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Paris ib  07:59:13 GMT - 04/01/2020  
"According to a report by S&P Global Market Intelligence, $4.1 trillion worth of corporate debt will mature in 2020."

There is a huge bubble in corporate debt... and now the Beer Virus and:

"This is the greatest corporate bailout in world history and it's structured to make sure the super-corporations thrive and put genuine small businesses on life support..... "

And still the questions remain: is there even a VIRUS? No sign of it in total deaths. But, hey, the-powers-that-be wouldn't lie to us, would they?

Corporate Debt in the U.S.

swiss frank  06:48:53 GMT - 04/01/2020  
Its over already.

Happy April Fools Day.

Paris ib  06:46:28 GMT - 04/01/2020  
"a) The Fed will leverage the bill’s $454 million bailout slush fund into $4.5 trillion, and will hand it out through the New York Fed.

b) To ensure that they don’t have to answer embarrassing questions about which of their cronies got the money, the bill suspends the Freedom of Information Act for the Fed."

M. Auerback

Paris ib  06:42:15 GMT - 04/01/2020  
"Why did Wal-Mart hit a 52-week high in March? Why is it up in the month despite an implosion in the economy?....

It's because their Mom & Pop competition is going to get destroyed in the next few months.

Why is McDonald's bouncing back so quickly even though the stores are only open for drive-thru and delivery?..... It's because that family sandwich shop you ate at twice a month will be gone by September and McDonald's will still be there.

This is the greatest corporate bailout in world history and it's structured to make sure the super-corporations thrive and put genuine small businesses on life support.....

The Fed is out there buying every investment grade corporate bond it can find. The small-and-medium business lending programs aren't even set up. And once they are, they permit lending to companies with 500 employees... per location.

Do you think any of that money is going to flow to Main Street Hardware? Or Mom & Pop's Sandwich Shop?

Last week set the all-time record for investment-grade corporate debt issuance. They're loading up with Federal Reserve money to swoop in and buy up all the companies that suddenly can't get a loan.

That's how the market can rally 20% from the bottom with Q2 GDP estimates as low as -34%."

A. Button

Israel  MacroMicro  03:58:29 GMT - 03/31/2020  
here comes ib in explosive mood :)

Gulash express

Paris ib  18:04:30 GMT - 03/30/2020  
We have a time frame: all of this nonsense is supposed to end late April / early May. What exactly 'they' want to achieve by then is anyone's guess. But that time line is being repeated around the world so I'm taking it as a given.

Meanwhile some people are asking: Is it, in fact, a virus? No virus has been isolated. Still, facts don't matter for the purposes of the AGENDA, whatever that may be.

Apart from the suspension of democracy and the imposition of martial law, does anyone have an idea where 'they' are going with this?

Dr Thomas Cowan

PAR 16:31:08 GMT - 03/26/2020  
Free market economics and creative destruction no longer exist.

Oligarchs, Wallstreet, corrupt politicians and central bankers run the world.

Chinese central planning is doing much better than European and US central planning.

Paris ib  16:25:07 GMT - 03/26/2020  
fs I totally get that 'idea of the month' is that democracies don't work and we need total Government control of everything and everyone to deal with big problems, I just don't agree. From where I stand it seems totalitarian regimes crumble... even the ones that masquerade as democracies, like the EU. They don't work, they don't endure. Top down IMVHO is crAp.

kl fs  11:07:32 GMT - 03/26/2020  
No, you unfortunately totally missed the point, it is not about having a perfect system or government. China is not perfect, far from it. But in situation like this when you needed it most, China's swift action and lockdown proved to be succesful. You cannot possibly have that in western style democracy world when they keep arguing and pointing fingers instead of doing what is necessary to get it contained properly. You cannot possibly use force to discipline spoiled citizens who always crave for netflix, pizza and tacos delivery, toilet paper, etc etc instead of accepting whats given in emergency situation, you will have social riots quicker than you solve the problem. Anyway, we are talking about effective method. Just my two cents. Next, onto trading...

Paris ib  10:51:40 GMT - 03/26/2020  
Yeah China is the blueprint for total control alright. Lovely. Sounds great. Kinda explains to me why so many Chinese are seeking to leave. Another fun place to live, NOT.

Push comes to shove I will always throw my lot in with the great unwashed, trust the venacular and not the official truth, choose a working class option over an 'exclusive'... not for me technocratic total control by a bunch of proto-fascist dweebs. But hey that's just me.

Trumps breaks the quarantine... and things start to move. Till then, watch and wait.

David Icke

kl fs  10:35:10 GMT - 03/26/2020  
There is a limit to what you can use army for. Spoiled western world cannot handle the lockdown for many months. Only China can.
When the people had enough and they dont have food to eat and money to spend or pay debt, army will also be of no use. Could easily trigger social revolution.

Paris ib  10:23:37 GMT - 03/26/2020  
"President Emmanuel Macron said he would call on the army to help the country. A government spokeswoman said the 15-day lockdown measures could be extended, with a final decision expected “in the coming days”"

Extend and pretend.

"We’re supposed to blindly trust apocalyptic models produced by panic-mongering political hacks, but ignore the man who says the drug brought him back from the brink of death, even though his story can be easily verified and theirs cannot."

