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Mtl JP  17:31:49 GMT - 02/14/2021  
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Friday urged G7 finance leaders to “go big” with additional fiscal stimulus to recover from the coronavirus pandemic and told them that the Biden administration was committed to multilateral engagement and fighting climate change.

Yellen urges G7 to "go big" on stimulus, says U.S. committed to multilateralism

dc CB  22:27:28 GMT - 02/13/2021  
Shock As Electricity Prices Across US Explode

dc CB  21:24:11 GMT - 02/12/2021  
Next week ---Hearings---The Redditttor Mob(the Threat to Our Markits) Thurs Feb 18


Mtl JP  17:06:41 GMT - 02/12/2021  
DLRx 90.375
without looking ...
stocks are likely raging

Israel MacroMicro  15:15:26 GMT - 02/12/2021  
just for the update, my robot closed 75% of the long trades for +9.8 pips in average and claims that EUR/USD is about to fall into deep sleep for the rest of today.

so he claims!
so I am gone!

have a greater than great weekend, may your luck to spare you from watching the Biden-Harris oval room porn movie !!!

bye !

Israel MacroMicro  14:55:02 GMT - 02/12/2021  
Musk scheme == the new con artists standard to those missed the point :)

Belgrade Knez  14:54:51 GMT - 02/12/2021  
Biden's day in US on Monday!

Israel MacroMicro  14:53:17 GMT - 02/12/2021  
this is okay captain CB

I have new hobby in the making in case LBS stays so high, I will start making wooden toys :)

someone insisting the Ponzi scheme is outdated, Musk scheme is the new cons standard :)

dc CB  14:43:41 GMT - 02/12/2021  
it's a 3 day weekend in the US markets
see you Tuesday

Israel MacroMicro  14:23:17 GMT - 02/12/2021  
I wonder how EUR/USD to act at 1.2112/15 area

have a great weekend

Mtl JP  14:10:51 GMT - 02/12/2021  
EURO 1.2088
I keep coming back to the bounce off the 100dma and the capping by the 50dma (also the 50% fib mentioned by earlier):

lets see IF red line holds Sup

GVI Forex 13:36:24 GMT - 02/12/2021  
US bond yields popping higher

Mtl JP  13:31:41 GMT - 02/12/2021  
boom ! DLRx pops back to early morn high 90.645
suggests stock at risk-off tint

PAR 12:59:51 GMT - 02/12/2021  
University of Michigan Sentiment Index.

Looking for a huge beat.

Mtl JP  12:44:52 GMT - 02/12/2021  
DLRx 50.52
some early moves

PAR 11:16:32 GMT - 02/12/2021  
Michigan consumer opinion poll and FED speech always can do wonders?

Mtl JP  10:55:38 GMT - 02/12/2021  
heading into NY session
DLRx 90.55
Euro 1.2110

Overnite asian stocks down overall

Th SnP500 closed 3,916.38 +6.50 +0.17%
Against Monday close the beat is just by 0.02%

Bottom Line
odds are the week's rally in stocks is running on weak legs

Stocks -> DLR -> Euro

Mtl JP  16:19:37 GMT - 02/11/2021  
DLRx 90.385
chief mushroom feeder powell's potion
having zzzzzz effect

PAR 14:12:55 GMT - 02/11/2021  
Bad news is always good news

jkt abel  11:49:32 GMT - 02/11/2021  
well the keyword there is 'strategic competition'

Israel  MacroMicro  11:26:37 GMT - 02/11/2021  
can we count on terrible data to close with US indices at new ATH today?

Mtl JP  10:40:36 GMT - 02/11/2021  
Hu Xijin 胡锡进

China state-affiliated media
Choosing to hold phone call today (除夕) shows Biden is willing to send the message that he respects President Xi and China. He hopes the US can maintain bottom line of no conflict while engaging in strategic competition with China. He wants his intentions to be fully understood.

Mtl JP  23:52:26 GMT - 02/10/2021  
10-yr 1.130% (i.e down) and
DLR at 90.39 (uP off its 90.22 LoD)
this after powell's mushroom feeding
and a sobbing and bleeding "with our collective efforts across the government and the private sector" heart appeal to help "make sustained progress toward our national goal of maximum employment."

