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Mtl JP  23:55:37 GMT - 03/05/2020  
and some folks think that FX trading is death-defying

Fed's Kaplan: New infections key factor for rate decision

The number of new diagnoses of COVIC19 will, he said, be “a key factor at least I’ll be using to judge ... whether we should do more” monetary policy easing at the Fed’s March 17-18 meeting.

Israel  MacroMicro  23:25:21 GMT - 03/05/2020  
FDAX / definitely stronger

go go go Brute :)

Israel  MacroMicro  23:23:41 GMT - 03/05/2020  

ES / YM / NQ / CL / CAD / USD

all about to get stronger. EUR/CAD attractive

good luck

london red  20:42:20 GMT - 03/05/2020  
euro close to prev high 11239 abv which are big stops, as we approach period of lower liquidity.

Minneapolis DRS2  20:29:48 GMT - 03/05/2020  
On EUR/USD the daily stops are probably acting like magnets. Next up is 1242 (judging from the AT daily chart anyway).

Israel  MacroMicro  20:28:42 GMT - 03/05/2020  
ES / 2996 LONG

AT Trader john  20:20:22 GMT - 03/05/2020  
DJIA new leg down -1107.

london red  20:19:32 GMT - 03/05/2020  
that was what used to happen in past sell offs. they bounce hard but the following day they gave up that and more. thats how you knew more was to come.

london red  20:18:29 GMT - 03/05/2020  
it will be a statement if they wipe out and beat yesterdays gain. a pyschological statement pointing to more losses.

london red  20:14:35 GMT - 03/05/2020  
s&p approaching 3k but really needs to make lower low 2973/75

london red  19:50:32 GMT - 03/05/2020  
ft100. double top in play below 6595 (presently 6625) to tgt c 6400. it clearly will be led by s&p if to happen. s&p presently making a fight of it. if closes hour over 3033 then 56-60 poss. abv there gap fill poss.

Mtl JP  19:07:33 GMT - 03/05/2020  
SnP LoD 3011.50 sofar

Mtl JP  18:51:00 GMT - 03/05/2020  
01:39 Virgin Atlantic cuts CEO pay as airline industry predicts $113 billion hit from coronavirus
- MarketWatch

AT Trader john  18:22:24 GMT - 03/05/2020  
DJIA -970

Mtl JP  18:20:32 GMT - 03/05/2020  
players not yet in panic over losses as tesla still holding N of 700

Israel  MacroMicro  18:17:16 GMT - 03/05/2020  
there will be space to add a needle to ER across the globe when this hysteria warms up

AT Trader john  18:14:26 GMT - 03/05/2020  
"Every day, more than 750,000 people pass through Grand Central, which is more than the entire population of Leeds, or roughly the population of San Francisco." -- Google

Israel  MacroMicro  18:14:17 GMT - 03/05/2020  
with such counting and hysteria, maybe better to publish numbers of the none infected as after reading that I should trust that infected are the majority. come on, you know better than that

dc CB  18:07:46 GMT - 03/05/2020  
No special news COVID-19 continues to overhang the markets

that lawyer (diagnosed) from New Rochelle, who infected his family and his friend - who apparently drove him to the hospital - who infected his family.
Commuted to Manhattan does a suburban Westchesterite lawyer get from New Rochelle to Manhattan, he takes Metro North to Grand Central Station in midtown. End point for all the Weschester commuters on Metro North's 3 lines.

R U kidding me

Israel  MacroMicro  18:07:24 GMT - 03/05/2020  

if that 0.90 was not fact of reality I should laugh

Mtl JP  17:57:21 GMT - 03/05/2020  
10yr 0.90 .... more moRE MORE cut !!