The fullscale censorship against treatment continues in France, where obtaining Chloroquine is impossible at present.

The Agenda moves on. Martial Law is extended and spreads across the world and suddenly we discover the kind of world we really live in.

Meanwhile may I suggest the USD is a sell not a buy. gl gts

Didier Raoult and Chloroquine

dc CB  00:38:49 GMT - 03/22/2020  
*dc CB 14:57:07 GMT - 03/20/2020
Jan 24----Senate Impeachment Hearings were ongoing at the time.
Rememeber---the blame game re- the US response to the Corona virus that's been going on
*Mtl JP 14:51:20 GMT - 03/20/2020
sofar that is not illegal
what is the implication of the post ?
*swiss frank 14:50:57 GMT - 03/20/2020
Were they previously barred from doing so?
*dc CB 14:49:19 GMT - 03/20/2020
Ghoul Trading.
He apparently sold the top.
But only if they....

Timeline for duplicity --- but will they this get a pass? Tucker Carlson lays it out 15minsfor you

Caribbean! Rafe...  23:37:45 GMT - 03/21/2020  
Abel// You'll see...

Paris ib  05:49:52 GMT - 03/21/2020  
The Emperor is Naked

This is the fall of the Soviet Union but this time it's the States

What happens when the National Guard / the Army / the Police figure out they are not getting paid? Or at least they are not getting paid with anything useful.

The Wizard of Oz... there is nothing behind the curtain. They are flat broke.

It's them and us alright and us just won. These morons are bluffing. They got nothing. Who wins? People who come out of their houses and treat each other civilly (is that even a word?). Does that happen in the States? Wait till they release all those prisoners who they have been brutalizing for decades.

dc CB  02:44:11 GMT - 03/21/2020  
National Guard Deploys In Baltimore As City Enforces Restrictive Curfew

Mtl JP  02:31:35 GMT - 03/21/2020  
as of this post:

a) ~70 million americans - more than 1 in 5 - are under general stay-at-home orders.

b) more than additional 2 million are expected to apply for unemployment benefits next week.

In canada, corona_V numbers are golloping uP as well.
justin trudeau's govt is suddenly massively going into war-time like "mobilizing" of manufacturing to in-canada made medical supplies.

Odds are that next week we will wake up to new massive numbers, none boding positively for the economy.

In the meantime chinese communists are basking in claims they has beaten the bug.

Jkt Abel  00:43:55 GMT - 03/21/2020  
Rafe, what sort of mid term correction you mean for stocks and euro? As if we are not already moving a lot?

Caribbean! Rafe...  00:17:06 GMT - 03/21/2020  
Big Problems does not always apply in the negative sense, as whatever it is that will happen may be considered in their books as a big thing in the normal course of FED life...

And I repeat again throttling a major currency will have long term and damaging effects on the other major world economies. They did this with USD/JPY and GBP/JPY etc. etc.. and we ended up with Coronavirus...

Caribbean! Rafe...  00:06:36 GMT - 03/21/2020  
Sleep Tight? It's Lard-Oil season!!!

I hope the FED is prepared to deal with BIG problems. The upcoming medium term EUR/USD trend is going to cause massive dollar moves and a stock market correction!!! and it has kept me awake all night.

dc CB  23:13:25 GMT - 03/20/2020  
fwiw: for all you gambler annon members out there.

have a good weekend.

and read this from ZH...sleep tight. don't let the bedbugs bite....yeh that used to be a concern when staying in a NYC hotel- bedbugs getting into your luggage and showing up later in your home. Oh bring me back to the simpler times.

Just work from home ---U got pc and an internet connection. micronanoseconds be damed

dc CB  22:31:16 GMT - 03/20/2020  
D.C. extends school closure and mass gathering bans through April 27, following first covid-19 death

The decision by Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) comes after a fatality and a spike in known cases.
WashPost PM updates

Mtl JP  20:44:09 GMT - 03/20/2020  
no confidence in the fiat sprayers

london red  19:39:44 GMT - 03/20/2020  
looks like thats the towel. 2334/19. close under that lot even better for more downside. but, once you get your lower low, it does mean you are open to pullback rallies more than just intrada. so much easier if monday heavy down

london red  18:25:11 GMT - 03/20/2020  
JP, another run at 2350, but not coming at best time, bottom of hour - a good time for reversals. if they can run at it around quarter to the hour, you are more confident of a st bust.

Mtl JP  17:36:35 GMT - 03/20/2020  
DJT on national lockdown:
I do not think so

LIVE: Press Briefing with Coronavirus Task Force

Mtl JP  17:00:12 GMT - 03/20/2020  
gloves between powers that be and market probably coming off

who ll prevail is an open Q imo

Mtl JP  16:57:00 GMT - 03/20/2020  
as S&P testeth and bounceth N OFF 2350
looks like herculian effort but
king kong keeping nuts for now

Paris ib  16:13:28 GMT - 03/20/2020  
"Andrew M. Cuomo told New York's 19 million residents to stay indoors ... its third coronavirus-related death and had added 63 confirmed virus infections"

Yeah that makes sense.

They wanna close the markets. Because that's where the real problems are and the markets are in New York.

