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Mtl JP  05:28:21 GMT - 03/04/2020  
CB 01:01 trump deserves some sort of recognition just for this comical relief as he

mocks Bloomberg, Warren over early Super Tuesday results

Minneapolis DRS2  02:07:54 GMT - 03/04/2020  
By focusing on Biden, it looks like the DNC is writing off the presidency so that they can protect what is left...congressional positions, media assignments, Washington DC bureaucracy...things like that.

Biden is a geriatric, venal politician whose mind is going. Bernie Sanders is an angry old-time communist sympathizer. They can have 1/2 a loaf with Biden, or lose it all with Bernie.

dc CB  01:10:32 GMT - 03/04/2020  
hear it now..4 More years, 4 more years. Election 2024

dc CB  01:01:02 GMT - 03/04/2020  
hingeing on the "curious incident of the dog..." (that didn't Bark)

The game to watch now. Who will be the VP choice
(winner winner. chicken dinner)

as Mao or was it?? "too early to tell"

Super Tuesday: Biden Wins VA, NC; Bernie Wins VT; Bloomberg Distant Third

dc CB  00:42:55 GMT - 03/04/2020  
dc CB 21:11 GMT 03/03/2020
IMHO: this is tooooo Stoopid to be Stupid.
'the game is afoot' A C Doyle--Sherlock Holmes

"The Adventure of Silver Blaze"
hingeing on the "curious incident of the dog..." (that didn't Bark)

Israel  MacroMicro  21:59:47 GMT - 03/03/2020  

bipolar guys run the FED :)

Mtl JP  21:48:45 GMT - 03/03/2020  
Cleveland Fed's Mester: US outlook is 'highly uncertain' after rate cut
Yahoo Finance

Fed's Mester says coronavirus outbreak could weigh on U.S. economic growth - Reuters

Fed's Mester Says Rate Cut Should Help Offset Coronavirus Risks
Wall Street Journal

My wish for these clowns ... is better left unexpressed

dc CB  21:11:10 GMT - 03/03/2020  
While Larry Summer's opinion has been repeatedly discredited over the years, he does bring up a valid point: why is the Fed wasting half of all of its ammo just to delay what is now an inevitable crash, and why scramble with an "intermeeting" cut when it could have jawboned for the next two weeks and waited until the regular March 18 FOMC meeting. If anything, it would at least eliminate the sense of Fed panic from the equation.

Instead, as it stands, "it smells like panic" as more than one Wall Street veteran put it. via ZeroHedge

IMHO: this is tooooo Stoopid to be Stupid.
'the game is afoot' A C Doyle--Sherlock Holmes

london red  21:02:54 GMT - 03/03/2020  
geez mester is like a nagging wife, she never stops.

Mtl JP  21:02:14 GMT - 03/03/2020  
ok, so 3K wins
SnP close 3,003.04

london red  21:00:59 GMT - 03/03/2020  
enjoy while it lasts tho once it passes it means buy and hold back in game. so the lower the better. but im biased i cashed up all kinds from oct last year till early feb so heres hoping for lower lows!

Mtl JP  20:56:57 GMT - 03/03/2020  
haha not for long
back sub 3k again

Israel  MacroMicro  20:56:43 GMT - 03/03/2020  
impossible not to enjoy while limits feel on 5 minutes candles as on daily candles not so long ago :)

london red  20:56:34 GMT - 03/03/2020  
they are unbelieveable. let it fall it will stop 2100/2300/2600 then rally for 2 or 2 years str8 from there.

london red  20:55:37 GMT - 03/03/2020  
mester talks qe mkt pops higher again

Mtl JP  20:53:45 GMT - 03/03/2020  
battle for 3000 line raging
hope u enjoy and profit from the violence !

london red  20:49:35 GMT - 03/03/2020  
profit taken. second half of chelsea liverpool now the main event.

dc CB  20:45:21 GMT - 03/03/2020  
We now have the answer.

Who pushed PowPow's button


Israel  MacroMicro  20:34:13 GMT - 03/03/2020  
this market cannot crash before May the earliest


Israel  MacroMicro  20:31:03 GMT - 03/03/2020  
can't imagine experienced traders taking bearish bets until the FED after today's action from the FED.

being bearish positioned until the 18th area is wishful thinking more than strategic trading.


london red  20:30:36 GMT - 03/03/2020  
still no wick on the 5s JP thou we may get during this 5 min period to 35 past hour as opened at top of prev bar

Mtl JP  20:26:40 GMT - 03/03/2020  
my price velocity metering gadget (measures incoming magnitude and direction of prices) is oscillating fairly rapidly. typically indicates vehement arguing , currently suggests sellers top buyers

good environment for fast scalping

london red  20:18:44 GMT - 03/03/2020  
JP, early exit my own fault as no wick on 5s reasserted quickly and will exit on first wick on 5s

Mtl JP  20:13:10 GMT - 03/03/2020  
bingo 3030
last hour can be tricky

dc CB  20:09:34 GMT - 03/03/2020  
Mtl JP 20:00 GMT

way better than Kudlow
Hire Him Donald...put him on the Team to fight The Virus.

london red  20:07:32 GMT - 03/03/2020  
looks like that up blip is done.

london red  20:01:35 GMT - 03/03/2020  
they have a chnace at 3030 then 200dma.

