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london red  10:36:48 GMT - 04/07/2020  
that, i dare say, may be it for time bing, at least pre us session re s&p.

Mtl JP  10:21:59 GMT - 04/07/2020  
wfakhoury 10:14 100% guaranteed = 200% bullsh.t
caveat emptor

london red  10:15:20 GMT - 04/07/2020  
2740/41 prev channel abv that CB's spoos fib by 2769. if all that done then 2855. at that point surely not just close long index/stock possies but small shrt.
as for cable, its a risk asset so does better today. boris out of equation would be positive sterling as next in line likely closer to EU than Boris. only caveat there would be the election risk of unelected PM. but that would take some time to fester as tory majority large.

Mtl JP  09:51:14 GMT - 04/07/2020  
it is interesting how GBP recovered from boris entry into ICU
altho a bit wobbly atm

Mtl JP  09:46:50 GMT - 04/07/2020  
Red 08:29 = were res
- says sherlock

U made iconic calls on the puppy: take a bow

HK Kevin  09:21:41 GMT - 04/07/2020  
Think the movement US stock market today will decide the performance of non-US currencies, ie AUD.

london red  08:29:55 GMT - 04/07/2020  
s&p. 2521/25 and 40 now res zone.

Caribbean! Rafe...  01:19:54 GMT - 04/07/2020  
Here are the original bands but in a vertical format. That'll put a stop to em'.


Mtl JP  00:09:26 GMT - 04/07/2020  
challenging the high 2668.25

AT Trader john  20:22:49 GMT - 04/06/2020  
As I understand it, Dominic Raab, Foreign Minister, is filling in for PM Johnson while Boris is recovering.

london red  19:56:30 GMT - 04/06/2020  
something for tomorrow. 2725 and 2741 cash some lvls that prev hampered action. so may cause issue on way up.

london red  19:53:52 GMT - 04/06/2020  
anything abv 2646/57 v bullish. for bears a flatish open, rally, then sell off at end is best to hope for. the techs dont suggest 5% down from the kick off tomorrow, so thats best bet for bears. lrg wick on daily. but i expect spoos will come into us session already up a couple of percent.

Mtl JP  19:51:13 GMT - 04/06/2020  
like a bear cull using a gatling gun

london red  19:50:42 GMT - 04/06/2020  
here we go wagons roll!

london red  19:49:51 GMT - 04/06/2020  
nice little cup and handle formation. if they break and hold its 2850 easy before pullback. dc's fib 2769 on way as interim res but likely by end of wk in any case of break. that prev bottom not far off 2855 and will be stern res. from there u may be able to get some steadier decline as u expect economic info to weigh more up there given loftier p/e levels at that point.

Mtl JP  19:47:27 GMT - 04/06/2020  
bears' nuts on the 2637 line ?

london red  19:34:19 GMT - 04/06/2020  
s&p cash high 2647. that 38.2 at 2646. v imp lvl here.

london red  19:23:46 GMT - 04/06/2020  
i see buying op by 12040/65

london red  19:22:27 GMT - 04/06/2020  
JP, condition is bad, no bones about it.
however, if worst comes to worst, next in line is more likely to do a deal with eu. johnson wasnt having an extension, not sure raab is of same ilk.

Mtl JP  19:21:00 GMT - 04/06/2020  
red u thinkinh 1.22 will hold initially ?

Mtl JP  19:19:17 GMT - 04/06/2020  
ICU ? that would imply intubation
a nasty proceedure. 6-10days IF comes out, and who knows in what condition

london red  19:13:14 GMT - 04/06/2020  
sterling dwn as johnson take to ICU.
i expect pound recovers

london red  18:59:42 GMT - 04/06/2020  
long tail on hourly candle. last hour they try higher
re s&p

Mtl JP  17:50:42 GMT - 04/06/2020  
2630 = 3x top
curtsey to Red

dc CB  17:49:36 GMT - 04/06/2020  
US Treasury sold $40BN in 3Y paper

The internals were in line, with Indirects rising modestly from 52.3 to 55.4, Directs taking down a modest 4.1%, which while up from 3.7% last month was still well below the 16% six auction average, and Dealers were left holding on to 40.5%, bonds which they will quickly sell back to the Fed.
going forward thid week, Tomrow the 10Y, Wed the 30