AT Trader john  17:51:51 GMT - 03/05/2020  
DJIA -951
SP -104.96
10s 0.909% -0.8bp at new record low yield.
No special news COVID-19 continues to overhang the markets. I assume most will be avoiding equity longs into the weekend...

london red  17:51:48 GMT - 03/05/2020  
new hour coming up lets see if they close under 3033. if they do then topside negater abv 3060 (abv 3085 bullish). if they dont close below u are looking for early hour rally then fade back to lows or at least under 3033 at close of hour.

london red  17:46:48 GMT - 03/05/2020  
2973/75 is the big one today. if they blow that and stay below, the topside is done today unless someone cuts/qe etc

Mtl JP  17:43:21 GMT - 03/05/2020  
3k on hunger radar

london red  17:38:06 GMT - 03/05/2020  
0648 a biggie but watch out for the feds silent buyers

Mtl JP  17:28:28 GMT - 03/05/2020  
usyen 106.45 at S
below should poop to 106.05 fairly fast

Israel  MacroMicro  17:26:44 GMT - 03/05/2020  
red, you and that 2600 :)

starting to question my strategy lol

Mtl JP  17:25:52 GMT - 03/05/2020  
next S 3036.5-3034.50ish

london red  17:19:05 GMT - 03/05/2020  
lol only trade relatively small fry downside, big bucks saved for buying the dip. presently highly in cash hoping for 2600 so likely it wont go down that far!

Mtl JP  17:10:58 GMT - 03/05/2020  
red plz step down with one of your gazzilions on that neckline

london red  17:00:05 GMT - 03/05/2020  
200dam to fight but shs hourly triggered on break under 3033 neckline which takes you to 3k. hourly up channel the topside trigger will be 3070 during next hours trade.

Mtl JP  16:49:19 GMT - 03/05/2020  
some buyers at 3055 snp

dc CB  16:48:18 GMT - 03/05/2020  
Covid-19 Arrives In Nevada, Tennessee

Mtl JP  16:41:39 GMT - 03/05/2020  
3061 poof

Mtl JP  16:33:47 GMT - 03/05/2020  
some arguing going on in SnP between 3080 and 3070

Mtl JP  16:31:51 GMT - 03/05/2020  
MaMi - no interest in garbage heap of history

dc CB  16:31:23 GMT - 03/05/2020  
as seen on ZH tues...part of a longer analysis.
re: CTAs quant based trading (aka big managers of OTPM )

as Nomura's Charlie McElligott warned, a close above 3079 today would see the signal go from current "+16%" (long) back to "+100%" signal, leading to further aggressive buying and more shorts squeezed), and that sparked the gamma flip melting futures up towards yesterday's rate-cut highs...

Israel  MacroMicro  16:28:38 GMT - 03/05/2020  

Elizabeth goes, BOJ comes in?

london red  16:25:21 GMT - 03/05/2020  
hourly close at or below 3061 reqd to get dome downside but while abv 200dma there is risk of another run at 3125 and a big tail on daily candle

Mtl JP  16:23:15 GMT - 03/05/2020  
USDYEN 106.72
if 106.50 breaks S
106.05/00 comes on trgt radar

london red  16:23:03 GMT - 03/05/2020  
hourly cash close channel now 3069, its coming from below so hourly close abv reqd to draw in buyers.

Israel  MacroMicro  16:13:42 GMT - 03/05/2020  
yes Elizabeth don't go
EVEN you going away to make wonders with my LOADED

Mtl JP  16:12:52 GMT - 03/05/2020  
fwiw former rockstar of cbanking carney on yakdeck at top of hour
45 minutes later BoC's Poloz yaks on "Economic Progress" - or lack of it

Israel  MacroMicro  16:12:43 GMT - 03/05/2020  
Elizabeth please don't go
Warren we need

Mtl JP  16:08:17 GMT - 03/05/2020  
red I see jumping around 3070 atm

london red  15:27:57 GMT - 03/05/2020  
s&p tried and so failed at 3067 hourly up channel

Mtl JP  15:18:21 GMT - 03/05/2020  
18/03/20 19:00 AA USFRB Fed Rates 1.00% 1.25%
from gv's econ calnd'r

Mtl JP  15:11:25 GMT - 03/05/2020  
CB 14:52 thks but I could never translate it into practical tactical profiTrade. u ?

