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Israel MacroMicro  16:28:08 GMT - 12/01/2021  
ES (MAR/2022 contact) with weekly closes > 4665 gonna have serious difficulties for few weeks to retest this week's low / imo

I hope this is helpful

Mtl JP  16:24:36 GMT - 12/01/2021  
bounciddy bounce
reason prevails

Israel MacroMicro  15:59:43 GMT - 12/01/2021  
macao win10 13:54 GMT December 1, 2021

big like to the thinking process

now, how one trusting such to be the winning theme to apply risk management strategy/algorithm to it?

in general, Western mouths are busy to declare China and its CCP as dead while reality is very far/different from being such.

that means, in trading terms, how to handle a trading instrument that faces high volatility ahead?

Mtl JP  15:28:10 GMT - 12/01/2021  
EURO 1.1337
On the s/term chart puppy appears mildly bullish if not indifferent.
Res circa 1.1360
Sup at 1.13, 1.1260/50


Bias on a grander time bar: down

macao win10  13:54:22 GMT - 12/01/2021  
It means urging funds to pour more money into stock markets to hedge for inflation. The big size, deep depth and low valuation of China stock market offers a good choice for investors

Mtl JP  11:34:23 GMT - 12/01/2021  
what do you figure powell's 'increased uncertainty for inflation' market reads to mean ?

Israel MacroMicro  00:32:37 GMT - 12/01/2021  
dc CB 00:21 GMT

guess what?! - you gonna get an answer

my contribution to a trader with self awareness in a level of used shoe of a dishwasher is zero, complete total zero.

are you in such league?

read the articles, realize the picture, before you are dreaming that you get the news, the scenes around you, maybe your internal issues with "liberals" are due to that beautiful girl sexually attractive that wanted more than not aware used shoe?

picking fights?! - your opinion, like there is a drama in LEGAL CIRCUS about corrupt souls using underage kids for their dark and sick sexual fantasies.

probably, even most probably, you will not get the point, do not ask me why or attack me about the deep unaware reasons that causing you not to see yourself as you really are,

no, no LOL now, just wishes for your fast and full recovery, I mean what is better for an old man than to get aware before he passes away... enjoy being aware old man, only someone who really cares gonna wish you such.

you starting to get how dumb you really are?

dc CB  00:21:09 GMT - 12/01/2021  
Israel MacroMicro 20:23
'and reality shows as the following'

dear Observer of US Polyticks and trader extraordiaire.

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial, a few weeks ago, was Steamed Live, you could watch it all day long every know the 18 year old white supremacist on trial for multiple 'murders'----Pre-Judged by the MSM.
Incidently---NBC Nuz,the source you linked---Sent a reporter to follow members of the jury photograph where they lived.

thus the daily soap opera reference

Thanks. and grow up, stop picking fights on GV------SuperTrader...LOL

london red  20:51:55 GMT - 11/30/2021  
spacey? didnt know peter pan was on offer, thought it was just snow white they were tapping.
looks like maxwell will go down for sure, no other way to suicide her

Israel MacroMicro  20:23:04 GMT - 11/30/2021  
dc cb wrote

and reality shows as the following

coverage by the press

dc CB  20:15:19 GMT - 11/30/2021  
ldn red

Meanwhile, the sideshow---'murica's Profumo Affair ---zero coverage of what should be a staple for daytime soap opera teevee...aka the 'trial of the century' in a NYC courtroom :)

Epstein's Pilot Names Names, Recalls Shuttling Clinton, Trump, Spacey And Prince Andrew.....Visoski spent most of Tuesday talking about girls Epstein brought aboard the plane...

