01/31/2020  
corrections are few and far between, it is much easier to make money on the long side is my argument. it is easier to be right. and nobody is doing this, or shouldn't be doing this, for anything other that pulling the benjis off the table with as little risk and with as much ease as poss.

Israel  MacroMicro  14:17:21 GMT - 01/31/2020  
red 13:49

I don't see that as fighting a trend. more as process to be positioned right when suddenly gravity takes control in aspect of market pricing. with NQ above 9200 after the run since August it is demanding to be strategically minded to SHORT the indices for a heathy correction. not blindly but at certain time/price points that allow to end with gains even if only scalping level.

sorry for the long answer :)

london red  13:49:46 GMT - 01/31/2020  
Israel MacroMicro 23:19 GMT 01/30/2020
AMZN added to their market cap in one hour more than Toyota's market cap. P/E ratio 83

Why fight trend if CB's are supporting mkts? When the US 10 eventually goes negative, take your profits and run to your private island. Until then, theyve still got ammo so btfd.

Mtl JP  09:50:45 GMT - 01/31/2020  
fear and conspiracy theories apparently spreading faster than the virus
the ~200 folks that justin "admirer of China's 'basic dictatorship" trudeau is now repatriating from china's wuhan will not be - at last news - quarantined upon disembarking in canada

Minneapolis DRS2  09:47:12 GMT - 01/31/2020  
Does that mean that anything that references TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) will be censored?

Mtl JP  09:42:59 GMT - 01/31/2020  
Facebook says it will start removing fake posts and conspiracy theories about coronavirus - MarketWatch

“We are doing this as an extension of our existing policies to remove content that could cause physical harm,” said Kang-Xing Jin, Facebook’s head of health, in a blog post Thursday. “We’re focusing on claims that are designed to discourage treatment or taking appropriate precautions.”

dc CB  01:35:52 GMT - 01/31/2020  
New 'Secret Word'.....scream when you hear it....(Pee Wees Playhouse..US 'kids' TV mid 1980s



Fashion retailer Nordstrom gets it: Americans are becoming poorer, and it's time for it to capitalize on recommerce, otherwise known as reverse commerce, which basically means Nordstrom is going to sell secondhand clothing.

So, move over local consignment stores, and or Goodwill Industries, eBay, and The Salvation Army, there's a new player in town, Nordstrom, that will jump into the recommerce industry on Jan. 31.

Nordstrom's "See You Tomorrow" store will have a dedicated section at its New York flagship store, opens tomorrow, and will sell secondhand luxury clothes. There's also going to be a section on the company's website that will list a catalog of used clothing, the company said in press release, dated Jan. 30.

Nordstrom's closet recommerce competitor will be The RealReal, an online and brick-and-mortar marketplace for authenticated luxury consignment, as the industry for used clothing increased to $28 billion in 2019.

dc CB  00:35:25 GMT - 01/31/2020  
Have a good evening.
'pop a cork'

dc CB  00:23:21 GMT - 01/31/2020  
"Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last." ― Martin Luther King Jr.,

Jan 31, 2020.
'free at last, free at last, thank Boris Johnson, we are free at last'

Kl Fs  23:39:05 GMT - 01/30/2020  
Gold btfd too?

Israel  MacroMicro  23:19:37 GMT - 01/30/2020  
AMZN added to their market cap in one hour more than Toyota's market cap. P/E ratio 83

yes, btfd

london red  22:04:43 GMT - 01/30/2020  
like i told u dude...virus for mkts is done...btfd

Israel  MacroMicro  21:22:54 GMT - 01/30/2020  
we are on the road from Trumpetized to Traumatised.
selling indices on opening 8 minutes from.
AMZN too

good luck

dc CB  21:17:41 GMT - 01/30/2020  
went short on "Global Pandemic"

dc CB  21:10:32 GMT - 01/30/2020  
AMZN reports --- UP $180 from the 4PM close---
1870 to 2055

dc CB  20:56:07 GMT - 01/30/2020  
SnP rises 40pts off the US morning session lows.

tomrow: last POMO of the month hits in the morning 7.5Bln

dc CB  21:26:32 GMT - 01/29/2020  
TSLA reported. Trading either side of $620 currently.

(FWIW/imho Tesla's Big Ho(y)pe is factories and sales in CHINA!!!!>... what could possibly go wron)

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