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Israel  MacroMicro  12:31:58 GMT - 04/30/2020  
in my opinion the central banks and politicians are acting as someone giving free gym subscription to someone in state of coma

Mtl JP  11:57:03 GMT - 04/30/2020  
impressive cheek ?

Hu Xijin 胡锡进
Mr Trump, you can't win without China. First, we provide medical supplies to the US so you can boast that the US has the largest number of ventilators in the world. Second, China has become a target to which you divert domestic anger, so you can blame all your mistakes on China.

china communist mouthpiece Hu Xijin

Mtl JP  11:24:50 GMT - 04/30/2020  
CB 00:51 DJT probably does not like what he sees in the polls
regardless of reason. In politics nothing (morals, fairness, principles etc) counts more than WINNING. (Singular point)

dc CB  01:05:32 GMT - 04/30/2020  
yeh never recognized the contempt that is held for the Last Standing SuperPower of the West.

We got a glimpse when Obama landed in China on Air Force One and they wouldn't bring up the stairs to the front of the plane.

He had to use the rear Exit---out the a$$ end of the plane.

OH NO PROBLEM....."Oh well, whatever, nevermind"

Dateline - Sept 5 2016

NYT - Obama Plays Down Confrontation With China Over His Plane’s Stairs

dc CB  00:51:54 GMT - 04/30/2020  
this, my dear xi, could mean .... WAR:

now that Hillary is back in the game...the argument is being put forth that If Only She were Pres, the Corona V would have been handled way way way better.

Well If She was Pres, there wud be no reason to unleash the Virus, there would be no trade war, there would be Happy Hands Across the Sea...with Hillary and Me.

dc CB  00:47:32 GMT - 04/30/2020  
I put on a couple around the presser...put his target on one and went for a 2 hour bike ride.
Nice suprise on return..
Res ipsa loquitur – The thing itself speaks

President Donald Trump has used the Defense Production Act to ensure beef, pork, poultry and egg plants keep operating to avoid a food shortage. That did not sit well with MsNBC Chris Hayes who objected to Trump using the DPA after blasting Trump for not using the DPA.

CB 22:49 --Stale? U mean Teen Spirit. pretty much nails it.

Oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile
I found it hard, it's hard to find
Oh well, whatever, nevermind
A denial, a denial
A denial, a denial
A denial, a denial
A denial, a denial
A denial, a denial
A denial, a denial

Mtl JP  00:42:56 GMT - 04/30/2020  
this, my dear xi, could mean .... WAR:
Exclusive: President Trump says China wants him to lose re-election race

In an interview with Reuters in the Oval Office, Trump said he was looking at different options in terms of consequences for China for the virus.

“I can do a lot,” he said.

Mtl JP  00:10:53 GMT - 04/30/2020  
CB 22:17 not bad
for something that is stale eh ?

dc CB  22:49:07 GMT - 04/29/2020  
all hail the Cubes
The Nazzy 100 will lead the way to nirvana.

Save us WestCoast Gods....Zuck, Gates, Besos, That Google guy.

smells like teen spirit

london red  22:40:42 GMT - 04/29/2020  
CB tomorrows channel level is 3008, with the gap at 2999 in the way. if they stay abv 3020 or so then they stop the 100/200dma death cross

dc CB  22:17:12 GMT - 04/29/2020  
london red 19:28 GMT
abv today at 2959. a tgt for the 15:50 train.

had to hold ES to the futures close at 5PM ET, but it got there

Mtl JP  19:56:10 GMT - 04/29/2020  
15:50 train backing doown the uP hill
letsee if yellow S line holds

london red  19:28:18 GMT - 04/29/2020  
broken channel line off lows yet to be broken back abv today at 2959. a tgt for the 15:50 train.

dc CB  19:22:43 GMT - 04/29/2020  
Tyson Foods Doubles Bonuses; Increases Health Benefits and Protections for Frontline Workers

SPRINGDALE, Ark. – April 29, 2020 – As part of ongoing efforts to support frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tyson Foods, Inc. (NYSE: TSN) is doubling bonuses, increasing short-term disability coverage and is also implementing additional health screening measures.

The company is moving up the first $500 bonus payment to early May. The second $500 bonus will be paid in July.

Meat Generosity

Mtl JP  19:21:22 GMT - 04/29/2020  
and with his low interest rates support the economy theory (and application) powell throws savers under the bus

london red  19:19:41 GMT - 04/29/2020  
he has learnt to make everything a positive. he likes his compliment sandwich in which he encases any negative $hit in an effort to make it disappear

Mtl JP  19:16:06 GMT - 04/29/2020  
they "have tools to do what we can".. man is reaching for words

Mtl JP  19:14:19 GMT - 04/29/2020  
haha markets are pricing in future risks, according to jerome
and not pricing FED spraying nihilo

london red  19:10:22 GMT - 04/29/2020  
stability problems? who let that guy ask a question?