(the Lolita Express...with apologies to Vladimir Nabokov)

Israel MacroMicro  19:36:12 GMT - 11/30/2021  

Entry: Target: Stop:
also, GBP/CHF 1.22 cost is running as position more than a trade

Israel MacroMicro  19:34:39 GMT - 11/30/2021  

Entry: Target: Stop:
imagine, BoE having bottle of whiskey too much and speaks total opposite to what Weidman and Powell/Yellen expressed today clearly?

they probably will raise, the tone about the future will decide how WILD the move of cable to be during December. just my opinion.

happily holding for now cable long position with cost of few pips under 1.3250

let us see what comes out with that :)

london red  18:44:07 GMT - 11/30/2021  
powell and co finally release to stop inflation you need to cut stimulus. whoda thought?
crude down heavily again means everything is going to be cheap, a lot cheaper. there is your inflation number going lower. and when those containers off the us coast finally land and drop all that product, you will see another black friday sale. retailers will be giving it away. what does that do to prices. yeah. cant say smart move by powell cos he took too long, but better late than never. omicron? exactly no big deal.

Mtl JP  18:42:44 GMT - 11/30/2021  
and the curve ... flattens

swiss frank  18:00:34 GMT - 11/30/2021  
Powell drops a double wammy by taking transitory out of the script and sees stepping on the gas re ending the taper. Throw in doubling down on Omicron fears. How much would you guess stocks are down? 3%? 5%? More?
Day isn't over but US indices down around 1.5%. Sooooooo.........

dc CB  17:58:25 GMT - 11/30/2021  
Today in 'Science' v "THE Science"
(another Pro-wrestling Work) On the Card (h/t ZeroHedge headines)

Oxford Professor: Official Data Shows Face Masks "Made No Meaningful Difference" To Infection Rates....Face coverings “unlikely to have much of an impact” in fighting Omicron...

Omicron Unlikely To Cause Severe Illness In Vaccinated Patients, BioNTech Founder Says.....Welcome to "The science" vs. "science"...

Moderna CEO Repeats That Vaccine Won't Work For Omicron; Antibody Cocktails Also Need Modification. "...there is no world where [the effectiveness] is the same level...we had with Delta.."

dc CB  17:52:33 GMT - 11/30/2021  
The Powell-Put imploded this morning as The Fed Chair curb-stomped the 't'-word (transitory) and warned that "it is appropriate in my view to consider wrapping up the taper of our asset purchases, which we actually announced at the November meeting, perhaps a few months sooner. I expect we will discuss that at our upcoming meeting."

That sparked rapid and heavy selling pressure in stocks (as well as elsewhere in markets)..
"Team Transitory" Is Dead After Powell Says "Time To Retire Word Transitory Regarding Inflation"
An entire army of macrotourist "experts" exposed as clueless hacks.

Mtl JP  17:48:48 GMT - 11/30/2021  
labor issues ?
Goldman offers more retirement contributions, paid leave for miscarriages and six-week sabbaticals to boost ‘mental health’

Mtl JP  17:43:19 GMT - 11/30/2021  
red priceline not yet resolved
arguing and posturing continues

GVI Forex 16:20:55 GMT - 11/30/2021  
JP straight line moves suggests real money flows.

GVI Forex 16:19:57 GMT - 11/30/2021  
Price action suggests it was month end usd buying flow exacerbated by Powell’s comments

Israel MacroMicro  16:06:00 GMT - 11/30/2021  
USD top is in place at least for a week

Israel MacroMicro  16:05:27 GMT - 11/30/2021  
volatile enough to draw a conclusion that USD is well in place for a week at least. versus EUR GBP and CHF at least

my 2 cents

Mtl JP  16:04:37 GMT - 11/30/2021  
Jay ... care to re-iterate your theory on vertical lines plz
like that on the euro inside last hour

Mtl JP  16:01:25 GMT - 11/30/2021  
SnP testing double bottom on daily

Mtl JP  15:36:26 GMT - 11/30/2021  
EURUSD 1.1369
Bullish, currently in s/term
Res.: 1.1385, 1.139x-ish (20day), 1.14
Sup: 1.1330, 1.13

Mtl JP  15:25:43 GMT - 11/30/2021  
yakkers today
10:00 Powell & Yellen
10:30 Williams - something about food insecurity
13:00 Clarida - on Fed Independence

macao win10  13:52:27 GMT - 11/30/2021  
Looks like Hang Seng index has just marked the yearly low at 23175 today...