US 10yr .93 = players telling FED gang CUT !! (on the 18th)
more moRE !!

Israel  MacroMicro  15:10:07 GMT - 03/05/2020  
US indices

stop bit under Tuesday's lows probably to hold for two weeks. waiting for coming dips to LOAD.

Mtl JP  14:59:46 GMT - 03/05/2020  
PAR 14:11 re Give me a break.

crank it uP

dc CB  14:55:40 GMT - 03/05/2020  
NYC Mayor Says 2 Newest Covid-19 Patients Likely Infected In The US; Virus Spreads To New Jersey

dc CB  14:52:18 GMT - 03/05/2020  
Mtl JP 14:05 GMT 03/05/2020
all that is missing is liquidity issues

as you requested:
REPO today Not Responding to Powell Rate Cut

14 day Term: 72.550BILLION submitted for what all know is a MAX 20.000 Bln that will be accepted.

london red  14:50:24 GMT - 03/05/2020  
JP mkt is trying to do v shaped recovery from bad data that is yet to happen! Its impatient, they want to get back to normal but hirus and data must get worse before better.

Mtl JP  14:50:04 GMT - 03/05/2020  
DJIA off ~700pts 20mins in

Israel  MacroMicro  14:49:37 GMT - 03/05/2020  
2850/900-3150/200 as long FACTS doesn't show other.

good luck :)

Israel  MacroMicro  14:47:20 GMT - 03/05/2020  
for me it's simple no on

those accumulated toilet paper to "combat" the virus are about to sell risk now. of course, I am buying risk when they sell.

Minneapolis DRS2  14:11:31 GMT - 03/05/2020  
The WHO president is not just incompetent...he is corrupt as well. The WHO is better off without him, but who knows how much of the organization suffers from the same problems.

PAR 14:11:09 GMT - 03/05/2020  
Give me a break. There is always a bid. But maybe not at the price you want. That is capitalism.l

PAR 14:08:48 GMT - 03/05/2020  
This time Trump is probably right. The WHO went from NO PROBLEM to it is a PANDEMIC CRISIS in a few days.

So stop the funding or at least fire its incompetent president.
Or better do both.

Mtl JP  14:05:45 GMT - 03/05/2020  
all that is missing is liquidity issues - i.e no bids from bidders

Mtl JP  13:55:27 GMT - 03/05/2020  
lets see
08:45 Dow poised to give up much of Wednesday’s 1,200-point gain as coronavirus fear stalks markets

08:44 President Trump disputes WHO’s coronavirus fatality rate: ‘3.4% is really a false number. Now this is just my hunch.’


Mtl JP  13:52:15 GMT - 03/05/2020  
I was just reading your red 19:12 GMT March 4

markets may be daft , but atm seem skittish
despite yesty's rally

london red  12:30:28 GMT - 03/05/2020  
because mkt opened near yest highs and went str8 down there is no wick on daily candle and with an opening gap to the upside to fill, there is the risk of a rally at some stage off 200dma or around 3000. only a break under 2975 negates any upside all things being equal (ie no fed intervention cuts etc). as long as there is no tail on todays candle (sets up for 3180/3200/3214 if so), then tomorrow can see a very bad down day.

PAR 12:29:34 GMT - 03/05/2020  
GS predicts German yields to stay negative till 2025.
That is if the world still exists in 2025.


