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dc CB  21:21:27 GMT - 05/01/2020  
Directly addressing the allegations that have upended his stalled campaign, former VP Joe Biden issued a statement denying sexual assault allegations made by Tara Reade - a former staffer who claims Biden digitally penetrated her against her wishes back in the early 1990s.

In the statement, Biden said the alleged assault "never happened" and that his papers at the University of Delaware include no mention of the incident.

The statement begins: "So I want to address allegations by a former staffer that I engaged in misconduct 27 years ago. They aren’t true. This never happened."

Mtl JP  20:59:22 GMT - 05/01/2020  
she said he says
"woman has to be believed"
Biden + Pelosi => hypocrites
only when it suits us

Mtl JP  20:50:05 GMT - 05/01/2020  
looks like euro 1.10 is a contentious line while puppy will enter next week under its 200 day Res

Mtl JP  20:14:06 GMT - 05/01/2020  
(BLOOMBERG) Trump Says FDA Has Approved Gilead Drug for Emergency Use

(remdesivir is not earthshattering: apparently it helps hospitalized patients recover more quickly, i.e. in 10 days vs 14, but a welcome positive just the same)

dc CB  20:13:30 GMT - 05/01/2020  

Spukhafte Fernwirkung · JaKönigJa

Mtl JP  20:06:09 GMT - 05/01/2020  
Spukhafte Fernwirkung rofl... german has its own unique way of structure
starting to increasingly hear in msm rational justifiers why $praying economie$ is the "right thing" by various "experts"; the occasional critic being dismissed as kook

dc CB  18:59:17 GMT - 05/01/2020  
adventures in numerology...
Spukhafte Fernwirkung

dc CB  18:41:07 GMT - 05/01/2020  
the Fed will also taper its MBS buying from $8 billion to $6 billion on average in MBS per day next week:

Mon: $6.16Bn from $8.213BN last Monday
Tue: $5.76BN from $7.68BN last Tuesday
Wed: $6.16BN from $8.213BN last Wednesday
Thur: $5.76BN from $7.68BN last Thursday
Fri: $6.16 from $8.213BN last Friday

May 4-8 POMO Treas sked

dc CB  18:30:54 GMT - 05/01/2020  
annnnddddd guess those Treas 'trade-ins' at cost guaruuuteeed profits lookin'g well.

london red  18:29:58 GMT - 05/01/2020  
looks like sup a bridge too far to see today so like bugs bunny said thats all folks. last wks close 2837 but at least a fine wick on the wkly candle. its what worried me last week for bears (the tail in that case), so the omens are good for a test lower next week. as always u prefer them to go up first, then down if has a chance to stick. if we go down first (mon/tuesday), expect 2720/30 to hold.

dc CB  18:28:13 GMT - 05/01/2020  
Fed Cuts Pace Of Treasury QE To Just $8 Billion Per Day

Israel  MacroMicro  18:21:04 GMT - 05/01/2020  
nothing extraordinary to say about the last 48hrs
next week's nfp hopefully to reach while we trade under 2666

let's see

dc CB  18:20:53 GMT - 05/01/2020  
Update (1340ET): Asked if his twitter remarks were vetted by the company, or if they were a joke, Musk responded with a cryptic "no".

That sounds like a pretty clear admission of being in violation of his agreement with the SEC to allow Tesla's board to approve all of his tweets pertaining to the company.


TeslaCharts @TESLAcharts
Elon wanted to crash the stock. The stock isn't down enough. This afternoon gets really interesting.$TSLAQ
1:38 PM - May 1, 2020

Musk Admits Violation Of SEC Deal: Says Tweets About Tesla Share Price Were Not Vetted

london red  18:09:33 GMT - 05/01/2020  
takes a real wacko to talk his own $hit down. no marbles in that jar today.

dc CB  18:09:30 GMT - 05/01/2020  
another clue to the Miracle that is TSLA.
(who's your daddy Elon?)
Tesla cuts price for China-made Model 3 cars by 10% to qualify for subsidies

China had announced plans in 2015 to end subsidies for electric vehicles this year, but said in March it would extend them. However, it said the subsidies will apply only to passenger cars costing less than 300,000 yuan.