Israel MacroMicro  13:09:24 GMT - 11/30/2021  
if there a thing MaMi can do is to provide levels to trade per time frame and not foggy and gamblers like style / LOL

Israel MacroMicro  13:05:32 GMT - 11/30/2021  
Mtl JP 09:53 GMT November 30, 2021

for real, I do not mind sharing with you trades/positions/planning running with us here and in details.

point is, it is clear that "little bones" and his kinds are reading the posts, I am 100% certain that I have ZERO interest widening their capacity of LOGIC thinking/planning.

you know what such means, and you also know how to get over that barrier.

best of trades and planning JP... am I gonna hear from you through a channel "Little Bones" and his kinds not present?

Mtl JP  11:06:36 GMT - 11/30/2021  
headlines restating the obvious
Dow futures fall more than 400 points as Moderna CEO predicts existing vaccines will be less effective against omicron variant

Stocks, Bond Yields, and Oil Prices Fall as Covid Variant Fears Return to Markets
-- MarketWatch

Mtl JP  09:53:08 GMT - 11/30/2021  
MacroMicro 09:46 gimme a timeline and some price (arabic) numerals. tia

"tis not time to be cavalier with double digits" whispers my shadow

Israel MacroMicro  09:49:58 GMT - 11/30/2021  
the 1.32xx with cable said clearly about "readiness" to take the risk of being long cable. of course, BoE talking to the press after having bottle of whiskey too much will have its effects.

in general, 1.25-1.35 OR 1.30-1.40 - are the ranges
/poisons to pick :)

Mtl JP  09:47:58 GMT - 11/30/2021  
good / bad / indifferent headline
i.e priced-in or not ?
"Moderna CEO Says Current Vaccines Likely to Struggle Against Omicron Variant"

Israel MacroMicro  09:46:11 GMT - 11/30/2021  

I think that Santa rally starting is not really far from here, price and time wise too.

true puke, wild unwind, all those to happen few weeks into 2022, few weeks means less than full quarter.


Mtl JP  09:41:41 GMT - 11/30/2021  
"risk" iness
how prescient is what Asians know ?

Mtl JP  09:38:10 GMT - 11/30/2021  
"risk" iness
updating the santa puke and ...
reassessing my JP 17:49 in the process

the bulls/bears tug-of-war betting will be open soon

Mtl JP  05:36:04 GMT - 11/30/2021  
santa puking some atm

Israel MacroMicro  23:47:21 GMT - 11/29/2021  
Q: hello Santa rally?
A: hello sweet unwind first?

dc CB  19:02:22 GMT - 11/29/2021  
moar manipulation opportunities from the CME---they are letting the punters into the game.

CME group will list an ETH-based micro product on December 6 and the contracts will be cash-settled.

dc CB  18:39:21 GMT - 11/29/2021  
swiss frank 07:30 GMT 11/29/2021

one more via Armstrong's blog

Neil Oliver: Fear has blinded people to the reality of manipulation

UTube link

dc CB  17:54:55 GMT - 11/29/2021  

However despite, at least in the US, 'natty imu' is dismissed by Mr and Ms 'Science'; thinking organisms, who wager money in the Markets, may consider Om Covid22 a pre-Christmas gift..

hello Santa rally?

Mtl JP  17:49:53 GMT - 11/29/2021  
current fauci's sway-power over the markets appears to be second to none, jerome and janet included

dc CB  17:47:08 GMT - 11/29/2021  
If this proves to be a 'mild' version---albeit more contageous---with 30+ spike variations.....
Then, more mild/recoverable infections equals more people with a resulting 'natural immunity' to further infections.

However since, at least in the US, 'natty imu' is not considered those in charge.
However, thinking organisms, who wager money in the Markets, may consider this a pre-Christmas gift....hello Santa rally???????

Mtl JP  17:39:26 GMT - 11/29/2021  
so DLRx is nega-reacting to the more benign covid reporting by biden and fauci: --> less odds of lockdowns = less market anxiety => less run to "haven"

dc CB  17:22:04 GMT - 11/29/2021  
Update (1215ET): Asked by a reporter if the latest US travel restrictions on southern African countries might be premature, President Biden completely dodged the question, choosing instead to babble on about the US's program for sharing (ie selling) jabs to other countries, including South Africa, which Biden said is actually having trouble finding willing arms for all the jabs (even though the country's vaccination rate is 20%).