Mtl JP  20:00:42 GMT - 03/03/2020  
for entertainment value I like CNBC’s

Jim Cramer: I’m more nervous now than before the Fed’s rate cut

Israel  MacroMicro  19:55:05 GMT - 03/03/2020  
was busy LOADING
now FULLY loaded


london red  19:50:08 GMT - 03/03/2020  
JP re your s&p yes eventually but i feed with smaller spoon at look at 2954 first if channel breaks. in and out quick like a, well u know...

dc CB  19:48:26 GMT - 03/03/2020  
since boj nows owns all nikkei efts

yes, . Add that to The 2 Days In a precursor to today's US actions... or rather the US action straight on the heels of the BOJ...when the BOJ juiced the market (the Dow) up 1200pts on the First Trading Day.

good grief charlie brown --- how 'bad' is it?

was there a secret meeting --- like when LTCM imploded, or when They decided to sacrifice Bear and Lehman.....

london red  19:45:47 GMT - 03/03/2020  
loss? they made 50 yards last year. ok mk to mkt so technically lower now. but still. nice money for not much work. print chf, sell vs usd. buy stocks. repeat. no wonder trump is pi$$ed.

Mtl JP  19:41:40 GMT - 03/03/2020  
as a private outfit (for profit ?) how does / would the snb handle losses ?

london red  19:40:00 GMT - 03/03/2020  
since boj nows owns all nikkei efts, maybe the fed can get them to start on spy. sorry i forgot snb owns half of US mkt already.

Mtl JP  19:39:19 GMT - 03/03/2020  
red 19:27 their cut did work
for Gold bulls

dc CB  19:37:54 GMT - 03/03/2020  
Mtl JP 19:27

the Sirens call.
Leonidas and the 255

london red  19:34:28 GMT - 03/03/2020  
eurgbp bull hammer at the 200dma. a pop here calls eur north of 112. yen also stuck at key 107. feels pivotal.

Mtl JP  19:31:25 GMT - 03/03/2020  
"what shall we do?" hahaha
reminds me of "yes prime minister"

one thing that will NOT occur to to the collective is to step dis-appear and let market work things out on its own

what I want to know is when will they start bail-ins

dc CB  19:30:39 GMT - 03/03/2020  
gallows humor


Mtl JP  19:27:37 GMT - 03/03/2020  
red -- my artwork

london red  19:27:19 GMT - 03/03/2020  
fed gang "what shall we do?" cut rates? yeah thatll work. hold on...

dc CB  19:22:43 GMT - 03/03/2020  
Late nite movers
CandyDates from the Whitman Sampler...only thing left 'nuget' or some kinda cream filled.

Super Tuesday results.
Biden v Sanders

'I'll do anything you tell me to do' (been doin' that my entire career) VS Tear it all down - 'Castro was a great guy, hads some problems, but.

london red  19:15:48 GMT - 03/03/2020  
yeah well, u know how this turns out CB. hourly close for s&p at 2985 or higher gives it a chance as stays within channel. but whole move off lows now likely a flag for lower so eventually that channel gives way.

dc CB  19:07:08 GMT - 03/03/2020  
dc CB 16:22
banks submittted 21.4bln in moring POMO round..
so today, just using the numbers from the ASK column.
REPO 1 - 108.6bln
REPO 14day - 70.95bln
200.95 Bil
Oh and the 50bps Rate Cut

Just done afternoon POMO 5.22Bln Asked

March 3 2020 - "more please" total --- down on your knees Hank Paulson, ON YOUR KNEES. (Nancy Pelosi, 2008)
206.17Billion USDs

Mtl JP  18:42:09 GMT - 03/03/2020  
there is going to be BIG money made off the FED gang

U.S. 10 Year 1.006%

Last Updated: Mar 3, 2020 1:39 p.m. EST

Mtl JP  18:36:28 GMT - 03/03/2020  
somebodies been reading and now aping my 16:56 post:

01:07 Here’s what history says about stock-market performance in past instances when the Fed delivers an emergency interest-rate cut
- MarketWatch
01:03 The Fed Cut Interest Rates in a Surprise Move. History Shows It Wasn’t Much of a Surprise.
- Barron's Online

Mtl JP  17:09:32 GMT - 03/03/2020  
this was a RTRS headline 16hrs ago

Top central banks appear primed to act to combat coronavirus risk
(Reuters) - The world’s top three central banks look set to take steps to limit the economic damage from the fast-spreading coronavirus, with the heads of the European Central Bank and Bank of Japan issuing emergency statements on Monday that echoed one from U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell late last week. ../.