Mtl JP  12:27:57 GMT - 03/05/2020  
keeping an eye on DLR's bias

Mtl JP  12:25:34 GMT - 03/05/2020  
red ... a rinse-repeat of February 20, 2020
Goldman Sachs warns of stock market correction

squid rules

AT Trader john  10:19:45 GMT - 03/05/2020  
Early Thursday
DJ: -479
SP: -61.6

2-yr 0.629% -0.1
Spread 10s-2s +34.6 (+27.8)

US: 0.975% -1.7
UK: 0.378% +0.7
DE: -0.636% -0.8

Spot Rate (Pivot Point)
EURUSD 1.1171 (1.1138)
GBPUSD 1.2928 (1.2737)
EURGBP 0.8642 (0.8682)
USDJPY 106.82 (107.31)

this week 1.1036-1.1212 (176) pips

thu: 1.1119-1.1177 (58)
wed: 1.1096-1.1186 (90)
tue: 1.1096-1.1212 (116)
mon: 1.1036-1.1090 (54)
fri: 1.0951-1.1053 (102)
thu: 1.0880-1.1006 (126)

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50-day avg: 1.1030
100-day avg: 1.1057
200-day avg: 1.1097

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AT Trader john  10:07:03 GMT - 03/05/2020  

GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
AA: Major, A: High, B: Medium

Thu 5 Mar 2019
A 13:30 US- Weekly Jobless
A 13:30 US- Productivity
Fri 6 Mar 2019
A 13:30 US/CA- Employment
A 13:30 US/CA- Trade

london red  09:35:01 GMT - 03/05/2020  
goldman on the wires on uk/sterling. interesting. says expects 50 or 25 bps cut for march meeting. thats right after comments from new boe chief bailey that cut now isnt warranted.

london red  09:33:37 GMT - 03/05/2020  
euro thru 11145 daily channel. now looks to 11180/90 topside. stops abv 11239 big ones

Minneapolis DRS2  09:21:09 GMT - 03/05/2020  
Judging from the positioning of the possible stops on the AT charts, it appears that it would be easier to trip the stops into 1300-1400 than it would be to go back down. That's not to say that it can't happen, but so far price isn't dropping. It's dipping and bounces right back.

london red  08:49:09 GMT - 03/05/2020  
while abv 200dma biased to try higher - euro drops like a stone once rallies are over, so you will know about it. nicer to try to fade high but not always poss, though holding abv 200dma suggests we will another test higher which may be the one to fade, we shall see.

Mtl JP  08:36:09 GMT - 03/05/2020  
EURO 1.1130
Confused atm

london red  08:16:53 GMT - 03/05/2020  
china put everything on lock down because they can. pmis are in the 20's and 30's showing just how much things tailed off because of the lock down. and because of this they manage to limit the outbreak for now, though due to the way the virus spreads it likely that it will have an opportunity to infect everyone that is not isolated from society. how bad it affects the young and otherwise well population determines how fast output starts to claw back.

PAR 07:58:06 GMT - 03/05/2020  
Situation in China seems to be under control.

Mtl JP  07:49:03 GMT - 03/05/2020  
can someone please explain what has made chinese stocks rocket

chinese consumer ?

AT Trader john  20:22:57 GMT - 03/04/2020  
Late Wednesday
DJ: +508
SP: 50.6

2-yr 0.669% -15.8
Spread 10s-2s +27.8 (+29.6)

US: 0.947% -0.7
UK: 0.342% -4.8
DE: -0.629% -1.2

Spot Rate (Pivot Point)
EURUSD 1.1133 (1.1138)
GBPUSD 1.2868 (1.2737)
EURGBP 0.8650 (0.8682)
USDJPY 107.38 (107.31)

this week 1.1036-1.1212 (176) pips

wed: 1.1096-1.1186 (90)
tue: 1.1096-1.1212 (116)
mon: 1.1036-1.1090 (54)
fri: 1.0951-1.1053 (102)
thu: 1.0880-1.1006 (126)

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100-day avg: 1.1057
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AT Trader john  17:31:02 GMT - 03/04/2020  

GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
AA: Major, A: High, B: Medium

Thu 5 Mar 2019
A 13:30 US- Weekly Jobless
A 13:30 US- Productivity
Fri 6 Mar 2019
A 13:30 US/CA- Employment
A 13:30 US/CA- Trade

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GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
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Mon 27 May 2019
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