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dc CB  00:31:46 GMT - 09/28/2021  
It's not the What waz's all in the spin---for those TooLongDidNot Read (TLDNR)....Does Not Concern My Life....DNCML..

How we massage language to make the crimeeennnnal seem less...well crimeny

Tyler Durden---
"Rosengren blamed a "kidney issue", needs a "lifestyle change"; Kaplan admitted his trading was a "distraction"...

(well chosen nom de plume---

"Welcome to Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club!

Mtl JP  00:20:45 GMT - 09/28/2021  
ya think things have changed ? (6-page pdf)

dc CB  22:53:24 GMT - 09/27/2021  
You may recall, back when Yellen was Chair, there was supposed to be an audit of the Fed, by the Fed concerning 'leaks' to Banks by the FED about its intentions.

You may also recall, that when Yellen was asked during one of the FOMC pressers---"When will we get the results of the audit".... by Pedro de Costa, then the go-to-Fed reporter at the WSJ, she appeared to be upset. Pedro was dis-invited to the following FOMC presser and subsequently was no longer at the WSJ.

Mtl JP  22:30:40 GMT - 09/27/2021  
who knows what is "a serious concern" in FED's annals ?

from the link below:
..."Powell acknowledged that there are risks that price pressures are higher than anticipated or more enduring. The Fed would raise interest rates “if sustained higher inflation were to become a serious concern,” he said."

Mtl JP  22:17:53 GMT - 09/27/2021  
like Bobbsey twins
The Federal Reserve chairman is set to testify before Congress with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Tuesday

Fed chief Jerome Powell to warn Congress inflation is elevated but likely to moderate
By Nick Timiraos

Fed chief Jerome Powell to warn Congress inflation is elevated but likely to moderate
By Nick Timiraos

dc CB  21:35:17 GMT - 09/27/2021  
Update (1550ET): Just minutes before the market closed on Monday, the Dallas Fed Bank CEO and President Robert Kaplan announced that he is planning to retire on Oct. 8, 2021.

The decision comes shortly after we sent the following tweet (in jest, we might add).

Dear Kaplan: when resignation?
— zerohedge (@zerohedge) September 27, 2021

In a statement, Kaplan said it had been his "great honor" to lead the Dallas Fed for the last six years. But unlike Rosengren who blamed health issues for his decision to retire, Kaplan noted in his statement to the public that his recent trading controversy had created "a distraction to the Federal Reserve’s execution of that vital work."

Mtl JP  17:16:59 GMT - 09/27/2021  
tsk tsk realy
Treasury’s systems simply may not know how to handle a default

What happens if the U.S. defaults on its debt?

Mtl JP  16:34:31 GMT - 09/27/2021  
hot in the kitchen ?
Boston Fed President Rosengren abruptly announces retirement 9 months earlier than planned - Jeff Cox, SEP 27 2021

- Boston Federal Reserve President Eric Rosengren announced he is stepping down on Thursday, citing health concerns.
- The move comes nine months ahead of his planned retirement in June.
- The announcement comes on the heels of controversy the regional Fed leader had faced regarding personal stock trading

Mtl JP  16:31:00 GMT - 09/27/2021  
10-yr 1.48%
..."The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note climbed above the key 1.5% level in early trading, at one point rising above 1.51%. The yield was up by 2.1 basis points to 1.482% shortly before noon ET" ... cnbc

Mtl JP  14:30:05 GMT - 09/27/2021  
FED yakkers on deck
12:00nyt williams - economic outlook
12:50nyt brainard - economic outlook

Mtl JP  14:03:23 GMT - 09/27/2021  
EURO 1.1700x
puppy continues in its bearish tilt even from its last mid-week bounce from try at lower.
bottom line puppy looks like it ll argue some around the 1.17 level to see which way it ll break out from 1.1664 / 1.1730/50 brackets.

Mtl JP  10:06:24 GMT - 09/27/2021  
DLRx 93.41
Trying to keep it simple:
I am still keeping my bias and preference to buying dlr dips.
you know the pairs

Mtl JP  12:44:56 GMT - 09/26/2021  
some headlines
"U.S. Slips in Retirement Index, and 682,400 Seniors Are Behind on Their Mortgage"
but is their vote politically significant?

"Market analysts can’t agree on where stocks are going next. So double-check the data before you buy or sell"
trying to cut the umbilical / pablum feed cord?