Paris ib  16:06:17 GMT - 03/20/2020  
So do they get to close financial markets? Is this where they are going?

dc CB  15:54:58 GMT - 03/20/2020  
DeBlazzzzzzio got his wish, though Gov Cuomo refused to use the phrase 'shelter in place'

Mtl JP  15:34:47 GMT - 03/20/2020  
dlrcad starting to show sensitivity to crude's price movement

Mtl JP  15:26:01 GMT - 03/20/2020  
hear the ripping of king kong's ballz ?
or chink chink in account ?

Mtl JP  15:22:14 GMT - 03/20/2020  
s&P 2389 ...
timber !

Mtl JP  15:20:36 GMT - 03/20/2020  
witch ... or sorcerer ?
a new plan:

The Federal Reserve on Friday announced a new program to help the municipal-bond market. In a new plan, the Fed will expand its money market mutual fund program to allow banks to get loans from the central bank using assets purchased from single state and other tax-exempt municipal money market mutual funds. The municipal bond market has seen yields soar as investors pulled their cash out in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

By Greg Robb

london red  15:11:52 GMT - 03/20/2020  
ive got 2462 on the cash former inverse shs neck. but if they pierce theres a collection of interest around 2500. still, holding highs into wknd a big ask imo. king kong balls ahead of potential us city shutdowns and certainly lrg increases in virus. certainly u would think that out ways any chance of a cure over wknd.

Mtl JP  14:59:59 GMT - 03/20/2020  
2438 ...
start selling on approach to 50 ?

dc CB  14:57:07 GMT - 03/20/2020  
Jan 24----Senate Impeachment Hearings were ongoing at the time.

Rememeber---the blame game re- the US response to the Corona virus that's been going on since the beginning of March, when the cases started to rise.

Mtl JP  14:53:20 GMT - 03/20/2020  
my barometer of insanity in the market is uP this morning

Mtl JP  14:51:20 GMT - 03/20/2020  
sofar that is not illegal
what is the implication of the post ?

swiss frank  14:50:57 GMT - 03/20/2020  
Were they previously barred from doing so?

dc CB  14:49:19 GMT - 03/20/2020  
Ghoul Trading.
Sara A. Carter✔@SaraCarterDC
Selling stocks:
According to financial disclosures Sens.:

- Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.),
- James Inhofe (R-Okla.),
- Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.)
- Richard Burr (R-N.C.)

Each sold stocks within days of the Senate holding a classified briefing on Jan. 24.
10:26 AM - Mar 20, 2020

Mtl JP  14:47:24 GMT - 03/20/2020  
By what time are those four witches POOF ?

Paris ib  14:44:50 GMT - 03/20/2020  
Chloroquine treats the infected and prevents infection.

Not very helpful information for those planning Martial Law on the back of a supposed pandemic but the truth nevertheless.


Paris ib  14:39:54 GMT - 03/20/2020  
Red this is a giant scam. If you die in a hospital in Italy these days they write down VIRUS and then rush your body off to be cremated. Cancer, heart failure... don't matter it's all the Virus!

Conte should be thrown in jail.

Won't happen, Tony Blair is still out and about.

london red  14:30:56 GMT - 03/20/2020  
ib, old and new treatments appear to reduce effect if caught v early. it seems those arriving at hospitals with breathing issues cannot be helped with such treatments.

Paris ib  14:23:46 GMT - 03/20/2020  
While most if not all the traditional media make the case for Martial Law everywhere (and forever) it seems some over the counter drugs offer effective treatment.

The would-be fascists would-be rulers of the world (Conte, Macron etc.) aren't gonna walk away just like that. Egg all ovet their faces and, in any case, the agenda is the agenda.

The Treatment

Mtl JP  14:11:41 GMT - 03/20/2020  
GBP 1.1815
bouce off its low in pavlov reaction to BoE cut and ne QE
Qtn is about bounce's half-life

Mtl JP  13:14:58 GMT - 03/20/2020  
CRUDE at 25.4ish
at precarious S

Mtl JP  12:51:30 GMT - 03/20/2020  
given public numbers of china-virus propagation in NY, namely in NYC,
I am expecting that within 48hrs, NYC will declare martial law

naturally, I can be wrong in my 48hr estimate

Mtl JP  12:30:38 GMT - 03/20/2020  
made-in-china virus now appearing in the sports world
including monaco F-1
sofar ~500 major sports events currently POOF!

swiss frank  11:47:48 GMT - 03/20/2020  
Human beings basic instinct is survival/survival of the species. As societies we lament when people get sick and die without a fight. Thus despite what some might see as nonsense, insanity, etc, government officials intervene. Failure to do so, despite what may not be justified by absolute numbers, are motivated as much by fear and uncertainty as anything else. As we have seen in several countries failure to react results in negative consequences- more infections, hysteria, health systems being overrun and not able to support legit health problems, and on and on. Preparedness? Forget it. Impossible for something like this. Drastic measures unfolding better late than never? Maybe in the context of the above is justified. Recently knowing what was unfolding in China and Italy, the Spain health minister allowed the womens day march of more than 100,000 people in Madrid (now one of the worse infected population centers) to proceed. You think he regrets that now? Politicians are incompetent in general and even moreso when confronted by first time adversity. Right or wrong, justified or not here it is.