Mtl JP  19:09:24 GMT - 04/29/2020  
has anyone asked powell about the $75,000 ?

Mtl JP  19:07:51 GMT - 04/29/2020  
he s just talked to my earlier point I made about spraying "money" to the peasants instead of corps but he appears to have NO plan to help consumer spend

london red  19:06:01 GMT - 04/29/2020  
9075 on break of 9k ndx

london red  19:03:54 GMT - 04/29/2020  
powell says lets print now, worry about that later

dc CB  18:59:07 GMT - 04/29/2020  
FDA Could Approve Remdesivir For Emergency Use As Soon As Tomorrow

london red  18:57:27 GMT - 04/29/2020  
all but certain CB. all u can say is that next month they will trade in to this months range. so if gaps higher after 30th, it will go up and then will come down, however high it may go first.

dc CB  18:55:23 GMT - 04/29/2020  
Tomrow - Fri
The Gap----does the combo of AMZN and AAPL have the juice?
They got the weight.

Mtl JP  18:37:47 GMT - 04/29/2020  
IF u must watch

powell live feed the mushr

london red  18:33:06 GMT - 04/29/2020  
supermarket 7-11 types all doing well, but thats in the price. going forward higher prices doesnt mean higher margins, may mean less sold due to slowdown

Mtl JP  18:28:35 GMT - 04/29/2020  
ib 18:14 IF that ll be so.. where will the profit sectors be ?
food retail
industrial IT / automation ?

PAR 18:23:53 GMT - 04/29/2020  
Inflation is in the supermarket.

Oil prices have become irrelevant as nobody can drive his car.

dc CB  18:23:45 GMT - 04/29/2020  
so if Powell were hated as much as Trump...the upcoming presser would be a vipers nest of hostile 'reporters' looking for that Viral Twitter moment that would get them high-fives back at the office and maybe a spot in CNN.


Mtl JP  18:20:08 GMT - 04/29/2020  
nazdog is currently at b/e ytd

london red  18:17:45 GMT - 04/29/2020  
JP, skynet never sleeps.

2934 successful for now, long tail reqd at top of hour to tgt new hod. ndx has 9k in its sights, the mar 3rd swing high.

Paris ib  18:14:29 GMT - 04/29/2020  
Stagflation like u never seen before

Mtl JP  18:12:53 GMT - 04/29/2020  
red u don't think the "on the ground" is testing the FED maniacs printer's efficacy ?

london red  18:12:42 GMT - 04/29/2020  
evreywhere else yes, but not in their basket ib. so no. but u i and everyone else will feel it

Paris ib  18:10:47 GMT - 04/29/2020  
red.... inflation the next cab off the rank?

Sure looks like it.

london red  18:09:22 GMT - 04/29/2020  
JP, they see what they want to see

prices going up everywhere like a rat up a drain pipe.

Mtl JP  18:08:24 GMT - 04/29/2020  
damn the corona: "Weaker demand and significantly lower oil prices are holding down consumer price inflation."

london red  18:05:18 GMT - 04/29/2020  
fed about economy going fwd doesnt know $hit, didnt know $hit to begin with. they realised now just talk is fine on the way up. if mkt turns lower at some point of walking back or real economy recovery, then they will do more than talk. for now talk is enough til reopening and a couple of months down the line.
2934 key sup (they will want to close abv there to give ctas a wet dream) then 2910 flash. if below there its lights out but only for today. the fed has ur back.

Mtl JP  18:04:10 GMT - 04/29/2020  
means the PhDs see kaka on economic road ahead

Mtl JP  18:01:55 GMT - 04/29/2020  

stay low as far as eye can see

london red  17:25:22 GMT - 04/29/2020  
CB, it all means less these days. the fed IS the mkt. and fwiw since they have for years been stealth buying us treasuries offshore in europe, even before the days of QE, who is to say there is no slush fund mopping up stocks. and since these guys are buying down to hyg, there is not much to analise expect how much long should i go.

Mtl JP  17:20:38 GMT - 04/29/2020  
Haunting Lesson From The Past:
“Own nothing, but control everything.” - John D. Rockefeller
Wealthy homeowners who tapped small business rescue program could reportedly face criminal charges

“Household employers who apply and receive these funds — meant for small businesses suffering demonstrable harm due to the coronavirus outbreak — could face investigation and possible prosecution,” the official said.

dc CB  17:14:44 GMT - 04/29/2020  
Today’s FOMC press conference is essentially a confidence game in which the Fed will repeat its readiness to act as appropriate to offset the current crisis and avoid a market crash, and where all difficult questions on the sustainability of the Fed's policies will be avoided. ZeroHedge

No doubt.