" ‘Green capitalism’ can’t avert a climate catastrophe"
it is as idiotic to think that folks can order rain, sunshine or temperature today as it was in the early days of post-wwII communists chanting the same thing then. BUT... companies printing their new prospectii on green paper helps inflows into their stock

Caribbean! Rafe...  12:38:35 GMT - 09/25/2021  
Caribbean! Rafe... 23:13 GMT 09/24/2021 - My Profile
Mtl JP 13:12 GMT 09/24/2021

IMHO... For some reason I feel happy for you, that your in canada for whatever reason. Canadians are hands down the best consultants in the world... & I have seen their work so... Next try to if required checkout the UK... & observe they are masters of infrastructure... meaning building things from the ground up, not only infra but "building" anything, even intangible things for example even the laws of any nation... In retrospect think of the USA and see the good things they have done on a global basis... if soething goes wrong anywhere in the world the first thing is that a jet takes off... and they jump in to "help out and assist..." Many times the FED makes a decision after having considered all countries of the world, in other words walking a tightrope, their moral responsbilities are wayy too high for us to even imagine muchless examine...

gl gt for next week

Varna Momchil  10:17:00 GMT - 09/25/2021  
But China is only one country and they`re banning BTC every year even multiple times. It`s time to stop consider their behavior normally.

Caribbean! Rafe...  23:13:08 GMT - 09/24/2021  
Mtl JP 13:12 GMT 09/24/2021

Read my Caribbean! Rafe... 18:38 GMT July 30, 2021....

Running after birds & throwing stones from a sack may work.

better to wear a helmet inside the house even while reading a book sitting on the ccouuch!!...

Tust tell me!! hu bleu yeu!?!?

Mtl JP  13:52:54 GMT - 09/24/2021  
on deck
top of hour:
Powell, Clarida and Bowman Host Fed Listens

five mins later:
George (voting hawk in 2022) yaks about "Economic Outlook"

Mtl JP  13:43:07 GMT - 09/24/2021  
it appears greed in china forcing PBOC to inundate market with nearly half a trillion of yuans to keep it steady on the stilts of bad debt

london red  13:42:30 GMT - 09/24/2021  
as i said yest watch f today. chart looks ready to get even sicker

Mtl JP  13:34:32 GMT - 09/24/2021  
euro 1.1716
puppy having fun with the 1, 5 min and hedging artists

Mtl JP  13:28:40 GMT - 09/24/2021  
BTC ~$41 295
nasty nasty
Bitcoin and ethereum sink as China intensifies crackdown on cryptocurrencies
China’s central bank says all cryptocurrency-related activities are illegal, vows harsh crackdown - on cnbc's front page

Mtl JP  13:12:50 GMT - 09/24/2021  
about things transitory
hunting season here canada rapido approaching
can hunters finding munitions stock lacking, pundits explaining that the fault lies with biden's anti-gun stance, murrikans therefore vacuuming all they can and manufacturers experiencing raw material supply issues to make more

Mtl JP  13:08:03 GMT - 09/24/2021  
probably some arguing going on about price-point at the round number

Mtl JP  12:42:08 GMT - 09/24/2021  
euro 1.1710
sofar puppy snaking in the right direction

Mtl JP  11:37:45 GMT - 09/24/2021  
EURO 1.1720-ish
after teasing and luring with 1.1750, puppy is toying with the downside again.

I am keeping my bias to favour buying dlr dips.
eurusd has not yet dealt with 1.1660-ish

kl fs  06:20:11 GMT - 09/24/2021  
close half here 1756, move stop to 1752 now for the rest targetting 1760

kl fs 05:05 GMT 09/24/2021
sja, i loaded 1750.80, stop according to your plan below 1748, let's go for 1760

jkt abel  05:46:02 GMT - 09/24/2021  
clean break 1753, looks like you guys are right, next 1760

jkt abel  05:08:30 GMT - 09/24/2021  
sja, fs, i personally dont like buying around Asian's high...would prefer buying maybe around 1745-46 for that target level...but will see, maybe you guys are right

kl fs  05:05:18 GMT - 09/24/2021  
sja, i loaded 1750.80, stop according to your plan below 1748, let's go for 1760

kl fs  03:41:34 GMT - 09/24/2021  
i agree with this plan, H4 is calling for 1760 to be tested

bali sja  03:37:33 GMT - 09/24/2021  
for some friday fun
buy gold 1750-52, stop below 1748, target 1758-60

dc CB  02:03:27 GMT - 09/24/2021  
beware and always look for the gap.$spx&p=D&yr=0&mn=6&dy=0&i=t3705173191c&r=1546622341637

