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Israel  MacroMicro  09:12:51 GMT - 03/05/2020  
safe to do punting with longs now
scalping forum?

Israel  MacroMicro  09:11:56 GMT - 03/05/2020  
done with punting SHORT indices since last evening
waiting for cash to open to maybe reopen shorts

Israel  MacroMicro  08:01:33 GMT - 03/05/2020  

you are always welcome about any topic. kudos for your process of processing :)

let's go back to trading. the rest we can blahblah over drinks of our choice :)

Paris ib  06:21:47 GMT - 03/05/2020  
Macromicro, I thought the Balfour Declaration did that?

I don't know what kind of people are behind these kinds of agreements but they always look to me like an experiment to see just how much they can get away with.

The history of Ireland looks pretty much like a playbook for Palestine, and we're going back to Eluzabeth I with that one. Don't know what to say, no-one cares till it happens to them and no-one thinks it can happen to them and then it does. Honestly don't know what the answer is. But there's a them and us involved and I don't know who the them is. Sometimes I think it's just the idiot monkey mind (left brain) trying to take absolute control. This isn't over. What happens with this 'epidemic' will be interesting. Italy, the home of modern fascism, is freaking out. Over, not over? Meanwhile the show trial for Julian Assange continues and the headlines are about a B-Grade actress called Megan.

Still think 'they' are losing control though. We'll see.

Israel  MacroMicro  21:50:57 GMT - 03/04/2020  

Trump's "peace" deal of the century allows Israelis to take awat the citizenship of non-Jewish fully equal Israeli citizens by law and transfer them to another country as part of the Israeli-Palestinian whatever they call it.

Trump is a sick man just for this plan, IMAGINE, all black people must leave NYC because of a deal between Catholic and protestants. this is what happens in reality. they want to reduce Muslim population among Israeli citizens by using Trump's "deal" as excuse. facts!

Minneapolis DRS2  21:42:45 GMT - 03/04/2020  
You won't get any argument from me on the merits of the issue, but I would gently caution you about attributing motives to me or anyone else on the forum. Let's just leave this issue aside and get back to trading.

Israel  MacroMicro  21:38:35 GMT - 03/04/2020  

you miss the point, Trump's plan allows to transfer Israeli citizens from Israel to another country. why? because they are not Jews.

this is the plain truth. or you want to wash the facts with words like haifa ac does bringing the bible as reasoning to transfer non-Jewish Israelis to another country?

this the only issue I am talking about.

Minneapolis DRS2  21:30:08 GMT - 03/04/2020  
The "peace" negotiations have gone on for decades, and God only knows what has gone on wrt Palestine. But blaming an outsider is not the answer, tempting as it is. It's understandable given the history, but like it or not it is ultimately up to the people of Israel to make the decisions regarding what happens in that country.

It is regrettable that we in America are called so much to deal with Israel and for that matter the Middle East. I can only imagine how history would have turned out if the US/Israel relationships were much more restrained.

Israel  MacroMicro  21:25:47 GMT - 03/04/2020  


let's call it a range?

Israel  MacroMicro  21:15:25 GMT - 03/04/2020  

I am talking facts. not easy to stay calm and aware with empathy while dark minds get power thanks to Trump.

personally, violence is not way I trust to solve issues. but the state of Israel to turn into bloodbath because of Trump's "peace" deal. Trump spheres freed ego tripping dishwashers to fee and act as rulers. not good!

so being short ILS not a dangerous bet.

Israel  MacroMicro  21:07:07 GMT - 03/04/2020  
how I can do when +80% of candidates in this week's elections accepted Trump's "peace" deal?

Trump's plan to rip people from their homes since centuries, you don't want people like haifa ac feeling they have the right and power to take your home since centuries and transfer you as they wish.

london red  21:02:27 GMT - 03/04/2020  
s&p hit n3125 slightly higher but will settle below the key fib. tomorrow may see nothing in europe, then a rally from zero on us open, poss 3180/3200/3214 at which point it should roll over. if they add another big day, it may end up at new highs by end of nxt wk. i doubt that will happen, so think it makes a big wick on daily candle tomorrow.