Apologies for the non-market related diatribe....

Paris ib  11:38:17 GMT - 03/20/2020  
Soldiers on the street in Milan now.

Apparently most deaths in hospital in Italy of old people are being attributed to the VIRUS... regardless of underlying illnesses. According to people working in the sector in Italy.

In Italy

Paris ib  11:23:19 GMT - 03/20/2020  
Population of California: 40 million circa.

The kids on Spring Break have the right idea.

National Guard mobilised in California? To do what exactly?

It seems that the only way we fix this is on the streets, peacefully, but on the streets. Is that why Macron caved to the Yellow Vests? Get 'em off the streets?

Only questions at the moment.

Paris ib  11:04:24 GMT - 03/20/2020  
Deaths attributed to the Virus in California: 18


dc CB  10:58:33 GMT - 03/20/2020  
California Gov Gavin(Sanctuary State-OpenBorder) Newsom last evening has issued a state-wide "stay at home" order amid the virus outbreak - the strongest and most restrictive measure passed by a governor yet.

Newsom says it's not a law enforcement mandate.
"We will have social pressure that will encourage people to do the right thing," he says.

Paris ib  10:15:20 GMT - 03/20/2020  
"British Army is set to be on streets for up to six months as 20,000 military personnel are already on standby.... "

From the fabulous Daily Mail

Paris ib  10:12:42 GMT - 03/20/2020  
Italy and the use of Ribavirin for treating the VIRUS:

" “Ribavirin may decrease the number of red blood cells in your body. This is called anemia and it can be life-threatening in people who have heart disease or circulation problems.”

“The Rome-based institute has examined medical records of... coronavirus fatalities....

“More than 75% had high blood pressure, about 35% had diabetes and a third suffered from heart disease.”...

Use this anti-viral on people with heart disease or poor circulation and the outcome is unlikely to be good....

Cranky Jon

Paris ib  10:05:29 GMT - 03/20/2020  
You know things are tricky when you have to check the theorists to get a handle on what is going on. :-))))

Was he right? Looks like it.

Paris ib  09:45:46 GMT - 03/20/2020  
Media hysteria continues unabated. In Australia they are slowly increasing isolation measure, have delayed he budget, cut interest rates, started QE.

Anything happens? It's the fault of the Virus

Martial Law is good for you: embrace it.

Anyhows, back at the farm it appears that Chloroquine can pretty much cure the virus for those infected. The Martial Law advocates are pushing back on that one. We better wait, we better huddle at home, we should give the government more draconian powers (just for your protection you do understand).... well creeps good luck with that.

"The drug chloroquine has been marketed for over 60 years by the Leverkusen-based pharmaceutical and agrochemical company Bayer under the name Resochin. In November 2019, the group stopped selling..... " WTF?

Britain has a ban on export of the drug and the French Government has pre-empted all supplies.

The Media still remains the litmus test but, hey, if this goes ahead in the States and works (which I think it will) what excuse exactly is that d**khead Conte gonna use to keep the Italians locked down.

Still the nationalisation of everything and the total control of your movements proceeds as if FACTS DON'T MATTER. Which, in the new paradigm, they don't. Weapons of mass destruction anyone?

Bayer stopped selling in November 2019?

Paris ib  17:04:52 GMT - 03/19/2020  
So now what? Do they call the whole coup off?

100 percent cure?

swiss frank  11:58:48 GMT - 03/19/2020  
Reinsert shock face emoji X10

Mtl JP  11:52:36 GMT - 03/19/2020  
Frank IF u made use of a hospital and had a blood test: too late
ditto for ancestry & similar

swiss frank  11:50:01 GMT - 03/19/2020  
Wait til governments start requiring all citizens to give DNA samples


Mtl JP  11:40:07 GMT - 03/19/2020  
ib - Q of week (and months and years)
I am far from prince-hood category, closer to peasantry.
as such, I view my job as to
1) avoid frontal contact with the telephone posts and hydrants on the path of my life and
2) taking q from dogs: make posi-use of the telephone posts and hydrants on the path.

Paris ib  11:33:20 GMT - 03/19/2020  
JP - Question of week: do we all want to sacrifice our lifestyles, our livilihoods, our freedoms so that we can keep funding the U.S. Government which is better known as the Military Industrial Complex?

That's where we are. And the irony is they are using Martial Law to shut everything down so they can ensure those cash flows keep coming.

The Military Industrial Complex

Mtl JP  10:43:28 GMT - 03/19/2020  
EU's Barnier reveals he has coronavirus
- msm

Mtl JP  10:39:07 GMT - 03/19/2020  
Paris ib - apparently the IOC did not get the memo

The IOC remains fully committed to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, and with more than four months to go before the Games there is no need for any drastic decisions at this stage;

HK [email protected]  10:24:07 GMT - 03/19/2020  

I LOVE MARTIAL LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paris ib  10:21:39 GMT - 03/19/2020  
A massive crisis in Europe (like the Asian crisis previously) allows for and encourages capital flows to the U.S. First they came for Asia and I said nothing because I am not Asian. Then they came for Greece and I said nothing because I am not Greek. And now they have come for the whole of Europe.... anyone gonna speak out? Think not.

Must we replace the dollar?

