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Pasig evan  23:47:20 GMT - 05/03/2020  

Entry: Target: Stop:
Gbp & Gbp/Yen trade stopped at 1.2480 and 133.30

dc CB  16:30:27 GMT - 05/01/2020  
dc CB 20:56 GMT 04/30/2020
once a dweeb always a dweeb.
weightlifting steriods girl friend hollywood manse - dont mean a thing.

the House Judiciary Committee on Friday announced that it was launching an investigation into the company over whether it committed perjury during a Congressional hearing.
Seven bipartisan members of the committee said Friday in a letter to Bezos that if the WSJ's reporting is accurate, then it would appear that Amazon intentionally misled Congress.

Shares were off 6.4% on the news, adding to the market's woes during a session where traders are scrambling to cash out on last month's propulsive gains before the next shoe drops.

The probe will require Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to testify before Congress, something he has previously resisted.
Bezos is the only CEO of the American Tech "big four" (Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook) who has never before testified in front of Congress.

Amazon Shares Tumble 6.4% As House Launches Perjury Probe, Calls Bezos To Testify

Mtl JP  14:53:44 GMT - 05/01/2020  
that oil production cut
is supposed to be happening today

HK Kevin  14:52:22 GMT - 05/01/2020  
Hourly close above 1.2565 will be safe for re-testing .2640 and even 1.2750.
My stop for short EUR survive for 2 pips. Closed short AUD earlier at 1.6432.

Pasig evan  14:37:01 GMT - 05/01/2020  

Entry: Target: Stop:
Gbp above 1.2540, downtrend reversed? At the moment Gbp/Yen long seem better choice?

dc CB  21:25:09 GMT - 04/30/2020  
DC May Not Reopen for Another 3 Months, Officials Say

dc CB  20:59:31 GMT - 04/30/2020  
Of no particular trading relevance

reports that the woman whose husband died from injesting fish tank cleaner---and blamed Trump, is being investigated for murder(ing) her husband with fish tank cleaner.

dc CB  20:56:37 GMT - 04/30/2020  
once a dweeb always a deeb.
weightlifting steriods girl friend hollywood manse - dont mean a thing.

my new squeeze

Mtl JP  20:17:50 GMT - 04/30/2020  
April 30 SnP close at 2,912.43
leaving 3 gaps over last 5 days
after jumping up n down around 2900 in the close

SPX S&P 500 Index (INDEX)

london red  20:07:23 GMT - 04/30/2020  
for q2 amazon expects op inc +/- zero. ouch. what about the other mere mortals profits?

Mtl JP  19:56:59 GMT - 04/30/2020  
Of no particular trading relevance
just perused some general corona_V data
and strikingly of the some ~3 millions infecteds around the world, US with a bit over 1 million accounts for about a 1/3rd of them.
gave me pause, not to sure what to make of it

dc CB  19:48:06 GMT - 04/30/2020  
NEW YORK/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Inc has bought cameras to take temperatures of workers during the coronavirus pandemic from a firm the United States blacklisted over allegations it helped China detain and monitor Uighurs and other Muslim minorities, three people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

Exclusive: Amazon turns to Chinese firm on U.S. blacklist to meet thermal camera needs

london red  19:21:19 GMT - 04/30/2020  
the amazon frontrun beginning to show itself in s&p. 2900/2934. tomorrow will be v interesting to see if stocks can hold gains seen from amazon. it could be another day which leaves a long wick on the daily. it could spike to 3025 yet still close under 2900. i certainly wouldnt chase tomorrows gains as we are certain to trade under 2970 during may (2934 is the minimum downside)

Mtl JP  19:04:21 GMT - 04/30/2020  
DLRx sentiment update
slippin' slidin' but not clearly in the woods yet
takin its time

london red  18:30:26 GMT - 04/30/2020  
crude up on report trump told saudis military support will be withdrawn if they dont cut. this is essentially old news from early april but details recently released

HK Kevin  16:08:52 GMT - 04/30/2020  
Cable below 1.2540 to resume downtrend

london red  16:06:39 GMT - 04/30/2020  
ft100 goes from key res to key sup in one day 6195 to 5877.

london red  15:48:22 GMT - 04/30/2020  
cable respects 200dma. while below, suggests this month end move will unwind in near future

Paris ib  15:36:20 GMT - 04/30/2020  
Give it time red

Meanwhile the love story with AUD seems to be coming to an end.

