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Paris ib  18:02:44 GMT - 03/17/2020  
It would be interesting to see a map of 5G diffusion and the virus.

Wuhan was a 5G roll out site. So is South Korea.

If these outbreaks are related to 5G then all these quarantine and distancing rules are going to have zero impact.

What a confluence of issues:
- 5G
- Coronavirus
- The Oil war between Russia and Saudi Arabia
- Defacto Martial Law and the Enforced Closing of Industry
- Strange funding and refuning issues involving the U.S. debt market

Interesting time to be in financial markets.

I do not see the U.S. managing this crisis. What I'm watching is the U.S. debt market. That bear market has only just got started and that is the eye of the storm. IMVHO it doesn't matter how much the FED buys or prints, without international support, which the U.S. appears to have lost, that market collapses and takes the U.S. economy with it.

Meanwhile the USD rallies. I love the irony in all this.

The Health Risk of 5G

Paris ib  18:05:25 GMT - 03/17/2020  
"In the short-term, the federal government will mitigate the pressures from the financial markets by bailing out illiquid markets, buying commercial paper or municipal bonds...

If the United States does not make an adjustment to a higher savings rate and a lower current account deficit, eventually financial markets will penalize the debt of the federal government itself, and force such an adjustment upon the US."

I think it is fair to suggest that that adjustment has already started.


Paris ib  08:00:44 GMT - 03/18/2020  
France announces plans to nationalise industries.

There you go: full government take over. It didn't work in the Soviet Union, but who cares, this is an 'international emergency' and we are going to go head first into a Command Economy.

There you go: this military operation is proceeding like clockwork with the approval of the great unwashed who think they are going to die (which they are actually 100 percent of the time, being mortal and all).

Totalitarians never give up, they just bide their time.

THIS moment also marks the end of the American Empire. Martial Law is coming and it will be plenty ugly over there. The Military Industrial Complex is not going to just fade quietly away. I don't think this is tradeable in the FX market, in the Bond market: go ahead be a bear.

For the Theorists

Paris ib  08:25:21 GMT - 03/18/2020  
Because of this 'crisis' the EU is going to go ahead with the issue of European Bonds. Germany folds.

Wait for more nationalisation announcements. We went into seclusion / quarantine with a more or less free economy and when they announce the end of the crisis we will have a full blown COMMAND economy. And there will be no protests on the street because, hey, no gatherings are allowed and there will be no protests.

0.666 on the 30 year U.S. Treasury Yield indeed. Congratulations guys it looks like you win. Only actually I don't think so. But for a while it will look like that. Morons are quick to congratulate themselves.

5G and Coronavirus

Paris ib  09:54:13 GMT - 03/18/2020  
Sydney just announced lock down.

Deaths attributed to the virus in Australia so far: six

This is not called panic, this is called 'acting quickly'.

No-one mentions the 1255 flu deaths in 2017. The plan for Martial Law was not being enacted at that point, so no need.

Flu in Australia

Paris ib  10:02:21 GMT - 03/18/2020  
How many in 2018?

3102 from flu or pneumonia

Cause of death Australia 2018

Mtl JP  10:07:46 GMT - 03/18/2020  
canada and u.s. are close to closing the border to all
except essential business

trudeau about to unleash yet additional $25 billion

trudeau now expects corova_V socio/economic effects to last "months" (plural)

Paris ib  11:21:33 GMT - 03/18/2020  
Where are we so far?

- Martial Law in effect pretty much everywhere
- Nationalisation of industry is being touted and will be carried out
- The ECB will get to have an EU-wide bond market
- That bond market will control access to funding across the EU
- Oil has crashed
- Nato War games have been called off
- The U.S. has announced closing bases in Iraq (can't afford it I suppose)
- Massive reset on FX markets is underway
- U.S. Treasury market sell off just starting
- More restriction on travel and civilians expected
- Massive economic slow down is underway
- Slow down will open the way for more government intervention

This isn't going to make any difference because there is a plan, which is currently being put in place, but just so you know:

The King is Naked

Mtl JP  11:35:33 GMT - 03/18/2020  
ib 11:21 u missed Vegas' 440 casinos: closed dead
horror of horrors

Paris ib  11:38:06 GMT - 03/18/2020  
JP... it's been so all encompassing, bit hard to follow all the exciting meaures our leaders are currently enacting.

Mtl JP  11:47:44 GMT - 03/18/2020  
From a book out of print, how about out of date:
Don't Fight the Central Banks!
by John M. Bland
"There is a saying in the financial markets: "Don't Fight the Fed". That is because finance is all about money flows and the Fed controls the cost of money." GVI Forex john 10:55 April 18, 2015

all about control of:
- money flows and
- the Fed controls the cost of money

until, one fine day, it is n..

