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Dubai MA  10:03:56 GMT - 12/22/2020  
Is there news???????

GVI Forex 10:07:08 GMT - 12/22/2020  
EU officials note the latest offer from the UK on fisheries is unacceptable, according to reports

(so far this is just market chatter but shows how jittery a thin market can be)

Caribbean! Rafe...  10:29:49 GMT - 12/22/2020  
MA// Please see posts I made as far back as August 2020, but now we are in December 2020.

I'll be back in June/July thereabouts, so until then all here please have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!.

With regards to Covid-19 and their mutations etc. I had mentioned October 2020 and Feb 2021. Now they have only until February 2021 to immunize/vaccinate everybody else. June 2021 is the final time to defeat Covid-19, before they unleash soethin else, which means perhaps a catastrophe or another virus.

gl gt.

Caribbean! Rafe... 13:50 GMT August 16, 2020
GBP/[email protected]: Reply
Toronto Abb 01:24 GMT 08/16/2020

Abb// Downtrend for USD/CHF. Look for announcements in the same time frame as EUR/USD.

gl gt

Caribbean! Rafe... 01:09 GMT August 16, 2020
GBP/[email protected]: Reply
GBP/USD :- We can expect sudden geo-political excitement in October for this pair, but December is the month to watch.

Caribbean! Rafe... 00:46 GMT August 16, 2020
EUR/[email protected]: Reply
EUR/USD :- Timing extended and revised from October to December. However, in September, we should get some very vague insights into sudden geo-political announcements, but exactly what they are needs to be seen. I will be updating on my previous forecasts during the upcoming trading weeks, as I have improved upon my methods. All comments welcome.

gl gt

Caribbean! Rafe...  10:45:56 GMT - 12/22/2020  
GVI Forex 10:07:08 GMT - 12/22/2020

A moratorium on fishing is the best temporary option. That should slow them down a bit and let them come back to their senses. Can anyone imagine countries fighting each other over Fish?

No fish - no game... Run Fish RUN!

GVI Forex 10:54:11 GMT - 12/22/2020  
I just posted what moved the market and you decide whether it is just more meaningless headlines that gives an excuse for news algos to trade.

Minneapolis DRS2  11:00:10 GMT - 12/22/2020  
Fishing and hunting rights are the basis of some of the most vicious conflicts in world history. They are taken seriously by every country in every region of the world with significant water bodies.

You know what crime is universally hated by every jurisdiction in the world? A crime that will get you fined at a minimum and quite possibly thrown in a**-pounding prison?

It ain't murder, rape, or's POACHING.

I've seen men fight each other over fish. It's not hard to imagine entire countries fighting over them.

PAR 11:03:33 GMT - 12/22/2020  
What's it gonna be Boris. Yes or No.


Caribbean! Rafe...  11:03:55 GMT - 12/22/2020  
GVI Forex 10:54 GMT 12/22/2020

Quoting the most revered...

Mtl JP 13:51 GMT September 9, 2016
what is really beautiful in the sordid world of money whores is the "relative" notion: for one thing to go uP (or DOwn) it has to do so against something else on a relative basis.

This means there is always an opportunity for a trade - a beautiful thing.
Just do not be "patriotic" about some one particular asset.

Caribbean! Rafe...  11:05:51 GMT - 12/22/2020  
I had poached eggs for tomorrow's breakfast menu... I guess I will now have to remove anything poached from it.

Caribbean! Rafe...  11:07:43 GMT - 12/22/2020  
DRS2// besides how did you know of such a** pounding places?.

GVI Forex 11:13:04 GMT - 12/22/2020  
Bi-polar GBP popped on this

EU reportedly willing to accept up to 25% reduction in UK waters atch, sources say

Minneapolis DRS2  11:16:06 GMT - 12/22/2020  
Many years ago in my part of the world, there was a conflict between Native Americans and "the locals" (non-Native Americans) over fishing in one of our many lakes. As I recall the conflict, the locals were restricted by law to hook-and-line fishing only, in the traditional manner.

However, the Native Americans had rights by treaty to use any means at their disposal to catch fish. Imagine the anger of the locals as they watched the Native Americans using spear guns and nets to haul giant catches of fish. The locals were lucky to catch a few with a rod and reel, and the Natives were draining the lake of fish with their spear guns.

The local news reported many fights in that period. I don't know what became of the lake after that.

Israel MacroMicro  11:16:39 GMT - 12/22/2020  
if Brexit is not enough, now Germany banned all air traffic and other forms of transportation from UK until January 6th.

Caribbean! Rafe...  11:20:58 GMT - 12/22/2020  
Credible Source...

Credible Bloomberg Global Financial News

Israel MacroMicro  11:25:10 GMT - 12/22/2020  
Caribbean! Rafe... 11:20 GMT December 22, 2020

hilarious - lol

credible source at present days, hilarious!

Caribbean! Rafe...  11:34:31 GMT - 12/22/2020  
Micromacro// you got a more credible source than bloomberg?

Israel MacroMicro  11:38:09 GMT - 12/22/2020  
rafe - to be honest, I am paying to Bloomberg high amount of money not to get the "truth" but more the sentiment that generates more profits.

unfortunately, the reality is not fact based but more on better promoted narrative. this is how I see Media-2020.

Caribbean! Rafe...  11:41:38 GMT - 12/22/2020  
micromacro// then do not libel them.

Caribbean! Rafe...  11:45:57 GMT - 12/22/2020  
see the beautiful ladies talking on it... wolf whistle!!

Israel MacroMicro  11:49:15 GMT - 12/22/2020  
rafe - libel? huh?

good luck with your trades. hopefully you understand those better than you understand people.

Caribbean! Rafe...  11:53:58 GMT - 12/22/2020  
mm// I am sitting on 2 dozen odd+ multibaggers...fwiw... so don't worry about me.

Caribbean! Rafe...  13:23:30 GMT - 12/22/2020  
Caribbean! Rafe... 10:45 GMT 12/22/2020

No use fighting over fish... Conservation efforts and a moratorium on fishing would be wonderful for both the EU and UK economies. If many other countries follow the same principle then we can consider it even more wonderful, not only for the EU and UK economies but in addition to their own and neighbouring economies too. On a wider and grander scale, much better for the world economy as a whole too. It is the need of the hour if we can call it that.

Mtl JP  15:43:08 GMT - 12/22/2020  
Boris Johnson

do NOT click link IF u r easily offended

Caribbean! Rafe...  19:15:54 GMT - 07/30/2021  
Read my Caribbean! Rafe... 10:29 GMT December 22, 2020.

The world averted a war but got stuck with The Delta Virus, it is IMHO not a direct strain of Covid-19, but is "the another beastly virus" with possiblly backward origins to the same family. It seems to have combination genes of Sars/Avian/Swine/Nupah plus covid... Nupah was a bat virus which I read the news snippet a few years ago as it affected people in Kerala. There seems to be some kind of gene loop built into this covid virus, as soon as you try to stop it, it turns into something else more deadly. The medical field should create one vaccine/cure that can remove them all at one go starting from sars to the most recent virus.

Caribbean! Rafe...  19:21:09 GMT - 08/01/2021  
Delta is something else entirely different...

The Delta variant of the coronavirus is as contagious as chickenpox, probably causes more severe disease, and breakthrough cases in vaccinated individuals may be as transmissible as unvaccinated cases, according to a leaked US government document. T...

'The war has changed': US documents sound alarm on Delta Variant.

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