3Y Auction Tails On Muted Buyer Demand Despite Unlimited Fed QE

london red  16:06:47 GMT - 04/06/2020  
much obliged dc

dc CB  15:57:13 GMT - 04/06/2020  
TOS chart


london red  15:43:29 GMT - 04/06/2020  
ok dc, thx. at some point should see colour of their money. any poss headfake by 2557, otherwise gets to 50% retrace before folks get their first stimulus cheques. gods work.

dc CB  15:41:50 GMT - 04/06/2020  
so 2 hours later
CME order issues have been resolved TOS.

so is it safe to trade now???? now that the Rocket ride is over???

dc CB  15:12:32 GMT - 04/06/2020  
red. wasn't meant as a correction, jsut and add on

london red  15:05:58 GMT - 04/06/2020  
dc, sorry i was referring to cash, 26th 30th march highs. almost bang on 38.2% fib of said index.
JP, maybe 2850/55. if 2640/46 cant be busted and back under 2533 (todays sloping down channel) then already. but everything is rosy again so i would favour up even if landing ufo surveying economy would disappear out of atmosphere like a rat up a drain pipe

Israel  MacroMicro  14:34:53 GMT - 04/06/2020  
unfortunately red is right
no point to use realistic logic during unrealistic situation
trading wise: pay attention to the printing schedules and cash airlines timetables

about indices and imo

Mtl JP  14:32:26 GMT - 04/06/2020  
red 14:05 so the Q is when will have the 2 trillion reasons be chewed up, exhausted ?

dc CB  14:17:09 GMT - 04/06/2020  
2636 was never broken during the last 4 trading days of the quarter on the ES.
sustatin trade above that then next leg of short covering --- aimiing for the 50% ret of the ATH and that 2174 low.

london red  14:05:02 GMT - 04/06/2020  
2640/46 tgt for s&p. that would be a triple high. if broken they do 2855 by end of wk. dont focus on virus or economy focus on the 2 trillion reasons. may as well profit with them. watch those triple highs. best to be in game b4 as it makes it easier to avoid headfake.

Mtl JP  14:02:11 GMT - 04/06/2020  
1/2 hour in DJIA uP ~5%

Mtl JP  13:56:23 GMT - 04/06/2020  
S&P500 2596
currently on rampage
gap stretched some more

dc CB  13:54:44 GMT - 04/06/2020  
"Nobody's traveling in the next 30 or 60 days," said Vasu Raja, American Airlines Group Inc.'s senior vice president for network strategy. "But nobody is really making any plans to go travel in the next 90 to 150 days, either."

london red  13:54:13 GMT - 04/06/2020  
wti can prob fill gap and at same time touched lt broken trendline at 40-41 but that will be the v best it can do and will be downhill from there til year end at least. a stop at 42.50 should be enough. but, we are long way from there. something that may present itself in time.

dc CB  13:51:52 GMT - 04/06/2020  
"We are experiencing issues with CME orders. Please call the trade desk if you need immediate assistance"

dc CB  13:29:38 GMT - 04/06/2020  
the margin needed to trade 1 contract of CME WTI crude is just below $7,000 on my platform. i1/2 size contract is $4,000.
2 weeks ago it was 3,800 and 1,900

Mtl JP  13:25:53 GMT - 04/06/2020  
REUTERS - China sees rise in asymptomatic coronavirus cases, to tighten controls at land borders

Mtl JP  13:15:29 GMT - 04/06/2020  
‘The worst is behind us’ — with the most attractive risk-reward in years, it is time to buy stocks, Morgan Stanley says
- MarketWatch

Mtl JP  12:45:20 GMT - 04/06/2020  
USD looking bearish (Fed is probably hosing the market, if not likely on vigillant stand-by)
Not expecting aggressive trading comittements this week ahead of easter holiday
Euro as flat as carpenter's dream
R around 1.08-0825
YTD low: 1.0636 S and potential trgt

Mtl JP  11:16:24 GMT - 04/06/2020  
I guess anything is possible: looting, chaos ...
so far anarchy seems, to me, remote

AT Trader john  11:06:30 GMT - 04/06/2020  
WTI $28.85.

