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Israel  MacroMicro  13:23:09 GMT - 05/22/2020  

batsoup for Xi, what else?

Mtl JP  13:12:08 GMT - 05/22/2020  
MacroMicro 13:06 / brilliant socio-economic analysis
the more corona infections the more trillions
what prize would you suggest for Xi ?

dc CB  13:10:53 GMT - 05/22/2020  
Vaccine Pops Vax PR Wars
dc CB 07:44 GMT 05/22/2020

Thursday on MSNBC, Ruud Dobber, the CEO of pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, said he was confident the company would deliver 100 million doses of coronavirus vaccine in October.

Host Chuck Todd said, “What makes the United States government’s billion dollars to you guys, what does that give you the resources to do?”

Dobber said, “Well, first of all, we are very pleased, of course, with this agreement. It’s a very substantial agreement, and we really would like to thank Secretary Azar and HHS for that collaboration in this crisis. And to help us further develop the vaccine. The vaccine is one of the most promising vaccines in development. We are working with Oxford Group, a very well known group, on this vaccine for quite some time. This amount of money helps us to deliver 100 million doses to the American citizens in October and another 200 million at the end of 2020, beginning of 2021. So it’s a massive effort in order to make it happen. But we’re very committed in order to do that.”

Todd said, “Are you saying you think you’re going to have a workable vaccine in six months? And that 100 million doses are going to be available?"

Israel  MacroMicro  13:06:34 GMT - 05/22/2020  
Americans are clear, we don't mind to have coronavirus as long it comes with trillions from the FED

dc CB  13:00:05 GMT - 05/22/2020  
Top NYU head of emergency care says HCQ w Zinc Works. It saved my 90yo fathers life. He has recovered.

AT Trader john  12:53:38 GMT - 05/22/2020  
Negative tests for Hydrochloroquine in the Lancet. Top Stanford Doc says it it should not be approved for COVID-19.

AT Trader john  12:30:58 GMT - 05/22/2020  
Retail Sales March 2020
Canada Charts

Retail Sales
Headline: -10.0% vs. -10.30% exp. vs. +0.30% (r prev.)
X-Autos: -0.40% vs. -4.30% exp. vs. 0.00% (r prev.)

dc CB  08:38:26 GMT - 05/22/2020  
3 Day US weekend. Battle of the Memes.
Leave then Happy or Leave them Sad.

( if you spent 1mil day since 0 CE(for those Christians The Day He was born AD 1)

You wud have NOT spent a Trillion Dollars (fact check this plz)

so in the larger sceme of things ^ Happy v Sad, a COUPLE or a FEW or a DOZEN Trillion...don't mean a Pile of Penguin Sheit.

SELL GOLD(paper only plz)

london red  07:12:50 GMT - 05/22/2020  
s&p dt neck 2914 tgt if busted 2850.

london red  07:05:59 GMT - 05/22/2020  
ft100. double top in play under 5960, with a result below 5800 poss zone poss. futs neck by 5920.

jkt abel  04:23:37 GMT - 05/22/2020  
keep selling gold while below 1728 guys, should test low again and most probably break lower

Jkt Abel 15:03 GMT 05/21/2020
Well gold broke 1720, i expect 1700-1702 to be tested while below 1728

london red  17:26:19 GMT - 05/21/2020  
housing is something that will be one of the last sectors to benefit. folks got no job/worried about job and bank lending requirements tigher than a ducks arse. expect things to get worse there before they get better.

Mtl JP  16:39:32 GMT - 05/21/2020  
Existing Homes Sales
used houses not moving well.
either too dear, not nuff incentives, folks with the albatross not desperate enough yet OR would be buyers not eager for an albatross

Israel  MacroMicro  15:17:08 GMT - 05/21/2020  
US stox indices definitely funny thing

Jkt Abel  15:03:34 GMT - 05/21/2020  
Well gold broke 1720, i expect 1700-1702 to be tested while below 1728

Mtl JP  14:57:29 GMT - 05/21/2020  
my AI robot thinks euro likelier to
see 1.08 than N of 200day

and... she is open to suggestions

Mtl JP  14:54:49 GMT - 05/21/2020  
euro 1.0960
sherlock says
200-day 1.1013 is a tuffie
would need to see a convincing close N of it to think of a break-out