Lets see how this proclivity to "collective efforts" - notice how suddenly he is pitching at least half the responsibility over to "private sector" - works out. Sounds to me like jerome and gang are out of a/effectivity
if they are begging for collective effort

Israel MacroMicro  19:08:07 GMT - 02/10/2021  
must have to any full time trader

highly recommended

lakewood jjlkwd  18:59:42 GMT - 02/10/2021  
or maybe FED has made investment in BTC

Mtl JP  18:56:08 GMT - 02/10/2021  
maybe he' ll diss janet's hallucinations about her recent full employment spewings

Mtl JP  18:48:56 GMT - 02/10/2021  
powell yaks at top hour (at econ club of ny)
- not sure what new he can say in addition to what he has said already

unless... he ll hint at some change

Israel MacroMicro  18:28:46 GMT - 02/10/2021  
BoC published official warning about BTC
each past warning from a central bank brought a rally of 25%


Mtl JP  15:43:42 GMT - 02/10/2021  
GBP 1.3852
bailey yaks at NY noon. one hr later yaks tenreyro. (she likes nega-rates)
I doubt the professor will any reaction from market as nega-rates yik-yak is basically a poof! theme.

players are probably already discointing the posi-effects of unlocking the lockdowns judging by gbp's price-action

Mtl JP  15:06:40 GMT - 02/10/2021  
chief mushroom feeder powell
be spreading fertilizer at 2pm NYT

Israel MacroMicro  13:53:41 GMT - 02/10/2021  
solar energy = silver
batteries = nickel
charging stations = copper

good luck

dc CB  13:47:42 GMT - 02/10/2021  
the 10y just got a boost from the CPI number.
(justintime) as it gets offered today---1PM results

Macau Steven  10:56:09 GMT - 02/10/2021  
Just put on seat belt. Enjoy parabola to break $202,100 sometime this year

Belgrade Knez  10:38:45 GMT - 02/10/2021  
yes, you are right but some banks that were servicing btc (HSBC etc) stop doing it so it may take effect on value

Macau Steven  10:35:17 GMT - 02/10/2021  
Bitcoins are traded in crypto exchanges not banks

Belgrade Knez  10:07:45 GMT - 02/10/2021  
more and more banks stop servicing bitcoin .... looks like no matter how high it goes, people will be virtual millionaires only

london red  10:05:45 GMT - 02/10/2021  
early candidate for post of the year from JP
Mtl JP 09:05 GMT 02/10/2021

all what u say is true but u can take a horse to water but u cannot make him drink///no cure for stupid as mr JM says rightly.
however. if money is no object. it isnt is it? maybe administration set up as part of stimi, some stock accounts where gains are tax free until taken out of that account. for all the plebs spending stimi on playstation, takeaway etc. lower income folks. 2k stimi 2k trading account, free returns until they pull out cash. some will pull out but some will increase value (not fking hard in usa stox after all) and who knows some may add more own cash and join the money train.
as side note, to biden admin, if u intend to use my $hit i expect to be compensated...

london red  09:59:10 GMT - 02/10/2021  
abel its coded to go to infinity. and will head that way til event takes it out. which will happen eventually. will. until then to the moon even with huge drawdowns nothing will stop it til that day comes.

jkt abel  09:56:11 GMT - 02/10/2021  
will fuel btcusd even more to the upside, after all btc doesnt care if it goes to 1million against usd, the more the merrier, no need to worry about inflation, export import etc etc

Mtl JP  09:20:00 GMT - 02/10/2021  
maybe soon we will see a ccy war (dlr vs almost everything else)
overt or not

Mtl JP  09:18:02 GMT - 02/10/2021  
DLRx 90.2x
Qs and As

Mtl JP  09:05:04 GMT - 02/10/2021  
viies 19:44 Feb 9, 2021
thnks god they print to help out hard working americans ::))))
red - I believe - had a good idea his (but not only) 10:58 Jan 11 post.

In other , more complicated words, what we are witnessing is known as "opportunity cost": those who , for whatever reason, are not loaded up in stock market, are missing out on "return". Why is that significant ?