At times, Biden turned to Dr. Fauci, who was present with him in the White House. He also denied he was calling on local officials to reinstate mask mandates, but said instead that he "encourages everyone" to wear masks in crowded indoor rooms. Biden also said that lockdowns are "off the table" - at least for now.

"If people are vaccinated, and wear their masks, then there's no need for a lockdown."

Mtl JP  17:19:55 GMT - 11/29/2021  
frank 07:30 tks 4 link: informative and entertaining 22 minutes
especially as it juxtaposes neatly with Mackay's EPDMC

dc CB  17:18:35 GMT - 11/29/2021  
Dr. Angelique Coetzee, chairwoman of the South African Medical Association, affirmed Monday that while the omicron variant appears to spread more quickly than earlier strains, its symptoms appear to be less severe, meaning the new strain - while more infectious - might also prove less deadly than the delta strain, which is the most dominant COVID strain on the planet right now.

Omicron patients’ symptoms were “so different and so mild from those I had treated before.”

Mtl JP  16:51:24 GMT - 11/29/2021  
Forex 14:34 ... and ...
and ... do you prefer
covid perspective ?

(Bbrg) Yellen Says Quashing Covid-19 Is Key to Lowering Inflation
By Christopher Condon and Yueqi Yang, November 14, 2021

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said controlling the Covid-19 virus in the U.S. is the key to easing inflation.

“It’s important to realize that the cause of this inflation is the pandemic,” Yellen said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

dc CB  16:31:40 GMT - 11/29/2021  
looking from the cash open.

The lead of the Nas100 ---NQ futures.
With more Decliners than Advancers.
The bets are concentrated in the companies that will benefit either way the Om Covid22 plague plays out. The Net stocks---aka 'stay at home' techs.

HK Kevin  14:57:59 GMT - 11/29/2021  
Expect this week will be a range market before the damage assessment is done. Hope it's good for my short put option.

GVI Forex 14:34:42 GMT - 11/29/2021  
Today is like the day after a major event, such as a hurricane, earthquake or typhoon.

Market is assessing the damage and…

Mtl JP  08:59:43 GMT - 11/29/2021  
similarly to El-Erian
Jeff Cox managing to complicate a simple issue:
-- Inflation is not something new for the U.S. as the nation has weathered seven such episodes of lasting price surges including the current run, since World War II.

-- Post-World War II and the crippling stagflationary period of the 1970s and early 1980s offer the closest parallels.

-- “The question is, how long it remains elevated and when it backs off and at what rate does it settle out?” said Peter Boockvar, chief investment officer at Bleakley Advisory Group.

-- While Fed policymakers have been slow to tighten in the present day, they have vowed that if inflation expectations become unhinged, they’ll act. The worry, though, is that the Fed is already too late.

The current inflation run is similar to other episodes in history, but with important differences

swiss frank  07:30:53 GMT - 11/29/2021  
What causes mass psychosis?

academy of ideas

Mtl JP  21:20:09 GMT - 11/28/2021  
I concur with
..."Our call of the day comes from Sven Henrich, founder of Northman Trader, who has been up early, scanning the charts and offering up the levels investors need to watch. .. “As long as this area holds bulls are fine as this could simply be a back test of the breakout,” he said in emailed comments. “A sustained move below and bulls are in big trouble, but if that area generally holds, then I suppose a end-of-year rally is still possible.” - Sven Henrich, founder of Northman Trader

On an ugly day for markets, here’s the S&P 500 level investors need to watch closely, says this trader - By Barbara Kollmeyer

dc CB  19:24:49 GMT - 11/28/2021  
Mtl JP 18:08 GMT

one of the first rentals I had when I first moved to MD, back in the mid 70's, was an old mill house, with 17 acres and a trout stream.
The owner had done some restoration. He and I got along and if I made him an offer, he probably would have sold it.