Mtl JP  18:07:19 GMT - 05/01/2020  
gaps here, there.. everywhere
not a puppy to trade by the faint of heart

Mtl JP  18:01:40 GMT - 05/01/2020  
REUTERS version on appointment of

Tiff Macklem to BoC

london red  17:47:23 GMT - 05/01/2020  
cos at that level just fed is then as big as us yearly gdp. they wont be able to service it from ticket sales unless rates go under zero. and negative rates kills 90% of financial sector in us (the model cant cope with negative rates. eu is slightly diff, better suited but still cant make it work despite this)

Mtl JP  17:31:41 GMT - 05/01/2020  
red 17:08 why d u doubt that the bal sht can be expanded to 20 trillion ?

Mtl JP  17:27:11 GMT - 05/01/2020  
Earlier today Tiff Macklem was appointed the new governor of BoC

choice getting generally positive accolades, at least publicly

HK Kevin  17:13:20 GMT - 05/01/2020  
london red 17:08 GMT, we have spent the money of the next 10th generations. My poor boys and girls!

london red  17:08:26 GMT - 05/01/2020  
or maybe they got this years gains (and bonuses) out the way early cos its gonna be a long slog before folks spend like they used to. fed expected to expand bal sht by "only" another 4 - 5 trillion. the first lasted barely a month. a lot of months til spring 2021. not sure fed bal sht can be expanded to 20 trillion.

HK Kevin  16:52:17 GMT - 05/01/2020  
Just a conspiracy theory. The equity market retraces over these 2 days as most people expected. Does trade really so easy? I suspect the big players will push the stock indicies to break previous high before a substantial correction. If that is the case, my expected target for AUD is 0.6650, while not closing below 0.6360 .

london red  16:51:19 GMT - 05/01/2020  
JP, a gap is a gap is a gap. all have need to be filled. the snp gap by 2537 is also a double gap. XTRA needy imo that sort.

Mtl JP  16:44:08 GMT - 05/01/2020  
why SnP is down only -2.64%:
DJT still only whimping against china:
Donald J. Trump
Concast (@NBCNews) and Fake News @CNN
are going out of their way to say GREAT things about China. They are Chinese puppets who want to do business there. They use USA airwaves to help China. The Enemy of the People!

huff huff puff puff

dc CB  16:36:49 GMT - 05/01/2020  
May Day May Day May Day May Day May Day

Mtl JP  16:19:18 GMT - 05/01/2020  
Interesting ... a DOwn gap closing an uP gap
does that neutralize the gap's magnetics ?

S&P 500 Index (INDEX)

Mtl JP  16:13:49 GMT - 05/01/2020  
USDCAD 1.4105, a nick sub 1.4119 Res
today, justin "admirer of China's 'basic dictatorship" trudeau announced a ban on ~1500 models of military-grade "assault-style" weapons in Canada, expertly claiming that "Banning these firearms will save Canadian lives." and that "You don't need an AR-15 to bring down a deer"

as of today in Quebec, may 1, peasants get their minimum wage legislated from $12.50/hr to $13.10/hr.

Mtl JP  16:05:39 GMT - 05/01/2020  
MacroMicro 22:54 - 4 ur hapiniss

HK Kevin  16:00:25 GMT - 05/01/2020  
Equity market driven

london red  15:55:59 GMT - 05/01/2020  
snp first proper sup by 2720/30 some interim by 2800/06

Mtl JP  14:55:38 GMT - 05/01/2020  
that oil production cut
is supposed to be happening today
should be here under may 1 header

Mtl JP  14:34:07 GMT - 05/01/2020  
short eur with tight sl

Mtl JP  14:32:13 GMT - 05/01/2020  
POOF ! 1.10

Mtl JP  14:27:54 GMT - 05/01/2020  
USDCAD 1.4090
looking hungry to bite into 1.41, 1.4118 beyond

Mtl JP  14:17:42 GMT - 05/01/2020  
euro challenging 1.0999

swiss frank  14:05:31 GMT - 05/01/2020  

Yes: SNB buying eur/chf

No: Recent poll that shows more than 50% of Italians favor leaving the euro now.

Swiss Frank  14:03:07 GMT - 05/01/2020  
Or bigger picture is it expanding the zone on both sides around 1.10 with lower lows on last move down to 1.0750, will next move be up thru 1.10 -> 1.1150 on to 1.12, all within a contracting 1.0650-1.1450? Not clear to me.