Paris ib  10:11:42 GMT - 03/19/2020  
FWIW I think they are moving so quickly on this with such a flimsy reason because they are batshit scared. Which is interesting. The tell: Macron's complete and unexpected about face on pension (and all other) reforms when he announced quarantine measures in France. These people are not in a strong position otherwise that would not have happened.

What they need and want is our total belief and co-operation. And neither is a given.

The central problem is probably the U.S. external and Government debt and deficit, which... irony of irony relies on China for funding. If this is Asymmetrical Warfare - as Escobar suggests - the results are already out. IMVHO the people in lock down have lost.

China locked in hybrid war with US

Paris ib  09:14:43 GMT - 03/19/2020  
Video of the moment

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

Paris ib  09:01:00 GMT - 03/19/2020  
"America is said to be facing a coronavirus that is not as virulent or deadly than the seasonal influenza virus this flu season, yet the nation is being placed in quarantine and the national guard is said to be readying for “urban lockdown.” "

Watch the Press. That's the litmus test.

Right now the Main Stream Media is on full-on 'ALERT'. So 'measures' become more draconian.

Bill Sardi

Paris ib  08:51:49 GMT - 03/19/2020  
2018 - "On Aug. 3, the Kushners reach a deal to bailout 666 Fifth Avenue through a 99-year lease to Brookfield Asset Management for about $1.1 billion in rent for the entire 99-year term paid upfront, easing their financial troubles by allowing them to pay off most of what they owe lenders on the building. The Qatar Investment Authority is the second-largest investor in Brookfield."

As an aside.... and just for interest.

666 Fifth Avenue

Paris ib  08:49:01 GMT - 03/19/2020  
"With the federal deficit already running above $1 trillion in the full-employment economy of January and February, the US Treasury is likely to issue more than $2.5 trillion in new debt during the next 12 months to cover the trillion-dollar stimulus proposed yesterday by the Trump Administration, and cover lost revenues due to slumping economic activity."

And then there is roll over. Quarterly refundings are huge already. And in Financial Markets the real problem for the United States is here: the funding and refunding of the Federal Goverment. 666 30 year yield as a signal? Oh yes.

David P. Goldman

Paris ib  08:38:01 GMT - 03/19/2020  
"The working hypothesis of coronavirus as a very powerful but not Armageddon-provoking bio-weapon unveils it as a perfect vehicle for widespread social control – on a global scale."

Pepe Escobar

Paris ib  08:36:16 GMT - 03/19/2020  
"A virus that has thus far killed just over 5,000 worldwide and less than 100 in the United States? By contrast, tuberculosis, an old disease not much discussed these days, killed nearly 1.6 million people in 2017."

"The head of the neoconservative Atlantic Council wrote an editorial this week urging NATO to pass an Article 5 declaration of war against the COVID-19 virus!"

Facts don't matter right now.

Watch the Press. If the panic-mongering continues then Martial Law will get way worse. Now in Britain they are talking about a Universal Income. Bottom line: you get a pittance to survive, we nationalise everything, control your movements and take away all your freedom. But we let you live, sort of.

Ron Paul

dc CB  04:14:04 GMT - 03/17/2020  
another 'sanctuary city' area.

Six Bay Area counties announced “shelter in place” orders for all residents on Monday — the strictest measure of its kind yet in the continental United States — directing everyone to stay inside their homes and away from others as much as possible for the next three weeks in a desperate move to curb the rapid spread of coronavirus across the region.

The directive was set to begin at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday and involves San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin, Contra Costa and Alameda counties — a combined population of more than 6.7 million. It is to stay in place until at least April 7.

Bay Area orders ‘shelter in place

dc CB  02:03:20 GMT - 03/17/2020  
one more time

Florida ---today

dc CB  02:02:22 GMT - 03/17/2020  
Spring Break is ON BABY...parti 'cauz the young can't die.

dc CB  02:00:37 GMT - 03/17/2020  
could this be why colleges and universities Don't want students to return to campus after spring break...and chose conduct the rest of the semester On-Line.

GENEVE Don  23:15:20 GMT - 03/16/2020  
I am living in Switzerland...

Mtl JP  22:41:44 GMT - 03/16/2020  
lots n lots of various nation's fin ministers either planning or announcing gigagobs for supporting economy - fiscally - often by way of infrastructure projects (roads, hospitals, schools and such)

I blame the G7 for the lemming behaviour

Mtl JP  22:05:57 GMT - 03/16/2020  
Gold - atm - goes up n down depending on how stock marging calls are forcing folks to scramble for cash to cover them m/calls.
imo only

Israel  MacroMicro  21:58:46 GMT - 03/16/2020  

how gold to play from now on?
to breakup the siamic twins relationship with indices and cheap money or to go together into blackhole of bubble assets?

Mtl JP  21:47:21 GMT - 03/16/2020  
IF ... as this opinion opines
U.S. factories are likely to close because of the coronavirus’ supply-chain shock

hellooooooo inflation... (q of supply n demand)

inflation AND economic slowdown/recession => interest rate back uPPP
or how to destroy "money"

Mtl JP  21:21:14 GMT - 03/16/2020  
all these shutdowns of everything around the world...

s got to be good for cleaning up some the ozone layer and other good-for-environment thinggies --- catch-up w/paris accord's metric goals

Paris ib  21:00:33 GMT - 03/16/2020  
We are at war with this virus (apparently) now can we please identify the war criminals.