Soon it will be Winter Down Under and we maybe get to see wave two. At any rate the Australians are in the unenviable position of having to deal with their biggest customer, China, and trying to keep Uncle Sam happy. The big asset market, property, is likely to be in trouble and their policy of choice is devaluation.

The China Story in Australia

london red  15:14:18 GMT - 04/30/2020  
euro broken channel 10990 looks a bridge too far

london red  14:01:57 GMT - 04/30/2020  
up/dn pivots in place 2934 and 2900

Mtl JP  14:00:50 GMT - 04/30/2020  
SnP 2900 ... round number
curious cat ... wants know: hold or not S

Clogland Purk  13:56:57 GMT - 04/30/2020  
PAR 13:50 GMT 04/30/2020
I think she gives herself the questions to the journalists.
Its a circus of FAKE.

Out of what egg did you come there?
You think any interview is genuine? Man, you must be a very nice but naive person.

PAR 13:50:02 GMT - 04/30/2020  
I think she gives herself the questions to the journalists.
Its a circus of FAKE.

Mtl JP  13:29:56 GMT - 04/30/2020  
SnP gaps

over last 5 days

london red  13:23:14 GMT - 04/30/2020  
something new, the s&p NOT gapping higher on open this week. 2934 immediate res on mom and pop open

AT Trader john  13:22:13 GMT - 04/30/2020  
"Dim Wim" has been outdone. Notice she is working Q&A from a script?

Mtl JP  13:20:51 GMT - 04/30/2020  
USDx sentiment
some would call it consolidating (at Support)

Mtl JP  13:07:27 GMT - 04/30/2020  
SnP s/t S busted
letsee ... day s young

swiss frank  12:58:25 GMT - 04/30/2020  
she just can't leave the political bs behind and talk like a central banker.

Mtl JP  12:54:19 GMT - 04/30/2020  
- EZ economy could shrink 5% to 12% in 2020
- continued ambitious efforts needed

Mtl JP  12:44:36 GMT - 04/30/2020  
SnP s/t S at 2914/13
as my chart sees it

london red  12:35:53 GMT - 04/30/2020  
also remember dow up every thursday that there have been massive job losses of 4-5m. so today will be no exception ahead of amazon (and apple). frontrun the frontrun of the frontrun.

london red  12:34:50 GMT - 04/30/2020  
both us data big miss but its all in the price as usual. s&p only has trouble today under 2891, but likely 2900/10/20 offers enough sup. heck even 2934 appears to be doing the job for now.

Mtl JP  11:48:35 GMT - 04/30/2020  
An In-Depth Look at COVID-19ís Early Effects on Consumer Spending and GDP - April 29, 2020

4 minute read by Council Of Economic Advisors

swiss frank  11:32:03 GMT - 04/30/2020  
Zijin is an affiliate of a guy named Carlo Civelli. It doesn't get any more crooked.

Mtl JP  11:29:35 GMT - 04/30/2020  
Heading into NY
US stocks looking wishi-washi at moment

Mtl JP  11:16:03 GMT - 04/30/2020  
Here is a GOOD lesson in why be wary of dealing with anything CHINA:

Papua New Guinea warns Barrick over gold mine control

The mine is practically co-owned 50/50 barrick and China's Zijin Mining. On its own barrick would have to negotiate an honest renewal deal for Papua New Guineas. BUT Zijin Mining's presence changes the negotiating dynamics seeing as CHINA takes approximately 25% of Papua New Guinea's exports.

The headline, imo, is misleading: PNG is likely going to find out what "he who has bigger stick rules" means.
Developing: TSE: ABX ~$36.88

kl shawn  10:57:47 GMT - 04/30/2020  
US can try China style of reporting data though, remember this is election year, everything has to be rosy at all cost, save the Dow, that's the only thing that matters

Mtl JP  10:48:53 GMT - 04/30/2020  
After U.S. GDP 1Q20 wooshed to -4.8% print powell came out swinging. Was I alone to detect anxiety or perhaps panic in his voice ?

He has reason:
U.S. consumer confidence posted record plunge to 86.9 in April from 118.8 meaning consumer spending (todays release expected to decline -4.20%) to keep crashing probably to level 2x lower yet at next release.

so as powell has now turneth big champion and promoter of more gov't spending it appears that any fantasies of a V recovery are somewhere between nil - mediocre.

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