Because those who are IN stocks, are the ones who will covered against "inflation" whether it comes this month or next year. Those who have "assets" that are already rocketing uP in price - leaving price of "direct deposit ($600 or 1400), tax hikes etc aside - the reality is that since January (ytd) SnP is has returned 4.27% ie. 100K in just SnP has drooled $4k into pocket (nazdac $9K) and I am not talking about some specific stock but about index! Bottom line is that on annual basis the stock market is currently dripping more than decent return.

So this "opportunity cost" that - on a societal basis - is between those who for whatever reason are not in the market and those who are in - is digging an enormous chasm. The ridiculous part is that while the economy is dizzy, taxpayers suffers, salary(wo)men are losing jobs, are losing income all the while, there are folks who , dichotomically, are here and now making more moola than they ever made in their lives. It is almost indecent: interest at zero, economy in the doldrums and yet market returns gigagobs. Whowoudufftot eh ?

So , bottom line, the chasm between those who are invested in the market and those for whatever reason are not, only grows. Talk about "rich vs poor" gap, social fabric tear and "injustice" growing ! Sad, some would say...

But a fact remains: why do folks hesitate to borrow at low low interest in order to "invest" in market (risk some say) but do not hesitate to purchase physical goods (F-150 ex) at relatively crazy interest knowing that the instant they sign they lose 20% + ?

Here is where psychology of human brain comes in:
folks prefer instant satisfaction from an object here and now over gains in the future even as , rationally, the better course of action is to position-invest for future gains... because in the brain lurks the notion that "I could lose". Who has the brain and means to borrow to invest ? Those for who "risk of loss" does not matter - as they have the means. And so ... the social rich / poor chasm grows. And grows.

Hence my argument about "opportunity cost" . I give full credit to the "policy makers" for absolutely crappy and incompetent communication, in contrast with red on Jan 11 that he did so eloquently well.

Mtl JP  05:47:49 GMT - 02/10/2021  
us stocks looking uP -> ...
awwww... u already know the rest of the ditty

USDx at 90.36, euro 1.2127

Macau Steven  02:22:16 GMT - 02/10/2021  
You can buy a brand new Tesla X in US with 1 bitcoin in middle of 2021

Israel MacroMicro  21:47:03 GMT - 02/09/2021  
Although Tom Brady was the MVP of the night after routing the Kansas City Chiefs for his 7th Super Bowl victory, it was another Florida man who may have struck it rich for his on-the-field antics to the tune of $374,000.

31-year-old Yuri Andrade, who hails from Boca Raton, was the upstanding citizen arrested in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl LV after he took the field and made a mad dash for the end zone while stripping off his clothes to reveal a pink unitard underneath.


see ya tomorrow :)

dc CB  21:42:01 GMT - 02/09/2021  
Mtl JP 18:58

stimi checks + moar lock u downs + 3 masks + imPeachemnt =
Corporate Cannabis

dc CB  21:25:50 GMT - 02/09/2021  
lakewood jjlkwd 21:08 GMT 02/09/2021
if you would have bought the stock you could afford a few teslas today !!!!

but then maybe one of those could turn out to be a fire bomb that goes off in your attached garage and after losing your house you spend the next 5 years suing Elon.

hindsight is always 'riskless'

have your neighbors turned into Rhinoceros yet? lol

Israel MacroMicro  21:18:19 GMT - 02/09/2021  
lakewood jjlkwd 21:08

hehehe, the open wounds are mine, the salt is from you for free, a party! - with this way of thinking, Elon Musk's capital was to fill my smallest wallet :)


dc CB  21:11:22 GMT - 02/09/2021  
if you have any doubts that we are living in a 'simulation'

ARKW fund
owns TSLA and Greyscale Bitcoin Trust - GBTC

So far, in 2021, investors have poured almost $11 billion into Wood's funds, according to Bloomberg. ARK's funds focus on ESG investing, EVs, genomics and fintech. And while Bloomberg notes her "eye popping returns" are catching attention, there has been nary a discussion about how the valuations of ARK's underlying ETF components have ballooned with the markets at all time highs.
(via ZH)

Cathie Wood's ARK funds

lakewood jjlkwd  21:08:00 GMT - 02/09/2021  
3 years ago instead of buying a tesla , if you would have bought the stock you could afford a few teslas today !!!!