Paris ib  20:59:00 GMT - 03/16/2020  
In Italy Sgarbi wants to know:

- why are the churches closed and the tabacconists open?

He cites a number of Italian virologists who believe the virus is not fatal. They talk of common flu. The man is a show worth watching if you speak Italian.

He notes Conte was not elected.... a number of politicians in Italy have been appointed and never really got voted in like the very popular (sarcasm) Monti.

Sgarbi doubts the story

dc CB  20:45:22 GMT - 03/16/2020  
“We will be denying entry to Canada to people who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents,” said @JustinTrudeau. “Some designated exceptions including for air crews, diplomats, immediate family members of Canadian citizens and, at this time, U.S. citizens.”

dc CB  20:40:28 GMT - 03/16/2020  
another liberal leader turns into a 'racist xenophobe....'

JUSTin Time

Canada closes borders to foreign travelers

PAR 19:34:13 GMT - 03/16/2020  
If you can't drive you don't need a car .

Mtl JP  19:28:56 GMT - 03/16/2020  
ya. the chinese drastically reduced buying cars over a month ago too

Mtl JP  19:27:14 GMT - 03/16/2020  
President Trump recommending to not gather in groups >10

london red  19:25:53 GMT - 03/16/2020  
JP it appears coronavirus confirmed what everyone suspected. no one is buying cars anymore.

Paris ib  19:15:12 GMT - 03/16/2020  
Borders closed for 30 days for non Europeans

Israel  MacroMicro  19:14:59 GMT - 03/16/2020  
about Renault, 18k job losses means 18m lives saved by not driving that crap.

Paris ib  19:13:50 GMT - 03/16/2020  
I love how he walked away from all his proposed reforms which were hugely unpopular.

Taxi and hotels will be mobilised for the fight against the virus.

Mtl JP  19:12:16 GMT - 03/16/2020  
in France Renault closing down for coronaV (18,000 jobless)
most all other carmakers to shut doen imminently as well

Paris ib  19:11:22 GMT - 03/16/2020  
Macron says: we are at war.

With this virus.

All reforms will be delayed. Also the Pension reforms will be delayed.

So there: one for the Yellow Vests !! :-)))

Paris ib  19:08:15 GMT - 03/16/2020  
15 days.... no gatherings.

Work from home if possible. Do not go outside unless absolutely necessary.

From Midday tomorrow.

To not travel unless necessary. There will be checks.

Elections postponed.

Paris ib  18:19:36 GMT - 03/16/2020  
You are not pretending they need the excuse to be LEGITIMATE are you? Look they have an excuse, they're going with what they have.

In any case there are those that suggest that the whole AID thing was a scam too.

Cranky Jon

Paris ib  18:17:30 GMT - 03/16/2020  
Slightly surreal.... waiting for the dweeb Macron to tell everyone they can't leave home except for emergencies.... for 45 days.

You gotta laugh.... here's one for the: the orange man is bad crowd.

Funny though.

Donnie walks off the reservation

Israel  MacroMicro  18:16:19 GMT - 03/16/2020  
why such measures did not take place when HIV was pandemic?

wondering :)

Mtl JP  18:13:43 GMT - 03/16/2020  
close the border - haha
we get food-stuffs from mexico and usa
can't survive on snowballs and icicles alone

Paris ib  18:11:17 GMT - 03/16/2020  
Total deaths in Canada attributed to the virus so far: one.

I don't have the details on the person involved. Anyhow better safe than sorry. Close those borders.

Paris ib  17:55:51 GMT - 03/16/2020  
Some slightly dark humour but interesting reading.

Light relief

Israel  MacroMicro  17:53:41 GMT - 03/16/2020  
extremely difficult times ahead for the people who still care about facts

Paris ib  17:34:22 GMT - 03/16/2020  
Army mobilisation in Switzerland too?

18 deaths attributed to the virus. 2,300 contaminated with the virus...

Does anyone else here NOT buy this story?

Question: where do we go with this. Total government takeover? Mandatory everything?

GENEVE Don  17:12:31 GMT - 03/16/2020  
The swiss government went just to decide lockdown the country till 19 april.
Army will help to provide hands for hospitals,non essential bussiness must close their doors.

Israel  MacroMicro  15:56:27 GMT - 03/16/2020  

the length you mentioned makes me trust an announcement of a cure still this week. so says the witch of our municipality

Paris ib  15:39:12 GMT - 03/16/2020  
45 days of total lock down is expected to be announced tonight in France. Curfew at 18:00 and you only get to go out for absolute necessities.

The Army has been mobilised.

Paris ib  15:24:13 GMT - 03/16/2020  
Germany's death toll has gone up to 14 from 13 previously. This pandemic is out of control !!

For Preppers

Paris ib  15:19:47 GMT - 03/16/2020  
France to shut down Wednesday.

With 129 deaths attributed to the virus and contagious cases of over 5000 in a total civilian population of around 67 million, shutting down the entire country certainly seems like the most reasonable thing to do.

They had to pick something, it may as well have been this.