There was one snag...the Trout Stream. Spurred on by various fishing organizations, and others parties with 'interests' in preservations....The State Department of Natural Resources, had the property on its Map --- Program Open Space. That is taking properties out of private hands, making them 'Public' in the name of 'public good'.

They hounded the owner, threatening to take the property if he refused the 'offer'. He got tired of this and sold it to the State. They put a parking lot in the field next to a section of the trout stream, with a large concrete overlook, down to the stream---for handicapped access. The house was left to crumble, which it did.

A couple of weeks ago, the Baltimore Sun ran a pictures of the current Leut Gov, trout fishing in that stream.
Can you say 'acrimony'?

dc CB  18:49:32 GMT - 11/28/2021  
Recommended source for Covid.
I have come to it for quite sometime, well over a year.

Today's Talk-
Omicron objectivity
Nov 28, 2021

Main site- collection of all Talks and interviews.
Dr. John Campbell

Mtl JP  18:08:13 GMT - 11/28/2021  
re "If people are not aware of their social responsibility or if they do not want to take it on, then one has to remind them a little more rigidly." ...
I own (or so I tot), a piece of forested land. Some of the "green" ones got together and behind closed door lobbied relevant govvy authorities for new, severe regulations regarding forest / tree management and restrictions, along with fines and sanctions. And no compensation for the abridged now right. One fine day, govvy published a notice of an upcoming public information meeting. After a presentation, the vote and gavel in favour of the green measures came down.

Some undignified discussions and hollering arose amongst property owners and members of the green troopers. Words to the effect of the above quote were uttered by the greens. I am stopping here with one word: acrimony.

dc CB  18:07:02 GMT - 11/28/2021  
US Futures open in 5 hours.

Scenario One: following the Dire Predictions of the (prePost) WMA ====it could be Ebola.
Scenario Two: SA medical Advisor---Sky News Clip

One_ Gut ripping massive sell off.
Two_ Face ripping rally ---to the moon


dc CB  15:19:58 GMT - 11/28/2021  
On Saturday, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, chairman of the global physicians' society of the World Medical Association (WMA), told German reporters that he believes Omicron could become as dangerous as the Ebola virus.

Montgomery said, "the fastest and best thing to do is contact restrictions. We must avoid any form of crowd in the coming weeks. We should therefore close the Christmas markets nationwide."

He emphasized the importance of not giving the virus "a chance to mutate by preventing every possible infection."

"The new South African variant is a good example of this. We don't yet know anything about its dangerousness - but it seems to be spreading rapidly. My great concern is that it could lead to a variant that is as infectious as Delta and as dangerous as Ebola. The fewer infections we allow, the better."

Montgomery said it may be necessary to keep "vaccinating the world for years" to come, adding that "only vaccination helps."

"If people are not aware of their social responsibility or if they do not want to take it on, then one has to remind them a little more rigidly. In the case of a general compulsory vaccination - if allowed by the Stiko, from the age of five - all measures could soon be omitted. We would have our old life back," he said.

Montgomery's fearmongering comes as South Africa's medical chief Dr. Angelique Coetzee described Omicron as a "storm in a teacup," adding that she had only detected "very mild cases" of the variant so far.

Mtl JP  11:53:09 GMT - 11/28/2021  
week ahead
for DLRx 96.06, EURO 1.1315, omicron = B.1.1.529 = "variant of concern"
Tug of war for control ?
On one hand :
China study warns of 'colossal' COVID outbreak if it opens up like U.S., France

Dr. Anthony Fauci on new COVID-19 omicron variant: ‘Do not pull back on your guard’; says he "would not be surprised" if new COVID variant is in U.S

The market's Black Friday freakout about the new variant shows how a reactionary Wall Street rules American life and politics
- Stocks plummeted on Friday as investors braced for the Omicron variant fueling a new round of lockdowns.
- In one day, the market challenged the idea of economic "reopening" and revived "stay-at-home" stocks — and the homebody economy.
- Such massive one-day stock swings can drive government policies that benefit big-time investors over the average worker.