Mtl JP  14:51:17 GMT - 05/21/2020  
egg or chicken ?
as DLR pops (99.01-> 99.40-ish) it is less "friendly" to stocks

HK Kevin  14:49:33 GMT - 05/21/2020  
london 09:29 GMT 05/21/2020
stocks up every thursday bar 2 since jobs losses started being announced.
Past performance is no guarantee of future results

AT Trader john  14:00:40 GMT - 05/21/2020  
U.S. Existing Homes Sales (mln) April 2020


p.a. s.a.: 4.330 vs. 4.300 exp. vs 5.270 (r. ) prev.


Leading Indicators April, 2020

-4.40% vs. -5.70% exp. vs. -6.70% prev.

AT Trader john  13:47:12 GMT - 05/21/2020  
U.S. flash Markit Mfg & SVC PMI May 2020

mfg: 39.8 vs. 36.0 exp. vs. 36.1 prev.
svc: 36.9 vs. 32.0 exp. vs. 26.7 prev.

Markit PMI Press Release

london red  13:17:45 GMT - 05/21/2020  
snp to test 2980 again, a break yields a break fill to 2999 which is also the level of the 200dma which today marginally turned higher intraday. much stop and cta buying over 3k can see 3100 quite quickly fwiw. failure to break 2980 leads to drop to channel sup by 2950 this hour. it looks like a flat based triangle with the base slightly sloped at 2980.

AT Trader john  12:31:42 GMT - 05/21/2020  
Weekly Jobless Claims

+2.43 vs: +2.4mln expected vs. +2.98mln (r )


U.S. Philly Fed Index May 2020

-43.1 vs. -41.0 exp. vs. -56.6 prev.

london 09:29:27 GMT - 05/21/2020  
re manu pmis, no surprises most beat since its a supply chain issue which falsifies the pmi.
today another 2.5m job losses annoucement due so another 2.5% up for stocks? stocks up every thursday bar 2 since jobs losses started being announced.

AT Trader john  08:30:49 GMT - 05/21/2020  
GB Flash PMIs May 2020

GB 09:30 GMT
mfg: 40.6 vs. 36.0 exp. vs. 36.1 prev.
svc: 27.8 vs. 32.0 exp. vs. 26.7 prev.

Markit PMI Press Release

AT Trader john  07:23:40 GMT - 05/21/2020  
EZ Flash PMIs May 2020

EZ 08:00 GMT
mfg:39.5 vs. 38.0 exp. vs. 33.4 prev.
svc: 28.7 vs. 23.8 exp. vs. 12.0 prev.

German 07:30 GMT
mfg 36.8 vs. 39.0 exp. vs. 34.5 prev.
svc: 31.4 vs. 26.0 exp. vs. 16.2 prev.

France 07:15 GMT
mfg: 40.3 vs. 35.8 exp. vs. 31.5 prev.
svc: 29.4 vs. 28.8 exp. vs. 10.2 prev.

Markit PMI Press Release

AT Trader john  07:23:39 GMT - 05/21/2020  
EZ Flash PMIs May 2020

EZ 08:00 GMT
mfg: vs. 38.0 exp. vs. 33.4 prev.
svc: vs. 23.8 exp. vs. 12.0 prev.

German 07:30 GMT
mfg vs. 39.0 exp. vs. 34.5 prev.
svc: vs. 26.0 exp. vs. 16.2 prev.

France 07:15 GMT
mfg: 40.3 vs. 35.8 exp. vs. 31.5 prev.
svc: 29.4 vs. 28.8 exp. vs. 10.2 prev.

Markit PMI Press Release

Mtl JP  19:42:25 GMT - 05/20/2020  
further to yield-curve control / loss of control over inflation
‘It is no surprise that people are buying gold.

But the authorities may attempt at some point to de-monetise gold, making it illegal to own as a private individual. They will only do this if they feel the need to create a stable unit of account for world trade.’