Mtl JP  17:07:41 GMT - 04/29/2020  
coming up at top of the hour
FOMC Rate Decision 25% vs 0.25%
Interest Rate on Excess Reserves 0.10% vs 0.10%

then at bottom of hour
Powell Holds Post-FOMC Meeting Press Conference

dc CB  16:56:53 GMT - 04/29/2020  
WTI Crude up 3.50
Todays Margin $21,411 per contract.(normal average $3500-4000)

Mtl JP  16:50:02 GMT - 04/29/2020  
"may as well profit from it"
yet so difficult for some lol

london red  16:40:42 GMT - 04/29/2020  
JP, little skill to it when its a one way mkt. u just look up to nxt level, then next. but as i always say, may as well profit from it.
look for things hard enough and you might find them but cant see much at 2950 expect a round number. often they pause here. but sup shud now be strong by 2934. then is line in sand for todays rally now.

Mtl JP  16:32:10 GMT - 04/29/2020  
london red 12:59

2934 61.8 fib. = kitching (kudos!)
then 2999 gap then 3006/21.

london red  16:31:57 GMT - 04/29/2020  
dont like it, go elsewhere for your returns, expect tina.

london red  16:31:18 GMT - 04/29/2020  
treasury issues bonds, fed prints usd then buys the bonds. everyone happy right.

Mtl JP  16:27:43 GMT - 04/29/2020  
red 15:46 ya 3-4 more trillions -> 10 trillion book
maybe more. does / would it matter somehow in a negative way ?
I think ben said , some time ago, that the FED can easily let things on the book expire in some dark out-of-sight corner and hardly anyone be wiser of it. makes sense ?

london red  16:13:48 GMT - 04/29/2020  
marginal risk of st high this hour but if they manage to get a strong hourly close then they should be ok til the close. since day is more than 2% remember the 15:50 train. the new 15:30. folks front run it. works 90% of the time.

london red  15:46:42 GMT - 04/29/2020  
maybe so but remember stocks dont have much to do with economy any more, so while we will all need to do our bit to help those most at risk stay safe this winter, its quite possible that with another 4-5 trillion expansion of fed bal sheet, stocks hit 3500

NY JM  15:41:35 GMT - 04/29/2020  
The risk of a second wave in the fall/winter will restrain any big snapback.

Mtl JP  15:26:07 GMT - 04/29/2020  
how big is big in kudlow's metric ?
would you believe 20% ?

Mtl JP  15:21:50 GMT - 04/29/2020  
kudlow thinks


Mtl JP  15:10:11 GMT - 04/29/2020  
give ... ?

Elon Musk

Elon Musk
Give people their freedom back!

Mtl JP  15:05:19 GMT - 04/29/2020  
I am conjuring "hopium" that powell will emphasize that he and his gang will continue spraying the market with nihilo "money" even at risk of over-spraying. I am thinking the market is expecting to see "what-ever it takes" or "unlimited" or some very close synonym, invoking fighting corona_v as rational justification

london red  14:54:33 GMT - 04/29/2020  
nice looking chart
march 11 to april 6,a cup and handle, notice spike higher once handle built. similar yet larger pattern now in play, can certainly do 3200 or even fill gap to 3328. to trigger you expect u need a daily close over 2934.

london red  14:50:49 GMT - 04/29/2020  
since the ratings agencies were late in 2008, nobody gives two $hits what they say or do anymore. in any case, they are lead these days.
also still a shed load of 108-10860 expiries shackling euro.

Mtl JP  14:50:27 GMT - 04/29/2020  
DLR sentiment bias: I am expecting the yellow line to
- be challenged soon and
- be broken eventually

Mtl JP  14:46:15 GMT - 04/29/2020  
I get the sense that currently players are not scarily worried about credit.

Mtl JP  14:42:35 GMT - 04/29/2020  
EURO 1.0847
priceaction suggests that Italy downgrade was not and is not in players' algo formulae

or that Fitch does not carry the weight it thinks it did

Mtl JP  14:37:14 GMT - 04/29/2020  
SPX new gap

S&P 500

Mtl JP  13:32:57 GMT - 04/29/2020  
Wednesday — project confidence in face of the unknown
April 29, 2020 - By Greg Robb

Powell will try to exude confidence in face of sharp contraction in economy

AT Trader john  12:24:14 GMT - 04/29/2020  
Ignore AU CPI on Countdown Clock

AT Trader john  09:11:22 GMT - 04/29/2020  
DJ: +149
SP: +20.2

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AT Trader john  08:56:26 GMT - 04/29/2020  

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AA 18:00 US- Fed Decision
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AT Trader john  19:23:25 GMT - 04/28/2020  
LATE Tuesday
DJ: -32
LATE Tuesday
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AT Trader john  19:16:01 GMT - 04/28/2020  

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A 07:55 DE- Employment
A 08:55 EZ- GDP
AA 11:45/12:45 EZ- ECB Decision
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