Israel  MacroMicro  18:30:25 GMT - 03/15/2020  

if I am a nation, the last thing I want nationalise is you :)

Paris ib  18:26:11 GMT - 03/15/2020  
What Martial Law can mean:

1. Confiscation of Firearms
2. Curfew and/or restriction of movement
3. Restriction of Free Speech
4. Detained or Imprisoned at Will
5. Protests and gatherings banned
6. Confiscation of property

And Italy sets the example after the death of 1200 "attributed" to Coronavirus in a nation where a bad flu season can kill 60,000.

Nary a peep of protest.

What's next? After the shut down: nationalisation on a grand scale... just for your protection, you understand, and to ensure essential supplies.

What all the anti-Brexit crowd fail to understand is that there are no functioning national parliaments in the EU at this point, the EU parliament is merely a show parliament with no legislative ability. All EU decisions are made by the European Commission. Decisions made at that level automatically abrogate national laws.

So that's where we are right now.


Israel  MacroMicro  18:06:42 GMT - 03/15/2020  
Fauci says Americans must be prepared to hunker down

Americans must be ready for more drastic steps to slow the march of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S., Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday. - Bloomberg

Paris ib  18:01:10 GMT - 03/15/2020  
"We are in a war time scenario"


Meanwhile back at the farm.... regarding the Nato war games on Russia's border "it is increasingly unclear if the large-scale war games will take place at all...."

The pandemic has it's uses.

With 3 dead in Norway attributed to the Coronavirus (I don't have details) Norway’s armed forces cancelled the Cold Response military exercise on Wednesday that was meant to gather 15,000 NATO and allied soldiers.

Austria takes the biscuit, banning gatherings of more than 5 people.

Safe havens? We will have short term spikes and panics before we get a real sense of where we are going with this.

Government debt markets are an obvious area of concern. I note that the UK has by far the best time frame as far as duration. The U.S. has probably the worst: very short term, lots of roll overs and a huge exposure to foreign investors and foreign CBs.

Martial Law extends its reach

Mtl JP  17:45:01 GMT - 03/15/2020  
winners and losers
Coronavirus: Isolation for over-70s 'within weeks'

Coronavirus: Elderly to be 'shielded' as PM seeks to equip NHS

..."to stay at home for an extended period"...
one might like to get a bit more detail on the meaning of "extended period": four months

Also -
- requisition hotels and other buildings as temporary hospitals;
- the requisitioning of private hospitals as emergency hospitals;
- temporary closure of pubs, bars and restaurants

Trick is to figure out a profitable bet on how the market will react to all these
I am from the gov't and I have a plan (for you) headlines

writes Robert Peston

Mtl JP  17:03:58 GMT - 03/15/2020  
winners and losers
heil corona_V
one alleged crook chuckling and breathing little easier:
start of bibi's corruption trial now pushed out to at earliest May 24 (was to start on Tuesday)

Israel  MacroMicro  13:02:31 GMT - 03/15/2020  
we are witnessing steps trying to solve a problem in manners that lead towards very long lasting problems.

from hysteria into long lasting depression as fact.
I guess it serves someone

Jkt Abel  12:03:56 GMT - 03/15/2020  
War? Are they stupid or what? Nah just another soap opera

Paris ib  11:49:05 GMT - 03/15/2020  
Amassing troops on borders... not worried about the beer virus?

The war has started

Paris ib  11:33:30 GMT - 03/15/2020  
Nato exercises 'Defender of Europe' currently underway with troops being assembled on the Russian border.

Similar stuff on the border with Turkey.

Italian petrol distributors told to stockpile WAY before
news out of Wuhan. That only happens in wartime
or during similar emergencies.

Paris ib  09:15:10 GMT - 03/15/2020  
No need to worry if Indonesia's recent past is anything to go by: martial law coming straight up.

260 million people... and reported contagion stands at? Still if you aspire to lock down I'm sure the authorities will be more than happy to oblige. Do a little panic buying while you're at it.

Jkt Abel  08:52:05 GMT - 03/15/2020  
Swiss frank, how is situation in Switzerland?
Here in indonesia things are deteriorating rapidly and we are approaching moslem's ramadhan which can trigger massive outbreak. Cases jumped overnight to 117 now, by friday next week it could be 1000-2000 already

swiss frank  08:06:58 GMT - 03/15/2020  
Businesses allowed to stay open: Food and drink (not restaurants), pharmacies, medical, fuel, press, IT, Telecom, Tobacco sellers, pet food, and............. Hairdressers.

swiss frank  06:55:04 GMT - 03/15/2020  
Spain- Ditto. Fines of up to €30,000 for violation (leaving your place of residence without due cause for example).

Paris ib  06:39:52 GMT - 03/15/2020  
So Martial Law -

- restrictions on civilian movement
- shut down of everything deemed 'non-essential'
- touted government take over of 'essential' production

Who gets to define essential?

because of the 1.000 or so deaths 'attributed' to the virus in Italy, a nation where 70.000 deaths in a flu season is not unusual.

The use of cash has already been heavily restricted in most of Continental Europe. The control is almost complete. The Fascist take over is here.

dc CB  00:24:41 GMT - 03/15/2020  
and on the PBS NewHour Friday eve. Good going guy, good going. really helpful.