Mtl JP  14:01:57 GMT - 05/01/2020  
Q: what catalyst, besides breaking N of the technicals, might propel eurdlr N ?

Mtl JP  13:50:19 GMT - 05/01/2020  
EURO 1.0980
on the downside: puppy needs to break thru the yellow Amazing Trader (red) Supp zone
in order to open a "woosh" down

Mtl JP  13:39:35 GMT - 05/01/2020  
EURO 1.0980
Currently capping euro some techs:
- 100 day 1.1004
- april 14th 1.09899 high
- 61.8% Fib at 1.0997

above all that is 200 day 1.1033

Mtl JP  13:32:26 GMT - 05/01/2020  
Last evening poloz shared why spraying market with gigagobs of "money" is the right thing to do. (earlier trudeau said essentially the same thing just in a more "progressive liberal" way when he tried to justify what looks like is going to be at least a $255 billion deficit)

credit crunch; deflationary shock; no inflation; reverse; sunny days; normalize

TeachablePoloz: Moments from the Pandemic

Mtl JP  13:18:36 GMT - 05/01/2020  
USDCAD 1.4000
Ottawa to appoint new Bank of Canada head on Friday -

5 mins ago - Finance Minister Bill Morneau is poised to announce the next governor of the Bank of Canada, changing the leadership of the country's central bank

Mtl JP  13:14:56 GMT - 05/01/2020  
Another hindsight optique:
From the Mar. 23 low through Apr. 16, during which the S&P 500 SPX gained 25.1%

S&P 500 SPX

Mtl JP  12:22:33 GMT - 05/01/2020  
May 1 peasant celebration day
Montreal rent strike movement calls for solidarity
Mar 30, 2020 · A rent strike movement has arisen in Montreal, in Quebec, across Canada and globally to appeal to the governments and the banks to step in and declare a moratorium on rent and mortgage until the COVID-19 crisis has passed.

Thousands of Americans to take part in biggest rent strike in decades

NY Rent Strike Demands Cuomo Act Amid Coronavirus Crisis

'This isn't an acceptable reality': L.A. renters hit new levels of rage under coronavirus

Mtl JP  12:13:29 GMT - 05/01/2020  
Heading into NY
various speculations around which puppy uP or DOwn against the USD.

Simple bottom line:
DLRx needs to pierce thru S at 99.30
to see more DLR dump

Mtl JP  11:32:36 GMT - 05/01/2020  
Concensus is that, as percent of Global GDP
- china accounts for ~19%
- USA accounts for ~23%

China has - more than any other country in the world - 1.38 billion people to feed.

Mtl JP  11:19:45 GMT - 05/01/2020  
kind of whimpy:

Trump Eyes Order to Block Savings Fund From Chinese Stocks
Bloomberg·9 hours ago

Treasuries Rise After Trump Revives U.S.-China Trade War Fears
Bloomberg·2 hours ago

unless only the beginning

Mtl JP  11:04:37 GMT - 05/01/2020  
wick uP wick DOwn ...
20.5% april SnP gain probably one of if not the best on RECORD
can it repeat / be bested is the mio dlr Q

SPX S&P 500 Index (INDEX)

AT Trader john  08:22:50 GMT - 05/01/2020  
DJ: -494
SP: -65.7

2-yr 0.186% -0.2%
Spread 10s-2s +42.0 bps (+41.5 bps)

US: 0.601% -2.4
UK: 0.228% -0.3
DE: -0.581% -0.5

Spots (Pivot Point prev day)
EURUSD 1.0963 (1.0918)
GBPUSD 1.2535 (1.2554)
EURGBP 0.8744 (0.8703)
USDJPY 106.90 (106.88)

This Week 1.0972-1.0810 (162 pips)
fri: 1.0970-1.0935 (35)
thu: 1.0972-1.0835 (137)
wed: 1.0886-1.0817 (57)
tue: 1.0890-1.0810 (75)
mon: 1.0859-1.0811 (48)

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20-day avg: 1.0864
50-day avg: 1.0954
100-day avg: 1.1004
200-day avg: 1.1033

Global-View Daily Trading Chart Points

AT Trader john  08:09:07 GMT - 05/01/2020  

GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
AA: Major, A: High, B: Medium

Fri 1 May 2019
May Day Holiday- many
Final Mfg PMIs all day

london red  07:49:41 GMT - 05/01/2020  
wkly s&p futs

fine looking wick

dc CB  00:48:16 GMT - 05/01/2020  
$6.66 Trillion

Well at least our satanic overlords have a sense of humor. (ZH)

Fed balance sheet

dc CB  00:38:55 GMT - 05/01/2020  
California Gov. Gavin Newsom has backed down from closing all beaches in the State of California, explaining to reporters and to local officials on Thursday that the closure would apply only to Orange County.