Bali Sja  01:07:32 GMT - 09/24/2021  
Almost time to buy gold again?

dc CB  00:22:47 GMT - 09/24/2021  
Who learned this 'technique' from whom

Evergrande Auto Hasn't Sold A Single Car, But Has Enriched Its Founder And His Friends Plenty

Mtl JP  22:38:04 GMT - 09/23/2021  
Facebook appears to have good habit with its GAPs

london red  16:56:39 GMT - 09/23/2021  
pypl a slow burner. doesnt really like higher rate nor crypto bear issues but looks to have based last few days. im not in this one yet but may get involved tomorrow if pullback holds sup.

london red  16:53:15 GMT - 09/23/2021  
f already had mini break. now looking for higher high and channel. if this happens tomorrow f will be up 5% as crowd gets interested.

Mtl JP  16:06:50 GMT - 09/23/2021  
and the so-what is ...
I am trying to use yesty powell and gang's "hawkishness" meaning I am favoring trading the dlr from the long side

with respect to eurdlr: puppy continues to be in its broad trend and is likely to continue to be a boring trade; biased to the downside so favour selling pops n rallies while sub 1.18 and sub 1.19

dc CB  15:29:35 GMT - 09/23/2021  

woke-up from the dream

GVI Forex 14:43:17 GMT - 09/23/2021  
Kevin, very astute observation.

HK Kevin  14:39:22 GMT - 09/23/2021  
CAD is the leading indicator of USD weakness.

GVI Forex 14:16:26 GMT - 09/23/2021  
Look at any AT chart and it says there is a general real money usd sell order (except vs jpy).

The Amazing Trader

GVI Forex 13:36:51 GMT - 09/23/2021  
US yields up but so far diverging with FX

london red  12:50:50 GMT - 09/23/2021  
fwiw bp is set to introduce petrol rationing as some uk based stations. due to driver shortage.

london red  12:28:24 GMT - 09/23/2021  
snp channel has been met and futs tested what would be cash 50dma. by 4438. a close abv 50dma today would be positive but it would be enough to not make a lower low today and maybe the run thru 50dma over night europe/asia. however a lower low today suggests retest of weeks lows.

Mtl JP  10:30:30 GMT - 09/23/2021  
what do you think:

IF it comes in the money: 50 mio -> be worth $136 million

good or bad r/r ?

Mtl JP  09:48:37 GMT - 09/23/2021  
EURO 1.1723
making itself beg to visit august lows
I am keeping my bias, including that towards the dlr
re-asses if euro goes N of 1.18

Mtl JP  02:00:12 GMT - 09/23/2021  
"Behind bond market’s muted response to Federal Reserve’s rate outlook may be a message for policy makers"

"Hawks rule the roost at Fed, economists say"

Mtl JP  23:05:07 GMT - 09/22/2021  
ever see a duck cruising on a lake ?
looking cool and debonair above surface,
furiously paddling its feet under :
"In terms of the implications for us, there's not a lot of direct United States exposure. The big Chinese banks are not tremendously exposed, but you would worry it would affect global financial conditions through global confidence channels and that kind of thing. But I wouldn't draw a parallel to the United States corporate sector." - Powell after the Fed's policy meeting

Mtl JP  22:56:25 GMT - 09/22/2021  
PAR 13:57 - the last part (and hope for the best) is 100% wrong.
the rest is ok. just.

Mtl JP  22:49:29 GMT - 09/22/2021  
another blaaaa-aahhh miam miam miam whatsupduck day
this is getting tedious, but robot is impervious to mood.
maybe that chinese developper evergrande (hahaha the irony in the name) boatload of crap debt could flip over (or blow up) and spill /spew some around on the market. could be good excuse to evacuate some enthusiasts from the market who have no business being in it

Mtl JP  17:51:05 GMT - 09/22/2021  
FOMC at top of hour
as always the Q is
will market react violently or sleep

hk ab  14:26:35 GMT - 09/22/2021  
Never interest in the junk bond......including UST.

HK Kevin  14:10:25 GMT - 09/22/2021  
hk ab 13:31, have you loaded more Evergrande bonds?

PAR 13:57:36 GMT - 09/22/2021  
The USA can never default.

The USA can always print more dollars like the Germans did during the Weimar Republic and like Christine Lagarde is doing in Germany right now.

You create some transitory hyperinflation and hope for the best.

hk ab  13:31:47 GMT - 09/22/2021  
Maybe US should be default earlier than Evergrande as American has no intention to repay their debt at all. LOL.....

Possible Blackswan?

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