Mtl JP  18:24:57 GMT - 05/20/2020  
from the minutes, nothing surprising but noteworthy:

..."A few participants also noted that the balance sheet could be used to reinforce the Committee's forward guidance regarding the path of the federal funds rate through Federal Reserve purchases of Treasury securities on a scale necessary to keep Treasury yields at short- to medium-term maturities capped at specified levels for a period of time." .../..

all that to say control the yield curve ?

AT Trader john  18:02:14 GMT - 05/20/2020  
U.S. Fed Policy Minutes

U.S. Fed Policy Minutes

Fed committed to using its full range of tools. Corona virus could weigh heavily on the economy in the medium term. So far nothing surprising, as expected...

PAR 16:31:04 GMT - 05/20/2020  
Boris Johnson welcomes Chinese companies to list on the LSE. Thank you Donald.

GVI Forex 16:26:28 GMT - 05/20/2020  
S&P selling off on

US Senate passes Bill aimed at increasing oversight of Chinese companies could require Chinese firms listed in the US to de-list from US exchanges and requires companies to certify no government control


AT Trader john  12:32:46 GMT - 05/20/2020  
Canada: CPI April 2020

mm: -0.70% vs. -0.60% exp. vs. -0.60% prev.
yy: -0.20% vs. -0.10% exp. vs. -0.90% prev.

AT Trader john  09:02:57 GMT - 05/20/2020  
Eurozone final HICP (CPI) April 2020

yy: 0.30% vs. 0.30% exp. vs. +0.40% prev.
yy: 0.90% vs. 0.90% exp. vs. +0.90% prev.

PAR 19:26:41 GMT - 05/19/2020  
Someone took too much Hydrochloroquine?

london red  19:14:14 GMT - 05/19/2020  
yest mkt up 4% on moderna good news. today mkt fell 10 pts on moderna bad news, then erased immediately. two takes, moderna is in marketing not drugs (they dont produce anything of note) and two, mkt went up on moar fed yest. vaccine is not relevant just a good story to pass onto msm to "fit" the move.

AT Trader john  19:13:58 GMT - 05/19/2020  
Hearing a second look at the story is not as dire as the headline on the wire services so equities now recovering...


AT Trader john  19:02:29 GMT - 05/19/2020  
Moderna vaccine reportedly did not meet testing criteria
Equities getting slammed.

AT Trader john  12:31:29 GMT - 05/19/2020  
U.S. House Starts & Permits (000)
April 2020

Starts: 0.890 vs. 0.950 exp. vs. 1.220(r 1.276) prev.
Permits: 1.074 vs.1.000 exp. vs. 1.350 (r 1.356) prev.

New Residential Construction

AT Trader john  09:08:42 GMT - 05/19/2020  
German ZEW Survey May 2020


Current Situation (Sentiment): -93.5 vs. -85.0 exp. vs. -91.5 prev.
Expectations: 51.0 vs. 32 exp. vs. 28.2 prev.

Israel  MacroMicro  20:04:09 GMT - 05/18/2020  
VP Mike Pence

PAR 18:28:35 GMT - 05/18/2020  
Rest of Europe also needs to approve this deal.
Macron is president of France not of Europe.
We will see in June if everybody agrees.

Israel  MacroMicro  17:06:49 GMT - 05/18/2020  
now it called "breaking news", at certain point this week we will witness "breaking account" event.

Mtl JP  16:53:43 GMT - 05/18/2020  
Germany and France calls for $545 billion coronavirus recovery fund

I have not seen to who specifically the "money" would be channeled so as to go to which line.

GVI Forex 16:09:18 GMT - 05/18/2020  
GBP dipped on this but impact more in EURGBP (up)

BOE;s Tenreyo says MPC has not ruled out any policy tool, her personal view is that negative rates have had a positive impact in Europe; says there are some considerations that would be more specific to the UK


GVI Forex 15:22:44 GMT - 05/18/2020  
EURUSD up on

French President Macron and German Chancellor Merkel are proposing EU to raise debt jointly


AT Trader john  14:01:22 GMT - 05/18/2020  
U.S. NAHB Index May 2020

37.0 vs. 35.0 exp. vs. 30.0 (r) prev.


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