Mtl JP  08:20:11 GMT - 11/28/2021  
no. the insurance claim payout will count in GDP (sum of services) though

macao win10  03:02:07 GMT - 11/28/2021  
coupled with peaking of US dollar (DXY 96-98), inflation in coming few years is likely to be higher than most expectation, the derived investment demand to hedge inflation would ballon.

as the globe is selling US dollars for hedging inflation, likely to see euro trading 1.1-1.7 in coming few years...

dc CB  19:45:24 GMT - 11/27/2021  
Black Friday (Jacobin)American Style.

WCCO - CBS Minnesota
Thanks for your interest in WCCO/ CBS Minnesota - the place for local news updates! Want more? Head to or WCCO-TV


So will these count a 'Sales"--when the Blk Fri prelim sales numbers come out ????

Twin Cities---Upper MidWest USA

Mtl JP  10:04:42 GMT - 11/27/2021  
of things 'inflation', 'economists' and 'struggle'
(bottom line: peasants pay)
'Inflation is proving to be more than transitory, reaching an 18-year high of 4.7 per cent last month. Government-created distortions of personal incomes, savings and labour market choices are helping fuel it. These distortions also make inflation harder to forecast, although economists have long struggled to develop a viable theory that forecasts inflation. As a result, many central banks have been slow to react to the price rises. At a fundamental level, inflation reflects our collective inability to agree on how to pay for the massive debts incurred during the pandemic.

Policy-makers assumed the pandemic’s major effect was greater for demand than supply. The disruption to supply surprised the Bank of Canada, which in summer 2020 predicted “much of the initial decline in supply is likely to be relatively short-lived.” Central bankers are now hedging their forecasts, however. Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem recently acknowledged price increases were more than temporary, partly because the Bank has downgraded its estimate of potential economic growth nearly a full point to 1.6 per cent. For his part, Fed Chair Jerome Powell has admitted that “Supply-side constraints have gotten worse. The risks are clearly now to longer and more persistent bottlenecks, and thus to higher inflation.”

The government’s most striking distortion was to provide so much emergency income support that personal disposable incomes actually rose in a recession. Earned income fell sharply but massive government support more than made up the difference. The increases in incomes and savings show that much government aid was not needed, especially during the slow shift from economy-wide stimulus to targeting specific sectors. The government response also distorted the labour market, resulting in the unusual pattern of high unemployment combined with high job vacancies.

Accelerating inflation underscores how economists have long struggled to understand price dynamics. Higher inflation was unforeseen because, as former Fed Governor Daniel Tarullo observed, economists have no reliable theory of inflation. Although “the money supply” must be broadly linked to prices, it has proved hard to define exactly what constitutes the money supply — though maybe right now it doesn’t matter that much: all standard measures have swelled since 2020.

Most models of inflation use the Phillips Curve assumption of a stable trade-off between inflation and unemployment: the lower is unemployment, the higher is inflation. But recently the curve has flattened. Very high unemployment in 2009 and 2020 should have resulted in persistent price deflation but did not: inflation only moderated briefly. The blurred relationship between unemployment and inflation has led some economists to relabel it the “Phillips Cloud.”

Nor do price expectations reliably anticipate inflation. Firms set their prices based on actual cost and demand conditions, usually at the local level, rather than on economy-wide expectations. Tarullo advises central banks to watch wages and prices and to start hiking interest rates once actual inflation rises. So far, central banks have not followed this advice.

Harvard’s Kenneth Rogoff argues that economists struggle to understand inflation dynamics because “controlling long-run inflation is fundamentally a political-economy challenge, not a technocratic one.” In the 1960s and 1970s inflation originated in the soaring costs of the Vietnam War and Great Society social programs, which in the absence of tax hikes raised government deficits and put pressure on the Fed to keep monetary policy.

More broadly, inflation is symptomatic of an inability to agree on who will pay for high government debts. Friedman elaborated that “The Federal government is the engine of inflation — the only one there is. But is has been the engine of inflation at the behest of the American public, which wants the government to spend more but not raise taxes — so encouraging resort to the hidden tax of inflation … Inflation is taxation without legislation.”