On Wednesday, Los Angeles Fox affiliate KTTV 11 reported that Newsom intended to close all beaches and state parks in the state, effective May 1. In his daily coronavirus press briefing, he said the “hard close” would only apply to Orange County.

dc CB  00:12:21 GMT - 05/01/2020  
The Michigan House of Representatives declined to extend Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s state of emergency another 28 days, and INSTEAD VOTED on Thursday TO SUE HER.

Whitmer’s initial state of emergency order, which is separate from the stay-at-home order, expires on Thursday and requires legislative action to be lengthened.

Negotiations on that front fell apart on Wednesday when Whitmer refused to make any concessions on the matter, asserting she has the ultimate control of emergencies.

So the House voted to authorize Speaker Lee Chatfield to sue the governor, saying Whitmer’s “unchecked and undemocratic approach” is not the best way, ABC 12 reported.

“The current status quo relies on one-size-fits-all edicts that unfairly punish millions of people across the state without giving them any recourse or voice in the process,” Chatfield said.
“The people deserve a better solution, and we can provide it.”

Mtl JP  23:30:06 GMT - 04/30/2020  
MacroMicro / It bounceth some off the 50. albeit not much.
got to wait n see which way the rabbit s going to bolt next

Israel  MacroMicro  22:54:09 GMT - 04/30/2020  

no WooshWoosh ?

Mtl JP  22:42:47 GMT - 04/30/2020  
I d have tot , after reading "ILO: As job losses escalate, nearly half of global workforce at risk of losing livelihoods" headline (which made me dig into the piece), there would a warning of social dislocation and a warning to the "elites" (bankers & politicians) of imminent nearly blind hungry mobs w/pitchforks. Instead Director-General Guy Ryder predicts that

..."If we don’t help them now, these enterprises will simply perish.”

dc CB  22:38:53 GMT - 04/30/2020  
Sell in May and go away rules the day.

The West Coast Gods have failed us. hair shirts and self flagilation as the Workers Revolt -- MayDay 2020

"Unprecedented Strikes" Planned At Amazon, Walmart On Friday

"We are acting in conjunction with workers at Amazon, Target, Instacart, and other companies for International Worker's Day [May 1] to show solidarity with other essential workers."

Mtl JP  22:17:53 GMT - 04/30/2020  
busting thru 2850 could see woosh

Mtl JP  22:03:33 GMT - 04/30/2020  
SnP 2861
continues dumping

AT Trader john  18:52:52 GMT - 04/30/2020  
LATE Thursday
DJ: -302
SP: -27.5

2-yr 0.186% -1.3%
Spread 10s-2s +41.5 bps (+42.7 bps)

US: 0.601% -2.6
UK: 0.222% -0.9
DE: -0.577% +0.9

Spots (Pivot Point prev day)
EURUSD 1.0950 (1.0918)
GBPUSD 1.2590 (1.2554)
EURGBP 0.8696 (0.8703)
USDJPY 107.02 (106.88)

This Week 1.0972-1.0810 (162 pips)
thu: 1.0972-1.0835 (137)
wed: 1.0886-1.0817 (57)
tue: 1.0890-1.0810 (75)
mon: 1.0859-1.0811 (48)
fri: 1.0819-1.0727 (92)

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20-day avg: 1.0864
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100-day avg: 1.1004
200-day avg: 1.1033

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AT Trader john  15:32:45 GMT - 04/30/2020  

GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
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Fri 1 May 2019
May Day Holiday- many
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GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
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Mon 27 May 2019
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Tue 28 May 2019
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Wed 29 May 2019
A 08:55 DE- Employment
AA 18:00 US- BOC Decision
A 18:30 US- EIA Crude
Thu 30 Mar 2019
AAEZ/CH- Holiday
A 12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
Fri 31 Mar 2019
AA 10:00 EZ- Flash HICP
A 12:30 US- Personal Income, Spending, Deflator
AA 14:00 US- Final Univ of Michigan

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