Mtl JP  11:58:55 GMT - 03/18/2020  
Donald J. Trump
9 min
I always treated the Chinese Virus very seriously, and have done a very good job from the beginning, including my very early decision to close the “borders” from China - against the wishes of almost all. Many lives were saved. The Fake News new narrative is disgraceful & false!

Maybe President Trump is under the spell of Paula White

london red  12:00:53 GMT - 03/18/2020  
i see stimulus package has increased over night to 1.2 trillion. but mkt still down so maybe it moves thru 1.5 to 2 trillion by end of day. then 5 trillion tomorrow! as mnuchin said, lets not work about the deficit!

Paris ib  16:38:08 GMT - 03/18/2020  
Well in Italy it seems some people are trying to walk back from this one.

"The average age of those who’ve died from the virus in Italy is 79.5. As of March 17, 17 people under 50 had died from the disease. All of Italy’s victims under 40 have been males with serious existing medical conditions."

The Global Martial Law roll out continues, with cheering from the usual suspects in the Press. Piers Morgan in the Daily Mail was talking Zombie Apocalypse from Day One.

Watch the Press. If the Hysteria continues, the Martial Law roll out continues, the market blood bath continues and the Government take over of everything and control of everyone will continue.

The Press is a Litmus Test here. Don't know if the appearance of this article on Bloomberg is the first swallow of Spring or not. I suppose it depends on how far 'they' get with their agenda first and how big the push back is from the public. What the public does OBVIOUSLY matters otherwise the Dweeb Macron would not have hastily withdrawn his very unpopular 'reforms'.

Watch the Press.

Virus Victims in Italy

swiss frank  16:41:10 GMT - 03/18/2020  
Spain: 11,000 masks arriving today from China for commercial distribution were confiscated by the military.

Paris ib  16:48:45 GMT - 03/18/2020  
Oh my goodness. What a laugh. I mean not really. But seriously?

I note that Spain had a big protest problem in Catalonia prior to this convenient quarantine thing. And it does look like the people behind this farce are very wary of losing public support. Spain went quickly into quarantine on the back of what? A reported 600 deaths 'attributed' to the virus.

I was a big shocked actually to note that 3,000 people or so died in Australia over a flu season. In a population of 25 million....

Anyhow. That's where we are. Watch the Press. Watch for any signs of waning public support..... I consider this to be a manipulated crisis with specific aims in mind (more control of individuals, more centralisation of power... the usual crap that martial law gives authorities) and so I admit to analysing the markets and the information on that basis.

If you don't: then whatever works for you. gl gt

Banging Pots in Spain Now

Purk Clogland  16:51:41 GMT - 03/18/2020  
Thanks for all the links ib, refreshing people who see things that the people in Holland do not want to see....

Minneapolis DRS2  16:52:01 GMT - 03/18/2020  
Let's see if Italy rethinks their participation in OBOR after these virus problems...

Paris ib  16:58:19 GMT - 03/18/2020  
Thanks Purk... Honestly though it's important that we don't just accept the official narrative unless we want to give total control of pretty much everything to some very creepy people. And for some reason those creepy people are scared of us. I think it's important to remember that we have the power, they actually don't unless we hand it over. :-)

I personally think everyone should listen to this speech.

Listen to Rodney

Paris ib  17:01:05 GMT - 03/18/2020  
DRS2.... remember the Italians are the original Fascists. I wouldn't expect all that much from Italy right now. I don't know why, but it's an uncontestable historical fact.


swiss frank  17:02:50 GMT - 03/18/2020  
Things are very bad in Spain. Spain was very slow to react and take this disease seriously. Number of infections show no sign of slowing. Now hospitals are turning people away. The health care system has imploded in Andalucia. No more capacity. No more beds. No more tests. No more equipment to treat. Madrid has taken over 60,000 hotel beds and using them as hospital care facilities. There are so many doctors now in quarantine that are positive with the disease they have pushed forward medical students within 2 years of becoming doctors to provide hospital care. There is no other choice other than quarantine to get people to stay home.

Paris ib  17:05:54 GMT - 03/18/2020  
Still pretty appropriate even now. Maybe more so.

Network 1976

Paris ib  17:12:04 GMT - 03/18/2020  
Swiss Frank... yeah I know what the official narrative is. I just don't believe the virus is such a huge risk.

But it suits an agenda.

Dr Drew Pinsky

Israel  MacroMicro  17:16:45 GMT - 03/18/2020  
I am really tired of hearing about people with a flu described as nuclear weapons. I prefer pressing a button on the dishwasher puppet and trigger a showtime.

Mtl JP  17:21:19 GMT - 03/18/2020  
11,000 masks ... confiscated by the military
wearing masks not effective: infectious diseases experts (various)
washing hands, keeping distance from others or better still be at home alone are best methods for self protection

ditto for gloves

Paris ib  16:57:15 GMT - 04/01/2020  
Hearing reports about bats falling out of the sky in Israel.... though the reports seem a bit old (like a week or so).