Israel MacroMicro  20:44:47 GMT - 02/09/2021  
BTC > TSLA (the car itself, not the share)

it is reality, but still unbelievable for me :)

dc CB  20:21:16 GMT - 02/09/2021  
failed link

the cheap seats

dc CB  20:19:24 GMT - 02/09/2021  
just for grins.
Super Bowl LV

dc CB  20:14:49 GMT - 02/09/2021  
Mtl JP 18:58

because that's where all the 'stimi' dollars will be spent. Small bidnesses are Out of Bidness thanks to Luck U Downs as those businesses were deemed non-essential.

however, that is a subject that shall not be discussed. Just like there was a time that you could not utter the name of god --yawee or something like that. MM shud be up on that history.

Israel MacroMicro  19:03:03 GMT - 02/09/2021  
seriously, all that stimulus turned into a sad joke. more than 75% of the money goes to fill pockets and not to solve problems.

officially, I gave up about to understand what THEY are doing

Mtl JP  18:58:08 GMT - 02/09/2021  
business leaders or business losers ?
President Joe Biden and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will meet Tuesday with a handful of top U.S. chief executives to discuss the proposed $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan, the White House said, as Democrats aim to rush the proposal through Congress.

The afternoon meeting will include JPMorgan Chase’s JPM, -0.54% Jamie Dimon, Walmart’s WMT, +0.49% Doug McMillon, Gap’s GPS, -0.99% Sonia Syngal, Marvin Ellison of Lowe’s LOW, -0.54% and Tom Donohue, the CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Vice President Kamala Harris will also join the meeting. .../..

Biden, Yellen to discuss $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan with JPMorgan, Walmart, Gap CEOs

Mtl JP  11:13:13 GMT - 02/09/2021  

U.S. 10 Year Treasury Note

Mtl JP  10:53:30 GMT - 02/09/2021  
DLRx 90.50
???, A?

hk ab  08:54:06 GMT - 02/08/2021  
Steven//how about SZ and SH index?

Macau Steven  08:43:49 GMT - 02/08/2021  
I have a Hang Seng Index econometric model forecasting 60000 by 2023

jkt abel  03:45:48 GMT - 02/08/2021  
with all stimulus package on the line, there is only one way for stocks: UP
usdjpy will keep bid

lakewood jjlkwd  00:27:32 GMT - 02/08/2021  
not too much happening until game is over

Mtl JP  00:19:41 GMT - 02/08/2021  
Stock futures uP -> DLR tilting down some -> Euro slightly uP

Is that not the typical IF this THEN that ?

dc CB  00:09:16 GMT - 02/08/2021  

National Guard And Razor Wire Everywhere: DC Gets Dystopian As Impeachment Trial Kicks Off

dc CB  00:05:58 GMT - 02/08/2021  
don't cry for me Argentina

Mtl JP  00:05:32 GMT - 02/08/2021  
Yellen, stimulus and cut-offs
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Sunday that American workers who earn $60,000 per year should receive stimulus checks as part of the White House’s proposed $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package.

“The exact details of how it should be targeted are to be determined, but struggling middle class families need help,” Yellen said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

U.S. Treasury's Yellen: Americans earning $60,000 should get stimulus checks

Mtl JP  23:36:39 GMT - 02/07/2021  
AFP Sun, February 7, 2021
Christine Lagarde

European Central Bank (ECB) chief Christine Lagarde on Sunday rejected calls to cancel debts run up by eurozone members to buttress their economies during the Covid-19 crisis.

ECB's Lagarde says cancelling Covid debts 'unthinkable'

dc CB  20:59:54 GMT - 02/07/2021  
Mtl JP 16:56

NUZ from the future 51st state.