That perfectly captures the public’s current mindset. We are acting as if the pandemic’s enormous cost can be off-loaded to a few wealthy individuals and large firms. History suggests corporate income or wealth taxes never generate sizeable revenues and only delay hikes in the broad-based taxes, like the income tax, that are the sole reliable sources of significant revenues.

In 2003, Nobel laureate Robert Lucas claimed macroeconomics had succeeded because “its central problem of depression prevention has been solved.” The world did dodge depression in both 2008 and 2020. But the victory is hollow. The short-term stimulus required to contain the downturn lowers long-term growth, leaving GDP no higher. That’s a failure because, as former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers has observed, “The Keynesian aspiration was not to merely reduce the amplitude of cyclical fluctuations, but also to increase overall growth.” Summers concludes the failure of extraordinary stimulus to produce a better outcome “should be a (if not the) principal preoccupation of contemporary macroeconomics.”

The Bank of Canada eventually will curb inflation. But the longer it delays, the higher rates will have to rise, aggravating the pain of soaring debts during the pandemic. Delaying also threatens the Bank’s most important asset: its independence. If inflation continues for any length of time, critics who warned about the dangers of excessive stimulus will insist on greater oversight. Governments must work to eliminate their deficits, now that central banks are ending purchases of government debt, or the upward pressure on interest rates will intensify.

Philip Cross: The government is driving inflation

dc CB  22:44:05 GMT - 11/26/2021  
Deep Thoughts-

some say we are in The Matrix.
What if it's not that complex or sophisticated.

The Work
A scripted event

In professional wrestling, any pre-scripted event can be referred to as a work. Because professional wrestling is highly scripted, most matches, friendships, and rivalries are works - though wrestlers and audiences tend to pretend they're real.
What is the opposite of a work?

The opposite of a work is a shoot, or unscripted event. Because pro wrestling relies on wrestlers sticking to the script and maintaining kayfabe, shoots are uncommon. However, during particularly emotional performances, wrestlers may be enticed to act off-script, transforming a work into a shoot.

In some instances, wrestlers (and their writers) attempt to make works seem like they are shoots. These sorts of events are often referred to as worked shoots.

Plus---if any recognize IT for what it is....That too is a WORK

Mtl JP  19:19:18 GMT - 11/26/2021  
maybe the headlines of biggest day loss ytd are eyegrabbing
but the simple fact remains that individual stocks are , on the hight end for most part, down by only about 2.5%.
the more than 3.5% or 5% downers are still about as rare as pope's turd

dc CB  18:20:36 GMT - 11/26/2021  
Nu...New Name....WHO did that....just before the close.


dc CB  18:13:31 GMT - 11/26/2021  
let's issue some new debt and buy back some more stock.

Oh wait a minute....but treas yields went way down ...what about us!!!!

lakewood jjlkwd  17:13:26 GMT - 11/26/2021  
lots of folks were holding motion sickness bags earlier, are you referring to those ? or which stocks to keep in bag ? stocks were on black friday sale....but there were no looters anywhere

dc CB  17:09:25 GMT - 11/26/2021  

Update (1145ET): As European stocks wrap up their worst daily drop in more than a year, is it too late for US markets to see a major daily turnaround? We hope not...

Right now, it appears this is what they're going with: while a breakthrough infection has been documented, there's yet to be any proof that the variant causes "severe" breakthrough infections.


In the first sign of a major turnaround, South African scientist Sanne has reportedly told the press that there's every indication that vaccines will continue to protect against "Nu", the COVID variant of the moment.

Meanwhile, South Africa Health Department Acting Director-General has reportedly received a message earlier today from the WHO claiming the agency will in fact designate the new variant as one of "concern."

Get ready for this short-term dip to get aggressively bought.

South Africa Backpeddles On "Nu" Amid Rumors WHO Plans To Label "Nu" 'Variant Of Concern'

dc CB  16:57:55 GMT - 11/26/2021  
Decision Time approaches.

about 1 hour left in Cash Stox to decide---which bag shud I hold until Monday morning.

