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Mtl JP  21:01:41 GMT - 04/17/2020  
that was a dastardly stop hunt
but they did not yet get them all

avagoodone !

dc CB  20:21:59 GMT - 04/17/2020  
extrapolate this over the 5 to 10 stocks that move the market.
add in the ETFs that all contain those same stocks


london red  19:57:18 GMT - 04/17/2020  
its the new buying stocks half hour before the close that everyone never talked about but did

london red  19:55:27 GMT - 04/17/2020  
JP, at 10 to before the close on every up day, order imbalance, easy money.

Mtl JP  19:53:07 GMT - 04/17/2020  
angry furious them fumes...

london red  19:48:56 GMT - 04/17/2020  
running on fumes now...3015/40 res, abv there air v thin, nonexistant

Mtl JP  19:44:08 GMT - 04/17/2020  
or just gone after stops to clean up the non-believers (pessimists)

Mtl JP  19:37:58 GMT - 04/17/2020  
stoks rushing uP into the close maybe on
03:28 Lawmakers signal that deal could be near to deliver more coronavirus aid to small businesses - MarketWatch

dc CB  18:58:16 GMT - 04/17/2020  

dc CB  18:53:32 GMT - 04/17/2020  
here's the MBS sked.
link below the Treas sked

Quick smack down in Treas futures

Fed Sked for next week Treas

Mtl JP  18:49:40 GMT - 04/17/2020  
Gap that still disturbs

Mtl JP  18:36:47 GMT - 04/17/2020  
red u not thinking of gap to 2480-ish ?

london red  18:34:06 GMT - 04/17/2020  
bonds yields up on fed reducing punch in bowl. dwn to 15bn a day from 30bn, frm nxt week. maybe stocks take a dump to fill gap.

Mtl JP  17:47:40 GMT - 04/17/2020  
my current trading mood
u ?

Mtl JP  16:28:07 GMT - 04/17/2020  
Fedís balance sheet has increased to a record $6.42 trillion this week as the central bank has been buying Treasury debt and asset backed mortgage securities to keep those markets functioning.

huh... do they NOT know ?
Treasury will ask bond-market middlemen if liquidity remains a problem.

By Sunny Oh

Mtl JP  16:22:18 GMT - 04/17/2020  
no one immune from foot-in-mouth disease:
11:51 Dr. Oz apologizes for suggesting it may Ďonly cost usí 2% to 3% of American lives to reopen schools - MarketWatch

Mtl JP  16:19:20 GMT - 04/17/2020  
12:06 Cuomo Says It Will Be 12 to 18 Months Until the Virus Is Under Control in New York - Barron's

Mtl JP  16:07:31 GMT - 04/17/2020  
USDCAD 1.4025
justin trudeau spraying yet more OPM:
- $1.7 billion to clean up orphan oil wells
- a $750 million emission-reduction fund

Mtl JP  15:45:29 GMT - 04/17/2020  
justin trudeau just announced yet another help, or how he likes to call it "support". This time $500 million to artists and professional sports.

This boy is just revelling in his element of help-n-support by throwing out and about OPM. Gigagobs of it. To general applause from peasant bobbleheads

Mtl JP  15:23:28 GMT - 04/17/2020  
EURO 1.0878
IF puppy closes the day (and week) N of 1.08
and below 1.09, odds are it will keep its short-term uP bias for a re-test of and attempt at N of 1.09

Mtl JP  15:01:33 GMT - 04/17/2020  
EURO 1.08922 HoD sofar
lets c IF my earlier musing re 1.09 holds

Mtl JP  14:41:37 GMT - 04/17/2020  
nagging gap -> POOF !
MacroMicro 22:06 GMT April 16, 2020
SHORT potions opened with all US indices

- expecting y r getting FILTHY rich. attaboy

Mtl JP  13:41:13 GMT - 04/17/2020  
gap... nagging

Mtl JP  13:21:25 GMT - 04/17/2020  
EURO 1.0865
not expecting massive moves
S at 1.08-ish,
Res 1.0880/90
odds of N of 1.09 looking tuff

dc CB  13:17:55 GMT - 04/17/2020  
AMZN is down 30+ bucks in premarket.
One guy not too happy to see the reOpening of Bidness...Jeffy boy will lose some of his deathgrip on the consumer markets.

You soon may not to wait in line for a 1st come 1st serve place when tring to buy food a Whole(Bezos)Foods. So sad.

Mtl JP  13:15:11 GMT - 04/17/2020  
looking for cause / reason why demand for the DLR
tia for ideas; I am looking for down impetus

14:00 A US Leading Indicators con: -7.00% pre: 0.10%

dc CB  12:41:58 GMT - 04/17/2020  
AT Trader john 10:41

Just like the Gilead thing, when I saw who wrote it...Feurstei(sp?), he used to be the 'rumor' spreader in BioTech for none other than The know who's specious info outlet. He got heat for the same kind of nuz breaks many times.