In the halls of congress---imPEACHMENT II begins --- incitement to insurection.

meanwhile on the street level: just a normal sat nite in DC

Mob Threatens Arson During 'F*ck The Police' March In DC

dc CB  20:35:38 GMT - 02/07/2021  
I cudda been tom brady....

dc CB  20:32:59 GMT - 02/07/2021  
(in honor of Super Bowl Sunday)
...How times have changed. Once Upon A Republic, the college football star and CEO of Goldman Sachs 'Takes the knee' for 750Billion

now that the republic has been dissolute, the the Treas Secy is OK with 1.9 Trillion. no problemo, badges? 'we don't need no stinking badges'

Mtl JP  19:48:04 GMT - 02/07/2021  
new week will start on the back of
Dow up 3.9%
S&P 500 up 4.7%
Nasdaq up 6% on the week
Danger Lurks in Global Markets Transfixed by Rising Bond Yields
- danger or ... opportunity

ECB’s Lagarde Sees Summer Recovery, Tricky Post-Pandemic Phase

Even Europe’s Draghi-Led Market Euphoria Can’t Buoy the Euro

Flash Loans Are Providing Instant Cash to Crypto Speculators

- Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Sunday the country was still in a “deep hole” with millions of lost jobs but that President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion relief plan could generate enough growth to restore full employment by next year.

Yellen: Biden's plan could restore full employment by 2022

Mtl JP  16:56:42 GMT - 02/07/2021  
One year ago on this February 07th day
died 34 yr old ophthalmologist Li Wenliang.
Li was reprimanded by Chinese Communist Xi Jinping's police for “spreading rumours” about covid. Remember Li.

Communist Xi Jinping goes out of his way to avoid mentioning Li when he prattles about honouring the “heroes” of the “people’s war” against the virus as that would reflect poorly on the CCP and on Xi Jinping.
Remember that about Xi.

Macau Steven  09:19:21 GMT - 02/07/2021  
This generous package will send bitcoin to 200k this year

Mtl JP  23:35:46 GMT - 02/06/2021  
makes me wonder why "go big n bold" and why $1.9trillion IF
More companies than usual are beating earnings estimates — and sales numbers are just as bullish for the stock market

More companies than usual are beating earnings estimates — and sales numbers are just as bullish for the stock market - MarketWatch

Mtl JP  23:18:44 GMT - 02/06/2021  
(Bloomberg) - More Than 128 Million Shots Given: Covid-19 Tracker
In the U.S., 40.5 million doses have been administered; rollout goes global

Vaccine Tracker
Updated: February 6, 2021

Mtl JP  09:36:25 GMT - 02/06/2021  
oh cry me a river ! I have 100% confidence that free-market economy is the solution
The Canadian Press - Jamaica faces marijuana shortage as farmers struggle

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Jamaica is running low on ganja.
Heavy rains followed by an extended drought, an increase in local consumption and a drop in the number of marijuana farmers have caused a shortage in the island’s famed but largely illegal market that experts say is the worst they’ve seen.

“It’s a cultural embarrassment,” said Triston Thompson, chief opportunity explorer for Tacaya

Mtl JP  22:57:14 GMT - 02/05/2021  
DLRx 90.95
Friday close and LoD
so ?s remain

and I am biased

dc CB  18:06:19 GMT - 02/05/2021  

Mtl JP  17:49:20 GMT - 02/05/2021  
DLRx 91.04
91 = S
lets see IF I am right

PAR 17:14:57 GMT - 02/05/2021  
I don't know why but central banks don't count house prices in inflation calculation. It's an asset is their excuse.

Mtl JP  16:58:07 GMT - 02/05/2021  
huh... challenging the FED ?
Home-Price Surge Says Inflation Is Real. The Fed Clings to Illusion It Isn’t.

Mtl JP  16:38:47 GMT - 02/05/2021  
DLRx 91.08
yesty low: 91.065
today's LoD: 91.060

dc CB  16:10:58 GMT - 02/05/2021  
'beware greeks bearing gifts'
Gamma again --- 4000 S&P
options driving the train.