Futures a bit more time---plus bags held 'till Sunday nite

dc CB  16:51:19 GMT - 11/26/2021  
WTI -Crude DN $10
NY Harbor Gasoline - DN 27cents to below $2

Nu solution to all

Mtl JP  16:42:28 GMT - 11/26/2021  
JERUSALEM (AP) — Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Friday that Israel is "on the threshold of an emergency situation” after authorities detected the country’s first case of a new coronavirus variant and barred travel to and from most African countries .. The Israeli military will work to locate all individuals who have been to red countries within the past week and instruct them to go into isolation while testing is carried out

dc CB  15:57:32 GMT - 11/26/2021  
Update (1000ET): In the latest sign that the word will be at defcon four over the "Nu" variant before dinner - or perhaps even before the US market's early Friday close at 1300ET - an EU agency has just labeled "Nu" a "variant of concern".

The decision has apparently prompted the WHO to call an emergency meeting Friday to consider whether or not to do the same. As we reported earlier, public health officials are sounding the alarm as a new strain of the coronavirus has been detected.

According to the latest reports, Hong Kong and the Netherlands have stepped up border restrictions. Hong Kong has barred non-residents from 8 different south African countries, from entering.

The new strain doesn't have an official name yet, but scientists first confirmed the apparently fast-spreading variant in South Africa. They say it is highly contagious, and shows signs that it might be able to easily overpower vaccines.

The World Health Organization is calling a meeting Friday to determine if they will declare the new strain a 'variant of concern'.

in the US, Dr. Anthony Fauci is already telling cable news networks that the US has no plans to restrict travel from South Africa. At least, not yet.

Mtl JP  15:39:03 GMT - 11/26/2021  
covid variants
WHO's "Variants Under Monitoring" class

WHO said it is closely monitoring the recently reported variant, and so far under 100 sequences have been reported.

"Early analysis shows that this variant has a large number of mutations that require and will undergo further study. It will take a few weeks for us to understand what impact this variant has," - WHO

Mtl JP  14:59:45 GMT - 11/26/2021  
coming up in 15 mins
ecb's guindos' yak

Mtl JP  14:56:48 GMT - 11/26/2021  
EURO 1.1290-ish
at this price level puppy has diluted its "oversold"
odds are some dlr-bull possies have come off traders books
a not bad thing to bag earlier profits.

A euro squeeze to 1.1350ish and circa 1.1450ish can not be ruled out heading into last month of the yr

Israel MacroMicro  12:06:52 GMT - 11/26/2021  
to call major trend change during thanksgiving is a privilege of "little bones" style gamblers.

while true traders just use special designed umbrellas to make sure they collect the pips

good luck

Mtl JP  11:12:47 GMT - 11/26/2021  
a thanksgiving gift to traders
U.S. stock futures dropped in early morning trading on Friday as investors geared up for a shortened trading day amid renewed Covid fears over a new variant found in South Africa.

Futures for the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 800 points, while those for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 were also in in negative territory.

here is a good one:
WHO calls special meeting to discuss new Covid variant found in South Africa with ‘a large number of mutations’ - cnbc
..."The World Health Organization is monitoring a new variant with numerous mutations to the spike protein, scheduling a special meeting Friday to discuss what it may mean for vaccines and treatments, officials said Thursday."...

smart that Covid or is she out-reacting to their engineering of DNA ?
"they" don't say

Mtl JP  11:00:37 GMT - 11/26/2021  
about biden's meddling in oil
(old news by now, so just fwiw)
..."The U.S. will release 50 million barrels from the SPR. Of that total, 32 million barrels will be an exchange over the next several months, while 18 million barrels will be an acceleration of a previously authorized sale."...

U.S. to release oil from reserves in coordination with other countries to lower gas prices - cnbc

Mtl JP  10:54:58 GMT - 11/26/2021  
Kevin I am reading headlines with the word "fear" in it.
ex.: Reuters
Stocks, oil tumble on virus variant fears, safe havens gain

HK Kevin  10:26:57 GMT - 11/26/2021  
Don't panic. That's all month end re-balancing by market makers.

hk ab  08:05:23 GMT - 11/26/2021  
Also this fear is good for China to sell the Tsy.

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