Mtl JP  16:56:18 GMT - 03/03/2020  
DJIA -380
lets see how stocks close
way to go Powel & gang !!

emergency cut ... inter-meeting ...
historically not a success

dc CB  16:50:48 GMT - 03/03/2020  
Gov. Cuomo Confirms 2nd Covid-19 Case In New York
Patient No. 2 is a Westchester lawyer from New Rochelle who commuted into Manhattan for work every day and recently visited Miami..

Mtl JP  16:47:48 GMT - 03/03/2020  
04/03/20 15:00 AA CA Bank of Canada 1.75% 1.75%

london red  16:41:40 GMT - 03/03/2020  
Fs, reaction low after rate cut was 11140 the daily channel so while it holds euro may stay supported. abv 11175/80 tgts 112 then big stops over 11239. much depends on stock also there may be a switch where euro begins to trade down on risk off hence need for tight stop.

dc CB  16:41:18 GMT - 03/03/2020  
yeh that's it...we're down to the 22LR loads.

How many "bullets" left?

PAR 16:36:29 GMT - 03/03/2020  
Lawyers are lousy central bankers.

Trump should have known ha he has used plenty of lawyers in his business dealings.

Minneapolis DRS2  16:36:11 GMT - 03/03/2020  
The time to have sold "for now" was at 1200, to take advantage of short term profit taking. You could sell now, but with the caveat that price might jump up a bit first. There are still a few stops above 1200.

Kl Fs  16:29:03 GMT - 03/03/2020  
So sell euro rallies on fed cut day?

dc CB  16:22:57 GMT - 03/03/2020  
banks submittted 21.4bln in moring POMO round..

so today, just using the numbers from the ASK column.
REPO 1 - 108.6bln
REPO 14day - 70.95bln

200.95 Bil

Oh and the 50bps Rate Cut

Minneapolis DRS2  16:13:47 GMT - 03/03/2020  
CB Maybe it's because I'm in a largely rural area, but I kindly suggest that the Rabobank writer is being too melodramatic?

If interest rates become too onerous, then the residents where I live will do what the politicians and bankers have feared ever since the 1920s...they will withdraw from the system and conduct business among themselves.

Business will continue, WITH OR WITHOUT THE BANKS. Let them destroy themselves. The people will do just fine.

dc CB  16:06:22 GMT - 03/03/2020  
Chair Powell:

Answer this first, key question: what level of interest rates is required to incentivize you to risk the death of yourself and your family?
I am sure that there are policy wonks out there who believe they can correctly capture that precise equilibrium level on monetary policy. The point is that lower rates don’t help in this situation at all.
If demand is destroyed by people bunkering down at home for weeks, and supply chains being disrupted, all lower borrowing costs can do is help tide businesses over if banks agree to extend loans and credit cards, etc. (as China is already now doing) – and all that does paint us further into the corner we are already in

Rabobank: What Level Of Interest Rates Will Incentivize You To Risk The Death Of Yourself And Your Family

dc CB  15:41:48 GMT - 03/03/2020  
Press conference at 16:00 GMT.....

so the presser is at the same time that THE DESK anncs the ASK amts for today's FIRST POMO. In progress as I write.

How many times Oversubscribed will it be ---- (in a POMO operation the Banks Offer Treasuries for CASH from The DESK.)---The payout is Limited to 7.5Bln

AT Trader john  15:40:15 GMT - 03/03/2020  
New Fed target range 1 to 1 1/4% from 1 1/2 to 1 3/4. Rate cut had been expected, but not this soon.

dc CB  15:16:22 GMT - 03/03/2020  
this is not good.
unless they were freaked by the surge in REPO today or the Numbers to come from the CDC...

They pulled the trigger way too's only the 2nd trading day of March.

london red  15:11:23 GMT - 03/03/2020  
s&p hovering around 50% retracement of drop by 3125. euro stuck at formidable res/sup/magnet 11175/80. a pop higher towards barrier suggests a move even higher if stocks give up gains. what are the odds of -ve s&p today?

PAR 15:08:36 GMT - 03/03/2020  
The situation must be really bad. The cut comes too early to help Trump?

Will need more cuts.

Mtl JP  15:08:15 GMT - 03/03/2020  
President Trump RULES ?

GVI Forex 15:06:14 GMT - 03/03/2020  
Fed cuts cuts rates by 50BP

Press conference at 16:00 GMT

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