Mtl JP  20:50:47 GMT - 03/04/2020  
bit of an argument about 3K close on SnP going on

Minneapolis DRS2  20:34:24 GMT - 03/04/2020  
If you don't like the domestic policies of your own nation, then why not do something about it?

Israel  MacroMicro  20:32:23 GMT - 03/04/2020  

yes, somehow I cannot USA capable to take another 4 matrix years a-la Trump. loads of things to hit the fan until voting day.

personally, I am in a place where he provided carte blanche to displace and replace people for their homes since centuries. the man is nuts.

Mtl JP  19:37:06 GMT - 03/04/2020  
DJ uP +896, 3.5%
02:28 U.S. stocks trade higher as Wall Street warms to surprise Fed rate cuts, Biden campaign momentum MarketWatch

biden better for market than the FED gang

Israel  MacroMicro  19:36:41 GMT - 03/04/2020  
sinning with punting until the close and the hour afterwards with shorts

Israel  MacroMicro  19:35:29 GMT - 03/04/2020  
nufnuf for me, all LOADED closed now

Paris ib  19:35:09 GMT - 03/04/2020  
Thanks DRS2... and Congress would be more hostile to the President I guess. How he stands it I'll never know. I find it hard to believe Biden is a vote winner, saw somewhere recent results were linked to Obama pulling out the stops. So the strategy is really aimed at the House?

MacroMicro you think Trump can lose this election?

london red  19:31:12 GMT - 03/04/2020  
JP, who u take me for? :) maybe they try tomorrow/friday. u know how daft this mkt can be. no, today 3125 with interim res at 3113. i would expect this mkt to roll over eventually, that could be 3125 or by 3214. u just cant see traction with so little visibilty on growth/earnings due to everything coming to a halt.

Mtl JP  19:27:35 GMT - 03/04/2020  
r u thinking of test 3214/3200 today ?

london red  19:12:45 GMT - 03/04/2020  
its poss they test 3214/3200 and go back down the same day they do it to close no higher than 3125. not sure who will be buying it up there as data is going to start dropping off soon. the horse has bolted in terms of the virus, everything will slowly shut down to try to limit the ills. things will get worse before they get better. in that regard you cant chase mkt higher unless talking st breaks.

london red  19:06:52 GMT - 03/04/2020  
lets see march results. even jobless claims from tomorrow may begin to tell a story.

Mtl JP  19:04:45 GMT - 03/04/2020  
beige book: everything was "modest"/ly

Israel  MacroMicro  19:04:05 GMT - 03/04/2020  
only me thinking another 1.5%-2% uppy for the puppies?

Israel  MacroMicro  19:00:27 GMT - 03/04/2020  
I am certain Trump will not get reelected.

Mtl JP  18:51:53 GMT - 03/04/2020  
red 18:39 puppies are "soaring"
according to msm

Minneapolis DRS2  18:41:35 GMT - 03/04/2020  
The whole US election story is not just about the president, but about Congress as well. The DNC is apparently willing to put up a losing presidential candidate if they can keep the rest of the power base (Congressional seats, media outlets, etc.) With Biden they might keep some of it.

london red  18:39:10 GMT - 03/04/2020  
s&p. still squeezing. abv 3094 then 3125 fib test

Paris ib  18:35:48 GMT - 03/04/2020  
Does anyone think Trump is not going to win in 2020 ?

All this Super Tuesday stuff seems to me so much fluff. The election result is in :-)

dc CB  17:49:03 GMT - 03/04/2020  
the Big winner on Super Tuesday ---
JPM takes out GS for top Client (Hoser so far) in 2020
After telling its clients again, and again, and again to short US Treasurys, it's time to call it:

Zero Hedge

PAR 16:54:29 GMT - 03/04/2020  
Panic moves by central banks can't help a supply crisis.

ECB going more negative will accelerate this crisis as banks will stop giving credit and customers will prefer cash instead of risking another banking crisis.

Look for a vaccine and sooner or later everybody will be healthy again.

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