Crash Up Time" - S&P Caught In Reverse "Gamma Gravity" As Call Wall Spikes

Mtl JP  15:33:11 GMT - 02/05/2021  
Top and Bottom, respectively, in

Mtl JP  10:33:24 GMT - 02/05/2021  
Only The Shadow knows ???

london red 08:42 GMT February 5, 2021
us treasury selling bonds next week. they dont want high rates. or maybe nfp. after all at least 100 people already know the number. and i am 100% sure not one of them has leaked ;)

Mtl JP  10:16:56 GMT - 02/05/2021  
Jay ...
United States Nonfarm Payrolls
United States, USD
Importance: High
Sector: Labor
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
5 Feb 2021 13:30 GMT 3 -497 K -140 K
source: your link

GVI Forex 10:11:46 GMT - 02/05/2021  
JP. check your NFP forecast (it is wrong)

Economic calendar

Mtl JP  10:06:05 GMT - 02/05/2021  
10-yr 1.142%
DLRx 91.385
EURO 1.1981

- surveyd experts predict -497K vs last -140K print

Mtl JP  09:53:14 GMT - 02/05/2021  
talking of pigs
Reuters Canada
GameStop stock slide accelerates; Yellen promises scrutiny
Musk tweet sends Dogecoin up more than 50% . 17 hours ago

Investor's Business Daily
GameStop Stock, AMC Fall As Yellen Meets With Regulators On Reddit Squeeze
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and other financial regulators are discussing market volatility stemming from short squeezes on GameStock . 12 hours ago

The New York Times
Yellen and Regulators Met Amid GameStop Frenzy to Discuss Market Volatility . 11 hours ago

Yellen meets with regulators over GameStop volatility, vows to protect investors . 10 hours ago

The Washington Post
Yellen, after meeting with regulators, says stock market showed resilience through GameStop frenzy . 6 hours ago

RESILIENCE she bubbled ...
- - We can and must safeguard the financial system
-- yellen October 9, 2013

lakewood jjlkwd  04:35:46 GMT - 02/05/2021  
Mtl JP

no harm intended that was all part of the quote i copied...beginning with if you had...not meant at you

dc CB  00:32:37 GMT - 02/05/2021  
Mtl JP
so I was 8 when I watched this with Mom and Dad.
And we all got it.

Mtl JP  00:29:44 GMT - 02/05/2021  
IF yellen or waters or pelosi want to know what real trading is
let me put forth this scenario:
tie them all to a regular uncomfortable wooden chair
2 toothpicks (to prop open their eyelids)
head in a Mayfield skull clamp to focus eyes and
run this

44 second video clip
one top 10 all-time scenes from one of all-time top 10 movies
sooo eloquent ... still
50 yrs later

Mtl JP  23:55:09 GMT - 02/04/2021  
jjlkwd 19:04 not at all; been around too long to not appreciate what the pigs did when they got out of the pen and what would happen to them. In fact so long that I don't even feel schadenfreude anymore. Maybe sign time to pack it in when things cease to be fun ? Thinking of Vagabond 47 fulltime

Israel  MacroMicro  19:07:06 GMT - 02/04/2021  
more likely JP is one of the wiser that wrote calls

lakewood jjlkwd  19:04:20 GMT - 02/04/2021  

If you are having a bad day

Just remember someone bought GME at $400+ and is still holding

lakewood jjlkwd  19:01:41 GMT - 02/04/2021  
as per the article there are about 1/3 less tix for this years event.

so increase of 18 percent is still cheap..

supply /demand

Mtl JP  19:00:39 GMT - 02/04/2021  
gamestop ~60
only few pigs left to slaughter

Mtl JP  18:40:37 GMT - 02/04/2021  
inflation tolerable
foodbanks where
NFP tom
The average price of a ticket sold this year is $7,589, compared with $6,410 this time last year, an 18% increase

Tickets for this year’s Super Bowl are more expensive than they’ve been in over a decade
By Weston Blasi

Mtl JP  10:58:48 GMT - 02/04/2021  
DLRx 91.41
pic worth 1000 words
qtn is which ones

Macau Steven  23:42:17 GMT - 02/03/2021  
Dollar may mark the high of year next week and start a fall to 82 by the end of 2021.