New York Times columnist David Brooks: “I feel a deep sense of anger that our government has responded so badly. And, frankly, it’s — this is what happens when you elect a sociopath as president, who doesn’t care, who’s treated this whole thing for the past month as if it’s about him, how do people like me?...

dc CB  23:42:50 GMT - 03/14/2020  
in case you missed it ---- DeBlasio is the Mayor of Sanctuary New York City. come on in ---free healthcare.

dc CB  23:35:09 GMT - 03/14/2020  
The "elected" AHoles and their cheerleaders in The Media are bent on causing panic --- that will then be used to their advantage.

Listening to NPR --yeh some one's got to do it -- the 'hosts' keep trying to get the 'guests' to say--yeh the administration is really clueless about the would be better if xxxxxx.

Not at all in the Public Interest from a Publicly Funded news(?) org.

Grand Central Terminal --- pic NYT.

Mtl JP  22:23:37 GMT - 03/14/2020  
On MSNBC, De Blasio Calls for Nationalizing Industries to Stop Virus

proposed the "nationalization, literally a nationalization, of crucial factories and industries that can produce the medical supplies that can prepare this country for what we need."

On Joy Reid's MSNBC show this morning

Mtl JP  22:13:51 GMT - 03/14/2020  
corona shmorona
to the tune of Starship: Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

... to “validate” America’s ability to deploy personnel and equipment to Europe, as well as “to test the national support of hosting nations.”

ya.. deploy ... during spring ... last through May. I can see vladimir chuckle at the holiday, u aint seen winter like a russian winter

Defender-Europe 20 is a unique chance for the U.S. military to practice the logistical challenge of deploying a large force to Europe—and then bringing everything and everyone home.

“We take the Coronavirus outbreak seriously and are confident that by making this important decision we’ll continue to do our part to prevent the further spread of the virus,” U.S. European Command officials said in a statement.

Massive US Military Exercise in Europe Is Still a Go, Despite Travel Restrictions

Paris ib  21:44:29 GMT - 03/14/2020  
In Italy.... "68 000 deaths attributable to flu epidemics in the winter months between 2013 and 2014, and 2016 and 2017 respectively."

But hey don't let that stand in the way of martial law.

Italy: always at the forefront of fascism

Italian flu

Paris ib  21:35:44 GMT - 03/14/2020  
Entire economies are being shut down, martial law is being enforced.... because?

Pinsky on the virus

HK [email protected]  21:31:46 GMT - 03/14/2020  

Stop criticizing Italian Gov. as fascists.

This is a serious emergency situation and not an attempt to take the political freedom of the people.

Those steps are taken for the good of the society!!! OK?

There were serious mistakes done basically because of the stupid PC view of the EU leadership.

So maybe it's enough of this type criticism, enough of being a PC.

Paris ib  21:11:53 GMT - 03/14/2020  
Italian 'leadership' has a lot to answer.

Enter Fascists stage right.

What a bunch of clowns.

Meanwhile Martial Law rolls on.

Pinsky on the Beer Virus

Israel  MacroMicro  19:10:59 GMT - 03/14/2020  
divorce lawyers to be extremely busy 30 days from now, all that forced together time. also birth rates to peak Q1/2021.

Israel  MacroMicro  18:48:15 GMT - 03/14/2020  
show some gratitude your well being and success is their only guiding light for this matter. exactly like Trump's deal of the century, kick people from their homes since centuries for the greater good.

Mtl JP  18:33:53 GMT - 03/14/2020  
ib / re lead and guess

Under existing Italian law, those who display symptoms but then refuse to self-isolate could be charged with causing injury — a charge that carries a sentence of six to 36 months in jail.

On the more severe end of the sentencing, those who display symptoms and refuse to self-isolate, and who then end up needlessly passing on the virus to an elderly or vulnerable person who then dies, could be charged with “intentional murder” — punishable by a 21-year sentence.


Mtl JP  18:20:56 GMT - 03/14/2020  
sacré blue, mille sabot et sabords, tonnerre de Brest
IF this is not deflationary :

..." KLM, the Dutch subsidiary of Air France-KLM, said on Friday it planned to slash up to 2,000 jobs

and ask for government support as it cuts working hours by one-third for its entire staff "....

Paris ib  17:54:10 GMT - 03/14/2020  
He has to bide his time till after some elections (March 22 from memory) then Martial Law comes to France.

Mtl JP  17:41:46 GMT - 03/14/2020  
macron's being defied yet again by gillets jaunes refusing to respect his advice and official decree on Saturday banning all non-essential gatherings. that clown s got to be seething to near boiling point if my estimate of him is correct

Paris ib  17:18:51 GMT - 03/14/2020  
Well as a Military operation you have to say... going like clockwork. Anyone care to guess where we go with this?

In places like Italy I'd guess: total government take over of the entire economy: for your safety of course.

Paris ib  17:05:50 GMT - 03/14/2020  
The Martial Law roll out continues with nary a peep of protest and all for the 1000 deaths 'attributed' to the beer virus in Italy. This attributing is unverified and unscientific.

Anyone doesn't fall in line and there is a massive attack on their currency or their financial markets.

Italy - the original fascists (Mussolini and the Romans) lead the world. You can't make this stuff up !

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