That would tie up with 5G EMF poisoning where:

- massive, almost instantaneous 5G bird sudden cardiac death effects, one in the Netherlands and one in the UK.

has been reported as a result of 5G installations.

Recommended treatment, follows along the same lines as the treatment for Polio (which Dr Cowan suggests is also related to the electrification of the earth) pioneered in the States and then widely ignored:

Dr. Jungeblut, Professor of Bacteriology at Columbia University, first published on vitamin C as prevention and treatment for polio, in 1935.

The Lancet accepted and published the results in 2006.

Anyway just saying: stay safe.

Dr Thomas Cowan

Israel  MacroMicro  17:14:27 GMT - 04/01/2020  

it's not funny anymore, people literally turned nuts.
I don't have enough empathy to cover all the sad human cases around. mind engineering worked

Paris ib  17:24:03 GMT - 04/01/2020  
MacroMicro.... hey this is what years of compulsory education does for you: you become pliant and passive and you accept authority without question.

Still think the USD is doomed.

Massive intravenous doses of Vitamin C are recommended buy, hey, they were recommended 75 years ago too and what we ended up with instead was Bill and Melinda Gates using dubious vaccines.

Dr Jungeblut - intravenous Vitamin C

london red  17:38:04 GMT - 04/01/2020  
an apple a day...
or grapefruit if u prefer

Paris ib  17:41:27 GMT - 04/01/2020  
Rumblings about conflicts... South China Sea and China is reportedly doing stuff, and then there is Iran....

Can the situation get more surreal? Yeah actually I think so.

Virus and Vitamin C

Paris ib  18:11:06 GMT - 04/01/2020  
No red, that won't do it. We are talking massive intravenous doses of Vitamin C. The odd apple wont work unfortunately.

in the polio epidemic of 1948-9, during which Dr. Frederick Robert Klenner cured every polio case he saw by using vitamin C.

Dr. Klenner administered ascorbate by injection:
“the most effective route was intravenous, but the intramuscular route was satisfactory. He gave at least 350 mg per kilogram of body weight.” That quantity per day is a dose of 25,000-30,000 mg2 or so for an adult.

Vitamin C and viruses

Paris ib  08:21:26 GMT - 04/03/2020  
"The great American lockdown that put the economy on ice is fueling hopes of a 5G boom."

And THAT is likely to be catastrophic for human and animal health.

I looked up the Polio Epidemics - which Dr. Thomas Cowan suggests were related to EMF poisoning - and the symptoms were very similar to the symptoms of the Coronavirus: fever/ sore throat/ headache/ fatigue

Look up: The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electrcity and Life by Arthur Firstenberg

The treatment for Polio suggested by Dr Klenner and Dr Jungblut:

Dr. Klenner administered ascorbate by injection:
“the most effective route was intravenous, but the intramuscular route was satisfactory. He gave at least 350 mg per kilogram of body weight.” That quantity per day is a dose of 25,000-30,000 mg2 or so for an adult.

Make of it what you will, I am just passing on this information.

Dr Sharon Goldberg's Testimony to the Senate

Minneapolis DRS2  08:25:37 GMT - 04/03/2020  
I dunno about 5G...there are communities here in the US that have put 5G deployments on hold, out of concerns of both cost and health. If I were a betting man (hah!), I would look towards a 6G rather than focusing on 5G. Here in the US anyway, the focus for many communities would be on safety and reliability rather than pure speed.

london red  08:27:02 GMT - 04/03/2020  
cable 12305 50%

Paris ib  09:02:59 GMT - 04/03/2020  
The Polio Epidemic "appeared to hit the tidy, stable neighborhoods of San Angelo far harder than those marked by poverty and squalor.... Why did most of its victims appear to come from middle-class surroundings? And why was epidemic polio primarily a disease of the 20th century that struck the world’s more developed nations, especially the United States?"

Keep an open mind on this, if at all possible.

Coronavirus: Successful High-Dose Vitamin C Treatment of Patients

Paris ib  09:07:47 GMT - 04/03/2020  
FWIW The date being touted around for the end of this 'exercise' is 1st of May, with reopening expected on the 4th.

Pompeo and the Live Exercise

Paris ib  09:50:11 GMT - 04/03/2020  
"In 2012, the pandemic that the world had been anticipating for years finally hit. Unlike 2009’s H1N1, this new influenza strain — originating
from wild geese — was extremely virulent and deadly.

The pandemic also had a deadly effect on economies: international
mobility of both people and goods screeched to a halt, debilitating industries like tourism and breaking global supply chains.

In 2015, the U.S. reallocated a large share of its defense spending to domestic concerns, pulling out of Afghanistan — where the resurgent Taliban seized power once again. In Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa, more and more nation states lost control of their public finances, along with the capacity to help their citizens and retain stability and order."

Rockfeller Publication from 2010

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