Mtl JP  18:22:01 GMT - 02/03/2021  
DLRx 91.14 (HoD 91.29)
maybe ... puppy has had a bid over last recent period BUT
is rather tame in its advance , at least today.

dc CB  21:18:13 GMT - 02/02/2021  
GOOG et alphabet breaks 2000/sh

CEO Jeff Bezos will step down as CEO and "transition" to the role of executive chair in Q3 2021, ending an era at Amazon

Mtl JP  17:28:20 GMT - 02/02/2021  
EURO 1.2017
puppy's near Res now 1.2050 - and while under: bearish
below 1.20 is 100dma (as target)

haifa ac  17:26:44 GMT - 02/02/2021  
Put,instead, a monthly chart.It seems like we have just begun a multi-mohth rally.

Mtl JP  17:21:32 GMT - 02/02/2021  
DLRx 91.21
Qs and A

Mtl JP  10:26:23 GMT - 02/02/2021  
DLRx 9.04
Qs and A

lakewood jjlkwd  19:13:17 GMT - 02/01/2021  
looks like xxx in the works

Mtl JP  19:01:36 GMT - 02/01/2021  
DLRx 90.955
probably testing shorts' resilience / resolve

Mtl JP  18:26:48 GMT - 02/01/2021  
Fed’s Kashkari not ‘fazed’ by rush of stock market speculation
- MarketWatch

PAR 11:29:25 GMT - 02/01/2021  
S & P almost a 100 point range on a cool monday morning.

Amazing. But that's life.

PAR 11:19:56 GMT - 02/01/2021  
European economies are really in deep trouble.

Mtl JP  10:58:45 GMT - 02/01/2021  
DLRx 90.86
making 3x top
Qtn is will it or won't it hold or boogie

Maybe the answer lies in how many DLR short will give up
and how many will keep their position

Mtl JP  08:18:59 GMT - 02/01/2021  
10-yr 1.085, up from 1.071

current us futures uP >0.6%+
Gold uP ~0.75%

Mtl JP  00:15:41 GMT - 02/01/2021  
another GAP
about 1 hr old

Mtl JP  23:55:45 GMT - 01/31/2021  
euro opening GAP
now POOF !

dc CB  22:35:14 GMT - 01/31/2021  
"The XRT in-kind redemption was likely an attempt by investors to get their hands on scarce GameStop shares. Those who took delivery of the underlying holdings received about 292,000 GameStop shares."

Mtl JP  22:21:00 GMT - 01/31/2021  
some of the more notable GAPs I spot:
aud/usd and usdchf, both down gaps

but overall rather tame early priceaction imo

Mtl JP  23:18:11 GMT - 01/29/2021  
global-view forum
a word (awsome) or two about afternoon posts into the close:
some crazy good tactical trade call posts in a ying yang euro market
starting with jjlkwd 15:16 and later

kudos boyz-n-galz who pulled the trigger
fortune smiles upon the well informed

PAR 19:57:12 GMT - 01/29/2021  
Why do those hedge funds don't short Tesla's.

It is trading with a P/E of over 1500

Pure madness

Mtl JP  18:54:34 GMT - 01/29/2021  
yaaa... curiosity killed the cat
information .... is what brought him back

Minneapolis DRS2  18:51:14 GMT - 01/29/2021  
There are some questions I'd rather not know the answer to...

Mtl JP  18:45:16 GMT - 01/29/2021  
who knows... what evil lurks in the hearts of men ?
only the shaaadow knows

shadow... plz step forth and speak

Mtl JP  18:40:47 GMT - 01/29/2021  
DJIA 30,040.xx
there is a GAP at 28,500 early nov 2020

HK Kevin  16:15:33 GMT - 01/29/2021  
london red 14:44 GMT, my intraday downside target 132.60 reached for AAPL. That's is enough to cover my long put options opened yesterday.

london red  14:44:19 GMT - 01/29/2021  
appl gap 132ish either there or 123 gap for next leg to 145 and beyond

Hk Ab  14:35:54 GMT - 01/29/2021  
Think mkt would still correct from any overbought/sold like crude futures went negative previously.......

Depends on which “hand” is bigger, you truly believe the millennial has number big enough to fight hedgefund? LOL

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