My take on today is that it's more due to OPEX than Gilead and Trump. Take a look at the options for AMZN and you'll see that what was driving its price moves yesterday were Options trading.

so the Options sellers(puts and calls) over this crash-o-matic 4 weeks across al the big stocks and the Index ETFs are going to use this "windfall of NUZ) to zero out all those "buyers' profits.

SnP Monthly Options have a Last Trade on the Thurs close. These options 'settle' based on the Opening Range price the following morning- Friday- Today.

Some people got HOSED big time, some people had a miracle move in their P/L stats. All on Gilead plus Trump After the Market move, last evening.

So once the Settlement is set --- in the first should get 'inneresting'

london red  12:38:02 GMT - 04/17/2020  
17.12 nov 2001 wti. below there 14 bucks then 10.

Paris ib  12:31:04 GMT - 04/17/2020  
Deaths Singapore: ten
I don't know if it can spread in warm weather but it's impact is lessened. Don't have details of the 10 deaths: ages, condition etc.

Mtl JP  12:21:01 GMT - 04/17/2020  
... still spreading in Singapore
a practical police state

HK Kevin  12:14:00 GMT - 04/17/2020  
Covid disappears with warm weather. What I know is this China virus is still spreading in Singapore.

Mtl JP  11:50:57 GMT - 04/17/2020  
About Trump's re-opening guidelines
the achili's heel atm is that current testing is massively deficient at only 1%

Mtl JP  10:59:20 GMT - 04/17/2020  
Stocks' mood
Asia up 3%
Europeans up ~3%
US looking up 3%

Paris ib  10:47:32 GMT - 04/17/2020  
John we are not trading on facts but on headlines. This whole thing has been media driven and I don't see why that won't continue. Watch the headlines to see how this hoax is managed and where we are going.

Covid disappears with warm weather

Mtl JP  10:46:04 GMT - 04/17/2020  
DLRx's energy

AT Trader john  10:41:03 GMT - 04/17/2020  
Starting off early today with a risk on bias on the back of the Gilead news and the Trump plan to reopen the economy. Both appear to be less than they seam. Gilead is pushing back on the Chicago reports and NYC saw a near 10% increase in new infections yesterday, so caution into the weekend might be warranted? The GBPUSD iand EURGBP are all over the place already today.

I'm just taking it one session at a time.

Mtl JP  10:29:38 GMT - 04/17/2020  
china GDP in negative, for first time since china started keeping record
- china also revising wuhan corona deaths (due to change in record-keeping method they say)

Corona in US: 700,000 infected; ~30,000 poof'd
Trump's opening plan getting mixed response from governors

Debt Death Bomb
IMF squealing about many ("hundreds") countries potentialy going "default"

AT Trader john  08:49:06 GMT - 04/17/2020  
DJ: +643
SP: +67.4

2-yr 0.212% +0.7
Spread 10s-2s +42.0 bps (+40.7 bps)

US: 0.632% +2.1
UK: 0.293% -0.9
DE: -0.479% +0.2

Spot Rate (Pivot Point)
EURUSD 1.0834 (1.0858)
GBPUSD 1.2445 (1.2463)
EURGBP 0.8702 (0.8711)
USDJPY 107.77 (108.58)

This Week 1.0992-1.0817 (175 pips)
fri: 1.0877-1.0817 (60)
thu: 1.0913-1.0817 (97)
wed: 1.0992-1.0857 (135)
tue: 1.0985-1.0893 (50)
mon: 1.0968-1.0893 (75)

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AT Trader john  08:36:16 GMT - 04/17/2020  

GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
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Fri 17 Apr 2020
AA 09:00 EZ- Final HICP
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AT Trader john  20:02:50 GMT - 04/16/2020  
LATE Thursday
DJ: +29
SP: +16.0

2-yr 0.199% -0.6
Spread 10s-2s +40.7 bps (+42.9 bps)

US: 0.606% -3.5
UK: 0.393% -0.9
DE: -0.479% -0.3

Spot Rate (Pivot Point)
EURUSD 1.0845 (1.0858)
GBPUSD 1.2450 (1.2463)
EURGBP 0.8707 (0.8711)
USDJPY 107.66 (108.58)

This Week 1.0992-1.0817 (175 pips)
thu: 1.0913-1.0817 (97)
wed: 1.0992-1.0857 (135)
tue: 1.0985-1.0893 (50)
mon: 1.0968-1.0893 (75)
fri: 1.0942-1.0919 (23)

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AT Trader john  19:56:32 GMT - 04/16/2020  

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Fri 17 Apr 2020
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