AT Trader john  11:03:30 GMT - 04/06/2020  
Big focus this week could be jobless Claims on Thursday. Consensus forecasts at this time are for an increase of five million, but some are chatting about +10-20 mln. I guess anything is possible.

AT Trader john  08:41:20 GMT - 04/06/2020  
Early Monday
DJ: +790
SP: +96.4

2-yr 0.260% +4.7
Spread 10s-2s +36.4 (+38.0)

US: 0.654% +6.5
UK: 0.340% +2.9
DE: -0.415% +3.1

Spot Rate (Pivot Point)
EURUSD 1.0796 (1.0815)
GBPUSD 1.2291 (1.2292)
EURGBP 0.8783 (0.8797)
USDJPY 109.13 (109.723)

Last Week 1.1144-1.0773 (371 pips)

mon: 1.0835-1.0788 (47)
fri: 1.0864-1.0773 (91)
thu: 1.0969-1.0821 (148)
wed: 1.1038-1.0903 (135)
tue: 1.1055-1.0927 (128)

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20-day avg: 1.0994
50-day avg: 1.0982
100-day avg: 1.1040
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AT Trader john  08:14:55 GMT - 04/06/2020  

GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
AA: Major, A: High, B: Medium

Mon 6 Apr 2019
No major data
Tue 7 Apr 2019
AA 04:30 AU- RBA Decision
B 14:00 US- JOLTS
Wed 8 Apr 2019
A 14:30 US- EIA Crude
A 19:00 US- Fed Minutes
Thu 9 Apr 2019
A 08:30 GB- Output, Trade, GDP
A 11:30 EZ- ECB Minutes
A 12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
AA 12:30 CA- Employment
AA 12:30 US- PPI
A 14:00 US- Flash Univ of Michigan
Fri 10 Apr 2020
Various-- Good Friday Holiday

london red  06:26:20 GMT - 04/06/2020  
2640/6. if busted 2855.

Mtl JP  03:31:36 GMT - 04/06/2020  
2573 new HoD,
gap widening

Mtl JP  01:44:53 GMT - 04/06/2020  
2480.50 fr close -> 2567 = 3.5% pop uP
check raid bail ... it s a judgement and
risk management call

Caribbean! Rafe...  01:17:43 GMT - 04/06/2020  
JP// Wait for about an hour then check... or raid and bail.

Mtl JP  01:03:03 GMT - 04/06/2020  
SnP 2565 (and stretching opening gap)
early enthusiasts on rampage
I am guessing the puppy should trade inside 2300 - 2600 for next little while, but ...

Mtl JP  22:48:14 GMT - 04/05/2020  
earlier GBP gap now POOF !

Mtl JP  22:46:36 GMT - 04/05/2020  
USDYEN 108.43
Abe seen declaring coronavirus emergency for Japan soon
Officials talk of decision any day now as COVID-19 cases jump

YUKI FUJITA, Nikkei staff writer APRIL 06, 2020 05:33 JST

AT Trader john  22:17:13 GMT - 04/05/2020  
Late Friday WTI $29.92

AT Trader john  22:12:50 GMT - 04/05/2020  
WTI Prices GAP open lower... $27.65

Talks break down..

Oil at risk Monday? --

Mtl JP  20:51:57 GMT - 04/05/2020  
GBP 1.2269 friday
British PM Boris Johnson admitted to hospital for tests over 'persistent' coronavirus symptoms - - 25 mins ago

puppy should open down is my hunch

Mtl JP  19:55:10 GMT - 04/05/2020  
Last week, and probably this coming week, trading has been and likely to continue to be , flow-driven more than be driven by fundamentals.

dc CB  14:46:23 GMT - 04/05/2020  
Indeed the aggressive war of words has started, with Putin offering a biting Russian narrative aimed at the Saudis in remarks Friday: “It was the pullout by our partners from Saudi Arabia from the OPEC+ deal, their increase in production and their announcement that they were even ready to give discounts on oil” that drove the crash alongside the double-whammy of the coronavirus-driven drop in demand, Putin said according to Bloomberg.

“This was apparently linked to efforts by our partners from Saudi Arabia to eliminate competitors who produce so-called shale oil,” Putin continued. “To do that, the price needs to be below $40 a barrel. And they succeeded in that. But we don’t need that, we never set such a goal.”

Thus in one fell swoop Putin, ironically enough, framed the new 'war on US shale' as in reality a Saudi dirty little secret and motive despite all spin to the contrary, perhaps also seeking to inject division and tension in the close Washington-Riyadh alliance.

Putin: Oil Glut Is Really About Saudi Desire To Crush US Shale

AT Trader john  12:15:52 GMT - 04/05/2020  
Talks break down..

Oil at risk Monday? --

AT Trader john  12:08:39 GMT - 04/05/2020  
LATE Friday
DJ: -361
SP: -38.3

2-yr 0.227% +0.7
Spread 10s-2s +38.0 (+36.8)

US: 0.607% -2.3
UK: 0.315% +0.5
DE: -0.443% +0.5

Spot Rate (Pivot Point)
EURUSD 1.0808 (1.0815)
GBPUSD 1.2259 (1.2292)
EURGBP 0.8814 (0.8797)
USDJPY 109.38 (109.723)

This Week 1.1144-1.0773 (371 pips)

fri: 1.0864-1.0773 (91)
thu: 1.0969-1.0821 (148)
wed: 1.1038-1.0903 (135)
tue: 1.1055-1.0927 (128)
mon: 1.1144-1.1010 (134)

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100-day avg: 1.1040
200-day avg: 1.1067

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Mtl JP  10:11:03 GMT - 04/05/2020  
some fresh sentiment headlines from BBRG:
- Biggest Arab Economies Hit by Virus With Record Declines in Gulf
- Aramco Delays Oil Pricing Amid Saudi-Russia Row on Oil Cuts
-- - The OSPs, as the prices are known, were due to be published on Sunday.
- Mideast Markets Mixed With All Eyes on OPEC+ Meeting: Inside EM
- Trump Steps Up Oil Tariff Threat Amid Saudi-Russia Rift
-- - to protect the U.S. energy industry from a historic glut of oil
- Ripping Up Europe’s Insolvency Rules Won’t Save Its Companies

- Queen Will Seek to Calm U.K. Over Virus in Address to Nation
-- - “I hope in the years to come everyone will be able to take pride in how they responded to this challenge,” the Queen will say in a pre-recorded address according to the BBC

dc CB  01:08:37 GMT - 04/05/2020  
Even if restrictions were eased by mid-April, 61% of Americans would still stay at home when possible — while only 19% said they’d go back to their regular life.

“The results, however, do suggest the majority of the public is hunkering down not merely out of duress, but also out of their own genuine concerns ― and that they’re prepared to continue doing so for at least some time,” the Huffington Post noted.

“Only about one-quarter of Americans say they expect things will soon go back to normal in the country, with 62% foreseeing lasting effects on the nation. The rest are unsure what will happen.”

NY Post

AT Trader john  15:22:36 GMT - 04/04/2020  

GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
AA: Major, A: High, B: Medium

Mon 6 Apr 2019
No major data
Tue 7 Apr 2019
AA 04:30 AU- RBA Decision
B 14:00 US- JOLTS
Wed 8 Apr 2019
A 14:30 US- EIA Crude
A 19:00 US- Fed Minutes
Thu 9 Apr 2019
A 08:30 GB- Output, Trade, GDP
A 11:30 EZ- ECB Minutes
A 12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
AA 12:30 CA- Employment
AA 12:30 US- PPI
A 14:00 US- Flash Univ of Michigan
Fri 10 Apr 2020
Various-- Good Friday Holiday

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GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
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Mon 27 May 2019
AAGB/US- Holiday
Tue 28 May 2019
A 14:00 US- Consumer Confidence
C 13:00 US- Case-Shiller
Wed 29 May 2019
A 08:55 DE- Employment
AA 18:00 US- BOC Decision
A 18:30 US- EIA Crude
Thu 30 Mar 2019
AAEZ/CH- Holiday
A 12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
Fri 31 Mar 2019
AA 10:00 EZ- Flash HICP
A 12:30 US- Personal Income, Spending, Deflator
AA 14:00 US- Final Univ of Michigan

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